Domestic Doll Services: Project Daffodil Rose

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/f #f/m #scifi #sub:female #bondage #clothing #growth #robots

After a man purchases a Domestic Doll to help him deal with his loneliness, he must deal with the flood of emotions burdening his soul as he falls in love with the Domestic Doll while she also deals with the ramifications of her own past in DDS’ Daffodil Rose program.

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

ABOUT: Domestic Doll Services is a series of stories about a corporation that offers lifelike “Domestic Dolls” for sale. These “Dolls” are sold for domestic use primarily, but the Dolls, designed to the whims of the buyer, which often appeared as a mix of super model and stripper, obviously had a sexual use as well. Many of the Domestic Dolls for sale were actually robots. However, many were not...

Domestic Doll Services stories can, more or less, unless noted, be read in any order. There is a cameo by a few characters from Domestic Doll Services: Guilt Alleviation in this story, but it mostly stands alone continuity wise. Enjoy!

* * *

The young man and woman laughed at each other as they walked to their taxi. They had shared a bottle and a half of wine and were intoxicated by the spirits and their feelings for each other. The taxi, driven by an android from Domestic Doll Services, pulled up and idled while Drew and Ari eyed each other with sexual intent.

It was their first date, but it had gone really well. Ari was a Domestic Doll, a perfectly programmed android who existed to serve the current command of her owner. That owner was named William Cullen, the former head programmer and now chief COO of Domestic Doll Services. The man she was currently on a date, and quite smitten with, was 32-year-old Drew Sheppard. He was one of William’s closest friends. After encouraging Drew to “try out” a Domestic Doll before purchasing one for himself, discounted, his friend had finally acquiesced, which led to the delightful date they were on at the moment.

Drew grinned at Ari. The gorgeous, raven haired, 29-year-old Doll leaned in and kissed him. “You are great. I am so glad you decided to try me out.” She lowered her voice a bit for the second statement. Using a Domestic Doll for sex was, not surprisingly, that unusual, but going on a date with one was a new frontier. Ari looked like a human woman. Sure, her breasts were augmented, her mouth perfectly pouty, and her body a mix of professional wrestler torso and the grace of a ballet dancer, but she still looked like a human. People “swore” they could tell, but they absolutely could not.

Drew returned the kiss after a moment. William had been trying to get him to come out of his shell a bit, and what better was there, he argued, than a Domestic Doll? She would be beautiful, compliant, and eager to please. After all, the default state for all Domestic Dolls was to live for the pleasure of men.

Ari looked over for a second at the Doll taxi driver and sent a message to it to continue waiting for them. As one of Mr. Cullen’s personal Dolls, she had the kind of administrative access that allowed that sort of communication.

“How do you feel,” she asked him with a loving smile. Drew was sweet; she truly found him delightful to be around. Master had given her a direct order to not be too pushy: If he backs off, or is not into it, let him be.

Drew nodded slowly. “I like you. A lot.” He scratched at his neck nervously. He was glad that he said it, but it had been hard.

Ari giggled and grabbed his wrist with firmness that exceeded her slight body. She leaned in closer. “I want to go home with you. You are sweet, smart, and kind.” Her pouty red lipped mouth moved closer to his ear. “You said I could say no, but I am saying yes. Not because I am programmed to say yes,” she pulled away and smiled at him, “but because I do, yes, I am quite fond of you. You are sweet, smart...and pretty cute.”

Drew’s eyes lit up at the last comment. People did not say that about him often. Truthfully, he was pretty handsome. Especially with the little bits of gray in his beard.

She pulled a few strands of dark hair out of her face before kissing him and then leaning in, “I want your dick in my mouth as soon as possible, if it would please you, Sir.” Was she breathing? Drew had seen her breath earlier, but now he could not hear any sound coming from her. Maybe she can turn it on and off?

He took her hand in his own and led the Domestic Doll to the waiting taxi. Ari gave the android a peculiar look, and it nodded. All charges would go to the normal expense account. It smiled at her knowingly. Drew was drunk enough to not even notice. He opened the door for her, which she found sweet, and they sat down with the Domestic Doll sliding onto his lap to make out. The last few minutes of their journey back to his home were spent with Ari in his arms, gliding her white tipped nails across his neck and beard.

Inside his home, they fumbled their way upstairs to the bedroom. As promised, Ari tore off his clothes and enthusiastically fellated Drew. Her head quickly bobbed up and down on his average sized, but rock hard, cock until she swallowed his cum with cheerful enthusiasm.

Afterwards, Ari tossed herself onto the bed and crawled to her date. “That was wonderful,” she said after kissing his forehead. “Your dick is so...hard...”

Drew stared at her. After a moment, he began laughing. “Wait, what?”

The Domestic Doll slid a hand under the covers to try to stroke him. “I mean, obviously it is hard as in....erect...but you have a...very...hard...cock.” She ran a hand over his body. “That was a joy to have in my mouth, Sir.” It really had been. A very hard cock felt so nice.

Drew laughed again. “You’re just saying that. Men must love to hear that.”

Ari continued to slowly stroke him to hardness, but his level of intoxication was making it hard for even a Domestic Doll programmed with world-class sexual skill. “I don’t lie, Sir. I’m programmed not to lie. It is a direct order from my Master, who is your best friend.” She snuggled up to him, giving up for now.

Drew held her tightly. “Of course.” He yawned. “Fine, I believe you.” He looked at her sincerely. “No one has ever said something like that to me. Even...hmm...”

Ari wrapped herself closer around him. “Let’s continue this in the morning.” Both were asleep in minutes.

* * *

The next morning, Drew woke up to the smells of a well cooked breakfast and the sound of his favorite football club on the television. He could hear Ari humming downstairs and pouring out a coffee.

After a quick shower, Drew went downstairs and found the Domestic Doll wearing his button down shirt from the night before and nothing else. Her body was hairless below the shoulders. A small tattoo that looked like a bar code could be found on her right thigh.

Ari quickly padded over to her wonderful date from the night before and kissed him. “Good morning, Sir,” she whispered quietly. “I began breakfast for you. I am programmed with a variety of world-class cooking skills to please you.” She gave him a plate. “Yes, Sir, eat, so you have a full stomach while commanding me today. I am programmed to obey your will. Your wish,” she finished, kneeling with a plate of food, “is my command, Sir.”

She knelt down before her current controller. “May I suck your cock again, Sir? It fits in my mouth so nicely. I wish it could be there always.” Ari gave him a deeply seductive look. His dick had truly been wonderful; it got rock hard and long, but not too long.

Drew had half a hash brown in his mouth as this happened. He slowly, very slowly, chewed on it and swallowed. “Um...” Ari looked up at him with bright eyes. She was incredibly beautiful. “Well, I mean, I wouldn’t mind, but don’t you need to eat? Do Domestic Dolls eat?” That was actually a good question.

Ari crawled over to him. “I do eat, Sir, but I do not have to at the moment. I will do whatever pleases you.” She looked at him again with that loving smile.

Drew pointed at the chair next to him. “Sit! Seriously. I want you to eat. Get yourself a plate.” Air happily padded over to the kitchen, got a hash brown, some tempeh and sausages, a cup of coffee, and came back over as commanded. She sat down and methodically placed the sausage in her mouth, slowly chewing on it.

Her current controller put his hand gently on one of hers. “Stop! I know what you’re doing.” He gave her a squeeze. “Later.” She grinned proudly.

They dressed for the day. DDS had delivered outfits for both of them to their hotel. Drew put on a nice button down shirt, dark jeans, and a pair of low top sneakers. Ari put on a tight sweater, which highlighted her massive bust, and a knee-length pencil skirt with gray stockings and black pumps. Just like Drew liked women to wear. Her makeup included a dark red lip and heavy eye shadow. Her pale features accentuated both.

They made their way into an elevator. Inside of it, they were alone. All was quiet for a few seconds before Ari slid a few manicured fingers against Drew’s right hand. After a moment, as the doors opened, he took her hand into his own, and they walked through the welcome area of the hotel to queue up for a taxi drone.

While they waited, a text message came through to Drew’s phone. It was from Ari! Confused, not seeing a phone in her hand, she did not carry a purse either, he entered his phone pin and tapped his texting app.

“Hi :)” The message began, “We get to spend today together. Think about how you would spend a typical Sunday in your district with your Domestic Doll. What do we do? Where do we go? You have been wonderful so far, Andrew. Love, Ari.”

He stared at the message for a long moment before looking over her. Ari stared straight ahead and then to their right to see if more taxis were coming towards them.

A moment later, the cab showed up. In this district, the Domestic Dolls who “drove” them were bald and primarily asexual looking. Back home, they were usually busty and blonde. “Can you take us to the nearest coffee shop near a food market?” Drew always asked Cab Dolls a question instead of just barking a command. He could, and would, never get used to that aspect of modern life.

They drove in silence for a few minutes. Ari put her hand on Drew’s arm and ran a manicured finger over it. In front of the coffee shop, they exited the cab, with Ari giving the driver some kind of code that waived the fee, and went out to see their new surroundings.

Drew stopped to stare upwards for a moment. The rain dome which covered this district was being hammered by a storm. The acceleration of climate change had required each district to create retractable dome covers. This process cost billions of dollars, but had saved migrants from coastal areas that were devastated by flooding and erosion. City life in each district was now very normal, and few rejected it here in the near future.

Ari took his hand in her own, and they walked into the busy coffee shop. Inside, people were enjoying their coffee or breakfast individually or in small groups. There was a small line queuing up for orders. Drew could see their names on the three-dimensional display. Obviously, Ari had ordered ahead. Somehow. At this point, he decided to just roll with it.

While waiting, there were four customers ahead of them, they did what any couple these days would do: Stare at their phones. Well, Drew did anyway. He checked the morning football scores from around the world and then previewed for the District Federation league matches later in the day. Ari just stared straight ahead with a polite smile on her face. She was so compliant and expressed femininity in her every movement and action.

At the front of the line, Ari’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Hi! Can you please charge this to my personal account?” She said, again, a long series of numbers that the Domestic Doll at the register acknowledged and inputted. “My incredible fiancé just proposed, and I want to give him the world!” The dark-haired woman held up Drew’s hand and then leaned into the Doll. “No rings...we’re getting tattoos.” The giggle at the end of that statement was so sexual, so feminine, it made her “fiancé” have to force himself to not get hard.

Outside, the “engaged” couple went back to their cab, which had been quietly idling for them. Each took a sip out of their coffee before re-entering it. “Does coffee affect you,” Drew quizzically asked his “future wife.”

Ari grinned and leaned in to kiss him. “I can emulate the effects of caffeine. I do like the taste of it.” She put her mouth next to his ear. “In your personal Doll, you can customize that all you want.”

The cab sped away towards a local food market about a mile away. “Can you cook this afternoon?”

Ari giggled again, but this time her eyes noticed Drew’s slight hard on. “I can do whatever you want. I am programmed to please you.”

“Right,” Drew mumbled. “I’m not used to how literal that is.” He scratched at his neck. “Well, what I was thinking was we would go to the market and then back to the hotel. I want to watch the football this afternoon, but you should cook dinner.” This time he leaned in to kiss her. “Then we can spend some private time together.

Ari kissed him back. “Yes, Master,” she proclaimed with another kiss. “I have a surprise for you when we get idea for you...”

At the market, they walked hand in hand inside. In season vegetables and fruit could be found in the front of the store. Ari quickly maneuvered through the different stands to pick up various veggies for a soup. They then moved towards the bakery to purchase some fresh bread for dinner. A few aisles later, she negotiated a fine price for some homemade pasta.

The “engaged” couple continued to walk up and down different aisles. “You, uh, can’t get pregnant, I guess?” Drew started to feel like a real idiot asking some inane questions.”

Ari leaned into him. Her heels could be heard echoing off the hard floor of the market. “I can simulate a pregnancy for fetishistic purposes, but no babies, no.”

Drew’s eyes lit up. “Really? People...yeah, I guess they would. I went to college with a guy who could only get turned on by pictures of pregnant women.”

Ari kissed him again as they came around a corner in front of the fresh fish section. “Maybe we can,” Ari commented as she pointed at the trout she wanted for their dinner, “have another weekend together in another district where I am your seven months pregnant wife. We’re on one last vacation together before the baby is born! A romantic outing.” She thanked the vendor and gave him a wave. “My tits all swelled up and huge. That glow that all pregnant women have...maybe next time, Andrew.”

They continued to walk around the market. Drew was used to not hearing the sounds in his local market. He normally wore wireless earbuds that blocked out sound. When in public, he did not want to be bothered with other people. Walking around with this beautiful Domestic Doll made him want to hear every sound. He was starting to be convinced by William’s logic. Maybe a Domestic Doll was what he needed in his life.

At the end of the market, they paid for their food. Again, hand in hand, they walked out and hailed another cab. The Domestic Doll inside of it got out to help Drew place their bags into the back seat. Inside the car, Ari slid close to her current Master and put her head on his chest. Drew could get used to this.

* * *

William Cullen, Chief Officer of Domestic Doll Services, beamed proudly at his wife Kaylie. The first graduates of her foundation were starting to trickle into the offices of DDS and the results were impressive. The foundation that Mrs. Cullen ran took young women who had somehow, according to the rubric of DDS, “failed” in their lives and, through brainwashing, and conversion into being a Domestic Doll, were turned into successful young ladies.

Kaylie, herself having been turned into a Domestic Doll at her wish, see my story Domestic Doll Services: Guilt Alleviation for more information, was a full-time homemaker, but did drop by the Foundation on Wednesdays to check on the progress of the most recent converts. Resistance was minimal, due to her amazing Master and DDS’ ability to condition even the most out of control woman into a passive dove, and the first graduates were arriving at DDS for further programming, sale, or placement. This project had been named “Daffodil Rose” by Mrs. Cullen. A fine example of a Daffodil Rose, as she called them in progress reports, knelt before them.

The gorgeous redhead on the floor in the middle of the room had previously been named Erinn. She knelt with eyes lowered, head touching the floor in a deep bow. Her enormous bust could be seen around the edges of her maid uniform, which were deeply accentuated by her large, and very firm, backside and athletic legs. This Domestic Doll was wide hipped, athletically framed, and ready to serve her future owner. White stockings adorned her legs and black pumps would only further heighten her submissive sexuality.

Kaylie, also dressed in a maid uniform, as was the required dress code for all women at the headquarters of Domestic Doll Services, came around the desk to wave a white tipped hand towards her student. “Master,” she began, grinning at him, “this Domestic Doll here is presented to you as a sign of the progress we are making at the foundation.” She put a hand on the bowing Domestic Doll’s head. “This Domestic Doll here was considered a failure in life. She had a bad past. But we have proved that a bad past is not relevant. The slate can be wiped clean.”

Mrs. Cullen tapped the Doll on the head twice, which made her slowly, and rather seductively, rise. “Project Daffodil Rose,” Kaylie continued, “allows a second chance.” She turned and faced the former Erinn. “Don’t you agree?”

The red-haired Domestic Doll looked past Kaylie and towards William, who she considered, until otherwise programmed, to be her lord and Master. “Master,” she began in a docile, innocent, voice that defied her voluptuous beauty, “This Daffodil Rose has been given a second chance at life. She gave her affirmative consent to be turned into a Domestic Doll.” This was actually true. “She remembers her previous failings and promises not to fail again.”

William stared at her for a long moment before standing up. Her eyes never left his, as programmed. He looked over at his wife for a few seconds before turning back to the new Domestic Doll. “What can you remember about your previous life?”

The former Erinn smiled softly. “Master, this Daffodil Rose, this Domestic Doll, remembers her previous life outside of memories declared undesirable according to Mrs. Cullen’s rubric.” She continued to not actually acknowledge Kaylie anymore. “Master, the sins and debts of the past are wiped clean. What is your command?”

William looked over at Kaylie. “This is very impressive. We could replace debt collectors.”

Huh, maybe next story?

Kaylie stepped forward and stood next to her Master. She placed a gentle hand on her creation’s head. “Freeze,” she stated matter of factually.

The red-haired Daffodil Rose froze in place as the life left her eyes. Her head tilted slightly. She would not move again until commanded by Mrs. Cullen.

Kaylie turned back to her husband. “You said there was a client? Someone you knew?” Kaylie actually had a perfect memory, due to her programming, but had a few filters built in because, on one hand, it was extremely disconcerting to remember EVERYTHING, and, second, it made her feel deeply inhuman. To serve her Master best, she would always be the best, as humanlilke as possible, wife and slave.

William sighed. “Yeah, my friend Drew. We grew up together. He ended up at the local community college, while I ended up on scholarship at the state university. We kept in touch on our social media profiles though, gamed together, and stuff like that. Drew is a college professor now. He got into a prestigious university for his Master’s Degree and teaches at the local college here.”

He went back around to his desk and pulled up a three-dimensional display. “Drew is not a very social person. He had a fiancé once, but she had an affair and I don’t think he has dated since. That was years ago. Academia is a pit of vipers, even at a small college, so he has reported some pretty insane things before. He isn’t a very trusting person. I’ve been close to him for so long that I guess I am grandfathered in, but he has a hard time of it.”

Kaylie nodded. The pixie hair woman and her black glasses were quite the contrast to her large breast implants and maid uniform. “When we visited him, he was definitely a bit distant with me. He blushed so bad at even glancing at my chest. I’m so used to the men we deal with horning over me, and he looked like he wanted to apologize. It was sweet. It was also sad.”

William was quiet for a moment. “Yeah. I can see that. He did tell me I was very lucky to have you. I am,” he said with a grin. “He is very sensitive about women. He does share a lot of the views of DDS though regarding them, but he is always cautious about saying them out loud.”

She pointed at the red haired Domestic Doll kneeling on the floor with a white tipped hand. “Mr. Sheppard was very, very, specific about what he wanted in my conversations with him. The red hair, the curves...we debated skin tint for like 45 minutes like you do when you start a video game! He had an aesthetic in mind, and I’m thrilled we could build it for him.”

“Daffodil Rose activate and stand in position three.” The stunning redhead stood up gracefully and snapped to attention. “Good girl,” Kaylie affirmed with pride in the work the engineers who had put together this Domestic Doll. “Please report to shipping room...” She paused for a few seconds to access current reports in her neuro-chip, “….shipping room engineer will prep you for shipping.” The pixie haired blonde put a hand on her face. “I will be in touch a few days after you arrive. Now obey.”

The red haired Domestic Doll did not speak, nor was there any need. She swayed out of the room, wide hips showing off a firm backside.

William stared at her. “I think you need to get to the gym more, my dear,” he stated playfully to his wife, who nodded. Anything for her husband, her Master.

* * *

As another fall semester at the local University came to an end, Drew Sheppard’s classes were going well, for the most part, except for one fairly problematic section. Many students were failing his writing course, some due to lack of effort, but some were just plain not that bright or ready for university-level work. This was something he was used to: Almost every semester Professor Sheppard had a mix of oddballs, screw-ups, and under-prepared students. The fact that the course was required, forced upon students really, certainly did not help matters.

Drew sat in his office tidying it up before winter break. He was waiting on a few late papers to come in and decided to give students until 5pm to send them in before he put in the final set of grades. After goodbyes and holiday wishes were given to those who shared his office suite, he shut the door to his own office and waited for papers while cleaning out the final few committee and administrative emails needing his attention for the term. He longed for the peace and quiet of winter break where he could be alone with himself, some podcasts, a few good books, and the peace that an introvert desires.

As he looked up to toggle a new podcast on his phone, there was a knock on his office door. Drew saw Kaylie Cullen standing in front of it, staring into the little window. “Drew!” She said as he stood up to hug her. The former scion of an oil empire had married his college friend William Cullen a few years ago, who was now the CEO of Domestic Doll Services. DDS created life like androids for domestic, and private, use. She had renounced her family’s ill begotten wealth and spread it around to many charities. Mrs. Cullen now ran a foundation that helped young women. Despite her affluence, outside the technology press, few people recognized her anymore. Her considerable breast implants and constantly changing hair color certainly aided in that.

The pixie haired woman held on for a long moment to her friend. They had become close since her marriage to his friend. If Kaylie knew anything, she knew about the kind of loneliness Drew had reported feeling. She also, with that said, was well versed in finding ways to move on with life. Which was what brought her to Drew’s office today.

After shutting the door behind her, Kaylie sat and crossed her stocking clad legs to have a private conversation with her friend. “Um, like,” she began in a very sarcastic, affected, voice, “I’m totally sorry Professor Sheppard that my, like, term paper was so bad. Is there anything I can do to pass this class?” She started laughing and grinned at him.

Drew just stared at her and rolled his eyes. An adjunct at his college had been fired during the spring for accepting a sexual favor for a higher grade. The young lady had snitched on him. Oddly, she never returned to campus. Domestic Doll Services had taken care of that.

“So, my friend, we have a few things to discuss.” Kaylie was in a snug light purple turtleneck which highly accentuated her augmented breasts, a gray pencil skirt, black stockings, and matching high heels. She was modest, yet stunning, and used her sharp intellect to further the work of her husband, who she existed to please in all things.

Drew put down the earbuds he never quite put into his ears. “Yeah, I guess we do.

“Have you decided about it? I hear you had quite the time with Arianna.” She gave him a white tipped thumbs up. Presently, her neuro-chip was accessing his most recent student evaluations. Most were wonderful and spoke of a generous, thoughtful, professor who was close with his students.

“Yeah, uh,” Drew looked around a little in embarrassment, “Arianna is great. It spend time with a woman again. It’s been awhile, I suppose.”

“She is the highest of high-end Domestic Dolls dude,” Kaylie replied, “Ari sucks dick like a pro.” Eats pussy quite well too, Kaylie thought with a pang for her slave sister.

She was quiet for a few seconds. “Your semester ends today. I can have your Domestic Doll delivered tomorrow morning. You deserve the best, Drew. My husband doesn’t offer free Dolls that often. You are family.”

Drew nodded. “This is some kind of new line of Domestic Dolls? They are supposed to be more ‘human’ in nature? I don’t know, they all seem to be really ‘human’ to me.” Again, he had no idea the reality of Domestic Doll Services and what they do and, honestly, did not need to know.

“These are algorithms...I’ve had one I have been demoing myself and she is delightful. Melody is going to make a wonderful Doll for someone soon.” Kaylie’s “mistruth,” if you will, was quite harmless.

Drew sighed, but also thought about how wonderful Arianna had been not only in bed, but in general. She had been thoughtful, pleasing, and lovely. “Fine, but if I don’t like her, I can always return her?”

Kaylie clapped her hands together. “Yep! You won’t, though! Thank you, Drew.” She stood up and hugged him again. “On behalf of DDS, I want to thank you for becoming a beta user.” The slight woman took his hands in her own. “I will be in contact with you daily.” She leaned up on high-heeled tippy-toes and kissed his cheek. “Go finish up your semester.” After a wave, her mischievous grin proved to Drew that he was taking on something larger than he had imagined.

* * *

Drew Sheppard stared at the new Domestic Doll that had been delivered to him. The busty, curvy, redhead standing before him stared straight ahead, empty eyed, and blank with her pouty, red lipped, mouth in an O. He had spent most of the morning reading over the directions included for her operation, which were surprisingly abbreviated in length, and felt, as the day neared its mid-point, it was time to begin activating her. Kaylie’s arrival at the end of the semester was good, so he could focus, knowing the process took many hours, and plus he wanted to have time to engage with his new Domestic Doll.

Drew had grown up with William Cullen, who was now the CEO of Domestic Doll Services, the corporation that created lifelike Dolls for a variety of uses. The dark-haired man, nearing the middle of his thirties, had never been very social and avoided dating ever since the woman he was about to marry had suddenly died in his late twenties. William wanted him to have someone in his life and, after loaning out his own personal assistant Arianna a few times, his friend had finally consented to having a Domestic Doll crafted for his needs and desires.

“When you have familiarized yourself with this manual, please speak aloud the following set of commands: Daffodil Rose 198-71-93.” Drew stared at the last page of the English portion of the manual. He had read it about 15 times over the past 45 minutes, nervous about the whole thing. Whenever he had to input commands like this, it always caused a serious sense of anxiety. It had taken both William and Ari to convince him to take a Domestic Doll of his own. Both had been persuasive in their own ways. He knew that it was finally time to move on. Dating had been difficult, and his disorderly life could both be remedied by a Domestic Doll. That was both part of their advertising and allure. He could see, especially during Ari’s visit, why they were so popular.

He picked himself up off the couch and stood before his chosen Domestic Doll. The gorgeous redhead had been handcrafted to his desires by engineers at DDS. Her appearance fulfilled the type of woman Drew was primarily attracted to, but she was so much more.

After stating the command set aloud, her empty green eyes came to life. Seeing Drew, she smiled, eyes now bright with cheer and enthusiasm. “Mr. Sheppard, this Domestic Doll has been designed to serve you.” The redhead looked afar for a moment. “Mr. Sheppard, this Domestic Doll sees that you have specific modifications available.”

Another moment passed before the Domestic Doll blinked rapidly before smiling again. “Master,” she began, in a soft, feminine voice that was soaked in gentleness and docility, “this Domestic Doll exists for your command.” She gave him a look of puppy dog eyed devotion, instantly madly in love with him, as he had desired for her.

Drew stared at her, breath taken away by her beauty and manufactured submission. “Um, do you need to install anything? The manual said there should be updates?”

The Domestic Doll blinked a few times. “Master, there are updates available. Do you wish for this Domestic Doll to download and install the most up-to-date software?” Drew nodded. “Master,” she began in a gentle, tiny, voice, “DDS5.7.8 is available...” She paused and smiled again. “Master, can this Domestic Doll have permission to join your local Wi-Fi network? The download will proceed quicker. In the future, downloads can be scheduled for completion overnight with your permission.”

Drew put a finger up. The Doll smiled at him cheerfully. In the living room closet, he fumbled through a bin of electronics. In the pile of plugs, USB cables, and extra gaming controllers lay the instructions from his internet service provider with the Wi-Fi password for his network. Quickly, he walked back over to where his Domestic Doll stood and held it up for her. “Schedule downloads to be completed overnight as well.”

She stared at it for a moment. “Master, this Domestic Doll is now connected to your Wi-Fi network. DDS.DR.5.7.8 is available for download. Downloading and installing will take...six minutes…”

Drew confirmed that it was fine and took a step back to assess her. She resembled perfectly in appearance everything had spoken to Ari and the engineers working on this Domestic Doll he had desired. She had red hair in a shade he was especially fond of in women. Not too dark, but also not some extreme color that seemed to be popular with young people these days. A snug sleeveless turtleneck hid considerable breasts, as was his preference and a flat stomach. Shapely athletic legs beneath black stockings, a pencil skirt, and black pumps brought her up in height to about an inch shorter than him. She was pale, wore heavy eye makeup, and red lips similar to her hair. All in all, this Domestic Doll looked like his dream woman.

The Doll suddenly blinked again and passively smiled. “Master, all updates have been installed.” Her impressive chest moved up and down slowly with her breathing. For a second, Drew, again, wondered if Domestic Dolls needed to breathe. “Master, two hours will be needed to install your personalized set-up for this Domestic Doll. Perhaps you would like to make a cup of tea before we continue?”

Drew smiled and nodded. Basic details about buyers were always conditioned into Domestic Dolls, so they could “break the ice,” so to speak, during the initial set-up process. His Doll waited contentedly while he boiled water and placed some green tea leaves in an infuser. After a few minutes, he returned, cup in hand, and commanded her to proceed with set up questions.

The questions were fairly obvious, but also very detailed. Drew confirmed the cover story Ari had concocted while with him: The Doll would be entered into local records as recently moving here. This way, Drew could claim they had been dating for a bit. Given how private he was in generally, there was a good chance no one would question it. She would share a college major, all records falsified, with him, which would also lead to an anecdotal reason for their meeting and getting along.

She would have had a hard time finding work, so the Domestic Doll would be a stay at home wife eventually once they got married. Drew commanded her to find that fulfilling and correct for women like her. He described a quick list of duties, but promised they would sit down and come up with an optimized list. As for clothing, the “pencil skirt and pumps” aesthetic was what he found pleasing on women, so he ordered it to be her choice. She would wear stockings or pantyhose whenever leaving the home. Bare legs were not, Drew announced, ladylike or feminine. They could go shopping soon, he mused, and pick out clothing.

When they finished discussing a dress code, the red-haired Domestic Doll further inquired. “Master, what will her views be? Please be as detailed or vague as you wish. This Domestic Doll is programmed to adjust to both and to alteration at your whim. Her only purpose is your pleasure.”

Drew took a few steps towards her. “Well, I don’t care what people do in their own relationships, but I think men should be in charge. I know that is convenient for me to say, but it is what I believe. Women should be submissive in all things. You will avoid women who believe otherwise unless I know them. You will, however, not push your views on others unless I demand it.”

He took on a philosophical stance. “In general you will be, as you will believe all women should be, docile, feminine, and obedient. It is an exhausting work and women deserve the relief of submission. I just don’t get along with women who don’t believe this.” A few seconds passed. “It never ends well.”

She blinked a few times with the cheerful expression on her face firmly in place. “Master, this Domestic Doll believes men should be in charge in all relationships. She does not worry about what others do, but it is what she believes. She believes this and that women should be submissive in all things because of you. Furthermore, she avoids women who believe otherwise. She will be docile, feminine, and obedient. Her gratefulness will always be to you for the relief of submission.”

Finally, they came to the final question. “Master, this Domestic Doll has one more question before your personalized set-up is complete. What shall this Domestic Doll address herself as?”

Drew stared at her for a moment. “Um, well,” he began, realizing he had spent very little time thinking about this. He imagined most buyers planned this out for weeks, or months, beforehand, but it had slipped his mind to deeply consider this issue. Naming her, he realized, meant this was serious.

The Domestic Doll’s cheerful expression did not change while Drew debated this internally. He glanced up at her, seeing her red ponytail, and inspiration came to him. “Ginger. Your name is Ginger.”

Ginger blinked rapidly for a few seconds. “Yes, Master, Ginger has completed your personalized set-up. Thank you for your patience.” Her head tilted slightly. “Master, Ginger needs to reboot all systems to complete the personalized set-up process. May she?”

Drew nodded. “Yeah, of course.”

Suddenly, the life left Ginger’s eyes again. A minute later, the gorgeous red-haired Domestic Doll came to life again. Her hazel eyes darted around until she saw Drew. “Master!” Her exclamation was soft and deeply feminine. She moved as quickly as the pumps on her feet allowed to embrace him tightly. Drew returned the embrace. They held on to each other for a few minutes. Ginger pulled tighter about halfway through, which made her owner run his hands over her athletic back. Could a Domestic Doll be nervous?

Finally, Drew pulled back and motioned for her to join him on the couch. Ginger swayed over behind him and sat, black stocking clad legs crossed, as instructed. She stared at him with a loving expression.

“What are you doing?” Drew asked the awkward question hanging in the air at the moment.

Ginger breathed out, her impressive bust moving up and down. “Master, Ginger is imprinting upon you. Her only purpose is pleasing you, whether that be as a standard Domestic Doll that cares for your home...or for something else. She is currently learning your facial expressions to determine when you are pleased or displeased at something.”

“Oh.” Drew thought for a moment. “You know, I don’t need you to call me ‘Master’ all the time or speak in the third person. Not all the time, at least.”

Ginger nodded. “I will speak however pleases you.” She was truly the most beautiful woman, Domestic Doll, he had ever met.

They sat on the couch in silence. Ginger continued to give him the same love struck facial expression. “ what?” Drew asked rather awkwardly. This was really overwhelming.

Ginger looked thoughtful for a few seconds. “I have default sets of skills that I can apply to situations as programmed into me by Domestic Doll Services. My knowledge includes many fine arts including music, theater, and literature.” She slid slightly closer to him. “I am also programmed with deeply advanced sexual techniques.” The red-haired Domestic Doll leaned forward and kissed him. “Advanced adult files were including in me free of charge for you. I can give you a tutorial—”

Drew put a hand up. “Later. I promise.” The way Ginger brightened at his statement made his cock hard. For now, he wanted to ignore his more primal urges.

“Perhaps,” Ginger began in that soft voice that seemed to just float in the surrounding air, “I could interface with your electronic devices to learn more about your interests. I think this will greatly aide me in getting to know how I can further please you.”

Drew nodded and they stood up. His desktop was on the other side of the living room, across from his television and video game systems. A small table sat next to them with other devices charging. Ginger sat down in his computer chair and gently tapped her pale neck with two fingers, which opened up a small slit to reveal a port. She picked up a USB cable from off Drew’s desk and connected it between her neck and a port on the front of the desktop.

“This will take approximately nine,” Ginger stared straight ahead for a few seconds, “...five, minutes.” She sat potentially while the information from her Master’s computer was loaded into her. Drew watched his Domestic Doll, not sure what else to do. He took his teacup and placed it in the dishwasher, washed up, and then returned to her a moment before she finished accessing his files.

She blinked a few times. “Master, I can see that you enjoy dramatic theater, jazz and operatic music, Japanese role playing video games, and pornography involving the “1950’s household” fetish. My views make sense.” Ginger smiled at him. The redhead could not wait to be his perfect wife.

“Um, well, I’m sure I like other things.” Drew scratched his head. He suddenly felt really awkward and self-conscious.

Ginger put a hand on his arm. “I cannot wait to learn about them, Master.” She reached forward and kissed him gently. She looked around his living room. “Master, can I learn your daily routine?” Her smile was gentle and eager. “I learned from your computer that you spend a bit of time each day adjusting your schedule and tasks.”

“Yes,” Drew began, “I always stop,” he looked up and confirmed it was around 1700, “around now and spend some time making sure I have completed my tasks for the day. If not, I plan out how to fit them into a future day.” He paused, but then added before he could stop himself, “I learned it from Ben Franklin’s autobiography. I had to read it in college, and his ideas about time management really changed how I approach my day. Wow, why am I telling you this? I sound like such a dork.”

Ginger was silent and then suddenly, yet again, blinked a few times. “I just downloaded and read Mr. Franklin’s autobiography. Structure and order are good. They help me to please you more. I will adjust my programming to indicate this.”

“That’” Drew was not sure what else to say. He lived a very orderly life. Ari had told him a Domestic Doll would learn his habits and conform to them. So many women in his life could learn from them.

“It is ‘cool,’” Ginger replied, gently putting a manicured hand on his arm. “Many Domestic Dolls report that owners are often unruly, and even more so once they purchase a Domestic Doll.”

“That is pretty ironic. So, you report back to Domestic Doll Services?”

Ginger nodded. “Yes, I report back at pre-programmed intervals on various indicators about usage, performance, and anonymous remarks about you. None of these comments are kept on your profile, and you may access them by commanding me at any time.”

“Okay, maybe in the future we can talk about that.” Drew looked at the clock again. He was beginning to get hungry. “Hey, we should eat soon. Um, do you need to eat?”

“As per default settings, I require regular nourishment like a healthy adult female would. I can be programmed to only require one nutrient tablet per day, but I would need to be returned to DDS for servicing.”

Drew thought for a moment. “No, I think you needing to eat is good. I will want you to cook for me. We can eat dinner together each night when I get home from work.”

The red-haired Domestic Doll blissfully sighed. “That sounds wonderful! I have adjusted my programming to reflect your desires. Later, I will remind you to set up our new Domestic Doll Food Delivery Service.”

Her owner’s stomach growled. Inspiration suddenly hit him. “Hey...why don’t we go out for dinner? Afterwards, we can go shopping at the mall. You will need clothes. We can pick them out together.”

Ginger absolutely lit up and hugged her owner. “Our first date!” She kissed him again and gently clapped her feminine hands together. “Master, you should know I come with a credit from DDS.” She paused for a few seconds. “The funds have been added to your banking account. A gift from Mr. Cullen.”

Drew picked his phone up off his coffee table and checked the banking account he had used since going to college. $5,000 had been added to his account. He motioned for Ginger to sit down with him on the couch, and they discussed where to go for dinner. The redhead recited all the local establishments that had at least four-star ratings online. They decided on a Mexican place Drew had been to a few times before and settled in.

It was a calm restaurant with darkened mood lighting and quiet music. The pretty hostess seated them and took their order. The last date Drew had been on here, his date had tried to impress him by speaking broken Spanish to their Hispanic hostess. The date had gotten ever worse from there.

As they enjoyed their meal and made light conversation, Ginger had smoothly transitioned to being in public and playing the part of a smitten girlfriend, their lovely chat was broken up by one of his coworkers. Jacqueline Valenti was one of the stars of his division. She would move up to administration in record time and had the trail of former friends the stunning dark-haired woman had fucked over to get there.

Jacqueline smiled insincerely at Drew. “Hi, Drew, how weird seeing you here.” They had kept a distance from each other. He was not really admin material; the idea of having that much responsibility made his skin crawl. Her attention turned to Ginger and sized her up for a moment. “I don’t think I have met you yet.” She was definitely surprised by his gorgeous date.

“Ginger,” the redhead began, putting out a small manicured hand to Jacqueline. “I’m Drew’s girlfriend.” Ginger equally eyed Jacqueline up and down, stopping for a split second at her impressive bust, hidden in a tight blouse and buttoned up blazer. Drew definitely noticed it and raised his eyebrows.

Jacqueline looked deeply surprised. She could not believe a dork like Drew could score such a beautiful woman. “Oh, really. How did you too meet?” The dark-haired woman truly did not care, but small talk like this would keep coworkers like Drew in line.

Ginger was silent for a very, very, in Drew’s eyes, long five to ten seconds. “We met on a dating website. We have been dating for six months. Oh, well,” she said, a slight bit of ice in her voice, “almost seven months, but who is counting?” Her giggle came out like venom. Drew noticeably tensed in his seat.

Jacqueline nodded and smiled back with just as much chill. “Well, I guess there is someone for everyone out there! Gotta go!” She turned and walked back to her friends, the low heels of her fashionable boots thumping against the carpeted floor.

Drew sighed with relief and checked the time on his phone. He did not notice the angry glare Ginger made in the direction of the back of Jacqueline’s head.

* * *

They entered the mall around 1900. The holiday season had brought out many shoppers, trying to beat the late rush. Drew and Ginger walked through the entrance and took in their surroundings. Holiday music of various phases of political correctness played around them. The red-haired Domestic Doll took her owner’s hand, and they began walking along the right-hand side of the mall’s corridor.

“Are you religious?” Ginger wondered aloud to her owner.

Drew shook his head. “No, not at all.”

Ginger smiled and leaned into his ear. “Yes, Master, therefore my religion will be you.” When Drew pulled away, wide-eyed, she gave him the naughtiest of smiles.

They talked as they walked, stopping briefly in a few stores as they went. Finally, they came along a fashionable store where Ginger could get clothing. The store was filled with racks and tables full of dresses, skirts, and other feminine clothing. High heels of various heights lined the left side wall. Two workers were in the store. One was engaged with customers presently, and another was eyeing the new couple from the register.

Ginger and Drew idly browsed a table of sweaters. Drew picked out a few he liked, and Ginger selected them in her size. They also choose a small pile of dresses and a few skirts to go with the sweaters. The woman at the register continued to stare at them.

“Hi, can I help you?” The preppie blonde, whose name tag read “Nichole,” asked them when she walked over.

Ginger looked over at Drew, who shrugged. “I think we are fine, thanks.” Nichole was gorgeous with high cheek bones and light blue eyes.

Nichole put a manicured hand on Ginger’s arm. “Are you certain? You picked out a lot of clothes.” Her coworkers had been dealing with the other customers in the store for 45 minutes; she wanted the commission on what was obviously going to be at least $1,000 worth of clothing.

Ginger looked at Drew, but before he could respond, she smiled cheerfully. “Sure, I could always use help. After all, everything I wear is for my wonderful boyfriend.”

Nichole put on her fakest customer service smile. “Sure, okay.” She followed Ginger into the larger fitting room for women while Drew waited outside staring at push notifications on his phone.

While Drew made a pile on a couch outside the fitting room, he suddenly got a text from Ginger. He had not seen her pull a cell phone out of her purse, and realized she probably did not even come with one. Another DDS magic trick, he supposed. The text read the following: “Hi :) Master, Ginger will require hosiery and undergarments. May she have permission to place an online order not exceeding $500 to be delivered tomorrow afternoon?”

Drew stared at the text. “Yes,” he replied, unsure what else to do. A smiley face came back a few seconds later along with “Ginger has a surprise for you, Master.” Ginger was now in the fitting room and beginning to try on what they had chosen for her, along with Nichole. He swore there were sounds of some commotion at one point, but it could have been from the mall.

Drew waited for twenty to thirty minutes, bored, reading the news and social media on his phone. At one point, another employee of the store came over. The pretty Korean woman was named Linda.

“Um, can I help you?” Her tone gave off the sort of pretension Drew was accustomed to from college aged women. He was unassuming and fairly casual most of the time. This sort of attitude was so unappealing.

“Oh, I am waiting for my...” Drew paused, unsure what to call Ginger. “...girlfriend...she is trying on some outfits. I was just going to sit here and wait. I think one of your coworkers is in with her?”

Linda did not even bother hiding her eye roll. “Fine, sure.” The Korean college student hated her job. Having to deal with such losers was so beneath her. She planned to go for advanced degrees and get out of this community as quick as possible.

A moment later, Ginger exited the dressing room with a pile of clothes on her arm. Nichole stood next to her holding additional boxes of shoes. She remained silent, but had a happy smile on her face.

Linda stared at the redhead. Ginger’s turtleneck was quite snug and showed off her impressive bust. “Are you certain that is what you want?” She stared with contempt at the Domestic Doll’s round backside in the pencil skirt, which was vastly accelerated by the pumps on her feet.

Ginger smiled with pleasant insincerity at her. Drew looked between the beautiful women and could feel a chill come into the room. “It is what my boyfriend wants for me, which is what really matters.” She continued to offer an icy gaze at the Korean woman.

“I think she looks great,” Nichole said to no one in particular. She stared off into the distance with a blissful expression.

Linda sighed. “Well, someone with your...body...I just wanted to make sure.” She may have weighed 100 pounds, at most, and worked hard towards that level of, in her eyes, health.

A slight of Ginger’s full figure made Drew step forward and intervene between them. “Ginger looks great. Mind your own fucking business.” He could see another customer behind them. There was a slight young woman looking at pants on the other side of the store. “Go help her while your associate helps us bag these.”

Linda rolled her eyes. “Whatever.” She swayed away and put on an insincere charm offensive against the other customer.

Drew turned back and found Nichole was already bagging everything up for Ginger, who looked over at him with a loving smile. He watched them working together for a few seconds when his phone vibrated with a text notification from the red-haired Domestic Doll. The text read the following: “Master! :) The way you just stood up for me was...very exciting...may I have the honor of your penis inside of me tonight? xo Ginger”

Drew adjusted his pants to hide the growing bulge inside of them. His one word reply was a simple “yes” to her request. They made their way to the front of the store to pay.

They stopped in a few more stores. In a men’s clothing story, Ginger picked out a few pairs of flannel shirts and sweaters after Drew confirmed he liked wearing them together. She also helped him decide on a pair of new dress-casual boots for the winter months to wear to work.

Next, the new couple entered a gaming store. They walked hand in hand towards Drew’s favorite console, which he pointed out to Ginger. A few seconds later, he received a ping on his phone that he had a new friend on the system. It was Ginger, whose anime inspired profile picture was quite busty, like her, and quite gorgeous, like her. He looked up and she smiled at him.

The mall had a large area outside where people could dine outside the two restaurants on the north end. Drew and Ginger went out there and sat on a bench for a while. It was a cool late fall evening, but not brisk enough to cause much discomfort.

“What are you thinking about, Master?” They had been sitting for a few minutes, enjoying the pleasant evening.

Drew looked up. “It’s just...besides that night I was with Ari to ‘test out’ a Domestic Doll, it’s been a longtime since I was with a woman. When Kaylie convinced me, I mean Ari certainly helped in that, but when...they convinced me, I just didn’t realize would come out. Everything I desired in a woman….they seem to have crafted you exactly for me. I know that is what they do, but—”

He stopped speaking. Ginger had begun to cry. “Whoa, whoa,” Drew said, putting a hand on her arm. “Did I say something wrong? I didn’t want it to seem like—”

Ginger shook her head quickly. Her tears just...dried up. They were there one second and then gone another. Huh. “Master, I am so happy to hear you say I am perfect, but I can always improve.” She put a manicured hand against his face. “I love you, Master. The report I was given about you said you were so lonely.” She began crying again. “I don’t want you to be lonely ever again.”

The redhead leaned in and kissed her Master. After a few seconds, he returned. “I don’t want you to be nervous or anxious. I want you, I am programmed for, you to be my owner. Mrs. Cullen insisted that I was specially programmed to give you the confidence needed to be assertive with me.” She kissed him again. “I will be a much better Domestic Doll if you are assertive.”

This time it was Drew who teared up. “I’m just not used to the attention. I do like that you want to help.”

“Master, Please?” Ginger pleaded. “Let me help.” She pulled him into a tight hug. They remained there for what seemed like an hour, but was actually like five minutes.

They walked back through the mall, which was near to closing, and exited on the other side of it. At Drew’s car, he let Ginger in first on the passenger side, and they began driving home. She put her hand on his arm and gently rubbed it. At a light, she leaned over and kissed his head.

Drew attempted to make awkward small talk. He was not great with conversations, but it was especially weird and confusing when you are dealing with a beautiful Domestic Doll who enthusiastically served you. It was wonderful, but also overwhelming.

It was clear that Ginger would find a way to emphasize the positive in all their interactions. This enthusiasm was very appealing and emphasized her self identity as a bimbo, but it was a lot to take in too.

They arrived at Drew’s home, well, their home now, and went inside. Ginger immediately dropped to the floor and bowed before her Master. “Master, thank you for such an enjoya—”

“Whoa, whoa,” Drew began, putting his hands up, “you absolutely do not need to bow at my feet. At least not tonight.” He looked down at her with bemusement. “Stand up, come on.”

Ginger gracefully stood up and smiled at her wonderful Master. “Master, Ginger would love to pleasure you orally as you promised her? May she?” Drew nodded and she, after flipping off her heels, led him to the bedroom.

The incredible redhead took off her outfit, leaving the rather feminine and revealing underwear on. Drew had noted, to Ari and Kaylie, a desire for women to be clothed at most times beyond when required. “It is the reveal, and the imagination of what is to be, that is sexy to me,” he had declared, so Ginger would not be nude unless commanded.

She led him to the bed, where he sat down. Ginger knelt down this time, unbuttoned his pants, and began fellating him. The Domestic Doll was exceptional at it and soon enough his rock-hard cock was bouncing in and out of her mouth and she enthusiastically sucked him off.

Ginger stopped for a second and gave his head a few licks, but then stopped when she saw a look of apprehension of Master’s face. “Master, is Ginger not performing well? She could download more fellatio programs. Be clear that your Domestic Doll went through hundreds of practice hours—”

“No, no, no,” Drew began, “it’s not you. I doubt it will ever be you. I’m just...I’m not used to a woman caring so much.” He sighed, looking down at the beautiful Domestic Doll.

Ginger looked thoughtful for a moment. “Master, Ginger understands.” She stood up and then sat on the bed next to him, putting her head against his chest. “Ginger wants you to feel joy.” A wicked smile came across her face. “Perhaps if Ginger went slower?”

She was back on the floor at his nod and moved his cock methodically in and out of her mouth. Her pale, feminine, hands gently stroked it until it was clear he was near completion.

Before Ginger could react, she found her mouth, again, full of cock. Drew had pulled her head towards it and the bimbo Domestic doll enthusiastically sucked and then even more enthusiastically swallowed his cum. He held her head there to make sure. The redhead’s programming lit with joy at his assertive behavior.

“Go clean up,” Drew said quietly. Ginger padded into the bathroom and quickly washed up before returning to the bedroom. She ran over to the bed and jumped into Master’s arms.

He ran a protective hand over her body. “Take off your clothes.” Ginger obeyed quickly. Her large, augmented, breasts displayed for him along with a hairless cunt.

Drew pushed back onto the bed and kissed his property. They shared an intimate moment and then feel asleep in each other’s arms after Ginger sent a command to turn the lights off for the night.

* * *

The next morning, Ginger woke her amazing Master up 20 minutes before his alarm would go off. “Good morning, Master,” she began as her lips graced his ear. The red-haired Domestic Doll lay on top of Drew, her perfect, massive, breasts leaning towards him. “Ginger noticed how much you enjoyed giving the gift of your cock inside her, that she thought you may want to use her cunt or backside this morning?” This was standard programming for her Domestic Doll type: Whichever hole her Master used first, she would offer up the next at the earliest possible moment.

Drew reached up and kissed her. He looked down at his rock-hard cock. It had been awhile since he could remember waking up like that. “If I am going to wake up like...this...each morning, I am excited to share that gift with you.” His heart raced at the idea of sex with him being a “gift” to a woman.

Ginger let out a very feminine sigh and, without speaking, gracefully slid to her knees and began enthusiastically sucking his cock. Their conversation had taken a few minutes, so she knew that her mouth and tongue were racing the clock before Master’s alarm went off. While gently stroking him, half wishing for his cum all over her face, she synced her internal clock to the clocks around his home with the root access he had given her.

At the five-minute mark, she stopped for a moment and looked up at him. Master looked so flustered and turned on by her, which made Ginger so happy. At the four-minute mark, she began an attempt to finish, eyes looking up in hopes that Master understood. Her hypothesis turned into a demonstrable thesis a moment later when she was swallowing his cum. The redhead spent the last few seconds before the alarm went off cleaning up his cock and then happily staring up at him as its sound began to fill the room.

Drew slid out of bed and turned off the alarm. He came over to Ginger and kissed her on the head. She immediately wrapped her arms around him in a warm embrace. He gently stroked her hair, but suddenly stopped. “Um, we both need a shower.”

Ginger giggled. “Master, can you please take Ginger through your day? She needs to know your standing orders to please you effectively.”

Drew looked thoughtful for a moment. “Well, I normally take a shower first. Don’t most people?” He looked down again. “Once I leave for work, we can text during the day and my...standing orders?”

Ginger’s deep green eyes lit up. “Master, Ginger thinks that is a wonderful idea! She is programmed with a list of orders we can discuss!”

With that said, they went into the bathroom and entered the shower together. Master and slave washed each other and Ginger stroked Drew to hardness again before he stopped her, whispering “tonight,” with a grin.

After their shower, Drew and Ginger performed their morning ablutions. Drew shaved his neck and washed his with some lotion that a female friend had suggested due to his dry skin. Ginger made perfectly up again. He went to ask her why...and how...but figured it could wait until another time.

They were still naked, so it was time to dress. Drew touched his hand against Ginger’s pale arm. “Every day, can you set out clothes for the next day for both of us. Hang them up in the shower during the day.”

Ginger took a step towards Master and wrapped her arms around him. “Master, you don’t have to ask Ginger if she ‘can’ do something. If you command her, she will obey. Ginger is programmed to perform better if you are firm...” She leaned in and whispered. “...and very authoritative.”

Drew stared at her. “Set out our clothes for the next day before I come home. Add to your chore list.”

Ginger grinned brightly. “Yes, Master,” she said cheerfully.

They dressed for the day. Drew in a pair of slacks, loafers, and a sweater with a button down underneath it. He handed one of the dresses they had purchased the evening before to Ginger, and she put in on along with pantyhose, some sexy underwear, and a pair of pumps.

While Drew went on the computer to check the news and his work email, Ginger began cooking a hearty meal for them. “Every morning you will cook for us,” he commanded with a bit for confidence.” Her bright smile made his cock ache again.

The news was, well, the news. The normal combination of political shenanigans and sports items. A politician had said something very sexist. A female CEO had been ousted over corruption. Drew looked over at his Domestic Doll. If only all women could be as docile, feminine, and obedient as she was, things make go a lot better for many people.

They moved to the dining room table when she was finished cooking his meal. Ginger rubbed Master’s back and trailed a long nail over his collar. He turned around and placed his hand over one of hers. “Sit. Eat.” Ginger obeyed his command and began to enjoy her meal as well.

Afterwards, she picked up their dishes and put them in the sink for cleaning. Drew got his work bag and Ginger met him near the door, where she knelt down. He made a mental note that they needed a mat.

Ginger looked up at him. “Master, please instruct Ginger. She is your property.” Her cleavage flooded out of the dress she wore. Gentle breaths made them slowly move up and down.

“Go shopping this morning. Food market. I will text you a few other items to pick up at the box store next to it.”

“Yes, Master,” Ginger confirmed with a wide smile. “Ginger inventoried your food staples while making breakfast.”

Drew blinked a few times. “Oh, good idea. I’ll trust you.” He leaned in and kissed her gently. “Okay. It’s Friday, so I have meetings today, but no classes.”

“Yes, Master, your meetings are at 9am, 1130am, and 1230pm,” Ginger helpfully confirmed. “Ginger has synced herself to your calendar. You are going to the gym after your final meeting. You like to be home by 4pm to play video games before dinner.”

“...Yes. Yes, I do.” Drew was not used to someone caring about what he did. Ginger cared so enthusiastically that it would take time to get used to just how much she did care.

Their moment was interrupted by a text coming in from one of his coworkers. “Okay, I need to go.” They kissed again and Drew walked out the door towards his car.

Drew’s drive to campus was fairly short. He had moved closer to campus about a year before after receiving tenure and a promotion. The university had invested in him a bit, so he felt it was fair to be a little closer. There was often a bit of distance between him and his coworkers, as seen by their conversation with Jacqueline last night.

On campus, he walked over to the building his office was in and went down to it to drop off a few books and pick up his work tablet, which he had left at work before he took a personal day to activate Ginger.

Upon pulling his phone out of his bag, Drew found that Ginger had already sent him a text message: “Master, Ginger has so many questions for you! May she begin sending them?”

Drew stared at his phone. “Hold on, let me get to my meeting. Five minutes.” His meeting was in the conference room of this building, which was primarily used for classes. Quickly, he packed his bag and then left their office suite. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jacqueline gossiping with someone near their department office, but it was better to just ignore them.

Upstairs, Drew went to the room and found that only a handful of people were already there. He smiled and walked to the back of the room, sat in a chair, but also put his bag down on the one next to it, so he could have a bit of privacy if Ginger was going to send him anything lewd.

After getting a cup of coffee, Drew sat back down and opened up his laptop. He logged into his service provider’s web portal for texting and saw Ginger had replied with 20 hearts to his message instructing her to hold on for a few minutes. What was she doing right now? Was she staring at the phone, awaiting his typing back? Was she already performing other tasks? He quickly made a note in his “to do” app to get cameras for his home.

“Hey, I am here, sorry about that!” Did he have to apologize to a Domestic Doll? Of course, he did! William and his wife Kaylie had both spoken to him about their efforts to educate better on best practices for the treatment of Domestic Dolls. “If you care about her,” Kaylie had pointed out to him, without him knowing she was a Domestic Doll herself in fact, had asked to be converted into one, “you will treat her well.” It made sense to Drew, and it especially made sense coming from the gorgeous, short haired, woman his friend had married.

A new message appeared: “Master, may Ginger ask questions while you are in your meeting? She would not want to disturb you!”

Drew smiled. He waved to a few coworkers who were coming into the room for their meeting. Ginger’s need to ask permission pleased him so much. He hated needy women who had to constantly text and chat all day long. He needed to be left alone for his private life.

He typed a message back: “It is very sweet of you to ask, but you are fine. I’m only in this meeting because I am required to be for my department. I probably won’t have much to offer or add because my coordinator moderates it.”

Ginger replied with another series of hearts and then a message. “Master, Ginger has a series of questions programmed into her by the incredible men at Domestic Doll Services. If there is one you do not want to answer, please command Ginger.”

Another message came in a split second later. “Ginger just arrived at the food market. She cannot wait to prepare another meal for you!”

Drew looked up to see Jacqueline walk into the room in her standard pantsuit and non-nonchalant expression. She was always a few minutes late when someone else was the coordinator. The year the rude brunette ran the department, she began meetings five minutes early. Drew suddenly realizing that, three years ago, when he was coordinator, she was always on time. It is only when a woman is coordinator! Great “feminism.”

He typed a message back to the new obedient, lovely, woman in his life. “Ask away. If it takes me a few minutes to answer, it’s because I’m in the middle of replying to an email. I always try to clear out my inbox on Fridays.” He looked over at Jacqueline and began imaging her with a much more pleasant facial expression, submission in her eyes, kneeling next to Ginger. His mind began to drift to the beautiful brunette’s head bobbing up and down on his cock, but another message came in from the woman whose head had bobbed up and down on his cock just a few hours before.

More hearts came back in response before a message. He would speak to her this evening about, maybe, slowing down on that a little bit. “Master, Ginger was instructed on your dietary habits. You are a vegetarian, but eat fish occasionally. You favor almond milk and enjoy two cups of coffee per morning. Furthermore, you enjoy wine after dinner, but beer on the weekend. Are these dietary habits what Ginger should conform to? Do you prefer her to be silent about them, or share your passions for them?”

Drew looked up at the presenter. They were rambling on and on about testing assessment standardization or something. Oh, now they are having a technical issue. Oh, now everyone is laughing. He replied to Ginger’s inquiry: “Yes, share my passions, but not loudly. At this point, I am fairly quiet about it. Everyone at work knows, and we have gotten past that period where they have countless questions. I give to a few organizations focused on sustainable organic farming.”

Suddenly, another question popped up in his head. They were still trying to get another slide set to load. “You should enjoy wine too. Research good, affordable, wines for us.” He thought for a moment about his drunken excesses with Ari and grinned, imagining the kind of fun he could have with Ginger. He was not an excessive drinker, definitely, but there could be fun with a Domestic Doll that is not actually harmed by it.

His phone buzzed again a few seconds later. More hearts and then, “Master, Ginger just researched the most affordable, but highly rated, wines in this market. She will peruse it when done shopping.”

It was pretty sexy how she used words like “peruse.” His phone was silent for a few minutes before another message came in. “Master, Ginger is currently in the feminine hygiene aisle. Standard Domestic Doll policy is for female units to be permanently shaven below the chest. She would like to confirm that you prefer this. If not, your Domestic Doll could purchase razors right now.”

Drew looked over at Jacqueline. Bet she did not maintain that kind of regimen. An idea formed in his mind. “Actually, is it possible for you to grow hair...down there...I would like to see you have to maintain it yourself.”

Many hearts came back a second later. “Master, Ginger has purchased razors, lotions, and shaving cream to maintain a hairless body below her chest. She has also created a reminder to discuss her daily routine at the earliest moment it would please you.”

The first meeting of his day was about to end. “Hold on a few minutes, I need to move to another classroom.” Drew bit his lip, waiting for another heart filled reply, but it did not come.

While his colleagues mingled with each other at the end of another long week, Drew took a brief look around the room to see if there was anyone he needed to speak with at the moment. End of week department and divisional meetings were a great time to catch someone who has been dodging an email thread. Despite a university-wide policy to respond within two business days, some faculty members and staff did not.

Drew shrugged as he realized no one in the room required his attention, and he quickly sped towards the door. In the hall, he passed a few classrooms full of adult learners, who the college made extra money by offering non-credit classes on Fridays, and headed to the elevator.

As the elevator doors closed, he sighed at being alone. Drew texted Ginger quickly. “Just another moment...just going downstairs.”

He heard his phone buzz again as he walked into the meeting room attached to his division offices. This one was used for smaller meetings such as committees or even departments. He sometimes had student groups use it too.

Drew set his laptop up again at the end of the room, by the long wall, and opened it up again. There was another text from Ginger: “Master, Ginger would wait forever for you. She cannot count all the ways that she loves you.”

It was oddly silent in their meeting room. On a normal day, students could be heard out in the quad or coming in and out of the building. On Fridays, however, there were very few classes so there were, well, very few students around. It was a nice and peaceful way to finish a long, and life changing to be frank, week. He texted back a joke referencing Shakespeare’s 130th sonnet and how he could never describe Ginger in quite that fashion. She got the reference and sent back a bunch of those crying emojis people use to signify laughter. I think? I think that is what they are for, and so does Drew. I think.

The next meeting began. Drew did have to comment a few times in this one, but otherwise occupied himself with Ginger’s texts. She asked if he gave to charities (a few, but not really too loud about it).

Another question came in while a professor went through some fairly banal slides about a new assessment plan for a course which failed its outcomes this year. “Master, would you enjoy Ginger making friends? She could befriend like-minded women, or other local Domestic Dolls?”

Drew thought for a moment. Of course, she would know who other Dolls were. “I would like you to maintain a low level of social contact without me in general, but you may make like-minded friends with my approval.” Too many relationships, including some of his coworkers, were impeded by the husband or wife having super toxic friends or family members. He did not want to deal with that nonsense in his own relationships. A thought came to him. “Wait, what do you mean about local Domestic Dolls?”

Ginger’s reply was near instantaneous, but it took Drew a few minutes to respond. They had to vote on another program’s assessment changes for the next semester. It was not his program, so Drew already wondered why he had a vote or should even care! He trusted his coworkers to be content area experts in their fields. Someone once asked a question about his field when updating course outcomes, and all he could think was why in the hell they even cared.

Ginger’s reply: “Master, Ginger can ping local Domestic Dolls to see if others share a similar rubric of interests and views to see if they have permission from their owners to make friends. Ginger is so grateful you are allowing her to make friends!”

Drew replied: “Oh, that is cool.” He sent another text a few seconds later. “You already did the search and sent messages to them, didn’t you?”

Her reply was “:) Yes, Master.”

The meeting ended and Drew went back to his office for a bit to wrap up the week. Ginger sent a selfie to him next to her cart, which was filled with the market’s finest vegetables, fish, food staples like beans, rice, and proteins, and four bottles of wine. She also sent the total for her purchase and asked permission to go through with the transaction. Drew could not begin to describe how sexy it was to have this level of control over a woman and approved her purchase.

Back in his office, with the door and blinds closed, Drew could chat a bit more privately with Ginger. Another text came in, “Master, Ginger has noticed a gym is in the same vicinity of the market. Would you desire her to join it? She has researched memberships and is sending you the info now.”

Drew worked out in the university gym each morning, so he did not have a membership anywhere. “Can you”

“Master, Ginger’s body will not devolve, but can be improved upon via psychical activity. If it pleased you, she can remind you to discuss putting it into her daily routine programming.”

Drew imagined Ginger is a tight top and leggings and was glad he was alone as his cock stirred under the desk. He looked over the links she had sent him. “Yeah, do it. Go with the silver plan for now.”

Again, her reply came back with a series of different hearts preceding it. “Master, Ginger is so grateful you would allow her to strengthen her body for you! There are multiple Domestic Dolls who also go to this gym and share similar beliefs to us. May Ginger have permission to befriend them?”

Drew thought for a moment. “Yeah, of course, but only as long as their owner approves it too.” He looked at the five emails in his inbox that needed responses before the weekend. “Hey, go sign up for the gym. I need to get some work done here, but I will be home in a few hours.”

Another reply came in with a bunch of hearts before it. “Master, Ginger is so grateful for your command. She loves you so much!”

* * *

Ginger, after hearing the joyful news from Master that she could join a gym, stopped in a local sports store. Inside of it, a nice young man helped her, when he was not horning over the redhead’s impressive bust, pick out gym clothing, which included bright-colored spandex shorts and tops, plus a pair of trainers, socks, and a pair of sports bras.

She tried on one in the dressing room and looked incredible. The tank top hugged her chest. The shorts rode up her toned thighs. The shoes and socks looked cute. On her way to the front, the Domestic Doll picked up a gym bag too and paid for it with Master’s account. He sent a quick thumbs up to her car selfie with “pull your hair into a ponytail,” which she obediently did and made a note for future gym trips.

While the red-haired Domestic Doll did this, she was also pinging the other Domestic Dolls who attended the gym to see if they would be there today. One responded that yes she would, in about 30 minutes. Her name was Lexi and Ginger’s heart instantly warmed with love for the new friend.

With Drew’s permission, Ginger went into the coffee shop about a quarter of a mile before the gym and ordered a small coffee. The pretty barista brought it over, and she swiped around on her phone to replicate what someone would do in her situation, but her neuro-chip was processing information much faster.

She downloaded a number of workout routines and also read through the ones Lexi performed to pleased her owner. A few men, professional looking in suits, gawked at her from the line, which made the Domestic Doll proud of the appearance Master had chosen for her. The red-haired Doll would work her hardest to improve it at his whim.

After sitting for the required time, Ginger tossed out her coffee and drove across the highway to the gym. Inside of it, she stopped at the front desk to introduce herself to the pretty young woman working the computer. She was sweet and offered information about the gym’s app, which the redhead added to her interface and, sure, phone too.

She walked across the gym floor. Her beauty and form fitting outfit, caught the eye of many a man. In the locker room, she changed into the gym clothes purchased earlier and made light conversation with a few other women before her new best friend Lexi arrived.

When Lexi entered the locker room, she moved as quickly as the shiny black pumps on her feet allowed to hug her fellow Domestic Doll, whom she fell in love with instantly. They held each other with affection for a moment. No one else was in the locker room in the quiet afternoon before the after work rush, so they shared a brief, but intimate, kiss.

The bottle blonde Domestic Doll went into a changing room and emerged a few minutes later in very tight, and very bright, pink spandex that amplified her firm backside and enormous bust. She pulled her hair into a tight ponytail, just like Ginger’s own. Her pink nailed hands slid a pair of earbuds into her ears, but both Dolls would only hear each other as they worked out.

They walked out onto the main gym floor. Lexi always runs for 10 minutes to warm up, she stated to her new friend. They got onto treadmills, synced their “phones” to them, and began running at a slow pace.

Ginger spent the 10 minutes looking ahead at the rest of the day. Master came home around 4pm from work, so she would have to go straight home after this to begin preparations for dinner. Her neuro-chip buzzed with excitement as the idea of serving a meal to Master!

They continued their workout with some squat exercises and sit-ups. Ginger found that a number of men, and even a few women, kept glancing over at the beauties. A young man, college aged, said hello to Lexi nervously. He was clearly very attracted to the bimbo Domestic Doll.

“This is my friend Ginger. She is going to come to the gym with me sometimes from now on,” Lexi introduced her best friend with a slight up-pitch in her voice. The redhead would have to ask Master how he felt about such a thing!

“Hi,” she said with a manicured wave. The young man had a hard time not staring at her massive bust.

“Um, hey, my name is Ryan,” he began awkwardly. “You’re friends with Lexi?”

Ginger brightened. “Best friends! Do you have a girlfriend?” Any friend of Lexi would certainly be a friend of hers too.

“I, uh,” he stuttered out, clearly intimidated by the gorgeous women standing around him with vapid smiles. “Um, no. My last girlfriend went away to college. Joined a sorority and is dating a rich guy. He’s an athlete. That’s why I started coming here.”

Lexi interrupted. “Ryan is going to get in better shape to attract a young lady! He is a sweetie.”

Ryan nodded slowly. “Yeah...” He looked down as to not stare at their chests. “I like the women who come here.”

Ginger looked over. He was certainly correct. There were a number of stunning women, from college age to much older, in various parts of the gym. It gave her so much pride to see other women caring for themselves so much. Hopefully, they had wonderful Masters too!

She turned to face Ryan. “Of course you will.” The redhead looked at Lexi mischievously. “Any ideas?”

Lexi leaned in conspiratorially. “He likes the one at the desk,” she said in a whisper.

Ginger’s eyes lit up. “Oh, she is cute!” Ryan turned quickly, but Ginger put a hand on his arm. “Don’t look!”

Her platinum blonde friend giggled. “He hasn’t had the nerve to talk to her yet. Jennifer works out sometimes when I am here. She has a nice body. Ryan is a sweetie he deserves her!”

Ginger blinked a few times as new programming came online. Have you considered pinging Mrs. Cullen about it?

Lexi made an excuse for them to go to another part of the gym, and both women made sure their friend got an ample view of their backsides. Yes, but I wasn’t sure if he would want that? My programming states that Domestic Dolls should be cautious about attempts to alter the behavior of others, even if it is for the better.

They finished their sit-up routine and Ginger sat up. An older man on one of the cycles stared directly at her chest, which got some fairly justified side eye glances from his wife, who was on the next cycle. Same for me...Mrs. Cullen wanted to speak to Ginger today anyway before Master returned from his job, so she will mention it.

They began chatting again as they wrapped up their workout on the handful of leg machines the gym offered. Their conversation was silly and vaped about how wonderful their husbands were. Internally, they were sharing a significant amount of data to each other. They were best friends and became madly smitten with each other.

Ginger and Lexi went back to the locker room and took quick showers. The red-haired Domestic Doll felt a deep urge to join her best friend, but they kept to individual stalls. They dried off, redressed, and walked back out onto the gym’s main floor.

On their way out, they both glanced over at Jennifer and gave her a wave. Neither saw Ryan and assumed he was in the men’s locker room cleaning up. The sister slaves walked to Ginger’s car and hugged again. “I love you so much,” Lexi whispered into Ginger’s ear, and her friend squeezed even hard. “If he allows it, message me later, okay?” Ginger nodded, and they left each other for the day.

As Ginger drove home, she sent another message to Master. Master! Ginger made a friend! Her name is Lexi. Thank you for letting her be my best friend. Ginger loves her so much!

Drew was in his office still clearing out some odds and ends as they wrapped up the semester. He saw his phone light up and smiled as he saw the notification. Good. I’m going to be here for a bit still...I’m waiting on a few documents for a committee.

Ginger replied as she walked back into Master’s home. Master, Ginger needs to do a check in with Domestic Doll Services. You should receive a notice about it shortly. She will begin dinner while doing so. Do you still believe you will be home at 4pm?

Drew quickly read through the message sent to him from DDS. Domestic Doll Services required new Domestic Dolls to do periodic check-ins for routine code checks and to assess their treatment. Seemed reasonable.

Yes, I think so...anything left over I can leave until next week. It’s not a big deal.

Ginger’s response, as always, came prefaced with a series of hearts. Yay! Ginger will do her check in now, and she will see you soon.

Ginger looked around Master’s kitchen. She would definitely need to do some more shopping, with his permission, and began making a list of required supplies. Her trip to the market had restocked the refrigerator, but it definitely needed a deep cleaning too, which she added to her cleaning routine for his approval.

A moment later, as she was sorting out his fairly disheveled tea collection, she received a ping for her check in. The red-haired Domestic Doll went over and sat down at the kitchen island, interfaced with the tablet that had come in her packaging, and waited a few seconds for the video chat to begin.

“Hey you, how are things going,” Kaylie said to Ginger with a proud smile on her face. She was so proud of her Daffodil Rose, and Ginger had come along so much from her rather dire beginnings in the program. A motherly feeling filled her whenever she interacted with a Daffodil Rose.

Ginger smiled with pride. “Mrs Cullen! Ginger is doing well. She just got back from exercising and some shopping approved by Master. He will be home in a few hours, and she will be cooking dinner for him.”

Kaylie nodded. “Good. Tell me about your experiences so far.”

Ginger told Kaylie about coming online, meeting Drew, instantly falling in love with him. She continued to describe their trip to the mall for clothing and dinner. Interactions with undesirable women came up next, which Kaylie made a note of for future research.

She then spoke of her first intimate moment with Drew and time spent today at the market and then at the gym, where she met Lexi and a young man named Ryan who had his eye on a young lady named Jennifer.

Ginger asked if something could be done to...nudge...her in his direction. “Hmm,” Kaylie mused, “perhaps. I can look into it.” She pulled up Lexi’s profile. “I will set up a meeting with the engineer who worked on Lexi and see what he thinks. For now, do not tell Drew about this. He doesn’t need to know about such an operation or anything about the Daffodil Rose program. As far as he knows, you were built in a lab. Never tell him otherwise.”

Ginger nodded. Her programming would not allow her to ever break that order. “Of course, Mrs. Cullen. Ginger is the property of Master, but she is programmed by Domestic Doll Services and cannot, and will not, break any direct orders given to her by you or Mr. Cullen.”

“Good girl.” Kaylie paused for a few seconds. “My other question for you at this point is...are you happy? Drew seems like a really nice man. He is sweet and thoughtful. He also seems really lonely. Based on Ari’s amusing report of their time together, certainly he enjoys women. Are you content? You made so much progress in the Daffodil Rose program.”

Ginger was also quiet for a few seconds. A few tears dropped down her face. “Ginger is very happy, Mrs. Cullen. She would like to move on from the past with Master. He is an incredible man and this Domestic Doll has no purpose other than pleasing him. She loves him so much.”

“I am really proud of you, Ginger.” Kaylie gained so much pride from the progress of every Daffodil Rose. The Domestic Doll now named Ginger had come to DDS as a broken young woman named Erinn. Her story is really the business of no one whether myself as the author or you as a reader, and we will respect that privacy afforded by her wonderful progress to just say the Daffodil Rose program was created by Kaylie Cullen and her husband to help women like Erinn who need a significant change to become their ideal selves. Kaylie had observed that in herself as well, which was why she had begged to be converted to a Domestic Doll. A expurgation of the past, of sins, of history, and a fresh start.

“So I think you know what will need to be done then, Ginger. As part of the Daffodil Rose program, we allow Roses to make the final decision for when they do it. Are you certain?” Kaylie sighed. She had never been brave enough to do what she was asking of Ginger right now, but that was her own burden to bear. The sins of her family that led her to Domestic Doll Services could not, and would not, be forgotten.

“Yes, Mrs. Cullen,” Ginger confirmed. “Ginger will do so later tonight. She would like, if permission is granted, to spend a little more time with Master before she does it.”

Kaylie smiled proudly. “Of course, my dear. You have been one of my favorite students. The next time we speak, you will be fully the person you were supposed to be. I will check in with you during the week.” With that, she cut the call off and went to find Mr. Cullen to tell him the great news about yet another graduate of the Daffodil Rose program.

* * *

Ginger continued tidying up around Master’s home. He was a bit unruly, and she tried to balance cleaning with not altering how he liked things to be. Dinner was on the stove top and would need to cook for 45 minutes. A text came in from Master: Leaving in about five minutes. Be home soon!

Ginger clapped her hands with excitement! She hurried around the house, evaluating what would need to be added to her cleaning routine. Content to leave the upstairs portion of the house until another time, she went into the bathroom and fixed her makeup, adjusted her clothing, and then walked into the living room where the mat that had come with her lay.

Ginger knelt down and bowed in silence, waiting for Master’s arrival, which was about 10 minutes later.

When Drew came in the door, he paused upon seeing Ginger in a bowing position. “Um, honey, I’m home?” He said tentatively while putting down his bag and walking over to her.

“Um, Ginger?” He went down to one knee. “Are you okay?”

Ginger at up and looked at him with devotion and love mirrored in her eyes. “Yes, of course, Master. Ginger is wonderful. She wanted to honor you by offering herself in a position of subservience. How can she please you?” Her eyes stared directly at his mid-section.

Drew rolled his shoulders and sat down on the couch. “Well, now that you mention it...” Ginger smiled and slid the mat, and herself, over to the couch, undid his pants, and wrapped her mouth around his cock. The Domestic Doll had been trained with world-class cock sucking skills, and she let him guide her for a while before receiving the honor of drinking down his cum.

Master and slave cleaned themselves up and then Ginger curtsied low for him. Drew motioned for her to rise, and she did. “Dinner is in the oven, Master. Ginger began cleaning and has a number of questions about what sort of routine you would prefer. She would like to request gym time be added to her daily routine at a time approved by Lexi’s Master too. She is Ginger’s best friend and Ginger loves her so much!” No need, as Kaylie had commanded, to mention their scheming to make the woman in the gym fall for Ryan.

Not until a sequel at least.

Drew wrapped his arms around her. “We can talk about cleaning routines later. Now that the semester is over, I will have more time to spend with you. I set up the schedule for you to be delivered around that.” He leaned in and kissed her. “We will have a month together to get to know each other.”

He looked thoughtful for a moment. “We can work out your schedule too. You have chores and errands to do around the house and district, of course, but gym time is critical too. See what her Master says, and we can figure it out from there. I’m so glad you made a friend.”

Ginger smiled sweetly at her owner. “So Master, how will Ginger serve you further? She loves you so much and exists to please you.”

Drew kissed her forehead. “Well, let’s eat dinner first. I don’t know if I mentioned it earlier, but we have the end of semester party tonight. Normally, I don’t go to stuff like this anymore, but I kind of would like to show you off to my coworkers. Our experience with Jacqueline makes me want to get that reaction from some others too. I want you to be my perfect trophy.”

The red-haired Domestic Doll clapped her manicured hands together. “Yes, Master! After dinner Ginger will prepare herself. Would you like her to pick out something to wear for you too?”

Drew nodded and led her up the stairs to their bedroom, where he began showing off the nicer parts of his wardrobe.

* * *

That night was the end of the semester party that Drew’s division hosted every semester. At Drew had mentioned to Ginger, he did not really attend these events. Socializing with coworkers, who were mostly reasonable, decent, people, was not high in the cards for him. He felt awkward and uneased by them. But having a beautiful, busty, girlfriend with him would certainly help out.

They showed up to the surprise of many of his colleagues. Drew wore a simple button down shirt and jeans. Ginger wore a silver dress, showing off a lot of cleavage, black stockings, and shiny pumps of the same color. She smiled cheerfully and only spoken when spoken to, which was always to praise her incredible boyfriend. A few men looked at her with desire. One of the women in the room, the wife of an administrator, pinged her that she was a fellow Domestic Doll. Perhaps that could be detailed more in a sequel.

During a quiet moment in the evening, Ginger walked outside onto the bricked overhang that served as a bit of a leisurely porch these days after being where students smoked a few generations ago. She stood there quietly in the cool late autumn night. Her new life with Master was so wonderful. For a moment, the red-haired Domestic Doll thought to replay her memories one final time, but shock her head slowly in defiance to the urge.

With that, she activated the full Daffodil Rose programming. Her life before becoming a Domestic Doll was now a single memory of failure and need to change. She was a Domestic Doll in loyal service to Master. Nothing before the moment he activated her mattered anymore. As she returned to the party to find her future husband, Ginger began messaging with Lexi a scheme to figure out what to do with Ryan. As she eyed Jacqueline across the room, she also wondered if perhaps the uptight professor could use the services of Project Daffodil Rose.

The End

* * *

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