The Shoe On The Other Foot

Epilogue - Stuttering Sappho

by alectashadow

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #boots #bullying #clothing #foot_fetish #foot_kissing #foot_worship #hypnosis #mind_control #mindbreak #mindfuck #revenge #revenge_hypnosis #reversal_of_fortune #simpification

The same, but different.

It’s weird how, in a situation like this, pinned to the floor in my own home, that’s the first thought my brain readily supplies.

Or is it the first? I don’t really know, at this point. It’s like I’m floating. But at least I have that one thought to orient me.

Same, and different. 

That’s how the two girls look to me, one crouching above my chest, pinning my wrists to the ground, the other standing tall above me. I’ve known them for so many years, but they’re different from the image I have of them in my head. 

Arianna’s red hair, which once descended down to the small of her back in a fiery mane, is now cropped boyishly short. Not the kind of stylish short, either… it’s messy and graceless. 

Even stranger, she’s wearing glasses. Thick-rimmed, mousy glasses that make her look like the kind of hopeless nerd she and I used to bully in high school. 

“Mmmh, Becca,” she says, her lips nuzzling the side of my neck, making me shiver all over as her body adheres to mine.

She’s pinning me down, now, but when my eyes meet hers, I see no life, no intellect, no emotion behind the glasses. In fact, her eyes look like they’re made of glass themselves… lucid, unfocused, wandering. 

I haven’t spoken a single word to Ari ever since what I think of as the… incident… when she tried to Skype with me while she guzzled a woman’s foot deep into her mouth. It was gross, and the last of a litany of bizarre events where Ari seemed determined to shove all her new sexuality into everyone’s face…

But now, I’m less certain. She’s Ari, of course, but she doesn’t look like her. The way her eyes seem to be constantly rolling upwards, the pout in her lips, the way she seems to mindlessly grind her crotch against my belly as she pins me down, the nylons and frilly skirt she’s wearing…

Oh, and then, of course, there’s the other girl, who’s also same but different.

I look up at her with a strange, lazy movement of my head. I know I’m in danger, that these two girls have made their way into my home uninvited, and assailed me, but… it all feels so distant, like it’s happening to someone else.

Olivia is as spindly, flat-chested, and tomboyish as I remembered, but in subtle ways, she’s clearly changed. Her form-fitting clothes speak of self-confidence she didn’t have in high school. 

I swear I see some real muscle tone under her tight black shirt, too… every time she crosses her arms, her biceps bulge in a way that’s difficult for me to ignore.

And while Ari seems to have gained glasses, Olivia has lost hers. Her penetrating gaze fixes on me, and she leers in my direction, like she’s laughing at a joke I’m not yet privy to. 

She’s holding something in her hands. It’s a… toy, of some sorts, I’m not sure… my gaze is drawn to it, but at the same time, it’s like I’m not really, really seeing it. What I see instead is Olivia’s eyes, shining like distant stars, leering at me from above the toy… which seems to be moving…

Questions cross my mind at speed, fleeing it soon after. What are they doing in my home? What has Olivia done to Arianna? What’s with the damn toy I can’t seem to focus on? 

I can’t ask any of these questions. They slip through my fingers, like flowing water.

I’m all too aware of Arianna’s body, so soft and warm as it presses against me, her nyloned legs entwining with mine to keep me physically subdued.

Whenever her hips buck against the crotch of my jeans, a jolt of electricity goes through me.

I find myself bucking back. 

“That’s so good to watch,” Olivia says, her eyes narrowing in pleasure at my improper display. “When a girl begins to unravel. When she starts to hump the air. When she’s open and eager, ready to get off at a single word… or a command…”

It’s only after she’s spoken that I realise, with a mixture of surprise and horror, that Olivia has been talking all this time. Worse, I realise that her last words are off script, like an interruption while she was reciting something to me. 

A recess of my brain, a primitive part of my mind I didn’t even know existed, is trying to warn me that I’m in danger, mutely beating against a glass pane that isn’t supposed to be there, that is splitting my mind in two. 

For the first time in what feels like forever, I’m alert.

I can see the toy. 

It’s a… bird. A drinking bird, or something like that. Fire engine red, on a light blue base, and it swings eternally up and down.

Up… and down… 

I press my nails into my palms, to prevent the daze from returning. I have to stay awake. Olivia is holding the bird, but she scrupulously avoids looking at it. 

I have to do the same. With every ounce of willpower I can muster, I focus my eyes on Ari above me – I know, to my horror, that if I don’t resist, I’ll end up just like her.

That’s when I stop thinking, and I start panicking. 

I begin to flail and roll around, trying to get Ari off of me. I grunt and push to no avail – Arianna simply slithers up my body, and her nyloned thighs position themselves on either side of my face. Her knees now pin my arms to the ground, and her hands…

Her hands now clench in an iron grip around my face, forcibly turning it in spite of all resistance. 

I silently beg Ari with my eyes. What are you doing? I want to ask her. I’m your friend!

But Ari can only stare back at me with empty eyes, as she forces my head back towards the bird.

Too late, I try to close my eyes but it’s too late – the swinging motion of the bird captivates my pupils like magnetism. Wherever it goes, they follow. Up, and down.

“Nice try, Becca,” Olivia says with a smirk. “But it isn’t going to work. We have a score to settle, you and I.” 

I let the words worm their way into my ears. Ari notices my lack of resistance, and releases the grip on my face, withdrawing from me, beginning to stand up. Truly, force is no longer needed. I can no longer look away from the bird. 

Olivia shuffles close to me, always careful to keep the bird straight at the center of my view. I feel something prod against my cheek, lifting my head upwards. Through my peripheral vision, I think it’s… 

Olivia’s sneaker. 

I think back to that Skype call, to Ari deepthroating a foot like a champ right after calling me. A woman’s foot.

I mewl, desperately trying to pry myself from the damn bird, but it’s like I’ve been glued to the floor. I can’t move. 

“Kiss my shoe,” Olivia says, and I want to tell her no, that I’m not Arianna, that this is illegal and it’s gonna land her ass in prison. I don’t see how I could even comply if I have to keep staring at the drinking bird.

And yet, I turn sideways of my own volition, rubbing my cheek against Olivia’s sneaker like I’m her cat, purring in heat and submissive desire. What? How long have I been under? Has she already changed me? 

Either way, I rain kisses upon the sneakers, my lips travelling from front to back, and top to bottom. I start licking the dirt off them, the grime building up on my tongue, and even with my eyes turned downward, it’s like I’m still seeing the bird.

Even when I close my eyes… 

With a muted umph, I let out a breath as Arianna climbs atop me, her shoeless nyloned feet padding against my body as she walks up and down the length of me.

I whimper and thrash weakly, my eyes travelling upwards again, towards the bird… And Olivia. 

“You know, with Ari, I had the luxury of prolonged exposure over time,” she says, popping off her sneakers one at a time. “But with you, well… I need a more… brute force method.” 

The socks go next, the sweaty scent assailing my nostrils as I plead silently at her with my eyes. But Olivia knows no mercy. Her toes sneak past my lips, and I begin servicing them with my tongue, like I know what I’m doing and I’ve done this a million times before. 

I let out a series of throaty moans, as Arianna’s feet begin to rub against my crotch. 

“And by brute force, I mean this,” Olivia says. “Cum harder than you ever have in your life.” 

No sooner has she finished speaking, that my entire perception of the world is lit on fire. 

My heart begins racing in my chest, my skin tingles everywhere, my pupils dilate, my breathing becomes ragged. This is no build-up towards a climax, no. The climax slams directly against me, like an asteroid falling out of the sky. 

I would shout, but for Olivia’s foot gagging me. Even so, I squirm and thrash and moan and whimper, while the strongest orgasm I’ve ever felt ripples outward from my defeated sex, my pussy spasming beneath Arianna’s feet.

“That’s it,” Olivia says. “That is the measure of my power over you. I can make you cum with words alone. I can get you off at the snap of my fingers. Did you really think you could resist me?”

Olivia’s expression is terrifying. She hates me, I know, and she’s enjoying it. She has… reduced me. I’m at her mercy. She can do things to me with no accountability, and all I can do is beg… 

“You haven’t said a word since I put you in your place,” Olivia says, while Arianna’s nyloned feet rub ever more incessantly against my pussy. “Try now.”

That’s not a question or a challenge. It’s an order. Olivia even withdraws her foot from my mouth, and I take in lungfuls of blessed air, before finding it within me to obey her, and speak. 

“P-p-p-p-please…” I say, and my eyes widen in shock at my own voice. Mousy. Aroused. Unassuming.


“D-d-d-d-do it again,” I say, and then I go slack-jawed in shock and horror. What is happening to me?

Above me, Olivia laughs a cruel, pure laughter. Then, she thrusts her foot back into my mouth.  

“I don’t think you appreciate the beauty of the trigger I’ve constructed,” Olivia says, her toes toying with my palate and my tongue. “Let me give you a practical demonstration. Becca… cum harder than you ever have in your life.” 

I barely have the time to stare at her in fear and shock, as a devastating climax hits me like a sledgehammer. My neurons misfire, every muscle in my body spasms and quivers of its own volition. 

I arch my spine in despair, with Olivia’s feet in my mouth and Arianna’s feet on my spasming pussy, as the pleasure washes away everything in its path like a tsunami. It transcends my ability to describe it, even to experience it in full. It exceeds the edges of my perception. 

The climb down is darkened by a terrible realisation.

Each time she speaks the trigger, the orgasm is stronger than the one before. 

The dial keeps being turned up. 

What happens if she keeps going…? 

“I see you understand,” Olivia says, the glimmer of triumph in her eyes, and I do, I do. I redouble my effort to worship her foot, to give her toes a tongue bath. Each time I hollow my cheeks and suck, I’m really praying non-verbally. Please don’t destroy me. 

“Remember that cruel prank you pulled on me, Becca?” Olivia asks, her tone suddenly ominous and cold. “When you pretended to be a secret admirer, and stood me up at prom?”

As her foot slides deeper into my mouth, stretching my cheeks and worming its way down towards the entrance of my throat, all I can do is nod frantically. 

“I think it’s time you became my not-so-secret admirer for real,” she says to me. “You will love me with all your heart. Desire me with all your strength. You will profess your love for me to anyone who will listen, all the time… and always stuttering like the sapphic simp you deserve to be.” 

Nooo, no no no… what she’s saying is… it will be the end of my social life, no one will take me seriously, I will be unable to even talk properly, or speak of anything else to anybody! I’ll do her bidding, day and night!

And – I realise as her words begin to take hold – I will want her. More than anything I’ve ever wanted or could ever want. And I’ll never, ever have her. 

She’ll never love me back, never hold my hand, never allow me to even get off my knees in her presence.

Oh God… It hurts… 

“I want you to think about it,” Olivia says, as her foot finally sinks all the way in, impaling my throat. Tears pool in my eyes, and begin to roll down my cheeks, as I slobber and cough and gag. “Think of how much you love me now. Think of how badly it hurts that you’re nothing to me but dirt beneath my shoes, not even a person or a pet, but a disgusting piece of trash. Fix the hurt into your mind.”

“And then,” she continues, looking down at me in utter disgust and contempt. My heart is breaking, my clit is throbbing like crazy, and my mind, I don’t even know what’s happening to it, my mind is –

“And then, cum harder than you ever have in your life,” Olivia says. And for a moment, I see only black. 

When the world returns, I scream in pain. My muscles have tensed so much that I have a cramp in my left calf, and it hurts like crazy, it hurts as badly as my broken heart does right now. I thrash desperately on the floor, but Arianna balances atop me, pinning me down.

And Olivia’s foot pistons methodically in and out of my squelching throat.

“I’m going to make you cum harder and harder until something snaps, literally or metaphorically,” Olivia says, as I begin to gluk gluk gluk around her foot. “I’m going to make you cum your brains on the fucking floor.” 

The tears running down my face are no longer just from the deepthroating. She thinks I’m a pig, a poor excuse for a human being. I love her with all my heart, I yearn to shout it to the world, but she hates me.

“That’s it,” Olivia says, facefucking me. “God I love the pain in your eyes. Ari I just enslaved, but you… you deserve so much worse, Becca, for what you did to me. And I’m going to make sure you get it. And then some.” 

“I’m going to turn the dial up to the max,” she says, her eyes glimmering with triumph and hatred. “Beg me not to. If you can.” 

Arianna digs the heel of her nyloned foot harder against my defeated cunt. “D-d-d-destroy her,” she says, stuttering. “We both d-d-deserve it!” 

I try to remove my mouth from Olivia’s foot, to beg her to please never let me cum again, to leave my mind intact, to let me just love her… I’ll do everything she wants and ask for nothing in return, except my mind, please let me keep my mind…

But Olivia refuses to let me go. Her foot chases my fleeing face and pins it to the floor, plunging at the entrance of my throat, while her eyes lock onto mine. 

“My stuttering Sappho,” she says. “Cum harder than you ever have in your life.”

And, as my limbs flail and thrash so hard that I’m basically having a seizure, and I feel the horrible, snapping sound my mind makes as it begins to crumble, the one fixed point that remains inside my broken brain is that I love Olivia with all my heart.

And I deserve everything she’s going to do to me.

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