Feminine Obedience Academy: Yoshiko

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/f #f/m #humiliation #sub:female #bondage #clothing #drones #growth #robots #scifi

At the Feminine Obedience Academy, in the near future, women are trained to be docile, feminine, and obedient. Yoshiko Kurosaza is a new student at the academy who learns her purpose in life is to obey men.

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DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

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ABOUT: Feminine Obedience Academy is a series of stories set in the near future after a war. The country the series takes place in has broken up into a series of districts. Women from the lower classes are sent to the Feminine Obedience Academy to learn how to be docile, feminine, and obedient after spending three semesters as a STUDENT, SERVANT, AND DOLL respectively. This is the first of a six story cycle.

* * *

“Don’t worry about it,” Dr. Shrewsbury noted to the man across from his desk. “She was one of our most enthusiastic students so far.” He took a sip from the whiskey the client preferred. Not really the one he preferred, but that was fine. It was all part of doing business. “Miss Anderson is going to be a fine young lady. Her previous life of partying and out of control behavior is over. She will be a good girl now. In fact, I would consider trying not to remind her of those troubling times. We trained her to associate disobedience with pain and sadness.” He leaned back confidently in his chair.

Dr. Anderson nodded with approval. “That is great to hear. Mandi was—”

Dr. Shrewsbury put up a hand. “Amanda. If you want her to be a proper member of society, she will go by Amanda now. Mandi is the name we would give to a vapid bimbo. Amanda will be a docile lady. If her name had been Amanda and you wanted a sexed up slut, sure we could go with Mandi. We have strict guidelines for this at the academy.”

“Right, okay,” Mr. Anderson replied. “Amanda was really out of control. I had tried to let her get it out of her system, but then she started talking about dropping out of university and not going along with the plan I had come up with for her.”

He shifted in his seat. “I had heard good things about your academy from a colleague on our board who sent his wife here for some reeducation.” Dr. Shrewsbury nodded in recognition of the name Mr. Anderson mentioned. “We are trying to mold a young politician to push our company’s agenda in the new government. I need her to marry him, pop out a few babies to get an heir while also being a good trophy wife. Just like my wife has always been. She goes along with what is expected of women in our positions without a single argument. A role model for women.”

Dr. Shrewsbury had seen pictures of Mrs. Anderson. Audrey. She was definitely a looker. When Dr. Anderson adjuncted at the academy, the beauty came along as an example to the students. He looked down at her profile. “Ever think about upgrading her? New body? Personality changes? Maybe an upgrade to a younger model?” He waved his hand towards the beautiful olive skinned woman standing at attention on a podium to his back right. Her collar read ISLEEN in bright pink cursive. She wore a blue maid uniform and a blank expression. Her large bust moved up and down slowly with her every breath.

Mr. Anderson stared at her for a moment. “Perhaps one day...but for now I just want to see the progress of my daughter. Having her vanish from the public eye for almost a year has raised some questions for sure. We can only tell people to respect her privacy for so long.”

Dr. Shrewsbury pressed a button on the tablet propped up on his desk. “Of course. Miss Anderson will be here in a moment.” She was actually waiting in the hallway, but waited another minute before coming in.

There was a soft, feminine, knock at Dr. Shrewsbury’s door and then the former out of control partier Mandi swayed into the office, now transformed into the dutiful and obedient Amanda.

Amanda was dressed in a plaid skirt with white stockings and black platform heels. Her dark brown hair, with blonde streaks throughout, was tied back into a severe ponytail. She curtsied to Dr. Shrewsbury, her blouse exposing a significant amount of cleavage from her augmented breasts. The tattoo on her arm, which had read what she thought was “joy” in a foreign language, but actually gibberish, was gone.

He pointed to the other side of the desk and the bimbo’s eyes lit up with excitement. “DADDY!!!!” She padded around the desk as quickly as the platform heels on her feet allowed to embrace him. He held her tightly, frankly moved by her affection, and eventually pulled away so she could do a twirl for him.

“Wow...Mand—Um, Amanda, did you learn a lot while you stayed here at the academy?

Amanda quickly shook her head with pride. “Yes, Sir, I learned so much! I was such a bad girl before.” Her pouty mouth turned to a frown. “But now I’m a good girl, Sir.” She grinned proudly. “Daddy, I learned that I need to obey. All women need to obey.” The brunette turned and offered a flirty smile to her adviser. “Dr. Shrewsbury taught me so much about the need for women to obey.”

Dr. Shrewsbury threw his hands up in jest. “Oh, it’s just part of the job. Anything to help a young lady understand her place in the world.”

Mr. Anderson stared at him. “Yeah, anything, I bet.” He turned to his daughter. “While doing his...job...did Dr. Shrewsbury tell you about the man I would like you to marry?”

She enthusiastically clapped her manicured hands together. “Yes, Sir, he is so wonderful. I love him so much! I can’t wait to be Mrs. Carlson.”

He nodded. “Good girl. Your attitude is certainly better now. That old life is behind you now. You’ll make a wonderful wife and mother, just like your mom has been.” Maybe Dr. Shrewsbury was right? Maybe it was time for some adjustments to Audrey. Perhaps, as he put it, a “younger model”? Amanda had this one friend…

“Sir, I can’t wait to see mommy! She is a role model for how a woman should behave.” Amanda began fantasizing about being the perfect trophy wife on her future Master’s arm. Why had she gone to university? Every woman needed to attend this academy instead!”

Dr. Shrewsbury stood up. “Well, yes, of course my dear.” He came around the desk and shook Mr. Anderson’s hand. “A delight doing business with you. If you change your mind about Mrs. Anderson, get in touch. Let me know if you need anything for your class. I made sure my advisees signed up for it.”

As he went to say goodbye to Amanda, she threw herself into a hug. “Thank you so, so, so, much, Sir! I learned all my lessons! I’m going to be a good girl from now on.”

With that, the Andersons, father and daughter, left his office. Dr. Shrewsbury looked at the clock. The newest entrants at the academy would be arriving shortly.

* * *

Yoshiko Kurosaza sat quietly on the high speed shuttle as she traveled towards the academy. When she arrived, her training would begin. Her soft, small, hands moved to click the introductory brochure application on her phone again. She felt so blessed to have been chosen to join this academy. Only certain young people had been picked for it. It was apparently a very select process to decide who got to go and she had been chosen by the admissions committee. It was quite the honor, she had learned from the admissions videos that the beautiful dark haired woman had watched every night before bed.

A few months before, a representative from the academy had followed her social media profile. The woman, really an AI, had immediately messaged Yoshiko and spoke highly of what the academy had to offer to a downtrodden woman like her. The beautiful dark haired woman had spoken frankly about not being able to go to a university due to the financial constraints on her family.

The AI sent her some videos about the academy which had immediately gained Yoshiko’s focus as the subliminals in them began to infest her mind. After they spoke for a week, a package arrived with a “success starter kit” for the young women. It was very large and contained clothing and other feminine accessories, plus some digital files to watch. Her application was submitted to the academy a few days later.

Yoshiko was accepted into the academy immediately upon its arrival. She began focusing on the orientation material offered by it. Only once before had she been out of their district, so the opportunity to travel was extremely exciting.

The digital brochure, which she had read a hundred times at this point, reiterated what had been addressed in the videos she had been studying each day: The academy had a strict social hierarchy that was maintained via a system of requirements. This was to make sure only the best and brightest were added to it. She felt deeply blessed to have been chosen.

After beginning to watch the orientation videos, which she watched over and over, Yoshiko began taking a lot more interest in her own appearance. She began a running and exercise regimen. The beautiful Japanese woman began shaving off all of her body hair below the shoulders and continued growing her head hair out from the cute bob it had been previously. Her mother was too busy trying to make ends meet to notice.

Over the summer before her new schooling began, she had stopped dating and focused on improving her mind and body. None of her previous relationships had amounted to much, but a deep need for something more special as she traveled to the academy filled her mind, body, and soul. A realization filled her delicate, girlie, mind that she had always been submissive and a deep need to please men had overtaken her fantasies.

Their train trip took about a half day, so there was a lot of down time. Yoshiko stood up, put down her orientation material, and swayed out into the hall. While taking more interest in her appearance, she had also begun dressing more feminine. The short skirt, sky high heels, and sleeveless sweater she wore certainly accentuated some of her better attitudes.

She wanted to get a snack and found a large buffet with what seemed like a mile of food and beverages prepared by latex wearing drone staff, all female, who worked feverishly and with deep concentration. Only the wealthiest class in her district had drones in their homes. She had never been close to one and watched her feminine precision with fascination.

Across the buffet, Yoshiko noticed a pretty redhead also dressed in high femme wear. She was tall, with long legs, made even longer by her sky high heels, and even shorter skirt, pale, and constantly smiling as her small, feminine, manicured, hands waved toward her new friend. They watched each other while a blank expression drone poured her coffee.

The redhead swayed over to her. “Hello, my name is Jenni,” she began in an up-pitched voice, “and I think we’re both going to the academy?” The gorgeous woman stared right at Yoshiko’s average sized chest with a flirty smile.

Yoshiko blushed at her forwardness. “Yeah, we have orientation. It’s nice to meet you, Jenni.”

Jenni continued to flirt with her. “When we arrive, there is a big meeting for everyone on our track. The submissive track. My big sister is on the racing team here.”

“Oh,” Yoshiko started, “that is good.” she leaned in , her shy, private, nature overcoming him. “Are you on a submissive track too?”

Jenni giggled. “Of course, silly.” She smiled flirty and put her hand against Yoshiko’s arm. “Come on, we are going to have breakfast together.” Before she could even speak, the beautiful Japanese woman was following Jenni back to a car, forgetting about her own. They ate breakfast and chatted about their courses and upbringing. Both it turned out had been considering submissive track above anything else and had dropped everything to apply for the academy.

The redhead smiled at her new friend. “I think we will be great friends. Maybe we can even get assigned to be roommates?” Her smile took on a flirtatious stance.

Yoshiko smiled back. “That would be great! I have so much to learn at the academy.” The second sentence slid right out of her pouty mouth.

Jenni nodded. “The academy will teach us our place in life.”

Their train began to slow down as it arrived near the academy. Yoshiko stared out the window at their new surroundings.

Jenni took a moment to take a phone out of her purse and send a message to the Headmaster that the newest academy thralls were ready to be programmed.

* * *

It turned out that, in fact, Yoshiko and Jenni were roommates, which Yoshiko should have thought was suspicious, right? Ah, alas, you know how it goes in these stories.

When they arrived at their quarters, Jenni and Yoshiko dropped off their belongings and looked around. They were fairly spartan with two beds, closets, and vanity mirrors. A small bathroom was in the back. “It’s nice,” Yoshiko commented after a moment.

They spent some time checking out the closet and bathroom. They had been instructed to only bring a few changes of clothing, so both subliminally conditioned academy students had to focus on feminine necessities like high heels, tight skirts, provocative underwear, and makeup. Why would a woman bring anything else?

Between their beds had a black, very shiny, metallic divider that went up and down the wall. It put a pretty good distance between their beds, which ended up against the other walls. Jenni was practically by the door. “I wonder what that is for?” Yoshiko asked her new friend.

“Maybe it’s for communication?” Jenni tried to press a few buttons with a white-tipped fingernail. Nothing happened. She looked down at the hard floors. “At least we have a lot of floor space.”

A few hours later, Yoshiko and Jenni were required to attend an incoming student seminar. They found themselves seated with other young women on submissive track. All were dressed as provocatively as the new roommates. Yoshiko sadly stared at a few of them still learning to wear heels. She was so glad that it had dawned on her that women should wear them as often as possible a few months ago, so the beautiful Japanese woman had plenty of time to be ready for today.

Eventually a young man, probably around 30, took to the stage and gently tapped a mic attached to his sweater. Every woman in the room quickly ended their conversations and focused on him. He was cute, but definitely seemed a tad on the shy side, Yoshiko whispered to Jenni, as the young man went over and tapped a few buttons at a computer console.

“Good afternoon, young ladies, and welcome to our academy. I have some things to go over with you, so I need each of you to focus on me and listen to my words.” He let the soft music, variations on orchestral themes from his home district, District Six, hang in the air as its tones triggered a moderately strong trance in each woman. The women of this district were a bit different from his home district, but their minds were as soft and pliable as the ones from there and every woman, including Yoshiko and Jenni, smiled softly at him with blank expressions on their faces.

“Good girls. One of the most important things you will learn at this academy is how to be a good girl.” The man, whose name tag said “William Cullen” on it, nodded to a line of latex-clad DOLLs, who began walking up and down each row handing out tablets.

Yoshiko took it from a stunning blonde and smiled at the home screen being personalized just for her. How nice! As the music continued, she found it was impossible to not focus on William’s voice as he navigated the young ladies around it. “Each of you will be meeting with an adviser today. Some of you might even be my advisee.”

“Your adviser will be picking your classes for you. Each of you will trust your adviser’s guidance. He will know what is best for you.” William continued to discuss the different tracks available for women to choose from and then, again, emphasized the need to meet with an adviser weekly.

Yoshiko and Jenni followed along as the tablet moved to each part of the presentation. Their soft, feminine, minds fully immersed in the subliminal programming their orientation materials had brainwashed into them over the summer.

Very quickly Yoshiko, and every other woman in the room, was falling deeply under control of the academy. The adviser on stage had her complete attention and could have made her do anything at the moment. He made eye contact with her once and it made the new academy student blush.

After William finished speaking, the students were called up in groups to meet with him or other staff members. Yoshiko and Jenni were both called by him and they swayed up to the stage along with three other women. Each clutched their tablet close to them and brightly smiled for him.

Once all five young women were there, he began speaking to them. “Hello ladies, My name is William, but you will think of me as Mr. Cullen. You will address me and all male staff as Sir. Do you understand?”

Jenni and another woman quickly said “yes, Sir,” in a chipper voice. Yoshiko and the other two said “yes, Mr. Cullen, Sir,” and then giggled at how it sounded when it came out.

“Just ‘Sir’ is fine,” Mr. Cullen said to them with a wink. “I am primarily here to inform you that you have been assigned the same adviser.” Yoshiko and Jenni shared a happy look. “You have also been assigned to do an internship in my office. I can be fairly demanding of my interns, but you will learn a lot from me as well.”

“Okay,” he continued, “you need to visit your adviser.” He said a trigger phrase, which made all five young women snap to attention. As always, I am not telling you what a beautiful young woman’s trigger phrase is! Around the room every woman did the same. Earth women were so easy to tame. One day their entire gender would be under control once the men of their planet could be convinced of it.

Each woman lined up in a row with the other women assigned to their adviser. They marched in those lines out of the building towards the advisory building where they would meet with their adviser. Yoshiko followed Jenni’s plump backside, clad in the same kind of skimpy miniskirt as her own less firm rear, as they crossed the campus quad and entered the new building.

Each of them walked through a door, which beamed them to the waiting area in front of their adviser’s door. They snapped to attention again and waited quietly until it was their turn. Yoshiko would be the last one to visit with him. After Jenni left, without saying a word, a lot of programmed determination mirrored in her eyes, a man came out, stared at her for a moment, and then ordered the enthralled young woman to join him for their meeting.

Yoshiko entered the room, sat down, crossed her stocking clad legs, and the fog of trance slowly left her. She looked up at her adviser and smiled softly. A sense of ease and contentment filled her body.

Her adviser stared at a three-dimensional display, blocked from her view by a privacy screen, and typed something into it. After mouthing the words he had written, the man, whose name tag said Dr. Shrewsbury, nodded with approval. “Sorry, I had to finish a report from earlier.” He was handsome: Dark haired, with square framed glasses, and a very casual button down shirt. “Please relax and focus on me, Yoshiko.”

“Yes, Sir,” Yoshiko dutifully replied to his command. A sense of tranquility fogged her mind. She was already the academy’s obedient plaything.

“Good girl,” he began with a warm smile. “My name is Dr. Shrewsbury. You will address me as ‘Sir’ both in my office and in public. In private, when applicable,” he paused for a few seconds to let that idea dangle in the air, “Dr. Shrewsbury is fine.”

“Yes, Sir,” Yoshiko slowly nodded to confirm her understanding.

“If you don’t mind, I have already picked out your classes for you plus scheduled times for your internship.” She nodded to confirm her acquiescence as he sent the files to her tablet, which the beautiful Japanese woman took out of her purse.

He let her look it over for a moment before speaking again. “I am here to work with you and get you accustomed to the university. Therefore, I need you to always do as I say. Do you agree?”

“Yes, Sir,” she said absentmindedly while reviewing the information, which had an embedded text trigger to further bring her into compliance.

“Good girl.” Dr. Shrewsbury put his elbows on the desk and leaned forward a bit. “You will be completing three stages while here at this academy. The first, which you are in, obviously, is to acclimate you to the expectations of the academy. It will last from today until the holiday season. At the end of it your progress will be assessed.”

He tapped a button on his screen and a bookshelf on the side of the room slowly swung open to reveal a gorgeous blonde woman wearing a latex maid uniform. She was tan, had very large, obviously augmented, breasts, and a toned body which was greatly accentuated by the latex maid uniform she wore at the moment.

White stockings and black platform heels made her firm backside as she took a few steps out of her storage place and curtsied, eyes never leaving her controller. “Master, your will is purpose.” Her collar read “Sammi” in pink cursive.

Dr. Shrewsbury looked at her with admiration. “Sammi here is in the second stage of her education. SERVANT stage women, well, serve the male staff here. Many are only for general purposes, but the lucky ones like her are assigned to someone for more personal attention.”

Yoshiko stared at the beautiful maid, who softly smiled at her Master. Sammi had not even acknowledged her presence in the room.

The good doctor stood up and put a gentle hand on Sammi’s face. “You are enjoying being in SERVANT Stage, aren’t you?”

Sammi nodded slowly. “Yes, Master, Sammi is happy beyond words. Your will is purpose, Master.” She finally acknowledged Yoshiko. “You will love it, Miss Kurosaza.”

Dr. Shrewsbury sat back down, pulled up his screen, and typed something on it. “I have an idea.” He turned to face Sammi. “Sammi, please clear your schedule for this evening and inform SERVANT Services that I need a SERVANT for this evening.”

After a moment, Sammi curtsied again. “Master, Sammi has completed your task. Your will is purpose.” Her breasts were barely being contained by the cut of the latex maid uniform. Yoshiko wondered if her breasts, fairly large, were large enough.

Dr. Shrewsbury nodded. “Good girl.” He turned his chair to speak to both of them. “I want the two of you to spend the evening together. Have dinner together. I hear there is an informal social event this evening for the incoming class. The faculty has an event as well. I might go. Go to it together and let Sammi introduce you to the fine art of service. You will do as I say, won’t you, Yoshiko?”

“Yes, Sir,” Yoshiko confirmed with a slow nod.

“Good girl,” Dr. Shrewsbury replied with an approving smile. “By the way, there is a curfew in the evening. I’m not sure if that came up during orientation. Sammi will adhere to it.” He looked at both of them. “If anyone does not, you will tell me.”

“Yes, Sir,” was their immediate reply.

A few seconds passed and Yoshiko blurted out “Sir, I really hope to please you. You know what is best for me.”

“Yes, I know, sweetie.” He waved a hand up at Sammi. “Sammi said something just like that when she arrived last semester. You will learn a lot from her.” He typed something. “I just sent your schedule for the semester.”

Yoshiko pulled the tablet out of her purse again. “I hope you don’t mind that I picked all your classes out based on the potential I believe you have. There is no reason, honestly, for you to have any issue with it.”

“No, Sir, it’s wonderful,” Yoshiko confirmed as even the hint of concern she had left her mind. “I will take any class you want me to take. You know what is best for me.”

“Good girl.” Dr. Shrewsbury stared at her for a few seconds. “Come over here to my side of the desk, dear.” Yoshiko only hesitated for a split second before obeying him. Looking down at the mat her high heeled feet stood on now she slid down to her knees and smiled at him.

Dr. Shrewsbury admired her presentation for a moment. “Wonderful. I think we have established how not only our relationship will play out, but your relationship with all men here at the academy. I’m sure you agree?’

Yoshiko nodded. “Yes Sir.” She lowered her eyes to the floor.

He put a hand on her pale face. “I am going to add a weekly appointment for us. I will assist you in becoming a very good girl for when you leave the academy.”

“Yes, Sir, I trust you completely and will always obey because I know the men of the academy know what is best for me.”

“Good girl. Return to your quarters. Your roommate Jenni is waiting there for you. She is a good girl just like you.” He motioned for her to stand up and he did as well.

“Thank you, Sir,” Yoshiko said with an awkward curtsy, trying to emulate Sammi, and left his office.

* * *

That evening after checking in with Jenni as commanded, Yoshiko decided to walk around campus before having dinner with Sammi. She found the library, which did not have many books, mostly tablets with fashion magazines, but it looked like a few rooms of new academy students were getting lessons.

A beautiful pink haired woman in a latex dress swayed over to her and asked if she needed assistance. Her collar just read DOLL in cursive pink. Yoshiko declined, but her heart began to race knowing her future involved that level of mindless enslavement at some point.

Yoshiko was standing in front of the academy gym, staring inside at the obviously enthralled women, each wearing a SERVANT collar, working out, when Sammi called to her.

“Miss Kurosaza,” she called out in her gentle, feminine, voice. She had come from the side entrance of the gym and was wearing another latex maid uniform, but this one was blue instead of green. When the blonde SERVANT class student caught up to Yoshiko, she hugged her new friend. “Sammi hopes you are well. Did you visit with Miss Graham as Master commanded?”

“Yes I did. Miss, um, Jenni was commanded by...” she trailed off, catching herself before she called Dr. Shrewsbury “Master,” “um, Sir, to attend a faculty event. She is going to be a hostess at it.” To her gullible mind, nothing seemed odd about this situation.

Sammi nodded with approval. “Sammi’s roommate was commanded to do that when we arrived too. The faculty have a welcome back event each semester with the administration. She is now a SERVANT class student and is likely there too.”

Yoshiko, surprised at Sammi’s offer of information, decided to further investigate. “Oh, neat! What is her name? Do you see her much?”

The platinum blonde shook her head in the negative. “Sammi is not programmed to remember her name currently. She is SERVANT class, but not like Sammi. Master programmed us for different responsibilities.”

The Japanese student stared at her. “What is the difference?”

Sammi motioned for them to begin walking to the student center to have the meal Master commanded them to have together. “Each adviser gets five women to advise each semester.” She slowed and took Yoshiko’s hand in her own, which the beautiful Japanese woman, after a second of hesitation, accepted. “The favorite each semester becomes his personal SERVANT for the next semester. Sammi was chosen by him,” she proudly beamed and then continued, “the other four are SERVANT class. They are deeply programmed during the semester break and kept that way for the second semester. That was whom Sammi was exercising with inside the gym...her fellow SERVANT class students.”

She continued as they crossed the quad towards their destination. “Then next semester, all five of Master’s advisees, Sammi included, will be converted to DOLL class. Their programming is different, but she is not allowed to know why. Surely Yoshiko has seen them around campus?”

Yoshiko nodded, not used to being referred to in the third person, but a warm feeling filled her body at that level of...objectification. “Um, maybe? I’m not sure what the difference is?”

Sammi slapped her friend on the arm. “Yoshiko is silly! DOLL class students have collars with DOLL on them!” She will see them tonight after dinner,” the beautiful blonde added with a flirty giggle.

They entered the student center and found similar couples all around it. A hyper-sexualized SERVANT class student sat with one of the new orientates like Yoshiko and was lost in conversation. Sammi led Yoshiko over to the queue for their meal, where preassigned meals were left for them. Yoshiko picked up the box, which had a salad, some proteins, a soup, and tea and they headed to their table for the meal.

They sat down and began eating. Sammi’s meal was more or less the same as Yoshiko’s with an additional drink. “Sammi’s breasts continue to grow because of this drink,” she exclaimed proudly, holding the can up with her white-tipped hands.

Yoshiko smiled, but a sense of insecurity filled her body. The SERVANT class students around her, every one of them, had clearly undergone breast enhancements. Would she have to? Dr. Shrewsbury would know!

“Am, um, I allowed to drink it?” Her question came out littered with insecurity.

Sammi smiled proudly. “No, not yet. Yoshiko will be able to soon though. She needs to meet with a trainer first.”

They chatted about various things for a little while. Yoshiko was curious about her new friend. The busty blonde had come here the semester before. “Sammi was eager for a life of submission. She had been very unstructured before living in the poor part of District Four. When the chance to come to this wonderful academy was brought up by a recruiter, she immediately went through the materials and fell in love with it. She could not wait to come here!”

Yoshiko nodded. “Yep, same for me. When I downloaded it all, I ended up reading about the academy all night. I fell asleep while watching one of the videos.” Both young ladies had been easily swayed by the subliminal suggestions embedded in every orientation video for the academy. Their soft, feminine, brains were brought under control in record time.

“Sammi did too!” She smiled proudly, looking every bit the bimbo she now self identified as, “She came to visit and ended up never going home. Dr. Shrewsbury picked her for the semester to be his personal servant! She is so proud to please him and all the men at the academy.”

Yoshiko finished off her meal before speaking again. “Do you miss your family at all?”

The busty blonde nodded slowly. “Sammi’s family did not like it when she came here. They claimed she thought that she was better than them for doing it.” She frowned, clearly upset by the memory. “Sammi’s parents were not going anywhere in life. Sammi will have a bright future because of the academy.” The beautiful blonde brightened. “Master says next semester that the academy will bring Sammi’s parents to visit! He thinks her mom will come around to agree that the academy is wonderful.” Her head tilted slightly as programmed responses to such a query loaded. “Does Yoshiko have a family?”

Yoshiko stared at her. What an odd question. “Well, yes, of course I do, but I guess I am in a better group with my parents than you are. My mom was a housewife when I was born. My sister came the next year. My dad apparently had a really good job. He died when I was eleven years old. My mom had to go back to work and it was always so hard. There was never enough money because she didn’t have a university degree, so she could only get low paying jobs. We really struggled. I wanted to be like my mom was before dad died. She was so happy being a housewife.”

Sammi reached a manicured hand across the table and urged her to keep talking. “Sammi’s sister tried to get good grades so she could go to university, but it was hard when cannot afford the right wireless connection or virtual technology. The computer was pretty old and barely ran virtual exams. When the opportunity to come here instead of university came up, Sammi viewed the materials and realized it was the best place for her.” She blinked a few times. “Sammi’s mom could visit too! Maybe she could arrive when Yoshiko’s mom does!?”

Sammi stared at her for a few seconds as her neuro-chip sent that information to Master. “Yes, Sammi thinks that would be wonderful! Yoshiko’s mom sounds like such a strong woman, but at the academy we learn that as women our duty is to submit. Our strength is in our feminine weakness. It’s why we obey. All moms could use a lesson in that.”

Yoshiko nodded slowly. “I’m beginning to understand that. I’ll ask Dr. Shrewsbury if they should visit us?” The last few words came out with a slight up-pitch attached to them like how Sammi spoke. She smiled passively.

The busty blonde continued. “Sammi thinks that is a wonderful idea! She was sent to the academy by her family. Sammi was such a bad girl, but is now a good girl. Dr. Shrewsbury taught her that every woman is a good girl. It’s the nature of women to be good girls. Even when women are bad girls, it’s just because they don’t know how to be a good girl. There are no bad girls, just good girls who need to be taught right from wrong.” The vapid bimbo was so proud of herself for reciting the manta programmed into her over countless nights during the first semester.”

A bell rang and the two latex clad drones doing security announced it was closing time. All students must report to their next assigned place.

They both got up and put their trays into the recycling machine, which would remake it into whatever materials the academy needed for the next morning. Yoshiko realized she was holding hands again with Sammi as the main exit doors swooshed open for them and other students and servants.

After a minute or so, Sammi stopped them. “Sammi is sorry she cried. She gets so sad thinking about what a bad girl she was before.” Another tear went down her face. Her pouty mouth began to whimper a little bit.

“Oh, no it’s okay, hey,” Yoshiko said as she pulled her friend into a hug. She held her tightly for a long moment before slowly pulling away. “You’re a good girl now, and you’re going to help me become one too, okay?”

They stared at each other for a few seconds, lit by the moonlight above them, but the intimate moment was broken by their names being called out by a security drone.

“Miss Strickland! Miss Kurosaza! You are required to obey this DOLL. Your presence is required at a faculty event this evening. This DOLL will escort you.”

The DOLL wore latex from head to toe in a bright blue. The dark skinned DOLL’s hair was pulled into a tight ponytail like the drones in the cafeteria.

Sammi gave it a little wave. “Sister, may Sammi introduce Yoshiko to DOLL? She is new and needs to learn of it?”

The DOLL nodded. “This DOLL is delighted to meet Miss Kurosaza.” She tilted her head slightly as information about Yoshiko downloaded into her neuro-chip. “Miss Kurosaza, you are an incoming student. Welcome to the academy. The academy teaches purpose in life.”

“She is a DOLL,” Sammi began, turning to her new friend. “DOLLs are what you will be in the third semester. Sammi will be too. Even if a chosen SERVANT for an adviser, all must be a DOLL for one semester.”

Yoshiko stared at the DOLL. “She is beautiful. Does she have a name?”

Sammi quickly shook her head. “No, no, DOLLs do not have names. Their previous existence is not relevant to their service. SERVANTs do not either.” She grinned with pride. “Sammi has a name because Master chose her over other SERVANTs. She hopes Master chooses you too!”

She continued to show off the DOLL, who stood idly at casual attention. “This DOLL is in blue because the academy is going to drone her afterwards. Like the drones in the cafeteria, this DOLL will be in a permanent state of mindlessness.”

Yoshiko nodded. Would that happen to her? Her cunt purred at the idea of being so...empty. “What will happen to her?”

“Some drones stay here like the drones in the eating area,” Sammi confirmed. “Other drones are sold...drones can be sold for military service, sexual enslavement, personal security.” She brightly smiled at Yoshiko. “Your DOLL semester will be your destiny. The academy teaches purpose in life.”

DOLL, sensing the end of the conversation, blinked back to life. “Miss Strickland, Miss Kurosaza, you are required to follow this DOLL. Your presence is required at a faculty event this evening. This DOLL will escort you.”

They followed the DOLL across the quad and then past a few more buildings to the area where housing was located for staff and faculty. “Oh, maybe my professors will be here tonight?” Yoshiko said idly.

The DOLL stopped and slowly turned around. “Miss Kurosaza, the wonderful men of the academy, especially the ones who teach women their purpose, are not to be spoken about like that. Yoshiko is their student. They are not her teachers. You do not possess or own anything.”

Sammi gave her friend’s hand a squeeze. “DOLL is right. Sammi made the same mistake. Women do not possess, we are possessions.”

Yoshiko sighed deeply. “I...I’m sorry. You’re right. I’m their student. I have so much to learn at the academy.”

DOLL nodded with approval and they continued walking to their destination. There were three buildings for housing and then a further fourth which was for a get together like this. The campus had apparently used to be some kind of gated community from before the country went to war with itself and then broke up into nine districts. Yoshiko remembers seeing pictures of them. They were so pretty and nice, just like the academy was now. Where she had come from, pretty much nothing was nice.

At the front door of the building, a security drone scanned the DOLL’s collar, waited a few seconds, and then nodded in approval for them to enter the building. The DOLL kept walking and both young women followed her into a large dressing area where other incoming freshmen like Yoshiko were idling. She wondered where Jenni had gotten off to? Was she here too? Had a DOLL escorted her as well? She looked around the room and did not see her red-haired roommate anywhere.

The new students chatted idly. Each of them had just arrived and were escorted, as Yoshiko had been, by a DOLL and their advisers’ personal SERVANT. Sammi knew some of the SERVANTs.

They ended up conversing with a young woman named Madeline. Madeline had short cropped blonde hair, multiple tattoos, and wore a fairly punk looking baby-doll dress with high heeled boots. She really looked out of place among the more conservative or slutty looks the other incoming freshman wore at the moment.

“Yeah I don’t know about this place,” Madeline expressed as they conversed, “my parents made me look over the orientation videos and I guess it was cool. This is pretty intense though. My adviser gave me a lot of rules to follow. Like I know I have so much to learn at the academy, but it’s very restrictive.”

Yoshiko nodded, understanding the young woman’s plight, “yes, my adviser, Dr. Shrewsbury, gave me a lot of rules too. We do have so much to learn. The academy will teach us our purpose in life.”

Madeline looked skeptical. “Yeah.” She hesitated. “It’s just go hardcore, you know? Like those SERVANTs...mine is my friend and all, but I feel like I am seconds away from her reporting me for some infraction. She has already bitched me out a couple times! I hope I’m not like that when I am a SERVANT.”

“Sammi is wonderful. She is my friend and has been so supportive. At dinner she told me so much about the academy.” Yoshiko felt a worrying pang about Madeline’s rebellious statements.

The blonde punk rocker scoffed, but not loud enough for anyone else to hear her. “Mine just kept telling me about rules and not breaking them. She said we are going to get some kind of dress code announcement tonight too!” Her hands gestured down to her boots, “I hate wearing heels, but I don’t know I guess I like these. My dad got them for me as a going away gift. We don’t have a lot of money, so...” She trailed off. It was clearly a bitter point of contention.

“That is why we are here though,” Yoshiko replied, “the academy chose us for a better life. My father died some years ago and then...it’s been very hard on my mother. When the academy reached out to me, I was ready to go almost right away. I was sad I had to wait all summer!” She let out a very feminine giggle.

As Yoshiko’s giggle died off, Sammi walked over to them. “It is time for an important presentation. Please pay complete attention. You have so much to learn at the academy.”

Dr. Cullen walked into the room a few seconds later. Every SERVANT and DOLL in the room, including Sammi and the DOLL who had escorted them here, snapped to attention after lining up at either side of the room. Yoshiko was unsure what to do, but found her focus drawn to the handsome adviser she would be doing her internship with during the fall.

Behind Dr. Cullen a group of drones, clad in latex from head to toe, swayed into the room carrying boxes. There were enough for each of the new academy students in the room.

Dr. Cullen nodded with approval at the drones, who all left the room as quickly as they entered. “Students, focus on me so we can begin your lesson.”

Yoshiko felt the thoughts in her simple feminine mind slip out one by one. She softly smiled, focused on Dr. Cullen, and announced, as did every other student in the room, including Madeline, that she was ready for the lesson.”

“Good girls,” Dr. Cullen confirmed as he walked around them. It was amusing watching each woman bend themselves until they could not try to follow him. “That trigger was in your initial orientation materials. You will focus on any man who says it to you. You will obey any man who says it to you. You will trust any man who says it to you. You will address all men as ‘Sir’ at the academy. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir!” each woman proudly declared. Madeline, despite her misgivings earlier, was the loudest proclaimer by far.

“Good girls.” Dr. Cullen opened one of the boxes. “In these boxes, you will find your official academy uniform. It’s fine that you did not wear it today. However, moving forward, unless commanded otherwise by a man at the academy, you will wear this uniform day unless in your exercise uniforms. Workout routines will be explained to you tomorrow.”

He motioned for the students to step forward and take the boxes. Yoshiko walked up and picked up one and took it back to where she had been standing. Its width made this a bit cumbersome, but she made it. The boxes were kind of large and a bit on the heavy side. She opened it at his urging and was stunned by what she found inside of it. Madeline dropped her box, but Dr. Cullen walked over and helped her out.

The box was partitioned off into three sections, which explained its size and width. The first, a long one across the top, had a very short, pleated skirt, sweater, a button down shirt, and a tie. The second contained underwear and pantyhose. The third and final section held a pair of very shiny black platform heels.

As Yoshiko and the other students examined what was in the boxes, which was the same except for size variations, Dr. Cullen continued to speak to them. “At the moment, your apartment closets are being filled with this uniform. A chart will be left as well with the color coded variations for each day. You will follow them to the letter. Uniformity, and uniforms, are very important for women to be able to succeed in the modern world. You will conform to the dress code each day. Failure to do so will lead to severe punishments. It is also your duty to report on anyone who does not conform to it. These concepts will be reinforced during your classes. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” every woman replied. Yoshiko loved the idea of uniformity! She wondered again where Jenni was at the moment. It would be so nice to wear a matching uniform with her.

Dr. Cullen clapped his hands together gently. “Alright ladies, the night is young. Curfew isn’t for another three hours, so I would like you to dress in your uniform. You will be modeling them for the faculty and some trusted donors and members of our board. I will leave to spare your modesty, but I look forward to seeing each of you shortly.”

He got quiet for a few seconds. “Each of you is beautiful and lovely already. Here at the academy, we will work on tempering that into what your ideal mind, body, and soul should be moving forward. Many of you come from hardship. In fact, in some cases, it was why you were chosen to join us. I am sorry for your hardships. I can remember a time before the districts, and the fall of our nation, which you were all not even born for by at least a handful of years, but something better has bloomed here in this district.”

The good doctor gave them a wave and left the room. As the door shut, each DOLL and SERVANT leapt into life to begin assisting the students. Sammi came over to Yoshiko with a happy grin on her face. “Sammi can remember putting on her uniform for the first time! She now wears another, and so will you one day soon.”

Yoshiko looked around the room with caution. Madeline, her previous apprehensions wiped away with one command by a man, was already mostly naked. Seeing another woman obey Dr. Cullen’s command first broke her of any apprehension and she stripped down with great confidence. Sammi picked up her clothing and made a neat pile of it all, high heels on top, and set it aside. A DOLL came by in a moment to pick it up.

She stood silently for a moment looking down at her naked body. Dr. Cullen had mentioned gym time, which she clearly felt was needed after seeing the latex clad drones and all those SERVANTS working out together. Did she need breast implants too like every SERVANT and DOLL seemed to have? Dr. Shrewsbury would know…

Sammi, with a proud grin on her face, handed each piece of clothing to Yoshiko, starting with the fairly plain, surprisingly, bra and panties. They fit her frame perfectly. She recalled being asked for measurements of a health survey that was part of her orientation materials.

The skirt sat very snug as well, as did the tight button down shirt. Yoshiko had never put on a tie before, so Sammi helped her complete a very simple knot. “Sammi had never before...we can practice during the week.” She slid on the sweater, a bit snug in all the right places, and the beautiful Japanese woman did a twirl for her friend, who clapped her manicured hands. Sammi handed her a very feminine hairband and Yoshiko completed the outfit by pulling her hair back into a severe ponytail.

However, there was one more thing left to add to the uniform. They all waited for a moment as a DOLL left to retrieve Dr. Cullen. Madeline awkwardly walked over to them. She was clearly not used to wearing heels all the time. “You look amazing, Yoshiko. I feel like such a klutz.”

“She does, doesn’t she,” Sammi proclaimed as her hand grazed Yoshiko’s at their side. “Really beautiful.”

Yoshiko lowered her eyes, “oh I don’t know. I feel like I could do so much better.”

Sammi gave her hand a squeeze. “You will.” She looked at Madeline. “Both of you will.” Madeline’s SERVANT friend nodded along affirmatively. She was currently programmed to not speak unless spoken to by their adviser.

A few seconds later Dr. Cullen reentered the room. All DOLLs and SERVANTs walked back to the side of the room and snapped to attention. Yoshiko, Madeline, and a few other students looked at each other before doing the same. It just seemed so natural to present themselves for one of the men who worked at the academy.

“Ah,” Dr. Cullen began with a short laugh, “wonderful! You know, I was going to ask you to do that in a moment, but what wonderful young ladies you are to do so without my command. Good girls.” He took a few steps towards them and got serious.

“I enjoy your conformity to the SERVANTs and DOLLs, surely, but some men may not. Unless you have already been trained by a man and know what his expectations are for you, do not act without command. Many men find this displeasurable. As one of your teachers and, hopefully, a mentor to some of you through our internship program, I never will. I may scold, I may punish, but I will do it so you show improvement next time. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir!” Each student confirmed with great enthusiasm. Yoshiko frowned slightly. How silly of them to attempt to obey before being commanded! She let out a tiny giggle.

“Wonderful! So here is what we are going to do tonight.” He nodded to the DOLLs on the right side of the room and they left the room to retrieve the final piece of the uniform. “There are many advisers, faculty, and donors to the academy out there tonight. I want to introduce each of you to them. So what you are going to do is follow your SERVANT escort out of this room when prompted. We have set up a bit of a runway for you to, well, model on. The donors especially enjoy seeing the lovely young ladies their money aides. Who knows, you might catch the eye of one of them.”

The DOLLS returned to the room. Yoshiko’s eyes widened when she realized each held a handful of leashes and collars in their hands. They walked around the room and handed one to each SERVANT, who smiled brightly and thanked each of them for it.

Dr. Cullen motioned for the DOLLs to hand a collar and leash to each SERVANT. “The final piece of your uniform is a collar and leash. You will have noticed that all SERVANT and DOLL class students are leashed and collared. This is for their safety and your own as well. What if an unruly student got out of control?”

He walked up and down the rows of beautiful students standing before him. “Each of you will be leashed and collared as well. As incoming students you may harbor, without even realizing it, rebellious thoughts, views, or behaviors.” The good doctor stopped near Madeline and her SERVANT. “SERVANTs, please collar and leash your friend.”

Sammi turned and faced Yoshiko. “Please remain still. This is such a proud moment for you.” She placed the collar around her friend’s neck and snapped it tight in the front. The digital interface lit up with Kurosaza, Yoshiko is a bright pink cursive font like that of Sammi’s collar. The distraction of the leash being snapped into place on the bottom of the collar made her miss the gentle pinch and insertion of a small chip into the student’s neck.

“Sammi is so proud of you,” the SERVANT announced as she pulled Yoshiko into a tight hug. The chip on her neck was already flooding her body with nanites that began to take over control of it. The few minutes of distraction was all they needed to begin her permanent enslavement as it had to Sammi the previous semester. She held onto her new slave sister before Dr. Cullen called for their attention back to him.

“Lovely! Each of you looks lovely,” he said with genuine cheer in his voice. He had been at the academy for seven years now, after being plucked out of the traditional academic university structure in his district, and each year it was easier and easier to bring a new group of young ladies under control. Every one of them stared at him with feminine inferiority mirrored in their eyes.

“Students, you will be escorted by your SERVANT friend to the runway. Follow her direction while there. Once you leave the runway, you will join the party proper. Mingle with guests, faculty, and donors. Make new friends. Who knows, perhaps the man of your dreams is in that room!” A few of the incoming class had already been tagged for buyers, one of whom was in that room and could not wait to meet her.

Dr. Cullen’s speech also served as a means of buying time for the nanite injections to begin doing their wonderful magic to the women. The status icon on the device he held switched from yellow to green and he nodded, and then pushed the button to put them into trance for the modeling session.

Each student, SERVANT, and DOLL, snapped to attention. Yoshiko’s mind blanked as a soft smile formed over her face. “We are ready for our lesson, Sir,” each student announced in a dreamy, mesmerized, voice.

Dr. Cullen smiled with pride. “Good girls! Your lesson tonight is one of pleasure. A mantra I want you to learn is that ‘pleasure is purpose and purpose is pleasure.’ Your pleasure, and purpose, is obedience to men. So ‘pleasure is purpose, and purpose is pleasure, so obedience is pleasure, but obedience is also purpose.’ Don’t think too hard about it for tonight. Your classes will cover this in great detail, trust me.”

He ordered the DOLLs to go join the main room while SERVANTs and students formed a queue. Sammi, again, took her friend’s hand in her own as they lined up and waited for their turn. Yoshiko was unsure how long it was as her mind was very foggy. “Pleasure is purpose, and purpose is pleasure,” rang through it over and over. It was about ten minutes, for the record.

When Yoshiko and Sammi got to the front of the queue, Dr. Cullen took the ends of their leashes in his hands. “Yoshiko, sweetie, you’re going to do great. Sammi here is such an inspiration for you. She was in your position last semester and did exceptionally well.” By exceptionally well, he means fucked two donors that evening while her SERVANT friend took her from behind with a dildo, but the beautiful Japanese woman did not need to know that part of the story.

Dr. Cullen tapped a few icons on his device. Eyes blank and distant, Yoshiko, holding hands with her, and Sammi walked up the steps and onto the runway. The platinum blonde put an athletic sway into her walk while her friend fumbled at it a bit, even in this programmed state, as they walked up and down the runway a few times.

“Miss Kurosaza, from district eight, is of Japanese American descent. Her initial rating for programming is a 9.7, which is very impressive,” the announcer proclaimed to light applause from onlookers. “She is in great hands with her SERVANT friend, Miss Strickland, whom some of you will remember from last semester’s welcome back party.” This statement got some murmuring and chuckles in response.

They came to stand at the end of the runway on small podiums. Each woman snapped to casual attention. The neuro-chip inside Yoshiko’s neck had taken over root control of her motor functions for the moment. Her movements were fluid and nearly synced up with Sammi’s own. “She is wonderful,” a donor said to a faculty member standing next to him.

“Both of these lovely ladies are in the very capable hands of Dr. Shrewsbury, who has tempered the delicate minds of our students for a number of years now. As always, our neuro-chips bring these unruly young women under control, but it is through the temperament and guidance of our wonderful faculty that they really grow and prosper. I’m sure he is proud of that, so please give him a round of applause.” The crowd clapped politely and he gave a wave from the back of the room where he had been observing his new advisees and the SERVANT he had chosen for himself this semester with great approval.

A moment later after an announcement that Yoshiko and Sammi, had already been tagged, which got a groan of sadness out of at least one donor, stepped off the podiums and walked down the stairs onto the main floor of the reception area. Behind them a stir was caused as Madeline and her SERVANT friend stepped up onto the runway.

As they reached the bottom of the steps, Yoshiko felt her mind turn back “on” and stopped in place, which pulled Sammi slightly towards her. The SERVANT pulled her friend into a hug. “You did great up there,” she whispered, “and you’ll get used to having control of your mind again. It is a bit disorienting. Then one day soon you’ll be just like Sammi.” She pulled away and then hugged her again.

Sammi took Yoshiko’s hand again and led her into the back where Dr. Shrewsbury waited for them. “Wonderful ladies,” he declared while taking hold of their leashes, “Sammi you did such a wonderful job of guiding Yoshiko out there.” Sammi curtsied for her Master.

He gave Yoshiko’s leash a playful tug. “You did great too. I’m glad I came tonight. I really wanted to see you.” Behind them Madeline, unruly thoughts forgotten about, blankly stared straight ahead on the same podium Yoshiko had stood on a few minutes before.”

Yoshiko giggled and grinned with pride at her adviser. Dr. Shrewsbury changed the subject. “I’m not really a party person. I just stopped by to see how the two of you and my other advisees did. So here is what we will do.” He took both of their leashes in his hand and gave them a playful tug, which brought their entire focus to him.

“So what you should do for tonight is to go mingle with the guests and donors. Make some friends if possible and get to know other students.” He looked over at Sammi. “Unless someone really wants it, let’s not repeat what happened to you last semester.” He gave them a wave and left for the night.

Yoshiko and Sammi, as commanded, began walking around. Sammi introduced her to a few sister SERVANTs and they conversed with a few donors, one of which clearly had an eye for the bottle blonde.

Out of the corner of her eye, as they wrapped up that conversation, Yoshiko saw Jenni walking towards two men with a tray of drinks. She wore a cocktail dress, showing a significant amount of cleavage, dark stockings, and very shiny black pumps. Her dark red hair was teased up a bit and a pleasant, docile, smile mirrored the submission in her eyes.

They walked over to her. “Hey you,” Yoshiko began, “we were wondering where you ran off to!”

Jenni nodded. “Yes. I was asked to perform hostess duties this evening.” Her voice took on a slightly up-pitched monotone, which in the loud room, Yoshiko did not notice. “I am grateful for the chance to serve.”

Sammi stepped up and put a manicured hand on Jenni’s face. “Yes, sweetie, all students at the academy are grateful for the chance to serve. This is a wonderful opportunity for Jenni. She should take it and make an impression on the wonderful men here tonight. Now go perform your duties.”

Jenni swayed away. A man stopped her to take the final glass of wine on her tray, but not before putting a hand on her backside and whispering something in the hostess’ ear, which made her giggle and nod in agreement.

They idled for a moment before Madeline came up to them. “Hi!!!” She exclaimed and then hugged Yoshiko. “This is so cool. I was so wrong. I have so much to learn at the academy. It is going to teach me my place in life!”

Yoshiko smiled politely. Her friend sure did volley around a series of feelings and beliefs. “I’m glad you changed your mind. We’ve been mingling and just saw my roommate. She was asked to be a hostess.”

“Oh, that is cool, I hope I can do that soon,” Madeline declared and then pointed at a man in a suit across the room. “See him? He really liked me on the runway. In twenty minutes I have to go meet up with him in classroom 213. He said he wanted to have a private conversation with me. How nice!”

Sammi tilted her head slightly. “Sammi is sure it will be wonderful for you. Madeline should go prepare. Get there early and make a good impression.” She received new information about the blonde student, who had already committed multiple unruly thoughts violations. She sighed with contentment though knowing it would be taken care of by the wonderful men of the academy.

“Good idea!” Madeline clapped her hands together. “I’ll go find it now.” She walked away from them, still a bit awkward in the high heels on her feet.

Yoshiko watched her odd friend for a few seconds before turning to Sammi, “do you know the building well? I should probably take a walk around too and get to know where my classes will be.”

The SERVANT got a mischievous grin on her face. “Sammi thinks that is a wonderful idea.” Her head tilted for a second. “She has downloaded your schedule. Please join her.” Her extended hand was eagerly taken by Yoshiko and they walked over to an elevator.

In the elevator, Sammi snapped to attention for the duration of the twenty second ride to a higher floor. Yoshiko stared at her curiously. Should she be doing so? Is it part of her SERVANT programming? The doors swooshed open on their destined floor before her internal debate could be completed.

Sammi blinked back to life and put a manicured hand on her friend’s arm and traced a white tipped nail over it. “Sammi will show you where your classes are?” Her flirty smile teased at something else, which went over Yoshiko’s head.

They were on the building’s fourth, and top, floor. Sammi turned around to face her friend as they came into the large intersection near faculty offices. “Master’s office is not up here, but other faculty are. Your class tomorrow is down this hallway.” She pointed down the left corridor and they began walking down there before stopping in front of one of the rooms. 415.

“Room 415,” Sammi explained, “Your Domestic Arts course. Sammi loved this class. You will also have a gym session then your internship in the afternoon.” Again, she placed a hand on her friend’s arm. “Sammi would love to have dinner, if duties do not require us elsewhere, afterwards to discuss the first day of studies with the wonderful men of the academy!”

They talked into the room and the lights turned on automatically. It was large and stretched into the back and elongated in width. Yoshiko turned to her friend, who was still beaming with pride at her statement about the academy. “You are so happy, aren’t you?”

Sammi’s smile lit up the room. “Sammi cannot even begin to describe her happiness at being a SERVANT. Her life...had never been one of contentment...but now….it’s wonderful.” She pulled Yoshiko into a hug. “Yoshiko will understand soon.”

They walked around the room, which had a desk for the teacher with some technology plus desks for ten students. In the back of the room they found four enclosed stations with various objects, including what looked like phalluses inside. “Those are stations for simulated instruction during class. They are in all classrooms in different forms.” She walked over to one of the phalluses, which hung in front of a large monitor. “For the Domestic Arts course, some lessons in sexual service will also be offered, but not as much as in the Sexual Arts course. Sammi is in that now and cannot wait for it to begin tomorrow! She did so well last semester in Domestic Arts!”

“Yeah, I bet you did,” Yoshiko said absentmindedly as she stared at the phallus. She was not that sexually experienced, but knew it would be an important part of her education to learn more.

The next station was a small kitchen and living room area. “A lot of instruction will be done here. The main purpose of this course is to prepare you for home life. Women, unless otherwise trained, exist to serve their husbands or Master. Sammi remembers a statistic that most students who graduated from the academy end up there. Yoshiko may not, but it is a major part of her education.”

Yoshiko walked around the kitchen, which was fairly spartan, but still more extravagant than the one she had at home. Her mom had always promised they would get a better apartment, but never delivered on that promise. “We’ve never been able to afford nice things. I don’t really know how to cook. We mostly just ate the cheap pre-cooked meals the district offers to citizens. You just need to heat it up.” She giggled. “I’m really good at pushing buttons and heating things.”

Sammi squeezed her hand. “Yoshiko will learn! It is her duty to learn. Sammi didn’t know much either, but now feels very confident in her ability to present a meal to men.”

The blonde SERVANT led her to another station, which had two different king sized beds. “Sometimes your professor may have hands-on demonstrations for you. Sammi could even be used as the demo, but it can be DOLLs too. Last semester was a mixture.” She sat down on it and Yoshiko joined her. “Sexual intimacy is an important aspect of obedience to men.”

Yoshiko sighed. “I’m not very experienced. I keep saying that! But I don’t know...I don’t want to displease men...I know the academy will teach me my place in life. I know I have so much to learn at the academy. I just don’t know if I’m good enough.”

Sammi’s manicured hand touched Yoshiko’s face. “Yoshiko is beautiful already. She will be molded into perfection. Sammi is still working hard...” She trailed off. A programmed sense of frustration filled the SERVANT’s body.

Yoshiko slid slightly closer and placed a hand on Sammi’s arm. “Sammi...you are gorgeous. I wish I was half as beautiful as you are.” Her other hand interlocked with her friend’s hand and they stared at each other before Sammi leaned in to kiss her friend.

They shared that intimate moment and then embraced each other for what felt like an eternity. Sammi was the first to speak. “Sammi...has desires for dearest Yoshiko.” They kissed again. “We may not be more intimate without the expressed permission of Master.” She pulled her friend tight. “If it pleases him, Sammi would find it such a great desire to join her in bed.”

“Yeah,” was all Yoshiko could stutter out after a moment. “I’d like that.”

Sammi stood up and motioned for Yoshiko to join her. “It is nearing curfew time. At 2300 hours we are required, unless accompanied by a man, to be in our apartments. We have 29 minutes and 34 seconds to obey. May Sammi escort Yoshiko to the apartment assigned to her?”

Yoshiko smiled and they held hands while walking out of the room. “Of course! I would love that.” They made their way backwards through the fourth floor and into the elevator where Sammi snapped to attention as they went back downstairs. Her friend stared at the SERVANT, again, curiously.

When the elevator doors opened again Sammi took Yoshiko’s hand again as if nothing had happened. The party was wrapping up. Professors could be seen chatting up students, SERVANTS, or DOLLs. A few were heading to the exits together. Other students and their assigned SERVANT could be seen walking together, some hand in hand as well, like Yoshiko and Sammi.

They got outside and began walking towards Yoshiko’s apartment. “Hey, can I ask you a question?”

Sammi gave her friend’s hand a squeeze and nodded with encouragement.

“Why,” Yoshiko began, stopping their pace. They still had plenty of time to get back to her apartment. “Do you stand to attention in the elevator?”

Sammi nodded. “It is part of Sammi’s programming. You will do it too once you are a SERVANT. It slows the mind and focuses it on obedience. Sammi learned in class its origin was as stress relief for frustrated students, but then was programmed into SERVANTs to lead as an example for students like Yoshiko. She may do it herself if it helps lead her to submission.”

They began walking again. Yoshiko had so many questions for her friend, but did not want to bury her in them. Their kiss earlier had not left her mind either.

At the apartment building where new students like Yoshiko and Jenni were housed, Sammi stopped before it. “Do you see the mark on the ground?” She pointed her white tipped hand at a pink circle on the concrete. “Stand there please for entrance.”

Yoshiko obeyed her friend and stood there. The heels of her shoes echoed off of the hard surface. A piece of the wall slid open and a red light lit up. A second later, she heard a beeping noise on her collar and the door to the building swooshed open.

“Good evening, Miss Kurosaza. Thank you for conforming to curfew regulations. The academy will teach you your place in life.” The voice in the intercom was very feminine, soft, and subservient. It almost sounded like it was in a trance itself.

Sammi stepped over and stood on the circle as well. Behind them, another one of Dr. Shrewsbury’s advisees queued with a DRONE. Those unlucky enough to get a SERVANT assigned to them would be escorted home this night by DOLLs.

“Good evening, Miss Strickland. Permission has been granted for Sammi by Dr. Shrewsbury to be out after curfew to assist Miss Kurosaza.” The voice sounded even more submissive while speaking to Sammi.

Yoshiko briefly thought about waiting for the DOLL to hear how the voice interacted with it, but did not want to make Sammi too late getting home herself. In the elevator, her SERVANT friend again snapped to attention. For a few seconds she thought about doing it herself, but the elevator pinged at their destination before a final decision could be made.

Sammi, again, held her hand and found Yoshiko and Jenni’s apartment. Again there was a place to stand on the floor and a scanner, which offered a similarly subservient voiced affirmation for both the student and SERVANT.

Speaking of Jenni, as the lights came on in the apartment she realized that there was no sign of Jenni. “Hey, where do you think Jenni is right now? She is going to miss curfew!” Yoshiko was concerned for her roommate. She did not want the redhead to get in trouble! Maybe her hostess duties ran late?

Sammi stared at her for a moment and then leaned in to kiss her friend again. As they embraced, her hand reached back to tap a button on Yoshiko’s collar, which activated a series of neuro-bots that snapped her into a trance. The Japanese slave snapped to attention and stared blankly ahead at nothing in particular.

“Good girl. Yoshiko as your big sister SERVANT it is Sammi’s duty to put you to sleep this first night.” She went over to the bed table and picked up a pair of earbuds left the night before and then gently put them in her assigned student’s ears.

“You will wear your earbuds each night. They will teach you additional lessons. You have so much to learn at the academy. Undress please.”

Yoshiko, with a little help from Sammi, it was hard to undress yourself in such a state without practice, took off her clothes, high heels last, and stood at attention again.

“Good girl. You will sleep now. Your collar stays on tonight. In a few nights, you won’t need to wear it to sleep, but you will crave wearing it. Now sleep, beautiful sister.” Sammi gently kissed Yoshiko again and gave her a playful swat on the backside.

When Yoshiko lay down in bed, the last thing Sammi did was tap one of the earbuds to activate their subliminal siren song. Her restful sleep was filled with programmed instructions brainwashed into her over and over again for hours: Yoshiko only feels safe when wearing the collar and leash. Any man who holds her leash is to be obeyed...Yoshiko will only take her collar and leash off at designated times...Yoshiko will wear the required uniform at all required times. Uniformity is important for women...women need uniformity...uniformity breeds obedience...obedience is the natural state of women...Yoshiko will obey all men at the academy...all women need to obey...Yoshiko has so much to learn at the academy...the academy will teach Yoshiko her place in life…

So on and so forth. Her soft, feminine, mind soaked up the instructions that would put her on track for a very successful life after the academy.

* * *

The next morning, Yoshiko woke up from one of the most restful evenings of sleep in her life and found Jenni was already awake and just getting out of the shower.

“Oh, hey,” she said from their bathroom, her naked body looking incredible in the morning light as water dripped off of it. “I woke up a little before you, so I figured I’d get a head start on the day. I’ll start breakfast while you shower. We can get dressed together afterwards! Want to look our best for the first day of class! Hurry up and we can put our collars on together!”

Yoshiko stretched out and smiled at her friend as she pulled the earbuds out of her ears and placed them on the bedside table they were sharing as roommates. “Where were you last night? Sammi and I got back and you weren’t here! I was worried you would violate curfew.”

“Oh,” Jenni began as she pulled out her makeup kit. “I had permission as a hostess to be out later than other students. I got home around 0100 hours. You were out like a light! I’m going to program the food synthesizer in a few minutes.”

Yoshiko got out of bed. Where had her clothes from last night gone? She peaked over to the laundry container and realized Sammi must have placed them in there before she left. How nice! Their introductory materials had stated a DOLL would be by once a week to pick up worn clothing and return laundered items.

Jenni’s nakedness made her feel more at ease with her own and she padded over to the bathroom. Her red-haired roommate gave the beautiful Japanese woman a slap on the ass when she passed by her.

Showers at the academy were on a five minute timer. A screen came up announcing a suggested cleaning routine involving body washes and facial scrubs. The screen also reminded her of required salon visits and to look her best each day. She finished the shower, dried off, and wrapped a towel around herself.

Jenni was waiting in the doorway for her. She was heavily made up and looked amazing. Her athletic body frame was accentuated by the spandex shorts and tank top she wore at the moment. “They are in the drawers. We’re allowed to wear them at home and at the gym.”

Yoshiko stared at her friend. “You look amazing. I wish I was as pretty as you.” She opened one of the drawers and found piles of the same shorts and tank top that Jenni was wearing and picked up a pair and began putting them on.

“Yoshiko you are pretty. You just need to learn how to accentuate it. Anything else can be corrected! When we go to the salon they have staff that can help. We both need time at the gym for sure too. One of the nice men I was with last night, he was a donor to the academy, said I should especially work on firming up my butt. I can’t wait to start!”

Yoshiko listened to her friend while applying her makeup, a little heavier than normal, but not as heavy as her friend. “Oh, I know. I have so much to learn at the academy. I’m really looking forward to today.”

Jenni stared at the tablet embedded into their kitchen table. There was one of either side, in a golden pink color, for each of them. “Yeah we have Domestic Arts this morning, then a gym session, then our internship...I wonder what we will be getting?”

Her friend did not answer, but instead came out of the bathroom and did a spin in her outfit. The shorts fit her form, which proved she needed more gym time for sure, and the cleavage baring tank top showed what she had to offer, but Yoshiko, again, wondered if it was enough.

“Wow, you look great! You’re prettier than you think. Once they are done with you here, both of us will have the attention of every man on campus.” Jenni applauded Yoshiko, which made her do an awkward curtsy. “Now, sit down and eat. We have like 20 minutes before we need to get dressed for class.”

They sat down and ate their meals while conversing about their lives. Jenni deflected questions about her past while Yoshiko could not stop talking about hers. Dad had died when she was young. Her mother worked herself into exhaustion each day trying to find success. They were deeply estranged, but especially after Yoshiko decided to accept the invitation to the academy. Her mother believed women should stand on their own. Her daughter thought she was bitter about how unappealing men found women who were obsessed with their job.

After they placed their meals in the recycler, both women padded over to their closet, which took up the entire side of the apartment. The door swooshed open and they found racks of their uniforms carefully laid out for them with Yoshiko’s on the left and Jenni’s on the right. Beyond sizes, the only difference was their pantyhose: Yoshiko’s were as dark as her hair while Jenni’s were not quite red, but a fairly dark pink. High heels littered the floors. A large mirror sat in the middle that was large enough for both of them to stand in front of while dressing, which they began doing by stripping off their casual clothing.

Again, their nakedness did not bother either of them. They put on their underwear, which was quite lacy and a soft pink in both panty and bra, pantyhose, and then skirts. Each of them looked at each other and nodded in approval. They buttoned up their shirts, with Yoshiko needing a bit of help with the tie, and then put on their sweaters, which had a logo for the academy emblazoned on its chest, before tying their hair back into fairly severe ponytails as per dress code requirements.

They stared at themselves in the mirror. “Wow,” Yoshiko said quietly. “It’s really true...uniformity is important for women.”

“Women need uniformity. Uniformity breeds obedience,” Jenni confirmed as she snapped her roommate’s collar around her neck.

“Obedience is the natural state of women,” Yoshiko finished, mind already warped by even one night of subliminals, as she returned the favor for Jenni. After the intimacy of last evening with Sammi, her hand instinctively took Jenni’s in her own. “Come on. We want to get good seats.” They left their apartment and walked hand in hand, as many other roommates they encountered did, to their destination, which would begin their path to a life of feminine obedience.

* * *

Yoshiko and Jenni crossed campus and headed in the direction of the building where the party had been held the night before. Many other students walked in various directions. They passed a lot of SERVANTs and many DOLLs too.

“I know the way, Sammi showed me last night,” Yoshiko said as she led her roommate into the building. They queued up in an elevator. Two DOLLs entering snapped to attention. All of the students, including our protagonists, stared at them as an urge to follow filled their bodies. The doors swooshed open before any of them could take up on the temptation.

Yoshiko led Jenni to the room. A litter of students were already there including Madeline, who gave them a tiny wave from across the room.

“She looks exhausted,” Jenni observed with a frown as they sat down. “I bet she was out late like I was...a lot of men were eyeing her while I was making rounds.”

Yoshiko stared at her. “She is pretty. She seemed so nervous last night though.” The thought nagged at the Japanese student. Maybe she should speak to Dr. Shrewsbury about it? Or, perhaps, Dr. Cullen during her internship meeting?

Her thought process was interrupted as a man came into the room with a leashed DOLL following a few steps behind him. She snapped to attention next to his desk as he sat down. “Good morning. I hope everyone enjoyed the party last night.” Yoshiko and Jenni were totally focused on their professor and missed how Madeline shamefully looked down at the floor. He wore a tie and fairly dressy pants with nice shoes. Clearly this professor would be more formal than the laid back nature of Dr. Shrewsbury.

“Well yet another semester begins. This is my 15th year at the academy. I was one of the first professors here at the academy. I am very proud of its mission and thrilled to meet all of you. My name is Dr. Andrews. You will address me as Sir. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” came the affirmative reply from every student.

“Good girls. Now,” we need to begin our first lesson. Please take out your tablets.” He paused for a moment as each woman took it out of their purse. “Excellent.” He then said a trigger phrase that focused all of them on him. Each student stared at him with a dutiful expression of need to learn mirrored in their eyes.

As always readers I will not be telling you the trigger phrase! Who knows what you would do with it! Naughty readers.

As the focus of the students was directed to Dr. Andrews he put a document on the screen. “The syllabus for our course has just been sent to you. Students will, while in my class, speak only when spoken to...the domestic arts is a very important part of your education here at the academy.” He motioned to the door and another woman, who looked to be nearer to the age of Dr. Andrews than the students, entered and curtsied before standing at casual attention. Her collar, which had a leash attached like their own, read ANDREWS in the same bright pink cursive script as their own.

The gorgeous woman was middle aged and wore a fancy cocktail dress, shiny black pumps, stockings, and a polite, docile, smile. She was dark haired, rather busty, and had stunning green eyes.

“This is my wife Mrs. Andrews,” Dr. Andrews began, “she used to be a workaholic. Before the war, before the country broke up into districts, and even during the war until jobs went entirely online for a few years, she was a workaholic who would work 60 hours a week as the director of a non-profit.

Yoshiko watched her professor speak with her full attention. She thought of her own mother, a workaholic herself.

“Well,” Dr. Andrews continued, “the stress of the war and her job eventually harmed my wife’s mental health to the point where she had a bit of a breakdown.”

He got quiet for a few seconds and then spoke in a quieter tone. “I really did not know what to do with her. The exhaustion of overwork, of too many decisions needing to be made...I realized women were not made for such work...but, again, I did not know what to do...”

Neither Yoshiko nor Jenni, enraptured by their professor’s story, could see the tears streaming down Madeline’s face across the room.

“Well, anyhow, a colleague at the institute I worked for before the war came to me. He was one of the first hires here at the academy, got me in the door, and after a year of studies here as a student, my wife was successfully rehabilitated. She is now a rather content housewife and assists me on my teaching days along with my assigned DOLL for the semester.” The two slaves stood side by side and snapped to attention. Yoshiko marveled at their beauty. Surely the academy could help her become as desirable one day soon!

Dr. Andrews went over to the professor’s desk and tapped a few buttons on the three-dimensional display. “I will now go over what you will be learning this semester.” The screen in front of the room lit up and began displaying a series of bullet points. The enthralled students stared at it with enraptured fascination as each word began to appear on the screen.

“A major aspect of the Domestic Arts is keeping a home. A man deserves a peaceful place to come home to each day. You will learn skills in maintaining and cleaning the home. I know some of you are coming from situations where you live in undesirable circumstances. All of that changes now. The academy will ensure you never have to live like that again.

Dr. Andrews continued to go over the syllabus. “We will also have a section of child bearing. That decision is up to your future owner, of course, and during your SERVANT and DOLL semesters if you are deemed suitable for it classes will be assigned in more advanced studies of the subject.”

“We will also cover cooking, both in the old fashioned way and via replication devices, and then finally the most important domestic art: Sexual service.” He paused and wiped his glasses before speaking again.

“Homework will begin to be assigned soon enough on that aspect of the course alongside the independent project you and your roommate will work on during the semester.” He grinned proudly. “We will be having a bit of a competition not only in the class, but with the other sections of this course.”

The enthralled students continued to stare at him with passive smiles and devotion to submission mirrored in their eyes. Yoshiko knew she was going to learn a lot in this class!

“Okay,” Dr. Andrews declared, “two final things for today before I release you for your gym session.” Mrs. Andrews took a few steps forward and held out her leash for the man she devoted her life to obeying. He took it from her and gave it a playful tug.

“My wife is a big inspiration for each of you. Her submission and rejection of unfeminine attitudes should be seen as an ideal. Do you understand?”

“YES, SIR,” was the monotone, but uniform, reply from the students. Yoshiko could really see what an inspiration Mrs. Andrews was for her. She said a silent prayer to be that beautiful one day; to have breasts that big, if it pleased men, soon enough.

“Good girls. Class is dismissed for today. You have a little time before your next scheduled appointment, but please make sure you are on time.” The students kept blankly staring at him. “Oh, right.” He said the trigger phrase to wake them up. Again, I am not telling you! You could do naughty things to Yoshiko. That Jenni sounds like quite the hot babe, huh? We are getting there. Patience!

Yoshiko and Jenni blinked back to life. “Wow, that was a great class,” The Japanese student remarked to her roommate.

“We should introduce ourselves to Dr. and Mrs. Andrews,” Jenni said as she began walking over to them. Yoshiko followed quickly after her as their high heels echoed off the hard floor.

They walked over and Jenni gave Mrs. Andrews a feminine wave. Mrs. Andrews saw them, excused herself from another conversation with equally enthusiastic students, and came over to them.

“Oh, hello Miss Graham,” she began while hugging Jenni. “It’s delightful to see you. This is your roommate?” She said the statement in the way that seemed to express that the brainwashed housewife already knew Jenni, but then the thought slipped out of Yoshiko’s mind as a reply came out of her mouth.

“Mrs. Andrews, my name is Yoshiko Kurosaza,” she confirmed, “this was a wonderful class today! Dr. Andrews is a wonderful professor. You are a big inspiration for all of us,” her suggestible mind recited.

Mrs. Andrews smiled with pride. “If either of you ever need anything, please do get in touch. We live in the development connected to the academy.” She pointed out the window at the small bubble community adjacent to the academy near the student apartments. “One day, if you catch the eye of a professor, maybe you’ll be our neighbor!” She stared directly at Yoshiko, who did not notice before Dr. Andrews came over to them after finishing up a quick conference with Madeline, who had been a bit overcome with emotion after being so inspired by Mrs. Andrews.

“Ladies, we should have you over for dinner at some point in the near future. You’ll be able to learn so much from my wife. However, it is time to get to the next item on your schedule, which I am fairly certain is a gym session. Enjoy it. Fitness is a very important concern here at the academy.”

Both women nodded, “Yes Sir’d,” and, holding hands again, walked out of the room. In the elevator the temptation to snap to attention like a SERVANT would fill their bodies, but both exhaled their breath as the doors swooshed open again. They sighed with contentment while walking across the quad to the gym. It was on the other side, so their walk in the midday sun took a few minutes. The weather was so nice inside the temperament bubble created for the academy.

They reached the gym entrance. A rather lovely DOLL in athletic clothing, but also sky high clear platform heels, greeted them and scanned their collars. Her nod of approval granted them access to the gym, which they entered along with everyone else from their class and other classes going on around the academy. All first semester students were required to attend this session; in the future they would be staggered on different days.

Upon entering the building, Yoshiko and Jenni were ambushed by Sammi, who pulled them into a tight hug. Other SERVANTs were doing the same to their assigned students.

‘Sammi is joining Yoshiko and Jenni for exercise today,” she exclaimed. The SERVANT was wearing workout clothing that looked practically sprayed onto her body. “She will be joining you for this session, after which you will gain approval to work out alone if the wonderful trainers here at the academy approve you for it. It’s so wonderful to exercise to improve your body for men.” She took their hands in her own and they entered one of the large rooms set aside for such work outs.

The walls of the room were a soft pink like the streaks in Sammi’s hair. Mats were placed all around the floor and Sammi led them to one. The mat had their names on it. “This is where Yoshiko and Sammi will be working out.” Her eyes lit up with feminine delight. “But first, everyone must change into their assigned work out gear.”

She led them to the back of the room where a door connected to the locker room, which had lockers for each student with their last name emblazoned on it. Doors at the back of it read SERVANT and DOLL. “That is where Yoshiko will dress in future semesters,” Sammi noted as she stopped in front of their lockers, one above the other. “Please dress in the required work out uniform.”

Yoshiko paused for a moment and watched Jenni obediently undress with ease. She took a deep breath and began taking off her uniform, which she methodically piled up on one of the locker’s trays. The Japanese student then took down the required gym uniform, which she realized was identical to what Sammi wore, and began putting it on.

The cleavage revealing tank top fit perfectly on her frame to emphasize what she had to offer. Yoshiko was impressed by how perfect the fit was, but Jenni’s top was even better. She frowned and wondered, yet again, if she needed bigger breasts.

The shorts also fit in a way that emphasized her body. Her red-haired roommate had quite the firm backside and again she frowned while comparing what they looked like in the mirror across from them.

Sammi noticed her sad expression and put a hand on Yoshiko’s arm. “Yoshiko’s body will improve,” she offered quietly, “Sammi had the same issue, but our incredible trainers fixed it.” She did a spin for her friend. “A few months of gym sessions and Yoshiko will have a body made to please men. It’s the duty and purpose of every woman. Yoshiko,” she turned and faced Jenni too, who had turned around to listen, “and Jenny has so much to learn at the academy.”

Yoshiko smiled and squeezed her SERVANT friend’s arm. Their outfits were finished with bright pink trainers and tiny white socks. Both students held them up. They had been commanded to always wear high heels unless otherwise commanded by a man. Yoshiko and Jenni looked at each other with confusion. They did not want to violate a command so early in their first semester!

However, as Yoshiko held up her pair of shoes, a note fell out of it. The pair in Jenni’s hands had a note as well. The same scenario was playing out all around the room.

The note was addressed to Yoshiko. She smiled upon seeing it was from Dr. Shrewsbury! Dearest Yoshiko, you have permission from me while at the gym to wear those adorable trainers left in your locker. They are a prototype pair. You and your classmates will be used to trying them out before they go to market in the district. I’m sure you don’t mind. Be a good girl for your trainer.

She looked up at Jenni, who also had a note in her hand. They sat down on the bench and put on their shoes, which slid onto their feet perfectly. It felt odd to not wear high heels for the first time in a few days, but their adviser had said it was okay to do so. “Wow, these shoes are great!” Both of them nodded in affirmation.

They then did a spin for Sammi, who gave her approval and then escorted them back into the gym and to their assigned mats.

Every student was back at this point. “Just wait in your mat for a moment,” Sammi said to them, “the trainer will be here soon.”

Yoshiko and Jenni idled together. Their mats had been placed right next to each other. “I’ve never really exercised like this before,” the Japanese student offered after a moment of silence.”

“I started during the summer when I got my orientation materials...I—”

Jenni did not get out any more words as Sammi pushed the buttons on both her and Yoshiko’s collars that brought them into trance. They snapped to attention. Around the room, every other student was doing the same as their SERVANT betrayed them. They would do the same to their assigned student the next semester.

Their trainer came into the room with two DOLLs, wearing the same outfits but with clear platform heels, and clicked his fingers, which activated all of the screens around the room and began playing dark pink and purple hypnotic spirals. “My dear young ladies, please focus on the spiral while I take you through your workout. SERVANTs please observe your assigned students. Do you understand?”

A combination of “Yes, Sir!” and “Yes, Master!” could be heard around the room.

The trainer, whose name tag said “Andrew” on it, walked up and down the rows of enthralled women. He stopped by Jenni and smiled before continuing to walk ahead. “When you arrive for a training session, you will fall under control of the spiral. You will obey myself and our training staff without question. We will guide you to the appropriate mind, body, and soul, to be able to please men. This is one of the many things the academy will teach you. Do you understand?”

Yes, Sir! Yes, Master!, etc.

He then led them through a yoga session. The SERVANTs remained at attention behind their assigned students in case one had a rebellious moment, but no one around the room did this time. The session was about 45 minutes long. Yoshiko and some other students had to be corrected every so often, but more or less they had the right idea. Ideal technique would be programmed into them further during virtual reality programming sessions as time went on.

At the end of the yoga session, each student was commanded to stand at attention again. “This is how you will present yourself to me in this gym,” Andrew announced to the usual “Yes, Sir!” stuff.

“Okay, we will now be moving to the cardio room for further exercise,” he announced. The SERVANTs in the room snapped out of their trances. Sammi took Yoshiko’s and Jenni’s collars in her hand. “Please follow Sammi to our destination,” she said with a proud smile. The students eagerly followed a few steps behind their SERVANT friend as they walked to the other room, which was filled with treadmills and three-dimensional screens in front of each of them.

Once they reached their assigned treadmills, which had each student’s name on the digital display, with little hearts above any “i” and a smiley face at the end of the name, the SERVANT’s excused themselves and went to the front of the room. Yoshiko watched Sammi’s firm backside sway away from them and thought about their near intimate moment the night before. Would it happen again anytime soon?

After a huddle with Andrew, all of the SERVANTs rejoined their assigned students. “Madeline is getting a personal lesson,” Jenni commented as she noticed their trainer had an arm around the young woman as he led her to a treadmill.

Sammi padded back to them. “Sammi is going to show Yoshiko and Jenni how to use the treadmill. Cardiovascular health is important for you in general, but for personal and sexual pleasure as well. The healthier you are, the more pleasing you can become to a man. Donors to the academy have been polled and 96% prefer a fit and healthy woman than one who is unhealthy and not fit.”

She walked in front of their treadmills. “I am going to activate your treadmill in a moment. The display in front of you will help you with your running.” The beautiful SERVANT handed each student a pair of earbuds. “Please put these into your ears to receive instructions.”

Both women took them obediently. Upon activation a shrill noise activated their trances. A new hypnotic spiral, this one in oranges and blues, danced before their eyes as they began their runs. Messages offering hints about gait adjustment, breathing, and other concerns popped up, which both women, and every other woman in the room obeyed without question. Their leashes bobbed up and down against their chests. The design of them was short enough that it did not impede exercise.

In their ears, the lessons of the previous evening were repeated again:Yoshiko only feels safe when wearing the collar and leash. Any man who holds her leash is to be obeyed...Yoshiko will only take her collar and leash off at designated times...Yoshiko will wear the required uniform at all required times. Uniformity is important for women...women need uniformity...uniformity breeds obedience...obedience is the natural state of women...Yoshiko will obey all men at the academy...all women need to obey...Yoshiko has so much to learn at the academy...the academy will teach Yoshiko her place in life…

This went on for 25 minutes. Some women, clearly not in their best physical shape, ended their sessions early after health warnings in their nano-chip activated. Their SERVANTs talked to them and informed them it was okay, this time, before bringing them out of trance.

Our lovely protagonist made it through all 25 minutes, as did Jenni, and received a high score. “Yoshiko and Jenni did great,” Sammi exclaimed as they got off their treadmills, still in trance, “Jenni’s score was the third highest in the room!” She hugged both of them. “Sammi Is so proud of both of you.” The SERVANT said a phrase, again not telling you it, and both students, soaked in sweat, blinked back into cognizance.

Yoshiko and Jenni blinked back to life. Yoshiko saw her score and smiled, as did Jenni, with pride. Sammi hugged both of them. “Sammi is so proud of Yoshiko and Jenni.” She held on especially tight to her Japanese friend.

Yoshiko was about to say something when their trainer shouted “AT ATTENTION, NOW,” and every student and SERVANT snapped to attention at his command.

“Good girls,” he said with a firm nod. Another class of eager and easily tamed students. Madeline blankly stared straight ahead next to him. “Your workout for today is complete. Please return to the locker room to shower and then redress for the rest of the day. I know many of you have your internships this afternoon, but others have supplemental classes.”

He walked up and down the rows, but stopped near Jenni. “I may or may not always be here for your gym sessions. I often work in small groups with students who need a more personalized session. If I am not, a DOLL will be here to assist. You will comply with them as if they were me, do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” came the enthusiastic reply from each student.

He dismissed them, but kept Madeline close by after giving her leash a playful tug. Yoshiko and Jenni followed Sammi back to the locker room. The beautiful SERVANT beamed with pride. “Sammi is so happy. Please shower and then go to your internship. Sammi is required elsewhere.” She ran a manicured hand over Yoshiko’s arm. “Perhaps she will see you later?

Yoshiko and Jenni reentered the locker room and went to their lockers to undress. All around them, beautiful students took their workout clothing off and began entering the large wall of showers in the back. Yoshiko and Jenni queued up for them and waited until it was their turn.

The warm water felt nice on Yoshiko’s body. She was already a little sore from the run, but was also glad her score was fairly high and that Sammi was proud of her. She washed her body, finished the shower, toweled off, and then went back to the locker to put her uniform back on before fixing up her makeup, going a bit heavier than before like Jenni had, and then waiting for her roommate by the door so they could go to their internship.

As they walked outside the post lunch sun hit them. Both young ladies pulled sunglasses out of their purse and made their way to the building where their internship was going to be. They could not wait to see Dr. Cullen again.

They entered the building, their collars scanned by the DOLL working security at the door, and then entered the building. A large three-dimensional map was found at the door. The internship office, run by Dr. Cullen, was on the fourth floor.

A series of elevators hugged the one corner of the first floor. Yoshiko and Jenni entered it along with two DOLLS and a SERVANT, all of whom snapped to attention.

Yoshiko felt an urge to do the same, but was distracted from it by Jenni’s arms pushing to her sides. She smiled at the realization that the temptation to behave as the programmed slaves of the academy was not her burden alone. The ping of the elevator and its doors swooshing open brought her focus back to their internship appointments as it should be.

At the main entrance to the office suite Dr. Cullen worked out of, a DOLL dressed in their usual uniform guarded the door. The DOLLs and SERVANT all walked up to it, paused for a few seconds, and then entered to go wherever they were programmed to go.

Yoshiko and Jenni stepped up next. “Good afternoon, Miss Kurosaza,” the DOLL stated in an up-pitched monotone. She scanned her collar and then blinked a few times. “Yoshiko will report directly to Dr. Cullen’s office, which is in the back. Please obey now.”

Yoshiko turned to Jenni as they both realized they were being split up. She gave her roommate a manicured wave and went through the doors.

* * *

Yoshiko entered the office suite. To her left and right there were a number of rooms, doors all shut, and a corridor straight ahead. The DOLL had stated Dr. Cullen’s office was at the end of that hall, so she walked down it, briefly looking into a handful of offices where faculty, she presumed, were meeting.

At the end of the hall, as promised, she found a sign for Dr. Cullen’s office. A SERVANT sat at a desk by the door. A display in front of her had a series of screens moving around, items changing on them, quickly, but the SERVANT did nothing to interact with them, at least physically that is. “One moment, please, Miss Kurosaza,” she said without looking over at Yoshiko.

Unsure what to do, Yoshiko stood idly and observed the SERVANT. The screens were blurred on her end, so she could not see them. That made sense. Maybe they were student records? It turned out that was somewhat true, but we can dive into that in another story in this series, okay?

The SERVANT looked up at her. Her collar read “Krissie,” with a little heart over the “i.” “Miss Kurosaza, Master is ready to see you.” The door to his office swooshed open. “Yoshiko has so much to learn at the academy. The academy will teach Yoshiko her place in life.”

Yoshiko nodded, “thank you, Krissie,” and walked into the office. Dr. Cullen was reading off of a tablet, a cup of tea sitting on the desk next to him. The office was fairly spartan besides a few personal items, which included a picture of Krissie from her student days.

“Oh, hello Miss Kurosaza, it’s time for your internship to begin.” He leaned forward a little. “Upon entering my office, you will curtsy for me and remain there until commanded otherwise. Do you understand?”

Yoshiko nodded. “I am sorry, Sir. May I try again?”

He smiled warmly at her. “Yes, of course, sweetie. Let’s practice until you get it right. It’s not just about my preference. It’s about preparing yourself for the protocol that men require of you at all times. If you can learn this, you can learn other things. Does that make sense?”

“Yes, Sir,” Yoshiko confirmed as she slowly curtsied again for him.

Dr. Cullen walked over to her. “A little lower. Lean a little more forward. Present your body to a man. Reveal your best assets. Your cleavage. Your lowered eyes. Can you go slightly lower? I know it’s hard in heels.”

Yoshiko tried to go slightly lower as commanded, but stumbled a bit and fell into Dr. Cullen’s arms. He was well built, clearly spent time in the gym, and was very handsome for a middle aged man. “Whoa, I got you. Okay, I think we see your limit,” he said with a chuckle. “I’ll make a note in your record that you need more calf and ankle exercises at the gym. You have some training sessions coming up that will also assist in that too. Okay, try again.”

Yoshiko took a few steps back and then curtsied. She got as long low as she comfortably could and then froze in place, eyes lowered with feminine submission at the floor.

“Find a spot on the floor to focus on,” Dr. Cullen gently suggested. Whenever you curtsy, or stand at attention, find something to focus on.” He pointed at a dark spot on the wood floor. “Focus your eyes down there at that.” She looked at it obediently. “Okay, good, now stand up and put it all together one more time for me.”

With a look of determination, Yoshiko curtsied one more time, lowering her eyes and focusing on the spot on the floor as commanded, leaned her chest forward, and lowered her body as much as she could in hopes to please her internship adviser.

“Good,” Dr. Cullen said with pride in his voice. “That is much, much, better. Every time you are scheduled to be here, which is three times a week, we can practice. Good girl.” He picked up her leash and gently pulled her up with it. “I am proud of you Yoshiko, so now please sit down. We need to discuss your internship and what will be required of you. Your friends are currently beginning their internships as well. “

Yoshiko sat down and crossed her legs. She was unsure whether to make eye contact with him, but Dr. Cullen gave her an encouraging look. “Make eye contact with me when we speak to each other. Lower your eyes in deferment to my authority when you present yourself to me. This protocol will go a long way with most men, I believe.”

“Yes, Sir,” Yoshiko said quietly, a bit overwhelmed by everything she was learning. Her heart raced with excitement at being able to please this wonderful man. She was so nervous, but put on a brave face in light of it.

“You’re doing fine so far,” Dr. Cullen acknowledged, “in fact, so are almost all of the incoming class besides a few. Dr. Shrewsbury spoke very highly of you in our faculty meeting this morning. He was impressed by your performance last night and the conversations he has had with you.”

Yoshiko could barely hide her blush. “I am so happy to hear that, Sir. I have so much to learn at the academy. The academy will teach me my place in life.”

“Indeed it will,” Dr. Cullen confirmed. “As my personal assistant, you will take notes in meetings. This sort of secretarial work used to be solely the purpose of women in the workforce before society started to go astray,” he began, painting a bit of a revisionist history of the country before the war that caused it to break into districts, “women would work in those sorts of jobs until they married. They would then submit to their husbands and either care for his home, raise his children, or a combination of both.”

He shook his head sadly. “Things changed about 75 years ago. Women began receiving more formalized education as adults. They wanted careers, like men, and some even began refusing to submit to male authority. Unfortunately this was humored by society. Values eroded and standards changed. The decision to begin the civil war was made by two female leaders on opposing sides. Millions died. But then the technology was created to bring women back under control. In your part of the district, everyone is allowed to be wild and out of control, but to be a part of civilized society, women must submit again, which is what brings you here. Did you know about any of this, my dear?”

Yoshiko frowned. “Not really, Sir. I did not like school all that much. My home life was not great and I had to help out a lot.”

“Of course, my dear. Those schools do not create an educational plan for women that caters to your natural feminine abilities. It was probably really boring to learn about facts and figures. I bet your class this morning with Dr. Anderson was really exciting. His wife is quite the inspiration for you, isn’t she?”

“Oh, yes, Sir,” Yoshiko exclaimed. “Mrs. Anderson is an inspiration for me. I want to be just like her if it pleases men.”

Dr. Cullen nodded. “We will see about that. One of my previous assistants, before she was converted into a SERVANT for this semester, pulled your records for me. I am so sorry you lost your father at such a young age and that your mother put her career before finding a new husband and submitting to him in order to provide a better life for you and your sister. I’d love to have them visit the academy at some point in the semester. It would be really educational I bet.”

Yoshiko looked reflective for a moment. “I don’t think I was raised well, Sir. We didn’t have much and there was less for women. I feel so welcomed here by the wonderful professors I have met and Mrs. Anderson, and my roommate and the friends I have made.”

“That is wonderful to hear.” Dr. Cullen leaned forward. “The situation you face is shared by many of your classmates. They were raised poorly, or not at all in some cases, or otherwise defied traditional gender roles. Your education here at the academy will greatly aid with that.”

He shifted in his seat. “Now, we need to discuss what your internship and work as my assistant will entail. First and foremost, you will assist me during meetings I have during your shift. You will pull records for me, take notes, and generally be pleasant, docile, and delightful. Various people will be coming in: Professors, other students, donors, potential suitors for graduating students. You will be, at all times, docile, feminine, and obedient. Do you understand?”

Yoshiko nodded. “Yes, Sir. I will always be docile, feminine, and obedient. I have so much to learn at the academy. I look forward to your guidance.”

“Good girl.” He motioned for her to stand up as he did. “For the rest of your first day as my personal assistant, you will need to go through some orientation materials.” Dr. Cullen tapped a button on his desk, which made part of the wall of his office, by his bookshelf, slide open to reveal a large chair, which came out into the room. “Please sit down here, my dear.”

Yoshiko only hesitated for a few seconds before walking over and sitting down in the chair. As she settled in, metal bars snapped around her legs, arms, and neck.

Her eyes diverted to Dr. Cullen with a look of confusion mirrored in them. “For your own safety, just like when you were collared and leashed, you need to be held in place during your orientation session.” A metal helmet came down out of the ceiling and settled around her torso?. It immediately began blasting her with a three-dimensional display of hypnotic imagery that brought the confused assistant into a deep trace.

New lessons began playing inside the helmet in a synthesized version of Yoshiko’s voice: Yoshiko loves being Dr. Cullen’s personal assistant. She will be as docile, feminine, and obedient as possible. She will always present herself to him with deferment…she will always wear her mandatory uniform unless otherwise commanded...she will obey all of his commands….

After some time the fake Yoshiko started in on new statements…Yoshiko will be docile...she will be compliant to Dr. Cullen’s guests...she will be feminine...she will always look her best for them…who knows, she may catch their eye...she will be obedient….she will always obey them as required…

In the second hour, they merged together a bit: ...As Dr. Cullen’s personal assistant, Yoshiko will be docile...she will be deferential to him and his guests...she will be feminine...she will wear here mandatory uniform to look her best...she will be obedient...she will obey the commands of him and his guests…

Finally, there was no final shift in the messaging. This shift would change the direction of her life forever: ...Yoshiko’s adviser is Dr. Shrewsbury...she is attracted to him…she loves being advised by him...she will make excuses for advising appointments to see him...she wants to be his next SERVANT...she is envious of her friend Sammi and wants to learn from her...she will be docile for him...she will be deferential to him...she will be feminine...she will go to the academy salon to improve her appearance...she will visit the academy medical center to find out how to improve her body….Dr. Shrewsbury will always known what is best for her….

A few hours of all this programming had successfully continued the process of warping Yoshiko’s mind for the needs of the academy, which in her case was to continue in service, as Sammi was right now, to Dr. Shrewsbury. He had found himself deeply attracted to her and, in his interactions with the beautiful young lady, to be rather charmed by her.

Dr. Shrewsbury’s request to...adjust...Yoshiko to his liking had been approved quickly. Advisers were given a bit of free reign, within reason, to indulge themselves. Perhaps at the end of her three semesters at the academy, he may take her on, as the adviser contract allowed, as his wife or a slave in his home. Sammi was certainly under consideration for at least one of those jobs. However, if after her education is complete and he decides to pass on her, a stunning, totally programmed for obedience, young woman can be auctioned off for whatever a buyer or donor requires of her. It works out, he had learned in his time at the academy, either way for the most part.

As the work day neared its end, Dr. Cullen walked over to where Yoshiko was being brainwashed and turned off the machine. The metal bars holding her in place slid away and the helmet on her head went back into the ceiling. The Japanese student continued staring blankly, mouth slightly ajar, until he put a gentle hand on her arm.

Yoshiko blinked back to life and smiled at him. “Hello, Sir, I learned a lot from my orientation session. Is there any way I may obey you further?” Her eyes looked down with programmed deferment to a superior.

Dr. Cullen motioned for her to get up, which he gently assisted with her doing. First time in the machine often led students to being a bit wobbly, but Yoshiko showed some feminine grace. “No, I do not believe so.” He put a hand on her face. “I will see you in a few days for your first proper day working for me.” The professor gave Yoshiko a gentle pat on the backside. “You are dismissed. Go enjoy your dinner and whatever evening activities have been assigned to you.”

Yoshiko giggled like an empty brained airhead and swayed out of the right. His friend Dr. Shrewsbury had been right to put a claim in for her.

* * *

As Yoshiko left Dr. Cullen’s office, she stopped at Krissie’s desk to say goodnight to his secretary, but she was staring blankly at a spiral on her computer screen. Should Yoshiko do so as well? It was tempting, but she steadied herself and exited the office suite and into the larger hallway. Other professors ran internships in them, she realized, unsure how the information had been given to her, and she nodded at the large doors which had digital screens that said SANDERSON and DEPALMA on them.

The door to the Sanderson office suite opened and out walked Madeline. She looked a bit flustered, but brightened upon seeing her friend. “Hey Yoshiko,” she exclaimed, walking over as quickly as the sky high platform heels on her feet allowed to hug her friend. “Do you want to get dinner with me?” Her hand touched Yoshiko’s arm in a flirtatious manner and then squeezed a few fingers. “I really want to spend time with a friend tonight.”

Yoshiko smiled. “Oh, of course!” She looked back at the Depalma door. “I wonder if Jenni is going to come out soon?” They waited a few minutes and when the red-haired student did not come out, they shrugged at each other and made their way back to the student center.

As they walked across the quad, they began talking about their internships. Yoshiko told Madeline about her orientation session and practiced presenting herself to Dr. Cullen. “I learned so much today,” she idly said as her eyes, hidden behind a large pair of sunglasses, diverted towards where Dr. Shrewsbury’s living quarters were housed. “I can’t wait to go back in a few days.”

A DOLL, again, checked their collars and then nodded her approval for their entrance to the student center. The dining area was beginning to fill up with students they recognized from class or the gym earlier and a few of them greeted their new friends. Some students were accompanied by their assigned SERVANT, so it was not a surprise when Sammi entered the building and came over to them. Both Yoshiko and Madeline hugged her before queuing up in the dinner line. Neither did anything when the bottle blonde SERVANT took their leashes in her manicured hands.

“Sammi was thinking of Yoshiko all afternoon,” she began before turning to Madeline. “Miss Reed as well. Please tell her how the internship went!”

Yoshiko began, as they went through the line, to talk about her meeting with Dr. Cullen. She described practicing curtsying for him and that he praised her improvement for it. Sammi commented that she had to do the same for her internship with him. The Japanese student continued to discuss how she would be his personal assistant on her assigned days, which were three per week.

“Oh, it’s good that Yoshiko got three days instead of two,” Sammi commented as they got closer to the front of the line, “that means he sees potential in you. The ones who only got one, or two, days are likely not seen as having as much potential. Sammi has been told many of them end up permanently as DOLLs.”

Behind them the SERVANT assigned to a young woman, who had not even gotten an internship, tried to console her after overhearing Sammi’s casual pronouncement of her likely future. In front of them, Yoshiko continued to vapidly describe how wonderful her orientation session had been and how much she had learned during it and how much she looked forward to returning. The young woman began crying on her assigned SERVANT’s shoulder.

Yoshiko, Madeline, who had been very quiet so far, and Sammi got to the front of the line where a DOLL gave them their dinner allotments and then went to sit down to enjoy their meal. Sammi had noticed Madeline’s silence and sat down next to her, putting a hand on her arm. “Miss Reed, how was your internship? Was it as wonderful as Yoshiko’s first day?”

Madeline took a deep breath. “Well, it was okay I guess. I got assigned to do some modeling for the academy.”

Sammi brightened and clapped her hands with excitement. “Sammi’s roommate did that! It’s so wonderful! Her images were very popular!”

“Right, but, um, I don’t know. Like I said, it was okay I guess. My internship adviser, Dr. Sanderson, had me model a bunch of outfits. Some of them were really kinky and, I don’t know, I felt kind of uncomfortable that people would be viewing them. Dr. Sanderson put one of them online and it got hundreds of likes really quickly.”

A look of concern came over Sammi’s face. “Dr. Sanderson must think Madeleine is beautiful if he chose her for this assignment! Madeline is beautiful. Her photos will advertise the academy and maybe even find her an owner!” She gave her friend’s arm a squeeze. “Men know what is best for us.”

Madeline shook her head slowly. “I mean, I know that I have so much to learn at the academy and that the academy will teach us our place in life, but I was uncomfortable in some of these outfits. I’ve never worn latex before and the photographer said I need some cosmetic work to look my best. I just think that is such a quick judgment to make about someone. The idea of people viewing my pictures...I’m just a bit uncomfortable. What do you think?” She looked to her friends for confirmation that she was right, but did not get any of that from them.

“I think it’s nice your adviser cares about your appearance,” Yoshiko commented, “Dr. Cullen cares about how I curtsy for him. Little things like that matter to men. We are women, so we need to obey. I would ask your adviser what he thinks about it. Get a second male opinion. What do you think, Sammi?”

There was something odd about the smile Sammi offered to Madeline. “Sammi believes that Madeline should obey men. If a man offered her a chance to advertise the academy, this SERVANT would be grateful. Sammi was honored to cosmetically alter her body to please men and Madeline should be too.” Her facial expression, and tone, shifted to something more like a loving, but scolding, older sister. “Madeline should speak to her adviser though and get his view of the situation. He will know best for her. Dr. Shrewsbury is an incredible man.”

Yoshiko’s heart began racing at the mention of her adviser. She bit down on her lip, envious of Sammi’s advice. She needed to figure out an excuse to go see him too. Perhaps Sammi would have an idea? The blonde SERVANT seemed to be full of them. She was so envious of her SERVANT friend and wished to be chosen for the honor of being her adviser’s SERVANT during the next semester.

“Dr. Shrewsbury will definitely know what to do. He is such a wonderful man,” Yoshiko blurted out. Sammi looked over at her with an approving smile. Both of her assigned students were coming along quite nicely.

They finished their dinner and dropped it off into the particle recycler. Yoshiko and Sammi said goodnight to Madeline, who was going back to her apartment to watch a movie. The student and SERVANT walked back to her own apartment, hand in hand, and talked about their busy day.

“Sammi is proud of Yoshiko,” she declared, “she did well in class, at the gym, and then at her internship. A busy day. All days won’t be this busy, but her best effort will always be expected.”

Yoshiko smiled at her friend. They were almost to her apartment. She wondered where Jenni was at the moment. “I’m so glad you approved. I love my class with Dr. Andrews. His wife is such an inspiration for me! I can’t wait to go back to the gym tomorrow. I learned so much in my internship.”

Sammi gave her hand a squeeze. “May Sammi come in for a moment? Something happened today that needs to be discussed with you by her. Sammi is worried about something.” She gave her friend a look of sincere need, which the simple minded, easy to brainwash, student, would be gullible enough to fall for immediately.

“Oh,” Yoshiko began, “yes of course.” They queued up in front of the door to her apartment and had their collars scanned. The front door swooshed open and both women entered it. “Is everything okay? I hope I didn’t do anything wrong.”

The bottle blonde SERVANT smiled at her friend. “No, it’s nothing about Yoshiko.” She placed a manicured hand on her friend’s face. “Yoshiko is lovely.” Sammi leaned in and kissed Yoshiko while her hand reached around to hold down the button on the student’s collar which put her into a trance.

Yoshiko snapped to attention. Her eyes emptied of life. “I am ready for the lesson,” she announced in a monotone voice.

“Good girl,” Sammi said quietly. “Yoshiko’s friend Madeline is what worries Sammi. She has had a number of unruly thoughts and statements in the past few days. Sammi is worried she is not learning the lessons required of her at the academy. Yoshiko, you care so much about your friend, so you need to report her to a professor so Madeline can be investigated for a code of conduct violation. You care about her, and know it’s for her own good, don’t you?”

“I am worried about Madeline,” Yoshiko began, “she has had a number of unruly thoughts and statements in the past few days. I share Sammi’s concern that she is not learning the lessons required of her at the academy. I care so much about her that I need to report her to a professor so there can be an investigation for a code of conduct violation. It is for her own good because I care about her.”

“Good girl,” Sammi said again with a gentle hug. “It seems to Sammi like it would be a good idea for Yoshiko to report Madeline to Dr. Shrewsbury tomorrow. Yoshiko should stop by his home in the early evening. After all, she has been looking for an excuse to spend more time with him, hasn’t she?”

Sammi stepped in front of the mesmerized student. “Yoshiko will wake up in a moment. She will wish Sammi a good night and then study and read for the rest of the night. She will change into bedtime clothing and relax this evening.” The bimbo SERVANT kissed her friend and held down the button again to wake the student from her trance.

Yoshiko blinked back to life. “Hey, I need to study and then read for the rest of the night. Good night! I am going to change into bedtime clothing and then relax this evening.” She recited Sammi’s instructions with almost too much perfection and ended up sounding like a complete airhead while doing so.

Good girl,” Sammi said before kissing her again. “Sammi will see Yoshiko soon.” With that she left the apartment to file her own report about Madeline’s deeply unruly behavior.

After Sammi left, Yoshiko stripped out of her academy uniform and placed all the clothing in the laundry teleport that sent it off to be washed and returned. The high heels she had worn all day were returned to the closet at the back of the rotation.

She had heard that DOLLs in their third semester do shifts in the laundry room. Hey, someone has to do laundry, right? Might as well be the mind controlled slaves of the academy. A chill went through her body as she thought about blankly working for hours on end in a tireless effort to ensure student uniforms were as crisp and clean as possible.

Yoshiko walked back over to the closet and watched the doors swoosh open. Her clothing, as dictated by the divider in the middle, was on the left hand side, as was her bed, and a section of it had bedtime clothing piled up. She pulled a rather form fitting tank top and just as snug shorts off the top of the pile, put them on, and then padded back over to her bed and picked up the tablet sitting on the table by the wall.

Yoshiko looked over some materials for her class and the syllabus, which began tomorrow morning. That got boring fast, so she decided to begin a new romance novel. Over the summer, the Japanese student had begun reading them right around the time her orientation materials arrived from the academy. A desire to read about feminine matters was one of the first things programmed into her from those orientative videos and her soft, docile, brain soaked them up. Never an avid reader beforehand, she began vigorously reading a novel per week where women submitted to men and understood their place in the world.

In this novel, which she read for an hour while listening to her wireless earbuds, which continued to subliminally program her, starred a young woman in the time before the civil war that tore apart the country and led to the creation of the nine districts in their newly founded country. Back then women had jobs outside the home as a normal part of life. They went to universities, which men were only allowed to do now in most districts, and then had careers. Many juggled home and work life. Most did not do a good job of it. It was a major conflict of modern life at the time.

Yoshiko could not imagine trying to compete with men now. Her mother did it, but it was to keep a roof over their heads. She had worked before her husband died and dove into the work afterwards.

In the novel, a young woman is fresh out of her university studies. A few years into her career she is already frustrated and exhausted by the demands of the job. She sees how happy her sister is being a housewife and decides to make a dating profile on the app that the housewife had found a wealthy husband on. Given her beauty, messages poured in, too many for her to keep up with, so she added more filters and eventually narrowed down to a handful and began speaking to each. The young lady was clever enough to rule out a few and narrowed down further.

Yoshiko shook her head sadly thinking about how many men her mother had dated for a few months and then dumped. What a sad time back then when women had to do this themselves in general! She knew the academy would choose a suitor for her, if required, and that made her feel at great ease. That was likely at least a few semesters away even, so it was nothing to concern herself about now. She did wish her mother could have consulted with someone to help her find a husband though.

A happy ending: The career woman meets a wonderful man. He is firm and demanding of her, but by the end of a long visit to him she is collared and under his control. She quits her job, improves her appearance, and becomes his wife.

The book was nice and easy, breezy, and readable even for the simple minded slave. The portion about improving the protagonist’s body definitely inspired some ideas in Yoshiko’s gullible mind about her own body. She opened up her calendar and found some free time and scheduled an appointment at the medical center for an evaluation. Her orientation materials had mentioned the medical center is also a world class salon where students can perfect their appearance to please men. She wondered what Dr. Shrewsbury would think about that? Perhaps at their next meeting the topic could be addressed.

A little while later, as Yoshiko reviewed the reading for Domestic Arts, Jenni finally came home. Her hair was pulled back into a ragged ponytail that looked hastily put together. She wore an extremely tight dress that revealed a significant amount of cleavage. Sky high clear platform heels adorned her feet. A look of exhaustion was mirrored in her eyes.

“Hey!” Yoshiko smiled at her roommate, glad to see her for the first time in hours. “Where were you? I was a bit worried...” She put the tablet back down on the desk.

Jenni sighed before slipping off her shoes and walking them over to the closet. She began undressing in front of Yoshiko, but winced a bit when leaning over. “Oh, um, I was at an event for donors to the academy. Remember how I was a hostess last night? Well that is part of my internship. I do training on my three internship afternoons and then work events in the evening.” The naked academy student pulled her hair down, which dropped in a few tangled knots at the end. She placed her clothing in the laundry container.

“Oh, that sounds so cool. What is it like?” Yoshiko blinked. “If you’re allowed to talk about it, that is.”

“It’s pretty fun,” Jenni began from the closet, where she was picking up clothing for bed. She slid into the same tight shorts and tank top that her roommate wore. Of course, her large breasts looked much better than Yoshiko’s smaller ones did. “I got to meet some of the donors, like I said, and serve their meal. They were meeting with some of the deans and faculty. I stayed to entertain them afterwards with some others.” A few seconds passed. “I’m not allowed to talk about who was there,” she added quickly.

Yoshiko nodded. “Oh, of course. What was it like entertaining them?”

Jenni was back in the bathroom wiping off her makeup and was going to respond, but an announcement that curfew was nearing played on all their devices and could be heard outside. The beautiful redhead quickly finished performing her evening ablutions and padded over to their beds where Yoshiko was also preparing for bed.

As Jenni sat down on the bed to pull the covers, her roommate put a hand on her arm and reached over to hug her. “I missed you this evening,” Yoshiko said as she held onto her. “I’m so glad you have a great internship. I’ll tell you about mine tomorrow.”

They stared at each other for a moment, but then the curfew trigger phrase played loudly and both dropped into trance, put their earbuds in, and went to sleep for another night of restful sleep and thorough brainwashing.

* * *

The next day Yoshiko, Madeline, and Jenni had their first Sexual Arts class. Their professor, Dr. Gardner, also brought his wife, who was a stunning Korean woman with blue and pink streaks through her hair. Mrs. Gardner’s story was similar to Mrs. Anderson: A life of stress and grief before the war was replaced with domestic bliss. Her augmented breasts made both students envious as did her permanently pouty mouth, which looked made for cock sucking.

Afterwards was their gym session, which Sammi did not meet up with for this time. SERVANTs had their own gym sessions, Yoshiko recalled and all students were lost in trance while doing their yoga session.

They then had more high heel treadmill time. Yoshiko got a slightly higher score this time, and Jenni continued to score rather highly. A few stations over both could hear a trainer gently trying to assist Madeline with her rather poor form. Yoshiko and Jenni shared a frown. Something had to be done for poor Madeline.

In the gym’s locker room, all of the students showered together. Yoshiko and Jenni were becoming accustomed to seeing each other nude and it did not bother either woman, but the Japanese student was certainly envious of Jenni’s large bust.

They put their uniforms back on after completing their shower and exited the gym together. “We have a free afternoon to ourselves,” Jenni announced, “what do you want to do with it? I have an idea if you don’t.”

In what should come as no surprise, Yoshiko had the same idea. “I think we should visit the salon in the medical center. We can improve our appearance in the salon!”

Jenni beamed and giggled. “I had the same idea! Okay, let’s go there!” They walked hand in hand across the quad. A few other groups of roommates seemed to have the same idea and they all formed a line to queue up at the door. The groups began chatting and shared a laugh at how, funny enough, both roommates in each group had the same idea to come and visit the medical center with their free afternoon. Weird, huh?

A DOLL wearing a latex nursing uniform came out to retrieve all of them and bring the students inside. The medical center was vast with a number of stations on three massive floors. There were actual medical stations. One student was being looked at by a DOLL nurse who looked to be having seasonal allergies.

The students were led up to the second floor, the echo from their uniform high heels reverberating along with every other woman’s shoes in the center, where individual salon stations were housed. Yoshiko observed a sign announcing that surgical procedures were on the third floor.

At the top of the stairs, a stunning brunette greeted them. She wore a denim miniskirt, platform sandals, and a snug sleeveless turtleneck that could barely hold her rather large breasts in place. The young woman, whose collar read “Nikki,” with, as always for some reason in my stories, a heart over the “i,” was tan and had a pleasant smile and look of feminine excellence mirrored in her eyes.

“Hello there students,” she proclaimed in a slightly up-pitched voice. Nikki had been a star student at the academy a few years before. She was a wonderful advisee for Dr. Bedford and as his SERVANT the next semester. As a DOLL she was sent to the pleasure island the academy ran and received a record number of orders from clients, including one who tried to take her off the island with him due to being so enamored with her. Afterwards, upon awakening after her DOLL semester, Dr. Bedford and the faculty senate decided keeping her on staff was for the best. A few years of hard work assisting the new students of the academy had driven her price up

“Please follow Nikki into the salon. You will be assigned to a station where a personal beauty assistant will assist and guide you in looking your best. She pointed a white-tipped nail at each student and gave them a numbered station to go to, which she did immediately. When Jenni’s turn came up, she gave Yoshiko a little wave and swayed away towards her station.

Finally, Nikki got to Yoshiko. “Nikki has been assigned to you, Miss Kurosaza. Master informed her that you are one of his star advisees.”

Yoshiko grinned, realizing she meant Dr. Shrewsbury, with pride, took Nikki’s hand in her own and they walked to Miss Garrison’s station. There were multiple computers and high tech looking chairs. The pink walls added a feminine touch to the room that announced its intention to soften and tame the student entering it.

Nikki began by going over Yoshiko’s records on the three-dimensional display next to her desk. The words looked scrambled to Yoshiko, which made her squint with confusion. “Yoshiko’s neuro-chip does not give permission to view her records. During this meeting the ability to read our language is blocked.”

Yoshiko blinked a few times. She knew the academy would teach her place in life, and if Dr. Shrewsbury approved Nikki to be her beauty assistant surely there was no need to read her records.

Nikki put on a pair of glasses to read the records, which made her look like the quintessential nerdy bimbo your beloved author tries to be every day, and nodded a few times before finally speaking. “Okay, Yoshiko will stand on that platform please.” She pointed at the large platform on the wall side of her computer desk.

Yoshiko walked up the two steps and stood on the platform in the circle slightly uptilted from the floor. She could see numerous lines of readings reflected off of Nikki’s glasses, but none of the words made any sense to her. Her content sigh further emphasized how under control she was to the academy’s teachings.

The brunette salon worker nodded a few times as the readings continued to play out before. “Yes, yes,” she began, “Nikki can see what is needed for Yoshiko.” The scan completed and Nikki read through the summary, which would offer her talking points to continue molding her assigned student for the whims of the academy. “Please sit down, Yoshiko,” she said with a passive smile.

Yoshiko sat down in the chair across from Nikki’s desk. “Nikki would like to begin with positives. Yoshiko is already very pretty. She has a nice body, and from Master’s report a pleasing attitude.”

“Nikki has some advice though, which hopefully Yoshiko will take to heart during this semester.” Yoshiko nodded along, which made Nikki continue. “Nikki believes Yoshiko should at some point in this semester make an appointment for breast implants. Has she considered this before?”

Yoshiko nodded again. “Yes...I have to admit,” she turned around to confirm the glass door to Nikki’s office was closed, “I have been considering them...” She took a deep breath. “My roommate, um, Jenni—”

Nikki brightened. “Yes! Miss Graham. Nikki knows her.”

For a few seconds, Yoshiko thought to ask how, but dropped it. “Yes...she has very large breasts….so does my assigned SERVANT, Sammi, and all the DOLLs….it’s enough to make someone very insecure. I know the academy will help me to make the right decision. That’s why I thought about coming here.”

“Speak to Dr. Shrewsbury about it,” Nikki suggested, “he will always offer good advice. May Nikki continue on?”

“Yes, please,” Yoshiko confirmed.

“Well,” Nikki continued, “there are other major concerns. Firstly, you need to be tattooed at some point too.” She put up a manicured hand at the sight of Yoshiko’s eyebrow raise. “It’s okay! Nikki has one too. It’s to identify you for your own safety in case you misbehave. An appointment will be scheduled at some point during the semester.”

Yoshiko sighed with an apprehensive look on her face. “Does it hurt?” A slight up-pitch to the question made her sound like a totally naive airhead.

Nikki leaned in conspiratorially. “A little,” she said with a giggle, “but they put you in trance, so the pain is numbed down a lot.”

Her head slightly shifted and she took on a more serious, professional, tone again. “Yoshiko also has an ankle injury.” She waved her manicured hand and brought up the scan of her mentee’s ankles. “A lot of young women have them...do you recall falling at any time?”

Yoshiko thought for a few seconds. “Um, I fell off a fence once a few years ago. There was this big protest and I got swept up in it. I tried climbing over a fence to get away from it and get to the other side of the district where I could catch a train, but I fell back down and landed pretty hard I guess? I was able to climb back up with help from someone else.”

Nikki nodded. “Right. That was probably it. There is damage in your tendons.” The scan zoomed in a bit. It still all looks gibberish to Yoshiko, but the simplified student watched it with deep interest. “Yoshiko likely doesn’t feel any of it, but the injury is there. While fixing the right, academy doctors suggest fixing both.” The pretty brunette looked up and smiled. “This will make wearing the mandatory high heel height a breeze too!”

She swiped again to bring up a schedule. Yoshiko could see it was a calendar, but not much else. “Yoshiko is scheduled for tattooing, breast augmentation, and ankle surgery later in the semester. Times and dates will be added to her calendar soon.”

Yoshiko frowned. “So much to get done! I feel bad.”

Nikki put her hands up. “No, no, no, Yoshiko is normal. Us Women need assistance with beauty matters in order to please men with the best effort possible. Nikki needed help too.” She leaned forward in her impressive bust. Yoshiko got the point.

“Um,” Yoshiko added, “I think I can improve my appearance further in the academy salon. I saw the booths downstairs. Is there an appointment available for today?”

“Yes! Yes of course there is. Yoshiko may,” the brunette began, bringing up the salon schedule, “have to wait for a little bit downstairs, but an appointment can be attained in...35 minutes. Please go downstairs and wait in Salon Room Seven.” The young women stood up and hugged. “If Yoshiko needs anything, please contact Nikki. Say hello to Sammi for her.”

Yoshiko made her way back downstairs and walked over to the greeting area in the middle of the first floor. A pretty dark skinned woman named Charlotte directed her to Salon Room Seven, which to their right. The Japanese student swayed over to it and sat down in the waiting area outside. She took her personal tablet out of her purse and swiped through some messages left on her social media profile. Jenni had posted pictures from the parties she had been acting as a hostess for recently. Madeline’s account had been quiet beyond one very cryptic post. She was very worried about her friend and after leaving the salon needed to make another stop before going home.

Eventually, a beautician came out to retrieve Yoshiko. The pretty woman, a formerly rebellious protester turned docile dove, pushed down on the back of Yoshiko’s collar and dropped her into a deep trance. The entranced student was led by the leash to a station and began her makeover.

* * *

A few hours later, the new and improved Yoshiko walked out of the salon station, turned to give a white-tipped wave to the beautician, and reentered the main area of the building. While entranced, she had been subliminally programmed with training on makeup application and various beauty and grooming needs. A manicure and pedicure had been applied and, via the nanites now filling her body from the neuro-chip, a slight tan as well.

However, most importantly, Yoshiko was now blonde! The new look brought out her best facial features and exemplified feminine docility. As she headed towards the entrance, the blonde beauty stopped to admire herself in a mirror. The person she was going to see next was the one whose admiration mattered to her the most.

Near the front door, Yoshiko stopped at the pharmacy. This was where various meds were offered to students as needed. The DOLL working the station smiled at her. She had been an unruly student like Madeline, but now existed to please.

“Hello, I have a prescription to pick. Yoshiko Kurosaza.” The DOLL stared at her, smiling softly, while she looked up Miss Kurosaza’s records. “Yes, Miss Kurosaza,” the DOLL began in a docile monotone voice, “a prescription is available for you. One moment please.” She went to a machine which popped out a bottle full of pills a moment later.

The DOLL returned and handed the bottle to Yoshiko. “Does Yoshiko have any questions?” She tilted her head slightly and offered an encouraging expression.

Yoshiko looked at the bottle. The directions commanded her to take one pill each morning for hair removal. Removal will happen within a week, but the entire bottle must be taken to complete the treatment. There were 30 pills. A full month of treatment. Seemed fine to her. The wonderful men of the academy knew what was best for her body.

She shook her head to the helpful DOLL. “No, no questions, but if I have any I will come back and ask.” Yoshiko waved at the DOLL and left the health center.

Yoshiko took her sunglasses out and put them on. It was a beautiful late afternoon. She needed to go see Dr. Shrewsbury and come up with a reason for visiting him at home. Madeline’s unruly behavior was certainly a legitimate excuse enough for a visit. Her actions had been very erratic and their adviser should know about it.

Advisers and professors typically left their offices at 1600 hours, so if Dr. Shrewsbury went right home he would have already been there for a little bit. Yoshiko made her way across campus and made her way to the small development where faculty and staff housing was located. The DOLLs working security at the entrance stopped her, but allowed entrance after her statement that she was visiting Dr. Shrewsbury.

Yoshiko entered the community via the garden path that hugged the entrance. It was beautiful and the colors of the fall had begun to come in. She came around a sidewalk and stood before a map of the faculty and staff homes. Thankfully, Dr. Shrewsbury’s home was nearby and she began walking towards it. Just seven homes up was her destination, which would alter the course of her life forever.

At the door to her adviser’s home, Yoshiko’s collar was scanned. A moment passed before the front door swooshed open. Sammi stood there smiling proudly at her. “Hello, Yoshiko, please come inside,” the SERVANT waved her friend into the home.

Dr. Shrewsbury’s home was the standard size and shape for professors at the academy. The home was two floors, with downstairs bedrooms for his personal DOLL and any visitors. Sammi went home most nights. His bedroom was on the top floor. The kitchen was large and had a marble island in the middle of it, which his DOLL was currently preparing dinner on using the food replicator.

Sammi escorted Yoshiko past the kitchen and to the living room. Their beloved adviser was sitting on the couch watching the sports update from other districts. The all districts league for soccer clubs who won the league in their district was upcoming and he wanted to see how the qualifying clubs in other districts were doing early in their district seasons. A scarf for his beloved club hung on the wall. They had finished third the previous season, which qualified them for a small tournament, and he hoped their off season signings could propel them to their first title in many years.

He looked over at his lovely SERVANT and guest and motioned for them to enter the living room. Sammi knelt on a cushion with her name on it. Another cushion, without a name, sat in the corner. Without the need for prompting, Yoshiko went and picked it up, placed the cushion next to Sammi’s and then knelt as well.

For the final eight minutes of the sport news program, the compliant young women watched their adviser view the show. Yoshiko knew little about soccer, but an urge to learn more in order to please her adviser filled the student’s body. She looked up at the scarf and memorized the club name. At her earliest opportunity, the Japanese student would begin doing research about her newly beloved club.

The presenters signed off a few minutes before the top of the hour so a preview of the evening’s match and a few other programs could be shown. Dr. Shrewsbury turned to his thralls. “My dearest Yoshiko, what an honor to have you as a guest for dinner. What brought upon this gesture towards me?”

Yoshiko looked up at him. “Sir, I have something to talk to you about if it would please you to hear it.” She lowered her eyes again with submissive deferment.

Dr. Shrewsbury knelt down on one knee next to her and put a hand on her face. “Yes, yes, of course, my dear.” He looked back towards the kitchen. “Can it wait until after dinner? I’m pretty hungry.”

His enthralled student nodded slowly. “Yes...yes, Sir, of course, Sir.” he motioned for her and Sammi to rise and both did. He took Yoshiko’s leash in his hands and led her to the kitchen where he sat down as the DOLL began portioning out the evening meal. Sammi and Yoshiko sat on the other side of the table.

They enjoyed the evening meal, which included a salad, an invigorating soup, and a lovely stir fry the DOLL had cooked up for them after replicating the food items. Staples like vegetables were allowed to be conjured to improve food production, which had been hampered as the century went on by the ravages of climate change. The academy did have their own garden, which some DOLLs would work in during the day.

Conversation during dinner was light. Dr. Shrewsbury talked about the meetings he had during the day. He asked about Yoshiko’s internship and Sammi’s work in the gym. Their adviser seemed to be pleased with both students. Yoshiko asked questions about the soccer club he supported, which got Sammi’s attention as well. She announced her allegiance to them and he promised to take them to a match at some time during the semester.

When the meal was completed, Sammi assisted the DOLL with cleaning it up and placing everything in the recycler for cleaning or redistribution. Yoshiko and Dr. Shrewsbury continued to make small talk about the SERVANT and DOLL returned to his side.

“Let’s go back into the living room and enjoy the evening together,” Dr. Shrewsbury suggested to his thralls. The DOLL, duties complete for the evening, swayed over to her closet where she stepped inside, snapped to attention, and turned off for the evening. Her blank eyes stared at nothing in particular as the door swooshed closed until her shift began in the morning.

Sammi knelt down on the same pillow she had been on earlier, but Dr. Shrewsbury led Yoshiko over to the couch to join him there. He put a protective arm around her and ran his hand through her hair. “I really like what they did to your hair. Blonde looks good on you.”

Dr. Shrewsbury nodded and smiled. “Good girl. Such pretty nails too. I am pleased with how much you are embracing being feminine.” He pointed towards Sammi. “This lovely angel struggled a bit at first, but once she embraced the role nature gives to women she excelled so much I demanded that she become my SERVANT. Hopefully you will do the same, Yoshiko.”

Behind them Sammi stared at her Master with an expression of absolute love and devotion mirrored in her eyes. She loved him beyond words.

“So why are you here this evening….you said you had something to talk to me about...” Dr. Shrewsbury gave Yoshiko’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

She nodded. “Um, yes, Sir, um, I am really worried about something and I needed to speak to you about it. I’ve been wanting to visit you,” she recited from her programming, “and found a reason to do so that is legitimate.” She gasped after realizing her admittance.

Dr. Shrewsbury chuckled at the silly student. “It’s fine. I’m happy to have you over. Sammi is here with me many evenings unless called away. So what is the concern you have?” He gave her a look of genuine interest. Her programming had only demanded, as a test of it, that she find a reason to stop by his home. What was coming next was unknown to him.

“Well, actually, Sir,” Yoshiko began as she took a deep breath, “I am really worried about Madeline. She has been acting strangely, Sir.”

Her adviser was quiet for a moment. He took his glasses off and wiped a smudge away before putting them back on. This was a bit of a surprise. “Ah, Miss Reed. She is also one of my advisees. Wait, I’m sure you know that. What is wrong with her? She seemed so enthusiastic when we met the other day. I heard her internship went well.”

Yoshiko looked rather upset, but Dr. Shrewsbury gave her arm another squeeze, which made her feel braver. “Sir, she asks a lot of questions. I know that I have so much to learn at the academy and that the academy will teach us our place in life, but I’m not sure if she really does. She asks a lot of questions and her performance at the showcase and in the gym was not that great. I’m worried she won’t please you or the wonderful professors of the academy, Sir!”

Dr. Shrewsbury looked over at Sammi. “Sammi, what has your experience with Miss Reed been so far?”

Sammi’s eyes lit up at her Master’s question. It was such an honor to serve him. “Master, Sammi has observed the same concerns that Yoshiko has...she was going to wait to gather more evidence, but it is...concerning. Your advisees should have the pleasing, docile, attitude that Miss Kurosaza has. If there is any way that Sammi can aid Madeline in improving her attitudes and behaviors, please let your SERVANT know, Master.”

He motioned for her to come closer to the couch, which she did obediently. Sammi handed him her leash and he pulled her slightly closer. “I believe you are an exemplary example of how a student should behave at the academy, my dear.” Sammi leaned forward and kissed her Master’s hand.

Dr. Shrewsbury looked over at Yoshiko and ran a hand through her hair. “You were right to bring this to me of course. I will ask for a meeting and also have a DOLL observe her in the meantime. Sammi, please set that up now.”

Sammi’s eyes were distant for a few seconds. “Master, your will has been performed; a DOLL will observe Miss Reed beginning in the morning.”

“Good girl,” he said while patting her on the head. ‘Sammi is a fine example for all SERVANTs. Yoshiko, you can learn a lot from your friend.”

“Yes, Sir,” she confirmed while staring at her beautiful friend.

“Master,” Sammi said, pouty mouth slightly ajar, “may your SERVANT serve you this evening?”

Dr. Shrewsbury gave her the slightest nod and she slid forward on her pillow, undid his pants, and began stroking his half hard cock. Her expertise at pleasuring him got his cock rock hard in mere moments.

“Sister,” she said, looking over at Yoshiko, “why do you join Sammi in pleasuring Master?”

Yoshiko was about to react when Sammi pulled her head closer to Dr. Shrewsbury’s cock. The next thing she knew, the Japanese student was sucking him off. She went slowly, a previous hookup had ended up cumming all over her face when bobbing up and down quickly ended in a bit of a surprise for him even, and methodically pleasured him.

Sammi joined her sister slave and began rubbing his balls with her pink-tipped nails. He was nearer and nearer to cumming and Yoshiko looked up at him, tried to take as much of his cock into her mouth, and then swallowed his cum down like the good girl the academy was transforming her into this semester.

Yoshiko pulled away and sat back on the couch. She was really surprised by her actions, but offering her mouth for a man’s pleasure felt like such a natural action. Sammi cleaned up her Master and quietly mentioned that Yoshiko should clean herself up in the bathroom.

Yoshiko returned a few minutes later and knelt on another pillow. Sammi looked over at her and kissed the student slave, who returned it. “We serve Master together. What a joyous moment!”

Dr. Shrewsbury took their leashes in his hand. “The first of many I am sure.” He looked at Yoshiko. “Yoshiko, you are a wonderful young woman, just like Sammi. You submit to me just as she does, don’t you, slave?”

Yoshiko lowered her eyes and bowed on the floor. “Yes, Master.”

He pulled her back up. “Good girl. Next semester you will be my SERVANT. Sammi will move onto DOLL status and it will be your turn.” He kissed her gently. “You have a lot to learn from her. I know the two of you are already close, but I would like you to really enhance that for me. You will begin spending a few evenings with me each week until the end of the semester when you are converted into my SERVANT. Who knows, maybe you will stay with me forever?”

Yoshiko smiled softly at him. “I would love that, Master.” This time she reached over and kissed Sammi. “And you too. We are sister slaves for Master.”

The slaves held onto each other tightly before Dr .Shrewsbury put a gentle hand on each of their heads. “Well done. Sammi please wait for me in the bedroom. Crawl on all fours. I want a good view of your ass.” Yoshiko and her Master watched the SERVANT move on all fours, giving Master the view he desired, before addressing his future SERVANT.

“You need to get home before curfew. There is enough time, but I can override a violation if needed.” He leaned over and kissed her again before pulling Yoshiko up by her leash. “Now go. I think you will begin to see a lot of progress now, my dear.” The good professor gave her a pat on the butt and Yoshiko swayed over to the door before leaving for the evening.

It was nearing curfew. Yoshiko was not sure what the punishment for curfew violations was, but she certainly did not want to make Dr. Shrewsbury have to override. She walked as quickly as the sky high heels on her feet allowed and made good time across the quad. Other students and SERVANTs could be seen going home as well.

Yoshiko got to the end of the quad and was stopped by a security DOLL. It was the same dark skinned one she had met upon arriving on campus. “Miss Kurosaza,” it began, eyes blank and with a gentle smile on its face, “this is a random student check. Please wait at casual attention.”

Unsure what else to do, Yoshiko stood at attention with her hands in front of the DOLL. The latex clad DOLL approached her and said a code phrase, which brought up an interface on Yoshiko’s collar. “Miss Kurosaza, this DOLL has been assigned to check random students for their whereabouts during the evening. This check is for your safety. It will only take a moment.”

The DOLL stared at the screen for a moment. Given it was on her collar’s digital interface, Yoshiko could not exactly see it, so she felt a bit naked.

The DOLL looked up. “Miss Kurosaza, you were with Dr. Shrewsbury this evening?” Yoshiko nodded in confirmation. Her collar contained location software that recorded her location at all times. For her own safety, the orientative materials that had originally begun programming her explained, which was also why it was important to wear the collar. For her own safety. “Dr. Shrewsbury is a wonderful man. Miss Kurosaza will be well behaved at all times for him. DOLLs will report any misbehavior.”

Yoshiko bit down on her bottom lip, unsure how much to reveal about her conversation with Dr. Shrewsbury. “I would never misbehave for Dr. Shrewsbury unless he commanded me to. I am his to command.”

The DOLL smiled with pride. “Good girl. This DOLL will record a positive check on Yoshiko this evening. Please report home before curfew.”

Yoshiko waved to her and walked towards the building her apartment was in. She arrived with a few minutes to spare, scanned her collar at the door, and entered the apartment. Quickly her clothing was taken off and placed in the bin for cleaning. The curfew alarm rang out, but she was already home so it was fine.

Yoshiko put on her pajamas, another pair of the tight shorts and tank top like every night, performed her evening ablutions as quickly as possible. Some buffer was allowed for such things, but she really needed to be in bed soon.

Coming out of the bathroom, Yoshiko looked over at Jenni’s bed and realized that she had, yet again, not come home on time. The redhead’s secret assignments for the academy filled her with pangs of jealousy. She also arrived before the morning though with minimal explanations. A voice in her mind also told her it was not her business, so the thought slipped out of her suggestible mind as quickly as it had arrived.

Yoshiko sat down on the bed, slid her earbuds in, and hit play. Gentle symphonic music began playing with a trigger phrase layered over it which brought on a fevered state of arousal. Unable to stop herself, she retrieved her vibrator from the bed desk, slid her shorts off, and began pleasuring herself. The beautiful Japanese student dropped into a deep trance as she continued to fuck herself until the subliminal commands being brainwashed into her announced it was time to cum. She screamed out loud in violent ecstasy and fell back on her pillows.

The brainwashed slave had been at it for 45 minutes, of which the last ten were observed by Jenni, who had finally come home from entertaining a client of one of the academy’s biggest donors. She looked exhausted and like she had been as thoroughly fucked as the redhead bimbo had been.

Jenni took off her own outfit, a latex mini-dress with a cut out to show off her cleavage, and sky high platform heels, and put on the much more tame, but as form fitting, shorts and tank top like her roommate wore. She slid into bed, put in her own earbuds, and dropped into a deep trance right away.

So far, so good.

* * *

The next day during her internship, Yoshiko stood at attention on a podium behind Dr. Cullen’s desk. She was deep in trance and stared blankly at nothing in particular. His mesmerized student would only respond to a direct command from a male authority at the academy. Otherwise the dark haired slave would remain in her pose for as long as needed. Her uniform looked impeccable. The shiny black pumps on her feet made her body look pleasant.

It was likely for the best that Yoshiko was entranced because her roommate Jenni was currently meeting with Dr. Cullen. While not assigned to him for internship purposes, the beautiful redhead reported to the good doctor from time to time in more of a counseling role. His background in clinical psychology allowed him to be able to assist the lovely young women of the academy when they were faced with various plights in their lives. Yoshiko’s plight was simply that she did not understand her nature as a woman; Jenni’s was a bit more complicated.

Jenni had been taken in a few months before other students arrived at the academy. She was homeless at the time and very reckless. Her family had been killed during a robbery and she had run away before security officers, the male equivalents to DOLLs, could apprehend her.

Slipping through the cracks, weeks after turning eighteen, lead to prostitution. She was swept up by the mayor of her district’s raid on an unapproved, and unaffiliated, pimp who never received approval from the district to open up his trade. He was jailed and his workers, mostly many years older than Jenni, only 18, were brainwashed and sent to work in the homes of favored business people, politicians, and athletes as permanent DOLLs. One of the athletes even married his!

Given that Jenni was only 18 and a few months, a decision was made by district officials to send her to the academy. She was sent there immediately, conditioned, and has become one of the most devoted servants, even before becoming a SERVANT, of it. With three months of additional training, she was much more advanced than other academy students, but kept in the general population to observe and report as required by academy staff.

However, her natural beauty, flowing red locks, and large bust made her a favorite with officials, donors, and others worthy of the obedience of such a lovely woman.

“Yoshiko is doing well, Sir,” Jenni stated in regards to Dr. Cullen’s inquiry. “She is a great roommate. Always home on time. She always checks up on me in the morning if I am out late.” The redhead looked over at her brainwashed roommate, who blankly stared straight ahead behind his desk. “Everyone is so nice to me at the academy, and I have so much to learn still, and Yoshiko is one of the nicest by far. I’m so glad she was chosen to be my roommate!”

Dr. Cullen nodded with approval. “She has been chosen by your adviser to remain with him in an undetermined role. The academy requires another adviser to check in with the roommate to see how they are progressing, as an independent third party. We will speak a few more times this semester to see how she is progressing. If you notice anything off, report it to me discreetly as soon as you can.”

He leaned back in his chair. “I am grateful you spoke to me about the concerns you have about Miss Reed as well. Your roommate also shared those concerns with Dr. Shrewsbury. She will be taken care of soon.”

* * *

On Friday evening, a gathering was held for donors and members of the district football association’s club that was newly promoted to the first division. Many of their players were up and coming stars and needed a beautiful woman on their arm. It made sense for the young men, barely older than the students at the academy, to explore the potential of purchasing one of them for themselves.

Jenni walked through the large room holding a tray of drinks. She was doing her now fairly normal hostess duties, but this time in a quite brief latex dress that left space for her cleavage to be on full display. The obedient redhead stopped at a couch of players. One of them nervously asked her a few questions, which she dutifully answered. He had his eye on her for sure. She knelt down, giving him a great view of her breasts, and said to call on her anytime for a date.

In another room in the building, a much more private room, Yoshiko, dropped into a deep trance upon entering the event, was currently dancing for a donor. The older man had lost his wife the previous summer. The cancer had ravaged her body before the doctors could do anything about it. She had said on her deathbed, his devoted and obedient wife, to mourn and then move on.

Yoshiko’s current status of grinding against his half hard cock while giving him a lap dance was a part of that. Dancing routines had been installed on her neuro-chip and she was performing them well. He knew she was tagged as being “hands off,” but that was part of what he was enjoying about it. He knew she would beg for his cock if commanded to do so, but right now it was the fantasy of it that got him off. This beautiful, compliant, academy student programmed for his desires.

He made her kneel on a mat at his feet. The man said a trigger phrase sent to his personal device to wake her up. Yoshiko blinked back to life and smiled at the man. “I hope I have pleased you, Sir. I am sorry for your loss.”

“Do you enjoy your time at the academy?” His curiosity was genuine. He and his wife had raised three wonderful children. Their son was an economist. Both of their daughters were dutiful and obedient housewives who married the scions of wealth elapsing his own. Another grand kid was due in six months. This young woman was such a lovely dove.

“Yes, Sir,” Yoshiko said with pride. “I am learning so much at the academy. The academy is teaching me my place in life.” She ran a long white-tipped nail over his knee.

“Good girl. Back in my day we didn’t have academies like this. Especially before the war. A beautiful young woman like you would have had career ambitions and a desire to try to balance out career and family. Many women were also headstrong and defiant and did not obey men. My mother was one of them. She was so sad all the time. I vowed to find a better woman as my wife.”

He took his glasses off and wiped them clean. “Then the war happened and the country was broken up into districts. I found a wife in District Nine, and we settled here. It’s not perfect, but my wife submitted in all things and made me so happy.” He put his hands on Yoshiko’s chin. “As you will one day for a man.”

Yoshiko stood up at his hand gesture. She slid her hands into his own and leaned in to kiss him. He pulled away after the briefest second. “No, no, I’m not ready for such a thing.” He reached around and tapped Yoshiko’s collar, which dropped her back into trance.

The enthralled student began dancing for her controller again. Her perfectly programmed mannerisms excited him. Perhaps one day soon he would be ready to take a new wife, but today was not that day. No matter how alluring Yoshiko was, he just was not ready.

Meanwhile on the other side of the building, Madeline, angry with herself, went outside for a breather. Before she could stop herself, the blonde student had put on an obscenely tight mini-dress that revealed much too much cleavage, not that she had much to show off, and sky high platform heels. Upon entering the gathering, she was immediately hit on by a donor and one of the members of the sports, she could not remember which, club. The attention was overwhelming and outside near the garden that hugged the building her pout could be seen for miles.

Madeline was totally fed up. It had been a mistake to register with the academy. She wanted to leave and began walking across the quad as quickly as her high heels allowed her to do so. The train station was right across from campus: Surely another train would come overnight. She had not brought much with her and surely anything she did could be replaced.

The blonde student was nearing the gates when she realized that the security DOLLs standing in front of it would not let her through. She froze in place and looked at her surroundings. Where else could she go?

She started walking towards a fence, hoping there would be some kind of means to get through to the outside, and then to the train station, but froze in place as two other security DOLLS approached her. “HALT!” The one on the right commanded as the one on the left stated a trigger phrase that made Madeline snap to attention for inspection. Her body moved without consent; it was impossible to disobey. Thinking, quickly, became difficult as the neuro-chip took full control.

“Miss Reed,” the DOLL on the right shouted, “is under arrest for violation of the student code of conduct law in regards to behavior and beliefs. A guilty verdict has been rendered.”

The DOLL on the left stepped up and grabbed Madeline’s leash. She tried to struggle against the neuro-chip’s control, but nothing happened. What was she struggling against anyway? The thought slipped out of her mind as the three of them teleported away. Madeline would learn to be a good girl now.

* * *

Another full week went by without much of note. Yoshiko and Jenni went to their classes, did their internship, trained, and were brainwashed at night while they slept. Both were dutiful students at the academy and their progress had been immense.

Madeline was nowhere to be found. They had asked Dr. Sanderson after class during the week, but all he said was that she was away from campus and would return soon.

The next Monday, Yoshiko got out of the shower. Jenni had gone in first and was already dressed and getting breakfast ready in the kitchen. The dark haired student toweled off and, upon looking down, realized that her cunt was now totally hairless without being shaved. This was one of the effects of the pills they had been taking and she smiled upon seeing the success. There had been an important lesson during one of Dr. Sanderson’s lessons about the need to be hairless below the shoulders. It made a woman more appealing to men and improved both his and her pleasure. She traced a long pink-tipped nail over it and then padded out of the bathroom and leaned her head into the kitchen.

“Um, so like my hair...down there...has totally fallen out,” Yoshiko’s voice took on a slight up-pitch as she became more and more the bimbo that the academy demanded her to become to be the best student possible.

Jenni looked up from cooking their eggs and smiled. “Yep! The pills work wonders. Mine has been gone for a few days. The doctor told me once it is gone, it won’t come back thankfully. No more shaving!”

Yoshiko giggled and got dressed for the day. The now platinum blonde Japanese student put on her uniform, did her makeup, and came out of the bathroom to applause from Jenni. She ate breakfast quickly and they picked up their purses before leaving for the day. They had a session with a trainer scheduled for the morning.

They reached the gym. The DOLL at the door scanned their collars and let them inside. Their group today was much smaller than usual. Their training was beginning to make a difference. Yoshiko felt more fit and her body was starting to become the toned and firm ideal expected of her.

The young women gathered and conversed among themselves for a few minutes. Their conversation drifted to the superficial and silly. Each of their minds had been softened to a focus on all things feminine and submissive.

Sammi and other SERVANTs came out of the locker room to interrupt their inane chatter. They were still dressed in their uniforms, which seemed odd for a gym session.

“Okay ladies,” Sammi began, stepping forward to address the group. “There is something special planned for you today. You are going to have an individualized training session with the new virtual trainer the academy has been working on. Sammi was a beta user of it last semester and it was so fun! She learned so much from the session and it greatly aided her progress.”

The students applauded Sammi’s announcement. “Now, if you follow the SERVANT assigned to you, you will go to the station for your session. Please follow your SERVANT to the designated area.”

Of course, Yoshiko was assigned to Sammi. They walked hand in hand to a new part of the gym. A door she had never entered led to a lowered walk way and then a long corridor with a number of doors. Sammi led her to the one labeled “G” and after their collars were scanned entered it after the door swooshed open.

Inside the room they found a large machine with a three-dimensional display on the side of it. A chair elongated out of the other side with places for arms and legs to be placed. Yoshiko took a few steps into the room, but did not want to harm any of the equipment. It looked so expensive! A sense of pride filled her in regards to the obvious financial commitment the academy gave to making her the best woman possible.

“Please sit in the chair,” Sammi commented. Yoshiko sat down obediently and steel bars locked her arms and legs in place. Sammi picked up her friend’s leash and tied it to a hook above the chair. “It is for Yoshiko’s safety,’’ for which the easily suggestible student nodded her consent.

A helmet dropped down from the ceiling to engulf Yoshiko’s sight. A screen was at the front of it. She could hear Sammi’s voice from...somewhere. “Yoshiko needs to relax and she will enter the virtual environment.” The suggestible student took a few relaxing breaths and dropped into trance the moment the hypnotic spiral began playing on the screen.

After some time...it was actually about 20 minutes, Yoshiko found herself in a virtual version of the gym. She was the only person there, but a firm, authoritative male voice could be heard around her. “Kneel on the mat, slave.”

Unable to stop herself, Yoshiko knelt down on the mat. All around her the hypnotic spiral continued to dance and dart in and out of her vision. A mirror appeared in front of her, a spiral playing around her reflection. A look of docile need to obey was mirrored in her eyes. Her pouty mouth was slightly ajar and her only purpose in the moment was to obey the voice all around her.

The mirror Image of Yoshiko was now standing. It looked right at her and began speaking. “Yoshiko needs to continue working on her body. Yoshiko regularly attends the salon. Her nails and hair are so lovely now. She works out to remain fit and pleasing to the male gaze. The male gaze is so important. However, more work Is required of Yoshiko.”

The spiral behind Mirror Yoshiko danced faster and faster. Yoshiko was blank, empty, and ready for her mind to be filled with its pronouncements. “Yoshiko needs bigger breasts. As big as possible. Bigger breasts will please men.” The Mirror Yoshiko blurred for a few seconds and returned in a much bustier form. “Yoshiko will ask the medical center for guidance.”

Mirror Yoshiko blurred again and returned holding a shake box. “Yoshiko will begin taking shakes each day. They will help her breasts grow and her body become more pleasing. She will exercise as required by trainers.” Mirror Yoshiko was now doing squats and lifting weights as Sammi spotted her.

The scene then shifted to our lovely tour guide walking on a treadmill in a pair of clear platform heels and nothing else. “Yoshiko will continue her treadmill training. Not only must she look her best, but be her best. The way she walks and talks is so important. Focus on bringing pleasure to men in all aspects of your life.”

Finally, Mirror Yoshiko looked towards her mesmerized twin and smiled softly. “Yoshiko is a quick learner. Yoshiko will always obey. Yoshiko exists to serve. Yoshiko will learn so much at the academy.”

Yoshiko sat in the machine reviewing the presentation a few more times before Sammi turned it off. “How was Yoshiko’s training session,” she asked with vapid enthusiasm.

Yoshiko stood up and stretched her body out. “It was great! I learned a lot!”

Sammi smiled. “While Yoshiko and Jenni are here for their training sessions, a new training device is being installed in your apartment. It will be ready in the evening. Sammi would like you to try it out tonight and let her know tomorrow how it went.”

Yoshiko nodded. “Sure of course.” She paused for a moment, biting down on her lower lip. “Um, Sammi, can I, um, like, ask you a question?”

“Sammi is always delighted to answer Yoshiko’s questions.”

“I’m thinking about getting breast implants. As big as possible.” The brainwashed bimbo blurted out the sentiment that had been programmed into her during the training session.

Sammi giggled and nodded in approval. “Yes, Sammi felt the same way in your position. As big as possible. Yoshiko should go to the medical center and see if an appointment can be scheduled. They get busy around this time of the semester!” She hugged her friend. “Yoshiko should go to the medical center now to schedule that appointment! Sammi will assist other students with their sessions.”

Yoshiko nodded. “Yes, you are right of course. I will see you later!” She left the room with a little girlie wave and exited the gym. While crossing the quad she noticed a few other students from the session also walking towards her destination. She began trying to walk as quickly as the sky high heels on her feet allowed to reach it before them. Like Sammi said, this was a busy time for breast augmentation surgeries, so she needed to get there first!

The student in front of her got distracted by running into a professor, who stopped the pretty brunette for some sort of inquiry, so Yoshiko was able to arrive at the medical center first. A DOLL scanned her collar and she entered it and headed to her destined floor via the elevator.

As the elevator headed towards her destination, it dawned on Yoshiko that she had not made an appointment to see Nikki again, so the beautiful brunette standing near the elevator doors with a doctor should have seemed odd, but the gullible bimbo took it as a fun coincidence and swayed over to her friend.

After explaining her need for bigger breasts, Nikki smiled knowingly, took her hand in her own, and they walked over to her station. “Of course Nikki can schedule an appointment for Yoshiko.” She stared at the three-dimensional display for a moment. “We are beginning to get booked up, but a slot is open a few weeks from now. Nikki will send it to Yoshiko’s personal calendar. The time clashes with one of your classes, but breast augmentation surgery and recovery time is an approved reason for missing class. Nikki will also send a note to Dr. Shrewsbury and Dr. Anderson informing them of your decision.”

Nikki stood up and motioned for Yoshiko to follow her out of the station and towards another room. After Nikki’s collar was scanned, the doors opened to a large refrigerated space. She walked about half way into it, her heels echoing off the hard floor, opened a door, and took out a small box.

Yoshiko walked over to find out what Nikki was holding in her deeply tanned hands. “Since Yoshiko’s surgery isn’t for a few weeks, it’s a good idea to begin taking these shakes each day until then. They will help with breast growth until then. Nikki knows Yoshiko has been taking her pills, so take the shakes together. Try it.”

Nikki handed the shake to Yoshiko, who eagerly drank the vanilla flavored drink. “A case will be delivered to Yoshiko’s apartment today. Please drink one per day until your surgery. Afterwards continuing to drink one per day will assist in continued breast development.”

Yoshiko nodded along with her friend’s statements. Nikki was gorgeous and had a plentiful bust. She longed to look half as good as her friend. “I will drink one every morning with breakfast. Should I share them with Jenni too?”

For a moment Nikki stared at another three-dimensional display that was incomprehensible to Yoshiko. “Oh, Miss Graham is already scheduled for an appointment. She was here a few days ago.” The beautiful brunette read more of the screen. “Nikki sees the issue now. Miss Graham is part of the experimental set getting a different version of the shake. Yoshiko may ask her adviser about it if she wants.”

“Um, maybe I will?” Yoshiko blushed at the idea of spending more time with Dr. Shrewsbury. She had been at his home the night before serving him alongside Sammi. Their intimate time together was making her head spin. She was in love with him.

* * *

In the early evening, Yoshiko met up with Jenni for dinner. Her red haired roommate confirmed that she was taking a different supplement. “Oh yeah, I, like, have to take a pill instead of the shake. I put it in my lunch every day. I was told not to say anything about it. Sorry.”

They continued to discuss their normal silliness. Jenni loved Yoshiko’s new platinum locks. Yoshiko refused to speak any further about the time she spent with Dr. Shrewsbury, which drove Jenni nuts until she realized that discussing her time with clients was fairly forbidden. She was allowed to confirm basic details, but otherwise it was very secretive. There were a few nights she barely remembered, but anytime her simple feminine mind wondered why the thought just slipped right out.

After leaving the student center, Yoshiko and Jenni went to the academy library to attend a discussion of what life was like before the war and this part of what used to be the country being broken up into nine districts. The male presenter was a government official. Women were allowed to vote in this district, but many did not. Neither Yoshiko or Jenni found any interest in doing so.

The man began discussing other districts. Their district was District Nine. It was where a lot of technological and scientific advancement happened. The academy was also funded by the same people who ran one for young men on the other side of the district. Jenni mumbled something about wishing she could visit that one for a few days to see the hunky men who took courses there, which got a giggle out of Yoshiko. This district, where Yoshiko had grown up as well, was the center of technological innovation and advancement. She had grown up in the poorer part due to her father’s death, but nothing like the horrors described by the men was women without a basic income had before the war.

District three was the district where women ruled without men. No matter how many times Yoshiko heard about this, it still shocked her. Women in ruling positions? Without men!? This seemed like madness to her. They had built a fierce military as conscription was mandatory and, the men doing the presentation did not mention, aided by brainwashing techniques. A week in district three would leave the simple minded student as hateful of men as the average District Three citizen.

District Six is one that Yoshiko was very familiar with as Dr. Shrewsbury spoke of it often. The football club he supported here in District Nine had qualified for the annual tournament that the highly ranked teams from the districts took part in for the first time in many years. He was planning on traveling to the away match in District Six during the spring. They had been grouped with the champions from that district, who were one of the most famous clubs in any of the districts.

Besides success in football, District Six was the district where each and every woman was not only submissive, but neuro-chipped for perfect, blissful, obedience. It was the law of the land and enforced at all times. Even visitors have to be chipped. Many free women, of course, avoid it, but there were comments in the video the men showed from a Mrs. Sanderson in District Nine talking about visiting a friend, Mrs. Witwicky, there and how she is chipped each time, but treated well by Mr. Witwicky, who is best friends with her husband.

Mrs. Sanderson went on to talk about how it is illegal to abuse a woman or take advantage of their lack of ability to defy commands in District Six. Any unapproved male who does can be jailed or even executed. Instances of it are rare and dealt with swiftly. The Sandersons eldest daughter Bella, 19, was going to be marrying a young man from District Six soon.

District Two was the neutral district where people could freely move about. The presenter quickly moved on from talking about it.

District Nine, where the Sanderson family was from, was built around traditional gender roles from long before the war, but not as intensely as District Six’s violent enforcement. Men ran households, women submitted in all things, but it was not the end of the world if someone, male or female, did not desire such a thing. Many who did not left for the very neutral District Two. Many DOLLs from the academy were purchased in District Nine as household maids. Mrs. Sanderson appeared one final time to talk about how satisfied she was with their family maid Sarah.

The lecture moved to discussing its main topic, the role of women before the war. There had once been a time when gender roles were much more restricted, the handsome men, one of which Jenni had her eyes on, but it was primarily in the upper classes. Because society did not offer equitable incomes yet as it does now, working class women were often not educated and had to work outside the home while also raising children.

This began to change as time went on. More women became educated. A working class within the new middle class raised the children of the educated women while they went to work to compete with men in fields women had no place in like business and politics. An expectation of equality began to flood the country. Women stopped taking their husband’s names. Women continued working after marriage and having children in even the most privileged communities. Many of the students attending the lecture were shocked by this! Why would a woman whose husband can fulfill her material needs do anything but submit to him in all things!?

Society began crumbling. Not only because of women losing their way, the man emphasized, but eventually disputes and disagreements about the way forward for society led to war. The war was brutal. At the end of it peace was found, but required carving up this part of the country into the nine districts. Once in a while there was chatter about merging again, often big talk of politicians on the campaign trail, but most enjoyed things the way they were now.

The lecture ended with a question and answer portion. A few students asked questions, but mostly it was professors and staff leading the discussion. Afterwards, Yoshiko and Jenni went up to the presenters and thanked them. The red haired student flirted with the handsome man and basically offered herself to him. He politely declined and her roommate got the slutty student out of there before she humiliated herself.

After walking back across the quad they scanned their collars at the entrance to their apartment and then entered it. As promised, the shakes they realized both had ordered were sitting on the kitchen table and, more importantly, the new machine had been installed.

They stared at it for a long moment. “Well,” Jenni began with a shrug, “we have an hour before curfew. We might as well try it out.” She walked over to the machine, which had been built into the space between their beds. It had two stations with a moderately long phallus hanging in front of a small screen. Soft padding had been added to the flooring.

Jenni slid off her shoes and approached the machine. The screen on her side of the bed lit up. A message was displayed: “Miss Graham, please kneel.” She slid down on her knees. The padding was soft and felt comfortable. GOOD GIRL was displayed on the screen in a bright pink, cursive, font.

Yoshiko, after adjusting her ponytail, knelt down as well. “GOOD GIRL was displayed on her screen as well. “Well, what do we do? How does it turn on?” She stared at the phallus with a curious expression.

Meanwhile, to her right, Jenni was already sucking off the phallus with enthusiasm. Yoshiko turned to hers and tentatively put it in her mouth and sucked on it for a few seconds. The screen behind it lit up with a very bright hypnotic spiral. In seconds Yoshiko was focused on it, deeply mesmerized. GOOD GIRL, MISS KUROSAZA. KEEP GOING. SUCK MORE.

Yoshiko obeyed the screen’s command and put the phallus back in her mouth and sucked on it like it was a real cock. LICK IT came on the screen and she ran her tongue up and down the phallus. STROKE IT was displayed and she wrapped her manicured hand around it and jerked the machine off right in front of her face. Her eyes never left the hypnotic spiral or its instructions while doing so.

SUCK. FASTER. Yoshiko’s head bobbed up and down quickly on the phallus. Her obedience was rewarded after a few minutes with a wad of the breast enhancing shake, which she obediently swallowed down like the cock sucking machine she would be trained into being while at the academy. Her eyes remained on the spiral as it danced around the screen.

The screen transitioned out of the spiral. Yoshiko remained, pouty mouth ajar slightly, transfixed for a moment, but then blinked back into existence. A rating was shown on the screen: 3.0/5.0 was her score. She frowned at the score after having felt like her cock sucking skills were better than that. Her resigned sigh was a good sign that her deep need to perform better would be useful in programming her into an ideal student.

Yoshiko looked over and discovered that Jenni was already undressing for bed. “5.0/5.0” was displayed on her screen. Of course! She was proud of her roommate, but frowned again in frustration at her lower score.

Jenni looked over at Yoshiko’s screen and frowned as well. “Hey, you’ll get better now that we have the machines. I’m sure Sammi will have some great advice for you too. I’ve seen her in action and she is….really good.”

Yoshiko, now undressing as well, curfew was a few minutes away, bit down on her lip. Should she tell Jenni about her intimate time with Dr. Shrewsbury? Her SERVANT friend had shared moments of sexual pleasure with her as well. “I am going to ask her the next time I see her.” She would check with Dr. Shrewsbury before confessing anything.

* * *

Another week went by for our dutiful students. Yoshiko and Jenni got out of bed, lost in a deep trance from their programming over night, knelt down on the mat and deep throated their assigned phallus. The spiral and screen continued to give our lovely Japanese protagonist instructions: SUCK. STROKE. LICK. SWALLOW. She finished by gulping down the shake that shot into her mouth. GOOD GIRL the screen stated before giving her a score of 4.2/5.0 for her cock sucking skills.

Yoshiko sighed, but felt determined by her highest score yet. Jenni, of course, scored yet another 5.0/5.0 for her work. The redhead had been in the medical center over the weekend due to her scheduled breast augmentation surgery. The operation had been a great success, as exemplified by the impressive bust the already busty student now presented as part of her subservient package.

She was deeply envious of her roommate, who had already been beautiful and was now almost indescribable. Her own surgery was not for a few more weeks. The shakes she had been drinking added a cup size, but it was obviously not enough. New bras had been delivered the previous day, which she put on with the rest of her uniform after showing.

They walked to class and sat down in their seats. Domestic Service 101 had been very instructional all semester. Yoshiko felt much more prepared to serve a man in his home if and when required. She certainly got a lot of practice with Dr. Shrewsbury. More and more her focus was on preparing to be his personal SERVANT next semester. Soon enough.

All of her classmates came into the room, but Dr. Anderson was nowhere to be found. He was normally very punctual, so it was a little worrying. The students began talking among themselves, but then his current SERVANT came into the room to assure them he would arrive momentarily with a surprise for them.

As promised, a few minutes later Dr. Anderson did arrive in the room. “Hi. Sorry! I had to pick up someone in the offices and it messed up my routine a little bit.” He took a few seconds to compose himself. “I do have a surprise for you.” The professor motioned towards the door for someone to enter.

There were audible gasps from students as their former classmate Madeline entered the room. Except some things were different about her: The formerly unruly young lady’s collar now read “Maddie.” Her hair was now a near white platinum blonde. She had very large breast implants. Despite all of these things, Maddie also wore a fairly modest dress, dark stockings, shiny black pumps, and a simple headscarf. Her eyes never left Dr. Anderson and she looked at him with complete devotion.

He took his charge’s hand and led her forward a few steps. “I want to reintroduce one of your classmates. Her name is Maddie now. She had a previous name, but I do not want you to use it or remind her of those times after today. In those times, she was out of control and disobedient. I am rather impressed by how the rest of you have come along, and the concerns you shared with faculty and staff about this wonderful young lady helped her to be where she is now.”

It was hard to notice, but he gave Maddie’s hand a squeeze, which prompted her to take a step forward, but remaining focused on his gaze as her head turned, to curtsy. “Thank you, Master,” she began in a monotone. “Madeline was a bad girl, but Maddie is a good girl now.”

“Due to her violations of the student code of conduct rules, which some of you rightfully reported, Maddie was apprehended a number of weeks ago. She was taken to a special hospital for her mental health. The doctors there deemed her to be unwell.” He let that statement hang in the air for a few seconds. Yoshiko and Jenni looked at each other with apprehension mirrored in their eyes for their sick friend!

“However,” he continued, “Maddie is well now. Her illness was one many women had before the war. In the time before academies like ours. You know about students, SERVANTs, and DOLLs. These are the three occupations you will have during your three semesters at the academy. Maddie had undergone treatment to be a DOCILE, which you may not have even heard of before today, which is okay.”

Maddie took a step forward, finally taking her eyes off Dr. Anderson, to address her classmates. “Friends, Maddie is so blessed to see you again. As a DOCILE, she has many responsibilities. DOCILEs serve in the community. DOCILEs help others.” She smiled blissfully. “Maddie will travel to other districts to aide the women in them. Her life was so confused before, but now she purpose.” Her voice was monotone and empty of emotion.

Despite this, a few tears went down the brainwashed woman’s face. “Maddie may or may not ever return to this district. She will write to each of you though and keep in touch. She loves every one of you so much and is so blessed to know you.”

The entire room stood up to applaud their friend. Yoshiko and Jenni made their way through the crowd and hugged Maddie tightly. “We were so worried about you!!!!!” Maddie pulled Yoshiko especially close and held onto her slave sister for dear life. “Maddie already wrote to Yoshiko. She will see it when she gets home.”

They spoke for a few minutes as other students offered their well wishes and confessed to their own sinful feelings that the academy had helped to purge. One student even offered to become a DOCILE to assist Maddie, but Dr. Anderson tranced the young lady and sent her on her way, but not before making a note of it for the future.

Maddie would leave for her first trip to District Nine soon. She would be staying there for a few months to gain training for being a DOCILE. Perhaps in sequels we can follow her adventures?

* * *

The end of the semester came soon enough. Yoshiko’s breast augmentation surgery was very successful. While recovering any body hair below her shoulders was permanently removed and a tattoo was added right above her backside with a code in case she was ever lost. Just in case!

Classes were now over. Which was why she was currently in Dr. Shrewsbury’s office discussing her progress during the semester. She entered his office and knelt down on the floor next to his desk, but her wonderful professor picked up the bimbo’s leash and escorted her to his office couch.

“I am very impressed with your performance this semester, Yoshiko,” he began, running a hand over her face. “You have received highest marks in all of your classes. Your high score on the machine in your apartment of 4.6 is to be commended, but could be higher of course. I’m glad Jenni was able to help you out. I’m sure our time together aided you as well.”

Yoshiko smiled softly and eyed his midsection. “Yes, Sir. I am so grateful for everything I have learned at the academy so far.” She leaned her chest forward at his praise. “I have learned so much at the academy. The academy has taught me my purpose in life.”

Nevertheless, she frowned. “I do apologize for receiving the perfect 5.0 that my roommate consistently did, Sir.” She put her pink-tipped hand on his thigh.

Our heroic professor put a gentle hand on her arm and, despite the urge to shove his cock in her the back of his bimbo student’s throat, maintained calm. “It’s fine. You will get there. I am signing you up for an additional course in oral service though.”

Dr. Shrewsbury put a hand up at her frown. “You’re not in trouble. You just need some additional practice.” He leaned forward and kissed her. “You will also be practicing in my home next semester as my personal SERVANT.”

Yoshiko had been paying attention to Dr. Shrewsbury and did not hear Sammi come out of the wall, nor did she hear the reprogramming machine’s door slide open. The blonde SERVANT tapped the button on the back of Yoshiko’s collar that dropped her into trance. She stood up and snapped to attention next to her friend.

Dr. Shrewsbury smiled and wiped off his glasses. He could have just commanded Yoshiko or Jenni or any of his other advisees to sit down in the chair and they would have done it, but the theatrics of the moment were amusing to him. Plus he loved seeing his future SERVANT dropped into trance as she did for him. Just as Jenni had the previous hour. The rest of his advisees had not been chosen for anything in particular, so they were being converted to SERVANTs in a large group elsewhere.

“Yoshiko, please sit in the reprogramming chair. You have completed your time as a student. You will now enter SERVANT class assigned to me personally.”

Without speaking Yoshiko obediently walked over to the chair, sat down, and stared straight ahead as the brainwashing helmet dropped down on her head. Inside of it, her collar and neuro-chip interfaced with the reprogramming machine to begin the process, which would take about 45 minutes, of converting her to a SERVANT.

Sammi went over to the machine and observed the readings. While waiting for Yoshiko’s conversion to complete, Dr. Shrewsbury went around to other faculty to offer best wishes for the holiday season and to check on the progress of a new faculty member who had been a bit overwhelmed at the beginning of the semester. Promises were made to get together during the season with their new SERVANTs. An administrator was getting married to a former student as well, which faculty, while not required to attend, would do on some scale, including Dr. Shrewsbury and his new SERVANT.

That new SERVANT eventually finished her reprogramming cycle. Dr. Shrewsbury reentered the room about five minutes before the cycle ended and grabbed Sammi’s leash to pull her close to him. He hugged her tightly. “Thank you for your hard work the past two semester, Sammi. I am so proud of your progress. You came here so apprehensive and have turned out to be one of the best students and SERVANTs I have ever had in my time here at the academy.”

A few tears dropped down Sammi’s face. “Thank you, Master. Sammi has learned purpose from you. She is so blessed.” The SERVANT leaned in and gently kissed him.

Dr. Shrewsbury pulled her close again. “You have successfully completed your SERVANT training. Report to the medical center for reprogramming to DOLL class. I will miss you.”

Sammi gave him a little wave and then swayed out of the room towards her new life. A few minutes later, the reprogramming machine pinged and, after a moment of disorientation, Yoshiko stood up, curtsied low, with practiced precision, for the man who was now whom she existed to serve. “Master, please instruct Yoshiko. Your will is purpose.”

The new SERVANT handed Master her leash and he began instructing her in regards to his will.

* * *

That night, the fates of all of lovely young ladies we have been following had been secured by the academy. In Dr. Shrewsbury’s home, Yoshiko was pinned down in his bed being fucked senseless by her Master. The SERVANT shrieked in erotic joy as he came inside of her.

She looked up at Master and pronounced how madly in love she was with him. He nodded, sat down on the side of the bed, and told her to join him in bed for the evening. In the morning, he would lay out rules and regulations for her semester as his SERVANT.

Elsewhere on campus Sammi snapped to attention in a line of newly reprogrammed DOLLs. Her latex clad body, tight ponytail, and empty eyed expression matched her sister DOLLs. A man came along and inserted a new chip in her collar, which changed the displayed name from “Sammi” to “DOLL.” She was just another nameless DOLL for the next semester. At the man’s command, the DOLL turned and marched in line.

This set of DOLLs had been assigned to the academy Dean’s home as his new staff. Many of them would serve in domestic roles, but others more sexual. He had his eye on Sammi-DOLL and thought she would serve as a good incitement to donors. Her auction at the end of the academic year would bring in a massive profit. But for now, she was just another nameless, mindless, DOLL existing for her current command. He also, at the request of Dr. Shrewsbury, would give her a special assignment as well.

That evening Jenni and a handful of other SERVANTs had been flown to a pleasure resort for special sexual training. The next morning, she was tanning in the morning light with other SERVANTs when she suddenly stood up, put her platform sandals back on, and walked to the resort. In an elevator, she snapped to attention and waited for her trip to end. The floss sized bikini she wore barely hid her massive breast implants and hairless cunt. Like her roommate, she had been tattooed as well.

When the elevator doors opened, she walked out and turned to the right towards her programmed destination. At the door of the man who had purchased her for the morning, her gentle, feminine, knock got his attention. He opened the door and motioned for her to enter.

The young man was the heir to a solar energy company. He tried to be a good person, but the transactional ease of access to enslaved, programmed, women like Jenni was too tempting to fight against for him. Settling down was not in the cards, so for now he sampled the merchandise, as his contact at the resort had suggested.

Jenni knelt down at the end of the bed, unbuckled the man’s dress pants, and began sucking his cock. While at the resort during break, she would be visiting the medical center for plump up her mouth to ensure it existed to suck cock. The bimbo SERVANT deep throated it like a good girl and furiously pleasured him until he came in her mouth.

The redhead stared up at him with deep love mirrored in her eyes. Jenni would always instantly fall in love with any man who controlled her. He commanded her to join him in the shower and then they would spend the day together. She smiled, stood up, leaning her breasts forward, and handed her controller the leash that guided her life.

* * *


Dearest reader, it is time to set up the next story in the Feminine Obedience Academy series. I hope I am blessed enough to continue expressing my ideas, fantasies, and views of the roles of men and women for you wonderful readers for a very long time.

So, one final scene while the credits roll: A young woman named April is reviewing academy orientation materials. Like Yoshiko, she comes from the lower class in her district. Like Jenni, she is a red-haired beauty, but does not understand her beauty like Yoshiko. Unlike either of those more simple minded academy attendees, she is bright, a vigorous reader of literature, and quite an intellect. For a woman at least.

Her orientation materials came with a personalized note from her adviser Dr. Shrewsbury. He is very interested in her and looking forward to meeting the young lady when she arrives on campus. She smiles, not used to such praise, and hopes the academy is a way out of the bleak existence that her and her friend Melinda had faced throughout their lives. They have been best friends for all of their lives, but, as often happens in these sorts of stories, their lives will fork in an interesting manner.

April had acquiesced to the idea that feminine submission was needed for society to run in a healthy manner. She slid her wireless earbuds in and began pleasuring herself as instructed by the subliminal commands in the introductory package. Upon having an orgasm, after a fantasy of sexual service to a handsome man, she fell into a deep sleep as that night’s lesson was programmed into her.

The End

* * *

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