Loyal Servants of NILE

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #D/s #dom:male #f/m #scifi #sub:female

When a woman working for a company discovers the truth about one of their more nefarious plots, her brash and outspoken nature make her a liability. After being taken to a secretive location, she learns how to put aside her disobedient nature and become a loyal servant of NILE.

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

In the near future, NILE has taken over the world. Well, as a corporation at least. They run shipping, banking, and are currently getting into space travel as humans begin expanding into the galaxy. While NILE, a corporation named after a river, offers customers low prices, quick deliveries, and all of the wonderful things that a technology company turned consumer goods company can, they were not without critics.

The normal worries about corporate takeover of the public sphere littered the news reports. Well, the ones that NILE did not already own. Low prices often had other costs attached to them. Worker treatment made headlines often in independent media, but NILE controlled sources tended to avoid or downplay them. They loved having formerly disgruntled employees come on to talk about wonderful changes NILE had made to appease them.

Madison Fairbanks was the kind of woman that NILE considered a threat to their pursuit of profit. She was loud, defiant of work standards, and spoke out about worker mistreatment. The tomboyish, dark haired, college student finally was caught on a surveillance drone saying the most disgusting word the NILE Corporation could imagine: “Union.”

Madison’s efforts initially to unionize the warehouse she worked in had been very slow to say the least. A few workers signed cards, but many were scared of NILE. Anyone who had tried to unionize the warehouse beforehand, she was told, had suddenly left and never seen again, or they had come back from meetings with the main office saying that NILE was going to work more with employees. Each of these formerly unruly employees became model workers afterwards.

All of that, however, was going to change now. Madison had asked for an additional shift this week and was granted it by the AI that ran their warehouse. She arrived in her work outfit, a drab pair of sweatpants and zip up hoodie with the NILE logo emblazoned on them and her warehouse and employee number on the back.

Almost immediately, Madison volunteered to run a shipping crate into the main office due to some kind of worker error. Inside the office, the dark haired woman dropped off the crate and went over to one of the computers inside. This was where NILE stored worker profiles for administrative access. She had gotten a login off a Dark Web store and it worked perfectly.

The last person to raise some hell in her warehouse was named Jennifer. She was brash and a total bad ass. Suddenly one day, however, Jennifer was transferred immediately to another warehouse. No one seemed to know where or why, besides obvious reasons of trying to keep down worker outrage. It was shocking when Madison found out from Jennifer’s neighbor, who also worked at the warehouse, that her belongings had been left sprawled all over the apartment with no explanation. She never came back to get them.

Madison found Jennifer’s file easily enough, but then found some odd anomalies attached to it. The picture listed for her was a lot more feminine than she remembered the unruly woman being in the past. Her name was also listed as “Jenni.”

She had been reassigned to NILE’s space factory, which was a means of circumventing international laws. There were a wide variety of rumors about what went on up there, but most were vague or conspiratorial in nature.

“Jenni’s” picture stared back at her. She had been fiery and always about to explode in anger. In this picture, she smiled vapidly and had this empty eyed look on her face that seemed so wrong. Madison looked at the next page of the file and beyond some personal details, the rest of the page was redacted. There was another page, which had some more information.

Madison clicked on it and found a blank page. After a few seconds, a bright pink hypnotic spiral began dancing across it. Being a simple minded worker without a lot of education, the brunette was mesmerized by it immediately. After about an hour or so, two women, wearing latex from head to toe, came into the room and snapped a collar around your neck. “Target acquired. Accepted initial indoctrination. Ready for transport,” one of them chirped in an up-pitched voice into an unseen intercom.

After a few seconds, the three women were transported away, another one of NILE’s new technologies, to a waiting mobile programming center. Upon arrival, one of the drones placed a visor over Madison’s face and activated its entrancing hypnotic spiral, which continued her programming.

* * *

Madison woke up sometime later in a room she had never been in before. The room had pink walls, a very nice dresser, and plenty of feminine accessories like makeup, a mirror, and other things. Despite being a tomboy through and through, she did not find it odd that very short spandex shorts and a cut off, very tight, NILE shirt adorned her body while a pair of platform heels housed her legs. For a split second as she looked at herself in the wall length mirror, concern came to mind, but it passed back out and she forgot all about it.

A moment later, a handsome young man in a sweater vest came into the room. Madison tensed up a bit upon seeing the NILE logo on his sweater. “At ease,” he commanded and the tension left her body. She blinked a few times and forgot why she had even been tense. A soft smile came onto her face.

“Good girl,” he said with patriarchal love. Madison found herself totally focused on this pleasant man, unable to think or do anything else.

“Your unruly behavior has gotten noticed by the higher ups, silly woman,” he said with a paternal tone. He points to the bed and Madison obediently sits down with him. He ran his fingers over her arm, which she suddenly notices is very tan. She had never tanned, but nothing seems odd about it.

“You are here for reassignment,” he confirmed, “NILE is beginning to get into new ventures and you will be a part of it. You will address me and all other NILE employees here as Sir.”

“Yes, Sir,” Madison replied automatically.

The doctor tapped a button on his watch and a pink hypnotic spiral began playing on the wall.

Madison looked over and immediately fell under the spiral’s hypnotic spell. The doctor gently placed a pair of earbuds in her ears and then led her to a mat so she could kneel before it. After a few minutes, the screen began displaying messages:

“I trust NILE”
“NILE knows what is right”
“I serve NILE with my being”
“My body belongs to NILE”
“I love my new job at NILE”

Madison slept peacefully that night after a full day of mind control programming. NILE had acquired a few biotech companies and among their state of the art technology was experimental psychological experiments and brain chipping plans. The heads of NILE were able to put it together with their engineers and created a new scheme to brainwash workers in loyal obedience. In fact, three of the original engineers working on it became the first loyal servants of NILE.

From there, its uses for the now interplanetary corporation became obvious. Unruly workers, especially ones like Madison who said that pesky “union” word out loud were reprogrammed for loyalty. A defiant member of NILE’s board was next, but the cherry on top for phase one of this operation was the brainwashing of the bitchy wife of NILE’s CEO, who had been threatening divorce, into a devoted housewife.

Phase two was, as Dr. Bedford had noted to Madison the day before, NILE heading into space. Establishing an interplanetary presence was important to NILE for not only tax purposes, but for the future of commerce. Goods, as humans began to move onto the moon for terraforming, would need to be shipped there and who else but NILE, after the defiant college-aged daughter of the senator leading the committee was returned to him as an obedient dove ready to marry the son of whomever his political allegiances required to maintain power, to get the contract.

Madison’s fate, however, was going to be on the new luxury space station that NILE built for wealthy tourists and various VIPs. This was where she woke up and slid out of bed, thrilled to begin another day of training. After a lazy shower, she washed off and padded back out into the bedroom where a huge walk in closet could be found.

Inside the closet, she found five pairs of the same outfit in different colors. The skintight spandex shorts, with the NILE logo emblazoned on the right backside, snugly fit her, as did the just as form fitting NILE tank top, in the same colors as the shorts, and five inch, clear, platform heels lined up on the floor. Each item fit her perfectly.

The bathroom table was littered with a variety of makeup cases. Madison was not sure how she knew which ones to pick out, but she applied all the right shades of makeup, much heavier than normal, and smiled contently at the person she saw in the mirror.

While Madison admired herself in the mirror, a soft knock could be heard on her front door. Dr. Bedford entered a second later without asking to be invited in. For a few seconds, she was angry about that, but his charming smile put her at ease immediately upon seeing it.

“Ah, good morning sweetie,” he began while holding up the collar and leash in his hands. “Your reorientation is going to begin this morning. I need to collar you for your own protection of course. NILE puts your safety above all else.”

“I trust NILE, Sir,” she blurted out, “NILE knows what is right.”

“Good girl,” he said quietly, with some adoration in his voice, as he snapped the collar around her neck with gentle care and a playful tug on her leash. Young ladies like Madison came and went fairly quickly in his line of work, but he enjoyed them while he could. This one was beautiful, and with a little work in his clinic, would make an ideal addition to NILE’s newest line of business.

“Let’s go, the others are waiting,” Dr. Bedford said with patriarchal charm and another tug. Madison fell in line behind him and they walked to an elevator where three other women, and their male handlers, waited for her to arrive. Each woman is as pretty, if not more, than she is and they all give each other little waves and smiles before following the men obediently onto the elevator.

Madison barely noticed that Dr. Bedford was now holding her hand and guided the simplified woman with the leash. They followed the others into a large room with a projector and a number of desks. “Sweetie, you’re going to sit down and learn about your new position.” He gave her a reassuring pat on the behind as she sat down obediently. Steel bars automatically snapped around her arms, leg, and then, gently, her neck.

Before Madison could even notice, a pink and purple spiral began playing on the screen. Her new doctor friend placed a pair of wireless earbuds into her ears as the brainwashed woman, like every other woman in the room, blankly stared at the screen. He kissed her forehead and left like the rest of the men did.

A new set of programming begins to play in her own voice inside the earbuds: I love my new job at NILE. NILE’s new innovative friendship service allows me to make new friends, make money, and produce for NILE.

The previous mantra begins again…

I trust NILE
NILE knows what is right
I serve NILE with my being
My body belongs to NILE
I love my new job at NILE

This looped for a few hours as each command was further implanted into their compliant minds. After some time, each woman fell asleep, which made it even easier to program them while they slept. A new set of commands was added: To be productive for NILE, I need to have the best body possible. NILE knows what my best body is. NILE has decided my best body needs bigger breasts. I need bigger breasts. The bigger, the better.

The mantra continued all day until right around dinner time. Conditioning completed for the day, each woman was brought back into a basic trance and then woken up with confidence that their reorientation had gone well.

Madison stood up and stretched out. Her neck was a little sore, and so were her ankles from the stripper heels she wore, but her body belonged to NILE, so it was important to look her best. All of the women conversed for a moment. Different variations on “I learned a lot!” were exclaimed by each woman. One of the women she was talking to, a Korean woman named Kimberly, had large breasts that were barely held in place by her shirt.

“I need bigger breasts. The bigger, the better,” Madison muttered to herself. The cute blonde across from her heard the declaration and nodded in agreement.

The men entered, having been in a meeting all afternoon to decide the fates of these lovely ladies, the room and each woman lit up with delight. Dr. Bedford went over to Madison, who gave him a soft, passive, smile and a wave.

“Hello Madison,” he began, “I hope your reorientation went well. You will have other sessions, but this one is important.”

“Yes, Sir,” she began, a slight up-pitch entering her diction, “I love my new job at NILE.” Just what job was, Madison did not really know, but that disruptive thought slid right out of her girlie brain.

“Good girl,” Dr. Bedford said with approval. “You have a little bit of free time now. Enjoy it.” He put a protective, masculine, hand on her arm. “I need to do some work in my office. However, it would be nice if you came around to it in a little while to join me for dinner.”

Madison gave him a flirty smile. “Yes, Sir, I would love that.” He gave her a wave and left, as did the other men, a few of them bringing along their assigned woman, leaving her alone with one other woman, the pretty Korean woman named Kimberly.

Kimberly came over to her. “Hello, my name is Kimberly. I’m so excited about my new job at NILE. I love NILE so much.” The busty, dark haired, woman’s outfit, the same as Madison’s, looked practically poured onto her.

“You are so pretty. I wish I had breasts like yours.” Madison blurted it out before she could stop herself. She put a hand up to her mouth in surprise.

Kimberly nodded slowly. “You do need bigger breasts. The bigger, the better.” She took a deep breath and leaned her chest forward in a flirtatious manner.

Madison frowned. “You know, I wish my breasts were as big as yours!”

The dark haired Korean woman was taken aback by this statement. “Oh, no, mine are way too small.” She giggled. “I can’t believe you would even say that! I need bigger breasts too.” Her D cups were quite large, but you know how it goes in stories like this…

Madison nodded. “The bigger, the better.” She brightened as if solving a mathematical problem. “Oh, you are so right! If you need bigger breasts, then I need even bigger breasts than you!” Both of them laughed at their silly ideas.

“NILE knows what my best body is.” She furrowed her brow. Thinking is hard. “NILE has decided my best body needs bigger breasts. Hey you’re right if a gal like me with big tits needs them, then you really badly need them!”

“I like Dr. Bedford a lot,” Madison commented casually, “I’m glad he was assigned to me.” She did like him. He was handsome and since NILE knew what was best for her, of course they would send a great doctor.

“Dr. Jennings is great too,” Kimberly commented as they began walking through the building during their free time. “He said I could have free time until tonight when he wanted to get together with me for further reorientation.” She grinned proudly. “He says I have a valuable skill set that NILE has found the right job for!”

Madison stared down at her leash as it dragged along the floor. The click of their high heels could be heard echoing off the hard floor. The rooms on the floor above them were filled with workers wrapped up their days. A beautiful woman in a miniskirt and a very revealing top was in conversation with a man who had a hand on her backside. She nodded along to whatever he said and then followed him towards the exit.

“I am meeting up with Dr. Bedford too,” Madison commented idly as they walked into the main corridor where the medical offices could be found. “He wanted me to see him for dinner. I guess we both have free time until then.”

They continued to wander idly. “We have so much more free time here,” Kimberly said quietly. “At my warehouse, it was constant movement. We weren’t allowed to take breaks or anything.”

Madison nodded in agreement. “Mine too. It’s nice to relax for once. Maybe things will be better here? I was so unhappy in my warehouse. Things kept going wrong…” She trailed off, embarrassed by her negative thoughts about NILE. What had those negative thoughts even been? She really was not sure anymore. After a few seconds, the thoughts slipped right out of her little girlie mind.

Kimberly smiled at her new friend. “NILE will know what is best. Who knows,” her simplified mind reasoned, “maybe that is why we were picked?” The beautiful Korean woman had already forgotten why she was sent here. All that mattered was NILE and obeying NILE.

They entered the medical center and found a quiet scene before them. A few women, stunningly gorgeous in bright colored latex approximations of an old nurse’s uniform. Each woman, more beautiful than the last, wore a blank expression and a cheerful smile. All of them were collared just like Madison and Kimberly. They exchanged a glance. It was nice to see NILE kept all women safe!

With Madison in the lead, they swayed into the center. The nurses ignored them. They found a series of tubes in the middle of the main room with women inside of them. A series of mechanical seemed to be working on them inside of it and injected things into various parts of their body. Some of the women also seemed to be in trances or mouthing mantras to themselves. The pods were soundproofed, so neither of them could hear or understand what was being said by the captive women.

This time Kimberly took the lead and pointed towards an office suite. “Look! Our doctors have offices!” She quickly, well as brisk as the sky high heels on her feet allowed, went over to her assigned doctor, leaving Madison alone, but also determined to find her own Dr. Bedford.

The pretty woman walked down the hall, finding most offices to be empty. One door was open, but the doctor inside of it was on a video conference call, so she quickly kept walking in hopes to find Dr. Bedford’s office. At the end of the hallway, she did!

He was sitting there typing something on his laptop. Her gentle, feminine, knock at the door got his attention. “Oh, hello, Madison.” He returned to typing. “Please sit down for a moment while I finish off this report. Just a few more paragraphs left.”

Obediently, Madison sat down, crossed her legs, a bit clumsily, and waited for instruction from the handsome doctor. She watched him type for a few minutes, then stop, read it over, mouthing a few words, delete them, rewrite it, nod with satisfactory smugness, and then hit “send” on Madison’s preliminary report.

He looked up at the beautiful NILE employee. “Ah, thank you for being patient. I asked you to join me for dinner and you obeyed. Good girl.”

T-T-Th-thank you, Sir,” Madison stammered out. The normally so assertive woman felt so overwhelmed by this strong, authoritative, man. Something else also nagged at her too,at the siren song in her mind gnawing at any other thoughts.

Dr. Bedford stood up and looked at her with concern. “Is something wrong, sweetie?”

Madison shook her head slowly, and sadly, and looked up at him. “It’s just...I was thinking...and I know NILE knows what my best body is, so...do you think I need breast implants, Sir?”

The doctor nods understanding. “yes, right, the bigger the better.” Madison sighed in relief as his agreement. “I think NILE can facilitate that for you my dear.” He motioned to someone behind them, and with that Madison fate would be sealed.

So focused on Dr. Bedford, she had not noticed a nurse had entered Dr. Bedford’s office. With surprising strength, the latex clad woman pulled Madison and up and held her in place. A metallic wire came out of her hand and injected itself into her slave sister’s own arm.

Within seconds, Madison felt weak, emotionless, and then turned to the doctor with an odd curiosity mirrored on her face. “Everything is fine, sweetie, just follow the nurse so your body can be brought up to NILE’s high standards.”

Unable to disobey, Madison turned and swayed away behind the nurse. They made their way back up the hall to all of the tube. The nurse stopped at one and Madison entered it. Kimberly was already in the one next to her.

* * *

Madison woke up...days...hours...weeks….it was actually a few days...later in a recovery bed. She was flat on her back, which seemed odd to the young woman who normally slept on her side. That, moving forward, would be impossible as she sat up and then looked down to find her new enormous breast implants. NILE knew what was best for her body of course, but they were quite large! A nurse, the same one from Dr. Bedford’s office, her breasts even larger, swayed over to her. “Dear, please stay calm while in recovery. It’s for your own safety. I was surprised myself when I came out of surgery, but NILE did a great job on both of us.”

All of the anxiety left Madison’s body. She looked down again. Her breasts did look really nice. The bigger, the better was certainly a way to describe them!

As her vapid girlie brain drifted through such superficial thoughts, Dr. Bedford came into the recovery area and over to her bed. “Hello sweetie, I see you are awake and ready to serve NILE.

Madison nodded slowly. Yes, her focus was on NILE. She gave the authority figure a docile smile of programmed obedience.

He came over to her and put a hand on her left breast with gentle care. A shudder went through Madison at even his slightest touch. “There are nanites inside you that will make your body have intensely erotic feelings when a man touch you.” His hand ran across her nipple and then to her chin. “They did a great job with you, dear. Why don’t we get you stood up and see the final product.”

The nurse helped Madison to her feet. She was slightly groggy from whatever sedative they had given her, but the stunning blonde got settled on her feet and slid into the sky high platform heels sitting on the floor next to the bed. The newly brainwashed woman just knew to put them on, like it was perfectly natural for women to always wear high heels. She smiled with approval upon noticing the nurse had a very similar pair on too.

Dr. Bedford motioned for her to come closer to him. Madison happily obeyed. “You seem to have come out of surgery in nice shape, but I need to run a few diagnostic tests.” He ran another hand over her enormous bust. The handsome doctor’s touch sent a shiver of erotic, feminine, submission through her body.

“So far, so good,” he said quietly. “Turn to the mirror.” A wall length mirror was to their left and she obediently faced it.

What she found was stunning. Her hair was now bright pink. A sun kissed tan filled her body. She was hairless below the shoulders. One thing was missing though, and her manicured hand touched her naked neck.

“Ah of course,” Dr. Bedford exclaimed, picking a collar off the nearest table. “Hold your hair up for me, sweetie.” She did obediently. He went to put it on her, but then paused. “Remind me, honey, what is your job?”

She thought for a moment. Did she have a new job yet? “My body belongs to NILE,” the pink haired bimbo automatically recited a second later, “I exist for NILE.”

“Good girl,” Dr. Bedford affirmed with delight as he snapped a new collar and leash around her neck. The collar had the name LACIE on it in bright pink cursive. She sighed with confusion. Had Lacie always been her name? The thought slipped out of Lacie’s silly girlie brain.

“Good girl,” the doctor says with a smile. “Lacie, the NILE PERSONAL SERVICES unit you are assigned to will be working with a special group tonight...a bunch of young CEO’s that NILE is looking to partner with...you will need to show them a good time, do you understand?”

Lacie nodded enthusiastically. “My body belongs to NILE, Sir.” Raising profits for NILE is so important and if her body can be used to do it, great!

Dr. Bedford smiled with patriarchal approval and gave her backside a pat. “I hope I run into you again, but why don’t you join your fellow workers in the hallway.”

Lacie headed into the hallway and found a line of women all waiting at attention. Each woman wore the same latex outfit she did, but in different colors. She passed one who looked like her friend Kimberly, but it could not be her because her collar read YOSHIKO on it. The simple minded bimbo forgot who her friend was a second later and she snapped to attention as well.

A moment later they began marching in line to their destination for the night.

* * *

A bit later Lacie swayed into a large club. There were a lot of men around and many women in skimpy skirts, very high heels, and NILE tank tops were serving food and drinks to them. A few sat with the men and flirted. She even saw one with a pink nailed hand on a man’s bulge.

Before she could think too much about it, a woman comes over and hands her a tray of drinks. “The table over there.” Lacie nods and goes over to it, placing the glasses of wine in front of the two men.

She went to leave, but one of them put a firm hand on her arm. “No, sweetie, stay here, position two. Obey.”

Lacie snapped to attention, mind blank, at the command. The men discussed a partnership between NILE and the other man’s business while the bimbo waited for command. The loud dance music inside the club put her in a deep trance that should remain in until commanded otherwise.

Suddenly Lacie blinked back into existence at the gentle on her arm of the younger man at the table. He is in his late twenties, handsome, and the scion of a large corporation. He motioned with a finger for her to sit, which she did, and then patted the seat next to him. She slid over obediently.

He put a protective arm about Lacie and drew her even closer to him. Such big words he used to talk to her. The bimbo blonde nodded along with a passive smile. This man must be so smart!

The man put a hand on her thigh, which made Lacie blush. She leaned forward to make sure her enormous bust is clear and very present for him. He put a hand on them and she shuddered with delight. “Yes, quite a nice piece of merchandise. NILE did well with you.”

The last thoughts in Lacie’s little bimbo brain slipped out of her head. She stared at him with puppy dog eyed devotion and cooed at his touch, leaning in further for more.

Lacie’s attention is fully on him at this point. He began asking questions, but too many big words for her to fully comprehend in such a simplified state. Did she go to college? Maybe? She could not remember anymore. The man leaned forward to and kissed her while still palming her breasts. The loyal servant of NILE absolutely melted into him upon returning the embrace.

The man stood up and Lacie joined him. She took his hand when offered and they walked to an elevator, which was about to close but its occupant opened the door for them. Inside he found one of his colleagues and that Yoshiko woman from earlier, looking as smitten with her man as Lacie was, who reminded her of….the thought slipped out of her brain.

The men began talking and Lacie’s programmed mind stopped understanding their words. She was simply merchandise that NILE used to make profits. They would get her attention again if required.

As the elevator went up to the 48th floor, the men conversed, but all Lacie heard was static. Women don’t need to hear the business conversations men have. at the end of the ride, she blinked back to life, smiled at both men, gave Yoshiko a wave, and took her man’s hand again to head to his room.

When they got to his room, the man kissed Lacie again and then shoved her against the wall. Her feminine hands tried to unbuckle his pants, while eyeing his bulge, but was only partially successful. After a moment, she gave up in frustration and pouted in his direction.

He took a step back and laughed. “Silly woman.” With patriarchal authority he guided her manicured hand to fully remove it. Lacie smiled at him with vapid delight. What a wonderful man.

The next thing she knew, the dumb bimbo was on the floor, on all fours, and his cock was inside of her backside. He fucked up her aggressively and she screamed out in programmed joy as his cum triggered an orgasm for her as well. Afterwards she crawled over to him and bowed at a male superior’s feet.

“Huh, pretty good. I could keep you. You’d be great on my arm. Pop out a couple of heirs.”

Lacie looked up at him as cum still dripped down her legs. She had truly become a loyal servant of NILE.

The End

* * *

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* * *

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