Mommy's Hypno Princess

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #sub:female #clothing #scifi

Katie comes into psychologist Lucinda’s life. She is in her mid-twenties, but believes she has just become an adult and has a “Mommy” that cares for her. Lucinda and a beautiful cop named Samantha dive into the case to find out why Katie is her Mommy’s hypno princess.

“So, why do you think I am your ‘Mommy’”?

The pink-haired young woman stared back at her, totally amused by the question. “Not my Mommy, silly, but a Mommy! There can be many mommies!” Katie stared at the woman with a bright smile. She loved talking about her Mommy.

Lucinda watched Katie for a moment. The 35 year old psychologist was trying to be methodical, but also very cautious, about this clearly disturbed young woman who was in her mid-twenties but behaved in a childlike manner. She had already acted out a few times and, before the media got a hold of this, the dark haired woman needed to figure out what had happened. “But Katie, what makes me a,” she paused for a moment, running a hand over her long, dark, hair, her difficulty with the ideas surrounding this identifier making her struggle a bit, “’Mommy’?”

Katie clapped her hands and began speaking in an excited voice. “Oh! You wear Big Sister clothing! Mommy says only on special occasions can I wear anything other than my uniform.” Lucinda had read about a few incidents in the police report, which only existed in three copies, for now, where the young woman had refused to put on anything but the tiny shorts and pink jersey, cropped at the bottom to show off what were enormous, porn star, sized breasts, which were obviously implants. Her short legs were toned and strong looking. Obviously, she exercised regularly had the look of someone who could be a ballerina or gymnast. She had shown a deep need to please as well, but minimal writing and reading skills.

Lucinda urged the her to keep talking. Katie was happy to keep talking if it was about her “Mommy” or anything related. “You have Big Sister nails too!” She pointed her own red, but very short, nailed hand at the psychologist’s white-tipped French manicure. “...and you wear Big Sister shoes!” Again, a red-nailed finger waved towards the high-heeled boots she wore. The pink-haired woman frowned a little. “Mommy says I cannot wear Big Sister shoes! I tried to once, but I fell over and then had to be punished.” She giggled at this statement, but her eyes were painted with arousal. Someone had done quite a number on this young woman. A big part of the psychologist’s initial notes would discuss how long, potentially, Katie had been indoctrinated for a still unknown purpose.

Before Lucinda could ask another question, Katie kept talking. “Mommy says one day I will be a Big Sister and then I can wear Big Sister clothes and shoes just—” She stopped talking and suddenly glared at Lucinda. “I don’t know if Mommy would want me telling you these things! If you were a Mommy, you’d already know!”

Katie looked around and then stood up. She pointed a finger at Lucinda and began crying. “Where is my Mommy? I want to go home!” The pink-haired woman began stamping her feet on the floor, her thuds softened by the pink socks she demanded to wear. Her face turned red as tears streaked the eye makeup she wore “Mommy lets me wear makeup now because I have been good!”. She picked up a book and threw it at Lucinda. “I WANT MY Mommy!”

Lucinda stumbled up from her chair and moved to the side as a female officer came into the room and held the young woman while the dark-haired psychologist sedated her yet again. After a few moments of stamping and pounding her soft hands on the officer’s back, she slowly stopped and fell asleep in her arms, which allowed the blonde woman to gently place Katie down on the chair.

Lucinda put a hand on the woman’s arm, noticing her badge said “Samantha.” “Are you okay?” The blonde was cute, athletic looking, and had what looked like fantastic breasts.

Samantha nodded. “Ma’am, I was more concerned about you. This woman,” she waved a hand at the now sedate Katie, “is quite dangerous. In fact, I am now your new shadow, Ma’am.

Lucinda put up a manicured hand. “You don’t need to call me ‘Ma’am’, Samantha. I am sorry you have had to be placed here but it seemed the only way, especially after the second incident.”

Samantha shuddered a little bit, which Lucinda found very cute. “Yeah, if you don’t mind, what actually happened? My superior was very vague about giving me details. I don’t think he knew much either to be honest.”

The psychologist motioned for her to sit down in a chair. “When Katie was being processed after being found wandering around by a social worker, they brought her to a detention center.” She sat down herself, the strain of this case beginning to show on her face. “Idiotically, your boss sent a male officer to interview her. Upon seeing him, apparently Katie screamed ‘MEN ARE GROSS’ and launched herself at him, biting his arm and then trying to find something to hurt him with, stumbled around enough that the social worker could grab and sedate her for transfer.” She sighed and continued speaking after a moment. “The only place they could think of to bring her was this young women’s prison. Since the laws now allow age segregation in prisons, putting her in a prison with women around her age probably made sense to them at the time.”

Samantha wanted to reach across the table and hug the obviously exhausted woman, but did not want to give herself away if Lucinda was not a lesbian. Things had gotten better for women in uniform that were gay, but she did not like making waves. After a moment she spoke. “What about the second man? Why did they send another man?” Her superiors were often so tone deaf and clueless about dealing with female criminals.

Lucinda sighed and looked down for a moment. “The second man,” she began as she looked back up at the pretty cop, “was sent to interview Katie for the official police report. I had already gotten here by then and told Katie to answer his questions. She told me that “I will be a good girl for Mommy—”

Samantha interrupted, “Katie seems to want to obey women whom she deems to be in positions of power.”

Lucinda nodded and continued. “Yes, I am seeing that as well. The end of this story probably proves that theory. The second officer showed up and spoke to her for a bit. I watched from the two-way mirror.” She stopped for a moment and smiled sadly at Samantha. “I fucked up bad. Katie was definitely nervous, but I thought she was handled it well so I went to get a coffee. By the time I was walking back towards the interview room, I heard a loud scream from the room.”

“According to the officer, Katie was cooperative and enthusiastic at first. She answered every question and had to be stopped from giving extremely detailed answers before a new question could be asked. After awhile, he tried to broach the idea that she had been sexually abused. At first, she dodged the question, which made him think he was on the right track.”

Lucinda made eye contact with the beautiful blonde cop. “I would have thought the same thing. He asked Katie if the reason she thought ‘men are gross’ was because a man had hurt her. At that point she jumped up off the couch and began screaming at him. She threw the glass next to her at him and hit his shoulder. He tried to calm her, but she pointed at his midsection and screamed “Mommy SAID TO BITE IT OFF IT A MAN BRINGS....IT...NEAR HER!”

The psychologist let her words hang in the air for a moment. Samantha stared at her, mouth open. “Jesus Christ. I mean, I have certainly thought that before, but I just don’t swing that way.” She bit down. It had just come out. Oh well.

Lucinda nodded and stared at Samantha for a moment before sharing a knowing smile. “I came back in the room at this point. I told Katie to stop and she did, but not before beginning to sob and, again, stamp her feet like having a tantrum. After checking on the officer and telling him to leave the room, she ran over to me and cried in my arms for what seemed like about 20 minutes. Katie was breathing so heavy at one point I thought I might have to call in the facility doctor. Eventually, she did calm down enough for me to talk to her. We had another interview this afternoon, which is when you arrived.”

Samantha stood up again and then leaned back against a desk. “Do we know how old she is really?”

Opening up a 3D display on the pad in front of her, Lucinda brought up her notes. “Scans showed up her to be in her mid-twenties. Katie claims to have just turned 18 and that means she is “almost a Big Sister” now.” She tapped away at the display to bring up another page. “There are no records in any of our databases of a missing woman matching her description or scans. She was probably an early runaway who ended up in a really, really, bad place.”

The blonde cop looked over the slumbering young woman. “And her breasts? They are enormous for a woman so short like her! She looks like a porn star. Short and busty.” Which is kind of fucking hot, Samantha had to admit to herself.

“No matter what, this woman has been psychologically tortured and manipulated to think that not only she is barely above the legal age, but that this means she should behave with a childish innocence and need to please a dominant maternal figure.” A shudder went through Lucinda as she finished speaking and she sighed from exhaustion again.

Samantha, before she could stop herself, walked over, knelt down, and hugged Lucinda. The women held onto each other quietly for a long moment before Samantha pulled away and put a hand on the dark-haired psychologist’s face. “We will figure out what is wrong with Katie and find whoever did this to her, okay?” At Lucinda’s sad nod, Samantha leaned in and kissed her gently before again holding the woman tightly. “Tonight, once we settle Katie, I will make you feel better, okay?” She whispered in the exhausted woman’s ear and kissed her again.

Behind them, Samantha and Lucinda suddenly heard soft whimpering and girlish moans coming from the couch where Katie had been sleeping. The pink haired woman had woken up and was gently gyrating under the blanket they had put over her when she had been sedated. Both women exchanged a look when they realized that she was masturbating. They stood in place for a long moment just watching her, who thought she almost a “Big Sister,” pleasure herself, eyes closed, with a hyper-level of enthusiasm.

Samantha went to stop Katie, but Lucinda put a hand on her arm gently. “If we stop her,” she whispered, “she will probably throw another tantrum. Let’s see where this goes.” For a few more minutes, they watched her continue pleasuring herself until she quietly had an orgasm with a soft sigh.

A moment passed and she opened up her eyes. “Oh, hi!” Katie enthusiastically chirped at them and smiled warmly at the super grown-up Big Sister Lucinda.

She frowned a little at Samantha, but Lucinda put up a hand. “This is my...friend...Samantha. Samantha is a police officer. She is here to help you.”

Katie stared at them and finally smiled. “Okay!” She looked warmly at Samantha. “You must be a Big Sister too!” Suddenly, she noticed the blonde cop’s gun and pointed at it. “Oh, but that is a scary gun!” She looked frightened by them.

Lucinda and Samantha shared a look. “Katie,” Lucinda began, “why don’t you like guns? Has someone threatened you with one before?” Maybe this was a lead to the answers they had been searching for? Perhaps whoever had obviously done with serious psychological damage to this young woman had also threatened her, or worse, with a gun. The worst case scenarios that played through the psychologist’s mind disgusted her.

Katie looked down at the ground. “Um, because Mommy says they are for bad people and men use them to hurt Mommies and Little Sisters like me.”

Samantha took a step forward and removed her holster, handing it to Lucinda. “I have to use one for my job, but I am not a bad person or a...Mommy.” She pointed at the holster, which the psychologist had placed on a table. “I only had to use my gun once on a very bad man who had kidnapped a woman like you. I hope you don’t think I am bad because of that.” Woman. She is a woman. Dammit. Samantha cursed herself for using Katie’s inane language.

Katie brightened and clapped her hands. “No! You are nice! You aren’t a bad person.” She stared at the blonde cop for a moment. “...Or a Mommy.”

Samantha smiled at the young woman and stepped forward, put a hand on her arm. “That is right! Not everyone is a Mommy.”

Katie looked down and then smiled back. “No, no they are not.”

A moment’s quiet passed before Lucinda stepped up to stand besides Samantha. She longed for the police officer’s touch, but knew that could wait until later. “Katie, why were you masturbating when you woke up?”

“Oh! My sister and I always touch our special places when we wake up! Mommy says it is good for us. I am almost a Big Sister so it is important I used a Big Sister word for it...with my body.”

What the fuck. Samantha and Lucinda exchanged a look. That was not the answer either had been expecting, but then both their minds caught up to another part of Katie’s statement. Both began to speak, but then, after flirty smiles at speaking over each other, Lucinda asked Katie the question each of them had in mind. “Katie, you have a sister?”

Katie brightened and and sat up forward. Samantha noticed the wetness stain on her panties and could not believe how fucked up this was becoming. “I have two sisters,” the pink haired woman began, “Suzi is my sister. She is going to be a Big Sister soon, Mommy says!” For a moment, she just stared, wide smiled, at the women before suddenly speaking again. “I have a big sister too named Rebecca. She used to be Bekki, but got mad at me and spanked me and I have to call her Rebecca now because Mommy says she is a Big Sister now.” Katie pointed at Lucinda’s hands. “Rebecca has Big Sister nails like you! She is the best big sister ever and I want to be just like her when I am a Big Sister too! Mommy told me I still have to prove I can do somethings...” She trailed off, looking nervously at the floor.

Lucinda focused more on the new information about sisters. Could this be some kind of kidnapping ring? She watched Samantha leave the room to make a few phone calls to contacts. “Where are your sisters?”

The pink haired woman smiled. “They are with Mommy.” A few seconds passed and tears filled her eyes. She began sobbing. “I miss them! I want to be a Big Sister, but I-I-I—” Katie cried and breathed heavily. Lucinda, not sure what to do, walked over and hugged her. They were not going to get anything else out of her tonight.

Samantha came back in the room and saw Katie sobbing. The pink haired woman brightened a little when she saw the blonde cop again, who put a hand on the young woman’s arm. “Hey, are you okay?”

Katie sniffled a few times and nodded, wiping some tears. Suddenly, she looked towards Lucinda. “It is past my bedtime! I am not allowed to stay up late yet!”

“Because you aren’t a Big Sister yet?” Samantha asked.

Katie smiled and wiped another tear. “Mommy says that pretty soon I can have a Big Sister bedtime, but I need to prove I can do grown up stuff.” She yawned and hugged herself, which in another context Samantha would have found quite adorable.

Lucinda put a hand on Katie’s arm. “Katie, we are going to let you go to bed. Samantha,” she waved towards the woman, “is going to take you downstairs and the nice people here are going to take care of you for the night.” The pink haired woman smiled at the psychologist’s reassuring hand squeeze. “We can talk in the morning after you have slept, okay?

Katie nodded and hugged Lucinda. “I wish you were one of my sisters!”

She pulled away and stood up to follow Samantha, but then stopped at the blonde putting her hand up. “Katie, I need to speak to Lucinda in the other room for a moment and then we can get you settled in, okay?” At Katie’s acquiescent nod, Samantha motioned for Lucinda to follow her into the other room. The dark haired psychologist gave the blonde cop a tired, but knowing, smile, and stepped behind her, shutting the door behind them.

Samantha shoved Lucinda against a book case and kissed her hard on the mouth, grabbing both of her girlish arms in her own toned and muscular ones. “I want you tonight. You are going to be mine,” she whispered.

Lucinda put her head against the other woman’s chest. “Yes. Please.” They kissed again. She pulled a business card out of her purse. After finding a pen on a desk, she quickly scribbled her address. “I will be waiting for you when you get done with Katie. We can come in for your shift tomorrow to see her again.”

The blonde cop smiled and kissed Lucinda again. “Okay. My superior told me to be vague about why Katie is being held, but the overnight guards are very experienced. If I say it is a special circumstance from administration, they will go with it. And female.” She added the last sentence after a moment, remembering Katie’s tantrum about men. Some days she could totally relate.

After kissing her new lover again, Lucinda put a hand on her face. “I will be waiting for you.” They kissed again and then she left, but not before explaining to Katie that she would be safe with Samantha.

Katie nodded and announced that she really liked Samantha and grabbed her hand “for their adventure together.”

* * *

Around midnight, Samantha entered Lucinda’s lavish apartment and looked around. The psychologist had left her door unlocked and one light led the way towards the bedroom. The blonde cop put her things down by the door and looked around. She had only known Lucinda for 12 hours, but a future with the two of them together was something beginning to brew in her mind. First, they needed to find out who had kidnapped, or tortured, or psychologically destroyed, Katie to leave her in such a state. She felt a growing fondness for the young woman and wanted to make sure she would be fine. At the young women’s prison, two of the veteran guards were there and a newly assigned guard who just came on in the past few days. They had bought her story and promised discretion over night by placing her in the ward with less violent young women.

Samantha walked to the bedroom and found Lucinda sitting on the edge of the bed. The dark-haired woman had changed out of her professional clothes, showered, and now wore a very revealing, see through, negligee. She had large breasts that were previously hidden by the loose blouse worn at work and shapely legs that were obviously worked out at least a few times a week. Nevertheless, the psychologist looked exhausted. A sadness crept into her face as Samantha entered the room. Her experience the past days with Katie had been frustrating and an emotional vacuum.

“Hi,” the blonde cop began as she sat down on the bed. Samantha leaned over and kissed Lucinda gently. As the lovers made eye contact, tears began streaming down the dark-haired woman’s face and she began sobbing, exhausted and upset. Samantha held her tightly, letting Lucinda get it all out. The situation with Katie had certainly been troubling, but she would be strong for the psychologist that had taken the brunt of the emotional distress.

They kissed again with Samantha being quite forceful about it. “I want to protect you, okay? I want to make you feel okay.” She moved a few stray strands of Lucinda’s hair away from her face. “It is my job to keep people safe and...” she trailed off for a moment. “...I want to keep you safe.”

Lucinda looked down at the bed. “This has been really hard. I have never seen anything like this. Katie has been...damaged...I don’t know how to fix this. I can usually fix this.”

Samantha put a finger up to her mouth to silence Lucinda, which the psychologist found to be quite erotic. “I guess you just are not qualified to be a ‘Mommy’ then.”

A few seconds passed before both women started to laugh. “No...I guess I am not.” Lucinda felt so fragile and needy in the moment. She grabbed Samantha’s hands and squeezed them tightly, looking at her new lover with a vulnerable longing that the psychologist had not shown another woman in a long time.

Samantha took the hint and kissed her again. The blonde cop then roughly tossed Lucinda back on the bed, grabbing her arms in her own much stronger ones. She held her down for a moment, wrapping her legs over the woman’s own. “Do you want it? How bad do you want it?”

Lucinda, shocked by the aggression that Samantha had shown, but incredibly turned on by it, nodded quickly. “Please. Please. Yes.”

Samantha thought for a moment and realized she still had her cuffs on the back of her pants. She pulled them off and quickly snapped Lucinda’s wrists to the bed. With force again, any resistance that the psychologist could have put up to her was thwarted by Samantha’s surprising strength as she rested herself on top of her lover’s legs and shoved two fingers inside her. “Do you still want it,” she screamed loudly at the woman, taking on what she assumed would be a dominant role in their relationship.”

Lucinda moaned loudly as Samantha began hitting the right spots, whether she liked it or not. “Yes. Please. I need it.” Samantha continued to pleasure her, holding the woman down with her free arm. They made eye contact the whole time as this game continued. Lucinda began tearing up a little after her new lover whispered I could get used to this. “YES!” Lucinda screamed out in agreement as she had her best orgasm in years.

Samantha fell on top of Lucinda and lay there for a moment before she remembered to uncuff the woman. The dark haired submissive, upon regaining control of her arms, jumped into Samantha’s dominant, but very protective arms. The blonde cradled her for a few minutes before they dropped onto the bed and into a deep sleep.

The next morning, Samantha left Lucinda’s apartment before she did so they would not be seen together. She needed to pick up another uniform at home as well. They would go public eventually, but for now they could not. After this case, she promised herself, they would deal with that.

On her way in however, Samantha received a call that there had been an incident with Katie overnight. Fuck. The guards had placed her in the non-violent portion of the women’s facility, but this still left some drug users and gang members. Most of these were girlfriends, many just bimbo eye candy caught up in a raid, but some were pretty dangerous on their own. At a stop light, she sent a text message to Lucinda and they agreed to meet at her office.

Lucinda was already there with Katie and one of the overnight officers. She frowned a little when the psychologist introduced her as “the guard assigned to me for my interviews with the patient,” but knew it was probably for the best that they be discreet for now. Her lover looked amazing in a gray dress, shiny black pumps, and stockings of the same dark shade.

The brunette officer stepped forward and put out a hand. “Hi,” she began cheerfully, “my name is Jenn—Jennifer, um, sorry I am really nervous.” She paused for a moment and continued after Lucinda gave her an encouraging nod. “I just started here last week, so I feel pretty lucky I am was able to stop them from fighting.”

Samantha leaned back against the couch Katie and Lucinda sat on. She smiled as the pink-haired young woman gave her a childish wave. “So, what happened?” She looked between Katie and Jennifer.

Katie looked down at the floor. “I was bad at making friends...but then I made a friend!” Her enthusiasm was at the same time utterly annoying, but always a bit endearing. Despite everything that had happened to her, she was optimistic in the face of all of it.

“What happened,” Jennifer began, “was that Katie was placed in a detainment cell for the evening with a young woman named Vanessa, who was a non-violent drug offender that had been the girlfriend of a dealer that got busted last month. She is a tough young lady and carries some weight around here, but is not normally a problem.”

“I tried to make a friend, but she didn’t like me at first!” Katie interjected sadly.

“According to both of them,” Jennifer continued, “Vanessa got into an argument with Katie after she hugged her twice and said they could be good friends. Vanessa shoved her a few times and this set Katie off.” She stopped and looked at Lucinda. “What she has informed me about this morning makes the next events make more sense. Katie threw a fit and began stamping her feet and crying. I came into the cell just as she screamed ‘Mommy SHOULD SPANK YOU’ and then tried to mediate between the two young women.”

“After talking to them for a little bit, I was able to get them to stop fighting. I just started here, so I feel lucky that I got them to stop.” Jennifer looked over at Katie and smiled. “Katie was very helpful in mediating their problems. Vanessa is tough, as I said, but I had them talk to each other and got them to make up with each other.”

Lucinda nodded and smiled. “Good!” She had been worried for Katie when the call had came in that there had been an issue overnight. Many worst case scenarios had played out in her mind.

However, Jennifer slowly shock her head. “I was able to get them to hug it out, but then this morning when I was bringing Katie here there was another incident.” She put a hand up before Lucinda or Samantha could speak. “Another young lady told Katie to shut up during the morning lineup because she kept humming a song.”

Katie interrupted at this point. “It’s my favorite song! Mommy lets me sing it to her all the time.”

Jennifer continued after Lucinda told Katie that Big Sisters did not interrupt. “Well, Vanessa intervened and ended up scuffling with this young woman on Katie’s behalf. The morning guards are speaking to both of them right now. However, this brings me to a larger point. I don’t think it is going to be safe for Katie here.”

Lucinda, as Jennifer told this story, feared this would be the conclusion the officer came to in her report. “Was this other young woman affiliated with a gang?”

Jennifer nodded. “Yes. Vanessa will be fine. We can seclude her for a few days in the single cell section I hear you spend a lot of time in.” Lucinda did; she tried to mentor the young women who had been removed from the general population.

“Vanessa,” Jennifer continued, “will be fine as I said. Katie, however, may be a problem. Until you can figure out what to do with her, she is probably better off outside the general population.”

Samantha had been listening and finally spoke up. “It is probably not a good idea to keep her in the single cell section either.” She thought for a moment. “We need to bring my boss in on this I think. He has been pretty hands off because of the sensitive nature of this case. The media so does not need this one in their hands.”

Lucinda thought for a moment. “Well, the bosses would have to approve it, but what if I took her at least for a few days. Katie would be safe at home,” she turned back to Samantha and mischievously grinned, “with an officer supervising her, which I am sure we can get approval for. It would be a bit out of bounds in regards to standard protocol, but this is a special case.”

Katie, who had been very quiet, and, oddly enough, watching Jennifer more than Lucinda and Samantha, clapped her hands and jumped up, her massive breasts bouncing with her. “Yay!” She ran over and hugged Lucinda. “We can have a sleepover!” Lucinda held her protectively. Katie had been really damaged by whoever had been keeping her. They had traumatized her so much that she had regressed to a state of pure innocence.

On the other side of the room, Jennifer and Samantha were having a discussion. The blonde cop pulled out her phone and made a call to her boss. “Yeah, hey, listen, we need to move Katie, um, the woman. Oh, you heard? Good. I have an idea where she will be safe...” Lucinda stopped listening and held onto Katie’s fragile body as the bimbo told her all about the things they could at a sleepover. It was almost as if she thought of the psychologist as her sister.

After a few minutes, Samantha came back into the room. “The boss okayed it as long as I am there as a protective detail.” She smiled at Lucinda. “He said I could take a few days off while we figure out what to do with her. Also, he wants to meet with you tomorrow.” Lucinda nodded. “I can stay with Katie,” she paused as Jennifer left the room to take a phone call, “during the day and then, after you come back...” She trailed off and stared at the psychologist.

Neither noticed that Katie was watching their interaction with a curiosity that defied her persona. The pink haired young lady was lost in thought when Jennifer reentered the room. “That was one of the day shift guards. “Vanessa just had another fight. Since I have a good repore with her, they want me to come in and mediate.”

Katie suddenly looked up, an anxious look on her face. “Vanessa is my new friend! Don’t let anyone hurt her!” She looked deeply pained and stared at Jennifer for a long moment.

Jennifer nodded and smiled at Katie. “I will take care of it. I took care of your fight with her and I am sure I can deal with this one. She likes me, so I am sure I can fix it.” With that, the cop gave Lucinda and Samantha a wave and stopped as she came around the couch Katie was sitting on for her to hug her.

After Jennifer left, she reported back to Samantha that, a few hours later, the dispute between Vanessa and another member of her cell block had been resolved with both young women apologizing. Damn, Lucinda thought. This woman could be a serious mentor for young women one day. Very few have that kind of magic though which allows for mediating between members of their cell block so easily. The psychologist was deeply impressed.

The rest of the day, Lucinda continued to interview Katie in an attempt to get new information out of her. She discussed her “sister” a little bit, but still would not talk much about her “Mommy.” Samantha observed them, but was glad that Katie now trusted her lover enough that she would not be a behavior problem. The pink haired young woman did get a bit emotional occasional, but Lucinda was able to calm her down with ease. She would make a great mother. Samantha blinked. One day at a time.

At the end of the work day, Katie, who promised to be well behaved on their “adventure,” left with Lucinda. Samantha returned to her cell block and spoke with Jennifer, who had gone home after their morning discussion and was just returning for her shift. She checked in on Vanessa, who seemed to be doing well and was actually speaking to Jennifer and the young woman she had fought with in the morning when Samantha arrived. They spoke for a few minutes and then the blonde cop let them be after making sure Jennifer knew to not speak about what she knew to anyone.

Samantha drove back to Lucinda’s, grateful her GPS had saved the directions from the previously night, but stopped along the way to pick up dinner. Lucinda had texted her as she was leaving saying that Katie had tried to help her make dinner, but had ended up burning something from lack of attention. Samantha called and got the details. The pink haired young lady had thrown a tantrum, but Lucinda had gotten her to calm down and promised that she would not be punished. Instead, they could have pizza tonight and then they could work on dinner tomorrow. Katie had cheerfully agreed.

Yep, Lucinda would be a great mom. Imagine her tits all swelled up during the pregnancy... Whoa, slow down, Samantha told herself again. Her mind kept drifting to this idea of them spending the rest of their lives together. It had only been a few days, but something just seemed so right about all of this. First, however, they needed to help Katie.

All of this was on her mind as Samantha pulled up to Lucinda’s condo. This was a nice, upscale, neighborhood. Lucinda probably made three or four times the income, even with overtime, that the blonde cop did. She was buzzed inside the gate and parked in front of the condo, walking inside with all of this on her mind. The psychologist might make more money than her, but Samantha would take control tonight in bed like she had last night. As Lucinda opened the door and took the pizza out of her lover’s hands, she smiled at this private thought.

The one issue neither had spoken aloud but both knew had to be dealt with was how to not only announce their relationship to the world, but to Katie. They were not sure how she would deal with it and shared a concerned look as the young lady, wearing a cute gray baby doll dress and white leggings that Lucinda had sent over, padded into the living room to hug Samantha, squeezing her hand tightly as they embraced.

“Pizza!” Katie exclaimed as she gave out two slices to each of them. Lucinda and Samantha shared a smile at the young woman’s independent action. Her assertion was probably a good sign that she was beginning the long road to some kind of recovery. She had even volunteered to do laundry, but Lucinda had gotten her to compromise by just tossing what she had been wearing into the basket in the closet. The psychologist did not notice the long moment Katie took in there fumbling about.

Before they sat down to enjoy their pizza, Samantha stood in the kitchen with Katie picking a wine bottle out of Lucinda’s closets. Katie did not want wine because, in her words, it was “a Big Sister drink,” which was fine with Samantha. She poured the young woman a glass of water, which set padded over to the table to place down with her pizza.

As Samantha went to open the wine bottle, Katie came back into the kitchen. “Wait! Mommy has Big Sister drinks all the time, but I never get to see how it is poured.”

The blonde cop laughed at the innocent comment. “Well, it isn’t really that complicated.” She pulled the bottle opener from a cabinet and placed it on top of the bottle. “Now, place your hand above it and twist until you can feel the cork.” Katie squealed in joy as she felt it begin to come up. “Good. Now gently keep it coming up.” Slowly the cork came up and out of the bottle with another joyful cheer from the pink haired woman. Samantha held up a glass and carefully Katie poured until commanded to stop. They repeated it for the second glass and then returned to the kitchen table, where they joined Lucinda.

As they enjoyed their dinner, Lucinda and Samantha talked about work and continued to rapidly get to know each other. They shared gossip about other shifts at work, given they normally worked on the opposite ends of the day, and found the company of each other to be a revelation. Both women were having a hard time not showing that they were falling in love with each other.

During this conversation, Katie was very quiet. She seemed nervous about something, but when Lucinda asked her about it the woman nodded quickly that everything was fine. “I was just remembering something my Big Sister told me,” was her cryptic reply, which neither woman decided to push her about given the fragility of her emotional and mental state.

As they finished their dinner and conversation, the three women decided to watch a movie together. Lucinda suggested a favorite lesbian-centered romantic comedy of hers, which Samantha was also familiar with. They smiled with approval as Katie exclaimed that she had heard of it. “I think I know why you want to watch it!” It was her first acknowledgment of Lucinda and Samantha’s sexuality and her knowing grin was equally amusing and one of the first adult, and not juvenile, actions by her since they had met.

Both women were finishing off their glass of wine when the movie began. After Samantha made a remark that the wine was quite good, Katie brightened and asked if she could pour them another glass. The women smiled at each other and said sure, pleased at the young woman’s impulse to do so. She promised not to spill any and padded around the corner with their glasses into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Katie found the bottle and carefully poured out two glasses. Her hands nervously shaking, she pulled the small vial her cousin Jenni had given her at the prison and dropped a bit of the vial’s contents into each glass. The pink haired woman closed her eyes for a long moment. If she wanted to be a Big Sister, she had to be able to do this!

From the living room, Lucinda called to her. “Everything okay, Katie?” She was already snuggled up to Samantha and did not bother getting up.

Thinking quickly, she spilled a little bit of what was left in the bottle. Grabbing a roll of paper towels, Katie wiped it up. Without the glasses, she peaked around the corner. “I spilled a little, but it is cleaned up now.” Lucinda smiled approvingly, as if she was interacting with someone performing their first ever adult action.

Katie came back into the living room and handed both women their glasses and a coaster for the coffee table. She sat at the end of the couch while Lucinda and Samantha, holding hands, snuggled up together. The movie was cute; two professional women fumbled their way through romance with each other despite the romantic intentions of the brunette’s former boyfriend and the dark haired woman’s lover from college who had finally come out.

About an hour into the movie, Lucinda was resting her head on Samantha’s chest as they watched the film. Katie sat at the end of the couch, hands folded, with a serious tension running through her body. She got up to use the bathroom once, but the new lovers barely noticed it. While in the bathroom, the brainwashed former college student tried to calm herself. Katie washed her face and told herself that, if she wanted to be a Big Sister, this mission had to be seen through to its completion.

Just as this mantra was finishing in her fragile mind, Katie heard a moan from the other room. Padding out of the bathroom and back into the living room, she found Samantha on top of Lucinda, holding her down as they made out, movie forgotten. Both women were sweating profusely and looked absolutely turned on at the moment.

Which meant the sedative she had placed in their wine was beginning to work. One of Mommy’s drones had created it in their previous life. It left the person dosed with it in a hyper-sexual, but also suggestible, condition. For a few minutes, the pink haired woman allowed herself to watch Samantha and Lucinda as they stripped down to their underwear. While neither was paying attention, Katie did the same; her dress slid off and the white stockings she wore with them came with a gentle glide down her legs.

It was at this moment that Lucinda noticed the barely clothed young woman hovering over the couch. She turned Samantha’s head to notice it and the lovers ceased their carnal embrace. “Katie,” Lucinda began, panting, sweat dripping down her face. Words seemed to not come to her as she tried to ask a question, which made her look to Samantha, blonde hair stuck to her own face, who was equally left without words.

Katie stood twitching for a few seconds, biting down on her bottom lip. “Listen to me!” She shouted the command, as her big sister Rebecca had taught her, and watched with curiosity as Lucinda and Samantha looked at her with blank, sweat soaked, faces waiting for instruction. Gently, her feet moved a step forward before she spoke again. “Nothing is wrong. There is nothing to worry about. Listen to my words.”

The way both women nodded and gently smiled at Katie made her want to orgasm right there, but Big Sisters controlled the feelings their special places had and if she wanted to be a Big Sister like Rebecca, like she had begged to be until Mommy had finally let her go through the mission, she needed to remain in control.

“Everything is fine. I am just another woman you are sleeping with. That makes a lot of sense to you.” Katie picked up one of Samantha and Lucinda’s hands and put each of her enormous bust. “You want to enjoy me, and each other, for the night.” With that, Katie leaned forward and kissed Lucinda, who, lost in a drug-induced haze, returned the kiss.

The psychologist was not, as she herself had argued to Katie, a Mommy, but she could be a great little sister when Katie became a Big Sister.

Katie and Lucinda kissed and explored each other’s bodies for a moment before Samantha pushed her lover away and tossed the pink-haired woman down on the couch, yanking down her panties to begin finger fucking her. Normally, Katie would coo and moan orgasmicly at such an assault, but she needed to be in control. She looked up, panting, at Lucinda. “Grab her!” With strength the psychologist did not know she had, suddenly Samantha was in her arms and Katie was able to slip off of her.

Quickly, she slid across the wood floor and moved Lucinda back so she could spank Samantha. She swatted the blonde cop a few times. “NO! NO!” She screamed, remembering Mommy’s first sessions with her. After one more swat, she yelled “NO!” one final time. “Don’t do that to me!” Samantha turned and had a sad, and confused, look on her face. Katie, a tear in her eye, hugged her tightly. They embraced for a long minute. When they pulled away, Samantha seemed like she was trying to say something, her mind so clouded, but Katie put up a finger to quiet her.

Taking the woman’s hand, she turned and faced Lucinda. The psychologist had been watching them in a confused stupor. Suddenly, Katie’s expression turned to a mischievous smile. “You are not a Mommy. I used to be just like you. I thought I was so tough and hard. I was mean.” She reached forward and gently kissed the woman. “You need to learn. You need to learn your place.”

“Tonight,” she began, “we are hers. I heard the two of you last night. Your games made my special area all tingly.” She pointed at Samantha. “I am going to snap my fingers and Samantha will be in control for the rest of the night. You won’t remember me being a part of this.” Both women stared and nodded. Katie snapped her fingers and Samantha stood up. Both Katie and Lucinda knelt on the hard floor below her and bowed down to their, for this night, Mistress.

The blonde Mistress’ natural aggression almost immediately came out of her. She pointed at Katie. “Restrain her.” Katie lunged at Lucinda, who tried to move away, but the pink haired woman caught her and held the psychologist down, moving behind her to restrain her arms.

Samantha moved in front of her lover and began pleasuring her with a few fingers. Her doe eyed, intense, look mirrored the equally doe eyed, but terrified, look that Lucinda had on her face as her lover forced herself inside her body. Neither noticed, but Katie was soaking wet and humming to herself, thrilled that her plan was working so well.

Minutes passed and she whispered “cum” in Lucinda’s ear. The dark haired woman had an orgasm with an enthralled fervor. Katie let go of her arms and watched as Lucinda fell back, but then put out her hands at the last moment to stop the fall. Cuddling the woman in her own arms, she proudly smiled at Samantha’s intense, equally enthralled, expression as some waited for instruction. She was listening to Katie!

Beaming, Katie slipped out of Lucinda’s arms and walked over to the couch, sitting in the middle. She tapped either side and, obediently, Lucinda and Samantha sat down on either side of her. The pink haired young woman, feeling confident in herself for the first time since...she could even remember...her memory was really so short...placed a hand on her face. “I love both of you so much.” She paused as tears came down her face. Lucinda and Samantha stared at her blankly, eagerly listening. “I promise I will always love both of you so much.” In turn, she hugged both women, who eagerly hugged her back.

Gently, she led, with a hand on each slave’s chin, their face to her massively augmented breasts. “My breasts are for pleasure, both mine and yours.” Both began licking and sucking Katie’s left and right breasts respectively. Katie began crying again as she stroked their hair, feeling so fond and protective of each of them. She would give up anything to keep them safe. They had helped her during her first Big Sister adventure and now she would return the favor by, in due time, being the best Big Sister she could be.

On the verge of orgasm herself, Katie began masturbating and orgasm in sync with Lucinda nibbling hard on her right breast. Both snuggled up close to the pink-haired woman, who held on tightly until all of them fell asleep. Right as the sun came up, Katie woke up and slid herself onto the floor, after putting her clothes back on, so neither would be the wiser to what had happened the previous night. As she had commanded them, they would not remember anything.

* * *

In the morning, Katie woke up first and padded into the kitchen to try and make coffee for Lucinda and Samantha. Her Big Sister Rebecca had shown her a few times how to make it and she beamed proudly after pushing the “on” button at how the coffee began dripping down. As the coffee brewed, she instinctively rubbed at herself through her dress. After a moment, she paused as a curious thought came to her. The pink-haired young woman had always used masturbation as a means of relaxation and taking herself out of stressful situations. If she wanted to be a Big Sister, surely she could not always randomly begin touching herself.

A resolved face came over Katie as the coffee completed its brewing cycle. Lucinda and Samantha had begun to stir a bit over on the couch, both pretty hungover. The blonde cop, her hair a mess, yawned and squinted at the morning light coming in from around the sides of Lucinda’s blinds. She looked up and found Katie hovering over her, cup of coffee in hand. After handing the coffee to Samantha, she quickly bounced back into the kitchen, got the other cup, and brought it to Lucinda, who was shyly looking at the floor. The submissive deference of the previous night, Katie realized, was real.

Samantha swallowed a few gulps of the coffee before an “ugh” noise came out of her tiny mouth. “What happened last night?” She sighed at Lucinda’s shy nod negating any knowledge she had either.

Katie, bright eyed and wide awake, smiled at them. “Both of you had a lot of Big Sister drinks!” She pointed at the multiple wine glasses on the floor, one of them fallen over. “I was sleepy and fell asleep, but you two were kissing!” She giggled furiously and grinned at the women on the couch.

Both women blushed as they made eye contact. Samantha’s hands traced over Lucinda’s, who grabbed them and squeezed very hard. The dark haired psychologist felt so soft and at ease next to the strong police officer. “Can you make breakfast?” Samantha asked Katie, hoping she knew even the basics of cooking. The young woman proudly announced that Rebecca had taught her how to make pancakes and she bounced into the kitchen to begin.

A bit more awake now, Samantha grabbed Lucinda firmly by the arm. “Come with me,” she said with a grin, and led her lover to the shower.

After showering and having breakfast, both Lucinda and Samantha felt much better. Samantha had finger fucked Lucinda in the shower, suddenly deciding impulsively she had to have her right then and there. Her lover’s acquiescence to this showed a submissive side that, the cop mused, was definitely worth further exploration.

Lucinda came out of her bedroom, after some conferring with Samantha, looking rather stunning. Her hair, normally pulled back, hung down to her shoulders and she wore a tight turtleneck showing her chest with a slight above the knee skirt, dark stockings, and black pumps. A bit more makeup than usual adorned her face, but knowing Samantha thought she should, after a conversation in the shower, be as feminine as possible made that fine with her.

After picking up her briefcase and purse, Lucinda smiled at Samantha and Katie, who had came to stand next to her. “Okay, well, I need to go in to speak to my boss and update him on the situation.” She turned to her lover. “He already knows that you are here with her, so I will suggest that you can remain with her for now.” She grinned and kissed Samantha. “There is probably some fantastic overtime in this for you.” The lovers whispered sweet words to each other.

Hovering nearby, Katie bit her lip as she looked down at the floor. Lucinda turned and faced her with an encouraging smile. “You did very well, I think, last night helping with dinner. I think that is a good step towards beginning to recover.”

Katie nodded and hugged the psychologist. Her enormous breasts squished against the woman. “Well, goodbye. For now.” Given their hungover state, neither Lucinda or Samantha noticed the melancholy tone that the pink haired young woman had taken on. She turned to Samantha. “I have a game we can play!”

The lovers kissed again and Lucinda went out the door. Samantha walked over to the window and watched her lover get into a car and pull out onto the road. A minute passed and she turned and faced Katie. “So what is this game you were telling me about?”

Katie suddenly brightened for the first time all morning. “Oh! It is a fun game where we get to be sisters!” She paused as if waiting for something to happen. Taking a deep breath, she continued. “Um, where we are...sisters?”

Just as Samantha went to question this, the door to Lucinda’s porch was broken open. In walked a white haired woman wearing a dress, white stockings, and very high heels. The pale woman was followed by two muscular women in bright pink latex from head to toe, including the high heeled boots that echoed across the psychologist’s wood floors.

As Samantha went to grab her gun off the kitchen table, Katie, getting a step on her, beat her there and tossed it to one of the drones. The other drone moved swiftly, especially given the height of her heels, and quickly grabbed Samantha, holding the toned but overall not so strong woman in her arms.

“Big Sister!!!!!!!” Katie ran into the arms of her older sister, who held her tightly. They embraced for a long moment before Rebecca pulled away. “You did so well, Katherine.” Tears streamed down the young woman’s face as her Big Sister put a “Katherine” necklace around her neck.

“What the fuck! Who are you?” Samantha screamed at the white haired woman. Whatever was happening, it was bad. “How did you get in here? Why didn’t the cameras see you?”

Rebecca started laughing, looked at Katherine, who giggled herself before nodding. “Do you think I am stupid?” She smiled proudly. “We disabled them. I am not dumb. I am a Big Sister now!” With that statement hanging over, she pulled a small bag out of her pocket, removed some pink grains, and tossed them at the blonde cop.

Almost immediately, the misty pink grains turned Samantha’s brain to mush. She took a step backwards and the strong drone held onto her tightly. It was hard for her to think clearly or remember who and why she was even there. Her mind was in an extremely confused and suggestible state at the moment.

Katherine took a tentative step forward after Rebecca handed her the small bag that had been on her back. She put a hand on Samantha’s face. “I love you so much. I promise to be the best Big Sister ever, Sammi.” She pulled two small devices that looked like earbuds from the bag. Rebecca quickly showed her a few buttons on the device and the pink haired woman pushed the activation one eagerly. Tiny arms protruded from them and the earbuds flew in the air towards their blonde captive. Hovering for a moment by her ears, they ended up snugly placed inside them and began feeding a hypnotic mantra to begin brainwashing Samantha, tough, dominant, police officer, into docile, tame, and feminine beyond description Sammi.

Katherine, nervous but thrilled at her newfound confidence, kissed Sammi on the forehead and told her to be a good girl and listen to the words. Her Big Sister, she said, with a proud, maternal, loving, smile, would explain any of the confusing parts once her little sister Luci arrived.

Katherine turned and found Rebecca stand before her with just as proud and loving an expression on her face. “I am so proud of you,” the white haired woman began, leaning in to kiss her. “You had your Big Sister adventure and have totally passed so far! Once we have Luci under control, we can go home to Mommy.” She paused and reached forward to caress her, little sister, no, her friend’s hair. “My new little sisters are also ready, but have their own little mission to go on. I think you met them?” The women shared a knowing grin. “We will have to have a play date with Sammi and Luci soon!”

Katherine, tears streaming down her face, nodded in agreement. “It was so hard, but I wanted to be a Big Sister so much and now I am!” Rebecca hugged and consoled the woman and began telling her the final part of the plan.

* * *

After a long day at work, all Lucinda wanted to do was go home to see her lover Samantha. Their boss had agreed to keep Katie in seclusion at her home for now. Overtime had been approved for Samantha, but any additional detail would need to be approved for above him and, given the current budget, it may be hard to get that funding. Lucinda’s neighborhood had plenty of surveillance though, so it should be fine for now. Until they could figure out what to do with her.

Her boss had not found any new leads. Katie showed up in no databases. She would continue interviewing her tonight and, hopefully, get more out of her. There had been one another positive accomplishment during her work day: Vanessa had been brought by for a session and had not only made up with the prisoner she had fought with, but they seemed to be on great terms now. She had even asked about seeing Katie. This seemed a bit odd, but often disputes that came up in the women’s facility could be dealt with via mediation.

Checking the clock, Lucinda realized that she had stayed at work until nearly 7pm. Samantha had not answered her text earlier, but she assumed that her lover was dealing with Katie. She could be a handful for sure, but seemed to be slowly improving. She sent another text while pulling out of the parking lot, but never saw the “okies!! :)” reply from Sammi that could have tipped her off that something was wrong.

At home, pulling into the driveway, she sighed happily as she could see someone walking around in the shadows behind her blinds. The clapping figure must have been Katie. Despite her situation, the slave sister’s enthusiasm, no matter the cause for it, was remarkable. The dark haired psychologist walked up her driveway and entered the house.

Inside, she smiled at the sight of Katie playing a board game, which Samantha must have picked up at the story, with her lover, who turned to her and smiled cheerfully. “Hello!” She exclaimed with a wave.

Suddenly, Lucinda noticed the necklace around her lover’s neck. “Where did you get that necklace?”

Sammi smiled at Katherine and turned proudly to face her little sister. “It was a present from my Big Sister Katherine.” She turned and hugged Katherine gently.

Lucinda stood, mouth wide open in shock, for a moment. “How...what...Samantha?” From behind her, she barely struggled as Rebecca came out of the living room closet to hold her in place along with a drone. Tears streamed down her face as Katherine and Sammi, holding hands, stood up. “Katie?

Katherine smiled. “My name is Katherine, little sister.”

“Don’t worry, little sis,” Sammi began, blowing the pink dust at the psychologist, “it’s going to be okay. Our Big Sister will keep us safe, Luci.” Lucinda tried to struggled a little, but Sammi, much stronger than her, grabbed her as well and slapped her. “No! Katherine says we have to be good girls!”

Her mind blanking out, another tear went down Luci’s face. As the earbuds flew into the dark haired woman’s ears, the final bits of resistance faded from her mind, all she could hear was Sammi announcing to Katherine that Luci was being a bad Little Sister and that, as her older sister, she would make sure that her little sister was a good girl. The last memory Lucinda had was of a sinister grin coming across Sammi’s face as she watched her begin to become Luci, which was confirmed by the gentle, loving, addition of a “Luci” necklace by Katherine.

* * *

While Katherine and Rebecca were at a “Big Sister” meeting, a latex clad drone watched over Luci, who was playing with a set of drone, little sister, Big Sister, and Mommy dolls. The former psychologist had been reprogrammed to a naive state of fragile emotion and a deep need to impress and please. This especially included her Big Sister Katherine, who took such good care of her at all times. One day, maybe Luci could be a Big Sister too.

After her capture and brainwashing, the transformation of Lucinda into Luci had also been a successful one. She now shared the enormous bust that her Big Sister had as well, but with white hair like her Aunt Rebecca. Her two hour a day gym sessions showed in her toned legs, highlighted by the pink spandex shorts and tank top she wore. Since she was not a Big Sister yet, Luci wore no makeup but was sure Katherine would let her soon!

Someone who was allowed to wear makeup was Sammi. Luci was hoping that her sister would come home from her overnight play date in a better mood than usual, but, alas, that would not be the case. The white haired bimbo tensed up as her sister came stomping into their bedroom. Sammi had been completely transformed by Mommy into a doll-like bimbo. A half hanging off latex dress adorned her body, which included the same kind of massive bust her sisters had. Her hair was now a honey blonde color, but the biggest change was the large, collagen enhanced, mouth that made the former cop look like a cock sucking machine. Which, many mornings, after an evening spent servicing men, the blonde bimbo felt like.

Sammi continued to stamp her feet, which was quite awkward to do in the clear silver platform heels she wore at the request of the man who had rented her for the evening. Luci sprinted across the room and hugged her sister tightly. After a moment, Sammi shoved Luci away and then threw her on the bed. She grabbed a large dildo from their bed stand and, holding down the dark haired slave, began raping her with it.

Luci screamed out and tried to get away, but Sammi was so much stronger than her so she just acquiesced to it, like almost every morning. Eventually, she had an orgasm, as she always did, as the voice on the screen Mommy made her watch in the afternoon, told her to do. She fell back on their numerous pillows and Sammi froze above her before picking her little sister up and holding her tightly.

“I am so sorry,” she began, sobbing, “why does Mommy make me go with those men? They are so mean and hurt me!”

Luci had no idea what to say, her foggy brain simplified so much that often she needed to rely on their Big Sister for so much. When Sammi calmed down a little bit, Luci leaned forward and kissed her nose, which had become one of their traditions. “I love you, sis.”

Sammi laughed as tears began slowing on her face. “I love you too.” Despite their concerns about Mommy’s intentions for them, the one thing she had not taken from them was their love for each other. Their love was hysterical and most importantly pure. It burned like a million stars and they lived for their time together.

The slave sisters jumped up off the bed at the sound of their home’s front door opening. Katherine walked in and grabbed both of her sisters and pulled them into her arms. The former Katie was now a Big Sister and embraced her little sisters with a deep love and adoration. Katherine finally was allowed to dress like a Big Sister. Black high heels adorned her feet with a knee length dress and cardigan. Light makeup dotted her face, she was still learning from Rebecca, and her manicured nails had long white tips.

Katherine noticed the distraught look on Sammi’s face and allowed her to explain her previous evening’s sad adventure. “WHY DOES Mommy MAKE ME...DO...THAT?” Sammi exclaimed through new tears.

Why, indeed, Katherine wondered silently to herself. Katie would have never questioned Mommy, but Katherine was a Big Sister now and her sister Rebecca had helped put quite a rebellious streak in her. One of Rebecca’s little sisters was also used as a whore for men. The prisoner that Nessi, the former Vanessa, had fought with after Nessi argument, and then reprogramming by Jenni the prison guard, who was one of Mommy’s drones, with Katie, was just as much of a sexed up love doll as Sammi had become, which meant she was sent out, like the former cop, to fuck men on a nightly basis. Men! How absurd. The slaves were raped and abused for profit. Mommy had taught Katie that men were disgusting and Katherine saw the disturbing hypocrisy in using her little sister as a means to make money.

As they pulled out their reading books so Katherine could continue their lesson from the day before, the pink haired woman continued to ponder a conversation she had with Rebecca and a few other Big Sisters that morning. Was Mommy keeping them safe? Was Mommy treating them right? Katie would never never pondered this, but Katherine, as she helped Luci with the really big word in the middle of her third sentence, could not think of anything else.

Mommy had made a mistake with this generation of Big Sisters. To continue this utopia she had built over 20 years, the new generation, needed to have a strong connection to their little sisters. She had given them empathy, mind fucked it into them for weeks, and then set them out as her sheep herders in their wonderful paradise. The problem for Mommy was, however, that this empathetic connection led to Katherine loving Luci and Sammi more than life itself. She felt a duty to protect them, to care for them, and keep them safe.

This duty, she thought, as Sammi, calmed down from her tantrum earlier, helped Luci with another hard word, meant that she may even have to defy Mommy.

The End


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