Domestic Doll Services: Guilt Alleviation

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #f/f #f/m #scifi #sub:female #bondage #clothing #drones #growth #robots

Kaylie Macpherson is the scion of an oil company who inherits control of the company. Deeply guilt ridden and conflicted, she contacts William Cullen and makes an offer that will transform the future of the Macpherson dynasty forever:

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

INSPIRATIONS: Sinsub’s The Collar and Decker’s A Birthday Engagement.

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ABOUT: Domestic Doll Services: Domestic Doll Services is a series of stories about a corporation that offers lifelike “Domestic Dolls” for sale. These “Dolls” are sold for domestic use primarily, but the Dolls, designed to the whims of the buyer, which often appeared as a mix of super model and stripper, obviously had a sexual use as well. Many of the Domestic Dolls for sale were actually robots. However, many were not...

Domestic Doll Services stories can, more or less, unless noted, be read in any order. This story mostly stands alone continuity wise. Enjoy!

* * *

William Cullen sat down with his morning cup of tea and stared at the tablet before him. An executive at the Domestic Doll Services corporation, he had been brought in from a rival organization about six months before after it had been merged with DDS to avoid competition in their markets. Given agency to do his work, he had risen in favor quite quickly.

Arianna, his personal assistant, swayed into the room, a bright pink latex dress the same color as the genetically modified hair adorning her body, and came to stand before his desk. William had known her in a previous life and had rescued the young woman from the cruelty that fate had handed her. She was now his loyal, deeply obedient, personal assistant, reconstructed as a Domestic Doll to exist for obedience.

“We have a new one today,” William asked as he took a sip from his tea. Ari’s domestic programming meant she always made the perfect cup. He leaned back, sore from a morning workout, whether the actual exercise or from the love making skills of the Domestic Doll who accompanied him he was not sure.

“Yes, Master,” she began, standing at attention, hands folded behind her back, “this is a fairly unique case that Arianna made sure ended up being your responsibility. Your new client is a Miss Kaylie Macpherson. She is an American with an Scottish background.” Ari always spoke in the third person.

William put up a hand to pause his Domestic Doll’s recitation. “Macpherson? Is she a member of the family of the oil conglomerate?” He vaguely remembered hearing a few weeks back that someone in that family had died.

Ari nodded. “Yes, Master. Miss Macpherson is the direct scion of their fortune. There is no son, at least none her father would admit to whether personally or legally, and his most recent wife was a Domestic Doll from Mr. Ward’s division who is already up for resale.”

“Okay. Tell me more about Kaylie. Why is she so interesting that you would want me to take this case?” William trusted Ari’s instinct for this. The usual desires of buyers were often so banal. He had instructed his Domestic Doll to try and keep them much more intriguing at all times.”

Ari grinned proudly. “Master, Miss Macpherson is 21 years old. She has tried to live a pretty private life. Her schooling is erratic; she was home schooled and went off to college, but left when the local leftist protesters found out who she was. According to local blogs, at the time she made a statement denouncing her family’s business. Since then she has been traveling under an assumed name. Miss Macpherson only came out of reclusion to come meet with us, which led her to you.”

William thought for a moment. “Well, if she doesn’t want anything to do with the corporation, we can hook her up with people who can help.” He had done this before; at his previous job, he had a series of programmed women whose sole purpose was to aide with this sort of crisis management.

“Well,” Ari began, “Master, Miss Macpherson has said declaratively to Arianna that she wants to close the companies down and give away their collective profits to charity. The current rate is...” The Domestic Doll paused momentary as she accessed information from the world wide web. “...19.6 billion dollars.”

“Okay,” William nodded slowly, “so how many Domestic Dolls does she want?” Surely she had come to DDS for something related to that. A lonely, disenchanted young woman sure could use that kind of company, whether male, female, or otherwise. With the money Kaylie had, she could retire to a small island with a litter of Domestic Dolls of all sizes, shapes, and genders.

Arianna brightened. “Master, that is the thing though. Miss Macpherson,” she handed William a handwritten letter from Kaylie, “wants to be turned into a Domestic Doll.

* * *

William commanded Arianna to return to her duties while he looked over the letter. He read it three times before any of it sunk in as possibly true. Kaylie wrote about how she had always tried to be a happy, pleasing, and quiet daughter to gain the approval of her parents. Neither step-mother, nor her father, showed much interest so she tried to focus on her studies instead. When she got to college, the protests of her even being there forced an examination of what, and more importantly, how, her father made his money.

Kaylie began quietly doing research with one of Mr. Macpherson’s advisers that she had gotten to know. She also interviewed former employees. For too long, Kaylie wrote, she ignored the privilege that she had, the advantages gained, and the means they were acquired. Doubts about her father turned to disgrace, and then dark, horrible thoughts. Kaylie admitted to considering suicide.

This was, she continued, around the time she overheard a conversation about a charity event about Domestic Doll Services, a man, Kaylie reported the name, which made William smile, admitted fairly freely in a hushed conversation with someone else that some Domestic Dolls were not just androids, but recreated from humans. This shocked her for a moment before an odd feeling went through her, like a flu that begins infesting someone previously perfectly healthy, which led to her rushing out of the event.

After returning to her apartment that night, Miss Macpherson took the gown she had worn to the event off, slid into bed, and furiously began pleasuring herself. She confessed to having had sexual fantasies about submission since her own sexual awakening, but something about the idea of being turned into a Domestic Doll aggressively turned her on. She had a Domestic Doll in her own apartment, of course her family had them, and had ignored its passive obedience to her domestic needs for the most part. After climaxing, she, naked, walked out into the living room and opened the closet where her Domestic Doll stood silently waiting for the next morning to begin. She woke it, a stunning olive skinned Doll named Isleen, up and ordered it to teach her everything about obedience. That had been two months ago. She reached out to Arianna a week ago and this appointment was scheduled after they spoke via the internet twice. Ari had not alerted him earlier because he had other pressing clients beforehand to deal with. “One at a time,” he had always stressed to her.

William pushed a button on his desk. A moment later, Arianna came back into the room, returning to her usual place right in front of his desk, hands folded behind her back, at attention. Her tiny pink lips and ocean blue eyes shone in the ambient light of the room. “When will Kaylie arrive?”

Arianna looked down towards him. “Master, Miss Macpherson arrived while you were reading the letter. She is currently going through security and will arrive...” The pink haired Domestic Doll paused for a split second while accessing information, “in six minutes.”

William nodded. “Well, this is an unusual case, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Master,” Ari agreed. “Miss Macpherson should be dealt with using caution.”

William stood up. “I agree, but assuming you did the normal background checks as I have commanded done by default,” he smiled at Ari’s nod, “then she should be fine. We will definitely use our own means to insure that Kaylie is telling the truth.” For a moment, he was lost in thought. “I will take care of the initial interview. I think it will go something like yours did.”

Arianna stared at him for a few seconds. “Yes, Master.” She understood exactly what he meant.

“From there, you can speak to her and get further background information.” William motioned for Ari to come closer, pulling the Domestic Doll into a hug. “I think you will have a new friend. Her experiences may end up being something like your own. Embrace that.” He leaned in and kissed her gently. “We will talk after our meetings. Gain administrative access to her Domestic Doll as well. Bring Isleen in. We may need her. You are dismissed.”

“Yes, Master,” Ari replied with a slight curtsy before leaving is office. As William sat back down, after hearing a brief conversation by his Domestic Doll’s desk, there was a gentle tap, with a small, pale, hand, by Kaylie Macpherson.

Kaylie Macpherson was a slight young woman, easily a foot shorter than William, but the five inch black pumps on her feet certainly helped alleviate that distance. She wore a gray pencil skirt and black sweater, which held a small bust. William frowned at the lack of hosiery covering her pale legs, which could be amended later. Her eyes were a piercing light blue and natural blonde curls bounced down to her shoulders.

She stood by the door, waiting quietly for William to say something. He stood up and motioned for her to come into his office. The blonde heiress walked forward, obviously unsure of herself in high heels, which could also be corrected later, and came to stand before him. Kaylie put her hands behind her back, like Isleen had taught her to do when in the presence of a superior.

This action made William stop as he came around his desk towards her. “Oh, you don’t have to do that.” He thought for a second. “This is real for you? You really want this?”

Kaylie nodded and lowered her eyes. “Yes, I do....Sir.”

He put a hand out, which she took in a handshake. “My name is William Cullen. ‘Sir’ is good though,” he added with what was hopefully a reassuring smile. Kaylie looked so nervous. Still holding her hand, he gestured to a couch where they sat down. She tried to cross her legs in an appealing manner as Isleen had taught her, but the awkward young woman could not quite get it right. William put a hand up and she stopped with a uneasy laugh.

William realized in that moment, she was still holding onto his hand. He gave her tiny hand a soft squeeze. “It’s frankly adorable how nervous you are, but you do not need to be. That is, as I would say to a Domestic Doll, a direct order.”

Kaylie smiled gently. “Yes, Sir.” She squeezed his hand back, then frowned slightly when he pulled it away.

William paused for a long moment. “Understand that what you want is permanent. There is no going back.” He scratched at his shaved head gently.” Kaylie blinked a few times and then smiled at him. “Do you understand?”

Kaylie nodded slowly. “Yes, Sir.”

“I know you spoke with Ari, but tell me,” William began, “again why you want this. I want your honest feelings about the situation.”

There was nearly a half minute of silence before Kaylie spoke in calm, measured, tones. “I hate my father’s business. I hate what it does to the world. I hate how he treated his wives better than me. I hate how the public thinks of me. I hate money. I hate being worth billions that could help someone else.” She stopped speaking and then sat silently staring at William. Her tiny mouth was slightly ajar.

“I understand,” William cautiously stated, “those sentiments. We will talk about each of those in great detail later. Now, tell me more about your submissive feelings. I was deeply moved by the words in your letter.”

There was, again, a pause before Kaylie replied, which came in soft, calm, tones again. “I have always wanted to please people. I have always been desperate to make others happy. I connected that to sexuality and realized I am a sexual submissive. I had my Domestic Doll, Isleen, teach me about being submissive. I have been masturbating and role playing with her about my own submission or enslavement since then. Once I heard how some Domestic Dolls were created from people, I became obsessed with becoming one. I have lost interest in anything else in life.” She suddenly stopped speaking and stared at William. Her blue eyes had a empty, distant, look to them.

William looked thoughtful for a moment. “It sounds to me like you have a lot of guilt. That is hard for a young lady to have burdening her. Be honest with me, what was the breaking point.”

Kaylie was silent for a moment before tears began streaming down her face. “I had,” she began with a loud whimper, which was so off putting given her hypnotically educed calmness during the conversation so far, “ignored how my parents made their money for so long. But then I had doubts, and then horrible guilt. Oh...” she trailed off as more tears streamed down her face. Miss Macpherson stared at William with the lost, hurt, look of someone who was broken on the inside.

William patted the pillow next to him on the couch. “Come here,” he instructed, which Kaylie, with a whimper, obeyed. “I want you to calm down and relax.” After a moment, the blonde haired young woman ceased crying and stared at him with docile gentleness in her eyes.

“Good girl.” He tapped a button on his phone. A low hum in the room was silenced. “Kaylie,” William began with measured tones, I am very happy that you want to please people. You told the truth and obeyed a direct order.” He gently squeezed one of her hands. “The screen behind me has been outputting a set of visual impulses that have placed you in a hypnotic state. Unless I say otherwise, you will obey my every instruction. Do you understand?”

Kaylie slowly nodded. “Yes, Sir,” she stated in a dreamy, tiny, voice.

William decided to further teach her level of enthrallment. “Kaylie, please fold your hands.” Obediently, she did. “I noticed you tried to cross your legs earlier with minimal luck. Take off your shoes and pull your legs up under you on the couch.” Again, Kaylie obeyed without question. Her petite hands took off the pumps on her feet, placing them on the floor; her stocking clad legs slid under as commanded. She returned to staring at him with a calmness that pleased William. Kaylie was beautiful and, in her current state of hypnotic control, deeply erotic.

William reached forward and placed a gentle hand on one of Kaylie’s knees. “Your obedience to my commands is exactly what a Domestic Doll would do. Why did you obey?”

“You told me to obey you unless you said otherwise, Sir.” Kaylie voice had become even softer and feminine.

“Good girl. That is what a Domestic Doll does. Since you want to be a Domestic Doll, what should you do?”

“I,” Kaylie began, letting out a long breath, “should obey because a Domestic Doll does, Sir.”

William clapped his hands together. “Wonderful!” He slid slightly closer to her. “Now, Kaylie, I have a few final instructions for you before we continue. I need to state a few truths to you. Domestic Dolls have these truths as part of their core programming. It will greatly aide in your conditioning if you already understand them.” Kaylie watched him with the same gentle gaze, but a curious was in her eyes now. “Domestic Dolls are created to, unless programmed otherwise, for absolute submission to men. Men are your superiors and should be obeyed at all times. I think you already believed something like that, I bet, but if you have any hindrances to this correct way of thinking, you will forget them.”

“Yes, Sir.” Kaylie was now smiling.

“Domestic Dolls address all men, again unless otherwise programmed, as Master instead of Sir.” William looked thoughtful for a moment. “However, and, this is a direct order, when you address me as Master, I would like it to mean something more to you. I will allow you to determine what that means to you.” He ran a hand over her pale face. “I am very curious about you and will be placing a note in your profile that you are conditioned to serve me above all others.”

“Yes, Master.” The gentle, subservient, tone of Kaylie’s voice had a happy ping to it previously not there.

William put a hand on Kaylie’s leg again. “Good girl. I am going to touch your forehead. When I do, you will wake from the trance you are in. Every command I have given you will seem normal. Your desire to be converted into a Domestic Doll will be increased tenfold. It is your only desire to be a Domestic Doll.” He pointed a finger at her. “OH, and remember what I said about how you will think of me above others in your service.”

Very gently, he tapped Kaylie’s head. She blinked a few times, looked disoriented for a moment, but then smiled upon seeing William. The blonde heiress had looked so distraught upon entering the offices of Domestic Doll Services today; now she looked cheerful and, most importantly, ready to be obedient. Wide blue eyes were accentuated by her bright smile.

William gave her an awkward wave. He did not do social graces well. Years of being around devoted, brainwashed, women did not aide in his abilities. “Hello Kaylie, how do you feel?”

“I feel wonderful, Master.” She continued to proudly smile at him, letting out an almost relieved sounding sigh.

“I am sorry,” William began after a moment, “that I had to hypnotize you while we spoke. It is standard practice for incoming women. We need to make sure they are not working for a government or other organization. I also needed to make sure you would be honest with me. You will always be honest; that is a direct order.”

“Yes, Master,” Kaylie agreed, nodding along with him.

“Good girl. You are doing a great job obeying my commands. Why do you think that is?” As he continued his interview with her, the DDS executive began considering psychical and behavioral adjustments for her.

Kaylie bit down gently on her lip for a second before responding. “Domestic Dolls obey commands given to them, Master.”

William nodded again. “Do you want to be a Domestic Doll still?”

This time it was Kaylie who nodded. “Yes, Master. My desire to become a Domestic Doll has increased since we began talking.”

Kaylie’s brainwasher considered her for a moment. “It’s not just my commands is it?”

The pale young woman blushed and lowered her eyes. “No it is not, Master. how controlled I feel, Master.”

Abruptly, William stood up and picked up a small box off his desk, taking an inch long microchip out of it. It was green and had a pincher on the bottom end. The only sound, besides the hum of various devices, in the room was the chip being placed on the table before them.

Kaylie eyed it and visibly tensed, which made her controller put up his hands. “Relax.” He felt his cock stir at how she eased both her body and eyes at his command. Again, he took her hand in his own. “This microchip will accelerate the initial processing of your conversion into a Domestic Doll.” William stared at her. “Do you want to know how it works?”

Kaylie quickly nodded. “Yes, Master.” She slid her legs together, heart racing, as how much it turned her on.

“Well,” William started, holding the microchip in his palm, “it contains these things called nanites, which can do a lot of different things that are neat, but one of the them that is very useful is it can begin the process of changing your body and preparing you for conditioning. You will find your ability to think clearly slowed, but focused, and some immediate psychical changes. Your body will be a bit numb until it fully takes effect, which helps with the initial adjustments in appearance.”

The blonde heiress stared at him curiously. It all sounded so wonderful. “Do you have a question,” William inquired with her.

“Yes, Master,” was Kaylie’s soft reply. He nodded encouragingly to get her to ask. “How long does that take?”

“Oh! The microchip will only be visible for around 24 hours. Once it settles under the skin, a series of automated macros will begin to change you. Don’t worry about it until then.”

Kaylie smiled. She would not worry about it.

William moved his hand closer. “Normally, the women that are converted into Domestic Dolls do not exactly consent to their new lot in life. With that said, given your unique situation, I think it is important for you to inject the microchip into yourself. I want this experience to be one that you...” he paused, unsure of what to say to Kaylie, but then mentally shrugged given her cheerful, captivated, expression. “...I want you to assist in your own brainwashing as much as possible.”

Kaylie nodded slowly, a smile coming across her tiny mouth. “Yes, Master.” She took the microchip out of his hand and stared at it. William pointed to the right hand side of her neck and helped pull blonde curls up as she gently pinched it on the part on the neck he had motioned towards. Nothing happened at first, but then suddenly Kaylie felt her mind sharpen. She looked over at her Master. Her eyes would not leave his until given instruction. It seemed so obvious and correct. Again, Kaylie sighed happily.

William let go of her hair and knocked a few curls to the side. Impulsively, he leaned forward and kissed Kaylie gently, which she returned. “Do you trust me?” He had not planned on having feelings for Kaylie, but a woman that desired with her very being to become a Domestic Doll was too alluring to pass up.

“Yes, Master.” Kaylie this time reached to him for another kiss and then gently fell into his protective arms. William held onto her for a minute before pulling away and calling out to Arianna.

The latex clad Domestic Doll entered the room after a moment. Her red hair was pulled back in a severe ponytail. She came to stand before her Master stiffly, arms folded behind her back.

William turned to Kaylie. “Ari is going to take you for some training today. I will see you again tonight.” Kaylie stood up, still a bit unsure of herself in the pumps she wore, walked up to Ari, took her hand in her own and followed the Domestic Doll out of the room.

* * *

Kaylie had obediently followed her new friend Arianna to her first training session. They made their way to an elevator that lead to other parts of DDS. Arianna had snapped to attention when they entered the elevator. Kaylie had realized too late that Domestic Dolls were conditioned to do so, one joined them a floor before their destination confirming it, and frowned at the missed chance.

Soon it would be totally out of her hands. The future Domestic Doll felt herself getting wet at the very idea of it. She was entangled in such deep joy at becoming the fantasy the blonde desired and so much more. Ari squeezed her hand as they entered a large office space. Three absolutely stunning young women walked around with either Domestic Dolls, two of them, or what Kaylie realized was a potential buyer, one of them. Each wore latex nursing dresses, she supposed that was what you would call them, the same color as their hair: Black, blue, and yellow, for the honey-blonde Doll, respectively. None of them even noticed Ari and Kaylie come in. Each was devoted to their current task.

A dark skinned woman with a beautiful afro sat at the receptionists desk. She stood up, silver dress and thigh high boots making her look breathtaking, and gave the women a manicured wave. “Hi Arianna,” she began in a pleasant tone before hugging her sister Domestic Doll. Kaylie was so thrilled by how every woman at DDS, even if it was programmed into their very being, seemed to enjoy each others company. There was no competition, no passive aggression, no ladders to glass ceilings you kick out from under you. As Ari hugged her friend, whose name tag said “Brianna,” with a heart over the cursive “i,” Kaylie wished she could touch Brianna herself.

Her daydreaming about fingering the beautiful Nubian Domestic Doll were interrupted by Arianna’s hand on her arm. “As I have told,” she continued the in progress conversation, “you, Kaylie is a very special case. Our Master wants her treated with the best care.”

Brianna nodded along. Kaylie imagined kissing her neck, sucking on her vast bust, and kneeling before a man together in service to him. William’s image passed through her mind, which made her bite down gently. “Brianna can see that.” She came forward and hugged Kaylie. It took every ounce of strength for her to not orgasm right there. Domestic Doll Services was sensory overload for the shy, prudish, young lady. “Being a Domestic Doll is the greatest thing for us women. It lets us obey men, which is our duty.” She clapped her small, girlish hands together. “Dr. Bedford will see you in a few minutes.

As promised, in a few minutes a stunning redheaded nurse came out to see them. Her collar read “Nurse Bedford” and Ari stood up to hug her. “This is Nurse Bedford, she will be assisting you today, Kaylie.” The nurse was enchanting: Sun kissed skin, breasts and pouty lips of a porn star, the long legs of an athlete, teased red hair, and empty green eyes was screamed “obedient.”

“Please come with me, Miss Macpherson,” was her soft, docile, instruction. Ari took Kaylie’s hand again. Both waved at Brianna and then shared a knowing look. Ari apparently had similar fantasies about the receptionist.

They entered a large room with three chairs in it. Above each chair hung large metal tubes. All three women’s high heels echoed across the floor.

“Sit please.” Mrs. Bedford ordered Kaylie to sit, pointing with a red fingernail towards a chair.

At Ari’s urging, Kaylie walked over, still a bit awkward in heels, and sat down obediently. Her friend came over and pressed a button, which made metal bands snap her arms and legs in place. A moment later, Ari attached one for her neck. “For your safety,” she said with a smile.

Mrs. Bedford came back over and injected something into Kaylie’s arm. “Miss Macpherson, this sedative will bring you into an agreeable state for today’s training.” The black tube came down from above and settled around her upper body. Pink and purple lights began to dance around her face, which immediately gained her full attention. After a few minutes, the future Domestic Doll was back in the same hypnotic trance she had been in earlier with William. The agreeable slave was proving to be quite easy to control.

“For the next few hours, Nurse Bedford will be mapping different parts of your brain,” the red haired Domestic Doll announced, in the third person, to the entranced young lady. “A series of visuals will begin to show up before you. These are direct orders from Master William.”

* * *

William had been in his office until about an hour after dinner. A Domestic Doll wearing a maid uniform came and brought him his dinner and he had ate it at his desk. He sighed after seeing that the clock on the wall had just passed 1900. He stretched out his shoulders, still sore from an early morning workout, and decided to retire for the evening.

As he made a few quick reminders on a notepad for the next morning, there was a soft knock at his door. William looked up and was absolutely stunned by what he saw before him. In the doorway stood Kaylie Macpherson, but she now looked precisely like the test conditions he had asked Dr. Bedford to program into her to see how quickly she could be brainwashed before being converted into a Domestic Doll. Her blonde curls had been chopped off into a tight pixie cut. The way it brought out her cheekbones and eyes confirmed what William had figured about her. Miss Macpherson wore a tight blouse, leather miniskirt, stockings, and pumps. Her bright smile, brighter when he looked up at her, was the happiest he had ever seen her look in any of the pictures available in her records. She looked genuinely thrilled to be exactly where she was at the moment.

“Miss Macpherson, please come in.” He waved towards Kaylie and she obediently walked into the room. The beautiful blonde swayed into the room with a bit more confidence. He reached a hand out to her and she took it. They intermingled their fingers together, which made Kaylie blush and lower her eyes, but still smile, at William’s squeeze of her index finger against his own.

William pointed to the couch they had sat on earlier in the day and Kaylie followed him over to it. Again, she tried to cross her legs, but gracelessly did it, making William laugh. “We’ll work on that later.” He looked thoughtful for a moment. “Miss Macpherson, how do you feel?”

“Kaylie feels wonderful, Master.” She blinked a few times. Nothing seemed odd to her about the statement, which was the default emotional state conditioned into Domestic Dolls. She had heard hours of programming today.

“Good. Kaylie, I have a handful of questions for you tonight.” He ran a hand over her face and stopped where her hair had been previously. “What made you cut your hair?”

“Kaylie looks her best with short hair, Master.” She stated her answer in a matter of fact manner like it was the most obvious idea in the world. Her blue eyes were absolutely stunning without a pile of curls in the way.

“Kaylie, why are you talking like that? You keep speaking in the third person.” She looked at him with a puzzled expression. “Please say ‘I am a good girl that loves obeying men.’”

“Kaylie is a good girl that loves obeying men, Master.” A surprised look came over her face and her tiny hands went to her mouth with a gasp. A smile came back across her face. “Kaylie speaks like that for a reason, Master.”

Out of the corner of his eye, William could see her stocking clad leg shaking slightly. Whether it was out of nervousness...or excitement....he was unsure. “Yes. You really did go for brain mapping today. It will help us overcome any pesky free will you have that fights against your conditioning.” Kaylie frowned slightly and let out an “aww,” which William found to be adorable. “While Nurse Bedford and our good Doctor Bedford worked on your mapping, you were also drugged, hypnotized, and then fed six hours of deep subliminal programming. That ended about two hours ago. When you left that chair, what do you remember doing next?”

“Yes, Master. Kaylie asked if she could cut her hair off. It looks so much better short.” Now her arm was shaking. She was putting the puzzle pieces together.

“Yes!” William leaned forward. “Was there a bottle blonde with very large breasts waiting there for you?” Kaylie nodded with a quiet “yes, Master.” “Her name was Cheryl?” Miss Macpherson repeated the same confirming nod and docile reply. “She is our best salon worker. In reflection, does it seem odd that she was there waiting for you?”

Kaylie nodded a “no” and began to cry softly. Tears streaked down her face, ruining her mascara. “You did it, Master.” Tears were now streaming down her face.

“What did I do?”

“Kaylie wanted short hair because of you, Master.” She began sobbing and he pulled her tightly into his arms, holding her for what seemed like forever until she had calmed down enough for them to continue their conversation.

William put a hand on her leather miniskirt. “The skirt too. It looks ridiculous on you. Like some fantasy of a slutty secretary.” Kaylie sniffled as she looked down at it, but then laughed at her realization of the absurdity of the “choice” she had made when asked what to wear to see William.

“Take it off.” William watched Kaylie stand up and fairly gracefully slide the skirt to the floor. Her black stockings were held up by a garter belt, which looked rather sexy with the blouse she also wore hanging open now. The shiny black pumps did not leave her feet either, but William frowned at her continued awkwardness in them.

“Take off your shoes.” William laughed as Kaylie kicked them off. One went flying towards him and hit his ankle. Both of them laugh and he motioned for her to sit down next to him again. “Is this what you expected?”

Kaylie, now only wearing stockings, garters, and a blouse, nodded vigorously. “Yes, Master.” She felt so...calm. Every moment moved in slow motion and was predicated on William’s desires. Her mind felt so focused and tidy. If her hands would move without his command, she would have begun to furiously masturbate.

William pointed at one of the high heels on the floor. “You are not used to wearing such feminine shoes, are you?” Kaylie nodded in the negative. “We will work on that. It is important that women look their best at all times and being comfortable with the expected dress code around here will be good for you.” He put a hand on her face. “It will be natural to you soon enough.”

Kaylie leaned into his hand just enough to put the edge of her lips on them. “I don’t normally fuck Domestic Dolls on their first day here, but what the hell.” William shoved her back on the couch and yanked down her panties and the garter. He put the weight of his body on Kaylie and held her arms down with his own as he began to forcefully make love to her. The blonde, soon to be, Domestic Doll pulled him closer and screamed “please!” a few times as he trashed into her.

William stopped and started a few times, going through the same routine of using psychical force before relenting and then beginning again. They had been at it for twenty to thirty minutes before going through a final round of this sexual dance, which had its climax with Kaylie having the most incredible orgasm she could have ever imagined in her life. She fell back on the couch and lay panting and mumbling to herself while William cleaned up a bit and put some semblance of clothing back on.

Once the panting ceased, something a normal woman would find rather odd happened. Kaylie noticed how silent her mind felt. Her only thoughts were of the incredible sex she had just had, how her body felt, which was indescribable, and of what William wanted. Anything else felt so faraway, like she could grab hold of it if she jumped high enough, but she did not want to in any way or shape or form.

Tears began to stream down her face again. She had never been happier than this very moment.

Kaylie looked up at William. He was now wearing a pair of boxer shirts and had his shirt on again. She noticed her blouse on the floor and could not even remember how it got there. Nothing about being naked bothered her in the slightest. Looking at the man who had, in less than a day, completely changed the blonde’s life, she felt like Eve heading back into the Garden of Eden.

William came over to the couch and knelt next to Kaylie. He gently traced a finger over her stomach. “Sometime tomorrow your chip is going to inject. We keep incoming Domestic Dolls in a deep state of trance during this time. The moment it injects is....” He paused and thought back to videos of failed experiments he had seen during his training. “...well, it can be rather violent. If you are in trance, you won’t feel a thing and when you wake up, you will be a brand new woman.”

Kaylie leaned back on the couch, so content to feel his finger move across her stomach. “Kaylie will be better than a woman, Master.”

William laughed and nodded. “You’re right, actually.” He pressed a button on the wall. With a loud swoosh, a black and green colored pod came out of the wall and slid down on the floor. It had a clear glass front and a lot of internal gadgets inside. He pointed to it and Kaylie obediently stepped in and lay down when the glass cover opened.

After the glass closed again, she gave him a little tiny wave as the hypnotic spirals on the screen before her began to dance across her face. “I’ll see you sometime tomorrow I am sure.” William watched the future Domestic Doll’s hand fall to her side as she was lost to the trance. He locked up his office and left for the evening, but not before toggling up her new friend Brianna to join him for the night. In the morning, an engineer would pick Kaylie up before he arrived for the day. By the time they saw each other, the Domestic Doll would be beyond the point of return to her previous unhappy life.

* * *

The next afternoon, William was having an exit interview meeting with a buyer. The man, a CEO at a shopping website, had bought a Domestic Doll with very particular interests in her being his ideal trophy wife. About thirty minutes into their meeting, Arianna led the Doll, a bottle blonde named Savannah, into the room by gently guiding her by the leash attached to her collar.

Savannah bowed at the waist before her seated Master. “Master, Savannah lives for your desires,” she announced in a feminine, southern, drawl. The impossibly busty former junkie had been reprogrammed into the buyer’s aesthetic perfection: Her platinum blonde curls bounced down below the shoulders; piercing dark green eyes stared at him with absolute obedience mirrored in them; her tiny waist, seeming more tiny by the augmented E cups on her chest, was tanned to sun kissed perfection.

The buyer went through the usual exclamations of “wow,” and “amazing” and “I can’t believe she is real.” William and Ari exchanged looks as he ran his hands over Savannah’s perfectly sculpted face. Most buyers were very predictable, but William always reminded his assistant that to an outsider, this really was the state of the art technology it really was at the end of the day. It bored them at times, especially in a moment like this as the man pawed at Savannah’s chest, but it was worth putting up with to guarantee a satisfied customer.

The buyer left with Savannah shortly afterwards. Ari escorted them out of the facility. She nodded along as he told her about his plans for the Domestic Doll: They would marry after a faux romance. She would be on his arm for press and public relations. At home, she would be his perfect wife cooking and cleaning and pleasuring him in all things. Ari gave them a wave as they entered his black window SUV and ran through the rest of her assigned tasks for the day as they drove off. She still had some things to do before returning to her quarters for the evening.

Arianna walked back through the parking lot and through a few corridors. She held her own leash in two fingers as she walked. A tight pink sweater adorned her top half, large breasts snug in them. A leather miniskirt, dark stockings, and pumps accentuated her toned backside and legs. In both elevators she traveled in to return to her duties, she snapped to attention as all Domestic Dolls were programmed to do while on site. Her body stood still each time, red lipped mouth in a large O, before the ping of the elevator doors opening brought the pink haired Doll back to life.

She was just returning to her desk, about to knock on William’s door to see if he had any new orders for her, when there was some commotion in the hallway. An engineer could be heard speaking in a rushed, high pitch, voice. A woman’s voice could also be heard and it was immediately recognizable. Kaylie rushed into the office and moved as quickly as the clear blue platform heels on her feet allowed. Her makeup was smeared all over the soon to be Domestic Doll’s face and she was breathing heavily. She threw herself into Arianna. “Kaylie is so scared! She is so scared!”

Ari smirked, waved off the engineer, and led her into William’s office. He had already stood and was also looking at Kaylie with pride. Her chip had clearly injected, which had triggered the next step of her programming, which was a deep, terrifying, need for the collar and leash. Domestic Dolls were programmed to equate safety and obedience with them and Kaylie had conformed to this with flying colors.

Kaylie shoved Ari away and jumped into William’s arms. She sobbed gently as he rubbed her back. After a moment, he pulled away, still holding her hand, and stared at the new Domestic Doll. “Why are you so scared, Kaylie?”

The blonde Domestic Doll sniffled a few times and began speaking as William walked over to his desk to get a tissue. “Kaylie needs a collar and leash, Master. Domestic Doll Services is safest when Kaylie is wearing a collar and leash, Master. A collar and leash assure she will be safe, Master.” He smiled at her as she adorably blew her nose. The mantra Kaylie had just repeated was conditioned into Domestic Dolls who are programmed on site here as a test of their initial conditioning. Once their chip settles in, its first duty is to initialize this prompt in the subject’s mind to make it seem improbable to be any other way.

William motioned towards Ari, who was at the door still, to leave them and close it behind her. Ari complied without speaking and he sighed gently as his office closed with a quiet bump against the carpet. “Kneel.” He pointed down at the floor before him. With surprising grace, Kaylie dropped to the floor. Her beautiful blue eyes never left him as she folded her manicured hands together against her stomach. She was still looking apprehensive, but had certainly calmed a bit in his presence.

He went back to his desk and picked up a large box. It had the DDS logo on it and a bar code. “Open this box,” he commanded Kaylie. She took it from him and pulled at the tape keeping it closed. Inside the box, she found a black collar with “Miss Macpherson” emblazoned on the front in cursive. Kaylie stared at it, breathing quickly, and put it around her neck at William’s enthusiastic nod. She let out a quiet, feminine, squeal, at the collar snapping closed.

Kaylie closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them again. They were big pools of blue that read subservience. “Thank you, Master,” the Domestic Doll said quietly. William knelt down on the floor with her and attached a leash to the small hook on the front of the collar.

With a playful tug, both Master and slave stood up. “It’s about time that you continued your lessons now that this has been dealt with.” Kaylie nodded quickly.

He led her by the collar to a room down the hall from his own office. Inside it was a series of treadmills, but this room was empty. William motioned towards the one right before them. “Remember how we were discussing your discomfort with high heels?” He smiled brightly, proud of the technology about to be shown off. “Well,” he began, leading Kaylie up onto the treadmill, “this machine here can be quite helpful with adjusting your gait to be more feminine.” The Domestic Doll began walking on the treadmill’s track as it came to life.

William put a hand up. “Too fast! But that is” He tapped a few buttons on the treadmill’s interface and a three dimensional hypnotic spiral began dancing in front of Kaylie’s face. Wide eyed, her walking slowed down. After another button press by her Master, a display of how she should be walking, slower, more methodical, and certainly more alluring without looking ridiculous, began repeating over and over. “Follow that and replicate it.” Kaylie began trying and, with William’s encouragement, locked into the correct gait after a few minutes. Deeply hypnotized, she began walking on the treadmill properly, her high heeled legs correcting their previously unfeminine movements.

Satisfied with Kaylie’s progress, William walked over to an intercom and made a call to where her next appointment would be. Watching the Domestic Doll’s progress in the ceiling mirror above her, he began talking to the doctor on the other side of the call about his specific desires for Kaylie. William had to admit he was becoming quite fond of her.

* * *

A few days later, Kaylie was doing a shift in the Domestic Doll Services laundry room. Someone had to do the laundry, and new Domestic Dolls were sent there to test their programming. The billionaire scion wore a black maid uniform, white stockings, and pumps. Her walking was now significantly more feminine and gentle as expected of her. A vastly expanded bust also highlighted her body at William’s request. The short, skinny, Domestic Doll now had large breasts that pleased him greatly.

Kaylie was happily folding clothing and organizing a fresh load of athletic outfits from one of DDS’ gyms. Her cheerful smile matched the the programmed thoughts in her mind; she had never been happier than in this very moment. The Domestic Doll had practically skipped to her duties today, only slowing at the tug of her leash from the trainer assigned to bring her and other Dolls here this morning. The newly enlarged chest on her body had gathered a few compliments, which made her even happier. She had not seen William since the treadmill exercises; Kaylie could not wait to show them to him. A nurse had told her they were his requested measurements, so she felt a special pang of cheer.

The previously miserable life she had lived felt like another lifetime. “If only all women could be turned into Domestic Dolls,” she mused to herself as the entrance to the laundry room opened. An Asian woman in a maid uniform like her own, but yellow, came running into the room as quickly as the impossibly high heels on her feet allowed.

The maid, whose collar read “Sindi,” again with a little heart over the “i” like her own, saw Kaylie and immediately began trying to make her way towards the Domestic Doll. “You! You can help me! I don’t know about you,” she began, anxiously looking over her shoulder, “but they kidnapped me and tried to turn me into a bimbo,” again the woman, dark haired and red lipped, looked around with exhausted paranoia, “but I seem to have thwarted them! I am trying to figure out a way to escape.” Kaylie squinted at her, unsure how to respond to the odd woman. “You can help me,” she paused to look at the collar around her neck, “Kaylie, but we have to hurry!”

Kaylie looked down at the floor. She bit down on her lip, bemused at still getting accustomed to the new size of her chest. They got in the way a little bit at times! Something was definitely wrong. “Yes, yes, Kaylie can help you. She knows where to go for help.”

Sindi finally made her way to Kaylie. She put a hand, filled with long pink tipped nails, to the Domestic Doll’s face. “Wow, they really did a number on you. Those breasts look ridiculous. I’m not sure how far they got with me, but we can find help outside.” Ridiculous! Kaylie stared at Sindi and tried not to show the anger that was simmering inside her. The nurses and doctor who worked on her breasts said they looked great and so did her Master, who was the only one that really mattered! Something was definitely wrong, but it was not with Kaylie. Sindi was suffering from not having her transformation into a Domestic Doll completed.

“This way,” Kaylie waved her own manicured, French tips with tiny hearts like on the collar she wore so proudly, hand towards the wall. They passed a few other Domestic Dolls, in orange and blue maid uniforms respectively, who did not acknowledge them as they walked. At the end of a corridor they stopped after she put a hand up. When Sindi looked back over her shoulder to see if anyone was following them, Kaylie gently pressed a button the wall. She also performed a mental command, something the Domestic Doll had no idea until that moment could even be done, to ask for assistance for a defective Domestic Doll. The receiver, she prayed it was Master, would trace the GPS in her collar and come find them.

Sindi returned to Kaylie, who had moved to stand in front of the elevator, just as the doors began to open. As it swooshed open besides them, she shoved the defective Domestic Doll into it as hard as her small, feminine, frame allowed her. Sindi attempted to fight back for a second, but both Domestic Dolls snapped to attention, as all Domestic Dolls were programmed to do while in elevators, following Kaylie landing a punch which snapped off one of her white tipped nails.

As the elevator opened a few floors above, two security Dolls, dressed in black and pink latex from the neck down, stood next to an engineer and William, who had just arrived after being notified it was Kaylie who had sent the distress signal. The engineer entered the elevator and commanded both Sindi and Kaylie to exit it with him. They silently obeyed and stood before their controller. The engineer and William did a special sequence of taps on each Domestic Doll’s collar to put them in a stasis mode until the security officers could figure out what had happened.

William’s heart raced as he stared at Kaylie’s blank expression. He worried about her being hurt in a way that surprised him. He had grown fond of the Domestic Doll since their initial interview, but he now felt intense feelings for her. He was falling in love.

* * *

A few hours later, after it became clear from surveillance videos what had happened, William stood before Kaylie, at attention again, in a private room. He was proud of the quick thinking by her; she had realized Sindi would snap to attention in the elevator, which would give security time to find her. It was a very clever move and he was happy she was fine beyond a small bruise on her arm.

After standing before her for a few minutes, William put a hand against her tiny mouth. Her red lips formed a TINY “O” that looked both alluring and adorable. He tapped a few buttons on the remote in his hand and waited for Kaylie to boot back up again. In those few moments, he began considering how him and Miss Macpherson could have a life together in the future.

Kaylie let out a loud gasp and looked around, stopping when she saw her Master. A few seconds passed as the events of the early part of her day were replayed. She gasped again and then fell into his protective arms, squeezing him tightly until he had to tell her to stop.

William held onto her arm and walked Kaylie to a couch on the other side of the room. He had dressed her in a pink dress with white platform heels. They sat down and William spoke after a moment.

“Security reviewed the tape of what happened. You were very clever to get Sindi to enter the elevator.” He looked at her with a proud smile. Most Domestic Dolls were dumbed down so much they would have just been lost in a dangerous situation like that.

Kaylie gave him a gentle smile in return, but then frowned a little and sighed. “Sindi was a very bad girl, Master. She seemed so afraid and confused. Kaylie just knew you would know how to fix her. She must be defective!”

William laughed at her exclamation. “Yes, Sindi was quite defective. She escaped a programming session and ended up down by where you were working. Your quick thinking made sure her defects will not infect any other Domestic Dolls.”

Kaylie sighed again, but this time more out of relief. “That is good,” she announced, letting out a long breath. “Kaylie knows Sindi is much safer now. Being safe means a Domestic Doll,” the blonde mused, “is true freedom, Master.”

William stared at her for a moment. “Do you feel safe, Kaylie?”

The blonde Domestic Doll nodded vigorously. “When Kaylie is with you, she feels really safe, Master.”

William leaned over and kissed Kaylie hard on the mouth. She returned the kiss with an intense eagerness. She quickly slid out of the pink dress, leaving white panties and a matching bra. Her Master slid down the silk underwear quickly and undid his own pants, entering her soon after. They made love in between long kisses. Finally, he came inside of her, but the Domestic Doll sat up, pushed her beloved back onto the couch with surprising strength and jerked him off until she could ride him and be fucked again. They dropped into a passionate embrace. Master and slave held each other tightly as William quietly instructed Kaylie on what their future would hold.

* * *

Things moved quickly after that. The next morning, in their now shared living space, Kaylie knelt and bowed to her Master. He placed an engagement ring on her hand and they slipped away for a quiet marriage ceremony with a judge that had been favorable to DDS in the past. Miss Kaylie Macpherson became Mrs. Kaylie Cullen, the devoted wife, and, in private, reprogrammed Domestic Doll.

They honeymooned for a week in a small Irish town that William’s family had come from a few hundred years before, with a promise to visit Scotland to trace Kaylie’s heritage soon. Unfortunately, even in a small Irish town, soon word got out of exactly who each was and a paparazzi snapped a few photos of them. Gossip blogs that followed the tech sector exploded with the news of a potential romance between them. Both had portrayed themselves publicly as being rather reclusive, so the news was covered for a few days as thousands of clicks came in.

Speculation about the former wallflower Kaylie’s new look, from the short cropped platinum blonde pixie cut, to the augmented breasts, to her generally happy persona over raised various speculation. An analyst on a financial channel got in trouble because he joked about having never seen “the girl” smile before. Even his rather conservative female presenter scolded him for it.

When they returned from the honeymoon, Arianna put out a press release confirming the romance and marriage. They held a small press conference where Kaylie announced that all of her father’s businesses would be closing with all of their assets being donated to charity or used to create philanthropic endeavors. All employees would be given significant exit packages, including some freebie Domestic Dolls for a few enraged executives, and the few who had loudly voiced dissent were brought in and had their attitudes corrected. Kaylie also announced she would be taking her husband’s name, which essentially ended her family line. “The Macpherson’s have caused too much trouble, put too much profit ahead of people,” she argued, a small hint of a Scottish accent, programmed into her when William admitted it turned him on, “and now their legacy will be one that helps the world.”

The financial and tech sectors were ablaze with hot takes about her decision, but Mrs. Cullen was happy to live a quieter life as the obedient housewife of her wonderful husband. She would only leave their living quarters with permission, leading a happy life in the bliss of safety. Each morning, after pleasuring William and receiving instructions, she would pray quietly, to nothing in particular, offering her gratitude at being able to escape the anarchic, frustrating, and violent role forced onto modern women for one of safety and content. In the months that followed, the guilt that had burdened her so much was fully alleviated, and one day the memory of it just slipped her mind as she obeyed one of her Master’s commands.

The End

* * *

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