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Olivia wants to hear Rebecca’s body talk

More from Michelle's and Jay Petto's music-inspired MCForum event, this time written without an attempt to pretend at anyone else's style.  It was well-received while not winning any major accolades, but it works as an evening snack.

Inspired by the song Physical by (who else?) Olivia Newton John, RIP

Rebecca didn't want to be a fucking lesbo.

She wanted Todd's cock in her, she knew that. She'd asked for it, countless times, as he laughed in joy, excitement. He wanted her, too, or else it wouldn't have been so much fun, the abject begging.

This was different. This was so completely wrong.

Olivia was her co-worker, her once-confidante, her partner in several projects.

Now her nemesis. Her doom.

They'd gone out for a bite to eat after work, to celebrate the completion of the AlphaSix project. Olivia had decided on the restaurant-- Italian, dark. Intimate.

They talked about everything, from the barely-even-contemptible managers who'd almost derailed their work several times, to the high price of gas. 'Becca had two glasses of red wine, and was enjoying being here with Olivia, or she really would never have started talking about her husband, and what he liked in bed.

"Ah, so you and Todd have that sort of relationship," Olivia smirked.

Rebecca had blushed a bit, then, but was determined to be open and unembarrassed. "Sometimes. It's just for fun, you know."

"I'm sure." Olivia looked smug. "A little on the obedient side, you are. Nice. It becomes you."

The blonde blushed deeper, then. She liked it when Todd said stuff like that to her. It made her dampen.

"Or you become it!" Olivia cackled, and lifted her drink in a mock toast. Then she downed the rest of it, and Rebecca hid her red face behind her own tipped glass.

"I can understand the draw," she continued. "To submit is a terribly powerful thing. You must trust the person you're with completely. Do you?"

'Becca felt heady. "I don't want to talk about this anymore, Olivia. Really."

"Oh, you're no fun. You're gonna make me pout. What's the matter, don't you trust me?"

Rebecca nodded.

Olivia looked confused. "Yes? Yes you do trust me, or yes you don't?"

Oh. "Yes, I trust you, Olivia."

"Thank you, sweetheart, that means a lot. I'll remember that."

Rebecca was silent for a minute. The silence was interrupted by her cell phone-- it was Todd.

"Hey, baby! What are you up to?" He was barely audible over the sporting event she could hear in his background.

"Not much. Having dinner with my co-worker. Want to join us?"

"Nah, I'm at the bar with the guys." He paused. "Listen, it's Silvio's divorce party tonight, and we're taking him out to Sonny's."

The strip club. She rolled her eyes.

"Okay. What time will you be home, Todd?"

"Dunno. Club closes at two."

Damn him. Now she was all horny and would have to resort to her vibrator tonight.

"Okay, honey. Try not to be too late, okay? I'd... like to do some stuff with you tomorrow morning."

He knew from the sound of her voice what she meant. "Oh?" He laughed. "Well, that will have to wait, honey. Save some for when I get home tonight."

Yeah, right. When he got home from Sonny's, he was always too drunk to get it up anymore. Bastard. "Okay. I love you!"

"Love you too, babe," and he was gone.

Olivia looked sympathetic. "Alone tonight?"

Rebecca sighed. "Yeah..."

"Tell you what, kiddo, let's see a movie. I hear McMenamins is playing some good stuff this week."

"What's playing?"

"Who cares? Cocktails are a buck-fifty tonight, and we can avail ourselves of the generosity of strange men if we decide to be cheap."

She laughed heartily at this. "You're on, Olivia. You're on."


This was really the wrong movie to have chosen, 'Becca thought.

Olivia didn't seem to think so, though. She was in rapt attention as Gina Gershon did her thing. So was Jennifer Tilly. Although it didn't look like attention in Tilly's eyes, so much as a dreamlike state of lust and rolling-hipped pleasure. As she fiddled with the beer bottles on the table in front of them, 'Becca saw Olivia lick her lips, fleetingly, at the movie. Or perhaps at the remnant of the screwdriver she'd had recently. As if she'd known Rebecca was watching, Olivia turned to her and smiled.

Rebecca shivered. Something not right, there. In her eyes. Something decidedly unfriendly.

She hastily unlocked gazes with Olivia and turned back to the movie screen.


Tipsy, Rebecca tottered out to Olivia's car. Olivia hadn't drank as much, or hadn't gotten as drunk, for some reason. Or that's what Olivia said, anyway. It was probably true. She passed out in the passenger seat. Olivia's mouth was near her ear, saying something she couldn't make out, but it wasn't all that important to listen, and she passed out soon in a haze of alcohol. Or something.


She woke up in a white room. Her head felt funny. She was naked.

Olivia was there, too. Also naked. And grinning like the cat who ate the canary. Rebecca thought back to the lip-licking at McMenamin's, and had a strong suspicion who was supposed to be the canary.

"Um, Olivia? What the hell's going on here?"

"Nothing, 'Becca, darling. Only you're going to be submissive for me, now. Todd doesn't deserve you, the swine. Probably got his head between some stripper's tits right now."

The moment Olivia said "tits", Rebecca's eyes had strayed to the items in question. Olivia's. She shook her head to clear it.

"This isn't right, Olivia. I had no idea you liked girls, but... I just... don't."

"I think I know you mentally, girlfriend, and you don't care who tops you, only that they make you obey. Well, I think I've found a way to make you obey. Haven't I? Head feeling a bit fuzzy? Heard of epnotica? No, probably not. It's prescription and my ex was a pharmacist... Slipped it in your drink. The details are unimportant, the point is that you are doing what I told you in the car you should be doing, and that you're going to be my little cuntslave from now on."

Rebecca was terrified. She couldn't think properly. The moment Olivia said "cuntslave" and her pussy gave a little thrill, she realized that something was true about her co-worker's words. She did feel helpless. "Olivia, you're scaring me. Let's talk this through."

"There's nothing left to talk about, now, 'Becca, unless it's horizontally."

She shook her head. "No, Olivia. I'm not like that. I like men. Will you stop? Please. You're making me uncomfortable. I'm just not that way, okay?" Even to her own ears it sounded like desperation, though.

"You need to trust someone to be completely submissive to them, don't you? You agreed with that, didn't you? And you trust Olivia, don't you? So you must be completely submissive to Olivia, mustn't you? You said it yourself."

'Becca's head swam. No, she thought. That isn't right. Those words she'd said had been taken out of context.

Rebecca didn't want to be a fucking lesbo.

"You must obey Olivia, Rebecca. You must be submissive to her. You must do what she wants you to do."

'Becca knew this was wrong, resisted it to the very core of her being, but the pulsing need in her pussy told her it was right, that what she had to do was to be submissive for Olivia. Her body was talking, and she had to listen. And consent.

What's happening to me? she shrieked inwardly.

Or so she thought. Her inner voices were laid bare to her captor, now, and Olivia replied to what she'd considered a private thought. "What's happening to you, my dear? You're submitting to be my cuntslave, is what's happening. Your pussy tells you so, doesn't it?"

No! "Yes!" she moaned.

Her pussy told her to. Her pussy was in charge.

And Olivia was in charge of her pussy.

And it felt delicious as her knees crumbled and she sank down further.

Then she was looking up, as the nude Olivia (not "Mistress"! not!) stepped forward. Olivia looked so powerful, her supple curves giving her the profile of a goddess... or a demoness. Mistress's hands came down under her chin, and lifted her gaze. (yes, "Mistress"! yes!) God, she was beautiful. Rebecca sank into her eyes.

"Very well, my pet. Your pussy is telling you that my cunt needs attention, isn't it? Can't you see?" She released 'Becca's chin.

Neck bending of its own volition, her eyes rested on the small ringlets, and the beautiful altar below, and she could see that Mistress's cunt was lonely, craving. She sank her nose into the downy softness and inhaled the overpowering scent of her owner's heat. Her tears flowed as she moved to separate the nether lips with her mouth, and sucked the first drops of nectar onto her tongue.

The tears mingled with the cuntflavor in smearing her face, until she couldn't tell which was which. She only knew that she was making her Mistress happy, because she was her Mistress's little slut-whore. Little submissive slut-whore. The thought made her pussy tingle with delight. She reached around to cup Mistress's ass with her palms, so her face could more accurately follow the bucking pelvic movements. Removing her tongue from Mistress's clit was something she did not want to do.

Fire lit her own pussy as she saw Mistress's eyes close in orgasm, a drop of saliva escaping from Olivia's mouth with the moans of pleasure.

She couldn't stop eating, though. Her pussy hadn't stopped talking, yet.

Rebecca wanted to be a fucking lesbo. A face-fucking lesbo cuntslave. And she was one, now.

With an animal, physical need, she dove deeper into Olivia's snatch, and simultaneously more deeply into Olivia's ownership.

Feedback is my ambrosia and nectar.  If you like my writing and want to see more of it, please comment and let me know!


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