The Doll House's New Dolls

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #D/s #dom:female #f/f #sub:female

Since her sister Michelle disappeared two weeks ago, Detective Lisa Jefferies had been on leave while she personally investigated what happened to her. The clues lead to a kidnapping case and a gentleman’s club called The Doll House, owned by the alluring Bella O’Shea.

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *
* * *

SYNOPSIS: Since her sister Michelle disappeared two weeks ago, Detective Lisa Jefferies had been on leave while she personally investigated what happened to her. The clues lead to a kidnapping case and a gentleman’s club called The Doll House, owned by the alluring Bella O’Shea. Miss O’Shea had helped with kidnapping cases in the past, but all is not what it seems. The meeting between Bella and Detective Jefferies will reveal the truth about The Doll House’s new dolls.

* * *

Detective Lisa Jeffries just had to find a break in this case. The 35-year-old brunette had been away from the city dealing with the ramifications of her sister’s disappearance three weeks before. Michelle, 20, had just finished her second year of college when she went out to celebrate with friends and never came home. Her friends had been partying so hard they were not much help, but a few clues had surfaced in the week since Michelle had seemingly vanished off the face of the Earth.

Lisa had returned to the city and checked in with City PD. The Sergeant told her to take the time she needed, but that City PD needed her to work an angle that may be connected to her sister’s disappearance. A detective named Barbara Harrison, fresh out of the academy, had also vanished after inquiring with a few informants about what could have happened to Michelle. Barbara had been missing for nearly two weeks, and the informant had also seemingly vanished from the city. Lisa thanked her Sergeant and promised to look into it. For now, City PD was keeping this quiet to keep the press off it. Women disappearing got news ratings, so it was often sensationalized by the media. While working a case, that was the last thing City PD needed.

Detective Jeffries’ major clue so far had been a surveillance camera in a corporate building, which had picked up a scan of Michelle’s face. Lisa, like all cops, had a neuro-implant that allowed her to access digital information which could help her solve cases or adapt to situations in the field. This information often aided with keeping small-time criminals from hitting the big time because, eventually, a behavior pattern emerged that a detective like Lisa could analytically investigate, which was how she had received an accommodation earlier in the year after busting a supplier of illegal narcotics. If the small-time crooks could be kept from getting too big, crime and behavior were kept under control.

Michelle had been inside a van that had stopped at The Doll House, the most popular Gentleman’s Club in the city. The Doll House had a dual reputation throughout the city, first for having the most beautiful women at any club in their state. Many had “retired” from dancing and ended up married to the rich and influential men, and women, of the city. These esteemed women included the wives of the mayor, the star left wing back of the local football team, and a scion of one of the leaders of the local tech industry. All seemed happy and content in their new roles.

The Doll House’s did not take any shit from customers. As a detective, Lisa knew that there had been instances of customers getting grabby or violent with the women at the club and The Doll House taking care of them of their own. These men were often scumbags, so the police looked the other way as long as The Doll House did not do anything embarrassing to the city in public.

Their second reputation was what made Michelle being taken there seem so off. If Lisa’s worst fears were true and Michelle had really disappeared, or worse, it would not be through The Doll House. They took care of their workers and the owner, a businesswoman named Bella O’Shea, had been outspoken against the mistreatment of sex workers. Rumors were abounded that she was buying out other clubs in town as well to stop further mistreatment of them. She wanted sex work to be female-centered and the power taken from the clients and given to workers.

Detective Jeffries parked across from the club. A flashing, pink, sign advertised THE DOLL HOUSE with a drawn logo of a sexy woman standing, another one somewhere between kneeling and giving a lap dance, and a third looking amorously towards the street where potential customers would be. She passed a few men leaving the club and laughed to herself at the shame on one’s face as he fumbled with his phone to call his wife to tell her that he was leaving “the meeting” early and would be home soon.

Lisa certainly was not a lesbian, but watching another man get in his car with an erection certainly made her understand the impulse. The man had this glazed over look on his face that looked equal parts blissful and terrifying. He was muttering to himself as he drove out of the parking lot and into traffic. Detective Jeffries rolled her eyes after noticing the religiosity of the bumper stickers on the man’s car. Why do people hide their true selves? Why put up such fronts? Lisa was pretty liberal and believed that sexual activities should not be shamed as long as they did not hurt anyone.

At the door of the club, Lisa waved her badge at the beautiful woman working the door. She scanned the woman with her neuro-implant, but found no records. “I am Detective Jeffries from City PD. I am here working on an investigation into the disappearance of women. I know Miss O’Shea has a reputation of being supportive of efforts to find these women, so I thought I could get a few minutes of her time to see if she had any leads from her circles. City PD would greatly appreciate it.” Offering some information here could be helpful for The Doll House later if there is ever the chance of a police action. She did not, however, mention the woman was her sister and hoped this did not show on her face either.

The latex clad woman, wearing rather high heels for a security officer, whose name was Brenda, dark haired and muscular, stared at it for a moment, spoke into her headset in a small, feminine, voice, before nodding and looking at Lisa. “Miss O’Shea is busy entertaining a business partner tonight,” she paused at Lisa’s frown, “but one of her administrative assistants will be with you shortly to her offer any assistance she can immediately and will forward all notes to Miss O’Shea as well. When you enter the club, move left, and you will see a VIP meeting room. They have been alerted you will be coming. Good luck with your investigation, Detective Jeffries.” For a few seconds, Brenda stared at Lisa, eying her in the loose sweatshirt, jeans, and boots she wore with a City PD jacket over the hoodie. There was something unnerving about the look in the woman’s eyes.

Lisa nodded, not dwelling too long on what “entertaining” meant in this context. She was no prude, but did not enjoy this kind of rampant sexuality. O’Shea had gotten a number of businesswomen in the city to invest in her club and other ventures, which included a soup kitchen and needle exchange program for sex workers. She took care of the lower classes of women in the city, so City PD could focus on larger concerns. It was a trade off that O’Shea and her investors made with police to keep themselves out of jail. Detective Jeffries did have to admit that the soup kitchen had helped the homeless population a lot, and there had been a sharp decline in drug use and disease in the city since O’Shea had begun her entrepreneurial and charitable endeavors.

Inside the club, she scanned a few of the women dancing on stage. One was a small time criminal and the other a college dropout. Both had perfect tans, bleached blonde hair, and beach ball sized breast augmentations. Men sat in chairs below them as if worshiping a goddess. Lisa did facial imprints on the men too. The information came back a little slow. There was a new update for the neuro-implant that occasionally had shown up on screen this week, but she had not had time to install them. Their nagging prompts would continue, however, until she did install them. Ah, of course they were businessmen, lawyers, and other members of the high class of the city. She had encountered a few perverts while doing security work for business people before she became a detective, so none of this seemed out of the ordinary to her. Being discreet about the private sex lives of the citizens, especially the affluent and influential, of the city was an important part of her job.

Detective Jeffries continued through the club and recognized a few other businessmen and one woman who was having a flirty chat with a stunning redhead that wore a floss sized bikini. She found the VIP room, which was guarded by another latex clad, muscular, woman who spoke into her own earpiece and then waved Lisa into the room. Inside the room were two large couches, a television, and various food entries and a table filled with alcohol. She turned and noticed that the windows could not be viewed inside, but she could see back out into the club. That would give her the advantage if she needed to make a bust here.

Lisa waited in the room for a little bit. While waiting, she carefully continued to scan the men who passed the window. None showed up in any of the criminal databases, nor did any of the women dancing designated as someone who was considered missing. She was grateful her sergeant had let her take time for this case, but, as the sergeant reiterated to her again when she reported in, family always comes first. The fact that she could combine the investigation into Michelle’s disappearance with the vanishing of Detective Harrison probably put her superiors at ease as well. The quicker they wrapped this up, the better.

Finally, after waiting about twenty minutes, a woman came into the room. Her hair, instead of the bleached blonde of the dancers, was bright pink. She smiled at the detective, black stiletto heels echoing off the hard floor as her practically sprayed on dress hugged her dancer sized implants. Clearly, her neuro-implant noted, she had been through some facial surgery to modify her nose. Her eyes had been genetically changed as well. “Um, hello,” the woman began, in a soft, docile, voice, “I am one of Miss O’Shea’s executive assistants. I can help with your problem. Miss O’Shea apologizes for missing you, but she is currently otherwise occupied this evening.”

“I know she has helped City PD in the past,” Lisa began before being cut off.

“Yes,” the woman began as Lisa noticed she did not have a name emblazoned on the collar she wore around her neck, “Miss O’Shea takes great pride in helping to stop the mistreatment of women, but especially sex workers. It is important to assist those marginalized by the system, so the police can do their own work”

Lisa nodded at what sounded like an automated promotional pitch for Miss O’Shea. Whatever. “So far, we have two missing,” but again she was cut off.

“Yes,” the pleasant assistant began, “please give me their names, so I can look them up and see if The Doll House has encountered them.” Her manicured hands waved over the three-dimensional display on the table’s interface. She smiled as a screen came up with a strange black and white image that looked scrambled, and pointed it in the direction of Detective Jeffries.

Lisa made eye contact with it just as the image came into focus. Immediately, she felt an odd sensation as new information was loaded into her neuro-implant. She snapped up stiffly as a boot instruction began, her consciousness going to sleep. “Boot mode activated,” the detective announced as she stared straightforward at nothing while Shelli, observing from another room, The Doll House’s newest Doll, formerly known as her sister Michelle, made a phone call to her Queen Bella. The new doll’s sister was a key part of Miss O’Shea’s plans for transforming this city into her own personal vision.

Lisa woke up to find herself being tested by an EMT, who had an IV in her arm pumping fluids. “Detective Jeffries, are you okay?” The blonde woman, whose name was Angie, asked her as she looked over at another EMT who was speaking to a representative of the club, which was not the one she spoke to earlier before...her memory was a bit fuzzy about what had even happened. Behind them, in the main part of The Doll House, no one really seemed bothered by what had happened. Dancers still swayed around poles and on laps. Men, and a few women, still paid for their affections.

She slowly sat up and looked around. “What happened?”

The EMT blinked a few times. “You passed out while speaking to someone here. Do you remember coming here?”

Detective Jeffries nodded. “Yes, I was investigating a case. I spoke to...” She trailed off, suddenly realizing that she could not remember...who...she spoke to when she arrived at the club.

The EMT looked down at her. “Your vitals are a little low, but you should be okay. However, your neuro-implant seems to have rebooted when you fell. Do you see the error it is giving? That could be why you are having short-term memory issues.”

In front of Lisa’s eyes, a series of messages were displayed. “Yes, it is giving error 23B.” That would make sense, the thought suddenly popped into her mind, for the memory loss to be connected to a neuro-implant issue. She was not sure why, but it just seemed so obvious to her.

The EMT pulled a tablet out of their bag and swiped away at a three-dimensional display for a moment. “Ah, a sudden spike in your body’s metabolism caused the reboot.” She read further and then plugged in the IV that had been pumping fluids into her. “Yeah, you show signs of food poisoning. That may have triggered the reboot.”

Before she could stop herself, Detective Jeffries began speaking, “yeah, it must have been something that I ate.” She blinked. “Yeah, probably food poisoning.” The EMT’s diagnosis made perfect sense to the detective. Any sort of questioning this diagnosis slipped out of her mind as quickly as it came in.

The EMT put her hand on Lisa’s arm. “You should have your neuro-implant checked as well, just in case. That’s not really my expertise, but there could be something wrong. I am sure City PD has great tech experts.” She smiled at her and walked away towards another EMT as they prepared to leave.

Lisa nodded. “City PD does have great tech experts. My tech expert at work will know what is wrong and how to fix it.” The word came right out of her mouth, but the idea of questioning why slipped out of her mind just as quickly again.

On a video monitor in her office at The Doll House, Bella O’Shea, red hair pulled back into a ponytail after a long day of important meetings, watched Detective Jeffries stand up, thank the EMT after a conversation that conformed to the dialogue programmed into her neuro-implant, and then leave. She smiled, took off one of the shiny black stiletto heels she loved to wear, scratching at her stockings clad right leg, sat down, and turned back to the business of what to do with the police officer’s sister, who stood at attention on a podium near the door, empty eyed and pouty mouth slightly ajar. Miss O’Shea was unapologetic about the conditioning of the woman who had offended her, but especially because it had brought Detective Jeffries, who was quite lovely, into her life.

For tonight, however, the former Detective Harrison, now “Barbi,” kneeling at her feet, as busty and bleached blonde as the dancers Detective Jeffries had observed earlier, with a look of absolute love and devotion mirrored in her eyes, would certainly suffice.

* * *

Detective Lisa Jeffries stood in the diagnostic chamber. By the time she had left The Doll House, the sun was nearly up, so she reported in at work and requested their technology expert to check her neuro-implant for damage. Currently, Lisa stood in the chamber and stared straight ahead, eyes empty, in a virtual “off” state as Darcie, the tech expert, had activated, with Detective Jeffries’ consent, the Diagnostic Mode on her neuro-implant. Diagnostic Mode booted the implant into a state where someone like Darcie could do work on it. This also meant Lisa had to be in her current state. Only the doctor who originally installed her neuro-implant and Darcie were given consent to work on her in this way.

Lisa came alive again. She blinked a few times and rolled her shoulders. A few seconds or hours could have gone by, but she had no idea. Stepping out of the diagnostic chamber, Detective Jeffries looked over at Darcie. “So, what is wrong with it?” The brunette detective would have preferred her doctor take a look at the neuro-implant, but the woman had gone on vacation the day before, which seemed so odd, but the hardworking woman certainly deserved it. She was a workaholic, and it made Lisa happy she had finally taken time away.

Darcie Lucilla’s bright pink hair twirled in one of her fingers. “I’m telling you, Lisa, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your neuro-implant. All of my tests are coming up fine.” Darcie got up off the desk she had been sitting on, the vinyl skirt and torn stockings sliding off with her. She itched the tight purple sweater she wore. “I did run your software updates while you were in Diagnostic Mode. You need to do those when they come out! Even the optional ones!” She stopped speaking and took a drink from her iced coffee.

Lisa rolled her eyes. “Fine, I will stop whatever I am doing in the future and install them. ‘Sorry criminal, I cannot apprehend you today because I need to run an update cycle! I am sure the higher-ups at City PD will be fine with that.”

Darcie sighed dramatically. “These updates fix important security vulnerabilities! Didn’t you see the video about the fraternity that turned a few co-eds into their sex slaves last month. It was because of a vulnerability in their neuro-implant that had a patch available, but they had put it off. I don’t mean for you to stop your life immediately, but they need to be done as soon as possible.” In the past year, neuro-implants had also been marketed to consumers, and slowly they had become popular for people; however, the high price meant only the affluent could afford them. That would change soon, most likely as imitators came into the market.

Lisa left City PD after briefing her sergeant, who ordered her to go home and get some sleep. She promised to obey the order and took a ride-share home. As she flew to her apartment in the back of the hover taxi, Lisa made plans to return to the investigation that evening and attempt to speak with Miss O’Shea again. A deep urge to see the businesswoman again filled her body. Lisa knew there was something at The Doll House that could make a break in the case. The mantra filled her mind as she paid for the ride with a City PD card and entered her apartment building.

At her apartment, Detective Jeffries quickly stripped off her clothes and took a long shower. She washed up and scrubbed off the light makeup she wore for work. Lisa was so exhausted after drying off that she dropped into bed without putting on any clothing. This was not totally unusual for her, so she just rolled with it and hoped slumber came quickly to the detective. This had been a long day, and night, and all the detective desired now was the peace of sleep.

Unfortunately, sleep did not come quickly for Lisa. She tossed and turned for an hour before finally giving up. Reaching into the desk that sat next to the bed with her keys, wallet, and gun, she opened the top drawer and pulled out the green vibrator that sat inside it. Masturbation was a quick way to get herself to fall asleep when she could not by more natural means. Once, Lisa had tried pills, but a coworker’s addiction turned her off from them. She defeated insomnia and that wound up feeling she got while doing investigations through self pleasure. As the detective pleasured herself, an odd thing happened. The normal images of hunky men having their way with her were replaced in this fantasy by...women? Specifically, one woman who was a bit vague in her mind, but a deep sexual urge seized Lisa as she had one of the best orgasms of her life.

Almost immediately, Lisa feel asleep in the warm embrace of her orgasm. As she slept, an odd dream passed through her mind. The detective wore an extremely tight dress and swayed across a stage in the sky-high heels she often had trouble wearing in real life. The same shadowy woman from earlier stood at the end of the stage, giving her a round of applause. For some reason, pleasing this woman, whose featured were not fully formed, gave Lisa an infinite amount of joy. The woman snapped her fingers and suddenly Lisa was on the ground, finger fucking herself with such violent force that the orgasm she had, in the dream, knocked her off the runway. When she came awake as her alarm went off at 8pm, all she could remember was the dress, which just confused her and left the detective in a pool of sweat.

The next afternoon, Detective Jeffries was back at work following up on a few leads. She still felt like something was a bit off, but a call to Darcie revealed that the advanced diagnostic tests on her neuro-implant came back without any anomalies. Lisa shrugged it off and checked in with an informant and followed up with someone in Detective Harrison’s life that had reached out when she discovered that Lisa had taken over the case.

After speaking to the woman from Detective Harrison’s life, Lisa went for food at a local restaurant. She sat and ate quietly, but watched everyone in the shop with her neuro-implant, just out of habit. No one was out of the ordinary, which made her feel good. Detective Jeffries did linger on a few college aged women because one of them came up as having had a class with her sister. She thought about saying something, but then declined. It would have probably seemed odd for a random woman to speak to them because of such a random connection. All of them were beautiful, she suddenly randomly thought. Darcie was, too, another random thought popped into her mind.

After leaving the shop, Detective Jeffries walked down the street for a bit and tried to relax while observing the people around her. She was in the fancier shopping district of the city, and around her people of all ages shopped and enjoyed the beautiful early evening. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, Lisa noticed a trendy clothing store that had an impressive series of shoes in the front window. The detective made a solid union wage and definitely could afford anything in the store, so she, curious, entered it and began to browse.

Lisa considered herself to be feminine, but had felt under dressed the other night at The Doll House. Everyone was so sexual, so girlie, and she had felt improper the whole time she was there. Perhaps a little bit of a wardrobe upgrade was needed. She just, as a pretty brunette worker came over to speak to her, at university from a quick scan with her neuro-implant, felt this urge to buy something. After chatting with the woman for what ended up, before she realized it, about 45 minutes, she left the store with two pairs of boots and another pair of high heels. The worked had even flirted with her a bit and slipped Lisa one of her cards with a sexy smile.

After returning home, the detective went to sleep and again pleasured herself before bed. The fantasy she masturbated to seemed to automatically play in her mind, which Lisa questioned for a second before the thought slipped away as she began rhythmically moving in line with her vibrator. This time, a beautiful red-haired woman was the one commanding her. All Lisa could see was the woman’s dark stockings, darker heels, and the bottom of her dress, curled ends of her long red hair dangling down. It was enough to get her to orgasm on command from the woman, who gently tapped a manicured hand on the detective’s head and then walked away while Lisa blissfully screamed out, in real life as well, from her orgasm. She panted hard for a few seconds before falling into a deep, deep, slumber that kept her idle for the entire evening. A new update for her neuro-implant even came through automatically because the detective had never suspended the root access she required for updates after Darcie’s pleading for her to run them.

When Detective Jeffries woke up the next morning, there was a message from another one of Miss O’Shea’s assistants. Miss O’Shea would be available to meet this afternoon before The Doll House opens for the night so they could discuss the case and any information she had for the detective. Lisa listened to the message a few times and then pumped her fist in triumph. After making breakfast and checking in with her sergeant, Detective Jeffries decided to wear an outfit that would allow her to fit in better at the club. “Those frumpy detective clothes made me stick out,” she whispered to herself, unprompted, as her fingers trailed over a few dresses she could wear to the club. Finally, her hand grabbed the right dressed, and she laid it out to be ready after a shower.

After showering and a session of shaving her legs, Lisa dressed in a black dress and the high-heeled boots she had purchased the other day. After doing her makeup, more heavy than usual, she put her hair into the automatic curler on the wall of her bathroom. After a few minutes, her dark hair was bouncing down her shoulders in tight curls. How had women gotten ready in the morning before automation? Looking down at her nails, she wished it was not against City PD regulations for her to have them done. Oh, well.

Detective Jeffries again parked across from the club when she arrived at The Doll House. As she walked across the street towards The Doll House, a few onlookers checked her out as her high-heeled legs swayed across the pedestrian crossing, hover taxis flying above them, and onto the club’s side of the road. At the door, she found the same security officer from the other night. Brenda waved her into the club, obviously expecting her, and gave directions to the room where Miss O’Shea would be meeting the detective.

Inside The Doll House, Lisa found some workers cleaning and a few security officers milling about the room along with dancers. All of them were arriving for the evening and already looked incredible upon their entrance. How women could look so feminine all the time was beyond her. She found the room she was expected to go pretty easily and sat down, legs crossed, in a chair, observing the main room of the club through the mirror.

After a few minutes, she saw Bella O’Shea for the first time. It was barely past lunchtime, but the red haired woman already looked stunning in a long purple dress, high heels, and her hair also as curled as Detective Jeffries had done this morning. She smiled at the odd coincidence. O’Shea was sitting on a couch with one of her dancers, a blue-haired woman that looked nervous and pretty new. This woman had her own massive bust and nodded at everything Bella said to her. Lisa wished she could hear their conversation, but from Miss O’Shea’s mannerisms it seemed to revolved around the dancer’s performance at the club. Finally, Bella hugged her and pointed in the direction of an elevator, which she obediently walked over to and entered with a little wave to Miss O’Shea.

For a moment, Bella O’Shea stood looking at the closed elevator where the dancer had gone. She looked down at her phone and saw what the next appointment on the calendar her assistant created was, and smiled in the direction of the room Lisa stood in right now. In fact, if Detective Jeffries did not know the window only went one way, she would have sworn that Miss O’Shea looked directly at her, white-tipped nails punching the three-dimensional screen in front of the businesswoman.

Lisa checked herself in the mirror as Bella crossed the floor of the club. She was stopped once by the assistant from the other night. The red-haired businesswoman leaned over to the woman and whispered something to her. At the pink-haired woman’s nod, Bella smiled again and continued towards Lisa.

Bella entered the room and gave Lisa a little wave before coming closer to shake her hand. She got right down to business. “One of my assistants informed me that I could be of assistance to City PD. Women missing in our city is a problem that is a shared concern for all of us.”

Lisa did not speak for a moment. Miss O’Shea, she barely noticed how formal the descriptor was in her mind, was stunningly attractive and had this quiet, feminine, confidence that was suddenly extremely alluring to her. “Yes, Miss O’Shea, we have two missing so far. One of them is a City PD detective and...the other is my sister.” She bit down just after speaking those words, stunned at her openness. Being this open was not part of her original plan, but the words had just spilled out.

Miss O’Shea frowned. “I am very sorry to hear that. The kidnapping business in this city has actually been quiet for a while.” She stopped speaking for a moment to tie her hair back in a long ponytail. “The people doing it were men...disgusting men...that were violent and misogynistic. The women they kidnapped were just chattel to get addicted to drugs and whore out until they died.”

Bella took a few steps towards Detective Jeffries, who just stared at the beautiful woman. “This leads to more crime, which leads to more corruption, which leads to a city where there is no justice for the average citizen. Which is what I realized about a year ago.” She was now close enough to where she could trace a white-tipped nail over Lisa’s face. “Stay quiet while I tell my story,” she whispered in the detective’s ear with a gentle kiss. Detective Jeffries turned, smiled, and her eyes followed Miss O’Shea as she took a few steps back. She felt a thrill go through her at Miss O’Shea’s command.

“I want to change this city, Detective Jeffries. I grew up here. My parents were both murdered. My father was robbed and shot in the face leaving a store. The piece of garbage who did it told City PD ‘he did not give a fuck’ that my father was just minding his own business.” Bella sighed loudly and then continued. “Mom was kidnapped and raped for a week by a crime boss before her body was left outside the business she worked at before she had me. Her best friend was the one who found the body.”

Lisa stared at the women, unable to react, unsure why, but deeply moved by Miss O’Shea’s story. Bella noticed and walked over to her, her high heels echoing through the room. She leaned in and gently kissed the detective, who remained staring at her. “One day, I want to tell you everything, but that will come later. You are a big deal of my plan, Detective Jeffries.”

Bella walked to the large desk in the middle of the room and sat down on top of it. “To make a long story short, I got a mediocre job, but also began dating a woman. She was excellent at computers, but was very shy and awkward. One day, her friends came by, and after they left she explained to me that there had been some vulnerability in a computer program that allowed hackers to take it over. She showed me how it was done.”

Bella looked down at the floor. “Around this time, the neuro-implants began coming out, but only rich people could afford them, despite the bullshit the company said about working with people. There were constant exploits for them, which led to nearly daily updates. Taking over someone who was lazy about doing updates was trivial.”

“The rest of the story is boring. I got involved with a gangster and hacked his implant to devote himself to me. Stupid fool had never run an update!” She stopped and laughed for a moment. “We dated for a few years until I had him try to kill the opposition gangsters in the city. They all killed each other, hilariously, and I was left running a few clubs, including this one, by the time I was 25. My droned soldiers all killed each other on my command, and then I began recruiting new security officers.”

Bella came back over to where Lisa stood and ran a manicured hand over her face. “Now, at 30, I have eliminated my competition and begun to make positive change in this city. I have cut off the sex trade industry and focused it around me. Crime is down. I love this city and want to fix it. It badly needs someone like me. But now you need to rest, tomorrow we can talk again.”

Lisa blinked a few times and fell forward into Bella’s arms. A moment later, two security officers came into the room and took Detective Jeffries from her. Lisa would soon be well on her way to becoming The Doll House’s newest doll.

* * *

The next time Detective Lisa Jeffries woke up, she did it by stretching out while stepping off a podium in the middle of a large room, which did not seem odd to her at all. Monitors lapped the room and the end of day sunset glinted in the background. At the one side was a large desk, probably three times the shape of a regular desk, with one long monitor and a computer with a three-dimensional display screen. Behind that screen sat Bella O’Shea, which made Lisa smile as the beautiful club owner looked up at her and gave a manicured wave. The redhead motioned for Lisa to come forward, which she did, while the platform heels she wore on her feet echoed off the floor of the room. Nothing about this seemed odd to her.

Bella stood up, straightened the gray skirt she wore over a sleeveless sweater, and smiled back at the detective. “Ah, Lisa, I am so happy you are ready. We need to finalize your new life.”

Lisa blinked, but something seemed odd suddenly. It took her a long moment to get up the urge to question Miss O’Shea. “What do you mean, ‘new life’?”

Bella brightened immediately and came around the desk. “Oh! Your new life as my obedient doll.” Before Lisa could speak, Bella put up a hand again. “No speaking unless spoken to from now on. I am always in control.”

Lisa nodded, feeling at ease under her control. All of her previous concerns washed away. “Yes, of course, Miss O’Shea.”

“Kneel,” Bella ordered her quietly, smiling as Lisa seamlessly glided to the floor on the mat before her. “You will not move until I say so...I need you to always trust that I have your best needs in mind, Lisa.” She leaned down briefly and gave her a loving look. “I have a few people you need to reacquaint yourself with tonight before we continue discussing the new arrangements of our relationship.”

Miss O’Shea pushed a button on her desk and a hidden side door opened. A bleached blonde woman with incredibly large breasts, tightly hugged by a mini-dress, backside pushed up by the clear platform heels she wore, swayed into the room and stood at attention next to her owner. “This is,” she began, waving a hand towards the doll, “one of my most popular new dancers here at The Doll House.” Bella pointed to the dancer’s collar. “Her name is Barbi, but you knew her as Detective Barbara Harrison. Actually,” Bella chuckled, “soon she will be Mrs. Richard Kelly, but that is a totally different issue. When she began investigating this case, I had to remove her, and it was even easier to reprogram her than you.”

Bella grinned proudly and clapped her hands together. “Which brings me to our next guest!” A moment passed before Darcie, Lisa’s coworker, walked in. The City PD technology expert swayed into the room wearing a latex dress that hugged her small curves and sky-high platform heeled boots. Lisa stared at her with an odd curiosity, but her critical thinking skills had been slowed to a crawl, so she mostly just smiled at her friend’s appearance. Finally, Darcie came over to Miss O’Shea and bowed to her with a curtsy and remained there waiting for her Queen to give instruction to the obedient slave.

Bella turned back to Detective Jeffries. “Your friend Darcie here was my first conversion at City PD. I had her kidnapped while on vacation about six months ago. Someone with access to such valuable things, like, say, neuro-implants, should not be allowed to wander around on vacation without security.” She stepped towards Darcie and petted the woman’s head. “Darcie is very valuable and should be treated much better like I do, don’t you agree?”

Darcie looked up from her frozen position and nodded with enthusiasm. “Yes, Queen Bella.”

Bella petted her again. “Good girl.” She turned to Lisa. “Darcie, please explain to Lisa how she ended up here today. Stand.”

Darcie straightened herself, walked a little closer to Lisa, and began speaking. “Lisa, I was serious about keeping your neuro-implant updated. There are vulnerabilities that can be exploited with the right knowledge.” She waved a hand towards Bella. “Our Queen worked with me to find a way to hack the neuro-implants. Since City PD’s software is closed off, it was easy to do a zero-day exploit and embed hacking code in an un-updated implant that would just look like new code from an update. You really should have turned on two-factor authentication with someone other than a co-worker, too.”

As she finished speaking, Darcie knelt and bowed before Lisa. “You are, however, my superior. As Queen Bella’s chosen, I live to serve her through you, Princess Lisa.”

Lisa continued staring at her, deeply confused. Bella came over to her, whispered a few words, which activated all of her new programming, and the soon-to-be former City PD detective lost consciousness and feel into the arms of her future wife.

* * *

One week later a body had been found, which a brainwashed City PD coroner identified as Lisa’s sister Michelle. Lisa attended the funeral with Bella O’Shea, whom she had grown close quickly during the investigation. A “tip” that Bella “gave” to police had led them to the charred body that had been identified as Michelle. Eyebrows were raised when Lisa was seen leaving the funeral holding hands with Bella, but Darcie said that how she dealt with grief was her own business, which most at City PD went along with after the passionate speech given by their technology expert. Little did most of them know, the pink-haired women would soon be reprogramming them to serve her Queen.

Another week passed, during which Detective Jeffries was given bereavement time. Bella and Lisa stood before the woman who had purchased Shelli at an auction. Publicly, the busty doll renamed Shelli did not exist anymore. Surgery had changed her enough that no one would recognize her. Miss O’Shea finalized the sale and Shelli left with the woman who now owned her, a business partner of Bella’s who was kept quiet with a parade of bimbos. As Shelli left the room, Lisa forgot that her sister still lived, which conformed to the public story that her wonderful Queen had conditioned into her.

Lisa turned and smiled at Bella. In six months, Bella had mused to her the night before, the former detective Jeffries would reemerge into public life as Mrs. Lisa O’Shea, new wife to Bella and expectant mother to be. This would happen at Bella’s press conference to announce her candidacy for mayor of the city. The new Mrs. O’Shea would be impregnated in a month, so by the time the announcement was made she would have a nice baby bump. All of this was needed to show that Miss O’Shea was not just a purveyor of smut, but a family focused woman that cared deeply about not only the city, but the future of her growing family.

Lisa would, of course, stay home. Desires to be anything but an obedient stay at home mother had been wiped out of her mind. Darcie had just finished reprogramming their sergeant, so busy with her duties that she never updated her neuro-implant either, who would help cover up Lisa’s sudden retirement. She would work under Darcie to begin programming the rest of City PD and then a few plants in the current mayor’s office.

The redhead whispered something in Lisa’s ear, which made her giggle. As they walked out of Bella’s office to enjoy a fancy dinner at the best restaurant in the city, all was going according to plan.

The End


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