Jesse's Girl

by Archibael

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Jesse’s got himself a girl and I wanna make her mine.

This story was meant to be my fifth entry in Jay and not-so-silent Michelle's music-inspired story event on the MCForum, but unfortunately I wrote it at the last minute and missed it by that much.  So 30 minutes after the deadline I started re-editing it for Forum and ultimately EMCSA submission.  Rush job, and pretty low on explicit eros, but not too bad, I think, and now that I reread it years later I see it contains a thinly-veiled allusion to the relationship I had with my best friend, with a little mixy-mixy and role-reversal thrown in for good measure.   I hope you can find something to enjoy in it!

Inspired, of course, by the Rick Springfield song Jesse's Girl

I am looking in the mirror, now, as I was this morning. My shave is keen, my face moisturized, my hair immaculate. Green eyes are what she likes, so my colored contacts are in.

I'm not a bad looking guy, even without all this primping. Hell, I never have problems meeting women, or convincing them to come home with me. People that say you need to be funny or a great dancer are full of shit. You have to look at them right, nod your head at the right parts of the conversation, and smile winningly, and they'll melt for you. Panties in my pocket, with at least a 75% success rate.

Why, then, am I unable to get Connie to look my way?

Jesse's my best friend from way back. We went to elementary school and high school together, and even stayed in touch through college when he moved away to Chicago. He was highly cool, but more of a brain with the books than the ladies, you know? He helped me out with getting motivated enough to pass high school instead of dropping out, and I tried to help him come out of his shell a little bit.

He got back in town last month-- a new job, and he's moved into my house here, and he seems to be staying. Which is great; we hang out and go to the clubs and talk about old times and play computer games. And shoot baskets, though he kinda could use some work. I'm giving him pointers.

But lately things aren't going so well between us. He's the same as ever, but I picked a fight with him yesterday for no reason.

Well, no good reason. The reason is not his suck-ass jump-shots and lay-ups, the reason is his girlfriend.

I didn't even like her when I first met her. I'm for the athletic look, or barring that someone who at least has a nice big pair of hoots. Connie isn't like that, not at all; she is at most a B-cup, and what my dad used to call "pleasantly plump". I wouldn't call her fat, though. Certainly not anymore.

She's perfect.

I don't know why my opinion of her changed; she went from "huh, nothing special" to "must have this woman!" in a matter of hours for me. One day Jesse and her were heading off to a movie or something, and I was bitching inwardly because he was so pussy-whipped he was cancelling our fantasy hockey tournament. The next day, as she left his room, headed for the front door, she had the sexiest look in her eyes I think I have ever seen, and I spent the next several minutes jerking it into the toilet while I thought about her perfume. That doesn't compare to the "self-abuse" I engaged in when I found an actual blouse she'd left on Jesse's floor. But I digress.

It kills me to know he's having her only sixty feet away from me. In my own house! I listened outside his door to her little moans and cries and spurted come all over the floor. And this isn't tile or hard wood (no pun intended), this is luxury Berber carpeting. I cleaned it up as best I could, but I hope he doesn't notice the stain. And they were too engrossed in each other to hear my grunts.

The bastard. The lucky lucky bastard.

Yesterday I did something I feel very guilty about. I made a pass at my best friend's girlfriend. I couldn't help it-- I was weak, and he was out buying lunch for them both. She sat in front of the television in a gorgeous tee shirt and sweatpants combination, watching some Discovery channel bullshit, and I just couldn't stop looking at her. She noticed, eventually, and smiled at me and wondered what was wrong. I replied that I just liked looking at art and other objects of beauty. She blushed a bit, and gave me a hint of a smile, and thanked me.

I think I almost had her then. We started talking about how her and Jesse had met, and how she liked him. But things went all wrong when I "accidentally" let slip some rather embarrassing information about Jesse's past. She giggled at some, and seemed interested in me. Or at least in what I was saying. I told her that he'd only had like three girlfriends before her, serious girlfriends anyway, and how he said he'd had sex with two of them but that I thought he might be lying, and that it was only one. Or perhaps none. Sure he was a nice guy-- that's why I was friends with him. I just hoped she was getting the loving she deserved out of the relationship, since he was kind of... inexperienced.

That didn't go over so well, and she looked displeased-- which broke my heart. As she excused herself to go send an email in Jesse's room, I mentally punched myself in the face for insulting her in some way. And for dissing my best friend in front of his girlfriend, too, but I'd be lying if I said that the latter was more important to me.

I peered under the door at her and saw that she wasn't, in fact, lying on the bed waiting for me to take some kind of hint she'd laid for me, but was booting the PC like she'd said she was. Damn damn damn.

I didn't know if I could stand it much longer. I needed to have her, needed to have her love me.

Why didn't she? Why Jesse? Why him and not me?

So now, as I put on a nice-looking polo shirt and a pair of Dockers, and my favorite club shoes, and a cologne I think she'll like, I'm wondering if he'll be gone all day like he said he would. Trust Jesse to do a diligent job at work, though the suspicious part of me says that he might sneak out and meet with her because he knows what I am going to do.

See, I found out her address. And I'm going to go over there this afternoon and confess my love for her. If she refuses me, I think I will die.

I'm in my car now, headed to her parents' place, where she lives. Her late parents' place, actually, if you want to be technical. Her mom and dad had died in a car wreck years before, and now she lives with her aunt in the old house, which is owned free and clear with part of the life insurance money. At least, that's what the private investigator I hired was able to find out. I park a couple of blocks away, so as not to arouse any suspicions.

I needn't have bothered. The place is a fucking madhouse.

Picture this: a 2000 square foot home, in a chain-link-fenced yard not exceeding another 3000 or so square feet. Nice place, nothing extravagant. Suburban squalor. Not a lot of room in the back yard for more than a garden and some decorative rocks.

And about fifteen or so people, trying desperately to be silent as they elbow each other out of the way in an effort to get at, and peer into, a side window. Her window. Instead of going to the front door as I'd intended, I join the throng, to find out what it's all about.

There is a light on inside, and venetian blinds make the view difficult to gain. I push the smallest guy, a little Indian fella who is probably a neighbor or something, out of the way, sending him sprawling into the muddy soil of the garden. The big guy looks like a body builder or weight-lifter or something. He has a shirt on with the name of a gym on it, anyway, but I am too busy climbing in next to him to get a view to actually register what it says. I'm lucky; I'm kinda big, so some of these other medium-size folks are not able to dislodge me.

And there she is, an angel, sitting there at her dressing table, brushing her hair in long, even strokes. The big guy next to me sighs, and I concur. All the while trying to figure out how to let her know that it's not the big arm muscles that are important in a good lover, but just one muscle in particular. Because I want the best for her. I really do. My cock gets hard, and I'm stroking it through my pants in time with her brush. God, I want her so bad. I note, in passing (honest, I wasn't looking), that the "big guy" isn't bothering with keeping it in his pants. I shall call him "big guy" no longer. Thank god. I am disgusted he could be so crude, and I look back at Connie as the cum stews behind my balls, ready to stream forth.

I'm knocked out of the way by a coalition of people: the Indian, a mailman, and... Jesse's mom? What the fuck? She's the first to take my place at the window, and I can see her hand sink into her jeans as she gets a glimpse of our goddess.

"Bitch," I whisper to her, "she's not a fucking lesbo. She wants a man. She wants me."

"Fuck you, you little shit," she hisses back. "When she finds out how well I'll eat her pussy, she'll never go back to you, or to Jesse." As she says "pussy", I see her hips convulse, and somehow I know the bitch is getting off on this right now. She disgusts me, too. And she's in my way.

When the cop cars pull up and surprise us all by starting to drag us all away, binding and gagging us, we resist with somewhat noisy fervor, but She doesn't notice, apparently. And I notice that though several of the cops driving the cars are merely looking longingly back at her house, three or four have stayed behind, adjusting their hats and smoothing out their uniforms. One is about to ring the doorbell, but he notices his compatriots at the side window, and just has to see what they're looking at. And then I'm gone, and I feel horrified and dejected that she'll find out what I did, and that I'll never get to see her again.

But she has to listen to me, when I tell her how much I love her, right? And that I would do anything for her? And that Jesse really isn't all that, he's just a regular guy, and that I'm a better lover, and I'll even go to college and get a degree like he did if it means she'll notice me.

The weight-lifter beside me is weeping, hopelessly, but I can barely see him through my own tears.


Connie sat at her dresser, brushing her hair in front the mirror. She hummed along with the stereo (playing much too loud, but perfectly matched to her excitement about the night's prospects. Seeing Jesse made her so happy! He was always a complete gentleman-- so romantic! He'd bought her a bouquet of lovely roses (white, her favorite; she loved that he remembered her offhand comment from months ago!). She squirmed a little in her seat; thinking about what they might be doing tonight, if she was lucky. She'd bought some new satiny panties to surprise him.

She grinned at her reflection some more. She had hardly been a virgin when they'd met, but Jesse had been more gentle and tender with her than any guy she'd been with. He'd had the patience to take his time with her, and as a result she had actually had an orgasm for the very first time! She'd always been a bit too icked out by how it looked and felt down there to try masturbation, so it was absolutely mindblowing to finally experience what all of her girlfriends had whispered about all these years.

It felt like her life had changed ever since. She had a wonderful new confidence now, and it felt like people looked at her differently, and all because Jesse was such a nice guy, and interested in her pleasure as much as her own. Gosh, she loved him!

"I wonder if he'll marry me," she wondered aloud, but she knew that was just silly talk! We've only been going out for three months! It's a bit too early to plan out the rest of our lives together.

But as she sat there, smiling prettily to herself, unaware of the rest of the world (and certainly her bedroom window), she gushed over how caring a guy he was, and how much she loved him. Guys paid a lot more attention to her, now, but no other man could interest her, no matter what. She was not fickle in her feelings.

She was Jesse's girl.

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