Love Falls Education Foundation

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #sub:female #bondage #clothing #D/s #growth #scifi

Mercedes Jaynes applied for a position as the assistant director of the Love Falls Education Foundation. The LFEF is a place for women to thrive, network, and gain experience in what the foundation refers to as “proper attitudes for success in modern society as a woman.”

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

ABOUT: Love Falls is a town where women learn “how to succeed as a woman in modern society.” This success comes from submission to men. A few more Love Falls stories will be coming to the archive soon.

* * *

Mercedes Jaynes, 25, entered the large coffee shop in Love Falls, which was the small city she had moved to in the previous week to take her first real job. Fresh out of business school, she had applied and then interviewed for a position as the assistant director of the year old Love Falls Education Foundation. The LFEF was a place for women to thrive, network, and gain experience in what the foundation referred to as “proper attitudes for success in modern society as a woman.” From their website, it seemed much of this was about offering mentoring, networking, and opportunity. They were highly selective with who they allowed to not only attend, which was primarily women of university age with a few exceptions, but who could work there. Mercedes felt, after reviewing the preparatory materials, an introduction video and then some audio instructions she listened to a few times during her move, quite lucky to have been chosen to work at the Love Falls Education Foundation.

The red-haired woman was of Scottish, although she knew little about it, descent and had a shapely body she worked out five days a week at the gym. Mercedes had not had a chance to get to her new gym, so she had gone for an early morning run today, came home, showered, dressed, and then left for work. She dressed in the style deemed acceptable at university for professional women: A dark-colored sweater, dressy, and expensive, pants, stockings, and high heels. Her nails were white-tipped and her makeup accentuated her green eyes and glossy pink lips. Mercedes felt stylish, professional, and feminine all at once, which was always her goal.

Nevertheless, as she took off her over-sized sunglasses upon entering the shop, she was stunned to see how beautiful all the servers were. All women, they wore tight purple, very short, shorts, and tight shirts of the same hue. Each one was made up glamorously, especially for a morning shift at a coffee shop, and wore a happy expression on their faces. She took a few steps inside and entered the line behind a handful of professional looking men. For reasons unbeknownst to her, the redhead lowered her eyes to the floor and stared at the reflection of the overhead lights on her shiny black high heels. After a moment, she pulled out her phone and looked through the morning news, but her eyes remained affixed in a lowered position with realizing it.

At the register, a very upbeat blonde took her order and returned, hips swaying, with her coffee after a moment. Mercedes noticed the platform sneakers the woman, whose name tag said “Jenni,” with a heart over the i, wore and rolled her eyes internally. She made her way over to the condiment table and waited quietly for a man in a blazer, sweater, and tie to finish adding soy milk to his coffee. He smiled at her, which got her complete attention. The man was probably around 30, with a slight patch of gray in his beard that she thought made him quite handsome.

“Never seen you before,” the handsome man, dark haired, commented with a nod.

Mercedes stopped pouring her own milk and looked up. “Yes, I am new here.” She stared at him with a slight smile, her perfectly white teeth matching her equally perfect white-tipped manicure. In the moment that he had spoken to her, the man had become her entire world. However, the redhead businesswoman did not notice this issue.

The man motioned for her to follow him outside towards their cars. Mercedes followed without questioning him. Outside on the coffee shop’s porch, he stopped them and put out a hand to her. “My name is Marcus.”

Mercedes took his strong hand in her own small, feminine, hands. “Mercedes.”

“You seem to be heading to work too. Where are you working?” Marcus smiled reassuringly at her and took a sip from his coffee.

“I work at the Love Falls Education Foundation.” Mercedes replied automatically, blushing slightly at the handsome man’s smile.

Marcus nodded. “That is wonderful. My...organization...does philanthropy work with them from time to time.” After a moment, he added, “did you know that some of the employees of this coffee shop are students, or used to be, at Love Falls Education Foundation?”

Internally, Mercedes rolled her eyes, but she smiled at Marcus. “Oh, how interesting.” She looked through the window at Jenni, whose cleavage hung out of her shortly cropped top. “They certainly have unique uniforms.”

He took a business card out of his blazer pocket and handed it to her. “I am sure we will run into each other again at some event.” He shock her hand again. “We should both get to work,” he commented with a wave while heading towards his car. Mercedes immediately began to walk, high heels clicking across the pavement, towards her own car, so she could go to work as well. Sunglasses back on with a destination as her intent, she did not notice Marcus stop before entering his car to send a text message to someone.

The Love Falls Education Foundation was about 10 minutes away, so Mercedes merged back onto the main highway in Love Falls and continued her commute. On the way, she unpaused the audio instructions she had been sent as part of her prep work for beginning her new career at LFEF. A soothing female voice instructed her about various aspects of the foundation, which Mercedes found absolutely enthralling. She could not wait to get to work to help other women achieve, as the foundation’s mission statement claimed, “proper attitudes for success in modern society as a woman.”

At the gate to the Love Falls Education Foundation, Mercedes’ car was stopped. A buff looking woman in pink camo pants and a tight tank top approached her car. The woman had large arms, like a wrestler, and a huge bust. Her brown hair matched the long nails on her hands. The name tag stuck to her tank top said “Barbi,” again with a little heart over the i, on it.

“Identification, please,” Barbi commanded. Her voice was even and without much emotion. Aviator sunglasses hid her eyes, which made it hard for Mercedes to make heads or tails of this woman. After examining them and scanning the newly minted identification card, which had been in her preparatory materials, Barbi nodded to her. “Okay, Miss Jaynes, you can enter Love Falls Education Foundation.” The odd woman returned to her post, pressed a button, and the gate opened, so Mercedes’ car could enter the campus. Once she found a parking spot, the redhead gave herself a once over, freshened up her makeup, and exited the car to walk to the main building where she would begin her day.

Mercedes Jaynes had always been self-confident, had always thought of herself as attractive, but she was, just like in the coffee shop, shocked by what she found inside of Love Falls Education Foundation. Every woman who worked at LFEF was stunning. Hyper feminine, long-legged, and breathtakingly beautiful, each one wore slight variations on the same uniform: Tight sweaters or blouses, tiny miniskirts of various colors, black or white stockings, and sky-high heeled pumps. Each one of them walked with a sexy sway and a passive smile that displayed their perfectly white teeth. All were busy doing something or speaking to someone, normally a man. Not only did Mercedes feel under, or over depending on your perspective, dressed, she felt a loss of self-confidence around all of these women that could be models.

She was broken out of her daydreaming by a tanned, busty, blonde woman waving to her as she walked over as quickly as her black pumps could allow. “Hi!” The woman’s blonde curls bounced around as she got closer. “My name is Matti,” she began with a high-pitched, hyper, voice. Her accent was likely Australian. “I have been assigned by Love Falls Education Foundation to be your first day buddy!” She clapped her hands together with excitement that did not exactly exude professionalism.

Two more blondes walked by, hips swaying in tiny white miniskirts, behind them. Mercedes was stunned by the standards here. “I think I might be under...or over...dressed for this job?”

Matti put a manicured hand on Mercedes’ wrist, blocking her view of the other works. As she stood in front of her, it became clear that the Australian’s breasts had been augmented. “Oh, Love Falls Education Foundation is very specific about how women should dress in a business environment.” The blonde looked Mercedes up and down slowly, a flirty smile actually coming over her face, which made the Scottish woman blush. “You are definitely in violation of the LFEF dress code right now. We expect women to wear appropriate skirts or dresses,” she commented with a smile.

At that moment, Mercedes noticed that Matti had been kneading her wrist with a silver acrylic nail. Before she could reply, the blonde spoke again, pulling her along, their heels clicking on the hard floor. “I need to get you to your orientation. You will learn about stuff like that during it!” Mercedes followed along as quickly as she could, deciding to go along with Matti’s enthusiasm. She did not mind not being allowed to wear pants; many business environments were still quite old-fashioned about how women dressed, which did not bother her. At orientation, the redhead assumed she would learn about any other important intricacies of working at Love Falls Education Foundation.

They went down a hallway and Matti stopped them in front of a large door literally marked “orientation.” Mercedes shrugged at Matti and entered the room after the Australian swiped two manicured fingers across a fingerprint scanner. Inside of it were a few rooms of chairs, she assumed were for orientates. “Am I the only—?” she began to ask, but stopped after being grabbed by the arms from inside the shadows of the room. “What the fuck?” She yelled out. A long mirror in front of her showed that Barbi, the guard from earlier, had apprehended her. Another muscular woman whose tag read “Bambi,” another heart drawn over the i, stood at Barbi’s side. As Mercedes made eye contract, however, the platinum blonde guard snapped to attention as someone else entered the room, which she noticed, turning her head, that Matti did as well.

As quickly as Mercedes’ heart had raced while being...well, she was not even sure what this was...her heart slowed, and she relaxed as a handsome man in a tie and sweater with a lab coat over it entered from another door. He had dark hair, was clean shaved, and smiled reassuringly at her. “Hello Mercedes, my name is Dr. Gardner. I want you to remain still for a few minutes. All instructions I give you are direct orders.”

“Yes, Sir.” Mercedes automatically replied, as the subliminal messages encoded in her preparatory materials had programmed her to do when a male gives her a direct order. Now that Dr. Gardner was here, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She sighed contently while the handsome doctor conferred with Matti, who giggled once, hugged him, and then left the room without acknowledging anyone else. With the beautiful Australian gone, the doctor returned his attention to Mercedes.

“Matti is a very nice lady. She came here a few months ago, like you did, fresh out of university, just passed her 23rd birthday as I recall, and has blossomed a lot here at Love Falls Education Foundation.” He motioned to Barbi. “Release her.” He looked over at Mercedes. “You will not move. That is a direct order.” Barbi immediately obeyed and moved to the side of the room to wait at attention alongside Bambi. Dr. Gardner turned back to Mercedes, who calmly stared at him after a “yes, Sir.” He loved how peaceful women looked during their initial conditioning sessions. It was a hard world, and modern women needed to be prepared for success with proper attitudes.

Dr. Gardner walked over to a desk and picked up a syringe. He came back to Mercedes. “You are safe with me, Mercedes. That is a direct order.”

“Yes, Sir,” came her quiet reply. She had no idea what was happening, but she certainly felt safe!

“I am actually very impressed with you, Mercedes. You were one of the easiest cases we have ever had here at LFEF. You obeyed the pre-screening subliminal commands unquestionably and arrived here compliant and ready for orders.” The doctor took a few steps towards her. “You are, however, in violation of our strict dress code around here.” Mercedes frowned at him, but he nodded at her and put a hand up. “Do not worry. There are a few other orientation issues we need to deal with as well before you can officially begin your employment here as well.”

Mercedes watched him again go over to a desk and pick up something. He returned after a moment. “I need you to strip out of your clothes. That is a direct order.”

“Yes, Sir,” Mercedes replied as she slid out of her blazer, pants, and heels. She undid her bra, average-sized breasts bouncing around as she did, and then hooked her panties with manicured thumbs and slid them down to her equally manicured feet. Finally, she took off her pantyhose and dropped them in the underwear pile. She looked to Dr. Gardner for further instruction.

“Good girl.” Dr. Gardner gently grabbed Mercedes’ arm and injected the needle in his hand into it. “Now remember that you are safe with me.” The redhead nodded. “These are nano-probes. They are going to enter your body and alter your DNA a bit. The real intent of these is that we will be able to cure many diseases during our lifetimes, but they can also psychically and mentally alter someone. That is the whole point of Love Falls Education Foundation, Mercedes: To prepare women for the rough world out there.”

He paused for a moment and then took one of her hands in his own. “It is so hard for women. They try to ‘have it all,’ or focus on themselves. Often they run into harassment and men who have been raised to be monstrous towards them. What we want to do is help women to be safe and sound during this hard time. That means men, the right men at least, not just any random idiot, must be in control and women must submit. You agree with this because it is a direct order.”

“Yes, Sir.” It made perfect sense to Mercedes. There were so many bad people out there, but she felt so safe at the Love Falls Education Foundation. Suddenly, though, the redhead felt a tightness in her stomach that made her fall into the arms of Dr. Gardner.

He hugged her tight for a moment and then let go as she stared at him with a vulnerable, confused, expression. “First, you are going to experience some psychical changes. Matti went through this herself and came out lovely.” He took a few steps back and watched as the tiny, trim hairs between her legs fell to the floor. Mercedes watched with a gasp as the equally small arm hairs that had always been annoying to remove fell into a pile as well. She could not see due to the lack of mirrors, but her hair changed to a light, almost pink, shade of red.

A few seconds later, Mercedes gasped as more psychical changes began to happen. Her breasts, moderately sized, grew a two cup sizes to create an expansive bust. They did, however, remain firm and tight, as if she had gotten implants. As she touched a white-tipped nail to one of her breasts, the redhead noticed her arms and legs, already toned from exercise, gain tightness. The feeling was thrilling: Mercedes felt like she could run a marathon, perform a ballet, and make love to a man all at once.

Dr. Gardner smiled at her. “There is a bit more to come. Do you feel okay, Mercedes?” He was genuinely concerned: Sometimes the ladies had unfortunate side effects from the process.

“Yes, Sir,” she calmly nodded.

“Good girl. For your own safety, we need to make some mental changes as well as part of your orientation.” He pressed a button on the small device in his hand and gave the stunning redhead an encouraging smile.

Mercedes could not figure out what he meant by “mental changes,” but the passive woman did not question it and before she could ponder it further the thought slipped away the nano-probes began their work on adjusting her mental attributes. She found her life coming into sharp focus: Her existence was built around obedience to men. She would love, honor, and obey all of them. Love Falls Education Foundation was her place of work and Mercedes would work to help other women see what she could now see: Women, in the modern age, were safest as submissive, subservient, and docile obedient doves.

All of this information gave her a pounding headache, which made her scream out in pain. Dr. Gardner swiftly moved forward and caught her. “It’s okay,” he said as he pulled her close. The doctor walked her over to a chair, sat her down, and pressed a button on the wall, which brought down a black helmet. He placed it gently over her head. “Pay attention to the visuals. That is a direct order.”

Mercedes barely got out a “yes, Sir” before she became lost in the hypnotic spirals before her beautiful green eyes. As the mind-numbing visuals continued, she heard Dr. Gardner’s voice in her mind. “Mercedes, I need you to calm down. You had some kind of reaction from the mental conditioning. It is okay. You are safe. You are in a state of deep hypnosis right now, so the rest of it can be completed. I am sorry you had to go through that, but the good news is that you are actually stepping ahead a step in your employee orientation. This was supposed to come tomorrow, but it can be done now because you had an issue.”

Mercedes stared straight ahead, wide-eyed, lost in her conditioning as her new ideals, emotions, and beliefs were soaked into her. Dr. Gardner put a gentle hand on her arm and quietly spoke. “The good news as well is that you have been picked for a high-level position. You won’t be a common level office bimbo like Matti.”

The redhead began to receive information about her new position as the assistant director of Love Falls Education Foundation. She would aide the director, Mr. Rollins, in his duties. Their job was to take women who fulfilled a rubric of problems, which included, but not always all potentially, criminal activities and gang membership. These women would be sent, by a friendly judge, to the LFEF as a requirement of their criminal sentence for rehabilitation. This reclamation involved, as Miss Jaynes would preside over, deep brainwashing sessions and, then, once susceptible, reeducation to proper feminine attitudes to be successful in a modern society as a woman. Love Falls Education Foundation had a near 100% success rate and she was proud to be able to aide its future endeavors.

Hours went by as the new information was programmed into her. Mercedes had succumbed to being brainwashed in near record time and was now enthusiastically embracing it. She would be a model employee for LFEF.

Later in the day, Mercedes exited the chair and stood at attention, waiting for instruction. A few minutes later, after being notified that the redhead had completed her conditioning session, Dr. Gardner returned to her. “Activate,” he stated, and ran the new LFEF employee through a series of diagnostic tests. Satisfied with the results of the diagnostic, he snapped his fingers, which brought Mercedes’ newly compliant personality to the surface.

Mercedes curtsied for the man, as she would for any man at LFEF. “Master, what duty will Mercedes serve?” Her voice was husky and had a hint of flirtation to it that screamed feminine subservience.

Dr. Gardner pointed over at a box. “Put on your uniform.” Immediately, Mercedes moved to obey his command and after a few minutes stood at attention again in a skin-tight turtleneck, mini skirt, white stockings, and high heels of the same color. He walked forward and stood a few steps away from her. “You look incredible, Mercedes, you will do well here. Report to your office to get acclimated to your new place of work.” He looked up at a clock. “There is only 45 minutes left in the workday, so at that point you may go home for the evening.”

Mercedes was already walking, a sexy sway to her high-heeled legs and hips, past Dr. Gardner when she breathed out a “yes, Master,” and headed towards the door and then into an elevator.

As Mercedes left the campus of Love Falls Education Foundation, she gave a manicured wave to Barbi the security guard. A rush of contentedness went through her body. LFEF would help her make a difference in the lives of women. Her focus in life was now on being a model employee and making sure to obey men as required. Dr. Gardner had made sure that the redhead knew it was not part of her conditioning to please EVERY man, like a more simple-minded employee like Matti would, and that she would understand the difference, hopefully.

She got to the edge of the lot and stopped at a stop sign. Her green eyes looked down at her car’s console, and the business card that Marcus had given her earlier in the day came into view. His business card said, “call me” on the back.

At the first red light the busty redhead encountered, she activated the voice recognition software in the car and called the phone number that Marcus had given her. She waited with nervous anxiety as his phone rang a few times. By the time he answered, her heart was thumping, augmented breasts heaving up and down as she continued driving.

“Hello, Mercedes,” Marcus began, as if he knew she was going to call, which the new Love Falls Education Foundation employee did not question, “I hope you had a good first day at LFEF.” There was a hint of care in his voice, which warmed the new slave’s heart.

“Oh, yes, Master,” she answered, “Mercedes had a wonderful day at work. She is now calling you as instructed this morning.” Her mind began to empty as her focus sharpen to the road before her and the voice of the man she was currently speaking, which meant obedience, to at the moment.

“Good girl.” Marcus grinned to himself. LFEF did such wonderful work; his secretary had come back from a “conference” with a significantly improved attitude about gender relations. His work did business with the foundation and so, due to his solid work, he had come up in the queue to pick out one for himself. Immediately upon seeing her profile, he had become smitten with Mercedes. She was beautiful, with a moderate amount of required improvements, bright, which he would now control, and would make an excellent subservient wife.

“I can see,” he continued, “that you are on the highway right now. I have an idea. I would like to take you out on a date tonight. I see a lot of potential in you, Mercedes.”

It was good that the redhead was at a stop light because she tensed in a way that would have caused an accident. “Thank you, Master? Do you have any instructions for Mercedes to obey?” She was smiling wide now, so proud of her ability to please.

“Yes,” he started to say, but paused to toggle up something on the tablet next to him. “I want you to take the next exit. Input the following address into your GPS after I end this call.” He stated the destination. “There is a shop there. Look for a worker named Brandi. She will help you pick out something to wear this evening.”

“Yes, Master.” After being commanded a few times by Marcus, Mercedes dropped into a light hypnosis as he became her entire world. The automated aspects of her car, which synced with her new nanite filled body, took over as she listened to his voice. “Mercedes will drive to the destination you have commanded. She will speak to Brandi. Brandi will help her pick something out to wear on our date.” The slave spoke in a soft, monotone voice. A moment passed as the car got onto the exit. “How else can Mercedes please you, Master?”

An hour later, Marcus was finishing adjusting his tie when his maid let Mercedes into his large house. As an executive, his hard work paid off financially quite well. He had a large, affluent, house in a gated community. All it needed was a wife to care for it. His maid was fine, but she bored him. As he checked the small hints of gray in his hair, he knew it was time to begin settling down with just one woman. A man of his means could literally buy his idea of perfection, which was what he found when he saw Mercedes in the living room.

Brandi, another “graduate” of Love Falls Education Foundation, had done a wonderful job with his future wife. A tight, hip hugging, black dress showed off her curves and accentuated her augmented breasts with its firmness at her chest. Mercedes wore a classy pair of black pumps with a very high heel and even classier pearls around her neck, which amplified her pale skinned beauty. The redhead looked like an old-fashioned trophy wife, which was precisely what he desired.

She gave him a manicured wave. He turned to his maid, “you are dismissed for the evening. The maid, in a blue uniform with matching stockings and high heels, turned and pivoted away without speaking to enter the closet by the guest bedroom, where she snapped to attention and turned “off” for the evening. Soon, he would sell her off, so she could properly serve another man. He could always get another domestic. The maid would not last long at auction.

Marcus came forward and kissed the forehead of Mercedes. “We need to get going. Our reservation is in 45 minutes.”

Mercedes nodded in the blissful haze of her afternoon. Before she knew it, the redhead found herself dressed up for a romantic evening with the man who had taken control of her. “Mercedes loves her outfit, Master.” She would have loved anything he dressed her in, but something in her conditioning announced that it was important to compliment the men who had authority in her life.

They got into his car, which was flashy and expensive. As they drove, Marcus reached over and took Mercedes’ hand in his own. “Tonight,” he stated as the car pulled up to a stop light, “I am going to take you to a nice restaurant. You will find yourself properly acclimated to this being normal.” The wealthy man gave her hand a squeeze. “Some influential people I know may be there with their wives or girlfriends: Always look your best, agree with me at all times, smile, and be the best representation of me and my family name you can be.”

Mercedes nodded slowly and said, “yes, Master,” quietly. The brainwashed slave could conform to his needs with ease. As they got closer to their destination, she ran an acrylic nailed hand over his pants.

Marcus moved her hand off his semi erect cock with a “later” look that nearly made her orgasm right there. “You should really appreciate that I picked you, Mercedes. I will dress you like the beautiful piece of property that you are, I will not injure or abuse you, nor will I cause you harm. Other women in your...situation...definitely have had it much worse.”

Mercedes smiled with appreciation, remembering her dimwitted new friend Matti from work. It did not matter why Master had chosen her, the conditioning she had undertaken made her believe all interactions with men were sincere. He could have chosen anyone, but the fact that he picked her made her cunt purr. She knew it would be wonderful to serve Master!

They eventually arrived at the restaurant, which was on the high-end side of the city and had a very strict reservation list. Mercedes had read online that it had a private number for certain people, so they could always get a table. She was sure, in her mind controlled, smitten, haze, that Marcus would be one of them!

At the front door, Marcus stepped out first and handed his keys to the valet, slipping him a $20 bill with a nod. On the passenger side, he opened the door and let out his new slave. She took his hand in her own, and they walked into the place. A mini-skirted waitress took their coats and escorted them to their table, which was off in a secluded corner of the venue.

During their life together, Mercedes would become quite accustomed to dining in expensive places like this. Marcus stopped to speak to a few friends, introducing her as his new girlfriend. A few girlfriends and wives introduced themselves to the red-haired slave as well. All seemed to welcome her into their group and even asked her to join their women’s association, which she eagerly agreed to do once Marcus gave permission.

They sat down for their dinner. Mercedes watched the other mini skirt clad waitresses, all in different colors of outfit, black, white, a light green, dark blue, and pink, with matching high heels and either white or black stockings, take orders, serve drinks, and make conversation. They seemed like hyperactive, friendly, bubbly bimbos who catered to the whims of the men in their presence. As Marcus made small talk with her while they waited for their meals, she noticed one of the waitresses, the one in the light green mini skirt and matching pumps, stop what she was doing, turn, put down a tray, and sway over to the private dining room, entering it after a gentle knock. The pink skirted waitress came over and picked up the tray she had put down and brought it to the appropriate table as if nothing had happened.

After their meal, Master and slave returned to Marcus’ large home. “I bought it a few years ago,” he stated quietly as they entered, automatic lights turning on, “thinking ahead to the day when I would want to settle down.” He grabbed his slave by the arm and pulled her close for a kiss, which she returned with eager enthusiasm. They went up the spiraling stairs to the second floor. Another beautiful woman stood at attention at the top of the stairs. The pale, Persian, woman had long dark hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. Her blue eyes were wide and empty. A sweater/blouse combination hugged her figure, with a short skirt and high heels accentuating her form.

“Esra, you are dismissed for the evening,” Marcus commanded. Esra confirmed the command in a soft monotone voice before leaving and heading down the hall to what Mercedes assumed was her quarters, high heels clicking across the hard floor.

Marcus turned and kissed his slave. “Esra will be your personal assistant at all times. Her purpose is to please you, which will please me.”

Mercedes returned the kiss and placed her head on his chest. She looked up and around at the large home. “This is wonderful, Master,” was all she could say after a long moment. Mercedes tugged at her Master’s shirt. A manicured hand grabbed his cock through his pants, and they retired to the bedroom for the evening, where Master ravaged slave until well into the next morning.

* * *

The next morning, Mercedes walked into her office, black pumps clicking across the floor, to view her first case for the day. Master had instructed her to go to work as if nothing had happened, but she could tell that some people knew. It made her blush red at that knowledge, but she smiled at the pride pleasing men gave her. Hopefully, she could educate her first case and make the woman see the right way to think!

After reading about her first case, the redhead felt pangs of sadness for her. Becki was 21 and pregnant, a former girlfriend of a criminal who had tossed her in front of him during a bust. The woman was defiant, Mercedes had learned at university that women who dated dangerous men often blamed themselves for bad outcomes, but also had a poor attitude about the baby. The suggestion from her superior, which the brainwashed LFEF employee immediately agreed with, was to adjust Becki’s attitudes to fit proper values for someone like her that was pregnant and not enslaved. The pregnant woman would need the right values if she was ever to find a man.

Once Mercedes was prepared, she called for Becki to be brought into her office. A security guard escorted her. Becki had blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and was around six months pregnant. The short convict had quite a swelled stomach and her already large bust had been expanded by the pregnancy, in Mercedes’ opinion, quite nicely. The horror this woman had suffered as a criminal’s girlfriend, now pregnant and alone, disturbed the redhead deeply. She would do her best to alleviate the problems of her first case.

Becki stared at Mercedes and scoffed at the bright smile offered to her. “Fuck off, another social worker. I don’t want your help!” The pregnant blonde rolled her eyes and sighed. A hand also instinctively found its way down to her swollen stomach, which Mercedes noticed and found pleasing. At least her natural feminine instincts were intact.

Mercedes smiled again at the woman. She had been so pleased to be conditioned in the ways that she was; it was her duty to give back to women like Becki. The pregnant criminal refused the small talk that the redhead slave attempted to make, which led the LFEF employee to realize that more drastic measures would be required to correct Becki.

Mercedes stood up and touched a manicured hand against her straight ponytail. She smiled at Becki. “According to your records, you have made minimal progress so far.” She pushed a button on her desk as a sad expression was drawn onto her face. The chair Becki sat in came to life as steel bars captured her arms and legs. After a moment, a similar bar secured her neck as well, leaving the blonde unable to move.

The chair began to move and slide to the left, where it now faced a large television screen. A hypnotic spiral of numerous pastel colors danced across it. After a few minutes of struggle, Becki succumbed to the suggestions on the screen, her small mouth beginning to recite the words she saw on the screen. Soon, the desire to serve and please would be completely indoctrinated into Becki as her attitudes about being a woman, and especially being a future mother, would be made to conform to the standards of the Love Falls Education Foundation.

A half an hour later, Mercedes, confident that Becki was deeply under control and accepting the new values being brainwashed into her, called for a security officer to come, disengage the restraints, and take her away for further training. By the end of the day, she would be as under control as Mercedes had become just the day before. Love Falls Education Foundation was so productive in its work.

For the rest of the day, Mercedes went to meetings and got to know other staff members at LFEF. Her Master called at lunchtime and they had a private conversation in which he instructed the slave how to dress for their evening together. She had forgotten about her own apartment, which an LFEF security officer had cleaned out earlier in the morning.

In the latter part of the day, she looked over her notes from the day. Mercedes studied them, wanting to be as pleasing as possible. The redhead slave cleaned up her office near the end of the day and then signed out for the evening.

As she swayed down the hall towards an elevator, Matti from yesterday called to her. Turning, she smiled at her and as quickly as the sky-high pumps on her feet allowed, and went to hug her friend. “There is a lady here that I think you need to meet.” She motioned for Mercedes to follow, which she did until they entered his office.

Becki, the pregnant woman she had brainwashed earlier, sat there in a chair, but a collar with the name Rebecca was snugly placed around her neck.

Mercedes paused and stared at Rebecca. For a moment, it took her breath away at how easily the pregnant lady had been reconditioned. Rebecca smiled cheerfully at her, long hair pulled back into a ponytail like the style that Mercedes wore. Her body was now adorned by a conservative pink maternity dress, white stockings, and ballet flats. The dress was snug in all the right places, showing off her expanded stomach and swelled breasts. The cheerful expression never left her face.

“Rebecca here,” Matti began, “you met under rather unfortunate events this morning. However, as this day went on, she came to decide that staying at Love Falls Education Foundation would be the best solution for her. As an unwed, pregnant, woman, making sure she could thrive in this confusing modern world was critical. She placed a hand on her shoulder, running a few fingers over it, which made Rebecca blush.

The blonde slave, glowing in the beauty of pregnancy, looked up at Mercedes. “Miss Jaynes, Rebecca cannot wait to work with you. She was told you were an excellent role model for modern women.”

Mercedes stared at Rebecca. Matti gave her a supportive nod. “How long will you be staying with us, Rebecca?” She had already forgotten that the pregnant woman had been “Becki” this morning.

“Oh,” the blonde began, “as long as it takes for find a suitable husband. Rebecca will obviously put the life of the child foremost, but she will seek courtship with an appropriate man.”

Mercedes’ cunt purred with how...programmed...Rebecca sounded. She bit down on her lip.

Matti put a hand on Rebecca’s shoulder. “Rebecca, we should let Miss Jaynes get home to her Master.” She smiled at both slaves and clapped her hands eagerly. “I bet whichever of you get married first can have the other as their maid of honor!”

Both Mercedes and Rebecca smiled and nodded. “What a wonderful idea!” After saying goodnight, but not before the redhead LFEF employee was allowed to touch her new friend’s swelled belly, she left to head home to her Master.

Mercedes and a few other beautiful employees of Love Falls Education Foundation were driven to their places of residence. At home, she changed into a pink latex maid uniform and began cooking Master’s dinner. When he arrived, she pleasured him with her mouth before serving him dinner. Afterwards, she joined him in the bedroom for a night of lovemaking.

Soon, Marcus and Mercedes would marry. The new Mrs. Andrews would be a compliant wife, eventually leaving her job to settle into a life of domestic bliss.

The End

* * *

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