Oral story telling

by Zara Izabella

Tags: #cute #dom:female #f/f #oral_storytelling #pov:bottom #pov:top #story_time #performance

Wondering about telling kinky bedtime stories with lesbian gayness Voice acting and poetry Rhythmic and seductive, flirtatious speech

So I was thinking, it would kinda be cool to read my stories out as queer kinky stories, doing voice acting (if i can maintain it), reading in rhythm, having embellishing swells to my voice in dramatic moments

It just seemed like fun, I can be highly verbal sometimes, I have a passion for ancient greek storytelling and mythology. And ancient greek culture was as much verbal as it was written.

When boys learned to read from ancient greek tutors, they read the stories of aesop, they recited mythological tales, the god blessed poets and singers, wandering story tellers who travelled between towns, place to place, reciting the famous poems and stories based upon their memories, and not upon reciting whilst reading
Ancient Greece was halfway between being a oral culture and a written culture

So, are you interested in me performing stories, they could be kinky bedtime stories, or just general performances of the gay shit i write

I have kinda thought about reading actual bedtime stories, but putting them in an adult only space, like on soundgasm.net

I want my writing to be more than just read silently, but to be read aloud, so i can get the rhythm and flow into my words, because spoken words can have a completely different feel than the things we read silently

oh, plus i have some poems i wrote ages ago, some of them are erotic poems, a few of them are spider poems or tiger poems, because for some reason i wrote poems about predator animals..

I kinda just want to be vocal

I'd probably start with recording A Woven Tale, because there is more written there than any of my other stories

I fell out of a woven tale a while back, and i never got back into it

im hoping that me performing the story, and reading it aloud in one of those kinky audio sites will get my writing it again,

honestly, it's just slice of life cute fluffy stuff, where i get to fantasise about being owned by a pair of hyper competent domineering plants, a fun little gay story, it doesn't take much planning, all i do is come up with a gay little scenario, and have the characters flirt with each other and get into heavy petting

my girlfriend petal finds it a bit tricky to read my stories, so im thinking that a way for us to connect about one of my passions is to read them aloud, so petal can listen rather than reading, which should be much easier for it <3

Tell me what you think :3


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