by Archibael

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Jo always did consider herself flexible

I finished my "Imposter" story early (see the Foreword for Terms of the Lease) so lost assigned me a second author to attempt to mimic... flibinite aka Jo.  In many ways this was easier than writing JRParz, as her stylisms were more obvious, and her writing thematically closer to my own.  I think I actually pulled it off pretty well, but only because I was such a fan of her work before I kicked it off.  I don't pretend this is as good as hers, but at least I got the style down to the point everyone knew who I was trying to be.


I really shouldn't have let Carin go to the restroom alone.

She has a habit of getting distracted by something shiny -- or someone -- and not coming back for hours at a time. Or for what seems like hours, anyway; the advent of the cell phone has made tracking her down much easier. A far cry from the college days when I'd find her sitting on the floor of Suncoast watching the last half of some unidentifiable anime title... or find her kneeling on the floor of the Service Merchandise dressing room, servicing the merchandise of one of the saleswomen.

Today, however, Carin wasn't answering the cell, so after I'd exhausted all possible opportunities for small talk with the pretty Hawaiian lady running the lollipop stand (who either missed or politely ignored all of my advances) I bade her Adieu. I don't think she was pleased that I failed to buy any of her wares, though I certainly had offered to sample some of them. I know I wasn't too subtle... I just know it. She couldn't possibly be straight. Could she?

At any rate, the nearest ladies' room was near the Sears, so I headed in that direction, all the while looking for stores and hotties who would catch her eye and prevent her return to me. I checked White House | Black Market (she claims she just loves the clothes, but I've seen the way she looks at the redhead behind the counter) -- no dice. No redhead either.

The same could be said for her other haunts: the aforementioned Suncoast, and Rampage, and The Bikini Store... I admit I stayed extra long there, surreptitiously eyeing a busty blonde who evidently did not need any help shaving, given the brevitude of her bottoms. I don't think she noticed, but her boyfriend looked suspicious and herded her out fairly quickly. He needn't have bothered; I don't try to seduce straight women, as a rule. Of course, convincing them that they're bi is completely fair play, and I refuse to feel guilty about it, despite the tsk-tsking I get from my male friends (and they only complain because I refuse to let them watch).

No Carin.

I finally got to the rest room and it was under construction, of all things. Looked like it had been for days... which meant she must have gone to another one in the mall. Which meant she could be anywhere. I tried the cell phone again and was unsurprised when I got her voice mail. I left a message haranguing her about not answering her phone and telling her to get back to me. I tried to keep it light, but I was getting angrier by the minute and I know it probably entered the tone of my voice.

I wandered over to one of the closer restrooms, by Barnes and Noble. It was mostly devoid of life, and completely devoid of Carin. I left and hit redial. No answer...

... yet I heard her phone ringing somewhere nearby. Or one with the same ringtone, anyway. I hung up and tried again. The ringtone stopped a second after I dropped the connection, and started up again when I called back. But where was it coming from?

I followed my ears to a nearby storefront, walled almost completely over with "Pardon Our Construction-- Coming Soon to the West Valley Mall: Candle's Place" signs. I could hear the ringer coming from behind the plywood. I made my way over to the other side of the storefront, where the edge of the wall didn't quite close the seam with the doorframe, and peered inside. It was too dark to make out any details, but I could see bare concrete floors and lots of debris from whatever it was the workers were not working on today.

The ringer had stopped. "Carin?" I called into the crack. There was no response. I dialed the phone again, and this time it went straight to voicemail. Someone had shut the phone off. Panicking, I pried at the edge of the wall, and it came free easier than I thought. Some other customers wandering the mall looked at me suspiciously as I grappled with something clearly meant to not be opened by other than Authorized Personnel, but I ignored them and went inside. Doubtless one of them would tell Security. Hell, it's what I would have done.

Hell, it's what I should be doing was my last thought before the hand placed the cloth over my mouth and nose and everything faded to black.

* * *

I came to in an uncomfortable position, and unable to move properly. I was strapped naked to a table which managed to be halfway between medical and scientific equipment; it looked clinical, but there was a stainless steel arch which went from the head of the table to its foot, bristling with instruments and spotlights. My arms were stretched out above my head, and my legs were stretched in the opposite direction, keeping me taut. Neither arms nor legs were capable of much movement, as all were affixed to the steel frame with leather bands, locked in place with screws or something.

I was not in the mall.

An attractive brunette wearing nothing but a skin-tight silvery bodystocking stood in the corner, and apparently had noticed me stir. "Hey," I yelled to her. "What the fuck is going on? Where am I?"

I continued this tirade and she completely ignored me, lifting a phone, dialing a number, and speaking quietly into the receiver. She listened for a moment and then replied, almost zombie-like, "Yes mis-tress."

Mistress? What the hell had I gotten myself into, here? She approached me with mechanical movements, checked my bonds, then spun on her heel and walked out the nearby door in the same fashion.

She never once met my gaze. Or flinched at the many names I'd called her-- and many of them were doozies. It was as if she couldn't even hear or see me, apart from the parts she'd been told to examine.

I pulled with my shoulder muscles, but apparently the brunette had done her job: the straps were firm and tight, not giving an inch and not providing me with an opportunity to slip out of them. It was not yet time to start panicking, I reassured myself. Not quite yet.

The door opened, then, and in walked a woman in a suit, flanked on the one side by the naked-except-for-lycra girl from earlier and on the other by her fraternal twin. The central figure, possessed of a cool, calm beauty, smiled widely at me, removing a case from an inside pocket of her jacket. There was a biohazard symbol on the case, and she opened it to reveal a small vial filled with a grayish powder.

Now was the time to start panicking.

"Who are you?" I demanded, but I could tell from the amusement in her eyes that she knew it was all bluster-- how could she not? I was virtually immobile, tendons aching with the strain... what was I going to to? Wiggle at her?

"She's even nicer than the other one," the woman commented to no one in particular. Certainly her companions gave no indication they had comprehended her speech.

I started to yell again, but she shushed me. "Would you like to be gagged as well? There's no one here but myself and my two 'bots, and we're on a substantial amount of acreage. So screaming will buy you nothing. Now, are you going to cooperate? ... I thought so."

"What are you going to do to me?"

"You and your friend, my dear, are going to benefit science."

"What does that mean?"

I could see she was getting a little distracted looking at my naked form. "Hmmm...?"

"What do you mean we're going to 'benefit science'?"

She laughed, cupping one hand around one breast and slowly laving her tongue around the other. Her other hand roamed lower.

"Unnnngh..." I responded, struggling against the leather bindings, and started lubricating down where her hand was.

"I can give the treatment orally, of course, but as long as it gets into your system... well, I prefer to give it this way." She circled my clit with her fingers until I was damp, then one finger pressed... something... into me. Something fizzy. She pulled out her hand and took off the gloves, discarding them.

She came by and stroked my cheek; her fingers smelled of latex and not my pussy. "I know, my dear, it's scary to feel so helpless. This won't hurt, much. The nanos do their work very quickly. When they're done... well, by then the cords won't be useful anymore, anyway. See you later."

She turned as she reached the door. "Oh, by the way... my name is Gina." She blew me a kiss with her too-perfect lips and was gone.

* * *

The fizzing began to spread throughout my womb, then down into my legs and up my torso. My hips were still rotating a little in the memory of what Gina had been doing, and the feeling of the "nanoes" was definitely a little arousing... but the restraints kept me from squeezing my thighs together, as delicious as that might have felt.

It wasn't long before I felt something... else... begin to happen. A slackness to my limbs; he leather clasps seemed to ease their persistent tug on my body. I thought at first that they were loosening... but then I realized it was me that was loosening. All over my body, my muscles were warping, changing... and so were my bones. There was more flex there, I could feel, and when I tried to twist my ankle around the flex of the bones in my calf was almost visible. What the hell did she do to me?

It wasn't long before I could twist myself into all sorts of new shapes... or... well, I could have if I wasn't tied down. That gave me an idea... with the extra leverage and the loosening from whatever had been done to me, I could possibly get my ankle-straps up to my hands, and then I could undo them and get free. There was a self-latching clasp, of course, but even my toes were extra-dextrous now, and I unlatched it. I pushed hard with the muscles of my ass, pulling with my abs, and with a jerk which should have hurt my shoulders a lot worse, my legs freed themselves and shot across the curve of the arch above me.

Um... overshot, really, unfortunately. Now I was in far worse straits, as my ankles had continued past my wrists. I heard the shing of the foot clasp re-latching itself on the steel arch. The foot straps were now actually lower than the hand straps and I was face to... well, that was an interesting development. I guess I'd always wondered what it would be like if I could do that, and with my new more-flexible bone structure, I could just reach my tongue past the little tuft of hair there and... wow. WOW! I'd certainly tasted myself before, on my fingers and on the lips and tongues of girlfriends... it's a warm, mildly tangy flavor that's arousing in itself, and not just because of what it implies about what your girlfriend's been doing recently.

I'd tasted myself before, but never directly from the source.

The angle was awkward, and impossible for someone who hadn't had her entire system of bones and joints overworked by wayward nanotechnology, but I found myself unable to continue the struggle to break free without taking some time to... explore the possibilities.

How long did I have? I admit it might have been easier to think clearly had my nose not been able to smell my arousal from centimeters away, and had I not continued to tongue my own clitoris... a light stroke here, a firm press there...

"Uggghhhh..." I groaned into my crevices. I urged my newly-loosened limbs to stretch further still... to the limits of their flexibility, and found that I could now get my face good and in there, get my cheeks nice and cummy with juice while I alternated between tonguing deep into my cleft and swirling the moisture around my button. It was delicious (in more than one sense), and only the cramped position of my abdominal muscles prevented me from cumming in under a minute. Oh, God, the feeling, though! Better than mere masturbation, better even than Sara (who was the best) because I knew exactly what I wanted, and exactly when, and how soft and how... uhhhhhh hard...

My orgasm was painful because my hips wanted to move and there was no way they could; my tummy flexed against itself in ways it was never designed to. But I wouldn't trade that feeling of eating my own pussy for anything. Forget lesbianism, I might just become a narcissist and be done with it!

I blacked out for a while. It's not like my lungs had a lot of room to expand in that position, so I guess I was out of oxygen. When I came to, my cunt-coated face was a mess, and my pussy was looking a little the worse for wear; my proximity (coupled with the knowledge of exactly whose red lipstick that was smeared on my clit) almost made me try for a second round, but my head was a little clearer now and I knew I had wasted enough time on self-pleasure. I needed to work my way out of this apparatus before that crazy bitch Gina came back.

My left ankle now had a bit more play to it... Hmmm... perhaps that self-feast hadn't been such an impractical idea after all. In the throes of my excitement I'd apparently ripped the leather thong loose from the nail. My skin was chafed and even bleeding a little, but I could ignore the pain if I had to and pull.

It was coming loose, but it was taking time and I was feeling tired. The bad little angel that sits on my shoulder and whispers naughty things to me when I have a moral decision to make (I call her Michelle) suggested that I just take a deep breath (mmmmm... yummy...) and get my ankle the rest of the way loose in the same way I got it into its current state: self-cunnilingus. The good little angel that sits on my other shoulder elbowed Michelle out of the way and merely reminded me that my second (and third, and fourth) orgasms are never as strong as my first, and that I should try another way.

"Thank you, Alei," I told her as she blew me a kiss and disappeared (hand in hand with Michelle; those two were close, despite their differences) and I kept pulling fiercely for a long time. When it felt like my legs would fall off, and the sweat from my exertions had made even my slit seem dry by comparison... the strap finally came loose with a loud SNAP.

Freedom had never felt so good-- and this was only one leg's worth. I took a minute to stretch my thigh and calf muscles and rotate my ankle... wow. I could now twist the ankle almost all the way around in both directions. It was bizarre... but somehow liberating. Doubtless my opinion was biased by the fringe benefits.

By bending my right knee, I stretched myself into range so my freed foot could reach over to the strap which held the other. With both feet, I had the leverage to...

The door opened, and a tinkle of girlish laughter assaulted me. Gina was back, and so were the 'bots.

"Well, dear, I am impressed with your escape attempt. I must admit, your friend Carin didn't manage to get herself into such a predicament in her feeble attempts. But I dosed her after you, so maybe she's already trying to match you. I suppose you're ready? Steph, Lee: unbind her and bring her to the south bedroom."

Each silver-clad machine-girl took one of my wrists and guided me to the door. My arms and legs tingled in their newfound freedom as proper circulation was restored. I thought I could make a break for it, but my limbs were too floppy to move properly, yet. Plus, I wanted to see where they were taking me... to Carin?

No such luck on that count. Carin was nowhere to be found. The south bedroom was a storeroom of sorts, with a large number of chemicals on shelves, and on the floor, and apparently in several drawers... There was a gloriously decadent bed, and a large carved wood chair. On the bed were Gina's clothes. On the chair was Gina. Naked and spread open, nipples at attention. She looked scorchingly sexy.

"Come here, slave," she ordered, and the girls let go of me. I fell to my knees.

"I watched a video of you, from when you first woke up. The things you said to Stephabot... You have quite a vocabulary. You will serve me, and serve me well, with that filthy mouth of yours. But perhaps not quite as you expected." The way she was talking was really making my pussy drip, despite the fact that I'd pleasured it so recently. I loathed this woman... but couldn't deny how she was making me feel...

She leaned forward, cupped the back of my skull in her hands, and pulled my face to her swampy slit. "Eat me, slave. Eat me until I cum in your mouth, and you drink down every drop."

What could I do, in that situation? What would you do?

* * *

Eventually she left me there, taking Leanne with her. Through a haze of pussy and exhaustion, I heard her instructing the 'bot-girl to get dressed "in street clothes" and go to the mall to pick up my car. With a jingle of keys and a few footsteps she was gone, and Gina left the area for parts of the house unknown.

Stephabot had apparently not been given strict instructions on what to do with me, or what not to let me do, for that matter. She stared off into space as I opened drawer after drawer, searching for... aha! I didn't know exactly what I was doing, but I'd read enough detective novels to know that Chloroform was precisely the label I was looking for. I looked for a cloth of some kind and finally settled on Gina's panties, still a sopping mess on the floor. I doused them with the contents of the bottle, turning my head aside so the fumes wouldn't overwhelm me, then walked over near where Stephabot was sitting. She still gave no sign that I'd violated any of her directives; hopefully that would continue.

"Mistress says I may have fun with you."

"Mis-tress left this unit no such com-mand."

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that. I must obey mistress, and I was hoping you would help me but..." I drew the panties across her nose and mouth, pressing firmly, and grabbing the back of her skull to keep her in place.

This finally drew a response-- apparently she'd been given self-protection directives of some sort before, and had realized this was an attack. She raised her hands to mine and started prying them off. Robots evidently worked out at the gym a lot; she was strong. She was lasting a long time, too, given what I knew of chloroform. I realized she was holding her breath.

"Stephabot," I ordered during the struggle, trying to make my tone as much like Gina's as possible, "you will smell mistress's panties. Inhale!"

That worked; I didn't want to know what orders that command had brought to the fore, but though she still kicked at me and tried to get me off of her, she was breathing in and it was only a matter of time. In ten seconds more she collapsed to the floor. The 'bot was willing, but the flesh was weak. I grabbed the fuzzy handcuffs off the end table and chained Steph to the wrought iron of the bed. That ought to hold her for awhile.

I was free. Assuming Leanne really was gone and I could make my way to the front door before... but what about Carin? Would Gina still be here when I came back with the authorities, or would Gina have skipped town with Thing 1 and Thing 2 and her new rubber-band toy?

I couldn't leave her here, at Gina's beck and call. Gina was arousing, certainly, and neither I nor Carin would kick her out of bed in the morning... but she was clearly crazed, and that was not a good substrate to build a long-term relationship on. Especially a long-term relationship certain to include personal servitude, as fun as that otherwise sounded. I shuddered with fear. Or possibly excitement.

I stopped outside the door and listened. The house was mostly silent, but there was a perceptible noise coming from a room at the other end of the hall-- a noise of moans and tiny shrieks. Shrieks I recognized.

I opened the door a crack, hoping that the sounds were evidence of serious distraction. I wasn't disappointed. Gina was riding Carin's mouth... smearing that pussy I'd so recently devoured all over the face of my best friend with a vigor that belied all claims I'd tired her out. The vixen. I should have known she was just playing the field. I'd have been insulted if I hadn't known how fun it was to fuck Carin's tongue. Gina was enjoying it to the max, and cumming, grinding her muff down on Carin hard. Carin was bound, but her neck was extra-stretchy, like mine, else the position would have been painful.

Despite the excitement of the scene, it gave me no end of satisfaction to smear Gina's face with her own panties. I hoped she could smell herself through the chloroform.

* * *

"Good morning."

Gina looked around, disoriented. She was apparently more used to the positions being reversed-- I'd secured her to the "operating table". And the thong I'd ripped loose would be no use to her. She wasn't inhumanly bendy.

"Stephabot's chained to the bed downstairs, and Leanne's outside staring at the front door and trying the handle every thirty seconds or so. I can't believe you never told her what to do if the door is bolted. You're such an amateur."

"I... what..."

"Carin's sleeping right now. You really wore her out, and I wanted her to rest."


"So where did you get the magic powder? The 'nanoes'?"

"I-- I don't have to tell--"

"Me anything? True, but you see, I haven't called the police yet, so I can do all sorts of very mean things to your body before I call them. I assure you, I haven't forgotten the way I was treated."

I hoped she couldn't see that I was bluffing; I had no stomach for hurting her. And I'd gotten a good deal of enjoyment out of my confinement, thanksverymuch.

She bought my act, apparently, and grew less indignant. "Fine. I worked in a lab with Dr. Anita Tabico." She paused. "I see you haven't heard of her either. It's amazing. She was one of the greatest minds in nanotechnology before she-- before I--"

"You killed her?"

She looked offended. "Not in the way you mean, no."

"Keep going."

"Dr. Tabico had some ideas about altering the human mind and body using tiny robots smaller than the eye can--"

"I've seen Star Trek. I know what nanotechnology is."

"... okay. Well, I was her lab assistant, and she was trying the nanoes out on monkeys in the lab. I saw... See, the nanoes are a blank slate: they can be programmed in any number of ways. Dr. Tabico had specialized software to choose which of dozens of routines they would be instructed to run, and she used 'Aroused' on one of the female monkeys..."


"That was what the routine was called. Well, I'm not normally one for bestiality, even as an observer, but if you could have seen how much enjoyment the modified monkey was getting out of what used to be very bland sex with her mate... well, one night I got a little excited, and a little careless..."

"You dosed yourself."

She bit her lip. "Mmm hmm."

"Then what?"

"Well, see... then I sort of... attacked Dr. Tabico. She didn't know what I'd done, of course, but I was so... aroused when I saw her walk into the lab, I started kissing her. Very... insistently. I'd seen how she would look at me, of course, but I'd never been interested in her; she was too old for me, and it wouldn't have been a professional working arrangement--"

"Get on with it."

"Well, she was very taken aback... and not resisting. So... well, after seven hours and her fifteenth orgasm--"


She rolled her eyes up into her head at the memory. "You have nnnnno idea. I had over thirty."


"... anyway, after her last orgasm, she looked funny and collapsed. I was still horny and kept trying to wake her up, but she wasn't... she had..."

"You'd fucked her to death."

"It's not like that. I mean... it wasn't. She had a stroke. I had to explain to the police and the medical examiner what had happened... can you imagine how embarrassing that was? Especially since the cop was a redhead with the most amazing pair of--"


"Anyway... So there I was... 'Aroused' all the time. There was no one to explain to me how all of the equipment worked... Dr. Tabico had never gotten around to doing the documentation, you know... Or to reporting how much progress she'd made. I knew that the nanos could be programmed into several possible configurations, but that was all I had. So... I decided to experiment." She looked guilty. "I didn't want to, at first, but... I was so horny all the time, and the two secretaries who tag-teamed the reception job... well, they were so unbelievably hot..."

"What did you do?"

"I took all of Dr. Tabico's equipment-- the stuff that worked, not the big, expensive stuff that was of no use-- and I brought it all home. I inherited this place from mom when she died, and no one else lived with me, so it was the perfect place for what I wanted to do. I used 'Robot' on Stephanie. I told her the nanos were breath mints, then I tailed her home that night." Memory of arousal made her nostrils flare. "It was very successful. If you only knew what her tongue felt like, that first time..." She came back to herself. "I... um... did Leanne the following day. And since then, I've just been looking for more ways to experiment-- to find out what each of the settings does."

"So... what was mine?"


"Pli--" Ah, well, that made sense. I was certainly that. "Well, why the hell didn't you keep a closer eye on me, then? You had to know that I would probably be able to get free if I had that kind of..." Ability to eat myself out? "... talent."

"I thought 'pliant' meant... you know... obedient..."

"That's 'compliant'. 'Pliant' means 'flexible'." I illustrated by turning my neck three quarters of the way around in one direction and checking out my own ass. I needed a little more exercise, apparently. I was pretty sure yoga would never again pose the same sort of challenge.


I let out a snarl of exasperation. "You mean that's what this is all about? You're too stupid to know the other definition for 'pliant' and too lazy to look it up?"

"But... but... you did what I told you to do, even when I ordered you to..." She got quiet.

"You dumbass. I'm a lesbian and you're a beautiful woman. I didn't need orders to want to bury my face between your legs."

And you were tied up and that always makes you horny.

(shut up, Alei)

(sorry, sweetness!)

"A... lesbian?"

I rolled my eyes at her. "Don't tell me it wasn't obvious I had some experience down there! See, now you're just being insulting!"

"No... I..."

I was just toying with her, now; I knew perfectly well I was good at eating pussy-- had recent first... um... "hand" experience confirming it for me, in fact.

"The question is, what the hell am I going to do with you? Not to mention your little harem?"

"You could--" she stammered, blushing. "You could use the nanobots on me. Make me obedient. Or compliant. Or both." The look on her face was almost hopeful.

"Ha! What do you think this is, some kind of crappy internet fuck story? No, I don't think so... though I'm sure you'd like nothing better. Unlike you, I have morals."

Then why are your panties drenched from thinking about it?

(Michelle, this is hardly the time!)

(hey, I'm just sayin'...)

"No, I'm just going to turn you over to the cops. Hopefully with the machine and its software someone, somewhere can find a way to fix what you've done to poor Leanne and Stephabot-- anie!"

"No, please, I'll do--"

But I was already leaving the room in search of a phone. "Very fuckable lady," I thought to myself. "It's really too bad she's also nuts."

* * *

"That was quite the adventure." Carin had unlocked the passenger side door for me. I opened it and sat down beside her, buckling myself in effortlessly-- without leaning forward or to the side. My muscles knew what to do, even if I didn't, quite... yet.

"Yeah, except now my body's been altered, and I have no idea if there will be any kind of side effects or anything. It's kinda scary."

Carin nodded, but tried to remain bright. "Could have been much worse. We could have ended up zombie slaves like those two unfortunates back there."

"Um... about them..."


"Well, I spoke to the social worker assigned to their case. They'll probably be made wards of the state, and might be institutionalized--"

"Brrrr! The poor girls."

"-- and so sort of I asked if there was any way they could be kept out of that sort of environment... In some sort of home care."

"You didn't!"

"I'm sure they'll need somewhere nice to stay, until someone finds a cure for them. Not somewhere white and clinical: somewhere they can have a kind, nurturing environment which provides for all their needs..."

"Not... your needs?"

"Carin, I'm being serious, here!" I was just being charitable. I didn't have an ulterior motive for wanting Stephanie and Leanne to live with us... did I?

Surely not.

Carin examined my expression for a minute. I'm not sure what she saw there, but she seemed satisfied with whatever it was she had found. She shrugged and grinned. "Okay, I'm not opposed. We'll take them in."

"Thank you, dear, it means so much to me to be able to help them, after what we went through together... and almost went through."

She nodded. "Okay. Should we stop off at IKEA to try to find some new furniture? We only have the two beds. Plus there's the showering... four women in that one house? Can you imagine the monthly bill for toiletries?"

"All that can wait, sweetheart." All of this talk of beds and showering was making me randy as hell, for some reason. Well, okay, for obvious reasons. I still had some very fun demonstrations to give. "First, let's get home as soon as possible. You've got to see what we can do, now. Trust me: our sex life will never be the same."

It wasn't.

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