Flowers of Submission

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/f #f/m #scifi #sub:female #clothing #drones #growth #multiple_partners

Madyson is eager to find new work and renew her career, but after a neighbor delivers an odd flower nothing will be the same for her ever again as she becomes ensnared in an alien diabolical mind control conspiracy.

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

Madyson Whittle sighed as she looked at the mess left in the kitchen sink from breakfast. Mrs. Whittle, she had finally acquiesced to her husband’s demand that she legally change it, felt stressed out already, and it was barely 9am. John had gone to work and left this mess. Why is it impossible for men to clean up after themselves? Why do they always expect women to do it? He was often so sensible and forward-thinking, but sexism still ruled on the home front. She would continue to fight against those kinds of patriarchal ideas.

She had been a fairly up-and-coming lawyer as her 30th birthday neared. Madyson was mostly doing Pro Bono work for the firm, but had been added to a major case involving a biotech company, which they were able to successfully defend. The Whittles had gotten married two years before. John received a significant promotion by taking a new job at the same company she had been helping to defend on the case. They had to move across the country to get it, the new initiative he had been hired for was a bit secretive and part of a new IP they were initiating, but the raise and his new salary would set them up for life. Sadly, she resigned from the firm and left with a pile of impressive letters of recommendation and a CV that should have gotten her hired anywhere.

At first, Madyson had wanted to continue her career. She interviewed at a few firms, but never was called back by any of them. This seemed odd to her because she definitely had proper credentials, education, and experience to get the jobs. The letters from the partners at her firm should have gotten her ANY job she wanted, basically. John was supportive of her frustrations, but also gently pushed the idea that she could take some time off and be a homemaker for a bit.

Madyson, of course, lashed out at that. What a horrible thing to say! A housewife! This was 2019, not the 1950s! Women could be anything they wanted to be, of course, but being just a housewife was so demeaning to the workaholic. She had a career and maybe one day a family, but an established career would make that much easier. However, after a while the interview offers even dried up and she, frustrated, decided to relent for the moment and accepting being a homemaker while John went out and made the admittedly exceptional amounts of money for their household.

Mrs. Whittle, it was right about this time she finally acquiesced to that change after having used a hyphenated name at work, would not be one of those housewives who was lazy or shopped all day, however! Madyson set out to do work. She did some new design in their home. John was fairly disinterested, as long as his wife did not disrupt his “man cave,” so she added paintings and a new wine rack and redesigned their kitchen.

Her biggest work though was in their garden. Gardening had been a favorite pastime of her mother, who made time for it despite working 60 hours a week as the vice president of a company. It was her “guilty pleasure,” which she shared with her daughter over the years. Madyson had fully embraced it after her mother’s passing a few years ago.

Well, actually, the hired help mostly took care of it, which was just like it had been when Madyson had grown up. Professional women were too busy to get their hands dirty like that! Manicures were expensive! But she took the credit as part of her “badass feminist career woman” personal branding, instead of praising the immigrant help that John hired for her to do the work. Very badass.

The garden was pretty large in their backyard. It wrapped around the in-ground pool John had demanded they install the previous spring. There were vegetables and plenty of flowers. Today, Madyson’s project was to check on a new plant that John had actually brought home from his job. She could not believe when her husband came home with it. He was currently supervising some genetic modification projects, which largely included some kind of experimental self pollinating flowers. The shortage of bees due to climate change could be hindered by these mini drones that would “feed” themselves.

Madyson had been surprised when John brought the flower home. He was not really the type of guy who did that, but explained it was for work. “We want to see what our wives thought of them in their gardens. I need to report back about what you think. They might want to market them for home use too.” She realized that almost every one of his coworker’s wives was a homemaker. That did seem a bit odd, but perhaps given what their husbands made, it worked out.

“All the other wives have them. Even if you don’t like it, can you plant it anyway? I don’t want to make waves too much,” he continued with a shrug.

Madyson stared at it. The plant was bright pink, a shade she had never seen, and had budded stems on it. Despite being such a “badass” career woman, she did feel a bit of peer pressure to conform, at least for John’s sake to fit in at his job. She certainly did not want to get him in the dog house there. “This isn’t part of some secret modification scheme, is it?”

John rolled his eyes. “Yeah, we literally brewed it in a tube as part of some diabolical corporate conspiracy to take over the world one housewife at a time.” He smirked at her. “Oh, wait, actually, the planet is from another planet here to mind control everyone into being its breeding slaves to repopulate the earth with foliage.” If her husband was not so handsome, she would have hit him.

The plant took about a month to grow, according to the app she had to download to track it for John’s team. The app definitely did not also feed subliminal messages into her to make her more compliant and amenable to the plant. No way. Madyson checked it each day and, occasionally, John even asked about it. “Research,” he declared while staring at it one day. Funny enough, again Madyson missed this too, he was always very horny afterwards. They had been having the best sex of their lives lately.

A few of the other wives, all pregnant, which again should have been suspicious, came by for lunch and commented about how much they had loved their plant. “It’s my favorite,” Mandi, a former university valedictorian turned stay at home mom, exclaimed breathlessly. She had quit her graduate program right after moving to their community and was a new mother with another, soon enough, on the way. Her friends back home had been shocked that the studious career woman had dropped out, but, no matter, Master had cut her off from those unruly influences.

One morning, after doing chores and shopping, Madyson came home to find that the plant had completely bloomed sometime that morning. She had to admit, while putting away groceries, it looked beautiful from the view in their kitchen. The plant was dropping little tiny flowers off it, which offered a fragrance the housewife could smell even inside the house. It was, frankly, intoxicating, and any rebellious ideas about there being danger to that slipped right out of her compliant mind.

For a long time, she stared at it, totally mesmerized, and only finally broke out of the trance when the phone rang. Picking it up, she heard a loud click on the other side. Shrugging, the housewife put the phone down. It was actually one of John’s coworkers calling to break her out of the trance, so her body could become as compliant as her mind had increasingly become. Like most of the wives, and women in general, she had fallen under sway effortlessly.

Madyson decided to check out the plant, a decision which would change the direction of her life, and one day the entire planet, forever. Today she was wearing a pretty flower dress with wedge heels. Her husband loved pumps, but the former career woman found them difficult to wear and sexualized her in a way that was demeaning. She was a career woman, if temporarily not, and would not be taken seriously in the workforce in a pair of pumps last seen in a rock video filled with sluts. Wedges were a compromise that John mostly acquiesced to, but he did still hint at things much more perverted.

It was funny, he had never done so before they moved here. John had been fine with her professional pantsuits and sensible flat shoes. Suddenly, he was horny all the time and very demanding about how she dressed. She could ward it off, normally, with a quick blowjob, but it was very annoying indeed.

The plant continued to drop tiny flowers from it. The smell was getting stronger and stronger as she drew near it. Madyson stared at the falling flowers with curiosity. There was a hypnotic effect to how they dropped at her feet. She found the urge to draw nearer and nearer to them undeniable. The next action turned out to be a mistake. Every human, or what they would become, would be changed by her decision.

Madyson picked one up and looked at the tiny buds popping out of it. The flower was certainly odd. She had never seen anything like it. A moment passed and, suddenly, it sprayed a pink mist at her. The alien plant used that mist to take over the minds of the ruling species of this planet to begin turning them into breeders for its needs. Humans only existed to serve its needs. This one would learn her purpose soon enough. Her purpose was to breed.

Madyson dropped the flower immediately and took a few steps back. In seconds, her mind turned fuzzy, and she began having a hard time concentrating. Her chest began to warm, and she placed a hand on it, which gently brushed up against a breast. Her heart began to race and a feeling of eroticism went through her body.

It was at this moment that Madyson had her final moment of free will. From here on out, she would exist to serve the plants.

She could not stop touching her breasts. They felt so firm and flushed as her hands cupped them. Madyson ran inside and dropped on the couch. Her fingers slid down the dress and inside her cunt as she began furiously masturbating. Loud moans could be heard in neighboring backyards, which included one of the pregnant women she had met earlier, who stopped what she was doing, went inside, and fell into a deep trance while calling a phone number that had been brainwashed into her.

Meanwhile, Madyson continued to grope her breasts while fucking herself with the other hand. After an orgasm, she fell off the couch and onto the floor. “What...happened...?” She slurred out a few words and grabbed her phone, which sat on a coffee table in the middle of the room.

However, before she could even begin to tap out a message or make an emergency phone call, a hypnotic spiral began dancing across the screen. The spiral was bright pink and made Madyson freeze in place immediately.

“Touch yourself. You need to orgasm. You need to obey.” Madyson became masturbating again. She knelt in front of the phone, stared at the spiral, and fucked herself until an orgasm took over her body again. Her eyes were glassy and distant. Her legs and dress were soaked in her own fluids. As the mesmerized woman lay on the floor, she picked up the phone, so its spiral could continue entrancing her until there was nothing left but a blank mind and an eager body.

A few hours later, there was some commotion at the door. Two men entered wearing camouflage fatigues. They had earpieces and one tapped it gently with his hand. “Asset found. Will bring her in for programming.” The other man picked up Mrs. Whittle and carried her out of the Whittle residence, but not before the first man fixed her dress, so it did not show off her soaked thighs.

After all, as they had been programmed when moving to this wonderful community, a wife is the property of her husband. No other man could touch her.

* * *

A few months latter, Mrs. Maddie Whittle swayed into the kitchen while singing a happy song to herself. After being taken away by those wonderful men, Madyson’s personality was erased and replaced with Maddie, an obedient, dumb, housewife who existed in service to her husband. She was so grateful to him that he had brainwashed her to be more like the incredible women in their community.

Maddie could see herself in the reflection on the oven she was currently checking. Mrs. Whittle was now platinum blonde, doll-titted, and tanned to perfection. As perfect as her body had become, the world view she now held was even more consummate.

Mrs. Whittle now understood that women existed to please men. It was her duty to love, honor, and obey her husband. He was her Lord and Master. Having a career was such a silly idea; women were not mentally or psychically prepared for the workforce.

Psychically, though, Maddie had undergone many changes. The wonderful doctors she had been taken to suggested she needed larger breasts. It was such a great idea, and the new F cups on her chest were displayed proudly. They had also put in some fancy science stuff in her boobies. The men had used such big words! But every time Master touched her now, Maddie’s body exploded in orgasmic delight.

Her hair was also now blonde permanently. Again, the men had used some special something or other on it, but Maddie was thrilled to have it done once she knew it would please her husband ever so! She realized with a giggle that every woman in the neighborhood was a blonde. It pleased her so much to know she would fit in with her new friends!

Maddie knew that Master was coming home soon, so she checked her makeup and hair. Mrs. Whittle also made sure her augmented breasts looked appealing as their cleavage hung out of the maid uniform she now wore each day at home. Of course, like every woman should, she wore sky-high heels as well. Madison had always worn sensible, professional, shoes. Maddie could not even imagine a shoe with a heel lower than six inches unless Master planted the idea in her little girlie brain.

Finally, as Master pulled in, Maddie took one final whiff of the flowers that were now all over her home. Her incredible husband had decided to put them everywhere in the house. In fact, occasionally, he stopped and smelled them too. He was always so randy afterwards!

As Master came in the door, Maddie knelt down on the mat left for her by the door. Mr. Whittle came in, smiled at his wife, and pulled her up to his a hard kiss. “The new ordinance passed. It is now illegal for you to work outside the home.” He kissed her again. His eyes became distant and glassy. “It is time to put a baby in you. My beautiful slave.”

Master picked up Maddie and shoved her on the floor. He tore away at her panties and began fucking her, hoping to impregnate his wife. Originally, John had scoffed at the changes required to live in this community, but after a few whiffs of the flower he came around.

Across the street, a new couple was moving into a home. The husband had been a recent hire for the company this community was created to house. The wife was between jobs, and seemed to already be having the same problems that Maddie had with even getting a call back. The next morning, Maddie would drop by with a welcome package, which would include plants for both husband and wife. Soon both would understand the purpose of their community.

* * *

The next morning, after another rousing fuck session where, in fact, John would impregnate his wife with his first child, Maddie cooked him breakfast. She had learned so much from joining the Wives Auxiliary, which included cooking lessons. They always had such nice, aromatic, flowers there that made focusing on the lesson of the day effortless.

The bimbo housewife, former tech executive, portioned out their morning meal. Maddie was dressed in a cleavage baring sun dress that highlighted her very plastic figure. She padded over to the dining room table to offer the food she had cooked for him. After he began eating, with a nod of approval at her skills, she sat down as well to enjoy the morning meal.

Finishing up his waffles, John looked over at his beautiful wife. Before moving here, he had always been attracted to plain, average, women. Now he could not imagine even being in the same community as a woman even 10% less beautiful than his wife.

“Now,” he began, cautiously. His wife was quite simple-minded and needed a lot of instruction, but when he gave it to her, she did well. He could not believe he had ever thought she was intelligent. “Do you understand your task today? It is important you do it right so David and Michelle can become members of our community.”

“Yes, Master,” Maddie began in a flirtatious voice. “Maddie has to, like, take the plant over to David and Michelle, so they can be like us. It’s important to belong!” The vapid up-pitch in her voice made John’s cock rock hard again. That could wait until he got to work. There was going to be a new office girl to use, and, hopefully, fertilize.

“Good girl,” he confirmed with a nod of approval. “It’s crucial that they get the plant. There is a lot they can learn from it. The husband doesn’t believe us that the plants are important. I think you can help his wife with it.” He winked at her. “Then maybe the two of you can be more persuasive?”

Maddie giggled. She had looked pretty sexy, never mind the handsome man. “Yes, Master,” the blonde bimbo began, “Maddie will totally, like...” She trailed off for a second and placed a hand on her stomach. “Ouchies,” she said in a very childish, cry baby, voice.

John put his food down and raced across the table. Could it be? Already? He placed his own hand over hers. “Maybe I put a baby in you?”

Maddie began clapping cheerfully. She had learned from the Wives Auxiliary that Master should put babies in you. Her previous confusion as to why so many wives in the neighborhood had been pregnant had been replaced with a deep envy and craving to be bred herself.

Still, she pouted. “Maddie’s tummy hurts, Master.” The former high-class lawyer was now so stupid that she used words like “tummy” to describe things. She was now so simple-minded and silly. No one would, or should, take her seriously even if the bimbo understood what had happened to her.

John nodded. “Well, let’s set up an appointment with the doctors at work. When I get in, I will schedule it.” She clapped again with excitement until he put a hand up. “Okay, speaking of, I need to go to work.” He leaned in and kissed her. “Bye!” He was already thinking about whatever hot slut assistant he would be assigned today before he was even out the door.

Maddie turned around to find a disheveled dining room table. “Oh, you, you never clean up after yourself!” John had, yet again, not cleaned up after himself again, but Maddie just giggled and gets to cleaning up. Men work so hard! It was important that their wives take good care of them.

After cleaning up, Maddie went into the bathroom and freshened up her makeup. She also put on a pair of high heels. Despite her stomach pain, she soldiered on and picked up the flower Master had left for the new family.

Maddie swayed over to their new neighbor’s house to meet the wife. Master had gone over the plan a few times, so even the simple-minded housewife understood. He also reminded her to not speak in the third person, which made Maddie pout.

She stood in front of the family’s security camera, waving a manicured hand while gently balancing the plant in the other. Her stomach still hurt a little bit, but she put on a pleasant face despite it all.

The door opened a moment later to find a beautiful, short haired, black woman in sweatpants and a hoodie. “Hi, are you the welcome wagon?”

Maddie frowned for a second before figuring out what she meant. “Oh, um, I live across the street! Mrs. Whittle. My husband...” she trailed off after catching herself almost saying “commanded” to the new neighbor. “...thought it would be a good idea to come over and say hello. We got you a plant?” She pushed it out at the woman. “Doesn’t it smell nice?”

Michelle, before she could stop herself, sealed her fate by taking a whiff of the scent coming off it. She blinked a few times. “It does smell nice. Why don’t you come in?”

Maddie padded into the house after handing Michelle the plant. “Thank you so much. My husband will appreciate that I was able to welcome you to our community.”

Michelle put up a hand. “Oh, you can just call me Michelle. It’s Ms., by the way. I kept my name after getting married. Technically, it’s hyphenated as a compromise with David’s parents, but outside of legalities, no one really knows that besides us and them.”

Maddie frowned. Painful memories of being a “career woman” who refused to take her incredible husband’s last name. She had finally acquiesced to being Mrs. Jonathan Whittle, but it had taken some long arguments and debates among them before giving in. It was hard to describe how much she now regretted totally and completing submitting to her husband’s demands immediately.

“So, what do you do,” Michelle asked as she prepared two cups of coffee for them. She scratched at her neck. A few hot pangs ran through her body. Maddie was gorgeous, a stray thought instructed the increasingly horny woman.

“I’m a housewife,” Maddie proudly exclaimed. “I used to be, like, a lawyer, but when we moved here I couldn’t find a job or anything, which was really weird, but John makes a lot of money, so I can stay home. We badly want to start a family.” The vapid bimbo did not know she was pregnant yet, of course, but soon enough she, and every woman in their community, would fulfill their destiny.

“Oh, wow, a lawyer!” Michelle set their coffees down on the table. Maddie hated coffee, so she just stared at it with banal curiosity. “I was a teacher,” her new neighbor continued, “but I have the same problem you have been having! I feel like I have an excellent CV, but I can’t even get a callback from any schools. I even tried the local college academy, and they at least called to say no.” She took a sip of her coffee. Being so flustered, a hot drink was probably a bad idea.

“I’m delighted,” Maddie, unhelpfully, added. “My husband provides for everything. I bet your husband makes a lot of money like he does too!”

Michelle nodded. “Yeah, he does. It’s a great job. I’m glad we decided to move here, but it frustrates me to be so idle. No offense, but I don’t want to be ‘just a housewife,’ you know?”

Maddie again frowned. She remembered having such negative feelings about being ‘just a housewife’ and felt deep shame. “We can do stuff…stuff...together. I’ll help you!”

“Thanks,” Michelle said with a smile, “but don’t get used to me around the neighborhood. I intend to work.”

“I could definitely get used to seeing you around the neighborhood,” Maddie commented in an extremely flirtatious voice.

Before Michelle could even ponder her new neighbor’s flirtations, a warm feeling enveloped her. Maddie grabbed her by the arm. “It’s going to be fine, sweetie, you’ll see soon.” With that said, she kissed Michelle, who returned it after some hesitation.

The future slave sisters continued their affections, with Maddie padding over to the couch and bringing Michelle as well. They continued to kiss and fondle each other until the dark-skinned woman began to pant. “I...I...I’m not really attracted to women...I...”

Maddie kissed her again, picked up the plant, and stuck it in her friend’s face for another whiff. “It’s okay, sweetie, your husband will be home soon.” Her grin was mischievous and sexy.

A handful of minutes later, David did come home from the store. He came inside and found a quiet home. It was still a few days before his work would begin, and he had promised Michelle that the time would be spent not just letting her do all the home set up. This was what had led to his offer to do the shopping before their first dinner together in the new home.

“Hey, where are you?” David dropped his keys down by the door and looked around. Maybe Michelle was in the backyard? He noticed the plant sitting on the coffee table. “Hmm. Wonder where that came from?”

David sat down on the couch and picked it up. Probably one of his wife’s garden projects. The flowers had an odd aroma, though, which caught his attention. Before he could stop himself, the scent was filling his lungs.

He began to sweat almost immediately. David’s breathing became frantic. Something was wrong.

“It worked!” Maddie’s loud, vapid, voice could be heard from around the corner where she was hiding with Michelle. Both women giggled and came around to face David.

“Hi,” Maddie began in a flirty voice, “my name is, like, Maddie.” She leaned over and grinned at Michelle. “He is hot!”

David stared at them. “What is happening? Who are you?” He could feel more sweat all over his body. He could also feel his cock getting hard.

Michelle stepped forward. “She is the welcoming committee.” The future housewife kissed her husband and reached a hand into his pants to stroke his cock. While she did this, Maddie dropped to her knees and began undoing his belt. Seconds later, both women were on their knees taking turns fellating David.

David tried to stop them for a second before his newly found desires took over. He rammed his long cock into their mouths while each took turns. Finally, as Maddie stroked him, he shoved her aside and tossed Michelle on the floor to violently fuck her as the blonde-haired bimbo’s “aww, but yay” could be heard behind them.

After David finished, his new slave and her best friend knelt before him and Maddie explained what their purpose in life was for now that the plant controlled them in every way, shape, and form.

* * *

While this was happening, John was at work, taking his new secretary from behind during lunch. Her name was Mandi or Candi or Brandi or something like that. All he saw was that she was his new pet at work, and that her body was beginning to get the green tint of one of the plant’s drones. It turned out her name was actually Brandi: Brandi orgasmed blissfully and returned to her duties in a state of mindless obedience. She had already been bred once and now only lived for breeding, but between breeding cycles she could only be used from behind.

John cleaned himself up in his office bathroom and grinned. He could not wait to breed Maddie. His previous secretary was now in a gestation chamber awaiting her first birth. Briefly he missed her. She had been a high-class cocksucker.

Brandi’s long nailed typing could be heard in the hallway outside his office. Once a woman has given birth for their new overlords, their free will vanished. The brunette bimbo only responded to the simplest of commands now. She retained memories of her previously life, but they could only be accessed, such as right now, to use a computer, in service of her superiors.

Her skin was still the light green of drones who had only given birth once, but soon enough, once she was ready for breeding again, it would get darker until a deep green.

This would also, eventually, be his wife’s fate. His superior, after all, every human really existed for their alien overlords, had promised he could be a part of the breeding cycle the first few times. He loved Maddie so much and was glad she was now under control and, even now, helping to aid their cause. She had been so uptight and focused on her career.

John had been one of the last men taken over by the plants. He tried to escape their work, but security caught him and turned their former friend over to the plants. He was then placed in a flowery pod and came out ready to serve. Maddie had been a complication, but thanks to his previous assistant, he began to see how natural it was for a man to not only control a woman, but to use her for breeding purposes. In this case, the breeding was done for their new Masters.

The flowers had turned out to be alien in origin. Their goal was to breed on Earth and turn all humans into drones. The planet they had originated on had been destroyed in a war, and it saw the chaos of humanity as a chance to take over.

John now saw how wonderful their plan was. Humans had not cared for their planet and did not deserve it. His wonderful Masters had been the heroes in the war and now would use Earth to as a farm for their species. He was proud to breed Maddie for them and to serve in all ways possible, which included keeping Brandi as dumb as possible.

He had already taken her from behind early in the day, but was feeling horny yet again. “Brandi,” he said into his intercom, “please come in here.”

A moment passed before Brandi swayed into his office. She came over and knelt at the side of his desk. Her bimbo smile softly radiated in the light of the office. “Brandi, Brandi, Brandi,” he cooed at her. “I do wish you could be seeded again, but it is not time for that yet. I am going home for the day. I need to check on Maddie.”

Brandi stood up and swayed over to the pod at the far end of his office. This was where breeder drones were kept when not in service. Soon, Maddie would be as mindless as his secretary and join her in the bliss of chattel slavery to their alien overlords.

John hummed to himself as he drove. He had sent a text to Maddie announcing he would be coming home a bit early. Word had gotten to him that she had successfully programmed the new family in their neighborhood. They would be reassigned as sleeper drones in another state to begin indoctrinating it.

As he pulled into their driveway, he did not bother to hide the hard on bulging out of his pants. Maddie met him at the door and jumped into his arms. “Master! Maddie obeyed you! They are very nice. They liked the plant a lot.”

The bimbo housewife knelt at her Master’s feet, undid his belt, and took as much of his rock-hard cock into her mouth as she could without gagging and even then, tried to slide a little more in. She sucked and sucked until he grunted out a large wad of cum into her mouth. Maddie eagerly swallowed it down, cleaned him up, and then excused herself to freshen up.

John settled down in the kitchen and waited for his wife to return. After a few minutes passed, he stood up and walked over to the bathroom, where he found Maddie staring down at the sink.

“Are you okay?” He asked with deep concern.

“Maddie...Maddie’s tummy hurts again, Master.” She sadly pouted at him.

John looked thoughtful for a moment. “Right...okay...go get dinner set up on the table. I am going to text your doctor and see if we can get an appointment for tomorrow morning.” He kissed her forehead. “I think we might have good news coming.”

Maddie smiled brightly and clapped her feminine hands together as she padded back into the kitchen. As John went out into the living room to make the call, he could hear her humming a gentle tune while flipping vegetables being cooked in a pan.

“Hey,” he began when the call went through, “I think it is happening. Yes. Yes. Okay, I’ll monitor it. Wait, hold on.” John paused as he heard Maddie stop singing, moan loudly, and run to the bathroom. Her vomiting could be heard across the house.

After a moment, he followed her and saw his wife’s head hanging over the toilet. Green vomit could be found floating in the water. “Let me call you back,” John said quietly as he hung up the phone and put it in his pocket.

“Master,” Maddie began, panting, looking up at him, but she stopped speaking and stared off into nothing in particular. In the span of a few seconds, her body turned to a light shade of green. Her stomach began to swell up and a clear and evident pregnancy took form. The life went out of Maddie’s eyes, and she stared up at her Master with docile curiosity.

John had known this day would come, but he did not realize it would be so soon. The pregnancies had been erratic so far...some women had their bodies, and minds, taken quickly like Maddie, others would take longer.

“Stand,” he commanded his wife, and she immediately stood up. Some vomit was still stuck on her mouth. John sighed. “Take off your clothes.” Maddie obeyed immediately and stood at attention for her Master. “Change into a new outfit. We will be going to the overnight doctor.” Again, Maddie did not speak as she padded away mindlessly to their bedroom to begin dressing.

John stood in the doorway watching her and wished he could fuck her one more time, but knew that was against the rule. Once a woman became a breeding drone, she was not allowed to be touched by any man until her pregnancy was over. He realized that there was a strong likelihood he may never see Maddie again after tonight, but any resistance to this slipped away due to his own programming.

Maddie dressed in a very tight, and short, dress, very high heels, but simply pulled her hair back. Despite her enthrallment, she looked unwell and tired. John took her hand and steadied his wife as they walked to the car for a trip that would change both of their lives forever.

They drove in silence. Breeding drones were not really all that exciting to be around, despite how rock-hard John’s cock was at the idea of his seed helping their alien Masters. He turned down a side street which led to the entrance of a gated building, which slid open when they pulled up to it. Inside, a latex clad, deeply brainwashed, woman waited for them. They got out, he handed it their keys, and he escorted Maddie to an elevator not too far away from them.

Upon exiting the elevator, they found themselves in a large medical center. A number of doctors, and even more nurses, in latex uniforms like the one at the door, went about their work or were deep in huddled conversations around tablets. A few green tinted breeding drones passed by them with a doctor.

After a moment, another doctor came forward to greet them. “Hello,” he said with an outstretched hand to John, “my name is Dr. Bedford. I see that your wife has reached her gestation period. How wonderful for you. You must be very proud of her.”

“Of course,” John commented.

A few seconds later, a nurse walked over and stood at Dr. Bedford’s arm. She was, of course, wearing green latex in some sort of approximation of a nurse’s uniform, but with platform heels of the same color. Her enormous bust and green tinted face showed the signs of being a drone herself. Even her bleached blonde hair had green tints in it.

While staring directly at the nurse-drone’s tits, John wondered if Maddie’s hair would change at some point. The thought slipped right out of his pliable mind as the good doctor began speaking again.

“We are going to examine Maddie and make sure she is healthy. At a first glance, I think you did an impressive job with her. We will do tests though to make sure.” The doctor looked tired. It had been a long shift. Maddie’s emergence was a complication he had not scheduled for the evening. No matter, though, it was bound to happen soon.

John stared at Maddie, who was being tended to by the nurse-drone. “Can I say goodbye to her?”

Doctor Bedford shook his head. “No, she likely won’t even recognize you beyond the fact that you are male. Their transformation is pretty quick, in a mental sense, it seems.”

Before John could counter, a stunning blonde woman wearing a pink maid uniform, white stockings, and sky-high black pumps came into the room. The collar around her neck read “Becky.” She had an expression of feminine submission on her face as she lowered her eyes before a superior.

“Ah, wonderful,” Doctor Bedford commented with resigned exhaustion as he walked over to the pretty woman. “This is Becky, your new consort. Now that your wife is unavailable, Becky has been supplied to you for your use.”

Becky swayed over to her new Master. “Master, Becky exists for your command. Please instruct her so she may serve you.”

John began to sweat. An odd urge to fuck her right then and there took over his body, but he held it back and thanked the doctor for his time, gave his former wife one final look, and took Becky’s arm and escorted her back to his car to drive home.

On the drive home, especially at red lights, the continued urge to fuck her right then and there coursed through John’s body. Becky continued to smile sweetly at him, her exposed cleavage idling in his view even out of the corner of his eye while he drove. Soaked in sweat by the end of their journey, he began pawing at her as they went up the walkway to his home.

Inside, John tossed Becky against the wall, yanked down her panties, and stuck his cock inside of her. He viciously fucked her for a few minutes until he came urgently inside her.

He shoved her against the wall. “I’m gonna breed you too, you bimbo. We all need to breed for them.” He could not think straight. A savage feeling filled his body.

Becky was absolutely ready for another round, but John could not get hard again. He even tried jerking off, but his dick would not work. “Fix it!” He screamed at Becky, who, after a second of delay, and a glance towards the door, dropped to her knees and began trying to get him hard again. Despite her best efforts, it could not work, and he shoved her aside.

“I breed...I need to obey them...we live for them...” John kept repeating the mantra over and over until it was meaningless nonsense for the next minute or so. His wild rantings would be the last act of free will he would ever experience.

The door to his home was smashed open by two men in military fatigues. They came in, guns pointed at John, and told him to get on the ground.

John froze and stared at them. Before he could react, Becky came up behind and punched him in the back of the head, knocking him to the floor with a surprising amount of strength. One of the officers snapped cuffs around his arms and legs, while the other jammed a needle into his neck.

This time, Becky was the one to shove John onto the floor. The vapid expression that had been on her face left it suddenly as she took a pile of fatigues from her tactical teammates. “Thanks. He had been tagged to not last long...” She looked down at his tiny, soft, cock, “ more than one way, I suppose, but I figured it would be a few days before I would have to take him out.”

After a moment, John’s body convulsed, and he began turning green like his wife. His cock, now, became rock hard and the life left his eyes as they became completely white. He stood up, snapped to attention, and would exist only to serve their plant Masters from now on as a mindless drone.

The tactical team member who had cuffed John looked out their blinds. “Neighbors are all asleep. Headquarters will add something in their daily training to make sure they forget he even existed.”

The other male teammate nodded. “His wife had just done the new couple across the street. I saw her a few times while on patrol. She was quite the looker.”

Becky came up to stand behind them. She had gotten into her uniform, which was camo fatigues like her teammates, technically, but a tight tank top, tiny shorts, and very high green platform heels. The buxom blonde had been part of a local police unit that was programmed by their Masters to work in security. She was useful for undercover work, whether seductive or observational, and babysat the men after their wives turned into drones before their own transformation into permanently horny and mindless slaves. Eventually, Becky would be droned as well, but for now, her purpose was as part of the team.

At the end of a long night, she had a critical purpose. “Becky, you did really well in here. Good girl,” commented the first team member as he undid his belt. Becky dropped to the floor on all fours and began sucking his cock. A moment later, their other teammate began taking her from behind.

Both men violently fucked her available holes, no cunt until she was ready for breeding, until they came inside her. Becky happily cleaned them up and then assisted in taking their captive in for reassignment.

Soon enough, a new family would arrive in what had been their residence. A cycle would continue: The wife would be turned into a brainless breeding bimbo. The husband into a domineering patriarch obsessed with breeding her. She would be droned, and the husband either kept around or droned as needed.

The security officers brought John back to the station where he was collar, leashed, and then put into a pod for brainwashing. His personal identity was wiped away as he became just another green worker in the alien plant’s hive. Once his mind was erased, he would be sent to another hive to join in construction efforts there until his body was used up and, then, recycled.

A few pods down from him sat Maddie, who was undergoing a cleansing bath now that her pregnancy had been confirmed. The green tinted bimbo lay silently, staring at nothing in particular, while the special waters, coated with seeds from her Master’s home planet, prepared her body to give birth.

Hundreds of women were just like her in pods all around them. Most of them had been successful career women like Maddie, but then converted into vapid bimbo baby machines.

When Maddie was taken out of it, her even more simplified mind existed only for carrying the alien life growing inside of her. Her body was used sexually as well from time to time, but primarily she was kept in a warm, safe, room with other brainwashed women.

She gave birth painlessly a few weeks later. One of the plants came to her birthing room and made her inhale a seed, which took any pain out of the breeding bimbo’s body. After an hour of labor, she gave birth to a litter of alien plants, who would grow up to be soldiers in their army.

After a few days of recovery, Maddie returned to town as the mindless, busty, sex doll she had become. In fact, she was assigned to the husband who had replaced John at his job. They had even moved into their old home!

The man was given the standard orientation, where he was programmed to serve their alien superiors. Afterwards, horny beyond words, he was introduced to his new secretary Maddie. The dark green slave swayed into the room in sky-high heels, a tight miniskirt, and a practically painted on top that left her post pregnancy bust mostly exposed. Her hair was teased and her nails long. She looked at her new owner with passive obedience.

After getting to know each other, which meant the new man violently fucked her ass while she screamed against his desk, Maddie cleaned herself up and returned to the desk set up right outside of her Master’s office. She had been programmed with just enough free will to be able to aid him in his work, which would remain there for about a month before his wife was fully converted into a breeding bimbo just like her.

Their boss, a silver haired, handsome, man, came over to Maddie’s desk. He eyes her gigantic tits and vapid expression. “Gotta get another plant in you soon.” He grinned and winked at her. Maddie could not wait to be bred again.

The End

* * *

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