New Queen of the Drones

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #f/m #scifi #sub:female #bondage #clothing #drones #robots

Yvette is a scout who is bullied by her squad. She is sent on a mission to figure out why a neutral village was now working for their enemy. While scouting the village, an enemy leader, enamored with her, makes it quite alluring for her to become the new Queen of the Drones.

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

Yvette was fresh out of the space academy. One day she would love to be a captain, but for now she was a scout. The orange haired woman had immediately signed up for the space academy after the war began in hopes to prove her patriotic fervor towards the planet she lived on. She was proud of her homeland and wanted to prove it via a life of service.

She graduated near the top of her class and was immediately assigned to a platoon. The other members had been together for a while and were battle hardened. She was the newbie and the excitement of finishing at the academy and being assigned to a squad quickly turned to dread and fear as the meanness and bullying of her squad mates was directly towards her.

Yvette was bullied and taunted by them repeatedly for weeks. She went to the squad leader, a tough as nails woman named Olivia, but was told by her to “suck it up.” Another scout, much more senior than her, pronounced it was “tough love” and, conveniently, showed up to break up any bullying just as it started to end. Huh.

Distraught, she found escape in holo romances where hunky men tame women and bring them into their service. Sometimes she wondered if it had been a mistake to join the academy. Perhaps settling down like her sister had to a life of automated domesticity would have been the better choice? Each night she pleasured herself to a fantasy of submission, of care, of love. Of a man providing for her.

This was the fantasy being displayed to her while sleeping the morning that the world would change forever. Yvette winced at the loud ping of an incoming message and yawned loudly. “Play the message,” she said before letting out another yawn that included a pout at the idea of being woken up just as her male savior had been fucking her—

Olivia was on the screen before her, which made the orange haired scout sit up and pay attention. “Scout Sandoval, you are needed for a mission. I need a scout to investigate some enemy activity on the outskirts of a local village that has pledged loyalty to them. Something is up and I want you to find out for us. Communications are jammed, so you’ll need to psychically go in. Meet us after you shower and eat.” She paused for a beat. “This could be your big break.” With that, Commander Kennedy signed off.

Eager to take part in what sounded like an important mission, Yvette quickly showered and then dressed in the standard issue spandex, and very snug, uniform worn by all scouts. The shiny green fabric hugged her moderately sized breasts. She always wished there was more time to be in the gym, but her scout duties required much more cardio than strength conditioning unfortunately.

Yvette slid on her boots and took a look at herself quickly in the mirror. Satisfied, she pulled her hair into a tight ponytail and walked across base to the briefing. Sometimes a desire to not be as tall as she was filled her, but being nearly six foot did have some advantages. Her tall and lanky frame could hide out very easily, hence her scout affiliation.

She walked in just as Olivia was beginning the briefing. The older, purple haired woman stood before a three-dimensional presentation with deep feminine authority. “The northern village had been overrun by enemy forces with minimal resistance. This gives us pause. It was previously considered a neutral village and also a sanctuary for refugees. Sources are also claiming that both men and women from the village have joined the enemy army as well.”

She paused for a moment to let the other details on the screen sink in for the team. “No one can explain why they would enlist after being neutral for so long. It makes no sense! Long range scans, to further complicate things, showed a large construction site. It looks like hundreds of people are working there. We have been ordered to investigate. Each of you has been chosen for this mission.”

Yvette groaned at the others in the room. A male trooper named Franklin Hoffman was there. He was a jerk.

“Ah, hey skinny, how does it go,” he said with a slap to her backside. Had he been hiding behind her the whole time?

Franklin was a creep. He was the platoon’s best trooper, but also very aggressive and sexual. Yvette was a bit more prudish and did not appreciate his advances on her after training one night a few weeks before, which she had politely declined. She reported it to Olivia, but Olivia had done the whole “guys will be guys” thing with her. It had been upsetting to Yvette, but he backed off after the next time he got weird with her. That was until now. He hovered in front of the door staring at her. He only stopped when Olivia reoriented them to the presentation.

“Yvette,” she began, “what I want you to do is scout ahead of the team. Her tone shifted a bit as she sensed the nervousness in the scout’s, minutes from her first big mission, face. “Yvette, Franklin and I will be with you on the mission. If you encounter enemy forces, we will cover you. Get as close to the village as you can and try to find evidence of why they ceased their neutrality mission.”

Another scout entered the room with their weapons. She looked at Yvette and scoffed. “They let her go on missions?”

The orange haired scout could hear her superior chuckle quietly before becoming more formal. “Get to wherever you are needed next, scout.” The young woman looked over at Franklin with a flirty expression. Eww.

Yvette, Franklin, and Olivia checked their weapons and supply bags and then headed to the teleport room to beam down to the location they would set up at for the mission.

They landed on the planet without incident a few miles away from the village. Franklin turned to Yvette with a creepy smirk “You know how that weapon works?” He ran his hand up and down over his own as if it was a shaft.

Yvette stared at him. “I scored in the top 5% of my class at the academy.” She hoped her statistical statement would override his desire to make perverse innuendos.

Mercifully, Olivia interrupted them. “Okay, scout ahead, Yvette. Get as close to the village as you can. If anyone engages you, hit the emergency tracker on your badge and we’ll come get you.” She motioned for Yvette to follow her some steps away.

“Look,” Olivia began, “he is being hard on you, but they are all hard on each other. Same thing happened to me. Eventually it stops.” Yvette nodded, but didn’t believe her. She began walking and made her way through the woods, using her neuro-chip to scan for life.

Yvette found it to her east and methodically made her way through the woods until coming across an opening in the forest. Quietly, she made her way to a small cliff and huddled herself behind a few large rocks to begin observing the surprising things happening below her.

Below her the village was busy with activities. Most people worked silently on various tasks. A number of men could be seen doing construction work on the large cube being built in the middle of the village. They couldn’t have been here for could it nearly be done!?!

Yvette noticed that each person was drenched in sweat. Their clothing was torn or falling apart. They must have been working for hours. Then something remarkable happened: A middle aged woman fell down on the ground, obviously overcome with exhaustion.

No one around them stopped for a moment, which shocked Yvette. It took everything in her to not race down into the village to offer medical assistance. She was glad to not have done so, because what happened next would begin to change the direction of her life forever.

Two young women clad entirely in black latex from neck to feet came up to the woman. Both wore incredibly high heeled boots and had shaved heads. Their expression shared the same blankness as they titled their heads in unison to look down at the woman. It was beginning to really upset Yvette that no one else stopped their work to assist her.

They picked the woman up and carried her away without a word. Yvette was able to track them until they rounded a corner and then all she could get was heat imprints. A few moments later, a distant scream could be heard in that direction. Another worker, in what could barely still be described as a flannel shirt and jeans, replaced the fallen woman in the work formation.

Yvette watched this intensely. Who were those women!? Something was deeply wrong here.

They did not look like the usual enemy patrols. She noticed another latex wearing woman walking through the village. More guarded the cube they were building in a patrol.

Her attention to detail allowed another one to sneak up to her and jab the enemies’ new neuro-chip reprogrammer on her neck, which would seal not only her own but this district’s fate.

Instantly Yvette froze in place. She could feel her mind turn off and then....nothing....this lasted for moments, days, weeks, was about a minute, before her body automatically snapped to attention. The woman who had assimilated her came over and snapped a collar around her neck. On the inside of the collar a further reprogramming chip entered her skin. New information began flowing into her mind. She remained calm and docile as a hyper need to obey a...controller...overwhelmed her...who or what this controller was, she did not know or care. She just knew they were the new focus of her life.

Yvette forgot about the scouting team, forgot about her assignment, and only vaguely was aware of anything but a need to obey the controller. Suddenly there was a voice in her head. “Hello, dearest Yvette,” a thoughtful male voice said, “My name is Patrick and I am The Controller for this region.”

“A few prerequisite statements: Everyone in the village is under my control. Everyone in the rather fetching latex outfits are too. Some of them are from the village. They all serve me, as do you. You will refer to me as Master. However, there are a few other issues here.”

“You probably haven’t noticed,” he said with a chuckle, “that your personality is turned off right now. you are in a programming mode. I am going to turn it on in a moment. No one else here is set to “on.” In fact, most have been deleted altogether.”

He sighed. “I apologize if I sound nervous, but I am a little bit, dearest Yvette. When you have more awareness, I have a few things to go over with you. So please stand at attention like the others.” He paused as she obeyed. “Good girl! We’re off to a good start here. Yvette, I am going to wake you up. Stand as you are. No movement or speaking until I say so. When I turn you back on, it will be overwhelming, but be brave please. I have a good feeling about you.”

Yvette’s mind came back on and the combo of it and her new was overwhelming for a moment, but then....calm...tranquility. ..“wonderful, Yvette,” he said with approval in her mind. you may speak now. Can you hear me?”

A few seconds passed as she got her bearings. “Yes, Master, I can hear you,” she replied. He was her Master. His voice was so calm and reassuring.

“Good girl. We need to discuss your situation.” He sighed. “Yvette my dear, I have been following you for a bit. We have a spy embedded on your side. No need to worry about who it is. They have observed many things, but what caused alarm for me was the bullying such a diligent scout like yourself went through. You deserve much better than that. I would like you to join me. You are not being converted into a drone, but a loyal servant of mine. I am your Master just like the drones, but I require a companion. You are going to be that companion, Yvette.”

He took a deep breath. “I want you to be happy. So to be happy, we need to convert your squad so they can be sent back for a mass conversion. Soon enough, they will be my drones. Don’t worry, they will obey you too within limits. Isn’t that a wonderful idea? Revenge on your bullies…”

Yvette agreed instantly! “Yes, Master, I would like revenge on my bullies. They will be converted to your drones.” The idea made so much sense to her in this suggestible state. Beyond that, his seemingly sincere care for her warmed her heart as well. No one had ever come close to the level of affection he had shown in even their brief interaction.

“Good girl. We will make a wonderful team. That brutish man of your team is especially unsavory.” The two drones with Yvette suddenly moved to stand before her. They snapped to attention again. “For now, drone x876 and f564 are here to assist. I’ll explain their designations at some other time. They will obey you to obey me. Try it out! You may speak and move again.”

Yvette found her body back under her control. She stretched out and took a few steps. She stared at the latex clad drones. Making her own decisions already seemed difficulty after a few moments of mental slavery. “Jump up and down,” she finally came up with.

The drones jumped up and down, impressive in their sky high heels. “Okay stop.” The drones stopped and faced her again at casual attention.

“Amusing,” he declared to her mentally. “We are going to need to get your team to meet you here. Call them. Think of something that will draw them in without others joining. That can wait.”

Yvette paused, unsure what to do. “Master?” she said in a mental command.

“Yes, I’m here,” he replied swiftly.

“What do I say to make sure they aren’t suspicious?” She sounded so unsure of herself. Master would know the answer!

There was silence for a few seconds. “I think you are clever enough to figure it out. Again, I have been watching you. You want revenge don’t you? On those bullies. They were so mean to you, which upset your Master. They defied Him by doing that. They are the enemy and need to be droned.”

“They are the enemy...Your enemy...” Yvette realized she had spoken aloud and gasped.

He chuckled. “My dear, My enemies are your enemies. I want YOU to get revenge for me. On my behalf.”

“Revenge...” Yvette said quietly. She took a deep breath and stood firmly, a confidence forming in her never seen before. “Master, I have it. I will avenge your enemies.”

“Good girl!” An image formed in her mind of a man. “By the way, this is me! My name is Patrick. I’m still Master to you. Thought you might want to see.” He was a bookish type with short black hair and thin glasses. He had piercing green eyes. “Okay, I have faith in you Yvette.”

Yvette turned and faced the drones. “Be on the look out while I set the trap.” She spoke with such authority. It really surprised her. Master’s enemies, her bullies, had to be droned.

The former scout opened the intercom. “Yvette here.”

Olivia answered. “Report, scout.”

Yvette took a deep, brave breath and gave her “report”:. “ in the villages. There aren’t many of them, but a lot of villagers could be...rescued....if we team up.”

A few seconds passed before she heard Olivia’s voice again. “Great. We will be there in five minutes.”

“Lovely!” Patrick sounded so proud of her. Yvette couldn’t remember anyone being so proud of her before. “ need to set up the drones. I would suggest having them take out the brutish male. You can take on...what was her name...Olivia!

Yvette spoke, but this time...mentally...whatever I’ll fix it when I actually write this story...“Master, I don’t...I’m not good in a fight...”

Patrick replied: “Don’t worry...I’m loading a fighting rom into you right now. I have root access to you of course…”

A few seconds passed and Yvette froze, but then regained control. Her fists clenched together. She could feel the knowledge inside of her. “Thank You, Master.” She took a few steps forward. “Revenge..drones, hide out..the male must be taken first..gain control of him for Master!”

The drones swiftly obeyed their fellow slave. Yvette took one final look at the village, where Master’s drones were working hard to serve His will, and walked back out into a clearing. She could not wait to fulfill Master’s will and gain revenge over her bullies.

It was only a few minutes before Olivia and Franklin arrived. “You can do it, my dear slave,” Patrick said in Yvette’s mind. She took a deep breath and stepped forward to explain to them that she found the village had been taken over and being forced, if you will, to do work.

“The villages have been taken over by the enemy,” she said with authoritative calm the young scout had never shown before. “They are being forced to do work, but I believe we can liberate them. The enemy only left a group of bots to guard it. We can do it ourselves.” She smiled wickedly at Olivia. “I have so much faith in your leadership and,” her head turned to smirk at Franklin, “your power.” Soon both would be Master’s loyal slaves!

“Okay,” Olivia said to the confident scout. “We’ll get close, I’ll make a final assessment, and go from there.” She smiled at Yvette with approval at how declarative her report had been. That kind of confidence could go far.

They made their way into the woods for a few minutes before coming to the clearing that Yvette had been scouting earlier. This was where their fates, and the fate of the crew, would be sealed forever.

The drones assigned to Yvette attacked Olivia first. Their attack was swift and her left leg was quickly incapacitated with a laser shot.

Yvette turned around and looked at her, but froze in place when she heard Patrick’ voice in her mind. “Dearest Yvette,” he began amused, “I am going to fully turn on your new fighting skills. It would please me greatly to watch you batter that brutal thug. The drones will help if needed, but I don’t think you will. They will tend to Olivia and prepare her for droning.”

The scout gasped as new programming flooded her body. She snarled and ran across the battlefield to drop kick Franklin in the face.

He staggered back, blood coming out of his nose. “Shit, fucking watch it Yvette!” His further commentary was stopped by an uppercut to the face, which knocked him back.

“I FUCKING HATE YOU,” Yvette screamed as she knocked his legs out from him and began pounding on his face. Franklin’s muffled screams could barely be heard by the veracity of her punches. She hit him until it hurt and kept going for a moment as bruises and welts began showing all over his face as he fell into unconsciousness.

“Okay my lovely slave, you can stop.” Patrick paused as she froze in place. “You’ve extracted revenge on him. I’ve shown you how much I am in control. Isn’t it all lovely?”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered while looking down at her bloody hands.

“Don’t worry about them,” he said quietly. “Your drones are equipped to heal your injuries. They’ll fix up Franklin and Olivia up too. Call one of them over to you.”

Yvette paused. “Master,” she said via their connection, a bit embarrassed to say it out loud, “do they, um, have names? How do I get their attention?”

“They technically have designations,” Master began, “but for simplicity’s sake, they can be addressed as ‘drone.’ The One with less responsibility will come over to assist you. Try it out.”

“Drone,” Yvette called out, and the pink haired drone, currently holding a gun on Olivia, who was unconscious, turned and came over to her. She snapped to attention.

Yvette stared at her. The drone was stunning. “Can you please heal my injuries?” She held up her bloody knuckles.

The drone nodded without speaking to her controller. A small metal block popped up from her wrist.

Yvette gasped as a light beam emanating from it began healing her injuries. The beam tickled a bit, but within a few moments her hands were as good as new.

“See, told you,” Patrick said to her via their connection. “You have really pretty hands. They will look nice with a more feminine approach. Now, command the drones to convert Franklin and Olivia. Feel free to be as dramatic, or not, about it.”

Yvette grinned. “Yes, Master.” She put a hand on the drone’s face. “Thank you. Can you please heal and convert that man over there? I will deal with the other one.” The drone, again, nodded, and moved to obey the command.

The scout walked over to where Olivia lay on the ground. The other drone, olive skinned with blue hair, held her in place. The wound on Yvette’s former superior was fairly severe, but fixable of course via Master’s delightful drones. “Wake her up,” she commanded with a bit more assurance and authority than before.

The drone shook Olivia and she slowly woke up. “Ugh, what happened? Wait,” but her comment about the former Franklin, now just another nameless drone, standing at attention across the field next to the drone that had converted him, was interrupted by Yvette slapping her across the face.

“What ‘happened’ was I found someone who actually cares about me! You’re my superior officer! You’re supposed to care and you let them abuse me.” Yvette slapped Olivia again. “Never again. You’re going to have a new job. We are both Master’s slaves.”

“Wait, no,” she said as the olive skinned drone injected her and began the conversion process. Yvette took a step back and proudly watched the light go out of Olivia’s eyes as her mind emptied and was then refilled with Master’s purpose for her.

“By the way,” he said to her, “Olivia’s injuries will heal as she is converted. The nanites repair the body as they move around. She will be in peak shape, just like you. We will talk about you later. When we are alone.”

“I can’t wait, Master,” Yvette said as a loving tear went down her face. “What else do I need to do to serve you?” The clarity of enslavement put her at such ease.

Patrick was silent for a few seconds. “Do you wish to do anything with these two?” He paused as Olivia stood and snapped to attention. “I want you to think about that while they convert the crew. Do you have a suggestion for them? We can talk it through once I show you more of this operation.”

Again he was quiet for a few seconds. “For now, what I want you to do is command your four new drones to call for backup. Once those crew members are converted, they can then siege your base. That would likely bring the total up to 6 or 7 drones. Do you think further assistance could be required?”

Thinking. Thinking is so hard now. Couldn’t Master think for her? “I...I think they may need assistance, Master. I don’t want to speak ill of your drones, but—”

“Oh, not at all. Always be honest with me. I will send backup in a moment. Now, dearest Yvette, I want you to command Olivia to call for reinforcements. Say you are under fire. That should get them here fast. Then command them to convert all who arrive. You’re doing great so far.”

Yvette immediately began speaking to obey her owner. “Listen to me—” She paused as all four drones snapped to attention before her. “Uh, good.” She pointed at Olivia. “Call back to base and say we are under fire and need reinforcements. When they arrive, convert them, and then convert everyone at the base. Master will have further instructions soon. New drones will be arriving to assist you shortly.”

Olivia-Drone tapped her communications link. “This is Commander Kennedy. We are under attack from the village. Reinforcements are required immediately!” She cut the call off like it was being jammed for a bit of authenticity. The drone snapped to attention again as four new drones arrived and lined up alongside her, Franklin, and the two drones who had converted them.

Yvette stared at them. “Um, good work!?”

“Be authoritative, but also praise them,” Patrick sent to her quietly via their link. “Like with need to show your authority over them to please me. You’re doing good so far, but you will improve, slave.”

Yvette took a deep breath. “Good work, drone. You exist, as I do, to serve Master. Convert the new arrivals and then take the base. I am pleased so far, which means Master is pleased, go forth and obey him!”

The drones swiftly moved into different attack positions with Olivia and Franklin taking up space that would show them resting while escaping to anyone who arrived.

“Good girl,” Patrick said proudly to Yvette. “Now, I want you to head back to the town. A drone will arrive in a few minutes to escort you, but I am also doing surveillance and you are clear, so please start moving and we can talk as you go my dear.”

Yvette felt her feet move before she regained control after a few steps and kept going. Her memory of the path back to the village was fairly accurate and they began conversing once she was back in the wooded path. “”Yvette my dear, when you arrive in the village, no one will bother you except for the drones that will escort you to a transporter. It will take you to the castle I am having built for when we fully take over this city and I am officially installed as its King with you at my side as my queen. Queen Yvette, doesn’t that sound lovely?”

Yvette sighed as she stopped for a moment at the cliff’s edge that had been used by her earlier at a monitoring outlet. “Yes, Master, it sounds incredible.” A beat passed. “I always loved romantic stories,” she elaborated, unable to stop herself, “where women submitted as a princess or queen, Master. It’s always been a big fantasy of mine.”

Patrick was silent for a few seconds as she began walking down the path and into the village. “I know, my dear. I hope you’ll excuse it, but I had my undercover drone in your crew hack your reading device. Your enjoyment of submissive fantasies is a big part of why I had to make you mine. I want you to be proud of that.”

Yvette stopped in her tracks. This time she spoke via their link so no drone working around her could hear. “Master, I am overjoyed that I have the honor of serving you. Whatever my purpose is for you, I will serve it with pride.”

“Good girl. Now,” Patrick continued, “Walk north another quarter mile or so. I’ll load a map in your new neuro-link.” A few seconds passed and a significantly upgraded interface showed in her mind’s eye. “You’re the dot on the screen. See the two yellow ones? Those are the drones assigned to escort you. We installed a transporter here. I’m a bit of a hike away from that village, so it’s easier if you just transport here instead of taking an entire day going through a fairly dangerous area.”

Yvette nodded and then spoke via their private link. “The villages north of here have put up a fight. I was briefed on it last week. Master, any information you need is at your disposal once the crew is converted.” In the distance she could see the drones waiting for her. “Master, I can see the drones.” She increased her gait to try and catch up with them quicker.

As she got closer to them, Patrick spoke again. “Good girl. I will see you soon, but first,” he paused for a few seconds as Yvette snapped to attention and dropped into a deep trance, “you need so much programming and a bit of a makeover. We will meet in a few days. Now, go join my drones, slave.”

Yvette turned and walked with purpose, eyes empty of anything but obedience, and finished traveling to the destination Master had commanded her. The yellow latex clad drones stood at attention in front of the transporter. Once Yvette arrived one of them, gorgeous, busty, and pink haired, turned to face her. “Miss, Master has programmed us to escort you to him for programming. We exist for Master.” All three slaves walked onto the transporter and snapped to attention again as they blinked out of existence much as the free will of Yvette’s former crew-mates was a few miles away.

* * *

A few days passed as Yvette was transformed into Master’s ideal beauty to be at his side as the queen of this region. Her crew had been easily taken over, converted, and were scattered among many different duties at Master’s whim. The future queen would never see most of them again.

Not only was her body transformed, but her views as well. She spent the days in a programming chair, being cared for by doctors and drones, and having new behaviors, manners, and attitudes brainwashed into her. She stared blankly ahead, pouty mouth ajar, as the days passed into nights of subliminal enhancement as she slept. After five of these days, the former scout was ready to be presented to her King.

Patrick liked to jokingly call it a throne room, like it was a castle from the books of the olden times, but beyond the raised chair for the King and queen, it was a regular meeting room more or less. Two drones stood at attention in the doorway guarding their Master. All meetings were over for the day and he made his way back to the quarters he and Yvette would share for all of their days. Well until an idea she suggests prompts an impulsive upgrade. A few times.

He had to admit, as the drone-maid in his kitchen finished preparing dinner, that he was nervous. After droning a member of her crew and sending them back as a spy, he had primarily expected to have them pass along information, perhaps convert a few other crew members, and then assist with crew conversion in general. This had been done in many other regions and there were established best practices for it.

However, this was before he encountered Yvette.

She was one of the new members of the crew. Fresh out of the academy and eager to make a good impression, which fell on death ears from her hardened, veteran, crew. The pretty scout was bullied, teased, and generally treated poorly by the crew. Her complaints to superiors were brushed off. “Just the way it is, they’ll stop eventually. They did with me!”

Most members of this crew were fairly banal. The kind of generic troops with generic ideas who would lead generic lives. No one would miss them if they died in the war or went missing. They were replaceable. They replicated the ideas of death, destruction, and hierarchy previously taught to them without question, including bullying of their supposed brothers and sisters.

This was how Patrick became infatuated with Yvette. He watched her be ostracized, bullied, and treated poorly in general. The breaking point for him was a prank where someone in the crew overloaded her laser gun during a training session. She turned it off before anything went wrong, but it could have exploded and injured or even killed her! Their laughter and, at her anger, implications for Yvette to “get over it, it was just a joke,” was the final straw for him.

On Patrick’s continent, the droning process had been used for a generation to deal with the unruly behavior of criminals and as a deterrent to corruption in the political class. Every few years when a case would come forward, turning the droning of a beautiful young woman, converted from up and coming politician who maybe took one too many bribes, into a doll-titted sex slave, kept people in their place.

The military uses were obvious as well. All soldiers were neuro-chipped upon enlistment at secretive training bases. 95% of them only had their patriotism circuits turned on, but the other 5% were turned into mindless drones devoted to blind obedience to their superiors. They were the first sent into battles when the war started, with their families heartily compensated if they died from the sales of other drones to individuals or corporations looking for loyal workers or obedient spouses. The war had just accelerated the process.

Patrick had risen up the ranks of the intelligence end of things on his continent. He had certainly done some things he was not proud of at times, but what the future King of this area craved the most was structure and order. A tragedy had brought this upon him, and then his work in Intelligence tempered it further.

Patrick had fallen in love with a childhood friend named Stephanie while he was away at university. His continent had restricted gender roles for women since a previous war, so she had not gone away for education like he did. They had, however, kept in touch and eventually confessed their feelings to each other. Plans were made to marry when he finished his studies. A job in Intelligence had been promised to him as part of his scholarship. He would have a job and career path set up where she could submit to him in all things, they would marry, and begin a family in whichever district he was assigned for work.

Their dreams were, however, short lived. Stephanie had always been a bit more liberal than Patrick. He held the party and state line on most issues, but she was willing to hear out others. This ended up being a fatal mistake.

There were protests in their district sometimes. Sure, Patrick believed, there were aspects of society that could improve, but that was what elections and the governance process was for, not smashing buildings. Many protests were peaceful, but others were not. Drones were brought in to disperse crowds and make arrests if required. Most were let go the next morning without charge.

Due to his university internship with District Intelligence, he found out a lot about undercover spies that Intelligence had among the protest movement. This included protesters who had been captured, chipped, and sent back to report on the movement to their new Masters at Intelligence.

A big protest is planned...Stephanie wants to go to support friends. Patrick tells her not to and admits he knows about a bust that is going to happen at the protest. She goes anyway. During it, protesters attack a drone. Another group of drones try to defend it, using force only when needed. Stephanie gets caught up in it and shot. She dies on the way to the hospital.

Patrick freaks the fuck out, of course. He demands to run his first operation, which involves dragging in all of her friends and droning them. Her bitch friend now knelt at his feet in his quarters and he couldn’t stop himself from using her. Her moron male friends, with their ridiculous dreams of overthrowing a government that could crush them in a second, now mindlessly working in a weapon factory. Stephanie had defied order and now he craved it in all aspects of life.

He kept moving up in the ranks. The District Council President’s son was a university friend of his, which certainly helped a lot. When the war between the districts on his continent and this other land began, he was given this position and told if they won, he could take it over as their new King. He took the challenge and they were, indeed, winning.

Which led to him integrating a spy into Yvette’s unit. It was fairly straightforward to have a sniper drone a scout out on a mission and turn them, after some internal alterations, a 24/7 feed to the unit. The superiors on this continent were not willing to fully believe the drone technologies of the districts, whose continent had been closed off to much outside travel after their internal civil war had ended, and even those who did believe it thought of units like Yvette’s to be collateral damage if they were also able to brute force a victory.

What he learned from his spy disgusted him. They treated Yvette so poorly and she was sweet, bright, and so eager to impress her superiors, who dismissed and bullied the young scout. That would change now.

It had been five days since Yvette’s crew was droned. Most post conversion had been scattered into different tasks around the base or building out the new community Marcus wanted to develop around it for their new post-war reality and victory. Yvette had been in training for that time going through physical and mental upgrades plus lessons individualized to his needs and desires for her. Victory was at hand and a new King would need a Queen by his side.

It was early afternoon when she was supposed to be presented to him. Patrick was in his formal room with the elevated seats for him and his future wife where meetings, both group, and individual, would commence. He paced a bit nervously, checking his sweater for lint in a mirror, and then tried to ease himself after receiving a notification that she was on her way to him.

Yvette’s soft, feminine, knock on the door was greeted by it swooshing open. A maiden, wearing a latex maid uniform, followed her into the room. The maiden had been assigned to her until she had time to find suitable ones for her private service. That could, of course, come in time.

The future Queen was a sight to see. The formerly mousy scout was now dressed in a form fitting miniskirt, high heeled boots and a cleavage bearing, after surgery to enhance it quite a bit, sweater. She no longer wore glasses, another quick surgical procedure here in the future, and her hair was teased up with much heavier makeup than the slave would have worn before.

She curtsied low for her owner. “Master, may I present myself to you. My name is Yvette. I was honored to become your slave and love you beyond words. As your will required, my former crew has been converted to your most loyal servants. They, as do I, exist for you and only you. How will I serve you? Your will is purpose.”

Patrick stepped off his throne and came down to admire his beautiful slave. “My dear, they did quite a good job with you.” He motioned for her to rise and took her hands in his own. “You will be my Queen and rule this land, once the war ends, at my side.” Their first kiss was gentle, which was good because Yvette’s whole body shook from happiness and she fell into her Master’s arms.

Once he calmed her nerves, which he could have done with a verbal command, but decided against using such a thing on the one he loved the most, he continued. “After our wedding, which I think, given the circumstances of the war, will be quiet and private, you will be bred until I have two sons as potential heirs to our kingdom.”

Yvette lowered her eyes and squeezed Patrick’ hands. “Master, my body exists to serve your will. I cannot think of anything better than being bred for you. Thank you for allowing me to please you in this way.” The former scout had what they called in Patrick’ home district “baby fever,” which was one of the sillier things women got that kept them in the proper place.

Once they were focused on domestic service and their bodies existed to the desires of men, women were happier and more content. If not, they could be nudged along with technology. Patrick regretted, as his slave was presented to him, not doing it to Stephanie when he had the chance. It was a mistake he would never make again.

He gave her hands a squeeze. “I have a surprise for you. Well, two I guess.” He motioned towards the door on the throne side of the room and it opened to reveal two latex clad drones that, after they walked in and snapped to attention, Yvette realized were the former Franklin and Olivia.

The male and female drones stared blankly ahead. “Two gifts for you before the wedding. They are yours to command. I’m sure you will find uses for them, although I do have a suggestion for the female.” Patrick thought for a moment. “Ah, Olivia! That was her name.”

Franklin took a step forward towards Yvette. “Mistress, your will is purpose.” The latex fit his muscular body. The hard cock bulging out of it looked quite enticing.

Yvette took a few steps towards her bully and slapped him across the face. “Yes, drone, I am your Mistress. Bow before Queen Yvette.” Something changed in her expression as he dropped to his knees and bowed as commanded. The shy scout now looked authoritative and ready to assert Master’s will on others.

The future Queen leaned down and smacked the drone. “I HATE YOU. I HATE YOU!!!!!” She kicked him a few times with the heel of her boots and then smacked him again.

Patrick put a hand on her shoulder. “Okay. That’s enough of that.”

Yvette tilted her head as a mischievous smile came over the slave’s face. “Drone, you will report to the front lines.” She put a pink tipped hand over his chin. “Do anything you can to convert as many drones as you can. You will die trying to obey your Queen, do you understand?”

The drone stood up and saluted her. “Mistress, drone will obey. It will die to obey you.” The latex clad slave turned and left the room to obey its Mistress.

Yvette turned and faced her Master. He shrugged at her. “Not bad. Vengeance over those who wronged you. We don’t want to get over-excessive with that for sure.”

Patrick waved a hand towards the former Olivia. She was dressed in latex from top to bottom as well. Her breasts and mouth had been surgically perfected. A blank stare and a soft smile greeted her Mistress. “This one here, I have an idea for...”

* * *

A year later, King Patrick and Queen Yvette ruled over their drone kingdom. Emigrants from his home district arrived shortly after the wedding to begin living new lives in the city built up around their base. Of course, all were conditioned to be dutiful and loyal citizens before arriving.

Yvette was now eight months pregnant. Her huge belly, swelled up tits, and gentle, docile, nature made her the sight to see as she aided the women of the city in their feminine duties. Many suddenly felt an urge for pregnancy and a new life of submission to their husbands upon arrival. Funny how that happened.

At this point too pregnant to sexually submit to her husband, the former Olivia, how her personal drone and maid, serviced Master’s cock this morning while the Queen instructed their other drones for the morning tasks that needed to be completed.

The former hardened career soldier had been programmed with world class cock sucking skill. Patrick, bored with her, but needing sexual release, grunted out wads of cum all over the latex drone’s face. If only Olivia had been kinder to her scout. If only she had stopped the bullying. Perhaps she would not be a mindless slave programmed to serve the Queen Of The Drones.

The End

* * *

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