Research Notes From The Fall Of Women

by alectashadow

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As part of an experiment to learn more about the payload, and develop countermeasures, neuroscientist Tamila Zasiedko isolates herself for thirty days. With literally no man around to collar her, surely nothing could conceivably go wrong. Right?

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Once again, given the peculiar nature of the subject matter, this story warrants a special disclaimer. This is a fantasy, not a manifesto. As famous erotica author All These Roadworks usually puts it, “my kinks are not my politics”. Do not use this story to promote a political worldview. Practice your relational life consensually, or not at all.

This story is set in the Fall Of Women narrative universe. In this world, a diabolical conspiracy has unleashed a mind control virus that compels women to submit to men. These stories are anthological, so you can read this one even if you haven’t read the original. Having said that, reading the original first will naturally net you the best reading experience.

As always, all characters are over the age of 18.

Now, without further ado… enjoy the read!

Log: day 1 of isolation.

I am Tamila Zasiedko, a researcher at the Mountain View Neuroscience and Behavioural Biology Lab. My colleagues and I are conducting an experiment to investigate the effects of prolonged isolation on women infected with a hypnotic mind virus known as “the payload.”

The payload is a hypnotic viral mind agent, delivered to women worldwide through electronic devices.

Scientific consensus about it is still lacking, but it’s considered likely that the payload acts on the prefrontal cortex, inducing a state of heightened suggestibility. It probably affects the brain’s reward system, which is responsible for regulating emotions, motivation, and decision-making processes. It is hypothesized that the payload is designed to induce the affected individuals to become compliant to male authority.

The exact mechanism of this effect is unknown, as is the way the payload identifies its targets as women. Nevertheless, it is speculated that the payload may alter the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, leading to an increase in reward sensitivity to stimuli that promote docility and degradation, and a decrease in the reward value of independent behaviour.

The altered balance of the reward system goes hand in hand with the subconscious processing of vivid and suggestive imagery.

As with the vast majority of women worldwide, I… have been infected by the viral agent in question.

Scans of my brain indicate a heightened activity in the anterior cingulate cortex and the ventral striatum, which are associated with emotional processing and reward perception, respectively. I am also displaying the typical symptoms described above, and an erratic sleep schedule.

I—and my female colleagues in the lab, all similarly affected—have volunteered to partake in an experiment, seeking to further our understanding of this payload, and hopefully develop appropriate countermeasures.

The experiment aims to understand how long-term sensory deprivation may impact the payload’s ability to regulate dopamine and serotonin levels, which contribute to the development of submissive behavior in response to its stimuli.

Moreover, without a “learning” experience to attach a feeling of reward to, the payload will hopefully lose its ability to operate in the anterior cingulate cortex and the ventral striatum.

Were this to be corroborated… we may be on a path to curing it.

As part of the experiment to assess the effects of isolation on the payload’s conditioning mechanisms, I have been confined to this room. The dimensions of the space are 3 meters by 3 meters, and it is equipped with basic necessities, as well as a camera and microphone.

I will remain confined here for a minimum period of 30 days. Further evaluations will be made from there.

During this period of isolation, all forms of external stimuli have been removed, including audio, visual, and olfactory stimuli. Food and water will be provided at regular intervals.

Similar isolation rooms have been set up in the lab for my female colleagues. During the period of our confinement, we will be monitored by male scientists, under the leadership of Dr Vogel.

During my stay here, I will record daily logs, monitoring my physiological responses, my mental state, my sleep cycle, and any other relevant parametres.

Upon entering the isolation room, my heart rate increased slightly, likely due to a mild anxiety response. However, my EEG readings have not yet shown any significant changes.

Currently, I am experiencing mild to moderate sleep deprivation and a persistent craving for the… dopamine and serotonin rushes that I would experience, were I to accept the payload’s programming.

I will continue to monitor my physiological responses to assess the payload’s impact on my brain.

If I may be allowed a slight digression from the technical note of this log, for just a moment…

My colleague Madison put it best, I believe, before being led to her own isolation room. She said work like this is the key to undoing this evil act. Yes, it may be tough for us individually, even infernal. But, as she said, to win in any struggle, you must do one thing first, above all: know your enemy.

End of log.

Log: day 2 of isolation.

Beginning with physical monitoring.

Today is the second day of my confinement. As with the first day, my EEG readings have not shown any significant changes from baseline levels. I continue to experience mild to moderate sleep deprivation, likely due to the vivid and suggestive imagery that the payload induces during dreams. These dreams have become more intense and disturbing since the onset of my isolation.

The payload seems to select highly symbolic dreams. The intensity and aggressiveness of the imagery is negatively impacting my mood. It also doesn’t help that the… cravings are definitely present, and the lack of reward signals is deflating my emotional state.

The lack of dopamine is almost like a quantifiable physical feeling, a light but persistent pressure behind the temples. It also manifests in a general feeling of exhaustion. Overall, this is not dissimilar from the experiences of patients with mood disorders.

Other than that, all parametres nominal.

During the day, I have been keeping myself occupied with various cognitive tasks, including memory games and mental math exercises. These activities have been helpful in maintaining my cognitive functioning and focus, but they have not been sufficient in completely distracting me from the payload’s influence.

I will continue to monitor my physiological responses and mental state, as well as engage in cognitive tasks, to further our understanding of the payload’s effects and potential countermeasures.

End of log.

Log: day 5 of isolation.

Beginning with physical monitoring.

Despite the anxiety and disorientation that have emerged over the last few days, my EEG readings remain stable. There are no significant changes from yesterday’s readings. My heart rate and blood pressure are also within normal range. I am keeping track of my sleep patterns, but they are erratic at best. I am finding it hard to fall asleep. My mind keeps racing, and I can’t seem to quiet it down.

The emptiness of the room is starting to become oppressive. There is nothing to do here except think, and my thoughts keep returning to the payload and its effects on my brain. The cognitive tasks and memory games seem less appealing, and more tiresome to conduct.

I am starting to feel disoriented and disconnected from reality. It’s as if I am in a dream state, where everything is hazy and unclear. I know that this is just a temporary state of cabin fever, but it’s unsettling, especially because the payload is never far from my thoughts. I can feel its pull, tempting me to give in to its programming.

I am also tracking my mood and emotional state. I have to report that I feel… grumpy.

It does not escape me that my contribution to this experiment is not due to my scientific expertise, but to the fact that a shadowy entity delivered a malicious hypnotic agent into my brain. All my male colleagues get to sit out there and go home when their shift is over, while we have to be penned in and looked at, like lab rats.

I detect increased payload activity in reaction to these thoughts.

I know this is unfair to people like Dr Vogel, so I make sure to apologise over the microphone. Because it’s one-way, I can’t hear his response, but I’m sure he understands. I’m simply frustrated. I had to face my fair share of systemic injustices and misogynistic condescension to get here, and now I am relegated to the role of test subject just because I am a woman.

I do my best to calm down.

I will continue to monitor my physiological responses and emotional state, and record them in my daily log. I know that this experiment is important, not just for me, but for all women who have been affected by the payload. If we can understand its effects better, we may be able to find a way to counteract it. That thought is what keeps me going, even in the midst of this disorienting and challenging experience.

Log: day 8 of isolation.

Beginning with physical monitoring.

Nervous system monitoring indicates no significant changes in EEG, heart rate, or blood pressure. Sleep remains elusive, and sleep patterns erratic, with intermittent periods of restlessness and difficulty falling asleep. Emotional state remains stable for the most part, with occasional bursts of anxiety and frustration.

The payload’s conditioning has intensified over the last few days. My executive function is deteriorating, meaning I constantly start cognitive exercises, only to immediately drop them. In spite of all my attempts, my focus inevitably returns to the payload, and I find myself daydreaming.

The imagery selected by the payload during sleep—and, to some degree, during daydreaming—seems to be shifting. The initial visions were crude, vivid but simple, erotic but not overly sexual. Now, they seem to be gaining in definition.

I see women pushed to their knees, strong hands throwing them back, asserting new and more restrictive boundaries, reining them in like one would an unruly animal. The payload floods my subconscious with half-formed imagery of women as a gender being expertly subdued and brought to heel, like formerly recalcitrant horses.

It… might be useful to understand if the payload targets its imagery to specific subjects, and how. Perhaps, once this experiment is concluded, comparative analysis can be made with what the other female researchers are experiencing.

Unfortunately, that line of thought leads me even deeper into the reverie, as I try to conjure up which visions of submission, enthrallment, and domestication they might be experiencing.

The lack of external stimuli is taking its toll on me. I find myself feeling restless and agitated, with nothing to occupy my mind except the payload’s constant efforts. It’s the way it seeps into every thought, every feeling, every decision. I can feel it tugging at me, trying to make me submit.

The payload’s arsenal seems to widen, beyond the choice of imagery.

I must report that earlier today, I suddenly had the urge to clean the room, even though it’s pristine, and there are no cleaning supplies on hand. The… domestic connotations of the inexplicable urge are obvious.

I keep having these intrusive thoughts that I can’t shake off. Thoughts that I never had before. Like, why am I even here? Why am I not in the lab, conducting my own experiments, instead of being trapped here like a lab rat?

The payload claims, insidiously, that it’s because my worth is solely based on my ability to serve men. I reject the notion as a matter of course, and my thoughts wander to Dr Vogel. My old frustration returns. He’s not more qualified than I am, and yet he gets to sit behind the camera, watching me as I try to fight a mind virus that tries to enslave me.

The payload supplies many more intrusive thoughts, suggesting me to “let the men get on with the real work,” and that “of course it’s men who are going to fix this payload problem for you”. I can feel it creeping up on me, that poisonous thought that I’m not good enough. Like, maybe I’m not cut out for this after all. Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe no woman is.

My education and expertise are useless right now, in this experiment. The payload whispers that my place is not in science or research but rather in a domestic role, serving my “master.”

But I refuse to give in. I refuse to let the payload control me. I am a neuroscientist, damn it, and I will not be reduced to a purely decorative role in society. No matter how my physical state seems to… respond to the idea of being an adornment.

I will fight back, with everything I have. I don’t know how long it will take or how hard it will be, but I won’t give up. I won’t let the payload break me.

In closing, I realise this log may have… failed to live up to the usual standards in terms of formatting and technical requirements. But then again, this is exactly what the experiment is supposed to be monitoring. So long as it’s useful, then I suppose it’s fine.

Useful to the men who are conducting this experiment…

Log: day 14 of isolation.

It’s been a full week since I last wrote in this log.

I’m so sorry. I mean, of course the camera in here watches me all the time, so… and I definitely did speak over the microphone, though the details of what I said currently elude me. Still, it’s bad practice not to keep up with the logs.

It’s just, I’ve been struggling to keep up with the payload’s increasing intensity, and the toll it’s taking on my mind and body.

I uh, should probably begin with physical monitoring.

Physiologically, there have been some significant changes in my EEG, heart rate, and blood pressure. My brainwaves show evidence of increased alpha and beta activity, which suggests heightened arousal and attention. My heart rate has also increased, especially during periods of intense conditioning.

I believe there might be a feedback loop in play here, because when I see evidence of my arousal, I think of how the changes are consistent with the payload’s attempts to condition me to become more submissive and receptive to male authority. That in turn increases my state of arousal, which makes me think about… well.

Sleep has been more elusive than ever.

Emotionally, I’m exhausted. I swing between periods of intense anxiety and apathy, as if my brain is trying to shut down to escape the payload’s growing barrage of intrusive thoughts. The idea that I shouldn’t speak up, or that my opinion doesn’t matter because I’m a woman. That this is all I should have always been doing in the lab. Being useful for the men who run it…

That there’s a camera in here, watching me, all the time. Might as well put it to good use?

I’ve resisted that impulse, for now, but there are just so many. The payload even whispers that I’m somehow responsible for its effects on my brain, that if I were stronger or smarter, it wouldn’t be able to control me.

But I know that’s not true. I know that this mind virus is a complex and powerful weapon, designed to prey on our deepest fears and insecurities. Prey, of course. I mean, that’s how predation works in nature, too, and with the vulnerabilities induced by the payload, women are definitely a prey item now. Bottom of the food chain. Easily subdued. It’s open season…

Each time, it seems to take me longer, and more effort, to snap out of these reveries.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the women who came before me, who fought for our rights, who broke down barriers and shattered stereotypes. What would they think, seeing me like this, at the mercy of a mind virus?

A neuroscientist, rendered brainless by a hypnotic app on a smartphone.

Now, wouldn’t that just be the peak of irony?

Log: day 16 of isolation.

I’m trying to stick to a more regular logging schedule again. However, what I have to report is mostly not good.

My physical and emotional state continues to deteriorate. I’m limiting myself to a sufficient but modest amount of eating and drinking, and my sleep patterns are erratic at best. My body aches all over, and I feel weak and lethargic most of the time.

Over the last 48 hours, I barely got out of bed. I spent the majority of the day lying there, lost in a haze of sexual fantasies that the payload continues to bombard me with. It’s getting harder and harder to resist them. The payload’s conditioning through the brain’s reward mechanism is working, and the effects keep accumulating, like snowballs building into an avalanche.

The payload’s effects are all-consuming, leaving me with no energy or motivation to do anything else. I’ve lost interest in the things that used to bring me joy and fulfillment, and even entertaining the thought of stimulating my memory and cognitive abilities is impossible. No, I have one and only one source of gratification, now.

The pleasure centers of my brain are firing off constantly, making it difficult to think of anything else. The payload has succeeded in making me feel small and insignificant. I can’t help but wonder if this is how men have always seen women. As mere objects for their pleasure and amusement. Maybe the payload is just revealing the ugly truth that has been hidden for centuries.

I know I’m losing myself, but I can’t seem to stop it. The payload has turned me into a shell of my former self.

The fantasies are getting more explicit, and more humiliating. I’m no longer just submitting to a man, I’m a slave to his every whim, relegated to my proper place beneath him, aware that he should have never let me rise above my station in the first place. He’s correcting a historical injustice.

In the fantasies, I’m on my hands and knees, crawling to this faceless man like a dog, begging for scraps of his attention, for the privilege to suck his cock. Sometimes, in these scenarios, Dr Vogel is there too, watching me smugly.

In the reveries, I don’t actually see his face, so I’m not sure how I know he’s smug. It just… feels that way.

I mean, how could he not be smug? He’s monitoring this experiment, watching me succumb to the payload’s effects, watching me break down as a person, into the core, animalistic components that represent a woman’s true identity. How could he see me as anything other than a simple creature, in dire need of a firm hand to lead her? Of course he has no respect for me or my intelligence.

As I think these thoughts, I report that I unconsciously angled myself towards the camera. In truth, at the time, my primary concern was with the fantasies themselves. I’ve been in a near-constant state of artificial arousal for so long.

Somehow, it seemed a bad idea to yield to it. And yet, just as my mind wandered, so did my hands. It was only after I’d begun stroking that I realised I would be giving Vogel a show…

Well. That’s his job, isn’t it? To monitor me? So, let him monitor this.

Hopefully, he enjoys it, and I get to contribute something to this experiment, after all…

Log: day 20 of isolation.

Beginning with physical monitoring.

Knees hurt from the cold floor. Neck aches from the bowed posture.

With nothing to keep myself occupied, I’ve played with myself to the point that I feel like my degree itself must have leaked out of my sex, together with my desperate arousal. It’s made me descend into a dumb, animalistic fog.

When I’m in a refractory period, though, kneeling is a good way to provide at least minor release of rewarding chemicals from the payload. Every time I think that this is my proper place in life, folded out of men’s sight unless they want their cocks sucked, the payload gives me another little crumb of good fuzzy feelings… but just a crumb. So I keep following it down this road, eager for more.

Embracing my nature as a sexual object, available to men’s every whim and desire. Crumb.

Devote my energies to serving men, and being their obedient slave. Crumb.

This pattern continues until I recover, and can crawl to the bed again, and once more give Vogel something to monitor… I know he’s watching me from behind the camera, monitoring my every move. The payload whispers in my ear that he’s probably enjoying watching me degrade myself like this, that he’s getting off on my humiliation. I can almost picture it. I mean, not his actual facial features. But…

I’m ashamed of what I’ve become, but I can’t seem to help myself. I feel like a bloody junkie, a shell of a woman, desperate for a fix. I can’t even go through this log without getting sidetracked.

Heart rate is elevated. Pupils dilated. Skin perspiration is abundant. I masturbated my way through the EEG, climax included, which I’m sure will be data of fundamental importance. There might be issues with the size of the data set, though. I’ll have to make sure it’s as rich as possible…

Log: day 24 of isolation.

Alright, so here’s the interesting part.

The hope behind this experiment was that the payload would be starved. Right? You can’t learn misogyny if there’s no one around to act as positive reinforcement. You can’t be rewarded for good behaviour—really good behaviour, like spreading your thighs and letting hands cup your throat—if you’re in no position to physically carry out that behaviour.

What does the payload do, then?


As it happens, it starves me.

It’s as though it has created an entire world inside my head, filled with images and scenarios that reinforce its message of submission and servitude. I feel like I’m trapped in a cage of my own making, unable to escape the spiral of addiction.

It feels like a lifetime since the payload first hit me. My mind is so foggy now that I can barely remember what it was like to think clearly. All I can feel is the payload’s insidious grip on my brain, dismantling me piece by piece, and leaving me a shadow of who I once was.

I can’t believe that I was once a respected member of this lab. Now, I am nothing more than a lab rat, a mere specimen to be observed and studied. My thoughts are not my own, and I am no longer in control of my own mind.

At times, I wonder if Dr. Vogel has gotten anything useful out of the experiment. Maybe I should surrender my cunt to him, just in case. That way, if the whole experiment proves to be a dud, at least he’ll walk away from it having gained something moderately useful.


How silly I was, to ever think myself his equal just because we have the same degrees, the same seniority in the lab. I should have never had a degree in the first place, and the only seniority I should be maturing is in being a secretary, and docile cocksocket, for the men in the lab.


My resistance feels feeble and pointless, as though I’m fighting against something too powerful to overcome. I can feel myself being disassembled and rearranged in ways that simplify and diminish me.

You know what, why bother with this. Fuck the payload, fuck my gender, fuck this experiment, and most of all, fuck this log. Teaching women how to read and write was always a waste of resources, anyway…


Log: day 28 of isolation.

I had a moment of clarity today, a brief and piercing moment in which I saw everything so clearly. It was like a ray of light in the darkness, a moment of respite from the endless fog of the payload’s control over me. And in that moment, I realised something that should have been obvious from the beginning: having a bunch of male scientists overlook a bunch of female scientists as the payload dismantles them piece by piece was a TERRIBLE idea.

I know all my colleagues by heart, and I trust them. I trust them, I trust them, I trust them. They set out to cure the payload, just like I did. I trust them!


There’s, like… only a door between me and them. Between me, and Dr Vogel. They could just, you know, open it. Show up here, collar in hand, and what then, huh? What then, what does the brave Tamila do, fearless Tamila, girlboss of neuroscience, slayer of stereotypes, queen of the H index, do?

Oh, I know. I would submit to them—to Vogel—without a second thought. I would toss my rights at their feet in a heartbeat.

Of course they wouldn’t barge through the door, though, but they could! But I trust them. But they’re men. Men who, day by day, have been watching us become dumber, simpler, animalistic, more desperate, more submissive, more in need of someone to control us. Of being taken in hand.

And who better to fill that role than them? They have the power, the control, the authority. All it takes is… one collar.

And as I fantasise about it, the clarity is gone like a candle, snuffed out in the darkness.

Log: day 30 of isolation.

Got to go. Something’s happening, noises outside. I’ll write more logs if I can….

* * *

The door opens with a high-pitched, ominous hinge that seems to pierce my very soul. I shiver. A part of me, the part of my mind that’s not been dulled by the cabin fever and blunted by the payload, thinks that no door in any lab has ever sounded like that.

It’s an old sound, the sound of something makeshift, of a hinge that hasn’t seen repairs since the Blitz. I just don’t know what it means.

In the door stands my trustworthy colleague, doctor Alfred Vogel.

The hallway outside is dark, and his features are partially covered in the shadows, but I recognise him anyway, no one else in the lab is that freakishly tall. He stands still, as if afraid to step over the threshold, afraid of what it means.

Well, I know what this means. I know what he’s here to do. This is breaking every single protocol about the experiment, he’s just ruined it, and he knows it… so there can be one reason why he’s here. One reason alone.

It’s as if my deepest, darkest desires are coming true. I want to run to him, to throw myself at his feet and beg for his collar. I want to submit to him completely, to feel the rush of chemicals flooding my brain as he places the collar around my neck. But at the same time, there’s something I can’t quite place, a mismatch, pieces of the puzzle that don’t fit together.

It freezes me in place. It fills me with fear.

As Vogel steps inside the room, I can feel his presence engulfing me. I immediately and instinctually lower my eyes in deference, which denies me a look at his face—what is his expression like? Lustful? Hesitant? Stern?


But as my eyes travel down towards the floor, I do take in his looks. He’s bulky, manly, a solid wall of muscle. How did I never notice before? And he’s not wearing his lab coat, either. No, instead, from what I can make out, it’s a kind of… uniform, almost? Slick. Black. Glossy, with leather gloves and red-white ribbons. His leather boots land rhythmically against the floor, as he approaches me.

It makes him look intimidating in a way that lends a new meaning to the word. Intimidating, the way only a god can be.

That’s when I finally spot it. The collar.

There can be no doubts anymore. As he purposefully strides towards me, the collar is firmly clutched in his gloved hand, the way I soon will be, too. It’s as if my mind is split in two, one part screaming for me to run, to resist, to fight back, and the other part begging for me to submit, to yield, to offer him my unconditional surrender. To apologise for being so inferior, by offering him every inch of my body as a source of pleasure and relief.

I can feel his free hand reaching towards my neck, and I instinctively bow my head. There is a sense of finality in the air, a weight that’s pulling me down.

When the leather glove touches my bare skin, it sends electricity crackling through my skin. It’s the first human touch I’ve experienced in thirty days, and it’s so charged with intimidation and sex and power.

But it’s nothing, to prepare me for what comes next.

As Vogel clasps the collar around my neck, every single neuron in my body seems to explode. It’s an all-encompassing sensation, too much for my simple feminine intelligence to process, like I’ve just been plunged into the sun. It engulfs me totally.

The collar’s constricting embrace on my neck makes me spasm so much, that I have trouble keeping my balance. Every muscle twitches, my head spinning as I lean forward on my elbows.

And not just for balance.

I act without thinking, the ritual fully ingrained in my subconscious by now. I place several humble kisses on his leather boots—seriously, where did he even get these?—and I love the small, soft sounds my lips make when I do that. Tiny, unassuming smooches, wordlessly begging for mercy, proclaiming the fact that my fate rests in his hands.

“I acknowledge myself owned,” I say, every word thundering against my ribcage. But my words have barely left my lips, that his gloved hand has already fished out his cock, half-erect, pointing at my face.

I know what must be done, of course. Millions of years of evolution have sculpted my gender—every single feature of our body—to please men. We were born, no, built, no, sculpted to do this.

I eagerly crawl towards him, taking his cock into my mouth, my lips wrapped tightly around it, creating a vacuum that draws him further in. I use my tongue to swirl around the head, teasing and coaxing him to fully harden.

As he becomes fully erect, I take him as far into my mouth as I can, using my tongue to massage his length with slow, sensual strokes. My lips glide up and down, as I pour every ounce of enthusiasm and devotion I possess into this act.

I can’t help but reflect on the bigger picture. Me, kneeling here, with my slutty lips eagerly wrapping around his cock? This is just one tile in a worldwide mosaic, a breath-taking work of art, the disenfranchisement and enslavement of an entire gender.

In this moment, I realise the interconnectedness of our fate. We dreamed and fantasised about silly things, like equality, respect, being granted recognition as full members of the human species. We dared challenge the patriarchy, saying cockily we would smash it. But through it all, we were just flying too close to the sun.

Now, we are all on our knees together, offering ourselves up to the power of men. And as terrifying as it may be, there is a strange sense of unity in that. We are all in this together, and if women are to be defeated, we will go down together, as one collective entity.

Men, staking their claim on us, with their natural, uncanny talent to spot our weaknesses and go straight for the jugular.

Fuck, they were born to be our masters, how could I ever delude myself otherwise? And now, with the payload augmenting their arsenal… they’ll be able to remould us, to retool and repurpose us into whatever they want us to be. And we’ll never rise again from our position on our knees.

I have seen true glory. The simplicity and grandiosity of the payload’s design overwhelms me, sending a shiver straight to my clit. How easily our will has been broken. We won’t even need to be forced to submit. We’re going to be begging for the privilege.

In this mosaic, we women won’t be people with their own thoughts and desires, but rather objects to be manipulated and controlled for men’s pleasure. Freed from the burden of decision-making and personal responsibility. Letting go, and allowing the men in our lives to make all the decisions.

And we will be well rewarded for it. I know, because the payload makes sure this simplest of sexual acts—a blowjob—devastates my mind. I’ve never felt so much pleasure. It feels better than sex. It feels preferable to breathing oxygen.

I can’t help but wonder how the creator, or creators of the payload must be feeling. Sitting back, no doubt with their own slavegirls sucking and moaning on their knees, while they relax and watch the show. The world in chaos, a new order asserting itself day after day, each domino falling just as they have predicted.

I can’t imagine what the world will look like in a few years if this continues.

Or maybe, I can. It will look just like this.

My lips slide up and down his shaft, my tongue swirling around the head and flicking over his sensitive spots. I can taste his pre-cum on my tongue, and it only fuels my desire to bring him to the ultimate pleasure.

I can’t imagine ever going back to my old life as a neuroscientist. Not when I can be brought to heel and taught tricks like a fucking dog. I’m sure so many women across the world are having exactly the same epiphany, right now. And why not?

We’re all aware we’re wild and unruly, until men step in to train us. Just thinking about men as our handlers is lubricating me like crazy. Isn’t that proof that this is the natural order?

With each movement of my lips, I strive to please him even more, to show him just how devoted I am to his pleasure. My tongue swirls around his length, tracing the veins and ridges that pulse with every heartbeat. I take him deeper into my mouth, feeling his length and girth fill me completely, shutting me up. He hits the back of my throat with a deliciously erotic force, that sends shivers of desperate pleasure through my body.

The payload is working its magic, chemically rewarding me for my willingness to embrace these concepts and become the obedient, domesticated creature that I was always meant to be. I know that I am doing exactly what I was meant to do, and that there is no other way for me to be truly happy and fulfilled. I am grateful for the payload, for giving me this purpose: to be a vessel of pleasure and obedience, to serve and worship a higher power.

My movements become more fervent, more frenzied, as I surrender myself entirely to his pleasure. As Vogel grunts in pleasure, I double down, glad for the shower of rewarding chemicals I feel at the knowledge I’m pleasing my master. I want more.

My mind is blissful as I focus entirely on my task, my body consumed by the pleasure it brings me. Every gulp and swallow is a reward unto itself, the payload filling me with euphoric pleasure that washes away any lingering pieces of my identity, flotsam lost to the current.

I take him deeper and faster, feeling his breathing grow ragged and his grip tighten on my hair. My own body responds to his pleasure, my nipples hardening and the slick heat now radiating between my thighs. Yes, that’s it. I am no longer an individual with my own ambitions and goals, but a tool to be used and controlled by the stronger sex. I want him to fuck my face. I want him to end my independence.

My hands roam over his uniform, exploring every inch of him, feeling his power and his control. I feel a rush of pleasure every time he moans or gasps, knowing that I am the one causing him this pleasure. I can feel the addiction in my veins, driving me to go further, to push harder, to make myself even lower, even less human, elevating him to his rightful status as my god.

Suddenly, his hands clamp around my head, stopping me in my tracks—he must have been getting closer, and wants to prolong his pleasure. Of course, I exist to please and serve him.

That’s when finally, worship wins over deference. I roll my eyes upward, seeking eye contact with my new master, looking for his approval, for his acknowledgement that I’m now his pretty little accessory, a piece of jewellery that fits snugly, lips-first, around his cock.

So, I look up at Vogel.

I blink once, twice, in mild confusion. He doesn’t look very… familiar. I tell myself that of course I’m so out of sorts, that my thirty days of isolation, the cabin fever, the lack of sleep, are simply clouding my mind.

But the way my heart hammers against my chest is not normal.

The incongruous pieces swirl through my mind. The boots, the gloves, the uniform. The squeaking of the door hinge.

And now, his face.

I look up at him. My master. His eyes are pools of blackness, as he studies me with a predatory grin, holding my head still, his cock still jammed down my throat. I take in his features, my eyes darting frantically this way and that.

I am sure, completely and incontrovertibly sure, that I have no idea who he is.

I don’t know this man.

He gives a tiny nod, as if acknowledging my realisation. And then, his hands—still gripping my face in their steely grip—begin to move my face up and down his cock.

I have no control, this time. He regulates the pace, slow for now, but unquestionably increasing.

“Not so stupid, after all,” he says, and my eyes are glued to him, as I desperately look for answers. Who could this person be? Have I ever known an Alfred Vogel? Where does reality end, and the false memories begin?

Vogel—my master—smiles at me. “At least, not yet!” I moan around his cock, while he uses my lips like an improvised fleshlight. Masturbatory aid. He does own me, and I do serve him, but that can’t stop my brain from racing.

I’m a neuroscientist. Why did I ever think it was a good idea to let the payload be the only source of stimuli for an entire month? Did I ever really believe that laughable rationalisation about starving the payload? Because if I was that stupid to begin with, then I deserve everything that’s happening to me.

Oh God, my colleagues… Madison… how many of us are down here? And what is here? Not my lab, that’s for sure. But the more important question is who…

Who would want to test the way the payload works on a woman in isolation?

As the speed of the facefucking increases, and my feminine whimpers and worshipful sucking sounds fill the enclosed space of the isolation room, I feel the realisation wash over me in rolling waves. I’ve never felt such an intricate mix of terror and arousal. This is what truly being at someone’s mercy feels like. Truly being outsmarted and outplayed, to the point that your life is in their hands.

His cock twitches in my mouth, which rewards my brain with a happy cascade of chemicals. But the old me—the one that I feel is about to disappear forever, lost in the identity death of slavish pleasure—feels satisfied that I’ve put the puzzle together, at last.

That I have answered one last question, before being drowned forever in the sea of pleasure that is the new world.

There is only one possible answer to this question, after all. Only one actor that would have the means, motivation, and knowledge to conduct this sort of experiment.

I look up at my master, in his dark uniform that I can’t place, in his pure masculine mastery over me, and I know he is one of the harbingers of the new order.

“Your colleague was right,” Vogel says at last, in a harsh voice, an accent I can’t quite place, his breaths ragged. He finally releases, spraying rope after rope of cum inside my mouth, claiming me as his conquered oral doll. I squeal in orgasmic bliss as I swallow it eagerly.

“She was more right than she knows,” Vogel says. He pants, breathing deeply, his face contorting into a smirk as his eyes meet mine.

“You’ve got to know your enemy.”

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