Domestic Doll Services: Public Relations

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #dom:male #f/f #f/m #sub:female #bondage #clothing #D/s #drones #growth #humiliation #robots #scifi

Jacqueline Rossi thinks she has a scoop when Simon Ward, CEO of Domestic Doll Services, allows her inside theircorporate headquarters for an interview. Miss Rossi discovers that she will never think about Domestic Doll Services in the same way ever again.

Domestic Doll Services: Public Relations

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *
INSPIRATIONS: Simon bar Sinister’s Absolute Obedience and Vendatrix’s Return Of The Ultimate LoveDolls. Please see my author’s note, linked at the end of the story, for more thoughts on what inspired this story. 

* * *
ABOUT: Domestic Doll Services is a series of stories about a corporation that offers lifelike “Domestic Dolls” for sale. These “Dolls” are sold for domestic use primarily, but the Dolls, designed to the whims of the buyer, which often appeared, as a mix of super model and stripper, obviously had a sexual use as well. 

DDS emerged into the public out of a merger between two companies, one that worked on artificial intelligence, and a nano-technology firm. The Dolls were best sellers, but the company repeatedly declined going public despite the billions they could make in the process. They were also controversial: Feminists despised their hyper-feminine default visage. The companies' public relations department argued that anyone could mold their Domestic Doll in any shape, color, or size. Many of the Domestic Dolls for sale were actually robots. However, many were not. 

Domestic Doll Services stories can, more or less, unless noted, be read in any order. I would like to note that this story was the second one written. Many tropes of the series were established here. 

* * *
Jacquelyn Rossi smiled at the barista and waved her phone to make a payment. Today was the day that was going to make her career. Soon, the blonde 35 year old thought, she would be getting hundreds of thousands of hits for her work. She sat down at a table with the coffee she had ordered and went through her notes one more time before heading to her destination. 

Her triumph revolved around the expose she had been writing about Domestic Doll Services, a corporation which offered lifelike “Domestic Dolls” for sale. These “Dolls” were sold for domestic use primarily, but the Dolls, designed to the whims of the buyer, which often appeared, as far as Jacquelyn could see, was a mix of super model and stripper, obviously had a sexual use as well. 

Jacquelyn had been working for an internet newspaper for the past few years. She got out of college right around the beginning of the downswing in print circulation of newspaper. After six months at the city newspaper, she left to join an internet start up paper. She had risen to be pretty high up the masthead of the website, but wanted more. Domestic Doll Services would be the key to the next step in her career. 

There was something off about Domestic Doll Services. They had emerged into the public out of a merger between two companies, one that worked on artificial intelligence, and a nano-technology firm. The Dolls were best sellers, but the company repeatedly declined going public despite the billions they could make in the process. They were also controversial: Feminists despised their hyper-feminine default visage. The companies' public relations department argued that anyone could mold their Domestic Doll in any shape, color, or size, which, Jacquelyn had to admit, was true. 

Nevertheless, there had to be something scandalous about them. Jacquelyn had received a tip that it was worthwhile to investigate Simon Ward, the founder and CEO of Domestic Doll Services. Ward was middle aged and, allegedly, had been an arms dealer before making a deal with the US government to aide them in terrorism cases. Records of him appear and disappear for years before he took the CEO position at DDS. Unable to find anymore information about him online, an interview had been set up, which Ward happily agreed to at Rossi's earliest convenience. If there was a scandal to be found, Jacquelyn hoped it came from him personally. 

Rossi planned to do a hit piece on Domestic Doll Services. She would find any excuse for it, whether something about the “Dolls” or Ward himself. There would be a great scandal and she would be all over the next week's news cycle. Hopefully, this led to an appointment at a larger news organization. Maybe she could get her own show even? 

Entering the large building that Domestic Doll Services owned in the middle of the city was an interesting experience. Jacquelyn had to go through an iris scan, which seemed to take a long time, and then her entire body was scanned. “For your own safety,” the helpful guard explained, which seemed reasonable to her. Once the guard was satisfied, she entered the main elevator. 

The elevator opened to a main floor where lots of Domestic Doll Services employees, and some Dolls, roamed around doing their jobs. Jacquelyn was amazed by how attractive every woman working for DDS was; each was hyper feminine, beautiful, and seemed focused on their task at hand. “It's like they are Domestic Dolls,” she joked to herself. The dressy pants, sensibly-heeled boots, sweater, and fashionable glasses the dark haired reporter wore suddenly felt underwhelming next to the short skirts, long legs, and stiletto heels all women wore at DDS. 

A exquisite bottle blonde woman approached her after a moment. The shiny black pumps on her feet echoed off the marble floors of Domestic Doll Services. “Hello, Miss Rossi, thank you for coming. Hi, my name is Cindi.” Jacquelyn squinted at the childish spelling on the name attached attached to her tight sweater complete with a heart over the “i.” “Mr. Ward would like you to come directly to his office.” Cindi's perky voice grated at her. 

Jacquelyn nodded and allowed Cindi to lead the way. They passed a few other blondes, who each gave Cindi a manicured wave. At the end of the hall, they entered an elevator. Cindi pressed a button at the top of the floor numbers and smiled a cheerful bimbo smile at Jacquelyn as the doors began to close. 

* * *
Jacki Rossi sat in the waiting room of Simon Ward's large office. A long mirror sat against the wall, which the blonde streaked brunette checked her appearance in. She needed to make sure that her psychical representation fit the strict dress code standards for women that the Domestic Doll Services Corporation had sent to her before agreeing to the interview with Mr. Ward. He had been so kind to agree to the interview, so it make the most basic courtesy she could offer to him. 

The brunette felt confident in her appearance. Her teased dark hair, white blonde streaks throughout, accentuated the sun-kissed tan she sported. The enormous bust that highlighted her features was kept snug by a tight pink sweater, which barely covered the tiny miniskirt that adorned her bottom half, which was kept at least five inches higher by the shiny black pumps she wore. Finally, long pink tipped nails shone in the light from the ceiling. 

Jacki looked down for a moment and was lost in thought, that kept happening this morning, she thought, with a giggle, when Mr. Ward came out from his office. “I apologize,” he began, extending a hand, “my girl is...busy...right now and could not properly greet you.” 

Jacki took his hand. Mr. Ward was a handsome man, with dark hair and slight glasses. “That is okay, Sir, I met her this morning. Cindi escorted me here.” 

Mr. Ward nodded after a moment and smiled warmly, which caused Jacki to blush a little. “Yes, yes she did didn't she?” He motioned for her to follow him into his office, which Jacki did with a sexy sway of the hips as she walked on the high heeled pumps that adorned her feet. 

The Domestic Doll Services' CEO had a large office that overlooked the city skyline. The clear windows were dark from the outside, which was called...Jacki could not remember. She smiled and stood before Mr. Ward, who pointed to his couch. “Sit with me, Miss Rossi. I need to discuss a few things before our interview.” 

“Yes, Sir,” Jacki stated, her eyes never leaving his, as she walked over, sat down on the dark couch, and crossed her stocking clad legs as Mr. Ward joined her. After she settled in the comfortable couch, she looked to him and smiled softly. The brunette barely registered that the few thoughts she had at the moment drifted right back out of her mind. 

“I hope,” the handsome man began, “that our strict dress codes did not give you any trouble? We try to maintain the highest professional standards for women here at Domestic Doll Services.” 

“No, Sir,” Jacki replied. A beat passed. “After all, Jacki agrees that women in the workplace should always look their best.” Instinctively, she leaned forward slightly; her augmented breasts pushed forward towards Simon. 

“Good girl.” He paused at the reporter's blush. “You are an extremely attractive woman, Miss Rossi. I have followed your work for a bit.” He really had; Simon had been tipped off about her potentially doing an expose by an undercover Domestic Doll working at Jacki's newspaper nearly two months before her arrival and brainwashing into the lovely woman before him. 

“Really, Sir?” She asked the question with a bit of unease, moved by the authoritative man complimenting her. 

Simon reached forward and took one of her manicured hands into his own. “Yes, really. My most recent personal Domestic Doll, I get to try out the prototypes,” he said with a proud grin, “was programmed to search for your articles. My newest Doll is going through her final day of training today.” He stared at her for a moment. “I need to remember to install new reader settings to make sure I keep getting your articles.” 

Jacki squeezed back, trailing the tips of her long white tipped nails along his firm hand. “T-t-thank you, Sir.” She gave him a flirty smile. He liked her! The brunette-blonde reporter would certainly be able to get good dirt from him now. Just keep smiling and flirting. She was sure to please him then. 

Wait, what? Before Jacki could question the thought that he bounced into her head, Simon squeezed her hand again. She turned her complete attention back to him. “I am going to give you a complete tour of Domestic Doll Services. After all, you deserve that if you are going to understand what being a Domestic Doll is all about.” He leaned forward slightly, he large bust nearing him. “I am going to give you some exclusive access as well. Your article will be the first to discuss some of our newest innovations.” 

Jacki nodded along. “Thank you, Sir.” She leaned slightly forward so her breasts neared his body. They were her best asset, she thought to herself. The brunette did smile widely, noticing for the the first time in the window how perfectly white her teeth were in the window behind her. 

Simon smiled back. “I am the one who should be honored by such a beautiful woman. In fact, why don't you assume position two and perform.” 

Jacki found herself obediently sliding off of the couch and onto the floor to knell before Simon. She unbid his belt and pants, running a nail over his hardening cock. As it went into her mouth, her mind emptied, focused only on giving the absolute maximum possible amount of pleasure to the handsome man who had commanded her. Her thick red lips bobbed up and down on it, slowly and methodically sucking him off until he came into her mouth after about ten minutes. Afterwards, she cleaned him up and then waited knelling while he dressed again. 

“Good girl,” Simon began. “Stand.” She obediently, with grace, stood up, eyes never leaving him while he went back to his desk to pull something out of one of the drawers. He held up a collar and leash. “This is a collar and leash,” he began, putting them down for a moment to press a button a few times on the console built into his desk. “You are going to need to wear it around DDS.” He began walking over to her, motioning for the obedient reporter to pull up the back of her teased brown hair. “There are prototype Dolls around that could malfunction. Having you on leash is for your protection in case something happens.”

What a caring man! Jacki pulled up her hair and felt a chill as the black collar went around her neck. Her name was emblazoned onto it, which did not cause her any concern. Simon stood in front of her and attached the leash to the side of it. He gave a few playful tugs. “Okay, you are set.” The DDS CEO began to walk towards the elevator with Jacki, hips swaying with a wild sexuality, submissively following him a few steps behind. Simon smiled back at her and received one of the most passive, dimwitted, responses he had ever seen. 

In the elevator, after both Simon and Jacki entered, the busty reporter snapped to attention and stared straight ahead as they went down a few levels. She had no idea this was not normal, nor did she think anything was out of the ordinary. All Domestic Dolls, while at the corporate headquarters, were programmed to take up “Position One” while in elevators. Jacki did it because it was now part of her programming. She was no longer human; the sexy reporter was now a Domestic Doll. 

* * *
The first floor that Simon and Jacki went to was one with a large group of rooms where Domestic Dolls were under various stages of programming. Everyone seemed focused on their work and few looked up to greet the boss. Simon gently tugged at Jacki's leash and she followed him onto the floor. He motioned for her to come up and stand next to him. “I thought it would be good to show you a Domestic Doll up close.” Her eyes followed his hand as it motioned towards a room on the left.

“Follow me, please” The leash in his hand remained low as Jacki followed close, eyes only leaving his after an automatic “yes, Sir,” to make sure she was walking in the right direction. Her high heeled feet echoed  off the clear floors. Below them, on another floor, her eyes briefly saw a Domestic Doll being anally fucked by someone while another man watched and took notes on a tablet. 

They entered a room where a male technician and a voluptuous Domestic Doll stood at attention. The redhead was wide hipped, busty, and her pale face stared straight ahead. Her perfect makeup made the Doll, whose collar read “Kerri” seem like a big, beautiful, doll. “A custom for friend. He has been down on his luck, so I commissioned Kerri here as a way to help him out during these dire times.” 

Jacki stared at the Domestic Doll. “She is gorgeous, Sir,” was all the reporter could say. There were so many questions she wanted to ask, but each thought just made her head hurt. Finally, the most coherent question she could form into words came out. “She is really curvy.” Kerri was not tiny, but her short stature and large bust were displayed in the high heeled boots and tight sweater she wore. For a moment, Jacki wondered if her breasts were bigger, but then even that thought slipped away and she went back to happily gazing at Simon. 

“Yes,” Simon responded, waving a hand towards the beautiful redhead, “Kerri certainly is quite lovely.” He motioned to the technician, who pressed a few buttons on the three dimensional keyboard in front of him. Kerri took a few steps forward, a peaceful smile on her face, and stared straight ahead, dark green eyes mirroring absolute submission and calm. 

Simon watched Jacki stare at Kerri and nodded to the technician, who tapped at the air a few times. The brunette reporter suddenly felt a strong desire for Kerri. The Domestic Doll looked so appealing to her. She began to get a bit wet just staring into those submissive green eyes. 

“Jacki,” Simon grinned at how quickly Jacki's head snapped to him, “why don't you touch her? Get to know the body of a Domestic Doll.” He turned quickly and the technician, who had begun to chuckle, ceased. 

“Yes, Sir.” Jacki stepped forward on her sky high heels and massaged one of Kerri's breasts. The redhead Domestic Doll did not move. 

“This Domestic Doll has been personalized for absolute love and devotion, delicate and gentle femininity, and domestic perfection.” Simon watched Jacki idly knead Kerri's breast. “She exists to obey and her programming will allow nothing else.” He gently tugged at Jacki's leash. “Stop.” Jacki stopped, panting, turned to him, smiled, and whispered a docile “yes, Sir.”

After another trip on the elevator, where Jacki, again, immediately snapped to attention, Simon, with a gentle tug of her leash, led her into another large floor. A large number of beautiful woman in various stages of dress walked across stages, spun around stripper poles, and gave technicians lap dances. 

Jacki stared at them and then swiftly moved back to Simon. “Strippers, Sir?” 

Simon nodded. “Yes, this is one of the exclusives I am giving you. We, um, do not just provide Dolls for overworked housewives.” He waved a hand towards a bottle blonde with a massive bust currently practicing what seemed like a high end club routine. “Domestic Doll Services works with elite gentleman's clubs to supply workers.” The CEO turned to face Jacki and took one of her manicured hands into his own. “I am actually very proud of this project. The clubs get Dolls as a workforce, which means that human women do not have to do the work. It also cuts down on sex trafficking and crime. We have tipped off police in the city, working with the owners of clubs, to enable the arrest of three sets of traffickers so far.” 

Jacki listened passively, but two dancers, both redheads, practicing a lesbian scene that would not be out of the ordinary on a client's wish list of fantasies caught her eye beyond him. She made eye contact with him, finding it hard to form a question. Finally, it came out rather simplistically. “What about the dancers, Sir?” 

“Ah,” Simon gave her another smug grin. “They are given quite the reeducation when we take over their club. We offer classes and then job placement. In fact, most of them have ended up safe and secure by marrying prominent men in business, sport, and other things. We are not a dating service, but we can set them up with interested men to give them a place in life.” 

Jacki nodded. What a sweet man! “That sounds wonderful, Sir.” The blonde came over, “Lizzie” emblazoned on her collar, latex pink dress and clear platform heels of the same color adorning her body, and bowed slightly to Simon. Lizzie looked like she could pass as both a high end dancer or a supermodel. Neither would have surprised Jacki. Her docile mind wondered idly how she would look as a total bottle blonde instead of just the highlights she currently had in her brown hair. 

Jacki had always put function over form, but the inate sexuality of Lizzie, Kerri, and the other Domestic Dolls she saw around DDS had her questioning everything about herself. Were her E Cup breast implants big enough? Maybe her skirt could be shorter? She could barely walk in the pumps on her feet already! 

A tug on her leash from Simon brought Jacki out of her day dreaming. She looked over at him and softly smiled. The handsome man had a bemused look on his face. “Does Lizzie interest you? I am sure she could give you a, how do I say, hands on performance.” 

Before Jacki could respond, Lizzie slid onto Jacki's lap and began giving her a furious lap dance. The reporter could not believe how fluid the blonde Doll's body was; it was like having a ballerina move with silky smoothness over her body. Lizzie's pink tipped nails traced over Jacki's neck and then to knead her breasts. She tilted her toned backside and tennis player legs towards the brunette after a moment and then spun around on her lap, leaning in to gently kiss the woman she was performing for, who returned the kiss with enthusiasm. 

Simon watched them with a resigned curiosity. In his time as Domestic Doll Services CEO, he had seen pretty much anything he could imagine. Faux lesbianism was very popular with clients, but he found it to be quite dull. Growing bored with the scene playing out before him, he snapped his fingers and calmly commanded “Position Two,” which brought both Jacki and Lizzie out of their amorous embrace to kneel before him. Both stared up at him with puppy dog eyed devotion. He motioned for Lizzie to return to her training and pulled Jacki, so accustomed to it by now that is felt...nice, up by her leash to head to another section of DDS. 

On the elevator this time, Simon stared at Jacki, who yet again stood at attention. Breaking the reporter's will had been rather easy. For how head strong she came off, the brunette was simple to manipulate and brainwash. Allowing her to believe she was not a Domestic Doll and that no time had passed had been for his own amusement. He did find her to be quite attractive and had become rather fond of her during the week it had taken to reprogram the former Jacqueline. There was one more room she needed to see; a final humiliation before the truth was revealed. 

Jacki blinked a few times as the doors of the elevator opened again. “Follow me,” Simon said, “I have one more floor to show you.” He took her hand as she smiled tamely at him, her eyes never leaving him. 

They walked up to a mirrored corridor that stood above a room the size of a few gymnasiums filled with chairs and tube like structures. Each chair and tube had a head rest and restraints for arms and legs. DDS always thought of safety, even when it was just a Domestic Doll. Jacki stared at them, trying to think of something to say, but it was too hard to form a question, so she just looked back over at Simon. 

“Each of these Dolls have gone through their initial programming stage. Individualized programming based on the needs of their own has also been uploaded to them. Future updates can come via their neuro-implant or through wireless. However,” he said, turning to face Jacki, a proud enthusiasm in his voice, “I have found that adding a bit of a personal touch adds the Domestic Doll, making each of them quite unique to not only the buyer's specifications, but in general. Each Doll becomes truly unique in that way.” 

Jacki looked back through the glass. “How?” was her only question, a fascinated, breathless tone to it. This was going to be the article of a lifetime about this amazing company! 

“Ah!” Simon placed his hands on her hips, turning the Domestic Doll to him. “It turned out to be so simple!”He pointed forward towards a series of chairs where Domestic Dolls were being fastened. Visors were placed over their acquiescent, smiling, faces. “We simply hypnotize them! The visors place them in a deeply suggestible state where some personalized touches can be added to each Domestic Doll. 

He walked over to a desk where a conveniently placed visor lay. He held it up to Jacki. “You should really try it so you can get the full experience of what a Domestic Doll is like.” 

Jacki took it in her long nailed hands and stared curiously. “Won't Jacki be hypnotized, Sir?” 

“Yes,” Simon began, taking it from her and beginning to place the visor on her face. “But it will help you write your article, no?” 

Jacki's docile nature had her nodding along as the hypnotic spiral began dancing before her eyes. Within a minute, her body had stopped moving, pouty mouth slightly ajar, as Simon gently pulled her to a couch. 

A few more minutes passed before Simon, wanting to be certain of her deep entrancement, spoke again. “Jacki, you are getting to experience something that no...human...gets to experience. Consider it another 'exclusive.' You are in a deep hypnotic trance and are highly suggestible to my command. From now on, you will only speak when spoken to by me or another employee or client of Domestic Doll Services. That is the default setting for a Domestic Doll. This will help you experience what it is like to be a Domestic Doll. Do you understand, Jacki?”

“Yes, Sir,” Jacki said in a quiet monotone, tame, large, eyes obscured by the visor. “Jacki will only speak when spoken to by Simon or another employee or client of Domestic Doll Services.” She did not speak again; the hypnotic conditioning had taken away her ability to question direct instructions. 

“Good girl.” Simon sat down next to her. “A series of visuals are going to play in your visor now. They will further help you to see what the life of a Domestic Doll is like.” He pressed a button on his watch and Jacki tensed up for a moment. This program was set to play for about three hours as thousands of images of obedience and submission to Simon, visualized by state of the art video holographic technology, played in front of her mind's eye. “Send someone down here to pick up Jacki,” he said into a speaker phone. “I will see her after her final conditioning session is done.”

* * *
In the early evening, back in Simon's office, Jacki stood on a pedestal at attention. Teased brown hair, highlighted in streaks of white blonde, dropped to her shoulders. Her large eyes were empty of life; at the moment, the Domestic Doll was turned “off” for the moment after her hypno-programming session earlier in the afternoon. Around her neck a pink collar with her new name sat snugly. 

A pink maid uniform adorned the Domestic Doll's body. Her oft augmented breasts were barely contained by the tight corset under the uniform's top. As a Domestic Doll, she did not need to breathe anymore, of course the brunette could simulate it if in public, or the deserve of her Master, so it was tied even tighter that usual, making her breasts swell up in firmness. Her body automatically pushed the E cup breasts forward, daring to be touched. The perfect bubble butt, molded in her transformation from human to Domestic Doll, gracefully pushed out due to the tiny skirt that housed long, toned, high heeled feet. The shiny black pumps on her feet glistened in the ceiling light's reflection. Perfect makeup, from her red lips to dark eye shadow, brought out the features of her unnaturally attractive face. Jacqueline had been attractive; Jacki was beauty, submission, and eroticism rolled into one Domestic Doll package. 

Jacki stood silently staring straight ahead at nothing. The Domestic Doll had some awareness that Simon was at his desk doing work, but until he spoke a verbal command or controlled her via the remote on his watch, she would remain where she was; there was no reason for her to do anything, so she would not. 

“Miss Rossi, activate.” Simon's verbal command brought Jacki to life. The brunette batted her eyelashes and smiled at Simon. After taking a few steps off the platform, her pumps echoing off the floor, she waited passively for him to look back up at her. After all, she would only speak when spoken to by Simon or another employee or client of Domestic Doll Services. Nothing about that statement seemed odd to the brainwashed Domestic Doll. “Ah, the final report responded to for the week,” he said, looking back up at her. “I hope your experience with the visor was beneficial to your reporting.” 

“Yes, Sir.” Jacki had found it to be literally enthralling. The peace and calm of being hypnotized had shown her the true wonder of Domestic Dolls. Simon had not asked her to further elaborate, so she remained where she was, her eyes never leaving him. 

Simon stood up and stretched out his shoulders. “This has been quite the long week. I have been without a personal assistant for the past week after Cindi being sold to that oil tycoon who just bought a famous European football club. I could have just had any Domestic Doll fill in, but the kind of personal preferences I enjoy take just about,” he paused and looked down at his watch, “a week or so. It will be nice to have a replacement.” 

Jacki stared at him. Something was not right about that. She had just met Cindi earlier in the day. That was the Domestic Doll who had led her into the building. Her perfectly sculpted eyebrows furrowed a bit in confusion, which just made her dimwitted brain hurt. 

Simon stepped around his desk and leaned back on the front of it. “Is something wrong, Jacki?” 

“Sir, Jacki just saw Cindi this morning.” Simon was right, something was definitely wrong. 

He leaned back a little bit. “Oh, that was actually last week. One week to be precise. Right after you arrived, Cindi reported for reprogramming to serve her new Master. Right now, she is probably in a latex body suit screaming out in ecstasy in her new owner's native German. You have spent the past week being turned into a Domestic Doll. In fact, my Domestic Doll.” 

Jacki sobered up from the blissful submission she had felt all day...or week...and stared at Simon in disbelief. “How?” was all she could think to ask, her mental abilities nullified, after the Domestic Doll Services CEO motioned for her to speak. The idea that she could only speak when spoken to, which had seemed so alluring a moment ago, now absolutely terrified her. 

“Ah,” Simon began, with an enthusiasm that terrified the new Domestic Doll. “Well, it all began with your iris scan really. The light there is specially set up so, if we wish it, it can, and will, put the scanee into a trance. Cindi sat you down in a side room after that where your initial conditioning was done. I congratulate you, Miss Rossi, you were quite easy to not only hypnotize, but to deepen the condition so your training could begin. Does that help?” 

“Training?” Jacki asked weakly. 

“Yes, We immediately began retraining your mind for absolute obedience to me. Didn't you think it was weird that you have addressed me as 'Sir' all day? Or how you sucked my cock earlier at my command?” The look of horror on Jacki's face confirmed that she had seen these actions as fairly routine until now. “Isn't it strange how you have had a complete 360 degree view change, an attitude adjustment, if you will, about Domestic Doll Services? You had come here to write a hit piece about me, hadn't you?”

“Yes, Sir,” the brunette Domestic Doll confirmed. 

“But then there is your body!” Simon stared at his new Doll's large bust. “You seem to have not noticed how different you look now too. The breast implants, blonde hair streaks, much more feminine way of dress. The way you dressed before was very sensible, but now you conform to the very firm dress code for those who come to Domestic Doll Services.” He tapped his watch a few times, slowing down the Domestic Doll's critical thinking abilities. “In fact, I think the way you used to be will be a hazy memory very soon. You were pretty before, but now you are beautiful.” 

Jacki sighed happily, thrilled to please Simon with her body. Her ability to think slowed, she acquiesced to her internal desires to be obedient to him. Any attempts to remember her professional appearance and sensible outfit on her way into Domestic Doll Services were fuzzy and unclear at best. “Thank you, Sir,” was all she could think to say in reply. After a moment, another thought came to her. “But Jacki remembers other things, Sir?” The way it came out of her mouth, she was not sure if it was a statement or a question. 

Simon nodded sadly. “Yes, that is too bad. But I have taken some steps during this week to alleviate this issue.” He pressed a button on his desk and a side door opened. Out of it came a blonde woman dressed in...she was dressed in the clothes that Jacqueline had worn when she entered Domestic Doll Services. In fact, despite the better, more feminine, makeup and short cropped hair, a chilling idea dawned on Jacki. 

The woman stood next to Simon's desk and snapped to attention. “During your initial conditioning before you began being converted into a Domestic Doll, I had some of your DNA taken for cloning. We have a sister company that does advance cloning work that is kept hidden from the eyes of the public.” He waved a hand towards her. “Although, we can never seem to get the hair right, so we cut it short.” “I like it,” he added with a shrug. 

Simon turned to face Jacquelyn. “Jacquelyn, what is the current command you are obeying from me?” 

“Jacquelyn will write a long, exhaustive, and positive public relations piece about Domestic Doll Services. She will speak kindly about its CEO, Simon Ward. She will then resign her position at the newspaper and take up a new position at a newspaper that DDS owns.” The clone spoke in a up-pitched monotone and matter of factly. 

“Wonderful,” Simon clapped his hands together. “You may go.” The clone of Miss Rossi swayed out of the room and out of their lives. He turned to Jacki. “I believe you have a software update available to you. Think about it for a moment and you will see.” 

Jacki stared straight ahead and suddenly she could “feel” its availability. It was hard to describe in any other way. “Yes, Sir, Jacki sees an update.” 

“Install it, please.” Simon stood up, anxious for what happened next. 

Jacki's eyes closed and a few minutes passed while the update downloaded. Suddenly, her eyes opened, beautiful and large. “Sir, update downloaded. Installing.” After a moment, Simon had to orally input a 10 digit key-code to gain administrative access. “Installing. Installation complete. One moment while rebooting.”

Jacki's eyes closed again while rebooting and then reopened, submission mirrored in her eyes. “Master, Jacki has updated her software. All programming is running according to the most recent available update.” She smiled cheerfully, a note of obedient docility in it. 

“Good girl. What is Jacki's purpose?” His strong feelings towards this Domestic Doll had Simon, normally bored with this process, giving her his full attention. 

“Master, Jacki exists to serve you as the head of the Ward household. She loves Master more than life itself.”

Simon took a few steps towards Jacki and kissed her gently. The Domestic Doll threw her arms around him before they kissed again. Simon found himself deeply attracted to Jacki. She was beautiful, submissive, and the kind of woman, or Doll, he could see himself spending a lot of time with. “Do you understand your new position, Jacki?”

“Master, Jacki serves the Ward home by working as an administrative assistant at Domestic Doll Services.” She stated her new lot in life matter of factly and with a cheerful smile.

* * *
A few days later, Jacki sat at her desk right outside of Simon's office. She had already upped efficiency in Mr. Ward's schedule and would continue to work hard to please her Master. As she uploaded the latest schematics from a new DDS project into a port on the side of her head, the love of her life's voice came out of the intercom on the right side of her desk. “Jacki, can you please come into my office?” 

She did not reply, but moved swiftly to obey. Jacki was dressed in a bright yellow maid uniform, white stockings, and open toed pumps; the Domestic Doll looked amazing. The brunette swayed into the room and smiled at her Master. Her gaze switched to the man sitting before Simon. “This is Mr. Howell.” Her warm and utterly passive facial expression made the man, the scion of a banking family, immediately hard. Simon continued. “He is considering a bulk purchase of Domestic Dolls. Can you please give him a 'tour' of DDS to show him how valuable a Domestic Doll, or 20, can be?”

Jacki nodded and put out a manicured hand to the handsome young man. They had spoken about this before. She knew what “give him a tour” meant. As Mr. Howell stood up, she led him by the hand into another room to begin that tour. The former reporter was enjoying, as the man yanked down her panties to fuck the Domestic Doll in the ass, her new life as a compliant sex slave. 

The End

* * *
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