Lust to Love

by Archibael

Tags: #cw:noncon #cunnilingus #dom:female #f/f #sub:female

The peril of lust turned to love, and vice versa.

In August of 2006, JayPetto and MichelleLovesTo created a "sequel" to their "inspired by music" event of the prior year on the MCForum, and I of course found it irresistible.  Michelle and I wrote Tiny Bubbles together as our first submission (I won't repost it here since it's not just mine to repost, but you can find it in Literotica without too much of a challenge), and I submitted three other stories to the event as well.  This was the first, inspired by the song of the same name by the Go-Go's.  It doesn't get much love, but I think it works.

Hope you enjoy!

The blonde was staring at her again, no doubt thinking she was being subtle. Britt giggled inwardly. It was so cute how Reese tried to hide her infatuation. The time had come, she thought, to take that to the logical conclusion. She had grown tired of Sindee these last few months, and of Donna, and Tracey. And eventually even of them all together. They were delicious fucksluts, all of them, and she used them mercilessly, but they didn't carry the air of innocence this one did. Her tongue moistened her lips in anticipation... and her libido took care of moistening her other lips. When she finished her lunch, Britt headed over to Reese's table, careful not to sway her hips too much. Didn't want to spook this one. Yet.

Reese's eyes turned downward at her approach, and she flushed slightly, probably suspecting Britt had caught her. Good. "Reese, how have you been? It's been a while since the conference."

"Oh, hi, Britt. Yeah, that was fun... at the restaurant with the rude waitresses." She dimpled. "And you were mean right back at them. They seemed to like it, though."

Sure they had. One had licked her nipples and the other her slit that night, back in the hotel room. "People are funny, the way they like to be treated, huh?" Britt wondered how Reese liked to be treated. "Hey, I was thinking, my project needs someone from accounting on it, and I hear you're a good worker. Wanna join my team?"

Reese brightened. "Sure! I mean, if management says it's okay."

"I have friends in high places." And cuntslaves. "What say we talk about the project over dinner tonight? I know a great Italian place."

"Um... sure. Sounds yummy."

"You have no idea." Britt was Italian.

"What time should I meet you there?"

"Why don't you just hop in the car with me after work, and I'll drive us there. I can take you back to your car after dinner."

"All right. Do you know where my office is?"

After exchanging directions, the two women parted. Britt turned around to watch Reese walk away, only to find her frank glance met by the embarrassed gaze of her erstwhile date. The blonde quickly turned around again and stumbled a bit in her rush to escape. Britt grinned and got in the elevator, headed to her office.

* * *

At quitting time, Britt showed up outside the door of Reese's office, watching her prey for a moment before knocking on the open door to get her attention. Reese was entering numbers in with a keypad and turned to see her dinner companion at the noise. "Oh, hey. Is it already that time?"

"Yeah, take your time, gather up your things, and--"

"Oh, I'm all ready." She hit the shutdown on her computer and didn't even wait for it to complete, she grabbed an already-packed tote and slipped on her pumps and hurried to meet the amused Britt. "What?"

"Nothing. You just looked all cute and prepared. I like that. In my team mates."

The drive to the restaurant Britt had chosen was filled with small details about Reese's life, carefully extracted. Her great relationship with her mother ("We're like sisters, really!") and a brother who was distant but beloved. Living alone in a too-expensive apartment a couple of miles from work just for the convenience. Reese was a nice girl, in all the senses of the word. Very girly. Ripe, Britt thought. Plump and seedless.

They pulled into the parking lot of Va Bene, and Britt purposely slowed down so Reese could read the sign first.

"Uh oh," she said. "Britt, I think it's closed."

"What?" came the insincere reply. "That can't be. On a Monday?"

"Yeah, some restaurants do that. It's okay, I know a great Thai place over on--"

"No, I really wanted you to get you some good Italian tonight. Tell you what... are you really hungry? Could you wait a bit?"

"Nooo... I can wait."

"Great, we'll go to my house."

"Oh, no, I couldn't." Not on the first date! was the unspoken and (Reese no doubt thought) unheard clause.

"Don't be ridiculous! I love to entertain, and I promised."

"It's really no trouble--"

"Reese," Britt said, her hand under the other woman's chin, using her power just a trickle. Just enough to get the blonde fuzzily aroused at her touch. "It's okay. I'd love to show you my place."

Reese squirmed a little, but in the end it was a losing battle. "All right. But next time I treat!"

This time you'll treat, thought Britt. Just you wait.

* * *

The dinner was simmering on the stove when Britt started increasing the power and its effect on Reese. Britt didn't know why she could heat up girls with her mind, she'd just watched it happen since puberty. She had a power over pussy. With a little effort, she could make panties wet. With a little more, women were begging for sex. When she went all out, straight women, asexual women... even nominally frigid women would be on their knees for her, tongues out in desire for what she could give them. She'd had them all. Hundreds.

And this one would be even easier. Reese gave off all the vibes of a little subbie lesbo slut. Perhaps a little too innocent to have indulged and practiced, but it was evident from the bashful looks and lowered eyes. Delightful!

Now Reese was sitting on the couch, her legs crossed under her loose skirt, looking distracted. Britt, the source, knew why. She was more than a little... distracted herself. Now was the time. Britt sat down next to her.

"Are you okay, Reese?"

"What? Um, yeah. How's dinner coming?"

"It's on its way." Britt paused. "Reese, are you seeing anyone right now?"

"No. No, no one." Reese looked at her.

"That's a shame. You're a beautiful woman. You should be with someone."

"I guess I just haven't found the right gi-- person, yet."

"I understand. I'm between relationships myself. Most of what I've had recently is physical, carefree flings."

Reese licked her lips. "Are you looking for something more?"

Britt laughed. "Oh, I don't know. There's something to be said for a carefree fling. What about you? What are you looking for, adorable?"

"Sometimes I think a one night stand would be nice... but I'm really trying to find that special person who will love me forever. I guess that's unrealistic, huh?"

"No, I think there's someone out there for everyone. For you, and for me." Britt pulled the hair clip loose on her brown tresses and let them down, knowing that the effect was fetching. She also turned up the power a bit. "Have you been in love like that before?"

The blonde was silent for a minute as she looked at the entire picture: at Britt's long hair pooling around her low-cut blouse, at the woman leaning back on the sofa, legs open in non-demure relaxation, shoes discarded. "I think I may have felt love like that before, yes."

"What about now?" All the cards were on the table, Britt thought. Time for chatting to end.

"I... don't know what you mean."

"I've watched you watching me, Reese. You're so cute the way you turn away when I-- yes! Just like that!" Britt leaned forward, touching the side of the other woman's face and pulsing the power higher. "You've got a silly little lesbian crush on me, don't you, doll?" Reese pushed back and grabbed for her purse. "No, honey, wait!"

Reese was on her feet, but she stood and waited. "I like women, too. Perhaps you could have a... how did I put it... physical, carefree fling with me?"

The blonde was evidently torn. Not used to being come onto like this, but utterly taken by the heat between her legs? Yes, that was clear. Britt fancied she could smell the girl's musk. She stood and came up behind her, wrapped her arms around the woman's waist, whispered in her ear.

"You want me, don't you?" There was no answer; none was required. Reese's body had melted in her arms, her knees almost buckling. "Yes, I can see you do, kitten." One arm went low, massaging Reese's mound through her skirt, the other high, cupping a left breast through blouse and brassiere. The combination, once Britt had applied enough pressure with her fingers, was too much.

Reese's moan was barely audible, but she twisted fiercely around to press her lipstick to Britt's, and engulfed her hands in the brunette's mane. Britt herself was messing her panties at taking this cute little spot of demure innocence, and her hands grew more daring as she swept the skirt aside from Reese's ass and punctured the hole of the woman before her, finding it good, and slippery, and steaming.

They forgot dinner, and the eventual burning smell made Britt laugh and open the kitchen window. They ordered pad thai delivered and stopped for only as long as it took to devour it before going back to the bedroom.

Reese had Italian.

After some inquiries, Britt found that she was having a mix of Macedonian and Irish, with a smidge of German for good measure.

* * *

Sprawled on Reese's couch weeks later, watching something on cable, neither was paying much attention to the television. Reese was withdrawn a bit. Preoccupied. It was getting in the way of Britt's seduction, and that was no fun.

"What's wrong, Reese, dear? Is it us? Our relationship?"

"Sort of."

"What do you mean? Is being a lesbian a problem for you?"

"Of course not. I've always been a lesbian, just not like this."

"Not with a coworker?" Was this little one a virgin before herself? "Not with a partner?

Reese was embarrassed. "No, I just haven't felt like this before. This..."


"Yes, I mean, I've felt... those needs... before, but somehow, with you, it's different. It's like I can't help myself, like I'm obsessed with your body, want to bury my face in your..."

Britt cleared her throat when Reese trailed off. This wasn't uncommon in the girls she used her power on. It seemed like an addiction almost. A breakable one, else she'd be swamped by ex-girlfriends, undoubtedly. But an addiction nonetheless. It got her fucking hot. "I think I know what you mean."

"You do?"

Reese's eyes sparkled, but it was obvious she was too afraid to go any farther. Silly, Britt thought, considering their lovemaking over the last several weeks... but the very purity that made Reese so attractive also prevented her from telling just what she felt. Britt helped her out.

"Tell me what you want." Her power was on, and Reese's nipples firmed in response.

"I want to have you all to myself. Oh, I know you have other women. I don't care. I just don't want to share your..." She gulped, then changed what she had been about to say. "I... uh... I want you."

"What do you want from me?"

"I want... to lick you."

"Where do you want to lick me?"

"You know where..."

Britt turned the power up. "Where would that be?" she grinned.

"Your... your pussy." Reese was delightfully flushed, and most of it was not shame. Most.

"You want to lick my pussy?"

"Mmm hmmm..." Her nostrils flared.

"Well, that sounds encouraging. Why would you want to do that?"

"Because... can't we just do it? Why do we have to talk about it?"

"Because it turns me on." The power was on full blast now. The look of desire in Reese's eyes made Britt tingle unimaginably.

"Oh." Her breathing quickened. "Well, that's good. Because when you're really turned on, you taste better. When I get my tongue good and in there, I can taste the salty, tangy parts, and sometimes when you grab the back of my neck and pull me I'm almost smothering on your cunt it makes me come without even touching myself." Reese panted. "Is that what you wanted to hear? 'Cause I'm losing the power of speech, here."

"Come here my little fuckpuppet."

"Mmmmm... my pleasure. Mistress."

Britt laughed. "Don't call me that. Just get in there and eat my pussy."

"Your wish is my command."

There was cunt lapping, and fingering, and even an old vibrator that Britt had to search for batteries for. And there was excitement and Britt came on Reese's face and Reese on Britt's and Britt used her power to make Reese's mind melt with pleasure and lust and whorish devotion. And at the end of the night, Britt couldn't understand what she was feeling, but she couldn't imagine not feeling like this ever again. When Reese had exhausted herself, Britt held her tight, thoughtful, and gently stroked her arm as she drifted off to sleep.

* * *

They were at Va Bene, and as it wasn't Monday, they were seated at a table. Britt had dressed in champagne lace, all frills. Just the way Reese liked it, she knew. She'd even brought flowers... a dozen red roses.

Reese was oblivious. Once the waitress had taken their order, she spent the entire dinner scooting closer to Britt, subtly (and in desperation, finally, not-so-subtly) trying to get her hands up Britt's skirt. When Britt admonished her, she pouted that adorable pout and moved to the other side of the table... proceeding to spend the rest of the time shoeless, sliding her legs alongside Britt's, extending them upward under the tablecloth's concealment, and trying to enter the brunette's dress from this angle with her feet. After Britt had tried unsuccessfully to trap both feet between her knees, she sighed and finally allowed the other woman access to her nether regions, but when her orgasm came she felt it in only a detached way. She was nervous about what she was going to do, to say next.

Reese was ravenous, but not for food. As she pleasured Britt with her foot, her own arousal was apparent and growing. Once Britt had climaxed, Reese had crossed one long leg man-style across the slit of her skirt, dipped her head down, and slurped Britt's come off her own toes. "Mmmmm..." she hummed, then looked frankly at her companion. "I need it from the source, Britt. Need it very, very soon."

"When we get home, dear," came the reply. "What I wanted to do right now was..." Britt, trembling a little, withdrew the chain from her handbag and slipped it into Reese's glass of champagne. "There."

Reese looked confused and taken aback. "What's--"

"Reese, you're like no one I've met before. You know I've been with lots of women... hundreds... but never have I felt what I do for you. You're like a precious, sparkling jewel, and I love to have you in my life. In my heart."

"In your bed?" Reese grinned lasciviously.

Britt dimpled. "Yes, there, too. But that's not the point, you see..." She steeled herself. "I think I've found the one. The girl for me, for the rest of my life. To have and to hold. To-- do you know what I'm trying to say?"

"You want..." Reese looked astounded. "To marry me?"

"Yes!" she cried, her burden unburdened, finally, to permit her happiness to shine forth. "Yes, Reese, my darling, my dear... will you marry me? I have it all planned out. It's not legal here, but we can go to..."

"Britt," Reese replied, "I'm flattered, really. And once I might have taken you up on that. Do you know how in love with you I was, back when we started? But you showed me the light... the light of lust, unbridled. Oh, that schoolgirl crush I had on you was nothing, nothing compared to what I feel for you now. I used to think about us making love on a bed full of rose petals, caressing gently and whispering endearments into each other's ears. But now... Desire, fierce, burning at my clit, lapping at my nipples. The aching need to taste your cunt, to cover my face in your wetness..." Her face was red, her breathing ragged, and Britt worried she was going to have a heart attack. "Can you call for the check? I need you right fucking now!"

"Reese! That can wait. I'm serious."

"So am I, Britt, and God help me if you don't call for the check I'm going right under this tablecloth right now to eat you out, whether you like it or not."

Britt called for the check and left, the roses abandoned and forgotten. Reese attacked her when they reached the car, and beneath the steering wheel the elegant folds of Britt's dress housed a slobbering, twat-slurping head that she couldn't turn away. After destroying her makeup with pussy juice, Britt finally got her to relent enough to squeeze in the drive home.

* * *

"No," Reese repeated for the fifth time. "I'm serious, Britt, all I want is to fuck you. I'm not interested in getting married."

"But your mother..."

"My mom doesn't know I'm a pussy-licking lesbo, and wouldn't attend a ceremony linking me to another pussy-licking lesbo. Here, let me suck that for you."

"Leave my breasts alone for a minute."

"Good. More pussy instead."

"No!" Britt frowned. "No, dammit. How come? Am I not... What's wrong with me?"

"Nothing's wrong with you, other than you won't spread your legs."

"No, why not be my wife?"

"I don't love you, Britt. Well, aside from a few specific parts."

Britt held back sobs-- quite successfully, she thought. "Why not?"

"There's no 'why' to it. I'm consumed by need for you, every hour of every day. It hurts sometimes, I need your taste so badly. But you're not all that nice a person. Or very smart, either, I've come to see. You're just a damn good lay. And I'm not letting you say another word until you've let me tongue-fuck you to orgasm."


"Open your legs for me, you dumb bitch."

"Reese, stop it!"

"Reese wants some pussy!" she whined, then looked up at her with such desperation and need that it hurt to look at her. Britt couldn't help but assent. However...

"If you marry me, you can have all of my pussy you want. Forever." There. Let's see what that does.

"I won't have to share? Just my tongue on your clit, and your tongue on mine?"

"Uh huh."

"Mmmmm... let me think about it. Spread your cuntlips apart for me while I'm 'thinking'."

Reese returned to the tongue-fucking position once more, and laved Britt's lips up and down in a undeniably arousing fashion. Britt knew she could make Reese marry her by tantalizing her with pussy... by manipulating her, and ultimately even by threatening to withdraw it from her. But she hoped she wouldn't have to do that. She wanted Reese to love her for who she really was, not for what addictions she could satiate.

Britt felt certain that if they just got married, things would be okay. She'd show Reese how good a wife she'd be, how kind and caring they could treat each other, and Reese would fall in love with her. Again. It could work.

Nonetheless, her subconscious extracted a tear from her eye when she should have been in the throes of orgasm. She wiped it away to conceal it from her love... but the dear sweet girl had a mouthful of cunt to keep her occupied, and didn't notice her.

Feedback is my ambrosia and nectar.  If you like my writing and want to see more of it, please comment and let me know!


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