Ava The Astronaut Submits

by barbararwetzel

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:male #f/m #sub:female #bondage #clothing #D/s #drones #growth #scifi

Two astronauts shift out of their dimension into a new world where the rule of patriarchy never ended.

Ava The Astronaut Submits

DISCLAIMER: This book is fiction. Every name, place, character, and event are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is pure coincidence. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older

* * *

Captain Dalton Hinton could not believe was he was hearing from the doctor, the head of the hospital, who was attending to him as he woke up over the past day. His memories of the accident had been fuzzy, but the good doctor had filled in some gaps and then began explaining the more sensational parts. His ship had crossed dimensions to the same planet, but an entirely different world order: A world order around the supremacy of men and absolute submission of women.

Captain Hinton, 47, had been the captain of a small exploration ship traveling to a nearby planet to take samples of minerals and search for any sign of life. Their ship had been diverted towards a star and pulled into its gravity center. The last thing he remembered, the dark-haired explorer recalled to the doctor, was a blinding white light, their sensors making noises he could not describe, and then waking up in this bed.

The head of the hospital, Dr. Hiroshi Honda, 52, explained to Captain Hinton that their ship had been drawn into this dimension from his own. Testing on the bodies of the dead crew men, one of which had been one of Hinton’s closest friends, had shown signs of what he referred to in laymen terms as “dimensional static.” Yes, others had shifted dimensions. How many was classified, which Hinton understood. No, there was no way back. They were stuck here forever.

“You mentioned that two of the crew had died, he asked Dr. Honda, “but which one survived?”

Dr. Honda swiped at a three-dimensional display in front of him that was blurred from Hinton’s perspective. They have those in this dimension. Pretty cool, huh? “The survivor was a Miss Clayton. Was she your assistant? I am sorry your friend did not make it.”

Captain Hinton laughed. “No, Commander Clayton assists no one and makes sure you know it. I know you said that this is a much more patriarchal world from my dimension, but Ava is one of the most headstrong, career focused, women I have ever met, even for my dimension.”

Dr. Honda chuckled. “Well, that will have to change in this dimension. Miss Clayton will have to learn the proper behavior standards for women. I am hopeful she will conform without need for discipline or training.”

Seeing Captain Hinton’s eyebrows raise, he quickly changed the subject. “Let me give you an example of the expectations for women here. I think you might find them satisfactory.” He tapped his earpiece and then smirked proudly at the captain.

A few seconds later, an extraordinarily beautiful woman wearing an all-latex fabrication of a nurse’s dress came into the room. The dark-haired woman wore stockings and platform heels matching the color of the uniform. The collar around her neck read O’REILLY in bright pink, cursive, letters.

She bowed slightly, revealing a significant amount of cleavage. “Dr. Honda, how will Sadie serve? Her purpose is service.” Upon looking back up, her eyes never left the doctor, who was Lord and Master of her life until she reached the end of her hospital service and was married off.

Dr. Honda motioned over to Dalton. “This is Captain Hinton, the man I was telling you about. You are to serve him as if he is me while he stays with us.”

Sadie, 23, turned and smiled at him. “Master, Sadie’s purpose is service. Please instruct her so she can serve.” Her doe eyes showed an expression of absolute obedience and devotion to men.

Dr. Honda commanded her to check on Captain Hinton’s read outs over at the desk and then report back if there were any anomalies. The nurse slave moved to obey without speaking, but not before giving both men a great look at her firm backside.

Captain Hinton watched her for a few seconds. “Huh.” he said while sitting up a bit. “A bit different from my dimension, I suppose.”

“Women know their place in this dimension, Captain Hinton. They are docile, feminine, and obedient. They see men as their superiors in all things. Likewise, they exist to serve them. We emphasize the word serve. Service in all matters.”

He waved a hand over his shoulder. “Miss O’Reilly is of the SERVANT class of women. They are women who work in jobs like this one until their 25th birthday and then are married off to the highest bidder. In a job like this one, Sadie will meet wealthy men, politicians, and other men of great means. She will marry well and live a happy, comfortable, life of obedience. I have fairly high standards for that, so no takers yet. She is sweet and caring and wanted to help people as much as possible, so was trained in nursing.”

Captain Hinton nodded. “In my dimension, it wasn’t like this, really. Men were still in charge of most things, but women had made many strides in gaining power.” He shook his head. “A lot of them just wanted that power. Those who got it often sold out every woman behind them. So many of the women in my industry were overworked, stressed out, and depressed. I often thought that a more...patriarchal...world would be better for them, but never spoke it out loud for fear of offending.”

Dr. Honda smiled. “No worries about that here.” He looked thoughtful. “Let me introduce you to another of my assistants.” The doctor tapped his earpiece again.

A moment later, another latex clad nurse entered the room. She was a stunning platinum blonde Chinese woman with a massive bust and the same docile eyes as Sadie. Her collar read JIN is the same bright pink cursive font. Her bow showed an impressive amount of cleavage and she, like her slave sister, announced that her purpose was service. Like her sister slave, the nurse’s eyes never left the doctor.

“This is Xia Jin, one of my other assistants. Xia, this is my friend, Captain Hinton. I told you about him this morning.”

Xia, 22, looked over at Dalton and smiled softly, but then returned to awaiting orders from Doctor Honda.

He placed a hand on her collar gently. “My dear, you will assist Captain Hinton with cleaning himself up and then join him for dinner at my home this evening. You will serve him as if he were me. This is a direct order.”

Xia blinked a few times and then turned to Dalton. “Master, Xia is yours to command. She lives for service.”

The Captain’s surprised expression was cut off by Doctor Honda. “We can speak tonight at dinner, my friend. My media people have been able to hold off the press until tomorrow. Enjoy a meal and a good night of sleep.” He looked over at Xia. “Enjoy her too. Help Captain Hinton into the shower room and assist him with bathing and any ablutions he requires. I will have Sadie send clothing for both of you.”

Xia went over to the Captain and put a manicured hand on his arm. “Master, please let Xia assist you. Try to stand.”

Dalton sat up in bed and then took a few tentative steps into this brave new dimension before wobbling a little bit. Xia’s athletic arms held him up, and he steadied himself from there and allowed the beautiful slave nurse to escort him to the shower room.

Inside the glass of the shower room, there was a long metal bench and two individual shower stalls, plus a large sink. Xia squeezed Dalton’s arm. “Master, please shower…” She lowered her eyes and then looked back up at him. “Master, would it please you to have Xia join you?”

Dalton stared at this lovely, obedient, woman. He was quickly getting used to this dimension. “Yes, yes I would like that,” he confirmed with a nod before sliding off the rather comfortable shorts and shirt, of some fabric he had never felt before, while Xia slipped off her platform heels and then out of the latex nurse uniform. Her body was fit, breasts enormous, and wide-hipped as had been becoming the popular aesthetic in his time period.

Inside the shower stall, Dalton stared at the shower head over them before looking at Xia with a shrug. “Shower, ON, setting one,” she commanded the appliance in a calm, docile, tone. Water began coming out from it and, at her urging, he adjusted the head to a comfortable angle.

Xia applied a few lotions to him and rubbed them all over his body. At his midsection. She began massaging his cock until it was rock hard. The slave nurse continued to stroke him while her other hand ran across his body.

After Dalton moaned a few times, she continued washing him and then padded over to the side of the room to get a laser razor to shave his face. He passed on her offer to shave his balls, but promised to consider it after seeing her permanently hairless cunt.

Xia turned the shower off and retrieved a mat from the corner of the room, brought it to Dalton, and knelt down to deep throat his cock. She had been trained for hundreds of hours in sexual service and took such joy in pleasuring men with her mouth. Dalton pulled her even closer to him as he grunted out wads of cum, which the slave eagerly swallowed before cleaning him up and then announcing, again, that she lives for service.

Dalton knelt down and ran his hand across her face. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life, and her submission to him seemed absolute. “Slave Xia,” he began quietly, “I will be speaking to Dr. Honda about owning you. Your only purpose in life is service to me.”

Xia looked up at him with tears in her eyes. “Yes, Master. Xia loves Master and has no purpose but service to him.” She had fallen instantly in love with him. Her training required love as part of service.

Master and slave then dressed in the small space between shower rooms. Dalton wore a loose fitting sweater, very comfortable silk pants, and dress shoes. Xia wore a latex dress so tight her firm backside and massive bust were on full display, accentuated by the clear platform heels on her feet. The heavy makeup and happy, docile, smile she wore at all times confirmed her self identity as a bimbo.

Dalton wrapped his strong, masculine, arms around her. “Lead the way,” he ordered her, and followed the slave to their destination.

* * *

While Dalton and Xia got into the flying car, oh hey they have flying cars in this dimension, and traveled to their dinner at Dr. Honda’s home, Ava Clayton had also been woken up. Upon seeing the state of this dimension’s women, she had caused an uproar by telling Dr. Honda’s remaining nurses, including Sadie, to rebel against the men. The slave nurse had been so upset by the idea of defying men that she broke down crying and had to be put into a trance by another doctor.

Ava screamed and ranted at Dr. Honda, who calmly watched her while two nurses held her down in the bed. Metal bars held the blonde-haired astronaut’s arms and legs in place. “You can’t do this to me! I am an astronaut! I am a strong woman, unlike these bimbos! Where is Dr. Hinton?”

Dr. Honda chuckled. “He is enjoying the company of one of my other nurses before joining me for dinner once you have been neutralized.” The good doctor motioned to the nurse who had been calming Sadie to approach Ava. “Neutralize her.”

Ava struggled against the metal bars, but could not move, and then ceased once the neutralizing chip was connected to the back of her neck. She gasped loudly and then froze in place, staring blankly at Dr. Honda with a slightly ajar mouth and empty eyes.

“That is much better” he said while coming around to her bedside. “I am so sorry to have to take such drastic measures, but Miss Clayton, you have left me no choice. Moving forward, you will speak only when spoken to by a male. This is a direct order. All direct orders must be obeyed unquestionably. Do you understand?”

Ava continued to stare ahead. “I will speak only when spoken to by a male, which is a direct order. All direct orders must be obeyed unquestionably.”

He nodded and turned to motion for Sadie, now calmed down, to join them. “Good girl. You caused quite the scare for my nurse. Please apologize to her.”

Ava’s eyes shifted to Sadie. “I am sorry.”

“Good girl,” Dr. Honda confirmed as the metal bars around her extremities were removed. “Sadie is going to escort you to a lower floor where unruly women like you are retrained. I will check on you tomorrow to see how you are progressing.”

Dr. Honda placed a collar around Ava’s neck. He had thought this unfortunate turn was possible, and it had already been customized with bright pink CLAYTON lettering. A leash was also attached to the collar, which he gave a playful tug of before handing it to Sadie. “Please follow my nurse. This collar and leash are for your safety. You only feel safe when wearing the collar and leash. This is a direct order. Do you understand?”

“The collar and leash are for my safety,” Ava confirmed, “I only feel safe when wearing the collar and leash.”

Sadie led Ava out of the room and down a hall to an elevator to begin her retraining. Once done, the unruly, out of control, angry woman would be replaced with a much more pleasant, docile, feminine, and obedient lady.

* * *

A few hours later, Captain Hinton and Dr. Honda were enjoying dinner, which had been cooked by his personal maid with assistance from Xia and Sadie, who came home with him. The nurse slaves knelt on the floor beside their Masters, staring straight ahead blankly until Dalton allowed Xia to sit down next to him to enjoy her meal. Dr. Honda nodded respectfully to his new friend, but made Sadie eat on the floor, eyes never leaving him.

Dalton finished his soup, motioned for Xia to eat more, and then turned to Dr. Honda. “So how did this all happen?” He looked over at Sadie, who was eating her meal on her knees. “You said others have come from my dimension before, are you aware of its history?”

Dr. Honda nodded. “Yes. Much of the information about other dimensional travelers is classified, of course,” Captain Hinton put up a hand in deference, “but it seems the biggest split, well, the first big one, is about 200 years ago when women began demanding the right to vote, be educated, and work outside the home. In your dimension, these demands were eventually put into law.”

“Right,” Dalton confirmed, “my home country gave women the right to vote around the turn of that century. They started going to university and working around that time too.”

Dr. Honda motioned for Sadie and Xia to take their plates to his maid for cleaning. “Whereas in your dimension these demands were eventually put into law and society adjusted to deal with and then promote them, in this dimension the movement was cut off at its knees before getting too large.”

He continued. “There was no suffrage movement here. When even a small amount of dissident women demanded the right to things like voting, men in power in nations across the world acquiesced to small social changes.”

Dalton laughed as he finished off his glass of wine. “In my final days in my dimension, there was a growing movement to tweak things to promote women returning to the home. I don’t think it was ever going anywhere. The economy would not have sustained that happening.”

“Regarding suffrage,” Dr. Honda noted, “compromises were made with leading women to keep everyone in line. When women demanded voting rights, social changes were made instead. A married man’s vote began to count as one and a half, which encouraged women to marry like-minded men of a wide range of views.”

Dr. Hinton nodded as he petted Xia’s head. “Smart. Even if they want to rebel from patriarchy, you force them into it to be able to affect change. I bet that placated many of them. Just having that slight voice.”

“Oh, it gets better,” Dr. Honda continued, “stipends were given for marriage as well. So marrying became financially prudent. For every pregnancy, an additional stipend was given as well. Many women became content: They had some kind of say in things and a solidified financial future for themselves and their husband’s family. A very comprehensive social welfare program was the key to eroding any kind of feminist movement in this dimension. Making further adjustments over the generations, now that women were placated, was straightforward enough from what I have read.” He motioned towards Xia. “You can see the results nowadays.”

Dalton chuckled as he took a sip of the very fine wine offered with the meal. “They would have called that socialism or something like that in my dimension. The women of your dimension are lovely, but you said this took generations. What else was done to make them so...tamed?”

Xia and Sadie both returned from their kitchen duties and knelt beside their Masters. “It is illegal for a woman to be literate. All signage can be adjusted for locally popular languages, and a series of signifiers are placed at the bottom, so women can understand them too. This way, for example, in a market they could buy, say, fruit.”

He leaned in conspiratorially. “Our science is much more advanced than your dimension as well. Neuro-chips were not that far advanced yet, right?”

Dr. Hinton shook his head. “No. They were very much in the experimental stages still.” He continued to pet Xia’s head as she purred at his side with contented submissive bliss.

“We have had them for two generations,” Dr. Honda commented while looking down at Sadie. “All women are chipped as well. Their movements can be tracked. Movement for women only comes with male permission. Check points are in all communities to confirm this. They can also control behavior, attitudes, and actions.”

He looked over at Xia. “Miss Jin, this is a direct order: Until I say otherwise, or your legal ownership is officially changed, you are under the absolute control of Dr. Hinton. You will devote yourself to being his slave, as you have to me. We will wind down your work schedule, so you can focus on this new purpose. Does Xia understand?”

Xia blinked a few times, and then softly smiled at the man she now devoted her life to serving. “Master, Xia lives for service. Your will is purpose.” She ran a white-tipped hand over his arm and snuggled up to his leg on the floor. Instantly, her duty and obligation had been totally realigned from Dr. Honda to Dr. Hinton.

Dr. Honda smiled with pride at his now former slave’s immediate obedience to her new owner. “I saw how you looked at her, how she joined you in the shower. I thought you would want her. I can always rotate in a new nurse. There are plenty more where she came from if you want another one.”

Dalton continued to stroke Xia’s hair as she purred with feminine content at his feet. “What else do you think I should know about this new world I am in?”

“There are certainly some other behavior rules you should be aware of before going out in public,” Dr. Honda confirmed, “women are not allowed to speak without being spoken to while in public. They must be collared, but also leashed if it is the preference of their owner.” Dalton gave Xia’s leash a playful tug as she looked up at him with lust and obedience mirrored in her eyes.

Dr. Honda continued: “Most women will begin each statement with ‘Master’ or ‘Sir’ depending on how they have been trained. It is a matter of respect and sign of deference to the supremacy of men in general. If in public without a male escort, they must be in a group of two or more. I have sent Xia and Sadie out together before. They are also not allowed into events without a male escort.”

He looked thoughtful for a few seconds. “Oh, another thing. Women are taught to sign to each other instead of speaking. The preference of most is for women to be silent unless required to speak.”

Dalton nodded. “We had a few phrases for that where I am from. They were increasingly not going over well with women, especially ones like ‘seen, but not heard.’ Things appear to be much better here.”

He looked down at Xia for a second and then back to his new friend. “So what is going to happen to Ava? Did you mention earlier she would need training? She is not going to go along quietly with that, I hope you know.”

“Ah,” Dr. Honda began with a chuckle, “well, Miss Clayton has already been neutralized with assistance from my dear Miss O’Reilly here. While Xia was...assisting...you in the shower, I went to observe Miss Clayton waking up. She did not take the news well that in this dimension she would be considered the inferior of men. With Sadie’s brave assistance, I lodged a neutralizer on her neck. This put her in a more compliant state, so training could begin. It will take a few weeks, but she will break and understand her place.”

He gently stroked Sadie’s hair. She had been so frightened by the scary woman! “By the time you complete your media tour, she will be docile, feminine, and obedient. She could serve you side by side with Xia. No woman in this dimension could ever be an astronaut, but with some memory manipulation, a more suitable role could be offered to her.”

* * *

A few days later, Dr. Hinton had his first media interview. With Xia at his side, he praised this new dimension and its values, hoping to integrate into their own space program. An offer was made for him to come, for the moment, in an advisory role until a suitable position could be found, which he accepted with pleasure. Dr. Honda had suggested an agent, who put out a press release announcing Dalton’s coupling with Xia.

While that was happening, Dr. Honda went to visit Ava for the first time. Her initial brainwashing cycle had been completed, and she had begun a new cycle of two-hour sleep intervals and then a programming session. When he arrived, she was just about to start one of those, and he observed alongside Sadie and a few other doctors.

Ava, for the fifth time, woke up groggily and looked around the large cell she was currently being kept in with confusion. A deep thirst had been programmed into the newly installed neutralizer chip and the former astronaut, again, padded over the phallus on the far wall demanding it give her another drink of water to quench her thirst.

Dismissive of her pleads, the screen behind the phallus began playing a bright pink hypnotic spiral that put Ava back into trance. She followed the directions on the screen: STROKE, SUCK THE TIP, LICK, STROKE, SUCK, MORE, AS MUCH AS YOU CAN until she was rewarded with another drink of water. However, the water was spiked with a drug, and she wandered over to the bed on the floor and flopped onto it to sleep again as the powerful subliminal in her earbuds continued to program a life of slavery into her.

Dr. Honda read the neutralizer’s reports and approved heavier subliminal messaging for the rest of the day. He scheduled consults for psychical changes and a surgery to install her neuro-chip as well. The neutralizer would keep her docile for now, but something more permanent was required. He returned to the hospital with Sadie for their shift and promised the doctors he would stop in afterward to personally interview Miss Clayton to confirm her progress. After praising their hard work, he left the doctors to their tasks.

During the day he checked in with his patients at the hospital, who had various ailments, and did a video chat with Dr. Hinton as well. He and Xia had settled into a new condo and besides a few well-wishers who recognized him from the news reports, community security kept things under control. Xia could be seen in the background, in a rubber maid uniform, tidying things up while two female drones, in head to toe latex, assisted her.

That evening, when his shift was completed, Dr. Honda returned, with Sadie a few steps behind him, to see Ava. A security drone stood before the door to her cell. The drone stared mindlessly straightforward until noticing the good doctor, and then her attention turned completely to him. Her neuro-chip scanned him and then stood at casual attention. “Master, how will this drone serve? Your will is purpose.”

Dr. Honda nodded at the drone. “Good girl. I am here to see how Miss Clayton is progressing. Please remain here and observe along with Nurse O’Reilly.” He turned to Sadie. “Stay here with the drone and observe. I should be fine, but if I am not, you know what to do.”

Sadie nodded to him and ran a hand over his arm. Once Master was in the cell, she stood at the window alongside the drone to observe as he had commanded. She signed something to the drone, who also nodded in agreement.

Ava was currently in a sleeping cycle. According to her records, she had been for over an hour. Wireless earbuds were locked in her ears as the naked woman slept quietly. Her resistance to complying with the suggestions offered by the spiral had been minimal, but it was now time to truly put her to the test.

Dr. Honda watched her for a moment. What a pity that Dr. Hinton’s dimension did not keep women in their place. Their observations of that world showed it to be filled with unhappiness, chaos, and destruction. Women deserved better than that. Miss Clayton would come to see that, whether she liked it or not.

He took a device out of his pocket and tapped a few buttons. After a moment, Ava stirred from her brief slumber and stretched out. She slid back on her pillows upon seeing Dr. Honda, a bit startled, but then stepped out of the bed, stood up, and padded over to kneel and bow at his feet. Her body moved without thinking. Being at the feet of a man felt so natural, so right. The former astronaut’s firm backside stood up nicely in her bow.

Ava’s superior stroked her hair for a few seconds. “Look up at me in a kneeling position, pet.”

She slid upwards from her bow and remained kneeling as commanded, lowering her eyes in submissive deference.

He sighed. They were so easy to tame. “Look up at me, pet. Fully wake up for me, my dear.”

Ava obeyed her controller, but the deferential expression she had offered vanished to reveal scorn. “Sir, Whatever you are trying to do to Ava, it seems to have not worked! Ava is her own person and can still use her mind.” But why would she think when this handsome man could do it for her? Her knees trembled before him and, despite his command, her eyes lowered in submissive docility.

Dr. Honda laughed. In the history books he read in medical school, there was a chapter about how the most aggressive, radical, women often were the most uncomplicated to tame. “Oh, so then why doesn’t Ava use that mind to tell me what her purpose in life is? Look back up at me too, slave.”

Ava tried to resist the urge to obey his command, but her body moved without her control and the words came out. “Sir, Ava’s purpose is service. Please instruct her so she can serve.” Her struggles weakened, and she stared up at Dr. Honda with wonder and delight.

He tapped something on his watch and observed the life leave Ava’s eyes. “Good girl. Stand for me.” Ava swiftly got to her feet. Her naked body still had sweat on it from the last session with the hypno-phallus. He snapped a collar around her neck and added a leash. “This collar and leash is for your safety. You will obey any man holding the leash, but, for now, you will think of me as your Master above all else. Does Ava understand?”

Ava continued to stare blankly at him. “Master, Ava understands. Being collared and leashed is for her safety. She will obey any man holding the leash. You are Master above all else.”

Dr. Honda reached down and petted her head before turning to motion for Sadie to enter the room. The slave nurse brought a box with her and put it on the floor. “Ava, Sadie has clothing for you to wear. Women have a strict dress code here that you will always obey. There are specifics you will conform to while being under my tutelage here at the hospital.”

Sadie assisted her sister slave in putting on a latex nursing uniform like her own. The uniform was accentuated by white stockings and platform heels of the same color. Ava was fit, but the uniform did not quite look as poured onto her as it did on Sadie, whose body had been perfected via cosmetic surgery and significant time in the gym.

“Master,” Sadie began, turning to him with a proud smile, “Sadie’s sister slave looks lovely. May she be so honored as to escort Ava for her next training session?”

Dr. Honda took a few steps closer, put a hand on his slave’s face, and then kissed her gently. “Yes, of course, my dear. She will be conditioned to think of you as a prime example of feminine obedience.” He took her hands in his own. “One day you will have to begin courtships. I will make sure the right man is found for you.” Sadie leaned her head against his chest for a moment before taking Sadie’s leash and escorting her for conditioning.

* * *

Sadie walked her mesmerized friend across the hospital floor to an elevator. Inside of it she snapped to attention as always programmed to do. Ava continued to stare blankly ahead. As the doors swooshed open, Sadie gave her friend’s leash a playful tug and went to sign to her, but then realized with a frown that Ava did not know the language of women! Soon she would be educated about so many wonderful things.

Their trip in the elevator had taken them up to one of the top floors of the hospital, where conditioning of unruly women was done. Sadie and Ava came to stand at the door of a large meeting room, where a number of doctors and their latex-clad assistants were waiting for them.

Sadie curtsied for her superiors and introduced Ava. “Masters, Sadie is proud to introduce to you Miss Ava Clayton. She came to this dimension with Dr. Hinton and requires conditioning. Sadie is proud to call her a sister slave,” she added, “but she needs help.”

Ava stood a few steps behind, looking at nothing in particular. It was like she had been turned off. Sadie touched her sister’s collar with a pink-tipped hand. “Sister, Ava will obey these wonderful men. They will help her.”

One of the doctors, a Dr. Anderson, stood up and walked over to Sadie and took her leash in his hands. “Dr. Honda sent us the reports you assisted him in creating. Your audio notes during his interactions with her were quite helpful, and your bravery in assisting to neutralize this woman is to be commended.”

“Master,” Sadie began, lowering her eyes and then kneeling before him, “Sadie’s purpose is service. Please instruct her so she can serve.”

He motioned for her to rise and join him next to his chair while they discussed Miss Clayton’s situation. Women had crossed dimensions before and been conditioned into compliance with the regulations of this dimension, so the process and best practices for the situation were clear. What needed to be conditioned was up for debate.

A few of the doctors came over to Ava and ran a hand over her face or body. The former astronaut’s curves were accentuated by the latex nurse uniform she was wearing, but both psychical and mental work was needed to bring her into compliance with this dimension.

Dr. Hinton was staying in an advisory role for the space program. Dr. Honda’s notes mentioned that Dalton had taken on one of his nurses, a lady named Xia, as a mate. Sadie pouted slightly and, when asked, noted she would miss her sister she had served Dr. Honda with so distinctively.

Various ideas were tossed around during the meeting. Miss Clayton certainly could not be an astronaut in this dimension, that was totally out of the question. The only women even allowed near the space academy were women who would be doing their service time as assistants. Sadie brightened and, when asked, noted that she could be Dr. Hinton’s assistant!

Throughout the meeting, Ava stood at attention, staring straight ahead. She did not listen or understand the words of the men as unless a man is speaking to me, his speech is not my concern, was a concept being reinforced over and over into her.

Another doctor noted that, to not give inspiration to any kind of dissidents if word of Ava’s resistance to conditioning got out, she could have her mind wiped and be shipped off as a labor slave. Erase her identity and turn the defiant woman into a mindless drone. His brother, the doctor noted, worked at a hospital in another district that could use more construction drones for an expansion project.

The idea that Dr. Honda could use a replacement nurse was brought up as well, but Sadie also confirmed that there were others in the service queue available for him. She would miss Xia and while Ava was a wonderful slave sister, of course the decision of what was done with her was not up to her to decide.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Anderson offered to check with Dr. Honda about his needs and then speak to Dr. Hinton about what he desired. He confirmed with the team that Miss Clayton would be run through the regular conditioning cycles and then adjustments could be made as needed depending on Dr. Hinton’s preferences for her. There was nothing in his interviews to indicate a fondness for her, quite the opposite actually, and, while some men may find enslaving a woman like that desirable, he was not so sure about Dr. Hinton, their new friend from another world. He had been part of the team that had welcomed other space travelers some years ago. A similar case: The men adjusted to this world easily, while the women had to be brought under control. One, if he recalled correctly, is now a happy housewife serving an up-and-coming senator.

Sadie escorted Ava to another floor, where her programming would continue.

* * *

After being commanded to strip her clothing, Ava was put into a machine that kept her spread eagle. Metal bars were placed around her arms, legs, and neck. Sadie, assisting two other service nurses and the wonderful doctor supervising Ava’s reprogramming, deactivated her neutralizer via a three-dimensional display screen.

Ava blinked back to a waking state after a moment and could barely mutter a word when a hypnotic spiral began dancing all around the room. She could not look away and went back into a blank state, ready for new programming. The neutralizer’s effects were not permanent, and eventually proper training was required.

To aid in said training, the floor below her opened up and a large phallus slid out and then into her cunt to begin slowly fucking her. Another one came out of the ceiling and once in her mouth, Ava began sucking on it automatically.

Her eyes were transfixed on the hypnotic spiral before her and now programming began being displayed besides it: Ava’s purpose is service...service is the duty of all women...women exist to serve men...service is purpose...service is duty...service is what being feminine is…

After the first time both phalli finished inside of her, new orders were displayed: Service is feminine...being feminine is in service to men...Ava exists for service to men...Ava serves alongside her sister slaves...their sisterhood is bonded in service...she loves each deeply…

This alternated back and forth for hours until Ava was drenched in both sweat and cum and her views coming into compliance with this dimension. The phalli slid away for cleaning and a nurse, Sadie had returned to Dr. Honda once Ava was settled into this brainwashing session, swayed over to her to inject her neuro-chip permanently.

Once activated, she began seeing images of service...kneeling and bowing before a man...sucking a cock...being taken from both the front and back...cooking and cleaning in a maid uniform…dancing in a cage while a dance beat plays...being auctioned off to a bidder…falling instantly in love with that man...being bred...over and over these images played in her mind as positive, affirmative, feelings course through her at each. When the command came from the doctor observing her to cum finally, she screamed and then passed out.

Her collar and leash were taken away too, as a test, she was told, of her obedience. A properly trained woman would not need one. Ava felt pangs of fear at it coming off, but acquiesced to her trainer and handed it over with a sad pout.

This training was alternated for a number of days until Ava was deemed ready for moving onto the next cycle, which included more phallus training, practice wearing high heels on a treadmill, and then position practice with a trainer. When he finally told her she was a good girl ready for service, her orgasm made the slave faint. The trainer returned her to her quarters and bed for the night. His trainee would be an excellent service slave for a man. It was remarkable to him how astray the other dimensions could be concerning the natural roles of women. Thankfully, they had ways to correct that here.

Some days later, Ava, after a night of dancing in a club down the street from the hospital, and sucking off a number of men, was returned to sleep in her cell. She had come to think of the cell as home. After all, such a bad girl should be held captive until they are a good girl.

In the early morning, there was a problem. Miss Clayton’s screaming could be heard down the hallway as she shrieked and cried out. Her pleas went on for ten minutes before the door to her cell opened and Dr. Honda entered it.

“Master,” the slave pleaded while racing over to him to kneel and bow. Her sobs were ugly and loud. The security drone beside Dr. Honda took a step towards her, but he put a hand up and quietly commanded her to leave them alone for a moment. The drone dutifully obeyed unquestionably.

Once the door was closed, Dr. Honda leaned down and then knelt on one knee next to Ava. “My dear, what is so wrong? I heard you had a wonderful time last night.”

Ava looked up at him. “MASTER! Ava needs a collar! Ava feels safe with a collar! A collar keeps Ava safe! If Ava is safe, she can serve!”

He knelt down and pulled her into a tight embrace before kissing the side of her head. “I know, sweetie. You had it taken away as a test of your obedience. Do you remember that?”

The slave nodded quickly, keeping her eyes on the floor. “Yes, Master. Ava was afraid!”

Dr. Honda sighed. “Look up at me, pet.” Slowly, she obeyed his command. Her face was red from all the crying. “Dry those tears, slave.”

He leaned forward and kissed her, which she returned with enthusiasm. “You passed every test. Your demand for the collar is the final exam, which you have proved spectacularly on. I offer my congratulations to you.”

“There is,” he continued, “one more thing I would like to do before I give you back your collar.” He motioned for her to stand up, and he did as well. Once up on two feet, he kissed her again, before dragging Ava to the bed. The naked slave tore at his clothing and began stroking and sucking his cock before he held her down on the bed with masculine force and fucked the slave, the former astronaut turned lovedoll, violently. He slowed and quickened until she made eye contact with him and both yelled out in orgasmic delight as he came inside of her.

After she cleaned him up and then knelt on the bed, Dr. Honda, pants back on, opened the cell door and the drone came in again, but this time with Ava’s collar. He happily placed it around her neck and then attached a leash, giving it a playful tug as she giggled with delight.

“I need to activate your new programming, dear,” Dr. Honda said. “Moving forward, you will be working with a colleague of mine, but I will check in on you occasionally.” He kissed her forehead and then tapped a button on his watch, and then observed the life leave Ava’s eyes and then return a moment later with a new purpose installed.

* * *

Some months later, after Dr. Hinton married Xia, Ava stood on an auction block awaiting bids from potential owners. The fact that she was one of the dimension-shifters had been hidden for purposes of privacy and not draw in any kinds of weirdos. She was naked beside a pair of six inch clear platform heels. Her hair was drawn back into a tight ponytail. Breasts had been augmented, all hair removed below the shoulders permanently, and the silly woman’s mind had been blanked.

Ava knew her name to be Ava, but otherwise had no past, only purpose. Her purpose was to please men. Dr. Honda had continued training her with Sadie’s assistance. She had “interned” in his home for some of that and was molded into the ideal woman for such a sale.

Ava demonstrated skills for the potential bidders in the audience. She sucked off a phallus after responding to an auditory command. A command from a remote put her in a kneeling and bowing position. Another one made her scream out in orgasmic delight.

Bids were placed. A winning bid was confirmed. After the other women up for auction were sold, new programming was installed into her. The winning bidder was an athlete who would be entering politics after retirement. She would be the ideal trophy wife for him: Beautiful, compliant, and eager to serve.

The End


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