Space Academy Bimbofication Conspiracy

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/m #multiple_partners #scifi #sub:female #bondage #clothing #drones #exhibitionism

When Timothy Larmer returns to the planet his space academy is on, men seem more authoritative, and women seem more submissive and he finds his best friend Missy kneeling, naked, waiting for his command. Join Timothy as he unravels the space academy bimbofication conspiracy.

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

Colette went racing through the streets of the academy. Her nano-fiber, form fitting, outfit, which went neck to toe, as was the style at the time, made it easy to try getting away from her pursuers despite the high-heeled boots on her feet. The three young men following her were only doing it casually. They had already claimed a woman for themselves, but each desired a second concubine if at all possible. Colette was certainly suitable, but if they did not get her, it was not a big deal. There were plenty of other young women they could take on. After the chips came out, they had realized women were just things.

She had seen her friends be taken over by the chips. A student had created some kind of experiment which caused women to fall head over heels in love with the nearest man. Her friend Jenni, before being “pinned” herself, had found out that the tech in it imprinted the woman on the man, making her only duty in life to love, honor, and obey him.

The busty blonde came around a corner. A handful of couples were walking towards her. Each looked so happy; each male had a love smitten woman on their arm. These couples were much more vanilla and pure than her pursuers, who had turned a few studious young women into cock crazed bimbos existing only to suck and fuck.

However, this was why she was currently speeding through the streets away from them.

She certainly did not want that to be her fate. No one seemed to notice her. All the young men were focused on their obedient thralls. All the young women were focused on their wonderful Masters. Her race through the streets ended at the library, where she saw a familiar face.

“Devin!” Colette yelled out to the studious young man coming out of the information center. “Devin!” Yes. She had done a project with him. He was sweet, but kind of geeky. Still, better than her followers!

Devin Turner stared at the beautiful blonde. “Hey, uh, Colette?” Even in the future, in space, voluptuous blondes like her did not really speak to geeky men like him.

Colette raced over to him and grabbed his arm. “Hey, Devin! Have you seen what is going on?”

Devin squinted at her. “Yeah, I got in right before they shut down flights. I had been away at a confer—” He paused as the normally tan woman turned white. She did not want to hear this right now. “Um, everyone seems to be acting weird? Many people have coupled up? Did someone let out some sex virus like in that episode of—”

Colette squeezed his arm harder than her slight frame should have allowed. She looked over her shoulder yet again. “You’ll do!” she exclaimed as the men following her drew near. She stuck herself with the chip in her pocket and threw herself into his arms.

“Fine, you fucking slut,” the young men yell as they walk away. “We don’t even need you! You stuck up bitch!”

Colette gasped as the neuro-chip imprinted itself upon him. Devin stared at her blankly before yelling a few obscene words of his own towards the young men who had called her a slut. When he turned around, his life would never be the same.

The beautiful blonde stared at him with a look of absolute devotion. “Master!” Colette threw herself into the nerdy young man’s arms. “Thank you for saving Colette. She enjoyed that project we did together. You were always so thoughtful and kind.” She reached forward and kissed him. “Colette doesn’t want to be a slut.” Her pout was deeply alluring, but also cute. Hey, it can be both!

Devin took a step back. “Um, Master? What happened?” Suddenly, he grew suspicious of their surroundings. “Come with me.” He extended his hand out to her, which she obediently took on her own, and they made their way out of the market and towards the two-story apartment building he lived in.

Inside, Colette kissed him again. “Master, is there anything Colette can do for you?” The love and need to obey she felt for Devin was so real to her. She knew why it had happened, but did not mind at all.

Devin put up his hands. “Whoa, whoa, whoa.” He motioned towards his couch. “Sit down and tell me what happened? Is everyone under some kind of spell?”

Colette sat down on the couch. Devin had such pretty eyes. “Well,” she began, “Colette was sitting in the student lounge when a guy jabbed his girlfriend with this chip.” He looked at the one on her neck while she continued. “She started yelling because it did kind of hurt...well, a moment later, she was sobbing and screaming about how much she loved him.”

She looked down for a moment. Her eyes caught Devin’s midsection. His cock would feel so good in her mouth right now. “Then a lot of stuff happened. A bunch of guys, uh, ‘pinned?’” She smiled at Devin’s shrug at the term. “ they ‘pinned’ their girlfriends, who basically did the same. Colette got out of there and found others doing the same.”

Colette paused again. “But then she went back to her building and the couple who lived below were having really loud sex. They’d seemed so normal, but she could hear him cumming on her and then making her do some really kinky stuff. Then a message went out on our social board—”

Devin pulled his tablet out and hit refresh. He did not care much for the social norms of their student community, so he did not check their board more than once a day. “Dear females…” He shuddered at the regressive term. “Here is your fate if you don’t comply.” There was a video of a young woman screaming and yelling and then falling to her knees to suck off a man after being ‘pinned,’ yes let’s keep going with that word, and begging for his cock. How crude.

He shook his head derisively. “So then, what did you do?”

Colette sighed. “Master, Colette ran for it. She didn’t know what else to do really. She hoped to find someone to help, but then saw how many couples were already under the influence of chip pinnings?” Devin nodded encouragingly, which sent such a vibrant tingle through her body. “When She saw you...She remembered how sweet you had been were a good lab partner...”

“I don’t really,” Devin began, “think I want a sex slave or whatever is happening here.” He paused at Colette’s frown. “Oh no, I don’t want to upset you, though.” He sighed with frustration. “Can I just command you to not want to be my slave?”

He went over to the couch and sat down next to Colette. “I command you to not be my slave anymore.”

For a moment, nothing happened, but then Colette felt...different. When she looked at Mast….Devin...she did not feel the deep need to please him, or for his dick to be inside her, that had burned through her body even a few minutes before. “I feel...different...Devin,” she said brightly, “you’re not my Master!” She clapped her manicured hands together with delight.

But then something else that would change the direction of their lives moving forward happened. Colette ceased her clapping when a sharp and pounding headache overwhelmed her. She grabbed at it with her face and moaned loudly in pain. Tears began streaming down her face, smearing her makeup, and the thumping beats of her heart could be heard by Devin.

Colette knew what was wrong. She could feel it simmering in her body. “Master! Please! Turn it back on!” Her sobs became louder and louder.

Devin, eyes wide, had no other choice. He grabbed her chin and made eye contact. “Colette, you are my slave! You live for me! You will do nothing but obey me!”

A few seconds passed and Colette returned to...normal? Her breathing calmed, the tears stopped, and she smiled again. “Master, thank you so much.” Her voice was calm, very docile, and almost monotone. There was a dreamy quality to it, as if she had been hypnotized on one of those old cartoons they had in the archives.

Devin stared at her for a moment. “How do you feel?”

Colette’s eyes lit up and a broad smile came across her face. “Master,” she began in that dreamy voice, “Colette feels wonderful! She is your slave. She lives for you. Furthermore, she will do nothing but obey you.”

Devin shook his head slowly. Somehow he had made things worse.

* * *

Timothy Larmer decided to buy an extra sweet for himself.

He had been on vacation for the past few weeks before the academy, housed on one of Calvino IV’s moons, came back for his final term. His best friend Missy also attended the academy with him and, while enjoying time visiting family, he could not wait to get back to see her. She had been oddly quiet while he was away. Missy had always been a bit more social than him, so it was not a surprise that it had taken her a few days to respond to his messages, and even then, the responses were very brief. Just a brief message each time saying something like “I can’t wait until you come back! I miss you” that seems tame and sweet. It was really a rallying cry of love and submission, but he will figure that out later.

The quiet young man, days after his 20th birthday, inserted his identification into the food replicator and a moment later another piece of chocolate chip bread materialized before him. He had one earlier during the morning meal, the space taxi’s chef had made an announcement that it was a special family recipe, and decided it had been good enough to try another piece.

They had grown up on Calvino IV, where their ancestors had settled when people began leaving their former home planet after a worldwide cataclysm. Timothy and Missy, nearly a year older than him, had been best friends for years. They spent most of their time together and enjoyed each other’s company. Going to the academy together made perfect sense and now, in their final term, were beginning to prepare for their futures. After what would happen when he returned to the moon, neither of their lives would ever be the same.

He sat back down in his seat and reflected on his life so far. Timothy certainly had feelings for Missy. It was hard to avoid them, given the raven haired woman’s beauty. She was fit, athletic, busty, and had piercing green eyes and an absolute infectious laugh. In his estimation, Missy did not share his attraction, so he kept his feelings to himself. He was fairly certain she knew though, but that was just something which played out in his own mind over and over again. Not wanting to ruin the friendship they did have, he kept it all to himself.

Timothy wanted to be a teacher. Missy wanted to be a nurse. She had been very busy last term beginning her internship in the moon’s hospital, but still made time for him. Overnight shifts were the norm for interns as a means of weeding out potential nurses who did not have the proper amount of dedication, so many times last term she would visit him in the morning after long shifts before he went to his own classes to have breakfast together before going to sleep.

Missy always looks impeccable despite long hours. She had a natural beauty that makeup, a tan, and hours in the gym greatly aided. Her body was muscular and firm. The nursing student alternated between enjoying how much men looked her way and wanting to play it down. It turned out she did know that Timothy was infatuated with her. In fact, it felt like a certainty that he was in love with her. If only he knew how she felt about him. However, Missy assumed he would desire a more brainy, intellectually focused, woman than the more athletically inclined friend he already had in his life. She had starred in both track and soccer at the academy for their first two years before taking their final year off to focus a bit more on her nursing internship.

While Timothy was gone, so much would change for her. She would be an entirely different person. By the time he arrived, events were already happening that would make their lives never be the same again.

Timothy got off the space taxi and realized he was one of the few students returning. Most seemed to have come back early or never left. Missy had hospital shifts, so she could not leave. He did stop to see her mother before coming back.

His stop left him near the entrance, so it was a bit of a walk over to the apartments where he and Missy both resided. It was quiet, but nice and cool, so he decided to walk. Transporting technology did exist on campus, but he hated using it if he did not really need to indulge. It was, as the administration had noted each term, only to be used by those with physical limitations or carrying large objects. The messenger bag on his shoulder certainly did not count.

Timothy had longish hair he put in an up kept ponytail each morning. He not only wanted to teach, but was also one of the highest scoring students in his class. His publication in an academic journal the previous term was the first by any student in their academy class. While very studious, he was also not a prude and did enjoy drinking and ancient jazz music from his ancestor’s home planet. He was not as social as Missy, but did like having fun. Despite his intellectual endeavors, he was definitely more of a jeans and sweatshirt kind of person than the suit and tie/pantsuits types in his program. He did not really see the point in such formalities in a professional setting.

Although, nevertheless, a good book was the best kind of fun he could think of at the moment. It was a quiet late afternoon on campus. Not many people were around. He thought about stopping off at the campus gym to get a run in. He had only visited his town’s gym back on Calvino IV a few times during his visit, which had gotten him off his training routine a bit. They were supposed to run a race together in a month. His wiry frame, no matter how many times his best friend tried to use “come work out with me more” as a potential flirtation, was kept fit via a strong diet and his running. He just liked to run.

Naively, Timothy assumed that students must be in their apartments preparing for the new term or maybe still coming home. A few clues to what was really happening began showing up, though. From afar, he could see two sisters entering a building wearing very short plaid skirts, torn stockings, and extremely high heels. Both had always seemed much more modest, so this look was quite surprising to him. Still, not a big deal. The fact that they wore matching outfits was a little weird, but not totally unusual. The guy they met up with seemed to be quite friendly with both of them and as Timothy walked by he missed their embrace.

He then saw one of the big male athletes on campus with a beautiful blonde on his arm. Timothy knew she was a cheerleader, but could not remember her name. Had they been dating before break? He could not remember, but also realized he really did not track the dating patterns of sports stars and their girlfriends.

She looked at him like someone who was madly, and totally, in love. Her expression bordered on sappy, puppy dog eyed, devotion as she laughed at every joke he said. His slap on her firm backside was surprising. “Bet Missy wouldn’t put up with that shit,” Timothy thought before continuing on with his walk across campus.

His next stop was the academy’s library, which was in the next building over from where he was at the moment. He crossed the quad and entered it. While away, he had received a notification that some research for this terminal project had come in. He had requested information from a social study on another planet’s colonists, and the data being shared with him had to be approved before he could see it. As an upstanding member of the academy it was, of course, approved, but that had taken a few weeks to be properly processed.

Timothy entered the library and, again, noticed it was quiet. The only person on the first floor that he could find was a pretty, olive skinned, woman named Sahyra, who worked the food and drink replicator near the elevator. She wore a long dress in the colors of the academy’s sports teams. Her pleasant, docile, smile fit in with the rest of the women he had encountered so far after returning to the moon.

“Hey, Sahyra, make it my usual,” Timothy said brightly.

“Yes,” she began in an unusually flirty voice, “Sir, is there anything else you need?” The beautiful olive skinned woman looked him up and down. Did she have a crush on him?

“Oh, uh, no, I just got back from vacation. I need to pick up some research upstairs.” He thought for a second. “But we should get coffee together sometime. I’d like that.” She was cute, for sure. Why not, if she did like him?

Sahyra brightened. “Oh, Sir, that would be wonderful! Please tell me when and where.”

Timothy nodded. “Yeah, sure, maybe this week. I’ll send you a message.” He took his coffee. “Thanks! See ya!”

“Say hello to Missy for me. You know, I’ve always liked her.” She smiled passively and not in a way of foreshadowing future events.

Timothy got on the elevator. Sahyra had been a bit more forward than normal, but it was nice to see that side of her. Normally, she was very overwhelmed and, frankly, overworked. A quiet day on campus certainly helped people like her who had jobs on campus. Plus, he got a date out of it!

He was quite shocked by what he found when he exited the elevator. Again, much quieter than usual, not many people were around. The ones who were seemed to be coupled off. One young woman in a short skirt was walking between stacks filled with digital pads as quickly as the shiny black pumps on her feet allowed to pick up a few and bring them back to her boyfriend. She leaned down to expose her cleavage to him, who looked up at her with bemusement.

Before Timothy could observe this couple more, he found a manicured hand on his arm. “Hello, Mr. Larmer,” a husky voice breathed beside him, “your files are ready.”

He turned and found a stunning, platinum blonde woman in a tight dress, platform heels, but also very bookish glasses. “Mr. Larmer, I am the new academy librarian, Savannah Kennedy. I am here to serve the academy however it is needed.”

Timothy blinked a few times. In the old days, there used to be funny stereotypes about nerdy librarians all being intergalactic models underneath the big sweaters and modest dresses, but this was a bit...much. “Um, what happened to Ms. Jennings?” Ms. Jennings had been the long-time librarian. He had gotten to know her over the last few years, and she was very kind and helpful.

“Oh,” Savannah said with a giggle, “she retired suddenly.” She smiled vapidly. “That’s why I got hired!” She swayed back over to the table and picked up his files. “Here are your files, Mr. Larmer, is there anything else I can do for you?”

Timothy squinted at her. “Uh, no? Thanks. See ya.” He turned and began leaving the library via the same elevator he had entered it from. Behind him, the previous couple was now making out on the top of the desk.

Back down on the first floor, Timothy rushed past Sahyra, who tried to say something and then pouted when he did not notice her. He went back outside and saw the jock and cheerleader couple from earlier again. Something was definitely weird on campus. His personal device told him that Missy was actually near his apartment. Oh, good.

He made his way across the rest of campus to the apartments and headed into his building. Down the hall from the elevator, he found another couple in the middle of an embrace. He recognized the young lady, but seeing her half naked did not seem like her normal personality or means of dress at all.

The elevator took him up to his floor, where he quickly walked to his apartment door and entered after putting in his security code. What he found when he entered it would change his life forever.

Timothy found his best friend Missy sitting naked, beyond a pair of sky-high platform heels, on the floor. She was kneeling, eyes lowered, and silently staring at it.

He dropped his bag on the floor, unnoticed, and took a few steps into the room. “Missy? Missy?” The last hour of his life came into focus. “What happened while I was away?” For the first time, he noticed the collar around her neck, and the leash attached to it.

Upon vocal authorization from her owner, the beautiful dark-haired woman looked up. “Sir, Missy is your property. Please train her to serve you.” A tear went down her face, streaking the heavier than normal eye makeup she wore.

“Shit,” Timothy said quietly as he scrambled across the room to her. He knelt down. “What happened? What did they do to you?”

She pointed a white tipped nail down at a small drive laying on the coffee table. It was the same color as the table, so he had not noticed it in the dimmed, ambient lit, room. “NILE Assist, turn on lights, 80%,” he commanded and the lights came up, but not before the NILE Assist...assistant...confirmed the command in a very docile, subservient, voice that clearly had been updated as well.

He picked up the drive and stared at it. His gaze went down to Missy. This was not a joke or acting. She would never go along with this. “Can you stand?”

She nodded slowly. “Sir, Missy can be commanded to stand.” His friend stared upwards with sad eyes.

Timothy sighed. “Stand up. You can stand and sit as needed without me telling you to do it.”

Missy gracefully stood up and smiled at him. “Sir, how will Missy further serve you?”

He stared at her. His cock was getting hard. It was important to ignore that. For now. At least for the moment. “Do you know what is on this?”

She shook her head sadly. “Sir, Missy was not allowed to know.”

“Huh,” Timothy said, mostly to himself, and began walking over to his laptop, which was on an L shaped desk in the corner of the living room. “C’mon,” he said to Missy while staring at the leash. What would it be like to yank it? No, that is sick. She was not a fucking animal.

They queued up the video and watched it in silence. He recognized the guy in the video from around campus. Seemed like a real weirdo. He explained, in a very professional, scientific, manner, how he had stumbled upon a way to use a neuro-chip to reprogram a person to his will. Behind him, three beautiful women staring blankly ahead could be seen.

“So we went around and programmed as many women as we could and eventually got each one on campus including students, faculty, and administration. Any men who complained were also chipped.” He paused while the former vice president of the college, an older male, marched in front of the camera. He had the same mindless stare that the women did, and wore a custodial outfit. “We thought cleaning up garbage was a better job for him, since he made it clear to us that he was a piece of shit.”

Timothy rolled his eyes. Missy stared at the screen. Her gasp was quite audible at the next person to enter the camera’s view. It was the university’s president. She was in her early forties and normally very professionally dressed in pantsuits, flats, and whatnot. Her new outfit was a maid uniform with torn stockings, high heels, and a heavily made up face with teased hair.

The former university president stood at attention next to the student, who she considered her Master. “I took care of this one too. Called me a ‘motherfucker’ right before she got chipped.” He turned to her. “Now you only exist to fuck, right?”

“Yes, Master,” she said in a blank monotone voice. “I exist to fuck. I am a whore. I need to be fucked.”

He slapped her on the ass. “Good girl. Get back to work.” The maid swayed away to obey her Master.

“Jesus Christ,” Timothy muttered. Missy had begun to cry.

“So you can see,” he continued, “everything is under control. Which brings me to you and your smoking hot slave! It was tempting to keep her for myself, but I knew you would need some convincing. Sorry, we broke into your apartment, but I had no idea who you were compatible with. We had already taken in Missy a few days before, and after going through your files, it was clear she was the one for you.”

Missy wiped away a tear and looked over at Timothy, who shrugged. She put her hand on his and squeezed it tightly.

“Congrats dude,” the young man continued, “she is fucking hot! I got her out of the cages before anyone had touched’re welcome, by the way. She is yours and yours alone. She will obey any command you give her.”

“There is a bit of a catch.” He paused for a moment. “I’m sorry and kind of regret that we had to do it this way, but there was no other choice. You see, each woman who has been chipped has to obey their controller. You can’t ignore them, or not command them, or anything like that. Missy has access via her chip to the sample video. We let a woman who was chipped go 48 hours without being commanded.” He paused. “She is dead. Tore her hair out and rammed her head against a wall until she was mush. Actually, don’t watch the video. Just trust me. Timothy, it’s pretty fucked up.”

Again, Timothy and Missy exchanged glances.

“So the bottom-line man,” he said as the video headed near its end, “is that you have to command her. You need to give her at least one direct order per day. Missy can explain it to you. There is another surprise, but I will let you discover it yourself. I think you will like it!”

“One last thing.” He tried to take on a menacing stance, but just looked like a fucking geek. “Don’t even think about going to the authorities. Missy’s neuro-implant can be triggered to blank her mind. You’ll have a mindless object in her place if you do. She is your best friend. She told us all about it. You don’t want to do that to her. Go on with your life, enjoy her, and enjoy being a teacher. According to what we found on your computer, you’re into some cool stuff! Missy can show you that video too.” He laughed in a manner that was supposed to sound threatening, but mostly just sounded geeky. “Don’t even think about commanding her to ‘just act like you used to’ because we thought about that too. See you around campus, dude!”

Timothy stared at the video screen as it ended. He looked over at Missy, sighed, and then finally spoke. “Hey, Missy?”

Missy’s expression was equal parts docile and fearful. “Sir...Timo—...Sir...Missy can’t say it...Sir...she can’t say your name...”

Timothy stared at her for a few seconds before hugging her. She began sobbing and held on to him tightly.

She pulled away with fear now mirrored in her eyes. “Missy needs a command...Sir...they turned it on yesterday….in a few hours it will...hurt…”

Timothy began to sweat. This is super fucking real now. “Okay, um, kneel again.”

Missy gracefully knelt down on the floor. Her athletic poise is helpful in a moment like this. On one hand, Timothy found her instant obedience terrifying, but a small part of him also finds it hyper erotic. Again, he sighed and tried to ignore those pangs. He can see how it was easy to corrupt the campus. Missy kneeling before him had been something he imagined a few...a hundred...times before. It was still unnerving to see how easy it was to control his best friend.

“Sir...Missy needs a direct direct order a day...” Missy’s voice was trembling and scared.

“Oh, um, stand up. That is a direct order” Timothy tried to sound authoritarian, but sounded like a dork cos-playing as a brutal dominant. A voice in the back of his mind told him he could get better at it.

Missy stood immediately with a look of deep relief on her face. She started panting, which he ignored the hotness of, and again fell into his arms. “Missy is so glad it was you, Sir. Others aren’t so lucky. They got bad men.” He realized how simple her language had become. And the third-person talk. Which, hot, but weird too? It can be super hot and super weird at the same time!

Timothy pulled away and told her to come sit down on his couch. Missy followed him, holding on to his arm with a firm grip that actually began to hurt. They sat down. The surrealness of the situation made it easy to just roll with all of this happening at this point.

It made his earlier interactions make sense. The modest, deeply submissive young woman. The bimbo librarian. The blonde on the arm of the jock. Every one of them was just like Missy. But unlike them, Missy was now his to do with whatever he pleased. He had to fight off temptations and wanted to figure out what had happened.

“Missy, how do you feel?” He asked in a calm voice. He did not want to sound abrupt or too firm in case it activated some kind of submissive reaction in her.

“Missy feels wonderful, Sir. She is happy you came back. She was so scared without you.” Missy smiled happily. It truly was nice to have him back.

“Missy, why are you speaking in the third person?” Again, super hot! Ignore!

“Missy has to speak in the third person, Sir” She frowned at this statement. Her pout was charming.

Timothy cut her off. “But why?”

Missy blinked a few times. “Women are property, Sir. They are objects. Missy is yours.” She gasped at the words as they came out of her mouth. An urge to believe them, to obey them, dripped into her, but she tried to fight it off.

Her best friend could tell what she was thinking. “But do you believe that?”

Missy paused, tears streaming down her face.... ”Missy...doesn’t’s hard...they left her mostly’s hard to think...tell her what to believe, Sir!” her face was back to fear and demand

“If I gave you a direct order to not speak in the third person anymore, would that work?”

Missy nods. “Yes, Sir, but in public they want it. They’ll think we are going to do something...they will break my mind...the video...there is another video...” she began to cry again.

“Show me.” He thinks for a second. “That is a direct order.” He says it a little firmer, but still awkward. But better.

His cleverness made Missy laugh. He misses seeing that. “Sir, Missy needs direct orders each day. You can’t build them up like immunity.”

This time Timothy laughed, despite himself. “Worth a try, I guess.” They went over to his laptop and he sat down. She automatically knelt down on the floor, which UH MEGA HOT, but he quickly commanded her to get a chair from the other room. “That is a direct order. I don’t care! Her laugh from the other room warmed his heart.

She showed him a secret server that looks like an old FTP server...she has a complex login that she can easily type in….oh, right, the neuro-chip thing.

All of this is so crazy, he can’t even process that yet.

They found on the server a bunch of folders that look like gibberish files hidden directly on a laptop.

Timothy stared at them. “Missy, is this the file system of your neuro-chip?”

Missy froze. Her manicured fingers hovered over the keyboard. “ thinks, Sir.”

She paused for a moment. A new text file appeared on the screen. “It is...Sir. Missy was able to create that file.”

“Holy shit,” Timothy breathed out. “You have a computer system in your brain.” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “Okay, let’s watch the video.”

Missy’s expression went from confusion to focus as the cursor on the screen began to move. She double-clicked on the video, and it began playing before them on the screen.

A gorgeous Korean woman was running around. The collar around her neck reads “Kimmie.” She was naked, but heavily made up, smeared eye makeup streaming down her face, with a pair of sky-high platform heels on her feet.

She looked directly at the camera. “Command her! Kimmie needs commands!” She awkwardly stamped her feet. “Kimmie needs a direct order! Why won’t you give her a direct order!!!!!”

There is a jump cut. The time stamp now shows it is the next day. “I think I had a class with her,” Timothy declares quietly. He remembered her being very studious and quiet.

Kimmie was now down on her knees. “Please,” she begged, “Kimmie needs a direct order! Kimmie needs cock!” This got a sharp look towards Missy from Timothy. She continued to watch the video, lip slightly quivering.

There is another jump cut to a few hours later. Kimmie is sobbing. It is clear she had just vomited all over herself. She begins punching a wall until her knuckles are flooded with blood. Another tear goes down Missy’s face.

Finally, Kimmie collapsed in a heap and lay there for a moment until a man comes into the room and drags the slave out by her hair.

There is another cut to another a few hours later. The male says to stand, and she does very stiffly. Her eyes are empty and blank. He snaps a collar and leash around her neck.

“What is your name?” He asks in an authoritative voice.

“She has no name, Master” The former Kimberly, then Kimmie, now nameless, responded in a monotone voice.

“What is your reason for being here?”

“She has not been given a reason yet, Master.” The intellectual, thoughtful, young woman Timothy remembered was gone. What was left was a mindless love doll.

The man attached a leash to her collar and yanked her violently. She cooed at it and then followed him out of the room.

Timothy realized as the video ended that he had been holding on to Missy’s arm. “She is dead,” she says quietly. “Nothing left but a body. They can do that to Missy...she has to speak in the third person...they can’t suspect...not out there...” She wiped away more tears. Her own makeup was now messed up too.

He was quiet for a minute. “Can you tell me what your name is?”

“Sir,” she began, looking down submissively as a tear dripped off her face, “Missy’s name is Missy.” She let out an anguished sigh in frustration. “Missy...Missy…” Her voice quietly faded out, and the beautiful dark-haired woman clenched her manicured hands in frustration and stamped them on the arm of her chair. It would have been an adorable tantrum if it also was not completely disturbing.

Timothy looked thoughtful for a moment. “Can I command you to speak normally with me? In my apartment? No third person?” As erotic as it was, a little went a long way.

Missy squinted for a few seconds. “Yes, Sir, you can, but just here.” she pointed towards the door. “Not out there.”

Timothy nods. “Okay. While with me in this apartment, you will use first-person pronouns. The moment we go outside, you will switch back to third person. That is a direct order.”

Missy blinks a few times...”THANK YOU SIR! MY NAME IS MISSY. I CAN TALK REGULARLY. AH! SIR!” She hugged him tightly and held on for dear life.

Eventually, he pulled away and there was an awkward few seconds of tension between them. Timothy realized he was still holding on to Missy’s arm and, very slowly, pulled his hand off it.

Timothy motioned for them to head back into the kitchen to make tea. Missy took it upon herself to get the water set up and prepare the loose tea without him saying anything. Was this domestic action part of her programming?

While they waited for the tea to brew, Timothy asked her a question. “Are you comfortable talking about how this all happened? I mean, not just to you, that might be harder, but in general.” Could he command her to do so? Best not to even test that kind of emotional manipulation, even if accidental or unintended, until he knew more.

Missy nodded. “Sir, I think so. It all happened kind of quickly to be honest. I noticed women changing. They started acting differently. Everyone started dressing more sexually. I thought it was odd, but I also thought it was a bunch of people trying out new looks. Maybe a fad? I was wrong.”

Timothy was quiet for a moment. “When I came back, I noticed some odd behaviors by women. Some of the outfits they wore seemed fetishistic to me. I kind of thought ‘must be a fad’ too, but once I found you it all made much more sense. Wait, nothing about this makes any sense.”

“They said,” Missy continued, “that they broke in to find out more about you. Am I your kink?”

Timothy’s eyes widened. “Uh, don’t worry about that for now.” He watched her eyes blink rapidly for a second or two and realized that had been an order. Unless he said something, she would never worry if she is being turned into an objectification of his fetishes.

“Sir, Men began to change too,” Missy continued, “Many of them seemed a lot more aggressive, but….I...I...thought they were becoming more confident. Do you feel more confident? Does having me make you more confident?”

Timothy stared at her. “I have no idea. You’re my best friend. This is all really surreal. It’s weird having to give you orders. I have to do it, as we have seen, and it feels like a massive burden.” She put her hand on his arm.

“Sir,” Missy said quietly, “many of the men aren’t like you. They are being abusive. I noticed it when they led me here, but the thought kept slipping away. It made it seem normal.” Just like calling her best friend “Sir,” for example.

“Sir, I went to a program meeting one day and none of the men were there. The drinks left for us were drugged. The next thing I can recall is being led here for you. The video alluded to my treatment, but,” she paused again to compose herself. “I don’t remember any of it.”

Timothy nodded. “That might be for the better for now.” No rapid blinking this time. He had used the word “maybe.” “Is the food service still active? We should get dinner.”

“Sir,” Missy said standing up, with a bit of feminine concern in her voice, “I can cook if it pleases you.” Another beat passed as she furrowed her brow. “I have this urge to cook for you.” Another beat. “It’s not like bad or anything...just there, I guess. I kind of do have something big we need to talk about. I’ve been avoiding it a lot, actually. I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Okay, okay, you can talk to me while we wait for the order.” He pulled his phone out and inputted their order into the food service’s app. They had approximately 25 minutes to kill before it would arrive. “Okay, what is it you need to talk to me about?” He put his hand on her arm reassuringly. A realization dawned on him that neither of them had stopped the other from holding on for dear life. He quickly brushed aside that thought, as unruly as it was, to listen to his best friend. His property. His slave.

Missy took a long time to talk. Like, you know how authors use “moment” to describe a pause and us readers just kind of know what they mean? It was like two of those. “So, um, you know how I have to call you Sir and speak in the third-person outside your apartment?”

“Yeah.” Timothy realized at that moment, which we know what we mean when we use it, that he had not stopped her from calling him “Sir.” Huh. He had to admit that he liked it. “There is something else?”

“Sir, Well, so, this is hard to say,” Missy began, “um, so I’ve been avoiding this, but one of the other commands I have to follow, and you can’t break this one I think, is that I have to suck your cock once a day.” She paused at his tight-lipped response to this information and let it hang in the air for one of those moments we just discussed a few paragraphs ago.

“Sir, I waited to say anything,” she continued, “because the idea popped into my head when you first found me, but in the commotion I thought we could address it later or break it like you did the other thing.” Missy looked at him with an expression that combined desperation and raw sexuality. “It’s...becoming an urge...I have had a headache for the past few minutes and...I think it’s related.”

Timothy stared at her in shock. He tried to ignore his hardening cock. “Um, this is a direct order. You do not have to suck my cock each day.”

A minute passed as they sat there in silence. Timothy straightened himself out to avoid the awkwardness in his pants. Finally, Missy said something.

“Sir, I still have a headache. It’s getting worse.” She said the words, so quietly he could barely hear them. Before Timothy could react, she jumped off the chair and, very gracefully, slid on the floor to her knees.

“Uh,” was all he got out before his pants were unzipped and his best friend had a mouth full of cock. Missy it turned out was pretty well versed in fellatio and after a few minutes he leaned forward a little to offer his acquiescence to the situation.

He was rock hard and near cumming when she stopped sucking and wrapped two manicured fingers around his balls. Missy’s face acceded to raw sexuality when she looked up at him. “Sir, are you ready? Can you go longer? I can go longer.” She gave his cock a lick. “I’ll go longer. I love going longer for you, Sir.”

The handful of seconds it took for Timothy to embrace the fact that Missy was his slave were the longest of his life. But then he gently pulled her head back to his cock, and she sucked him off enthusiastically until the reward of a throat full of cum was offered to her after he held out for another minute or two. A moment, if you will.

A blowjob moment.

Missy put her head against his knee. Timothy petted her head and then kissed it. Suddenly, their warm, loving, moment as Master and slave was interrupted by a knock at their front door.

“Ah, shit,” Timothy said as they both stood up. “Clean yourself up!” He pulled Missy close to him. “This is a direct order. Act as you would outside. We have to keep up appearances for the delivery.”

Missy blinked a few times and mouthed “Yes, Sir,” at him before running as quickly as her heels allowed into the bathroom.

A pretty blonde stood at the door with their food. Her collar read LANA is a wavy cursive script. She wore spandex shorts, sky-high platform heels, and a very revealing tank top that hugged her large breasts. A happy smile showed that she was eager to please.

Lana stepped into the apartment, her ass swaying right in front of Timothy’s view. “Missy looks great in spandex” passed through his mind for a second before he shut the door and came around the beautiful delivery slave to cut her off from entering the apartment any further.

The blonde curtsied for him and held out the box. “Master, thank you for allowing Lana to serve.” She looked up at him and licked her pouty mouth. “Is there anything else she can do to serve?”

Timothy put the food down on the dining room table and came back over to her. “No, uh, Lana, you’re fine.” He looked at the beautiful woman’s body. She had been a star athlete for the academy. Now she was a vapid bimbo obsessed with serving men.

Lana smirked at him. “Master, may Lana ask how your property is doing? She would love to see her slave sister.” The slave shifted her eyes around the room.

It dawned on Timothy that this was a test. Missy came out of the bathroom a few seconds later. Her makeup was cleaned up and hair now tied back. She swayed over to her Master and kissed his cheek. “Hello, sister.” The dark-haired slave looked at the collar. “Lana. Missy had a class with her.” She offered the blonde a flirty smile. “Missy apologizes for not greeting her at the door, but she had to clean up after offering Master pleasure with her mouth.”

Lana nodded with approval. “Of course. Missy’s appearance for her Master is what matters most.” She shifted towards Timothy to say something, but Missy cut her off.

“Master. He,” Missy also turned to face Timothy. “He is Master.” She smiled warmly. There was a glint in her eyes he had never seen before. “Missy is his slave. Master is not her Master. Missy,” she said, a slight growl coming into her voice, “does not possess anything. She is possessed. Just like Lana.”

Missy knelt down on the floor before Timothy. After a few seconds of hesitation, Lana joined him. After Missy bowed, she bowed as well. Their firm backsides hovered near their controller. If he had not just gotten the best blowjob of his life, he would be rock hard again.

“Um, you can get up.” Missy rose first, but her eyes remained fixated on Lana, who lowered hers in submissive deference.

“Sister,” Missy began, taking her “friend’s” hand in her own, “Missy is so happy. Please let everyone know how happy she is. Master is her life. She can’t believe she never saw how perfect he is for her.” She leaned over and gently kissed the blonde, who eagerly returned it.

“Lana?” Timothy put a hand on her other arm. “Thank you for delivering our food. As you can see, all is well here.” He put a hand on her backside, a move that even shocked him. “Perhaps we can arrange a play date for you and Missy at some point.”

Lana giggled like the vapid bimbo she had become. “Master, Lana would love that if it pleased you. Is there,” her eyes drifted towards his midsection, “anything else?”

He shook his head and motioned for Missy to portion out their meals, which she did with swift obedience. “No, Lana, I think we are fine now here. However, can you take clothing orders?” She nodded enthusiastically. She was a full-service bimbo! He leaned in conspiratorially. “I like the spandex look. I think Missy will look great in it.”

Lana nodded and gave him a firm look at her backside as she left his apartment.

Timothy turned around and, before he could stop himself, ran back into the dining room and stood in front of Missy, who was obediently doling out their meals. “Missy, focus on me.” She put down the box and looked at him with a blank expression mirrored in her eyes.

“I want you to wear more spandex from now on. You like the way it fits you. You like the way it looks on you. Furthermore, you love that I like it. Do you understand?” It was impulsive, but since he had control of her…

“Sir, Missy wants to wear more spandex,” Missy confirmed in a blissful monotone voice. “She likes the way it fits her. Master likes the way it looks on her. She loves that Master likes it. She understands.”

A bit more literal than he had expected, but probably important to keep in mind. “Okay. Forget I told you this. It was your idea.”

“Sir, it was Missy’s idea to wear spandex.” Her expression was now completely blank.

“Okay. Um, wake up? Is this like one of those old movies where the guy tells a woman to SLEEP!” Timothy shrugged.

Missy blinked a few times and smiled at him. “Sir, Missy is so glad we got rid of Lana.” She did not notice the third-person statement, and Timothy let it hang in the air for a moment.

“Oh, uh, you don’t have to speak in the third person in my apartment anymore. Just if we have visitors.” He was surprised how casual this was becoming. It was so straightforward to manipulate and control his best friend.

Missy blinked a few times again. “Sir, I am so glad we got rid of Lana.” She smiled with pride at her statement.

They ate in silence for a moment before Timothy brought up something that was on his mind. Something he had observed in Missy’s interaction with Lana. “Hey...what got into you back there? You looked really pissed at Lana. Was that your programming...or was…”

“Sir, I…” Missy paused and tried to think through what she was trying to say to her Master. “...I...I just felt really protective of you suddenly. She was trying to test you. It scared me. She had no right to question you.”

“Yeah,” Timothy confirmed with a nod, “I figured that out too. Your performance was perfect.

“It felt nice to say it.” She nibbled at her meal. “I don’t know whether that is my programming or me, but ever since…” She trailed off, a bit embarrassed by what she was trying to say to him.

“Gave me the best blowjob of my life?” Both of them laughed. Despite the surreal nature of their situation, they were sliding into domestic tranquility quickly.

They were quiet for a moment. “Look,” Timothy began, “we will monitor it. I want you to keep me in the loop about your feelings. Not a direct order, but can I trust you to do that, please?”

“Sir, you can,” Missy added with a dire smile. She did not want to admit how happy it had made her to defend him against that bimbo Lana. At some point, a confession would have to be made, as he commanded, but her Master had not been specific about when. Neat little loophole for now.

They cleaned up dinner, with Missy fussing over it a lot and trying to shoe Timothy back into the living room. He shrugged and let her do it. Eventually, she swayed back into the living room and waited with her manicured hands folded in front of at casual attention.

“Hey, we need to get you some clothes,” he said very casually while admiring her large breasts. “I don’t mind the view right now, but it’s a little weird and not really my thing to have you naked like this.” He looked down. “It’s very intimate.” He looked down even further. “We need to figure out what ‘intimate’ means given your situation.”

“Sir, I know.” Now it was Missy who looked down. She reached forward and kissed him gently. “Sir, thank you so much for taking care of me today...this is so weird, but I’m glad I am with you.”

Timothy pulled her into a hug. “I know. I feel the same way. Knowing what I know now, it would have broken my heart to see you with someone else.” This time he reached forward and kissed Missy. She eagerly returned it. “Maybe we are figuring out what ‘intimate’ means right now. But we should still talk about it.”

Missy mouthed a “Yes, Sir,” at him and then went into the bedroom. A few steps inside, she stopped and turned around before pointing down at her feet. Timothy caught on and nodded eagerly. “Try it,” he said encouragingly.

The beautiful dark-haired slave was able to take the platform heels off her feet. She gently placed them against the wall. “Sir, It didn’t even dawn on me that I could have taken them off when we got to the bedroom. Huh.” Her glance turned towards Master. “You didn’t say anything either!”

Timothy blushed a bit. “Well, I mean, you did look great in them. It would be great if you wear heels every day from now on.” He leaned forward and kissed her again, as if his command had been a very innocent statement.

“Sir, for you of course,” Missy kissed him back. She had always been very feminine, so his command was not really a stretch for her, but it was becoming clear how easily her mind could be swayed by him if he desired. Careful now!

They began getting into bed. Timothy stared at his slave. “Hey, remind me, what is your favorite kind of clothing?”

Missy brightened immediately. “Sir, you know I love spandex. I constantly wear it.” She gently slapped his arm.

“I just wanted to make sure,” he explained reassuringly, “like I said a minute ago, I ordered some clothes for you. I think spandex and high heels are a great look for you.” His slave beamed proudly.

“Actually, hand me my tablet.” She passed it from the table next to his bed, and handed it to him. He quickly went to the academy’s ordering app and put in a quick order for something he thought would go great with the other fetishistic aspects of Missy’s outfit. “Don’t worry about it until tomorrow, but there is another surprise for you.”

Missy nodded and put her arms around Timothy. “Sir, today was so scary, but I know I’ll be okay with you.” One of her manicured hands traced itself over his midsection. “You know, we could try again? Maybe it would count for tomorrow?”

While the look of deep sexual desire was quite arousing, Timothy contained his urges and kissed her forehead. “No, not now.” He chuckled at her pout. “In the morning.” She smiled. “Every morning.” Her eyes lit up.

Timothy then led Missy to bed and they lay together for the first time as Master and slave.

* * *

In the morning, Timothy woke up a moment before Missy. He stared at her sleeping peacefully and wondered what the future would bring for them. They needed to figure out what had happened, but also balance out not drawing any negative attention to her. He did not want to have fate be the same as that woman in the video, or the mindless drone shown as a demonstration of the neuro-chip’s powers. They would have to be careful.

He did not have time for further preponderance of their situation because Missy rolled over, pulled herself up, and kissed him. “Sir, I am so happy to be with you.” He leaned back on their pillows, and she slid down to his midsection and gently stroked his cock.

Once he was adequately hard, Missy slowly bobbed up and down before stopping to give his cock a few licks before, again, sucking him off. With skill, not known herself to have previously to this moment, she was able to deep throat him and with great enthusiasm gave him the best blowjob of his life until he came in her mouth, which she eagerly swallowed down.

Timothy leaned back into the pillow and sighed rather loudly. “Wow.” He did not really know what else to say.

His slave gave his cock a few more licks to clean it up and then snuggled up to him. “Sir, was that good? I can try to do better tomorrow!” A deep need for him to be pleased with her cock sucking skills was mirrored in her beautiful, dark, eyes.

He pulled her close to him. “It was wonderful. You are amazing.” He grinned at her. “However, I mean, if you feel the need to try to improve...I’m not opposed.”

Missy giggled. Timothy was not used to hearing his normal serious and studious best friend giggle. ‘How do you feel?”

She sighed. “Sir, I...feel good. Calm.” Her brow furrowed. “It’s hard to describe. Being able to serve you gives me this...peaceful...feeling. I’m not sure what else to say. I’m sorry.”

Timothy kissed her forehead. “You have nothing to apologize for Missy. This is so fucking weird and crazy. But until we figure out what happened, there isn’t much we can do about it because ignoring it causes harm to you.” He took her hands in his own. “I don’t want to ever see harm come to you.”

For a few seconds, he thought to say more, but then relented and motioned towards his bathroom. “Go take a shower and then get breakfast started. I’ll go in after you.”

Missy padded over to the bathroom and left the door just ajar enough for Timothy to continue getting a view of her firm, naked, body.

Master went into the living room and tried to tidy up a little bit. Could that be one of Missy’s tasks? While picking up a few information tablets from his classes, he idly imagined what she would look like in a maid uniform, bent over a table, with a duster in hand. It was quite a lovely image for sure.

He walked back over to the bathroom. “Hey, uh, we should go clean out your apartment. We can walk around and get an idea of what is going on.”

Missy poked her head out from behind the curtain. “Sir, that is a great idea. I hope no one has ransacked it.”

Huh. Did not think about that. “Well, we will have to find out, I guess. I feel like a lot of the men are probably, um, busy with other things. Do you remember if they asked for any of your codes?”

“Sir, as far as I can remember, they did not,” Missy responded as she turned off the water. Timothy turned away to give her some privacy and then walked out into the living room again to wait for her to finish up. He decided to check the morning news, both interplanetary and locally. Did people know what happened outside the academy? Probably not, he had to assume. Given the threats to the women, would they ever?

Missy came out of the bathroom after completing her morning ablutions. She was naked and lovely, but had a confused look on her face. “Sir, um, I don’t really have any clothes?”

Timothy nodded. “Right. Well, the clothes I ordered for you should be arriving soon, hopefully. Go cook breakfast while I shower and get dressed.” Missy moved to obey him immediately, but not before giving him quite the view of her firm, naked, ass as she headed to the kitchen. He could get used to that.

After showering and putting on some clothes, he came out into the kitchen and watched Missy for a moment as she was finishing cooking their breakfast. He had quickly thrown on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt that had been laying on the floor from before he left for his trip. Missy had always been so much better at keeping things tidy than he had been.

Just as she plated their meals, there was a notification that someone was at the door. Timothy pulled up the door camera on the kitchen monitor and found a latex clad woman standing there with a box in her hands.

They walked over to the door and watched it swoosh open. The young woman entered, put the box down, and knelt before Timothy. “Master,” she began, lowering her eyes, “this slave is honored to deliver goods to you. Her purpose is obedience.”

The stunning blonde was dressed from head to toe in latex, with high-heeled boots adorning her feet. Her expression offered a docile curiosity about the superior she knelt before presently, but not much else.

“Sir,” Missy began, stepping forward, putting on a vapid smile. “Missy knows her. Her name is...was...Tiffany. She was on the basketball team. Good player.” She paused and stared at the mindless slave before them. “Maybe not anymore.” She added a feminine pout.

Timothy leaned down on one knee and put a hand on the latex slave’s face. “What is your name, dear?”

She brightened, eager to please a man. “Master, slave’s name is slave. Her purpose is obedience.”

He stared at her. “Huh.” “Do you,” he continued, exchanging a look with Missy, “remember your life before becoming ‘slave’?” A dark feeling filled his mind, but he had to be sure.

She shook her head sadly. “Master, slave was a bad girl. She is a good girl now. Her purpose is obedience.”

Timothy again shared a look with Missy. “Huh. I assume you have brought the clothing I ordered for Missy?”

Slave nodded. “Master, slave is honored to bring you clothing to dress your property,” her head came up to stare directly at Missy, “who exists for obedience to you. She will be overjoyed to dress as you desire.”

Missy tilted her head slightly and took a few steps to interlock a hand with Timothy’s own hand. “Yes, slave, Missy does exist to obey Master.” She kissed her Master’s forehead and then turned to glare at slave. “She is much more than overjoyed to dress as he desires. She craves deeply to become the incarnation of his turn ons and fetishes, like you clearly have for someone.” The last few words came out with an unnerving level of iciness.

Missy knelt down before slave. “Missy will be his slave, but you are so blessed, to just be ‘slave.’” She looked over her shoulder at Timothy. “Master, may Missy put on the clothing you picked out, so she may, how did you say slave, dress as you desire?” The venom in her words, and the fury in her eyes, was alarming.

Timothy stared at them. “Um, yeah, slave you may go.” He looked directly at Missy. “I need some alone time with”

Slave-Tiffany gently rose and curtsied before Timothy. “Yes, Master, please call on slave if she is required. Her purpose is obedience.” With that said, after one final menacing glare at Missy, she turned and walked across his hard floor, her high-heeled boots echoing off it, and left his apartment.

When the door swooshed closed again, Timothy turned to Missy. “So, um, you did it again. The whole thing where you are very protective and territorial about me.” He walked towards her and put his arms around the woman enslaved to him. “I can’t say that I’m not fond of it, but where is it coming from?”

Missy pulled her Master into a hug. “Sir, I...I just...when one of them questions my loyalty to you...I don’t know...something just snaps in my head. I want to defend you, and I wish to defend my...submission.” She shook her head. “It’s hard to describe. I don’t like being judged by some mindless bimbo. She doesn’t even have a name anymore. What would she know about me? Or us?”

Timothy nodded and squeezed her hand. He motioned for her to bring the box to his coffee table, so they could go through the contents. “I am curious if it is part of your programming too. I guess we will find out.”

Inside the box they found a bunch of pairs of spandex shorts and bodysuits, scandalously tight looking shirts, some underwear, and three pairs of platform heels. There was also another small box at the bottom as well.

Missy pulled out the spandex outfits. She smiled happily. “Sir, you got me more spandex clothing! You know, I wanted to wear more spandex.“ The naked slave took the pair on the top and slid it onto her torso. “I like the way spandex fits me.”

She did a spin for Timothy. “Sir, I know you like the way it looks on me too.”

“That is right,” Timothy confirmed, “which is why I got you the bodysuits too. Perfect for workouts or for day to day wear.”

Missy leaned in and kissed him. “Sir, I love that you like me wearing spandex. I will wear it whenever you want.” She smiled cheerfully. The slave had always loved wearing spandex and was so pleased he wanted her to keep wearing it.

He reached into the box and handed her a snug tank top. Missy had large breasts and an ample amount of cleavage hung out of it. She did a twirl for him, and he nodded in approval.

The other side of the box had a few new pairs of platform heels. Missy slid the clear silver pair on and displayed herself for Master. She loved how much he cared about her looks.

Finally, there was a small box at the bottom of the larger box everything had come in. Timothy opened it up and showed the hoop earrings to Missy. “I have always thought you looked cute in hoop earrings. I remember that one time...well a few times really.” He handed them to her.

“I want you to wear these hoop earrings as often as possible.” Timothy kissed her forehead. “This is not a direct order, but I hope you will obey me nonetheless.”

Missy immediately put them on and again did a spin for him. “Sir, of course I will wear them.” She kissed him. “I like that you care about what I look seem to have thought long and hard about it. Perhaps while hard?” Her smirk was equal parts bemusing and erotic.

Timothy refused to acknowledge her statement and shifted focus to more important matters at hand. “So, um, we should really go out now and see how things are going for others. We can do some investigating and see what others have experienced.”

He took a few steps to stand in front of her. “Missy, I need you to be on your best behavior when we are in public.” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “In fact, if you feel okay with it, can you go into some kind of trance like the delivery drones were in? Maybe not as mindless, though...we can change it as we go…I just want to make sure we don’t look suspicious at all.”

Missy stared at him for a moment. Her eyes became large and empty of anything but obedience. “Sir,” she began in a quiet monotone, “Missy can do so. She will see if it holds.” She lowered her eyes. “Missy’s purpose is obedience.”

“ did you do that?” Timothy ran a hand over her face.

Missy blinked a few times. “Sir, Missy’s chip can be manually turned on by her. She can adjust to perfect mindlessness,” she began in the blank monotone of the drones, “or docile servitude,” in a more feminine, gentle, tone, “or, like, a sexed up bimbo,” in a vapid up-pitch. Her voice returned to normal. “Sir, she can adjust and alter to your preferences. You can also lock her in a setting, or set up a few options.” She paused for a few seconds. “They really thought this through. It’s like when you begin a video game.”

Despite their situation, Timothy began laughing. “Fucking nerds.” He thought about it for a second. “ can’t believe we have to do this.” Both of them laughed. It really was a bit odd. “So, um, I liked the softness of the second one. You sounded very submissive….but, uh, I also liked the third one a bit too...”

Missy smiled at her Master. “Sir,” she said softly, “so what you want publicly is a gentle tone,” she switched to a lot bit of an up-pitch, “with a little bit of a bimbo voice?” The dark-haired slave put her arms around him. “Master, does Missy’s voice please you now?”

Timothy tried to hide his half hard cock. “Uh huh.” He took her leash, gave it a playful tug, and pointed towards the door. “Okay. I think we are ready.” Missy nodded to him, took his other hand in her own, and they walked out into the brave new world before them.

* * *

Out on the quad, it was a beautiful day. The weather at this time of year was fairly moderate: Not overly warm, but also not ruined by inclement weather. Therefore, many people were out and about, including many couples.

Timothy and Missy stood on the second to last level of stairs for their building and observed everyone around them. Many couples were just hanging out like nothing had changed. Well, besides, the fetish outfits and collars and whatnot. A few women could be seen doing fairly demeaning things. Slave-Tiffany zipped by on a hoverboard with another package to deliver somewhere.

Missy pulled a pair of sunglasses out of her purse. “Master, Missy thinks it would be best to wear these in case her eyes give something away.” The slight up-pitch in her voice, so calm and tamed, was something Timothy could get used to hearing each day.

“That’s a good idea,” he agreed while putting on his own pair. “Okay, let’s go.”

They were near the middle of the quad where another couple that both of them knew approached. The beautiful Korean woman in the plaid skirt, sky-high heels, and torn blouse had been in some classes with both of them. “Yoshiko” was the name on her collar.

She lowered her eyes in feminine deferment as her boyfriend gave her leash a gentle tug. His name was Marcus, and he put out a hand to greet Timothy, who took it. Missy glanced at Yoshiko and then looked over at the men with a happy smile.

“Yeah, Yoshiko had been my group partner for a research assignment when all of this went down. We went outside to figure out what all the commotion of campus was, and some dude came along and jammed the chip on her neck. He said some stuff to her and next thing I knew she was calling me her Master.” Marcus sounded confident, but a little tentative.

He was quiet for a few seconds. “She made me watch this video that—”

Timothy put a hand up. “Okay let’s go sit down.” He motioned to a table on the quad. Both men led their slaves to it, and they sat down. Yoshiko continued looking down in deference. Missy sat with her and began talking quietly with her while the men spoke about the video. Timothy was impressed by her initiative.

“So,” Timothy began, “you were talking about a video?”

Marcus nodded. “Yeah, uh, once I got Yoshiko back to my apartment, they hacked all intercoms and video screens for a broadcast detailing what they had done to the women.”

“Yeah,” Timothy interrupted, “Missy told me about it when I got back from vacation. They left her for me in my apartment.”

Marcus looked over at the beautiful slave, who had a hand on Yoshiko’s chin and was listening to her speak at the moment. “So a day went by, I think, I’m not sure really, where she begged me to command her. I had her do so menial shit around the apartment and that seemed to placate her.”

On the other side of the table, Yoshiko’s vapid giggle could be heard. Missy had gotten her to laugh, and they continued their conversation, as did the men.

Timothy took a deep breath. This was so awkward to talk about with another guy. “But then she had other urges.”

Marcus’ eyes went wide at Timothy’s recognition, but of course, he already knew too. “Yeah, she, uh,—”

“Begged to suck your cock?” Timothy laughed at the absurdity of it all.

“Um,” Marcus began, clearly nervous, “yeah she...demanded it...begged, promised to do whatever I first, I said no, but then she was clearly very upset about it, and it I got scared really fast at how distressed she got...”

He sighed. “So I let her...I mean, she is hot and all...and was really good at—”

Timothy put a hand up. “Okay, I don’t need details.” Behind them, Yoshiko was now showing Missy her beautiful acrylic nails.

Marcus continued his story. “So, yeah, I, um, finished, and she totally changed. She was happy and really, really, docile. Yoshiko then told me that she had to least once a day, or she would be ‘a very bad girl,’ in her words.”

He continued speaking at Timothy’s urging to continue. “We ended up spending the night in bed together. The next morning she, um,...performed again. That was when the video was released.”

“We saw that too,” Timothy confirmed. “At least on direct command per day. Blowjobs each day. We watched the entire video.” He let that statement hang in the air for a moment.

Marcus shook his head. “We turned it off halfway once the point they were trying to make was clear. Yoshiko knew...her...she demanded me to take full control, so she did not end up like that.”

Timothy nodded. “So, hence, her inability to make eye contact with men?”

“Uh, yeah,” Marcus continued, “she begged for more commands. I don’t know, I’ve always liked submissive women, so I just...rolled with it. I didn’t want any harm to come to her.” He looked over at Missy’s cleavage baring top. “Seems you tend to agree?”

Timothy stared at him for a few seconds. “Like you said, I don’t want any harm to come to her. She’s my best friend and I feel responsible. If something happened to her…”

Their conversation was interrupted by Missy’s and Yoshiko’s loud laughter. Missy had done an impressive job getting her slave sister to smile after her sad, deferential, attitude at first. However, when the men looked over, she looked down again as her Master had commanded in the morning.

Timothy glanced at Missy before speaking. “Hey man, we should get going,” he declared without looking at Marcus, “we have a few stops this morning. The ladies seem to be getting along. I’d love for them to be friends, if that is okay with you?”

Marcus looked between them. Yoshiko continued to stare at the ground. “Yeah, that sounds cool.” He shook Timothy’s hand and both of them motioned for their slaves to stand up. Missy offered her leash to Timothy and, after a few awkward seconds, so did Yoshiko to Marcus. Good idea.

Timothy and Missy kept walking across the campus. A few couples stopped them to offer congratulations. Everything felt very oddly normal, which the dark-haired slave remarked upon as they walked towards the library.

“Sir, everyone is just going about their days. Besides the woman crawling on the ground or the naked people.” Missy spoke as though she were trying to talk herself into normalcy too.

Timothy sighed as they walked down the ramp towards the front doors of the library. “I’m sure many of them watched the same video we did.” He squeezed her hand tightly. “I want to check on something here.”

The doors to the library swooshed open before them. Timothy led Missy over to the food and drink replicator, where Sahyra again stood with a docile smile and submission mirrored in her eyes. So much about their interaction when he came back from vacation now made a lot more sense to him.

“Sir, hello, good morning, we are so blessed. Is there a way that I may be of service?” Sahyra stared over at Missy with a hint of disappointment in her voice. She really did have a bit of a crush on Timothy.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know what had happened yet the other day,” Timothy offered with a frown. “Did anyone claim you yet?” Sahyra was a member of The Faith, a new religion that had taken off about 100 years before this that promoted feminine submission and modesty. The women wore loose headscarves and lived a life of submission.

Sahyra shook her head sadly. “Sir, no one has yet. She was worried someone would want to ruin her purity by turning her into a whore, as another young woman had done when this began a few apartments away, but the men running this have reserved Sahyra and other scarfed women as off limits for random service. They must approve us being enslaved, Sir.”

Timothy nodded slowly. “Right. Right. At least they are respecting that.”

“Sir,” she confirmed, “one of the men involved is of The Faith. He convinced them to leave us until a proper man could be found. Sahyra thought she would be blessed to be in service to him, but he chose others of The Faith. She remains without a man to serve.”

Missy took a step forward. “Missy is unsure if she has met you before.” She took her Master’s hand. “She is so blessed to be Master’s slave.” The other hand went to Sahyra’s face. “Sahyra is so pretty.” It was true. She had piercing green eyes, olive skin, and wore almost as much makeup as Missy did. Her dress was below the knee, and she wore stockings to cover the toned legs she earned from four trips to the gym each week. A pair of pumps adorned her feet.

Sahyra was not sure what to do. A woman had never flirted with her before. Timothy raised his eyebrows as well. This was a new side of Missy for sure. “Missy,” he said in an authoritative voice, “wait at attention while I discuss something privately with this slave.”

Missy snapped to attention, eyes blank, her pouty in a half open O, and fell into a deep trance. He was getting used to being able to control her like this quickly.

Timothy took Sahyra’s hands on his own. “You like me, don’t you? I noticed it a few times before. Before all of this.”

“Sir,” Sahyra began while running her white tipped hands over his, “Sahyra does have a crush on you. The chip has accelerated it. She is very fond of you. It began when you defended The Faith in a presentation last year.”

He had almost forgotten about that. “Right! Someone in class had made a disparaging remark about women who want to be more subservient to men.” He thought for a few seconds. “I wonder who she is obeying right now.” He laughed at her plight, despite himself.

Sahyra giggled, despite herself, and then threw herself into his arms. “Sir, Sahyra is so scared. She wants to serve so much.”

It was right as she buried her head on his chest that the elevator doors opened beside them. Two young men, including one from the video that Timothy and Missy had watched, plus the maid uniform wearing now, former, one would suppose, dean of the academy stepped out of it.

The brainwashed maid snapped to attention next to Missy. The young man put out a hand. “Timothy, been watching you, impressed with your taste in women. My name is Josh Reed. I’m one of the, let’s say, people behind all of this.” Timothy shook his hand. “Missy is a babe, and this one over here,” he waved at Sahyra, “one of my colleagues wanted to keep her away from the crowds to respect The Faith. I mean, we are enslaving women, but we want to be classy and respectful too.”

He walked over to Missy. “You must love being Timothy’s slave?”

Missy, whose eyes had never left Timothy during this conversation, looked over at Josh. “Sir, Missy exists to obey her Master.” Her voice had a slight monotone to it, which was pretty hot.

“Good girl,” Josh said with a nod. “I think you were informed that we saved her from the cages we put any unclaimed woman in.” His face took on a serious tone. “We knew you two were close. Would have sucked for you to come back and find her serving some rando.”

“I’m grateful for that, really, all of this is very strange. It’s been quite the experience with Missy.” She had gone back to staring at him with a happy smile on her face and submission mirrored in her eyes. The former dean, turned maid, remained staring straight ahead next to her.

“Which brings us to right now.” Josh pointed at Sahyra. “Do you have an interest in her? You’re a pretty reasonable, responsible, dude. Missy spoke extremely highly of you when we were interrogating her for assignment.”

He motioned for Sahyra to walk over to them. “Sahyra, would you enjoy serving Timothy alongside Missy? A few others have taken on multiple slaves. I have a bit of a harem myself, including,” he yanked on the maid’s leash, “this one over here.”

Sahyra lowered her eyes around male superiors. “Sir, Sahyra would be honored to serve Master Timothy if it pleased him.” She curtsied for him.

Josh grinned. “See, she is all yours if you want her! I can turn on her loyalty programming and set it to you. We’re being watched right now by one of our programmers.” He waved at a camera. “Just say the word, and she is all yours man. I’ll put you on the list for a further allotment if you want too.”

Timothy looked over at Missy and then at Sahyra. This was not exactly what he had desired, but it was hard to deny how alluring it was to have two beautiful women under his control. “Yeah, I’ll do it. We’ll be a little family.”

“Great, man! I’m kinda going around right now and checking in on strays like her, so I’m glad I was alerted to you being out and about. You’re going to love it!” Josh looked up at the camera and gave a thumbs up to whomever was watching them.

After a moment, Sahyra gasped and then let out a harsh and painful sounding moan. Missy held on to her to keep her new slave sister from falling down.

Sahyra composed herself and bowed to her new Master. “Master, Sahyra is your slave. Please instruct her, so she can serve your will.” A look of submissive contentedness was mirrored in her eyes. Missy looked at her with a bit of skepticism and exchanged another glance with Timothy.

“Ah, great, you’re going to have a family of them,” Josh declared with a pat on Timothy’s back. “Feel free to pick up another stray if you wish.” He handed Sahyra’s leash to him. “This one is all yours! Enjoy! I will head back upstairs and check in on that new slutty librarian!” Josh went back over to the elevator. The former dean followed him and snapped to attention inside of it.

Timothy looked down at the leash. He still had Missy’s in his hand too. He gave both a playful tug. “Don’t speak. Either of you.” He looked at Missy. “We can talk about it when we get to Missy’s apartment. Um, Sahyra, can someone take over your position here? I don’t plan for you to work anymore.” Plan? He was improvising the hell out of this!

They walked over to where the women’s apartments were located and entered the gate, which was now secured by another latex wearing drone. The very buff male and female duo scanned Missy and Sahyra’s collars and asked Timothy a few questions, which he politely answered. Upon the approval of whomever the drones communicated with, they entered the complex and walked to the building that had housed Missy’s apartment.

Around them, couples went about their day. Some of them looked fairly normal. The young woman singing a song for her “Daddy” did not, nor did the other young woman, whom Timothy remembered being a star student, sitting on a bench with her Master. She eagerly barked for him and moaned loudly as he kneaded her fairly large breasts.

They walked up a side stairway that was flattened out. At Missy’s door, she tried to input her personal code, but discovered it did not work anymore. The beautiful dark-haired slave stared at it for a few seconds before a new number appeared in her mind via the neuro-chip. She entered it and the front door swooshed open for them. It was clear she wanted to say something, but Master had commanded her to stay silent.

They entered the apartment. Missy had always been a pretty tidy person, so it was fairly clean. It was clear she was in the middle of something when she was nabbed by whomever took her in for programming.

Timothy walked for a few steps and then turned to his slave. “Sahyra, can you please put in an order for boxes? A drone will deliver them soon. When it arrives please begin packing.” She began moving without speaking, eager to obey Master.

Timothy motioned for Missy to join him on the couch. They sat down, and he dropped her leash on the ground. He put a hand up. “Okay, a few things…I...I felt bad for her. I think she had a crush on me beforehand, so I just...” He trailed off and stared at Missy. “Are you jealous of her?”

Missy looked down at the floor. “Um, Master, Missy just...she saw how you looked at her.”

Timothy pulled Missy into a tight hug. “You are always number one. No one ever comes before you.” He stared at her for a few seconds. “I love you. I always have.” This time it was Missy who threw herself into his arms.

“What if,” he began quietly, “we had a little family. I think you could use an assistant in serving me. In fact, and I will speak to her shortly, so this is a direct order, you really desire having a family of slaves in my service.”

Missy blinked a few times and then passively smiled. “Master, you are right, of course. Missy wants to have a slave family in service to you.” The idea made perfect sense now.

He took her hands in his own. “In fact….Missy, I know you’ve always wanted to dominate a woman. It would please me if you helped me to keep her under control. She will serve you to serve me. I will program her after we finish talking.”

Missy blinked again as another set of new memories formed in her mind. “Master, of course Missy has wanted to dominate a woman for you. She will ensure Sahyra is your ideal servant. Missy controls her only to please you.”

Timothy kissed her forehead. “Good girl.” It was incredibly easy to control and manipulate Missy. This was certainly one of convenience, for sure. He cautioned himself to be temperate in what he did. What if the chip ever stopped working, and she realized these memories were not her own?

As he completed his musings. The drone arrived with their order. The green haired, latex clad, lovedoll brought the boxes in, sat them down on the floor, and then knelt and bowed before Timothy. “Master, slave has brought your order? How will she serve you? Your will is purpose.”

Timothy motioned for her to rise. Sahyra stood next to her. Missy put a manicured hand on Master’s arm. “Um, slave...” He paused, realizing he did not recognize her. No matter, as they were conditioned to not remember their names. Interesting how quickly delivery and commerce had gotten so fast. Huh.

“Do you have other duties this morning? We could use some help packing if you have the time?” It felt odd to make such a demand if the slave had other duties to perform. After seeing what happened to the women in the videos, he especially did not want to get anyone in trouble!

“Slave” nodded her head in the negative. “Master, slave may stay if your will requires it, but she does have other deliveries to complete.”

Timothy put a hand up. “Oh, well, then, you should complete your deliveries I think...I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble.”

She curtsied for him. “Master, thank you for thinking of slave.” The green haired drone leaned her cleavage forward. “Master, if your will requires it, slave would be delighted to return to serve you.”

Timothy laughed despite himself. “Well, thank you so much.” He looked over at his two lovely slaves. “However, I already have Missy and Sahyra here in my control. They are plenty enough for me.” He turned to them. “In fact, Missy, how about you begin coordinating packing up your apartment while I escort this lovely slave to the door.”

Missy smiled and began commanding Sahyra. Finally, a chance to dominate a woman for Master! Her dream came true. “Begin packing in the bedroom now.” She slapped her slave sister’s butt as the dark-haired woman passed by and headed to the bedroom to obey her Mistress.

Timothy walked slave to the door. He said something to her, which made the silly slave giggle, and she left after giving him a great view of her firm backside.

While Sahyra and Missy worked around him, Timothy began doing research at his desk. It seems classes were still going to run, but with some changes. Both of his slaves had been rerouted into courses on domestic and sexual slavery. Optional credits were being offered in breeding and fetish programming. He toggled the fetish one for both of them, and declined the breeding one after an idea came to his mind that was much better than that.

He checked out the news program for the academy. The formerly serious journalism student who was the presenter was now a teased hair, leather miniskirt wearing, bimbo with an up-pitched voice who spoke in a docile monotone about the events of the day. The mousy woman now looked like a whore. Wonder whose fetish that one was for?

After the semester ended, they could leave together. Could, or would, Missy still become a nurse? Would she even want to? He would have to check in with her.

His research was put on pause for lunch. Missy helped Sahyra cook in the kitchen. While Missy was clearly in charge of her, they had a great rapport and got along nicely. Sahyra was sweet and kind and their relationship felt like sisters or even a mother, a really hot mother, and daughter.


After lunch, they went back to packing Missy’s apartment. Besides clothing, feminine accessories, and some personal items, they end up boxing a lot of it to be recycled. The slave from yesterday came by to pick it up a little bit later on. She tested both Missy and Sahyra, still in trance, and both passed with flying colors and then gave Timothy a knowing nod. He had been right about her visits.

In the early evening, Timothy commanded his slaves to line up and stand at attention for him. He walked back and forth in front of both of them with an impressed smile. Both had worked very hard all day and deserved a break.

Timothy stood in front of Sahyra. She was so lovely. He had decided about their future, but it could wait until after he had an evening out with Missy. “Sahyra, remain in trance, but you may have the evening off after you tidy up around here. I will need to speak to you tonight before bed, however, so please be prepared for instruction.”

“Yes, Master,” Sahyra confirmed as she began going around the apartment to organize the boxes that Missy had haphazardly placed around it. She continued to work in the background as Timothy approached his lovely slave and put his arms around her waist.

“So,” he began, “I was thinking we could go out tonight. Dinner? Like a real date?” Timothy leaned in and kissed her. “I’ve wanted to take you on a date for years. It’s so weird that it’s only because of...all of this.”

Missy hugged him. “Master, of course Missy would be delighted to go out with you tonight. The circumstances of her submission to you don’t matter.”

For the first time, Timothy realized he never turned off Missy speaking in the third person. He bit down on his lip. It was quite pleasurable to see her in such a submissive state. No point in changing anything now if they were going to go back out in public in a little while.

Both Master and slave took another shower and then cleaned up. Thankfully, Timothy had stayed over a few times after academy events, so a few fairly dressy shirts of his were hanging in Missy’s closet since he never bothered to pick them up afterwards.

Timothy waited for Missy while she showered and then got dressed. He stood up as she entered the living room and a quiet “whoa” came out of his mouth.

Missy came out of the bathroom wearing a pink spandex tube dress that showed off all of her very ample assets. Her cleavage hung out of the dress. Black platform heels adorned her feet, pushing up her firm backside. The hoop earrings he had gotten her hung from her ears, amplified by the tight ponytail she wore. She looked equal parts glamorous, but also like a bit of a bimbo. But it was Missy. HIS Missy. She was perfect.

She came over to him and did a spin and then curtsy low, which gave him an impressive view of her chest. “Master, what do you think?”

“Wow.” That was about all he could say for now. “Just wow.” He took her hand in his own and squeezed it. “I am really impressed and glad you decided to wear the dress I got you.”

She lightly tapped his arm with a manicured hand and giggled. “Master, you know Missy has always loved wearing spandex dresses.” The dark-haired slave looked at him like he was being very silly.

They waited for Sahyra to finish off organizing everything and then brought her out of trance. A drone could be called in to pick up and move everything in the morning. Timothy commanded Sahyra to return to his apartment. Her own apartment could be cleaned out by drones too.

He gave an access code and told her to first stop at her apartment to pick up a few changes of clothing. At the door, Missy walked over and whispered something in her sister slave’s ear, which prompted a giggle from her and a scheming stare between them.

Timothy and Missy walked to the restaurant. It was filled with couples in various levels of fetishistic dress for the ladies. Most of the men were dressed up like Timothy was in a nice shirt, but a few of the more anti-social types had glammed up their slaves but not really bothered to upgrade their own wardrobe. Whatever.

The hostesses were all drones now. Each wore tiny booty shorts and a snug tank top advertising the restaurant. Dinner conversation was quiet and casual, despite everything, and a few couples came over to offer congratulations to Timothy and, to a lesser extent, Missy.

They went for a walk afterwards. Master and slave walked through the academy garden. They came around a corner on their way out of it and found two familiar faces standing before them.

Missy stopped in place at the sight of her teammate Colette. The beautiful blonde wore a latex dress and clear platform heels. She looked at her Master, Timothy’s friend Devin, with absolute devotion mirrored in her eyes. A passive, docile, smile of the bimbo lovedoll she had become was painted on her face.

Missy squeezed Timothy’s hand, uncertain of her friend. “Devin,” Timothy began putting out a hand to him. “It’s good to see a friend...and…?”

“Master,” Missy began, putting a hand on Colette’s arm, “her name is Colette. She is Missy’s teammate. Was.”

Colette tilted her head and smiled. “Missy, it is wonderful to see you,” she began in a monotone, docile, voice. “Colette is so happy you have submitted. Master’s will is purpose.”

Missy took a step back and looked over at Timothy. Colette had been a vibrant, fun, young woman. She was now a mindless toy.

“Um, yeah,” Devin began, “so, um, we should probably talk about some stuff. In private?” Both men commanded their slaves to wait in trance for them. Missy and Colette snapped to attention besides their owners, empty eyed and expressionless.

Timothy and Devin sat down on a bench. Devin began to explain how he came to be in the possession of Colette. “So basically, once she was my slave, we moved in together and I had to give her commands every day. I got kind of carried away though. I like a certain, uh….style...of woman….”

“Mindless bimbos,” Timothy interrupted. “Yeah. You’re not the only one on campus from what I have seen.”

Devin nodded nervously. “Right, well each time I made her...blanker...she was more mindless and devoted to me. I would take her out of it, but then she would ask to go back under. It turned her on too. So eventually, Colette became...yeah, like you said, mindless bimbo.”

“I got totally corrupted by changing her man,” Devin continued, “I know others don’t care, but I’m going to have to rebuild her if we ever want to leave here. I hope you don’t have to do that with Missy.”

Timothy walked Missy home after telling Devin to keep in touch with him. She held his hand as tightly as he thought was possible the whole time. They entered the apartment and found Sahyra sitting quietly on the couch. “Master, Sahyra waited up for you. She was not sure if you desired it.”

Despite himself, Timothy laughed. “Right. Don’t worry about it. I do have something I want to talk to you about. But I need a private moment with Missy.”

Without even being told, Sahyra dropped into trance and sat, hands folded, staring blankly ahead.

“Missy...wake up...”

Missy blinked a few times and stared at him. “Sir...” She started to cry, and her Master pulled his slave close to him. Her whimpers became sobs as her makeup streamed down her face.

Finally, she calmed down. “Sir…”

Timothy kissed her forehead. “I know. That was really unnerving. I see the...allure...but I don’t want a bimbo like that. I want you.”

She stared at him. “Sir...have you changed me?”

He shook his head. “I have to give you orders. I might have altered a few minor things.” They stared at each other. “You just expected me to tell you to forget about it, didn’t you?”

Missy bit her lip. “Sir...I just...”

Timothy put a hand on her face. “I have an idea. Go into trance.” She dropped into trance and followed him to the couch to sit down next to Sahyra.

He sat down across from them. “I want us to be a family. Missy,” he said, looking at her, “I love you.” He looked over at Sahyra. “I want Sahyra to be a part of our family too.”

Timothy came across and sat down in front of them on the edge of his coffee table. “These are direct orders...Missy, I love you. I want to marry you. You will be my wife.” He kept talking, so he would not talk himself out of the plan in his mind. “We will finish off the term and then go off the planet and settle down. I’ll find a position pretty easily I think and we will figure out what to do with you. I know you want to be a nurse, but I’d love to see you be a housewife too. We will figure it out.”

He took a deep breath, settled himself, and looked over at Sahyra. “I want you to be a part of our life too. I don’t want harm to come to you. So, you will be a part of our family.” He took a deep breath and motioned for both of them to look at him. “Sahyra, I want you to think that both of us are your mentors. I want us to be a family. One nice family.”

He continued. “I want both of you to love each other. Missy, you have limited authority over Sahyra in regard to serving me. I don’t want either of you to end like some of the women we have seen. I will use direct orders, as required, to mold our relationship. But Sahyra I want you to be sweet, obedient, and dutiful. Obey me and Missy. She is a great example for you.”

He reached over and took Missy’s hands in his own. A tear streamed down her face. “I want you to be the best wife possible. We can be a family together. We’ll figure out the details later. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He looked over at Sahyra. “And you too. You beautiful angels.”

He woke them up. Both of his slaves blinked back to life and threw themselves into a gigantic hug with their Master. They held on for dear life, and Missy and Sahyra interlocked their fingers behind his back.

They pulled away finally. Missy looked at her Master, her future husband, with a look of deep submission. “Master! Mistress!” Sahyra exclaimed as she threw herself into their arms. The Larmer family would be the happiest family alive. Now and forever.

* * *

A year went by. Timothy and Missy got married on a local planet and settled down in their careers. Sahyra stayed home and was a delightful submissive for both of them. She remained with them for a few years until a suitor was found.

The academy never really bothered them again. They kept their word and never said anything. Over the years, Timothy and Missy became such a dynamic couple as he molded her to perfection. They lived a long life together, as did Sahyra with her husband, whom she submitted to in all things.

The End

* * *


At the academy the next year, a new conspiracy emerged…

“Ugh, I can’t believe you made me wear this dress!” Rose Andrews yelled, dryly, towards her boyfriend Will. “These kinds of formal dances are ridiculous! Didn’t we give this stuff up back on Earth?”

“It’s retro...I mean, retro to about, uh, two hundred years ago, but hey it’s retro!” His attempt at humor was not going to go over well with his witty, sarcastic, girlfriend.

“Those people were idiots. And so are you for making me go to this!”

He could hear Rose fumbling about to get the dress on. It really had taken a lot of arm twisting to get her to go. Conforming to this sort of thing was definitely not her style. The formal dance for their university was going to be happening in a week. Neither really socialized much with their cohort, but Will’s adviser had commented that it would be good to “network” a bit with your fellow Space Fleet officers and officers who, potentially, could be your assigned leader when you complete your studies.

Convincing Rose, who found all formalities to be ridiculous, had been difficult. She would rather be in a lab working with materials found on an expedition. Her studies always came first, and the kind of silly feminine matters involved with a dance did not matter to the red haired scientist.

However, her own adviser had confirmed the advice of Will’s adviser. “Just put on the damn dress and some makeup, smile a few times, and get on with your life,” had been a bit persuasive. Even in space, traditional femininity is expected of women!

Rose sighed. She hated this so much. The green formal dress hugged her body in ways she found uncomfortable. The high heels on her feet hurt, and the white stockings adorned her legs were itchy. Quickly, she applied some light makeup to highlight her elfin features and dark red hair. Rolling her eyes, she opened the dressing room door and stepped out.

Despite her reservations, Rose, of course, looked fantastic. “Wow…,” Will said with a bit of a whistle at the end of the brief statement. He came over to her and made his girlfriend do a little spin for him.

Rose’s “uuuuugh” could be heard all throughout the shop. “You’re just saying that probably.”

Will came closer and took her hands in his own. “No, seriously, you look amazing. You are beautiful.” He rolled his eyes. “I know you won’t believe that…”

Rose pushed down Will’s hands. “It doesn’t matter. I want to always be known for my lab work, not for being pretty.” She shoved him away a little bit, in a way that could either be perceived as playful or perhaps more vindictive. “Why do you always make me do this shit?”

“Well,” Will countered, “if I recall correctly, it was your adviser that convinced you.”

“Ugh,” Rose exclaimed, “I hate dresses. But at least it’s not that skin-tight bondage wear that is hip right now.”

Will was about to reply when the young woman who was interning at the dress store came into the dressing area. “Hello,” she said in an up-pitched voice that seemed a bit improper, said the dark-skinned woman, whose name tag said “Shelly.” “How are things going? Wow, Miss Andrews, you look lovely.”

“I look like a trophy being shown off.” She glanced over at Will and rolled her own eyes.

“I see,” Shelly commented as she took something out of her purse. “Well, I think I know what will really add to it.” The dark-haired woman, already deeply under control, held up a flower corsage and, before Rose could object, pinned it onto her dress, making sure to jab her with it.

“Ouch!” Rose exclaimed as she took a few steps back. She felt very woozy. “What did...what..” The redhead took a few steps back and sat down. For a moment, her head felt very cloudy, but then a clarity she had never felt in her life took over her mind, body, and soul.

She looked up just as Will got over to her. He put his hand on her arm. “Are you okay? What happened?” Upon turning around really quick, Shelly was nowhere to be found.

When he turned back, Rose grabbed onto his arm with her own hand. Full expecting a sarcastic, or rude, comment, Will got the opposite. His girlfriend’s response would thoroughly change their views.

“I am okay, thank you so much.” She squeezed his arm tightly. “I don’t know what happened. I felt so...overwhelmed. I’m so glad to have such an amazing boyfriend to save me when I am distressed.”

A long moment passed. Will expected Rose to stick her tongue out at him, or maybe she would start laughing at his surprised expression. Neither of these things happened. She continued to stare at him with a loving gaze filled with adoration, as feelings of absolute love filled her body.

The End (For Now?)

* * *

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