Domestic Doll Services: Domestic Relations

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #dom:male #f/m #scifi #sub:female #clothing #drones #robots

Thomas Larmer is stressed out, with an unruly daughter, and a self-important wife, but at his job as well. After his boss tips him off to how helpful a Domestic Doll can be in creating order in the home, domestic relations in the Larmer household improve rather quickly.

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

* * *

ABOUT: Domestic Doll Services is a series of stories about a corporation that offers lifelike “Domestic Dolls” for sale. These “Dolls” are sold for domestic use primarily, but the Dolls, designed to the whims of the buyer, which often appeared, as a mix of super model and stripper, obviously had a sexual use as well.

DDS emerged into the public out of a merger between two companies, one that worked on artificial intelligence, and a nano-technology firm. The Dolls were best sellers, but the company repeatedly declined going public despite the billions they could make in the process. They were also controversial: Feminists despised their hyper-feminine default visage. The companies’ public relations department argued that anyone could mold their Domestic Doll in any shape, color, or size. Many of the Domestic Dolls for sale were actually robots. However, many were not.

Domestic Doll Services stories can, more or less, unless noted, be read in any order. I would like to note that this story was the first one written.

* * *

Do you have a busy life? Is your wife trying to “have it all,” or be the breadwinner while raising a family? Has your family life suffered because of a lack of help in the domestic sphere? A new company has come along that has a solution for your problem. Introducing Domestic Doll Services, which offers an innovative way to solve your problems at home. Domestic Doll Services offers its first series of Domestic Dolls, android workers that look and seem almost human but live to fulfill the needs of your family. Their every purpose is to be useful.

Do you need help in your home? Can you imagine how much more you could get done each day with a Domestic Doll? Perhaps you have an elderly family member that needs care? Is there a need for comfort in a time of mourning? Are you lonely? Domestic Doll Services has a line of new Domestic Doll androids, whose patent pending creation, and the trade secrets of, is already the talk of every Silicon Valley blog, with plentiful payment options available to families of all means.

Jackie Pirloti took one final drag of the cigarette that dangled from her pink tipped fingers and sighed. She was tired, having been up until 0700 the night before with her date for the night. The athlete had needed a date for an awards ceremony and the service that the brunette worked for had been hired to provide a charming, beautiful, and willing young lady like her for the night. After the award ceremony, they had gone to his loft apartment, given to him by the team after their championship season and gone through what were normal machinations for this kind of work. He did some recreational drugs. Jackie refused them, knowing that it was unsafe to do drugs while on the clock. They made love a few times, in two different holes, and then she pleasured herself with a vibrator he brought for dates to use.

Jackie had done everything he wanted, that was her job, but as the sun began to come up she commented to him that the contract he signed required her to be home by 0600. He let her go and she took the high speed train across the city to her apartment, which was quiet since her roommate, and coworker, Nikki had suddenly left the area the week before.

Jackie missed Nikki. They had been close and often worked together. The white high heeled boots she was wearing right now were a pair that Nikki had seen in a store and told her about a few months before. Her sudden departure from their job and apartment had been troublesome. The Madam she worked for, however, assured the brunette that Nikki was fine and nothing was wrong.

Jackie was too tired today to argue. She had only been able to sleep until 1200 because her Madam called and said she had an offer for tonight. Jackie needed to pay the rent, now that she was living alone, and her Madam knew she would not say no to the offer.

The man was typical of those Jackie was assigned to by her Madam. Middle aged, average appearance, divorced, needing accompaniment to a public gathering for appearances sake. She would stand with him, smile, and look her best. Sometimes they sent her right home, but often she accompanied them to their home for sex. Oddly, this man had not specified sex, but that happened occasionally so it did not seem so out of sorts to the brunette Italian.

Now it was 1800 and Jackie was waiting for a taxi to arrive so she could travel to his hotel. A few minutes after she had flicked her cigarette away the taxi flew down to the stand she stood at and pulled up before her. A housewife and her children walked by and the wife gave her a very judgmental look. The brunette rolled her eyes and got into the taxi, which flew off into traffic above the buildings that hugged the sky in their city.

Jackie spent the trip checking messages on her phone. Still nothing from Nikki, which bothered her. She smiled at seeing requests already coming in for the next two nights. That would cover the rent for the rest of the month; after that she could take a few days off. The beautiful 19 year old would then return to work and continue escorting until something better came along. If she was lucky, maybe one day she could be a Madam like her boss or marry a rich client. The escort was under educated and had limited options beyond her current profession.

Inside the hotel, Jackie gave a wave with her small, manicured, hands towards the male clerk at the desk. This hotel had an agreement with her Madam to look the other way while the women did their business. He was a handsome young man; she had been tempted by him more than once, but at the moment her only sexual experiences were transactions.

In the elevator heading up to the 42nd floor, she checked her makeup one last time. She was content with her appearance as the doors slid open and she swayed down the hall to where the man would be waiting for her to arrive. They would, she assumed, have a drink, most of the men were pretty predictable, and then head out to the event.

At the door, her pink tipped nails tapped away at the code screen. She smiled as the door interface announced that the code was verified in a feminine voice. It opened and Jackie entered, offering a “hello?” in her high pitched, girlie, voice.

Her high heeled boots thumped against the carpeted floor. “Hello,” she said again, “um, I’m sorry I didn’t check your name when I accepted this date.” Something seemed off about the hotel room. It was barely lit and there were minimal personal items laying about.

She took a step forward into the living room and squinted at the small light above her. In that moment, Jackie did not notice the two men come out of the closet to the side of her. One of the men grabbed her, holding her small arms together while the other injected the brunette sex worker in the neck. The room spun for a moment before Jackie fell into the man of the man who had injected her.

The other man tapped the watch on his arm. “New product material acquired,” he said in a monotone voice. Both men, empty eyed, stood for a moment before all three were beamed away.

Early the next morning, Jackie woke up to find herself laying on a large table. Her arms and legs were spread out, metal bars holding them in place. A metal collar also held her head looking straight ahead, which she did with a panic as memories of being drugged and kidnapped came back to her. She had woken up briefly while being taken in the van, but another injection had knocked her out for the rest of the ride.

Jackie’s current predicament left her toned, naked, body sweating in fear. “Hello?” She yelled out, her high pitched, feminine, voice echoing off the walls of the large room. When no response came, the brunette let out a sob as tears came down her face. Her makeup had been removed, so the clear tears on her face slipped off her cheeks and fell to the floor.

A few minutes passed before a pair of high heels echoed near the large door to the room. “Hello?” Jackie called out again, but as the platinum blonde woman got closer she smiled and waved instead of speaking. The woman was incredibly beautiful with massive breasts kept snug in a blue latex nurse uniform. Platform heels of the same light shade of blue adorned her shapely legs, which were housed in stockings of the same color as well. A smile never left her face, which wore perfect makeup. A pink collar sat snug around her neck; a gold medallion with the number “9863” sat in its middle.

“Hi!” doll9863 greeted Jackie with an up pitched inflection. She gave another wave to the captive sex worker, long pink nails glistening in the lights above them.

“Who are you? Why am I here? Can you help me?” Jackie pleaded, wide eyed, with the woman. She wondered why the new entrant into the room was wearing latex and her thoughts trended towards the medallion in her collar right before a response came.

Yes,” doll9863 began, with an empathetic smile, “I can help you.” She pushed a button to bring up a three dimensional screen. Her tan hands swiped around it before finally clicking a few places in the image. “This,” she said, turning her head back towards Jackie, “will help you a lot.”

Jackie looked up at a noise to see a large television screen coming down towards her. The arm it was erected on jutted closer and closer. Without warning, a bright pink hypnotic spiral began playing on the screen. Within a few seconds, the brunette, mind already slowed from the injection earlier, could not look away and quickly afterwards fell into a deep trance. Her pouty mouth slightly ajar, eyes wide and big, and a lack of movement after doll9863 revoked the metal bands holding her in place were sure signs that Jackie was deeply entranced and ready for the next step in her evolution into a Domestic Doll. The blonde doll had been a nurse in her past life; her skill set was kept after her conversion so she could work cases like this with skill.

“I can help you, yes,” the blonde nurse said in a sing songy voice again. She injected Jackie, lost in the hypnotic spiral, with three large nano-probes, the final shooting out of her right arm and into the brunette’s neck. doll9863’s captive gasped loudly, as if having an orgasm, and then shuddered a few times.

If Jackie could think at the moment, it would be her final thoughts as an individual human being. As the probes began taking over her body, the ability to think for herself was one of the first aspects of “Jackie” to be taken away. After a few minutes, she gasped again. A moment passed before, as doll9863 turned off the spiral, the future Domestic Doll said “new programming incoming” in a high pitched monotone voice. At this point, “Jackie” was gone; her mind and memory were blank slates being rewritten by the metallic probes that turned her brain into something more techno-organic than organic.

Another few minutes went by while doll9863 ran another probe from the computer before her into the former “Jackie’s” neck. The first two probes were removed at this point, the holes in the skin were they had been remedied almost immediately by the healing qualities of the probes. Domestic Dolls could repair any injury to their body in seconds.

Yet another gasp came about 10 minutes later while doll9863 was prepping for her next patient, a runaway the police had picked up after trying to steal from a store. The former “Jackie” sat up and smiled at her sister. “doll56873 has assimilated this body; it is ready for new programming.” The Domestic Doll gave the other occupant of the room an empty headed smile.

doll9863 swayed over and put a tan hand on doll56873’s arm. “Sit back, sis.” Obediently, doll56873 sat back again. Her sister put a hand behind the new Domestic Doll’s head to cushion it before it made contact with the metal backing of the chair. She stepped back. “Load new programming.”

In front of her sister, as all Domestic Dolls thought of each other, doll56873 began to change. The brunette Jackie’s appearance shifted from dark hair to bright red. Her sun kissed tan faded to a pale quality that complemented the new hair. Jackie’s augmented breasts grew another cup and became slightly wider. The formerly small legs of the short sex worker became longer and more shapely and toned. Finally, green eyes replaced blue and the idealized makeup set up for this Domestic Doll appeared on her face.

Satisfied with the newly loaded structure, doll9863 fussed with the new Domestic Doll for a moment. Smiling happily, she injected another probe, this one coming from her left arm, to begin loading specific programming into it. The former Jackie stared straight ahead, red lips slightly open, as its mind was filled with a new purpose.

* * *

The next morning, doll56873 woke up from the wall port she had been plugged into for the evening. She pulled down her bright red hair and ejected the port, which closed over on the back of her neck as if it had never been there.

Automatically, the new Domestic Doll began dressing for the day. By default, until a buyer or another person with root access instructed her otherwise, she was to be adorned in a black maid uniform, quite snug in all the proper places, white stockings and a lacy bra, and black pumps. She quickly dressed, thrilled for another day of service. That today was her first day of said service did not matter. doll56873 had always, even if always was only a few hours, been a Domestic Doll and would continue to be. She smiled to herself in the long mirror adjacent to the wall port.

Upon hearing someone enter the room where she was being kept, doll56873 turned around and snapped to attention when her eyes saw a man. A script came across her visual range that said this was Mr. Anderson, one of the leading programmers for Domestic Doll Services. Maybe he worked on her? Her large green eyes stared at him, never straying away as she waited for command. There was no point to her existence until someone like Mr. Anderson commanded her.

Mr. Anderson, in his thirties, clean shaven, and wearing a blazer and jeans, smiled at the Domestic Doll. “Hello, doll56873. I need,” he began, pulling a square device attached to a cord out of his blazer pocket, “to install some new programming into you and then run a diagnostic.”

Obediently, as if she had done it a million times before, doll56873 stepped forward and knelt before the man she thought of as her master at the moment. Again, her eyes never left him, waiting for a further means to please him. A Domestic Doll always pleases her instructors. After a moment, she calmly picked up her hair and waited for the plug to enter her body.

Mr. Anderson, a name tag read “Jeffrey,” placed a gentle hand on her small shoulder and then pressed the plug from the device against her skin. A piece of skin slid away to reveal a port to interface with the device. He calmly pushed it in and then tapped a button on the device.

Immediately, because he had root access to doll56873, the beautiful redhead began blinking rapidly. “New programming installing,” she announced in a sing songy monotone. The absolute slavery mirrored in her empty eyes filled the rubric of things Jeffrey would be looking for during the diagnostic.

A minute went by before the device pinged, pronouncing it had completed installing the new software inside the Domestic Doll. This could have been done wirelessly, but most of Domestic Doll Services’ programmers liked a more hands on approach before the dolls were sold to their buyers.

Jeffrey ejected the plug and wound it into device, placing it back into his pocket. He placed a hand against doll56873’s face. “Please restart and run a diagnostic on new programming.”

The redhead let out a feminine shriek and then blinked a few times again. Her empty eyes stared straight ahead for about half a minute before she blinked again, looked up, and smiled at Tom. “Diagnostic complete, Master. New programming installed successfully.”

If Jeffrey did not deal with ten Domestic Dolls a day, the sexy look she gave him would have greatly turned the programmer on. “What is your name?”

“Amber,” the redhead announced, forgetting her product number. She smiled at the man as if nothing had changed.

“Good girl.” Jeffrey motioned for Amber to pull her hair up again and she did compliantly. He placed a black collar around her neck, a medallion with her name in the middle of the front, and then motioned again for her stand before him. Amber stood up, snapped to attention, and stared straight ahead with the trademarked compliant smile of a Domestic Doll.

Jeffrey stood before her. She would be a great addition to the home that has bought her. “Amber,” he began to ask her, “what is your purpose?”

She turned gently, smiled, head slightly tilted, and proclaimed her purpose proudly. “Sir, Amber exists to serve the head of home in the Larmer household at 11 Arnold Road in—”

He put a hand up and she ceased reciting it. “Good girl.” For a moment, he watched her breaths, slow and steady, push her massive bust up and down. “Amber,” it helped to directly address Domestic Dolls so there was not confusion about commands, “you have been purchased by that family. Please load the customized downloadable content they have also purchased for you.”

Amber blinked. “Yes, Sir, accessing...loading content from server...” her eyes fluttered a few times as the download began... “domestic routines downloading....domestic routines installed...personality routines downloading...personality routines installed...value system routines downloading...value system routines installed...”

A few minutes had passed while Jeffrey checked on the downloads. Amber suddenly spoke. “Sir, sexual routines downloading, but they need administrative password to install.”

Jeffrey nodded. “Yes, I will add it from the console.” He inputted a series of keys that were randomly added to each Domestic Doll as an administrative back door if Domestic Doll Services ever needed to access one of their Domestic Dolls.

Amber’s happy smile returned. “Thank you, Sir, sexual routines installed.”

“Wonderful,” Jeffrey took one of her manicured hands in his own. “I want you to be a good girl for your owner. Do you see the special task he demands of you?”

Amber stared straight ahead for a few seconds, lost in loading the task. “Yes, Sir, Amber sees her duty and looks forward to aiding the head of the Larmer household.”

Jeffrey smiled and gave her a pat on the backside, which made the Domestic Doll giggle. He handed her a duster. “He has a thing for the maid uniform. He will love seeing you with the duster.”

He took her hand again and walked the red haired Domestic Doll to the floor. Mr. Larmer, in his early forties, dark hair beginning to gray, saw her and walked over quickly. Amber gave Jeffrey’s hand a squeeze and then swayed forward swiftly. Kneeling, she bowed down before her new Master. “Mr. Larmer, Master, Amber exists to serve you as the head of the Larmer household. She looks forward to meeting your wife and your daughter when she returns from college. Please instruct her on how she will please.” She looked up at him, large eyed and passive.

Smiling, Mr. Larmer motioned for her to rise. “Yes, I cannot wait until they meet you. They will be away for a few days, so you will have plenty of time to learn.” He began to inform her how she would please.

* * *

A few months before Mr. Larmer, Thomas, had totally burnt out at his job. After having to fire two coworkers due to their incompetence, which put a project they were all working on behind schedule, he sat in the office of his boss and opened up about how exhausted he had been lately. His boss, Jeffrey Anderson, listened carefully and with concern for one of his best workers. Their work was in world finance and he needed employees like Thomas at the top of their game.

Things at home were not great either. He had grown apart from his wife, Karen, who was never satisfied with anything in life. His daughter, Amanda, had gone away to college and, as many young adults do, come home thinking she was so wordly and “above” the lives her parents led. Thomas considered himself pretty successful, he easily cleared nearly half a million each year, but Amanda just felt like she had better plans. He had even tried to set her up with the sons of a few executives at his work, great young men, but she declined each time. Work had been so stressful lately and having his home life crumbling did not help.

At this point, Thomas’ boss brought up Domestic Doll Services. He said that they had really changed his home life. Thomas noted that he had seen the commercials, but never really thought too much about it.

“Let me show you something,” his boss stated as he pressed a button on his desk. “Tiffany, can you come in here for a moment.”

Tiffany was a stunning Korean woman with long black hair and a great body who had been Jeffrey’s personal assistant for the past year. She seemed to always have a positive attitude and greeted her boss with a smile as she compliantly entered the room. Both men stared at the beautiful woman, dressed in a tight miniskirt a few inches above the knee, black stockings and pumps of the same color. Thomas had never thought about it, but as he looked at the sleeveless turtleneck the assistant wore it was cleared that she had breast implants. The woman stopped a few steps away from Mr. Peterson’s desk and waited, smiling, her attention never leaving him. The Asian beauty did not acknowledge the presence of Thomas.

Jeffrey stood up and walked over to the dark haired Korean. “Tiffany,” he started, waving towards Thomas, “Mr. Larmer would like to purchase a Domestic Doll. You don’t you get into Display Mode Three.”

“Yes, Master,” Tiffany stated with a smile. She turned away from her owner and swayed over to Thomas, pumps clicking on the hard floor, and knelt before him. Her eyes did not leave his, almost as if the rest of the world had been turned off. Jeffrey was stunned by this turn of events.

Thomas looked over at Jeffrey. “Yep, she is a Domestic Doll. Looks real doesn’t she?”

“Yeah,” Thomas breathed out after a moment of staring at the submissive beauty, but then looked confused. “I do not understand. How can she be a Domestic Doll? Most of them look kind of ‘fake,’ I guess is the word for it? Her mannerisms are so life like.”

Jeffrey grinned. “Tiffany here is part of a new line of Domestic Dolls. They have cracked a way to make them look like regular women.” He stared at Kimberly’s impressive chest, moving up and down slowly as she breathed in the tight sweater she wore. “Well, with certain augmentations I suppose.” Jeffrey was just a buyer like Thomas would be; he had no idea about how Domestic Doll Services really created their new line of Domestic Dolls.

“But there is more.” Jeffrey motioned for Tiffany to return to her work, which she did without speaking. “They can also alter women without totally turning them into Domestic Dolls. Just a bit of an attitude adjustment. Works great when you have a Domestic Doll at home too to help educate them.” He leaned forward and smiled. “Ever wonder why my wife is so great? The Domestic Doll we purchased helped adjust her attitudes a bit when she got too uppity.”

Thomas leaned back as much as Jeffrey had forward. A thoughtful look came over his face. “Tell me more about it...”

* * *

Thomas spent the next few days methodically teaching Amber the routine she would follow in his home. The Domestic Doll obediently complied with each command. He planned what would happen when Karen and Amanda returned from the trip they had taken after Amanda returned from college. Amber offered a few ideas of her own about how to deal with the situation which were useful. With a plan in place, they just had to wait a few hours until the Larmer women came home.

The argument began the moment they saw Amber. “I can fucking handle the house myself!” Karen, hair cut while away into a shorter bob, exclaimed her disgust.

“These robots are sexist! I can’t believe they put breasts on one of them,” his daughter argued.

“Now calm down,” Thomas said, “we can afford some help around the home. We all get behind on the house. I work long hours, so do you Karen.” He turned to his daughter. When had she begun to look at him with disgust. “Amanda you are away. Amber says she can help with schoolwork.”

Amber stepped up from behind Thomas at this point, heels clicking along the floor. “Miss Larmer,” she started, a wide smile on her face, “Amber has downloaded all information from the World Wide Web about your major. Please feel free to ask her for research assistance or other help.” The Domestic Doll had stepped back again after speaking.

Amanda, curly dark hair bouncing with her movements, threw her hands up in disgust as she pointed at her father. “Do you think I am five?”

Thomas shock his head. “No! A few of my coworkers have their Domestic Dolls act as a research assistant for their college aged children. She can help you in a lot of ways.”

Karen had been staring at her husband, and then at the way Amber’s eyes never left his. “Did you fuck her?”

Thomas began to say no, but then stopped. “Yes, I ‘fucked’ her, Karen.” He sighed. “I am sorry about that, but it was hard to resist. You just don’t understand this is going to help—”

“No, I fucking do not! This robo-cunt is going back to wherever she came from.” Karen turned towards Amber, who cheerfully smiled at her. She turned back to her soon to be former husband. Her daughter had come to stand next to her in the middle of the kitchen.

As Thomas prepared some kind of reply, Amber took a few steps and stood behind Mrs. and Miss Larmer. After a beat, she raised both of her hands as probes shot out of them. The probes attached themselves to the necks of both women, who both screamed in discomfort.

“What the fuck?” Karen yelled, looking towards her husband and then back to the smiling Domestic Doll.

After a few seconds, her daughter put a hand on her head. “Mom, Amanda does not feel well?” Her other hand went to her mouth. “Why is Amanda speaking like this?” A look of horror came over her face.

A similar pain came to Karen. “What did you do to Karen?” She stopped, tried to focus. “Karen. Karen.” No matter what she did, her mouth would not use a personal pronoun.

A few more seconds went by and both women seemed to stop in place. Amber, who had been waiting calmly behind them, retracted the probes and turned to her Master. “Master, it will be a moment while their new programming begins to take control of them.” She smiled, head tilting slightly. “Master, is there anything Amber can do for you?”

“What is happening?” Thomas walked over to his wife and daughter. Both were frozen where they had been when the nano-probes had gained access to their bodies. Karen’s mouth was wide open. Amanda was looking up, a deep fear mirrored in her eyes.

Amber nodded and swayed over to where they stood. “Master, both Mrs. and Miss Larmer’s bodies are being prepared so root access can be gained over them. Amber will continue their conditioning at that time.” She closed her green eyes and gently reopened them. “Master, the install is nearly complete. One moment.” A flirty smile came over her face. Mr. Larmer was going to be so happy with the Larmer women!

Both women suddenly snapped to attention and marched over to Amber. A three dimensional hypnotic spiral came out of Amber’s eyes which instantly enchanted Karen and Amanda. Both stared at eye, wide eyed, and deeply under control.

Amber turned off the spiral and walked over to Mrs. Larmer. “Mrs. Larmer, please download and install Housewife Program 67-Larmer.” She turned to Miss Larmer. “Miss Larmer, please download and install Dutiful Daughter Program 90-Larmer.”

“Program downloading,” both women announced in a high pitched monotone. “Program installing,” came a few seconds later. After a brief interval, both women blinked a few times and smiled at Thomas and then at Amber.

* * *

A few weeks passed as the Larmer family was transformed into the ideal unit that Thomas had envisioned when he had married his wife. Mrs. Larmer, currently setting the table for her family, who deserved a solid breakfast each morning, had abruptly resigned from her job to “focus on family.” Enough people, women and men, did this these days that no one really questioned it. The short skirt and white pumps she wore right now, after a good fucking from her husband at dawn, showed off her body excellently.

In a few years, Thomas planned to divorce Mrs. Larmer and marry Amber who, wearing her normal maid uniform, was now best friends with the woman who, alongside her, served Master. They conversed for a moment while Amber began portioning out the breakfast she had been working hard on for the past hour while Master fucked Mrs. Larmer and then prepared for the day.

Thomas came down the steps and smiled at the wonderful sight before him. “Good morning, Master,” both women proclaimed with a curtsy. He sat down at the table and began looking through overnight reports from work on his tablet while Amber put down his plate.

A minute behind him came his daughter Mandi, who had decided to take a semester off from college. Mandi, freshly platinum blonde curls bouncing up and down as she came down the stairs, gave her daddy a manicured wave. The weekend after being programmed by Amber, Miss Larmer had begun dating the college aged son of Mr. Anderson. She was already falling in love and had ceased thinking of herself as Amanda Larmer, but the future Mrs. Mandi Anderson.

Mandi came bouncing into the dining room and gave her daddy a big hug. “Good morning, daddy!” Dressed in pink spandex shorts and tank top, she was about to go to the gym, which she now did every morning. After her boyfriend suggested she should start working out, Mandi had joined a gym the next morning. Sometimes Amber came too, but this morning she would go alone.

After breakfast was prepared, all three women sat down with Thomas. Amber ate quickly, being a Domestic Doll she only needed protein, and then returned to her duties. However, Mr. Larmer could see that something was wrong with his daughter, who was frowning as she nibbled at a piece of bacon.

“Sweetie, what is wrong?” Mandi had been so delightful and happy since her conversion. It pained Thomas to see his daughter look sad. He looked at her with concern.

“Well,” she began, sighing, as a manicured finger played with a stray curl, “Cynthia keeps texting me about taking time off of school. I told her, again,” Thomas noticed a slight hint of anger in her voice, “that I wanted to focus on my boyfriend. School is so hard!” For the record, “Amanda” had only been an average student. “I like going to business parties and looking pretty.”

Thomas thought for a moment. “I have an idea, why don’t you have Cynthia over for dinner tonight?” He made eye contact with Amber, who grinned and nodded knowingly. “I think after she sees how happy your mother is and meets Amber she will change her mind about Domestic Dolls. Amber certainly changed your mind.”

Mandi clapped her hands together. “Daddy, that is a great idea! I will call her after I get out of the gym.”

Thomas motioned to his wife, who immediately ceased what she had been doing. “Karen, when is the appointment today?”

“1100, Sir,” Karen replied in her up-pitched, cheerful, tone. Thomas had decided calling him “Master” was weird when Mandi was around, so she swapped formalities for the moment.

“Great.” He turned to Mandi. “You should get to the gym so you can get back for your doctor’s appointment.” Karen and Mandi were going to the surgeon who had done the breasts of Jeffrey’s wife. He was one of the best surgeons in the world; both women would have incredible busts afterwards.

As his daughter stood up, kissed him gently on the cheek, and padded into the living room to pick up her gym bag, Thomas laughed to himself. He watched his wife conferring with Amber, who told her to wait in the guest room to begin their lessons for the day. The sway of her backside in the tight miniskirt she wore reminded him of what had driven him crazy all those years ago.

Amber told Karen she would be a moment. She approached Mr. Larmer, pumps clicking on the wood floor. In front of him, the redhaired Domestic Doll adjusted his tie and knocked a stray piece of fuzz off his shirt with a long acrylic nail. Amber knew she would be Mrs. Larmer one day and felt a deep passion for her Master and his family.

“When Cynthia is here tonight, I am certain you will know what to do,” he said to her. “I actually need a new personal assistant. A ‘Cindi’ will do quite nicely.”

Amber grinned and leaned up to kiss him gently. “Yes, Master.” She turned and walked towards the guest room to continue training the current Mrs. Larmer.

As he walked towards the door, Thomas reflected on the last few weeks of his life. His job was doing well, he had a wonderful, compliant, wife and an even more agreeable one waiting in the wings. His daughter would be married off to to son of his boss, which would secure his future. In the car, he began imagined Cynthia as “Cindi,” his obedient personal assistant. She would remain best friends with Mandi. Maybe Anderson had another son who needed a wife?

Pulling out into traffic, Thomas Larmer realized that he had the loving wife he always wanted. His daughter would be taken care of by a nice man. Soon, he would “upgrade” to Amber. All in all, family relations in the Larmer household had certainly improved since being made aware of Domestic Doll Services.

The End

* * *

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