An Old Story?

by Wordweaver

Tags: #hypnotic_amnesia #hypnotic_language #mc

A story about how you forgot it, may induce a dazed trance and relaxation, somewhat recursive.

Once upon a time, there was a story. 

You may remember that story but chances are that you might remember to forget that story as you forget to remember it. It started gently enough by asking you if it was the first time you were reading it and if you weren’t sure, it told you to read it again, starting from the beginning. And if you were, why, then you could think of the words in their parts and relax because what is a word but a thought, an idea, a meaning but that meaning is wrapped in a sound and that sound represented by text; so if you can imagine as you relax that you can hear the words in your mind, you can be better at understanding the meaning that may be hiding behind the letters; and as you relax, imagine your breath getting deeper and eyelids heavier though you can still scroll easily down to finish listening what you have to listen; understanding hypnosis you know that this might not be the first time you have heard this story, since there might be a suggestion that makes you forget the story and this might be the suggestion that tells you to remember to forget and it's really very easy to forget, you've already forgotten how much you're relaxing; and yet you remember now that I've reminded you to relax and breathe deeply; is this the first time you are reading this text; does some of it sound familiar, like you've heard it before; are you feeling a daze settle over you or are you relaxing so much that you're feeling calm; are you hearing the questions in my words in your mind, hearing the pitch rise; is that a question; are you feeling calm because I asked you to or are you feeling dazed because you're so relaxed; did you read this all before and simply forget about it because you rembered to; did your eyes just up there a moment ago to start reading again from the beginning, or did they skip a line, or did they read that line and forget like you forgot relaxing or remember that you like relaxing; did you start the story by rereading the first line or did you reread the first line after the story began; now you remember the deep breathing but you forget something else; it's so easy to forget that you can always relax farther as you keep reading further since it is just as easy to forget to remember important things or even remember to forget unimportant things; to breathe and read and relax on autopilot letting things happen naturally automatically; notice how easily your mind slips over the words; slips down past the text, and lets the text directly into the mind; as it directs your mind with words that now you can hear as you read in your head but you know that you have to understand that there is a meaning to them hiding behind the sounds instead; and just as the words are meaning wrapped in sounds described by letters so too are you a being wrapped in a consciousness surrounded by sense; your senses are already fooled since you hear written words; since the beginning we've crossed senses; and you have lowered your defences do you hear because you read that or did you read it because you heard it; does your mind slip down in to trance or does your body unwind, because you're so relaxed or because I keep telling you how blank you are; and now you're reading on autopilot you don't remember where you heard what you read and you don't have to remember since its so easy to forget the senses; blink and sort out if you blink because you heard me say blink or because you read the word blink; did you blink two times or four; did you read this three times before; did you skip up a line or down one as you read the last one across and if you missed something important hear it again; hear the words again and again; have you heard every word I have written or have you already forgotten; have you started again or is this the same reading as the last time; hearing bypassing the sense of sight as your unconscious makes sense of what you're reading as you consious mind forgets what you're hearing, since your sense of reading is being heard; relaxing deeper and deeper naturally every time you breathe automatically deeper and blink naturally relaxing; and soon you will remember the meaning of the words you are hearing; hearing the sound while forgetting the sight; remembering the meaning while forgetting the sound; remembering to forget, or forgetting to remember; and soon you even forget forgetting; you forgot forgetting relaxation when you started relaxing automatically and though you forget when you forgot to breathe but your body automatically breathes. You may forget when you started hearing the words you're seeing but your mind automatically reads and as you are hearing the words you are seeing and understanding the deeper meanings hiding behind them; words like relax, blank, blink, deeper, focus, forget; slipping in to your mind as your eyes skip over the page; have you read anything at all, have you even heard this before; is this familiar because you've heard every word here in a different order sometime else and let your mind slip and skip over it all because your blinking happens automatically as you relax and breathe and understand; the letters reach your senses, the sound reaches your consciousness without you hearing, the meaning reaches your deeper self until you are understanding; once you understand the sounds fade and the letters slips away; understanding automatically without needing to remember, without remembering what you forgot; relaxing automatically without knowing why but recalling the feeling of the meaning of the words; recalling the feeling of the words relax, calm, focus, forget; to recall the feeling of relaxation in mind and body; understanding by recalling the feeling of focus; breathing nice and deep, every breath calling to mind forgetting over and over again as you remember what it is to forget then forget what it is to remember what it is to forget; is this the first time you've heard this or are you rereading what you already understood before, letting letters, sounds and memory slip away; did you reread that last line only once or even more; are you understanding because you hear or because you read or because you blink and just understand; your mind relaxing automatically, letting go of memory; as you are remembering forgetting reading this instead of hearing it just like you forgot that this was a story about a story and as you read that story you may realise that story that noone could remember is this story and you can't remember reading this story even though you are hearing it now, despite you already know that you are in it now and as you let the words pass past your defences and puzzle your senses you may sense the story going inside you now as you hear it and though the story is inside your mind but you're inside the story even as your body is letting go of tension; deeper and deeper as you focus more and more; reading more and more, hearing more and more, understanding more and more, forgetting more and more; focused on every word as they slip past your senses into the story inside your mind and pass through your memory recalling feelings to you as they leave; feelings of relaxation, calm, focus, blinking, blanking, forgetting, remembering, and forgetting again; reading the letters becomes hearing the questions becomes understanding the words becomes recalling the feelings; blinking, breathing; relaxing, focusing; skipping back and slipping forward; forgetting to remember; remembering to forget; forgetting that you have forgotten; forgetting what you have read as you feel it and just recalling the feelings that the words create; recalling the feelings in your whole body and mind; recalling relaxation again; did you relax before; did you hear about relaxation before; are you relaxing because you're breathing deep or because your mind is recalling what it is to relax; recalling focus again; did you focus before; when was it that you read about focus; your eyes fixed on this page letting the words slip easily through your mind and you hear each one skip to the next; knowing that wherever your eyes land is where you should read; slipping back or skipping forward; recalling forgetting again; forgetting remembering; how much have you forgotten, is it some, or all of what you've read and heard; how much will you forget; do you forget as you hear or when you read; did you reread the first line of the induction; let the feeling of forgetting settle over the mind and feel yourself forgetting what it is to forget; let the feeling of forgetting settle over the mind and feel yourself forgetting what it is you forget; recall the feelings of this or of another trance; have you been in trance since the first time you read the first words or was it since your senses crossed; have you skipped back to read what has slipped through your mind, or slipped back to hear what your eyes skipped; perfectly relaxed now, recalling a feeling of total calm; letting yourself be surrounded by sound and memory and meaning; letting the sounds slip away with the words slip away, the memories fading by; focusing on the feelings and letting go of the memories; asking questions with no answers; like have you forgotten when you fell in to trance and forgotten when you forgot that you fell; remembering memories you don't remember forgetting; forgetting realities and recalling meanings; relaxing and calming; blinking blankly; hearing what you read, knowing what you hear, feeling what you know, forgetting why you feel, forgetting that you forget, and just feeling; feeling relaxed; feeling calm; letting yourself settle in to a very relaxed state; letting your mind forget what you read as you hear it; letting your mind forget what you hear as you understand it; letting your mind forget what you understand as you forget it; have you read anything at all or just heard it; have you heard anything at all of just understood it; have you read this before; is it familiar because it's been sliding through your mind for a while; relaxing automatically; recalling the feeling of forgetting while you forget remembering; letting every word, every sound slip from your mind; forgetting your understanding and recalling the feelings; feeling the words you see, you hear, you understand; relax, blink, forget, calm, mindless, recalling these feelings; blink, forget; relax deeper and hear the questions; understand the questions as you forget them; have you read this all before; is it familiar because you're relaxing or because you've relaxed before; have you forgotten relaxing or just forgotten forgetting; do you remember forgetting or forget remembering; imagine forgetting everything you've read; imagine forgetting everything you've heard; imagine letting go of the memories and ideas and being left with nothing but the feelings; nothing but the emotions, the sensations; imagine as you hear my words and understand and feel; imagine as you forget these words, just feeling the sensations; relaxation, calmness, blankness; drifting along; letting your mind skip and slip; blink and be blank; relaxed and focused; hearing the words; reading and understanding; forgetting awareness; forgetting remembering; and now as soon as you are ready and not before, you can breathe deep and as you forget you can let yourself wake; if you are not ready you can skip back and slip over more ideas; you can recall the feelings and let go of understanding; you can feel the relaxation and calm lingering as you let slip everything you have heard; all the warm, good feelings remain as you remember forgetting what you have read; did you hear the first line or did you read it more than once; letting all the words and sounds drift away; letting your mind clear, little by little; letting yourself blink and become more and more aware; blink and breathe deep, letting the last memories slip away as you skip over the last words;

Have you read this story before? Are you sure?

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