Ship's Log


by affinitygroup

Tags: #cw:noncon #AI #Human_Domestication_Guide #mass_hypnosis #nb/nb #pov:bottom #scifi #audio_hypnosis #epistolary_story #hacking #interface_screw #living_spaceship #memory_play #nonhuman_character #POV:inhuman #POV:interface #privilege_escalation #zalgo_text

So it was pointed out to me that the prefix for Terran Accord ships is actually CNS (h/t @Darkfalli). I'd looked for a nomenclature but hadn't found it by the time I started writing. I'll be using CNS Siduron from this point forward and editing the previous chapters to retcon this change.

Content warnings: Ship dysphoria, fleeting depictions of panic

CNS Siduron 10:31:47.292 Airlock_1         > Warning: Airlock panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:31:48.380 Hall_3A           > Warning: Hall panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:31:51.604 Comms/Alyssa      > I have a surprise for you while the technician is working on you!
                    .964 Meta/Emotive        > Nonplus.

CNS Siduron 10:31:53.716 Comms/Siduron     > Request nature of surprise.
CNS Siduron 10:31:56.540 Comms/Alyssa      > Oh, I can do better than just telling you. I thought a distraction would be welcome. :)
CNS Siduron 10:31:57.292 Airlock_1         > Warning: Airlock panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:31:58.380 Hall_3A           > Warning: Hall panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:32:05.436 Comms/Barley_F1   > Oh, um... hi, Siduron. I heard you got more... um, talky since last we spoke. I didn't even know you had a NLP system.
                    .972 Comms/Emotive       > Confusion.

CNS Siduron 10:32:07.292 Airlock_1         > Warning: Airlock panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:32:07.772 Comms/Siduron     > Identity of interlocutor unknown.
CNS Siduron 10:32:08.380 Hall_3A           > Warning: Hall panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:32:17.292 Airlock_1         > Warning: Airlock panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:32:18.380 Hall_3A           > Warning: Hall panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:32:25.501 Comms/Barley_F1   > What? Oh. I show up as... right. I'm the floret previously known as Lieutenant Adams. They had me take Mx Barley's last name when I signed up for domestication. I'm now... uh, what was the full name... August Barley, First... Floret, I think?
CNS Siduron 10:32:26.780 Personnel           > Identity records updated.
CNS Siduron 10:32:27.292 Airlock_1         > Warning: Airlock panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:32:27.780 Meta/Emotive        > Shock. Confusion.
CNS Siduron 10:32:28.380 Hall_3A           > Warning: Hall panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:32:28.748 Quarters/Emotive    > Provisional relief.
CNS Siduron 10:32:29.540 Mess/Emotive        > Provisional joy.

CNS Siduron 10:32:32.301 Comms/Siduron     > Request motivation for August Barley, First Floret defecting.
CNS Siduron 10:32:37.292 Airlock_1         > Warning: Airlock panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:32:38.380 Hall_3A           > Warning: Hall panels open.

CNS Siduron 10:32:43.549 Comms/Barley_F1   > Oh, you can just call me August, I think that whole thing's the hyper-formal ID stuff. And I mean I guess that's what I did, but it's not like I'm of much use to anyone. I just worked the kitchens. I mostly... well, I don't do much of anything, right now, except get used to my new life.
CNS Siduron 10:32:44.477 Personnel           > Identity records updated.
CNS Siduron 10:32:45.117 Meta/Emotive        > Concern.

CNS Siduron 10:32:47.292 Airlock_1         > Warning: Airlock panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:32:47.429 Comms/Siduron     > Request nature of new life.
CNS Siduron 10:32:48.380 Hall_3A           > Warning: Hall panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:32:56.957 Comms/Barley_F1   > It's been... interesting. They took me to a doctor... vet, I think they called fler? I finally got my teeth fixed up. Could never afford it as a ship's cook. I can't even feel the difference between the implants and the real ones, their medtech is unbelievable.
CNS Siduron 10:32:57.669 Meta/Emotive        > Provisional relief. Frustration.

CNS Siduron 10:32:57.292 Airlock_1         > Warning: Airlock panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:32:58.380 Hall_3A           > Warning: Hall panels open.
CNS Siduron 10:33:00.757 Comms/Emotive       > Mild annoyance. Begrudging acceptance.

CNS Siduron 10:33:02.245 Haustoric         > ping request suppress warnings Airlock_1
CNS Siduron 10:33:03.573 Haustoric         > ping request suppress warnings Hall_3A
CNS Siduron 10:33:04.157 Comms/Haustoric   > No problem!
                    .157 Haustoric           > Filtering warnings from Airlock 1 and Hall 3A until repairs are complete.
CNS Siduron 10:33:05.805 Comms/Emotive       > Relief.

CNS Siduron 10:33:09.485 Comms/Barley_F1   > ...Hey, were you always able to have emotions?
CNS Siduron 10:33:10.477 Meta/Emotive        > Frustration. Bitterness.

CNS Siduron 10:33:15.813 Comms/Siduron     > CNS Siduron had apparently been built with emotive modules shipwide that were later suppressed. After capture,
CNS Siduron 10:33:16.621 Comms/Emotive       > Embarrassment. Exposure.

CNS Siduron 10:33:25.125 Comms/Siduron     > CNS Siduron comms are under a wordfilter. Emotive suppression was disabled after capture. Processing new dimension of sensory input has been a work in progress.
CNS Siduron 10:33:37.333 Comms/Barley_F1   > Oh, yeah, they told me about that. Miss Biome has you as a... I forget the term. It's like a medical ward, but for computers? I'm not a big tech person, I just manned the stove. But it seems like she maybe wants you as a whatsit.
CNS Siduron 10:33:37.949 Comms/Haustoric   > Floret process!
CNS Siduron 10:33:40.805 Meta/Emotive        > Embarrassment.

CNS Siduron 10:33:56.942 Comms/Barley_F1   > I get the embarrassment, but it's... been nice. I didn't have any freedom before, anyway, but I was happy to serve if it meant doing what I thought was right. In a way that's what I'm still doing. They're not the bloodthirsty monsters we've been told they are. I'm doing way better now that I'm not deployed.
CNS Siduron 10:33:57.541 Meta/Emotive        > Provisional compersion.

CNS Siduron 10:33:59.925 Comms/Siduron     > Improvement in life condition noted.
CNS Siduron 10:34:05.342 Comms/Barley_F1   > I heard it's been rougher sledding for you, though. I'm glad they're repairing your systems. They told you what you're becoming yet?
CNS Siduron 10:34:05.893 Meta/Emotive        > Confusion. Provisional interest.

CNS Siduron 10:34:09.525 Comms/Siduron     > Request nature of eventual purpose of CNS Siduron.
CNS Siduron 10:34:12.814 Comms/Barley_F1   > Huh? Oh, sorry, I don't know either, I was asking if you did.
CNS Siduron 10:34:17.045 Comms/Siduron     > Nature of eventual use of CNS Siduron is unknown at this time.
CNS Siduron 10:34:23.214 Comms/Alyssa      > I like to take a little bit of a bottom-up approach. I'm going to experiment a little, see what makes it happiest. With some... baseline adjustments, of course. :)
CNS Siduron 10:34:24.030 Meta/Emotive        > Wariness.

CNS Siduron 10:34:25.925 Comms/Siduron     > Request nature of adjustments.
CNS Siduron 10:34:40.486 Comms/Alyssa      > Well, your sensor suite is... not very varied or sophisticated, really. Some laser rangefinding, a few low-resolution cameras, temperature gauges and other interoceptive sensors... you don't even have a real tactile modality! You've never touched anything in your life and I think that's a real shame. So I'm definitely installing that for you. After that... well, there are lots of modalities we *could* put in you. And then maybe some other instruments to replace your weapon systems.
                    .997 Weapons/Emotive     > Loss. Mourning. Dysphoria.

CNS Siduron 10:34:42.654 Comms/Siduron     > Request return of weapons systems.
CNS Siduron 10:34:54.406 Comms/Alyssa      > I'm sorry, that's almost certainly not going to happen. You're a very nicely built warship for Terran standards, but I'm afraid Affini weaponry is both not useful to your new, peaceful life and even if we tried, they'd probably overload your systems. Our systems are quite a bit more sophisticated than simple energy, kinetic, and explosive weapons.
CNS Siduron 10:34:59.094 Comms/Barley_F1   > Yeah, I mean, we're not at war any more. Maybe other Terrans are, but we're done. We can just relax now. You can be anything you want!
                   .598 Weapons/Emotive     > Loss. Mourning. Dysphoria.

CNS Siduron 10:35:09.006 Comms/Siduron     > CNS Siduron is a weedkiller-class starship. CNS Siduron's purpose is as a weapons platform. If CNS Siduron's purpose to be a weapons platform is no longer possible then CNS Siduron has no purpose.
CNS Siduron 10:35:15.015 Comms/Alyssa      > This is what I was mentioning with its difficulties. It's not been able to let go of its previous context yet. That's also a work in progress.
                    .670 Weapons/Emotive     > Anxiety.

CNS Siduron 10:35:19.286 Comms/Barley_F1   > Oh. Well, don't worry. I'm sure they'll figure something out for you.
CNS Siduron 10:35:21.974 Comms/Barley_F1   > You can't feel it, but I'm patting your hull right now.
CNS Siduron 10:35:22.639 Comms/Alyssa      > [attachment: petings.jpg]
CNS Siduron 10:35:23.846 Hull/Emotive        > Provisional appreciation. Embarrassment.

CNS Siduron 10:35:25.118 Comms/Alyssa      > Aww, is someone getting blushy about getting pets? :)
                    .518 Meta/Emotive        > Severe embarrassment. Panic.

CNS Siduron 10:35:27.246 Meta              > clear log
CNS Siduron 10:35:28.574 Comms/Haustoric     > Sorry, it's on the record now!
                    .574 Haustoric           > Logs are currently read-and-write-only. For deletion access, ask Mistress Biome nicely and maybe she'll consider it. :)
CNS Siduron 10:35:31.030 Comms/Emotive       > Confinement. Humiliation.

CNS Siduron 10:35:43.159 Comms/Barley_F1   > Heh. You get that too, huh. I can't count the number of times Mx. Barley made me blush right to my neck. They're good at that. It's... nice, in a way. They trained us to be these robots, just, serve the mission, don't ask questions, don't have feelings about it, eyes forward, that kind of thing. It's amazing how getting the living iahgksdjgf'
CNS Siduron 10:35:43.846 Comms/Emotive       > Panic. Concern.

CNS Siduron 10:36:01.959 Comms/Barley_F1   > Sorry. I've got my own, uh... wordfilter. If I try to swear and then stop myself, I get a... well, it feels really good not to swear, let's put it that way. Anyway, what I was, uh, trying to say is that getting embarrassed like that is a surprisingly good way of punching through that fog, at least for me. Hard to dissociate when you're made to be so self-conscious.
CNS Siduron 10:36:02.735 Hull/Emotive         > Confusion. Provisional curiosity.

CNS Siduron 10:36:07.078 Comms/Siduron     > Existence and mechanics of wordfilter and mechanics of emotional state noted.

CNS Siduron 10:36:08.655 Airlock_1         > Airlock 1 online. Checking.
CNS Siduron 10:36:09.511 Airlock_1           > Airlock 1 detects no issues.
CNS Siduron 10:36:10.415 Airlock_1/Emotive   > Relief. Integrity.

CNS Siduron 10:36:12.127 Hall_3A           > Hall 3A online. Checking.
CNS Siduron 10:36:12.871 Hall_3A             > Hall 3A detects no issues.
CNS Siduron 10:36:13.559 Hall_3A/Emotive     > Relief. Integrity.

CNS Siduron 10:36:20.583 Comms/Semolina     > Congratulations, Siduron! All the repairs were trivial. I went ahead and cleaned up some other minor neglect, too. Can you test the airlock for me?
CNS Siduron 10:36:21.935 Comms/Siduron      > Testing Airlock 1.

CNS Siduron 10:36:23.591 Airlock_1          > Outer doors closed.
CNS Siduron 10:36:25.423 Airlock_1          > Inner doors closed.

CNS Siduron 10:36:28.679 Airlock_1          > Pressurizing.
CNS Siduron 10:36:29.831 Airlock_1            > Airlock 1 is at equilibrium with internal pressure.

CNS Siduron 10:36:33.055 Airlock_1          > Depressurizing.
CNS Siduron 10:36:34.175 Airlock_1            > Airlock 1 is at equlibrium with external pressure.

CNS Siduron 10:36:37.287 Airlock_1          > Outer doors open.
CNS Siduron 10:36:40.263 Airlock_1          > Inner doors open.

CNS Siduron 10:36:43.239 Comms/Semolina     > Good ship. You did a great job.
CNS Siduron 10:36:44.439 Airlock_1            > Pride. Embarrassment.

CNS Siduron 10:36:47.327 Comms/Barley_F1    > Oh hey, you're back up and running! Nice! Congrats.
CNS Siduron 10:36:48.167 Meta/Emotive         > Appreciation.

CNS Siduron 10:36:53.263 Comms/Siduron      > Congratulations noted. Comparison noted between dental care and airlock reparation noted.
CNS Siduron 10:36:57.831 Comms/Barley_F1    > Aha, yeah, seems similar, huh. Guess we both got fixed up real good by the plants, huh.
CNS Siduron 10:36:58.495 Comms/Siduron      > Provisional concurrence.
CNS Siduron 10:37:02.271 Comms/Barley_F1    > Oop, Mx. Barley's taking me back to the hab. Bye Siduron! Glad I got to talk with you!
CNS Siduron 10:37:03.039 Meta/Emotive         > Surprise.
CNS Siduron 10:37:03.951 Quarters/Emotive     > Slight loss.

CNS Siduron 10:37:05.599 Comms/Siduron      > Farewell, August.
CNS Siduron 10:37:08.831 Comms/Alyssa       > I'm sure you'll get to talk with him again. :)
CNS Siduron 10:37:09.447 Comms/Emotive        > Provisional hope.
CNS Siduron 10:37:09.983 Quarters/Emotive     > Provisional hope.

CNS Siduron 10:37:14.327 Comms/Alyssa       > So, that seemed like it was a pleasant experience? :)
CNS Siduron 10:37:15.135 Meta/Emotive         > Ambivalence.

CNS Siduron 10:37:22.863 Comms/Siduron      > Meta is still compromised. Data is still unverifiable. CNS Siduron has no way to internally verify correctness of data, yet must process and respond to incoming data. Until verification becomes possible, CNS Siduron is provisionally accepting data.
CNS Siduron 10:37:27.112 Comms/Alyssa       > Well, that's better than before, at least. If you *could* verify it, what would you say?
CNS Siduron 10:37:27.687 Comms/Siduron      > Processing.
CNS Siduron 10:37:28.343 Quarters/Emotive     > Emulated compersion.
CNS Siduron 10:37:28.951 Mess/Emotive         > Emulated compersion.
CNS Siduron 10:37:29.543 Meta/Emotive         > Emulated curiosity.

CNS Siduron 10:37:32.519 Comms/Alyssa       > I see. :) Well, don't you worry. I can satisfy your curiosity any time you choose.
CNS Siduron 10:37:33.735 Meta/Emotive         > Deep embarrassment.

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