Love, Honor, & Obey: A Spellbound Medieval Tale

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/f #f/m #fantasy #sub:female #clothing

A Magical Studies scholar leaves university to seek a wife on his travels to see the King and Queen of the kingdom of Hershin.

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

SYNOPSIS: A Magical Studies scholar leaves university to seek a wife on his travels to see the King and Queen of the kingdom of Hershin.

* * *

ABOUT: This story takes place after Queen Sabina & The Kingdom of Hershin.

* * *

Trent Henriad, 22, sat with his mentor, Professor Richards. “Trent, you did remarkably well on your oral exams. I am really proud of the progress you have shown in your studies.”

He paused for a moment, the weight of age and impending retirement hanging over him. It was so exciting for the aging Magical Studies’ scholar to have such an exemplary student. “Your work is especially impressive, give your interests in both the study of argument and magic. Combining the two will make you quite formidable. I’m not surprised the King and Queen of Hershin have demanded an audience with you.”

Trent nodded. “The King and Queen were both very enthusiastic in their letters about my arrival in the capital. I am going to spend the night here at the inn and then begin traveling to Hershin. It should take me about three or four days travel.”

The aging professor stood up and paced a bit. “Trent, I have one final piece of advice for you. I would bring a wife with you upon arrival. The trip should take about what you said it will. Surely, you can find one in a town along the way?”

Trent stared at him. He had not considered settling down at all, but especially because of the powers he had gained from his studies. “What do you mean, sir?”

Professor Richards adjusted a few books in his shelf. He had acquired so many over the years. The younger scholars had no idea how easy it was for them now that books could be printed so much more readily. “King William and Queen Sabina work very hard to create a grand society that is structured. The structure is centered around male and female relationships, where the man is the strong one and the woman submits to him.”

“Well, of course,” Trent commented, “it’s the natural roles for men and women.”

“Of course,” Professor Richards confirmed, “but the problem is that in the past, it has been challenging to put a priority on that when a society is suffering or trying to survive. I have been blessed by our Gods to give a good life to my wife and children. My wife has served me well. My daughters grew up to be dutiful and obedient. If you had come along a few years earlier, Desdemona would have made a great wife for you. My sons were raised well and now run their own homes with wonderful wives after having been educated at our fine university.”

He sat back down, his back a bit sore. If he was not retiring soon, the scholar would demand a new chair be made for him. “The point is, King William has moved swiftly away from the austerity policies of his father and worked to invest in not only the people of Hershin, but their personal lives. He enacted a universal income that is offered to all citizens from birth based on profits in certain trade situations with other kingdoms.”

Trent nodded. “So even if you aren’t working, you still get money. Keeps people out of the poor house. Or the streets for that matter.”

“The King also,” he continued, “offered stipends to married couples. If you get married, a cash payment is made with the idea of it going into purchasing land or creating a business. New moms are also given an allowance, so they can stay home and not end up working in a mine or whoring themselves.”

Professor Richards motioned for both of them to stand. “Queen Sabina is also deeply invested in teaching new wives and moms. She tries to set a good example for women.”

“So I hear. I had a cousin go to it, and she came back ready for marriage and motherhood. She had been a crude and rude shrew beforehand.” Trent put out a hand to his mentor. “Sir, it has been an honor working under you. I will be sure to write once I am settled in.”

They shook hands and hugged. Trent waved to the professor and left the ivory tower to head back into the town that had grown around the university.

Professor Richards had given him a lot to think about. Given the family centered views of the King and Queen, it made sense for him to show up with a wife, or fiancé, on his arm. The powers he had gained during his studies would certainly help sway a woman into his, literal, thrall. However, whom would he desire to be his bride?

He entered the inn and immediately went up to the room he had been keeping for the past few days. His small bag was packed with his books, a few letters, and a change of clothing. Upon getting to the capital of Hershin, new clothing could be purchased. Traveling up north to the capital would be easier because of new roadways King William had put in and the various inns along the way where someone could rest for the night, recharge, get a good meal, and be back on their way. His books would be shipped along as well.

A moment later, there was a knock at his door. Grinning because he knew exactly who would be on the other side, he opened the door to find Rosalind, one of the inn’s waitresses, standing there with a vapid grin on her face. She padded in and knelt on the floor as he had trained her to do. “Master, what is your command,” she asked with eyes lowered at his feet.

Trent sighed. He had enjoyed playing with Rosalind, 23, but it was also time for him to leave. “Stand up please pretty slave.” She immediately jumped up, nearly elbowing him, and stared at him with absolute love and devotion mirrored in her eyes. She had strawberry-blonde hair, pulled into a tight ponytail, a tall, wiry, frame that would fill out with better diet. Her body had great potential if the right man cared for her enough to properly maintain it.

Rosalind had been his first real experiment in hypnotizing women. His combination of majors had led him to discover he could sway women, so simple-minded innately, into his thrall. It had first happened while at a university event. A server had struck up a conversation with him. She had blown him off when he first flirted, but by the end of the night she was, well, blowing him back in his quarters. At first, he had thought his charming personality had won her over, but then he noticed how she stared at him with complete devotion.

Trent tried a few things with her. He made the hostess jump up and down. She did so effectually. His next command had her barking like a dog. Finally, he commanded the mesmerized woman to pleasure herself on the floor, which she did with great enthusiasm.

A bit scared of what had happened, he made her forget what had happened. Instead of an intimate night with him, she would remember flirting with him, but then, upon being turned down by the handsome, charming, brilliant, man, she had gone for a walk and lost track of time. Her father would be mad, but he would also get over it.

Trent turned his attention back to his devoted worshiper, Rosalind. He took her hands in his own. “My dear, I need to speak to you about something significant. Please come join me on the bed.” Her eyes lit up at the idea of sex with him, but he shook his head, which made her pout.

Rosalind had been as dumb as rocks serving wench when he arrived at the inn the first time. He had trained her to be more pleasing, servile, and generally have a better deportment which would set the lady apart when marriage suitors came around. He would miss her mouth wrapped around his cock each night, but it was time to leave for Hershin.

Trent motioned with his hand in front of the waitress, which put her into a mindless trance for him. In this state, she would do, or believe, anything he commanded. “It is time for me to leave the university. My studies are over, and I am needed elsewhere.” He was careful not to say where. This needed to be a clean break. “I have enjoyed our time together, but it is coming to an end.”

He ran a hand over her face. “Rosalind, when I wake you from this trance, you are going to forget our time together. Do you understand?”

A tear went down Rosalind’s face. “Yes, Master.”

Trent quickly wiped it away. “No tears. I am going to settle down in both my domestic, and academic life. However, one day, I will recall you into my service.” He leaned forward and kissed her pouty mouth. “You have been an exceptional experiment. Do you understand your commands?”

“Yes, Master,” Rosalind confirmed in a soft monotone, “I will forget our time together. You will recall me into your service later.”

“Good girl.” He unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants down to the floor. “How about one more blowjob? You are quite the cocksucker. When you swallow my cum, you will leave the room and then come out of trance.”

Rosalind crawled over to her Master and began fellating him with religious enthusiasm. Her head bobbed up and down on it as her sun burnt hands ran over his balls. She took it out of her mouth and stroked Trent’s rock-hard cock a few times before putting it back in her mouth. Finally, he finished inside her, which she eagerly swallowed down as he had taught her to do.

A moment passed while Rosalind cleaned him up. Afterward, she stood up, left the room, and forgot even being there. Memories of their hypnotic, and romantic, sessions faded away, and her mind returned to that of an uneducated, crass, waitress known in the inn’s bar for being rude to customers.

Trent slept peacefully that evening and woke early in the morning for breakfast. He went downstairs to the first floor of the inn, where another waitress served his meal. He ate quietly while looking over a map he had a scribe draw for him giving the best route to the capital of Hershin where he would be the guest of King William and Queen Sabina. It looked like there was a fairly straightforward path through official trails in the woods that had been crafted by the new King. Knights stood watch along it to make sure robbers and other thugs did not impede the travel of citizens.

Upon finishing his meal, he paid for it and tipped the waitress after saying goodbye to the inn owner, whom he had gotten to know while at the university. After walking up the hill the inn sat at the bottom of, Trent took one final look at the university, its town, the inn, and began walking towards his destination.

* * *

The first two days of his travels were uneventful. He walked during the day, encountered a few knights and bands of pilgrims, but not much else. The heat of the early summer sun did slow him down, and he stopped each day at the nearest inn once the sun even hinted at going down.

Trent had been reluctant to really do much with his powers until he settled into Hershin, but he did test them out the night before by making the waitress who served him bring an extra piece of bread and glass of ale on the house. If caught, he told her, she would tell the inn owner the payment must have fallen out of her purse on a busy night. It seemed like something that would happen.

The third morning, he ate his breakfast in a quiet corner. The morning crowd began coming in. There was discussion of local trade and political issues. He heard praise from a few men regarding King William’s policies, which was good to hear and observe. Someone asked him who he was, and Trent explained that he was traveling to the capital of Hershin to teach. He was vague about the specifics, not wanting to draw attention to the fact that he had an audience with the King.

He set out to continue his journey and was about an hour into the woods when he heard some commotion ahead of him. A woman’s voice could be heard arguing with a man. Trent walked forward and watched for a moment as the thug slapped her across the face.

Mind controlling a woman to serve you sexually was one thing, but he would never hit a woman! Trent ran over and confronted the brutish man, who was unkempt even for the lower standards of peasants. “Hey!” He took a step even closer. “Back off from her. Hitting a woman is undignified, even for a peasant.”

The man pushed over the frightened woman and turned towards Trent. “How dare you interrupt me! I was just trying to get this woman back. She was in my bed last night.”

“I was not!” The woman screamed towards Trent, looking absolutely terrified at this point. “I was walking through the woods and this monster started pawing at me. I’ve already disgraced...” She cut herself off before completing the statement.

Before Trent could ponder the curiosity of that, the man lunged at him, which he dodged fairly easily. “Look, let’s talk this out.” He decided to try out an experiment on this buffoon. “Two men can easily work out our problems.” The woman stared at him curiously, which made him wink at her.

Before the thug could reply, Trent took a few steps closer and made a few motions with his hands. “I think you are lying to me about bedding that woman. You were trying to take her away. You were, weren’t you?”

The man, totally mesmerized, confirmed Trent’s hypothesis. “I was trying to take her back to my cabin.” He stared straight ahead. Ignorant, uneducated, buffoonish, men could be enthralled as easily as the average woman. Good to know.

“Uh, huh.” Trent thought for a moment. “I have an idea. How about you turn into the woods and keep walking until you can’t anymore. I’m pretty sure there is a waterfall back there. Take a dive off it when you arrive at it. Now go away and do as I say.”

The man turned and walked into the darkest part of the woods to obey his enthraller’s command. Eventually, he would, as Trent had hypothesized, came across a waterfall which would be impossible for him to not jump off leading to his death.

Once satisfied that Trent’s male thrall had obeyed his instruction, he turned to check on the woman. She made eye contact with him, sprinted over, and jumped into his arms. “Thank you! Thank you so much! That man was going to take me away and do...” Tears began streaming down her face, and they smeared Trent’s shirt.

Trent pulled away after a moment. “It’s okay. I was happy to help, but what are you doing out here alone? A young lady should not be out unaccompanied.” He examined her body. She was blonde, skinny, clearly had not had a good meal, or bath, in weeks. Her dark blue eyes showed fear in them.

“Well, I, well,” she started to cry again, but stopped after Trent waved his magic, said a few words, and got her to steady herself.

“Come sit down with me over here.” She obediently followed him to two tree trunks a little off the path that were placed there for travelers to rest on. They sat down quietly. No one had been traveling behind him for miles. No one would bother them here.

Trent stared at her. She looked at him passively waiting for his next instruction. “Tell me dear, what is your name? How old are you? How did you end up here, alone, in the woods?”

“My name is Cordelia, I am 21 years old,” she replied in a soft monotone. “I was thrown out of my home because my parents could not get a marital payment out of me. No man in my village found me desirable.” She began crying again briefly.

Trent was taken aback by this. Of course, payment upon allowing a man to marry your daughter was a normal occurrence, but tossing her aside because she was not yet married was crude and unusual. Perhaps he had been away from common folk too long while attending to his studies.

“Cordelia,” he began, “where were you going to go? Tell me about you. Are you educated? Do you have other relatives?”

“I was going to go to a city and see if...” She trailed off, but the power of Trent’s control kept her confession going. “...I could prostitute myself. I am not educated. My parents forbid it. They said it made a woman undesirable to men. My mother beat me for even picking up a book once. My relatives besides my parents are dead. They died during the last plague.”

Trent sighed. So many lives had been lost during that plague. He ran a hand over the mesmerized woman’s face. With a few good meals, clean clothes, some femininity and deportment lessons, she could be quite appealing. A properly trained woman, no matter her original standing decreed by the Gods, could be tamed and taught to be a proper lady.

Of course, our protagonist realized he had a shortcut available to him. Perhaps the Gods had handed him the wife Professor Richards had told him to seek out. He thought for a moment about how to deal with the situation.

He put a hand on Cordelia’s arm. “Cordelia, I need you to listen to me. You had quite the scare back there. I am so sorry your family abandoned you. Your father should have continued to care for you. Women need male leadership, and we can see what happened to you when you did not have it.”

He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “I will be the male leader that you need. You need a male leader. Do you understand?”

Cordelia responded in a quiet monotone. “I need a male leader. You will be my male leader.” The simple-minded woman took to his instruction rather easily. Which gave him another idea.

“Cordelia,” he began, “I am going to help prepare you for being a wife. A woman’s purpose, as decreed by the Gods, is to find a husband to obey. Do you understand what the word obey means?”

“You do what he says,” Cordelia commented again, with no emotion in her voice. Her blue eyes were large and empty. It was quite erotic to her controller. He made a mental note to find out if anyone had ever explored the kind of fetishistic aspects of mental control.

Surely, someone had at some point?

Trent sighed again. Just telling a woman to obey a man could lead to so many issues. It is such a more complicated matter. He could see why the King and Queen were trying to teach the women of Hershin. “Well, yes, but obeying a man is so much more than that.”

He picked up his bag off the ground and took out a pad and writing implement. He wrote the word “obey” on the first page in large letters that spelled it out as O B E Y. “This is the first word I am going to teach you to read. O B E Y. Can you understand the word?” He placed her frail hands below the word and walked her through the “O...BEY” syllables.

“O...BEY,” Cordelia quietly said.

Trent grinned with pride. He had taught a woman to read a word! What if he taught her more words? Only important words. “Good girl. When you obey a man, it is about so much more than just doing what he says for you to do. It is a submission in the heart and mind. It’s allowing him to temper your feminine, Godly, traits to please him.”

He took her hands in his own. “I am going to temper those skills in you. Your natural purpose is to obey me in every way I teach you. You will focus your mind and body on obedience to me. Do you understand?”

“I understand,” began her flat reply, “My natural purpose is to obey you in every way you teach me. I will focus my mind and body on obedience to you.” Now that she had calmed down, her body was relaxed and hyper focused. No more tears came from her pretty eyes, which just proved that unruly situations just caused too much harm to women. If only every woman could be kept in such a hypnotic state!

“Okay, good girl.” Trent motioned for her to stand up with him. Her hands did not leave his. Another idea popped into his mind. “I am going to wake you up shortly. You will be glad I mesmerized you and hope to continue your education in that manner. You will be eager to learn new words, but only words suitable for a woman to understand.”

Trent was really impressed with how she was taking to his training. “Now, I am going to snap my fingers. When I do, you will wake up and begin your new life as Cordelia, who obeys me in all things.” He squinted for a moment. “Also, you will address me as ‘Sir’ at all times when we are alone.”

“Yes, Sir,” was her soft, hypnotized, reply.

He snapped his fingers. A few seconds passed before Cordelia’s eyes blinked rapidly, and she let out a very feminine gasp. “Sir,” she quietly said before throwing herself into his arms. The blonde peasant held on to him for many minutes before her Sir finally pulled away.

“Sit down again, Cordelia.” Obediently, Cordelia sat down again, her hand never leaving his.

Trent decided to test out his conditioning. “How do you feel?”

Cordelia brightened and smiled. “Sir, I feel wonderful. Thank you for teaching me a word. Obey is an important word for women to know. It will help me to become a suitable wife for you.”

He could feel his cock stir a bit, but that would have to wait. “If you are well-behaved, I will teach you other words. I have a few in mind already.”

Cordelia clapped her hands together. The formerly frightened woman was now absolutely pleasant and charming. “Oh, that would be such a blessing, Sir. Her smile was quite delightful. She would be beautiful, again he thought, with some proper meals in her.

With that in mind, Trent reached into his bag and took out a knife and a block of cheese. He placed it down and cut off a slice for her. “Are you hungry?” She nodded with enthusiasm. “Here, eat this. We can stop at the next inn and get a nice meal. You need to begin eating properly.”

Cordelia took the cheese and ate it eagerly. The large handfuls plopped into her mouth and pieces fell onto the ground. It was not the most ladylike visual, but Trent knew he could improve her manners. He tossed her another piece of the cheese, which she caught with a loud giggle. She chomped down on it dramatically and did it again when she saw him smile. They were both taking a liking to each other quickly.

After washing their meal down with some water, they stood up and walked back onto the path. “If we encounter anyone, you will lower your eyes around the men and only speak if spoken directly to or instructed to by me. Do you understand?”

Yes, Sir,” Cordelia nodded obediently, “if we encounter anyone, I will lower my eyes around the men and only speak if spoken directly to or instructed by you.” Her passive smile was mirrored by the docility in her eyes.

“Good girl.” He motioned for them to begin walking and they did. He took her hand in his own and leaned into his future wife. “If anyone asks, we are engaged and traveling to the capital of Hershin for my professorship.” He nudged her with his shoulder. “Some parts of that are true, and some may be true at some point.” She giggled and nodded.

They walked for a few hours before reaching an inn. It was still light out, but they decided to settle in for the day and then start up in the morning. The inn was large and had some shops in it. After explaining to the owner that they were traveling, they paid for a dinner and overnight stay and then went over to the shops.

One of them was a women’s clothing shop. They walked in and found a woman sitting at the counter. She was pretty with long red hair and a green dress on. A tag attached to the dress named her “Sarah,” which Trent took note of as they approached her.

“Hello, Sarah,” he began while waving his hands and beginning a hypnotic incantation. “Is anyone else in the shop right now?”

No,” she confirmed in a soft monotone, “no one in here but you.” Sarah, 22, had been schooled a bit to run this business, but the natural weakness of the female mind made even women with some glimpses of intelligence easy to control with the right man enthralling them.

“Good.” Trent looked thoughtful for a few seconds. “This is my….fiancé...Cordelia.” Cordelia gave Sarah a wave. “She requires new clothing. We had a bit of an accident on our way here. Stumbled through some woods and whatnot. She is quite the lady and needs help picking out a new dress. Cordelia could also use some of your finest feminine products as well.”

He put a hand on Sarah’s face. “You are quite lovely yourself. Help her regain her own loveliness. Now obey me.”

Sarah took Cordelia’s hand and immediately took her into a backroom. Trent could hear some discussion about frivolous feminine matters. It was clear from the conversation that Cordelia would need further assistance due to her general ignorance of such concerns, but they could gain that as they went along in their travels.

He wandered around the store. They had dresses, shoes, and other things. Another customer did come in, but he quickly enchanted her and told the woman to come back in an hour. He listened to the conversation in the fitting room again. It was clear that Sarah was trying to teach Cordelia how to do something with makeup.

“Why didn’t you know how to do that?” was a bit of an alarming question, but the pretty redhead dropped it almost immediately.

Eventually, Sarah came out and approached Trent. “I have outfitted your fiancé in our finest clothing.” She stared at him with a docile smile on her face.

“Good girl,” Trent said as he began a new incantation. “Wait by the door in case anyone comes in. Tell them you are temporarily closed if they do.”

Sarah did not speak, but instead moved to obey her controller immediately. Trent admired the sway of her backside. She had potential for an idea that was brewing in his mind.

Cordelia came out of the fitting room and smiled at her controller. Trent took a step back due to the state of shook which took over him. She looked like a totally different person. Her blonde hair was pulled into a tight ponytail. Her face was heavily made up, bringing out the best features that would become much more apparent once she was properly fed. Cordelia stepped towards him in the soft ballerina flats given to her by Sarah. White stockings kept her legs clothed, but she looked a bit uncomfortable in them.

“Wow,” Trent said as he walked over to her. “You look...amazing. Like a lady.”

Cordelia blushed a deep shade of red. “Sir, I don’t know what to say. I’ve never dressed in such a way. I hope it pleases you. I hope it helps me become a suitable wife for you.”

Trent did not respond, but instead motioned for them to walk over to Sarah. “Sarah, my dear, we need to be going.” Sarah turned to him and pouted. “However, I do have a few instructions for you.” He waved his hands for a new incantation. “We will be arriving in the capital of Hershin at some point. When we do, I will send word for you to join us. When I wake you, you will, starting tomorrow, consider selling your business...try luck in the capital...maybe find a man...” He looked over at Cordelia for a second and then back at Sarah. “Do you understand?”

Sarah nodded slowly. “I will wait for word from you to join you in the capital of Hershin. When I wake up, I will be starting tomorrow, considering selling my business. I will try my luck in the capital...maybe find a man...” She drifted off and stared at her controller with empty eyed devotion.

“Good girl,” Trent whispered. He put a hand on her arm. “We do need to go, though. If we encounter you again, treat us like a normal customer who came in to buy a dress. When I snap my fingers, you will wake up and follow my commands.”

Trent snapped his fingers. Sarah blinked back to life. “Oh, excuse me,” she apologized with a blush, “I have work to do. Thank you for buying the dress! Maybe I will see you in the capital one day!” The redhead walked away quickly and resumed her work while Trent and Cordelia left the store.

It was nearing the evening. “We should get dinner,” Trent announced to his companion. Cordelia followed quietly and lowered her eyes around men as he had instructed her to do. He was impressed with her ability to follow instruction.

They entered the dining area just as it was beginning to become busy as those staying at the inn already and travelers began coming in. Trent and Cordelia were brought to a table in the back away from the quickly vanishing sun. Cordelia remained silent, with eyes lowered, and looked at him when the owner of the restaurant asked for her name before answering once Trent nodded enthusiastically.

The server came over to them after a moment. Her tag said “Evelyn” and she smiled at both of them, although looked tired. A nap in the afternoon had not aided much with her general exhaustion from a long week of work.

Trent nodded at her and, again, introduced himself and his “fiancé” as traveling to the capital. “I noticed a river about a half mile down the path from this inn,” he remarked to Evelyn. “Are fish caught from there?”

Evelyn, 25, nodded. “Yes, every few days one of the owner’s sons goes and catches more. He was just there today, so it’s fresh and ready for cooking.”

“Excellent. I would like some fish then with cheese and a glass of ale.” He motioned towards Cordelia. “My fiancé here with have the same, minus the ale.” Cordelia looked up at the server and smiled.

Evelyn sighed. “You got it. Two orders of the fish with an ale and cheese.” Those dreaded upper-class women, she thought, were basically property. It had gotten so much worse since that new King and his wife had come along. The couples who traveled through seemed more like Master and slave to her than husband and wife.

They ate their meals in peace. Cordelia began chomping on the fish, but Trent stopped her. “Smaller bites. It’s not going to vanish. Or be stolen by a family member.”

Cordelia stared at him for a few seconds and then slowly nodded. He had clearly guessed some of her lived experiences and lack of fulfillment of material needs. “Yes, Sir,” she mouthed to him with a grin and took a smaller, gentler, more ladylike, bite of the fish. Trent had to admit, she was quite a compelling lady.

They ate the cheese next. Trent observed that Cordelia already looked brighter and less world-weary from even one solid meal. He sipped his ale and they discussed their next few days.

“We still have a few days left to travel. I would say at least three more full days and then another morning, likely. A bit more than I thought, but plenty of time for us to spend together and continue getting to know each other.” An idea came to him. He leaned across the table. “I can teach you more words too. In fact, tonight, I will teach you another when we retire for the evening.”

Cordelia gasped with excitement and clapped her hands together. “Sir, that would be wonderful! I really like the first word you taught me.”

A moment later, their waitress Evelyn came back and Trent paid for the meal with some coins. He gave her a generous tip that she hid well, so the owner would not see it. Trent made a mental note of that as an issue to deal with before they left in the morning.

After leaving their table, they went into the main dining hall to listen to a bard. He was telling a story that Trent had read for a university course on modern literature. It was a tale, about a princess who became lost, but then found by a charming man, that was told in many cultures to promote feminine obedience. Most in the room nodded along, but how much they would actually adapt it to their lives would to be determined. It was certainly harder for the lower classes to do so.

Afterward, Trent and Cordelia went up to the bard, and he spoke with the elderly man briefly. Cordelia’s eyes remained lowered during the conversation, and she never said a word. It felt so good to follow Sir’s instructions. It felt so good to obey.

A stray thought passed through her mind as Trent was wrapping up his conversation with the bard: Her mother would have been so much happier if she always obeyed a man. Perhaps Sir could teach them to read as well!

In their room, Cordelia froze at the door. Her heart began racing as the events from the day overwhelmed the delicate woman. Tears streamed down her face as Trent turned back and frowned. “What is wrong?” She began sobbing and padded over to him and hugged herself against his body. After a moment, Trent put it together and realized what was wrong. She had started the day as an unwanted peasant being chased by undesirable criminals and was ending the day as the hypnotic thrall of a man heading to the capital of their country to, perhaps, take her as his wife. She had learned her first word of writing. It was a lot to take in.

Trent wrapped his strong, protective, arms around her. Once she began settling down a bit, he whispered an incantation in her ear, which put Cordelia into another trance. The magic doer took her hand and led the enthralled slave to the room’s desk and they sat down.

“I have another word to teach you, Cordelia. Are you ready to learn a new word?”

“Yes, Sir,” was her calm, monotone, reply. A few tears still littered her face.

“Good girl.” He took a pencil and wrote out a new word. “This word, like obey, is critical.” We wrote out the word “honor.” “This word is called ‘honor.’ ‘H-O-N-O-R. Do you understand?”

Cordelia nodded slowly as the letters began to make sense. She recognized O from “obey!” “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. Honor is important. Honoring a man doesn’t just mean obeying him. It means treating him right. It means doing your duties, looking your best, and being a lovely lady. You looked quite wonderful today, and that lovely woman Sarah taught you how to accentuate your appearance. You honor me by looking and being your most ladylike. Obeying me is a mental task, but honoring me is a psychical task. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” she confirmed.

“Good girl,” Trent whispered. He said another incantation which woke his thrall up from her trance.

Cordelia blinked back to life and threw her arms around him again. “Sir! Thank you for teaching me another word! Honor is a critical word for a woman to know!” She pulled away, and a fairly seductive expression came across her face. “Sir, you mentioned that honoring a man was a physical act.” She leaned forward and kissed him, which kind of surprised Trent.

Before he could ponder the situation much, Cordelia was on her knees, dropping his pants, and beginning to fellate him. It was clear she was not that experienced, but just as evident that she did have some cocksucking experience. She did very little other than suck him, and he grunted as his cum shot into her mouth. The pretty blonde hypno-slave gasped as some of it leaked out of her mouth, and she ran to the bathroom for a towel to clean up. He was pleased by how disappointed she looked at doing so.

She came back after cleaning herself up and realized Trent was still standing there, cock half erect and cum dripping out. “Oh!” Cordelia gasped in embarrassment. “Sorry!” She padded over and cleaned him up with the hand towel and then kissed his cock again.

Trent put a hand up. “I appreciate your enthusiasm, but it is okay.” He motioned for her to stand. “You did a good job honoring me, Cordelia. We will work on your technique.” He grinned mischievously before adding the words “quite often.”

Cordelia giggled. “Yes, Sir. I would love to honor you again.” She paused for a beat. “Any time you desire, Sir.”

As tempting as that was to Trent in the short term, he knew they needed to get a good night of rest before continuing their travels tomorrow. “I will take you up on that at some point, but as long as you continue to obey and honor me.”

Cordelia lowered her eyes in submissive deference. “Yes, Sir.”

“We need to get some rest before our trip continues.” He looked over at a couch on the side of the room. “I will sleep on that couch so you can have the bed.” Cordelia pouted, but even a glance from him caused her to stop. “Sharing a bed with a woman is a rather intimate experience. I still have more to teach you before we can do that. Do you understand?”

She nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

Trent quietly said an incantation which put her into an immediate trance. “Go to sleep immediately. I will wake you in the morning. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” Cordelia confirmed in a monotone voice. “I will go to sleep immediately. You will wake me in the morning. Good night, Sir.” She immediately lay down on the bed and went to sleep without even drawing the covers.

“Maybe don’t be so literal next time,” Trent muttered to himself before putting his own blanket over her sleeping body. At least it was a warm summer evening, so it would not bother him much to sleep without one.

Trent stayed up for a little while longer to make notes about his day with Cordelia. She had been effortless to control and adjust to his needs. The female mind was simple by nature, but she seemed aggressively ignorant even for a peasant. Still, she was charming and with some work, could be gorgeous. Her sexual skills were raw, but so were just about any woman, or man for that matter, at their age, still both only in their early twenties. He had some experience, of course, but knew there was a need for improvement on his end as well. Men at the university who bragged about how great they were often full of shit, and it was obvious.

He fell asleep and slept peacefully. The sun came up over the couch where he lay, so he rose with it. Cordelia was still sleeping, and would presumably until he woke her, so Trent went downstairs to put in their breakfast order. He instructed the pretty waitress, a different one from the night before, to bring up their order in about 30 minutes because his fiancé was still asleep.

Trent went over to Cordelia’s sleeping body and watched her for a moment. She was calm and looked completely at peace. He realized that, given the disruptive issues in her life, she probably had not had a good night of sleep in a long time. How can a lady be at her best if she does not?

Cordelia immediately woke up at his spoken command. She looked up at him, smiled, and stretched out. “Sir, good morning,” she said in a sleepy voice. He reached down and kissed her gently before laying on the top of his thrall.

“Sir,” Cordelia breathed out, “is there anything I can do?” She looked at him with rampant sexual desire. Her expression begged for a cock inside the simple peasant’s body.

Trent nodded slowly. “Later,” he said with a shrug. Breakfast is coming in a few minutes. We have to travel today. There is another inn some miles down the path. When we get there, I will teach you another important word.” Cordelia would have pouted, but news that she was going to learn another word made her jump into his arms. She had always felt so adversarial and unsafe around men. It felt so nice to feel safe with one for once.

Their happy moment was interrupted by a knock at the door. “Go get our breakfast,” Trent encouraged Cordelia.

She padded over to the door, opened it, and greeted and women holding the tray. It was filled with cheese, warm biscuits, and coffee. She took it from her, offered a tip, and brought the tray into the room.

Cordelia came back over and placed the tray down on a table. Trent brought chairs over to it, and they sat down to enjoy their meal. They lightly conversed, and his thrall ate much slower today.

“Do you feel fuller now?” He asked at one point.

“Yes, Sir,” she vigorously nodded to confirm. “I really like this biscuit! I haven’t had one in so long.”

Trent sighed. One day, they would return to her village to deal with the family that had dumped her out into the streets. He idly wondered if her mother was as pretty as Cordelia.

They finished their coffees, which were excellent, and he made a mental note to purchase some downstairs for their travels. After cleaning up and leaving the tray outside their door, Trent took Cordelia’s hands in his own again. He gently kissed her as memories of their intimate moment the night before came flooding back to him.

The other thing that came flooding to him was their smell. Cordelia noticed it too and both of them giggled. “I’ll go first and then go downstairs to take care of the bill,” he commented before heading to the bathing room.

Trent took a brief shower and washed his face. In a few days, he would have to consider shaving, but that could wait. For a moment, he wondered what Cordelia would think of it. The scholar was quickly realizing he had feelings for her beyond her being a subject for his experiment.

He switched out tunics and came back into their room. Cordelia passed by him with a mischievous look on her face, which almost dared her hypnotist to follow her in. Trent felt that would be a violation of her modesty and declined with a negative shake of the head. Naughty lady.

Her modesty was in his thoughts a lot as he ventured downstairs. The word Trent would be teaching her today was another essential one and would hopefully instill proper virtues into her. If he was, however, to begin more actively considering taking her as a romantic companion, he would have to lay claim to her and declare rules about modest attitudes and means of dress. At the next inn they stopped at, this could be taken care of. They would get to it after lunch, it looked like from the map.

Downstairs, he thanked the inn owner for the good meals and a bed to sleep in. Trent did not see the pretty waitress from the night before, but figured she was probably asleep. He asked a few questions about the next part of their travels and confirmed that they could be there early in the afternoon. The inn owner knew the owner of that inn as well and said he was a kind man.

Trent shook his hand, promised they would be back if in the area, and returned upstairs. When he opened the door, Cordelia came out of the bathing area, and he could not believe what he saw.

Even with the limited information given to her yesterday, Cordelia had made herself up quite nicely. She looked clean and pretty after taking a fresh shower. A few good meals had put a smile on her face and a skip in her step as she padded over to greet her enthraller. “Hello, Sir,” she said while curtsying awkwardly.

Trent had to laugh at her attempt to be graceful. It was cute. He hugged her tightly and they kissed again. “Come on, Cordelia, we need to leave if we are going to make our travel goal for today.” She took his outstretched hand in her own and did not give it back for a large part of their morning travel.

They walked hand in hand for a few hours, chatting about his studies, which she had become curious about. Cordelia asked some interesting questions, which let him talk about his majors and other interests, like literature.

At the height of the morning, they stopped to eat lunch. Trent handed Cordelia some cheese and water. They ate quietly, and she was now, after being fully nourished, eating much more sensibly. He gave her another small piece, and she put it in the pocket of her dress to eat as they traveled. Seeing her do that without being encouraged warmed his heart. She was adjusting quickly and learning so much. It was quite impressive to see a woman do so in front of him.

They cleaned up their meals and then sat again to enjoy the gentle breeze of the late morning. Trent looked away awkwardly for a moment while thinking about something. His attention was brought back by Cordelia asking him a simple question.

“Sir,” she began, “you are thinking about mesmerizing me again, aren’t you?”

Trent stared at her for a few seconds before smiling and nodded. Cordelia got out a small giggle before falling deeply into trance again at his slightest enchantment. She was going under easier and easier each time.

The wind blew behind them for a moment before Trent spoke again. “Cordelia, can you hear me?”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied in her usual monotone voice.

“Good girl. Today I am going to teach you another word. It is an essential word for women to know because it pertains to both your values, but to your appearance as well. It is also a more complicated word, so we will talk through it slowly.” He took out a piece of paper and pencil, and then wrote out a new word phonetically: “fem-in-ine”

“The new word is ‘feminine.’” He wrote it out again for her: “fem….in….ine. Feminine.”

Cordelia stared at it. She recognized a few letters from her previous lessons. There was an E and an O, but the other letters were new. Bravely, however, she took the pencil from her enthraller and began tracing out all the letters. “Fem-in-ine.”

“Good girl. Being feminine is as important as honoring and obeying me. It is both a psychical and mental concern. Let me explain.” Trent waved his hands a few times to put her in an even deeper trance. He was unsure how Cordelia’s simple...feminine...mind would react to attempting to learn two concepts at once. Once she was clearly in a perfectly suggestible state, he continued the lesson.

“Being feminine,” he began, “is a psychical state of being. You look lovely today, Cordelia, but could look even better. At the next inn, we will work on that. Your appearance is crucial, and the impression people get from it says a lot about not only you, but of the man accompanying you. It is important to be feminine. In the capital, a woman is expected to be feminine in her appearance at all times. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” Cordelia confirmed. “I can look better. My appearance is crucial. The impression people get from it says a lot about me, but also you. It is important that I be feminine. In the capital, I will be expected to be feminine in appearance at all times.”

Trent squeezed her arm. “Good girl. Being feminine is also a mental state as well. Women should be concerned with feminine ideas. Your focus should be on the home, on domestic issues, and homemaking. Politics and intellectual concerns are not feminine and should be reserved for men. Your views on those mattered will be taught to you by the man in your life. Women with unruly political and intellectual views can be reeducated, but should be shunned otherwise. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” his puppet replied in her most monotone confirmation yet, “Being feminine is a mental state. I should be concerned with feminine ideas. My focus is on the home, domestic issues, and homemaking. You will teach me my political and intellectual views. Unruly women should be reeducated.”

Trent nodded with fascination. Cordelia was beginning to recite his lessons in her own words. He hypothesized that with each trance, the lessons were becoming firmer, and she would continue to show more passions towards them. Interesting.

He woke her and she smiled at him. “Sir! Feminine! Every woman must be feminine!” Cordelia hugged him tightly and hung on for a long moment. They pulled away and then kissed again.

Cordelia’s eyes lit up as she began speaking. “Sir, do you think we can help other women with your lessons? Oh, how nice it would be to have friends! Any woman who does not accept your lessons should be made to learn them.”

That kind of mixed up some of the lesson, but close enough, he thought. “Well, yes, I think we can once we get to the capital. There will certainly be women worthy of my lessons.”

They cleaned up lunch and walked for a little bit before reaching the inn shown to Trent on the map. The inn owner was a kind, elderly, man who had a few women from a local village running his shops and working in the dining hall.

After settling into their room, Trent and Cordelia made their way downstairs and walked over to the clothing shop that was run by a pretty woman whose tag had the name “Peri” on it. She was short, busty, and showed an ample amount of cleavage via her low cut dress that shaped her 30-year-old body.

“Hello!” She exclaimed as the shopkeeper came over to them. “My name is Peri. How can I help you today?”

Trent looked around. There were no other customers in the inn. It was early in the day and many people were likely out and about in their days. He glanced over at Cordelia, who grinned back mischievously.

“You can help me,” Trent said, as he cast a spell on Peri, watching her immediately lose any hint of free will in her eyes and expression, “by helping my friend here with picking out a new dress. You have no purpose but pleasing me. You will please me by impressing my friend and me with your selection. Do you understand?”

“I understand,” she replied blankly. I will help your friend pick out a new dress. I have no purpose but to please you. I will please you by impressing you and her with what I select.”

“Good girl.” Trent thought for a moment. “I will wake you now. When I do, you will greet Cordelia here,” he waved at his other thrall, “as if you are old friends.” He glanced at Cordelia, and she nodded, getting the hint and then snapped his fingers to wake her dear old friend.

Peri blinked back to life and smiled at her friend. “Cordelia!” she yelled out while jumping into a hug with her. Cordelia held on to her, feeling an odd pang at the woman’s large bust being crunched up against her. Finally, they pulled away. “It is so nice to see you again.”

“Um, yes,” Cordelia improvised, realizing she was not ready for this, “it is nice to see a friend I have not...seen in a long time?” The final part came out like a question, but Peri did not notice.

“Come on,” Peri ordered her friend, “we need to pick out a dress for you. I have to impress you both.” A few seconds went by. “My only purpose is to please him,” she commented while pointing at Trent. “Is your purpose to please him too?”

Cordelia turned and faced Trent. “Why yes,” she said with a smile and happy glint in her eye, “my only purpose is to please him too.”

The women held hands as they padded into the backroom to try on dresses so they could impress their controller. There was some commotion for a while and Trent could hear conversation and giggling as Cordelia tried on a few items. They were not arguing really, but there did seem to be some disagreement. Such silly women.

Trent browsed the store for a bit while the enthralled women obeyed his instructions. This shop had nice dresses, stockings, and other feminine items. The high heels sold in the store were also desirable for her, but could wait until they arrived in the capital as they were not really suitable for travel. He stopped at one in particular and made an impulsive decision to take a few for Cordelia, as they fit into his evolving philosophy for how a lady, his lady, perhaps, should dress.

Finally, he could hear some consensus coming together. Another customer wandered in, but he mesmerized them to return in an hour and they left. Finally, his future wife and her friend came out of the dressing area, and he was floored by what he saw in front of him.

The blue dress that Cordelia wore fit her quite nicely and was snug in the appropriate places. She wore white stockings underneath and ballerina flats, which were fancier than her previous shoes that looked like hand me downs from another family member. Peri had aided her greatly with her makeup, which looked lovely.

Cordelia stepped forward and curtsied for Sir. This one was a little more graceful than the previous one. He motioned for them to reenter the dressing area and they, confused, obeyed.

Trent took her hands in his own. “I think you look delightful. Very feminine.” He paused as Cordelia brightened and hugged Peri. “Both of you achieved impressive results.”

“Thank you,” Peri commented, “our only purpose is to please you.”

“I know.” Trent waved his hands and put both of them in a trance again. “Peri, I am so happy you were able to help your dear old friend Cordelia today. Tonight, after our dinner, I would like you to join us up in our room for the evening. I have some special plans for the two of you. Until then, maintain your shop until closing time. Do you understand?”

“I understand,” Peri replied softly. After your dinner, I will join you for the evening. You have special plans for us. Until then, I will maintain the shop until closing time.”

“Good girl.” Trent snapped his fingers. “Well, we need to be going, but we will see you tonight.”

Peri nodded. “Yes, after your dinner I will join you in your room.” She hugged Cordelia. “It’s so nice to see an old friend!”

Trent and Cordelia stopped in another shop to replenish their food and water stocks. They only had one more full day of travel and then a half day left before arriving at the capital.

They settled into their room, which was fairly large. This inn had been built on a large plot of land, so it could afford to do so. Cordelia sat down on the bed and drank some water. Trent walked over to her and pulled her up and into his arms for a kiss. He was beginning to really feel like they could spend their lives together.

Cordelia returned the kiss and hugged him. “I have something to show you,” her controller commented before walking to his bag, which he had set down on the ground previously, and taking something out of it.

He held up a blue scarf. It was a lighter shade with white streaks on it. “An important aspect of being feminine for a lady is also only sharing parts of her body with others that he approves. This is why a lady wears dresses and stylish shoes. This is also why you are expected to cover your legs.”

Trent handed the scarf to Cordelia. “I would like you to cover your hair as well. At least in public. I believe, at least,” he scratched his beard, “my hypothesis is that not only is a more modest appearance more feminine, but also will highlight your beauty. It will also focus you on your submission as a reminder of the duty of a woman to a man.”

Cordelia took the long scarf, wrapped it once around her neck, and then loosely around her head. Some of her hair still stuck out, but Trent nodded his approval.

“I like it,” he declared, “it brings out your facial features. Your eyes.”

Cordelia blushed and lowered them to the floor. She was getting used to doing that more and more. “Thank you, Sir.” Suddenly, the pretty thrall stood up and walked over to the bathroom and examined herself in front of the mirror.

Trent came over and stood behind her. “Sir, I like it,” Cordelia said quietly. “It focuses me on my femininity. It makes me want to be more obedient.” She turned around and hugged him tightly. “Sir, thank you so much for caring so much about me.” He could feel her heart racing against him. His own heart had begun to feel the same.

They rested for a while and generally enjoyed the company of each other. Trent thought about enthralling her again, but decided against it. The future husband and wife went downstairs for an early dinner. Cordelia kept her eyes lowered at all times until they reached their table. The meal consisted of pasta with cheese and local fruits. Trent took a glass of wine, but only water for Cordelia.

Their conversation was quiet as they consumed the meal. Cordelia was now eating normally and taking ladylike bites. Trent was deeply pleased with how easily she adapted to more sensible eating habits. He thought about sharing his wine with her, but decided to wait until they were in a more private setting to properly introduce her to libations.

Again, after finishing the meal, they watched the early performance by a small trope of actors passing through the area. Cordelia was fascinated by it and Trent made a mental note to schedule theater evenings as part of their routine in the capital. After the performance, which was superb for such a small group, Trent and Cordelia retired to their room for the evening. He brought up a bottle of wine purchased in the dining hall and placed it in his bag to celebrate their first night when they arrived in the capital. Well, he “purchased” it if you mean he enchanted the inn owner momentarily to hand it out as a freebie.

He was just putting his bag back on the shelf by the door when there was a soft knock on it. Trent looked over at Cordelia’s, whose smile beamed at him upon realizing who it would be, and walked over, at his motion, and opened the door.

Peri was on the other side of it. “Hello, dear friend! Oh, that scarf is so pretty!” She hugged her tightly and Cordelia returned it. The shop owner took her new, old, friend’s hand, and they turned to face Trent. At her urging they walked over and Cordelia knelt before him with Peri joining her after a few seconds.

Trent took a step towards them and placed his boot right before their knees. “Good girls. Tell me, what is your purpose?”

“My only purpose is to please you,” they both remarked in unison, which got a giggle out of both women.

His attention turned to Peri. “My dear, what did you do after we left earlier?”

Peri smiled proudly. “I went back to my shop and maintained it until closing time. I then waited for your dinner to end before coming up here.”

Trent looked thoughtful. “Wait...did you spy on us?”

Peri’s eyes shifted to the floor. “Well, I, uh, well...I wanted to make sure I came up at the right time! I’m so sorry!”

Trent laughed. “Oh, it’s fine. Your only purpose is to please me, so you did your best to make sure you showed up at the right time. I am pleased, but spying on me and very naughty indeed.” He reached down and cupped his thrall’s face. “Get down on all fours for me.”

Peri immediately moved to obey him and sat down as instructed. A silly feeling went through her body like she was a dog. These thoughts were brief as Trent firmly spanked her backside five times. She winced at the pain of it all and turned to him with confusion mirrored in her eyes.

“I still needed to discipline you. More women need discipline,” he mused out lout. Trent looked over at Cordelia. “More women need to be kept in line by their submissive sisters.” He pointed at his thrall. “Spank her like I did.”

Cordelia paused for a few seconds, staring at her friend’s backside, before getting up off the floor and spanking Peri’s backside as hard as she could for as many times as Trent did previously. Obviously, Cordelia’s gentle feminine hands did not strike quick as firmly as Trent’s strong, masculine, ones did, but the impact was still felt by her friend.

Trent leaned down towards Peri. “I still felt you needed discipline.” He looked over at Cordelia. “I think all women need discipline.” Cordelia blushed deeply and looked down at the floor. “Peri you are a beautiful woman who understands her place. I think I see a lot of potential in you. When you join us in the capital, I will see to your further enlightenment.”

Trent put both women back into trance. They returned to kneeling at his feet. He leaned back and sat down on the bed. “My dutiful pets, I have an important lesson for you this evening. I think the two of you, such old friends, should be a bit more than friends. I think you should be the best of friends.” He looked to Cordelia. What do you think?”

Cordelia looked up at him. “Sir, I think Peri and I should be the best of friends.” Of course, they should! It made perfect sense.

Peri looked up as well. “Sir,” she began, emulating her best friend, “I think Cordelia and I should be the best of friends.” They had been friends for so long, so it made so much sense. Cordelia was so lucky to have a wise man in her life.

“Cordelia,” Trent said quietly, “I think you should show your affection for your friend by kissing her.”

Cordelia stared at Peri for a few seconds before obeying the command. Peri returned the kiss after getting over how startled she was by the action. They made out for a moment before turning their attention back to Trent.

“Good girls. When Peri arrives in the capital to join us, I think you will be doing that a lot more.” Both women blushed and lowered their eyes. “Now, another intimate moment you can share with each other is erotic pleasure. Now, of course, sex is only permitted within the marital bed, but there are other things you can do. Cordelia, why don’t you show Peri what you did last night. Take your scarf off before you begin.”

“Sir, of course,” Cordelia breathed out with excitement. She dropped the scarf to the floor as her hair dropped below her shoulders. Her hands wrapped around Trent’s belt, and she undid his pants to reveal his hard cock. The hypnotized peasant slid it into her mouth and began fellating him with deep care. She licked his balls and stroked his cock to rock hardness before turning to Peri with a mischievous grin.

Peri nudged her best friend out of the way and stroked him more before putting it in her mouth. She was a bit more experienced than Cordelia and enthusiastically sucked his cock while Cordelia pleasured their controller’s balls with her hand. They swapped a few times until Trent was sure he would cum. Both women were desperate for the reward of Trent’s cum, but that gift was only given to Cordelia, who swallowed it down enthusiastically.

Cordelia and Peri padded over to the bathroom and cleaned each other up while Trent waited on the bed. They returned to him, holding hands, and knelt again. Cordelia leaned over and kissed Peri, who returned it.

“Good girls,” Trent said with proud care in his voice. He looked outside at the dark night. Tomorrow was a big day and it was time for sleep. “Peri, it is time for you to go. In two weeks, I want you to leave for the capital. Meanwhile, you will put your shop up for sale. Once it is sold, you will wait out the time and then begin traveling. When you arrive, please come find us.”

He reached down and touched her chin with a finger. “Beginning tomorrow, you will begin wearing a headscarf like your best friend. Your headscarf will signify your submission. You will not tell anyone about that, though. For now, that is our secret. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” Peri confirmed, “I will put my shop up for sale. Once it is sold, I will wait until two weeks have passed and then travel to the capital. I will find you there. I will begin wearing a headscarf tomorrow. My headscarf signifies my submission. I will not tell anyone that for now.” She stared up at him with submission mirrored in her eyes.

Trent nodded. “Good girl. Say goodbye to your best friend.”

Peri hugged Cordelia. “Goodbye! I will see you soon.” They kissed again, and she padded out of their room and downstairs to head back to her own room at the inn. She would stop on the way to her shop to pick up two scarfs to try out in the morning before opening for the day.

He turned his attention to Cordelia and motioned for her to rise. “Did you enjoy this night?” She nodded with enthusiasm. He kissed her and then pulled the hypno-slave into an embrace. “We need to get some sleep. Tomorrow we will arrive in the capital. I will sleep on the couch again.”

Cordelia stared at him. Her eyes then lowered to his half hard cock.

Trent put a hand up. “In the morning.” He stared at her. She looked beautiful in the moonlight. “After all, I have one more word to teach you in the morning.” He then entranced her and command his slave to go to sleep, which he also did after taking a few minutes to write up some notes.

* * *

In the morning, Trent woke up with the sunlight again. He looked over at Cordelia and found her still sleeping silently. For a while, the future professor wrote in his notebook, detailing further plans for their time in the capital. He also confessed, in writing, for the first time, that he had strong feels for Cordelia. She was certainly the one he wanted to spend his life with as his wife. Perhaps with a few other women, such as the ones they had met on their travels, as his harem too. He let her sleep for a little while longer while his musings continued to fill the notebook’s pages before waking her up.

Trent finished writing in his notebook and walked over to the bed. He kissed Cordelia on the head and woke her up. “Hi,” she said through sleepy eyes. Her controller leaned down to kiss the pretty peasant. He pulled himself up onto the bed and began pulling at her dress. She panted loudly at his aggressive touch, but compliantly laid there for him.

He said a quiet incantation, which put her back in trance immediately. “For now, there is only one more word I need to teach you. Please sit up.” Cordelia immediately obeyed. “The final word you need to learn is LOVE. L-O-V-E.” He wrote it out for her.

“Love is a vital word. Love, for a woman,” he argued to the enthralled peasant, “is the most feminine emotion possible. Love involves a complete submission of mind, body, and soul to her husband. He is her Master, and she is his slave.” He put a hand on Cordelia’s chin. “Cordelia, it is apparent at this point that I am your Master, do you agree?”

“Yes, Master,” she replied in a quiet monotone.

“Good girl. So then what does that mean?”

“Master,” Cordelia began, “it means I completely submit my mind, body, and soul to you as my husband and Master. I am your slave. I love you.”

Trent sighed. “I love you too, Cordelia. We will marry in the capital after our audience with the King and Queen. Your friends Sarah and Peri will join us. I am sure there will be many women in the capital that will want to learn how to read like you have, my dear.” He woke her up from the incantation, the final one he would have to do to her for a while.

“Master!” Cordelia yelled as she threw herself into his protective arms. Trent held his future wife tightly and then pulled away. They kissed and hugged again.

“Come on, we need to get ready to leave. We still have a few hours journey before we reach our destination.” Trent led Cordelia to the bathroom. He waited outside while she got into the shower and then entered to do his ablutions before taking his own once she was out of it.

He was checking his map when Cordelia came out of the bathroom. She looked absolutely stunning in her dress, headscarf, and makeup. The blonde woman had put on a new pair of stockings, but the same ballet slippers, which she used to pad over to her Master for a kiss. “Good morning, Master.”

She helped him to get their belongings together, and they went downstairs to thank the inn owner before heading out on the path to begin wrapping up their travels. At the top of the hill above the massive, hundreds of years old, tree the inn was wrapped around, they stopped and looked back down at it. In the window of her shop, they saw Peri, now wearing a headscarf just like her best friend, speaking to a man and wife.

She motioned towards the scarves in hopes of making a sale, and it looked optimistic from where Trent and Cordelia stood on the hill. They shared a smile, interlocked their hands, and began marching towards the end of their journey.

As they walked, they continued to converse about many things. Trent promised nights at the theater, and they discussed details of the wedding, although he said she would primarily deal with those. Eventually, a conversation about a family began to form.

“Of course,” Trent offered as they walked out of the wooded area that led to the hill they would go down in their final descent towards the capital, “you will be bred.” He stopped and kissed his wife. “I am looking forward to seeing your body plump with pregnancy.”

“Oh,” Cordelia responded with a squeal, “how soon will my body bare your seed?”

“Well, of course,” Trent continued, “we need to wait until the wedding. But once that happens...” His future wife’s eyes lit up with excitement as a deep, natural, pang for pregnancy filled her body. She could not wait to be of such service to her Master.

They walked down the hill to the entrance of Hershin’s capital. Trent showed the badge sent to him by King William, and they were quickly escorted inside and informed that quarters had already been found for them in the castle and that King William and Queen Sabina awaited their arrival with great anticipation.

Inside the gates of the capital, they wandered around for a bit looking at various shops and made a pass through the theater district. The future Mr. and Mrs. Henriad walked from the farmer’s market where, as the story went, the King and Queen, herself a peasant at the time, met for the first time.

In the market, a place for citizens to eat and be social had been set up. Many women, a number of them pregnant, chatted while others tried to push their wares on them. At the far end of the table, Trent and Cordelia could see a woman in a deep debate with two others. He took her hand, and they decided to get closer to hear what the commotion was about.

They found a tall blonde woman making a passionate argument for women’s education. “I demand, sisters, that the men should teach us to read, so we can participate in the arts and maybe, one day, politics even! I don’t think it is too much to ask to be able to understand what is written for our faith, for our laws, and ourselves.”

The crowd dispersed after a few minutes of banter. Cordelia watched the woman during it in silence. Suddenly, she turned to her Master. “I think we can teach her how to read.” Trent nodded, and they began walking over to the woman.

* * *

“I cannot believe you are selling! You are just beginning to show a profit!” Peri’s sister Gwendolyn, 28, was deeply upset of the sudden decision made by her, which made no sense. “All you ever wanted to do was run a business, and now you have sold it to go to the capital.”

“Well now I want to go to the capital.” Peri was so sad that Gwendolyn did not understand her need to please Master.

“...and then there is the headscarf!” She did not understand it. Was Peri going to join a religious order?

“I like my headscarf. I think it’s good to wear.” Peri did not understand why Gwendolyn would not wear one when she had asked. “I want to be more feminine. I’m leaving. Goodbye.” She picked up her bag and left her sister’s home for the final time. The enthralled woman headed towards the travel hill and did not look back.

Gwendolyn nodded her head sadly. Something was wrong. Soon enough, once her affairs were settled here, she would follow Peri to the capital.

The End

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