Desires Most Unholy

by Windwater

Tags: #corruption #fantasy #sub:female #transgender_characters #magic #masturbation #religion #solo

After making an error during a purification ritual an initiate priestess struggles with powerful desires.

This is my first time writing anything like this, I hope you enjoy it. Also, if I missed any tags please let me know so I can edit them.

Isobel tossed and turned in bed, desperate to fall asleep so she would finally be free of the urges that had tormented her for the past week, not that she expected her dreams to actually be peaceful. She stopped fidgeting, gazing up into the shadow that filled the ceiling. Sighing, she thought back to the day that this had all began.

Isobel had been tasked with purifying an artefact that a group of adventurers had brought back from some ruins in the ancient demonic empire, a normal duty for one in service of The Goddess, and while she had been taught the steps as part of her training, she had never actually performed the rite or witnessed it herself. But she could not turn down such a task, if she was to make it in the convent then she would have to be able to do this.

According to the priestess who had assigned her the task, the artefact in question was an ornate gold and onyx brooch in a heart like shape. It had already been confirmed to be tainted with a curse by a mage among the adventurers who had found it as well as a priestess of the convent. All she needed to do was remove the curse from the brooch and transfer it into the sealing vessel where it could be locked away. This would render the brooch mundane and suitable for the adventurers to sell.

Alone in a prayer room Isobel began drawing the ritual circles on the stone floor. Three in total, one in which the brooch would be placed to draw the curse from it, another which the curse would be pulled to where the sealing vessel would be waiting to absorb and capture it, and finally the third circle, from which Isobel would channel The Goddess to make the whole thing possible. All three circles were linked in a triangle. As she drew the circles she often found herself looking to the corner where she had placed the metal box she had been handed that supposedly contained the brooch she was tasked with purifying, though she had yet to actually open it and look.

Once the circles were done Isobel began by placing the sealing vessel in its circle, it was a small hollow sculpture of The Goddess, with a hole in the back that would be sealed at the end of the ritual. Next she moved to the box and carried it to the edge of the first circle before releasing the latch and opening the lid. The brooch certainly matched the description she had been given but she was stunned at the level of fine detail that had been put into such a small piece of jewellery, the subtle waves and swirls engraved on the piece flowed within each other in a way that seemed to draw one in. Isobel gently lifted the brooch with the tips of her fingers and softly placed it in the centre of its circle. As her hands pulled away she felt a faint tingling sensation where she had touched it which faded as swiftly as it had appeared.

With all the pieces in place Isobel moved to her position to begin the ritual. Once in her circle she knelt with her hands clasped and began reciting the prayer. After a few lines she felt her nerves easing off, she knew the words, and all that was left was to let The Goddess work through her. She closed her eyes and continued praying.

As she spoke the final words she saw light glowing through her eyelids, opening them she saw the circles which she had drawn glowing with holy light. As they did a swirling purple smoke rose out of the brooch. The curse, Isobel surmised, soon it would be pulled into the vessel and be contained, and she would have completed her first purification. As she let herself enjoy the pride of a job well done the curse shot forth, not towards the sealing vessel, but at her.

The curse flew through Isobel’s core sending a wave of pleasure unlike anything she had ever experience before blasting through her body. Her entire body was ablaze as she began to fall back, only seeing out of the corner of her eye the curse finally being pulled into the vessel and the hole closing itself, trapping the curse inside. Catching herself she felt the pleasure continue to buzz within her as she gathered her thoughts. The ritual was done and the curse was sealed, but something had gone very wrong.

She began going over the steps again to try to figure out what had happened. She had spoken the right prayer, of that she was sure, and she had also placed the items in the right circles or else the ritual simply wouldn’t have worked at all. Which meant the fault had to have been in the circles themselves. She began looking them over.

The circles in which the items had been placed were drawn correctly, but as she examined her own circle she saw what she had done wrong. In a moment where she had been distracted thinking about the cursed brooch she must have accidentally made a mistake when drawing one of the protection symbols on the circle. With the first two circles drawn correctly the curse would always end up inside the sealing vessel but it had some control over the path it took to get there. The protection symbols prevented the curse from entering the priestess’ circle along its way, but with them improperly drawn there was nothing stopping the curse from entering her and doing who knows what to her.

Thankfully the curse seemed to have been swiftly pulled out of her and into the vessel so it shouldn’t have been able to do too much damage. But this was a horrible mistake for her to make, she was just an initiate and if she had failed in her first ever real duty as a priestess then the heads of the convent would deem her unsuitable and send her away. She couldn’t let that happen, there was nowhere else for her to be. She would simply have to just conceal what had happened, it shouldn’t be difficult seeing as she was the only one present for it.

After cleaning the ritual circles from the floor (taking extra care to ensure no trace of her mistake remained) she took the vessel and the brooch back to the priestess that had assigned her the task. When asked how the ritual had went Isobel smiled and said that she was proud to have completed her first purification, this seemed to satisfy the other priestess who left to return the brooch to the adventurers and deliver the vessel to the crypt where it would be locked away.

Since that day Isobel’s libido had been higher than ever before and had only been growing stronger. All it took was the slightest stimulus to arouse her, another priestess brushing against her in passing, the warm bodies surrounding her during communal prayer, bathing had become a particularly nightmarish experience.

Even when alone she could not escape her desires, she would frequently find her hands unconsciously running along her skin seeking out sensitive areas, her dreams were full of fantasies more perverse than she knew she could conceive and she would awake covered in sweat to find her hands had once again been wandering. She briefly tried tying her hands to the bedposts to stop herself from doing anything while asleep but the feeling of the rope rubbing against her wrists only exited her body more.

Every day she prayed for The Goddess to free her of this torment, but every day her desire only grew. She wished she could believe that she didn’t deserve this, but it was her mistake the left her in this state and so until The Goddess sought fit to grant her peace she would simply have to suffer.

As these memories ran through Isobel’s mind she realised that her right hand was once again making its way to her crotch. Her left hand caught it at the wrist before it could reach but she was unable to stop herself as her middle finger stretch out and ran itself along her, already partially erect, penis.

Isobel’s head rolled back and her back arched as euphoria washed over her and she let out a breath she had been holding all day. Slumping back onto her bed she whimpered softly to herself, please no she thought as the wants of her body once again defied those of her will, I can’t take it any more.

Then why not give in?”

Isobel jumped at the voice, had someone heard her? Who else would be awake at this hour? The door to her bedchamber was closed, as well as the window shutters, and even with the faint moonlight peeking in through from outside she could tell that the room was empty. No, the voice had come from within her, but it wasn’t hers, at least she thought.

“You’ve held back so long now, I think you deserve a little release, don’t you?”

Isobel jumped again, the voice definitely wasn’t her. No, she thought, It’s a sin, I can’t.

Do you truly believe your goddess wishes for you to suffer like this? All for a simple mistake. Surely if she is truly as loving as your scriptures say you will be forgiven.”

The voice was honey sweet and as the words flowed through Isobel’s mind her arousal only grew. She knew that it was part of the curse, she knew it would say whatever it could to get her to give in. But still, a part of her wanted to believe it.

you deserve to feel good Isobel. Isn’t that why you came here in the first place? To escape the life that caused you so much pain?”

Isobel’s mind turned to a place she wished she could forget before swiftly turning back. But that’s different... Isobel scrambled to think of an explanation as to why that was the case but try as she might she could not find a single reason, any thought felt difficult at this point, her mind drowned in wave after wave of lust filled desire. She felt the hem of her nightgown being drawn up her body.

“your goddess wishes for you to love yourself Isobel. In all the ways that you can.”

I guess that makes sense. Her underwear slipped off of her legs.

You would not deny the will of your goddess, would you?”

No, I wouldn’t. Isobel’s hand wrapped around her cock.

Then give in, and enjoy yourself.”

Isobel began to stroke, slowly at first but her pace increased as the pleasure began to flow through her.

You want to feel good.”

I want to feel good.

You deserve to feel good.”

I deserve to feel good.

Your goddess wants you to feel good.”

My goddess wants me to feel good.

You cannot not deny your goddess”

I cannot deny my goddess

Isobel stroked faster and harder, a week of pent up desire finally rushing to the surface. Her left hand reached up to her chest, she had not experienced much growth in the six months she had been at the convent, but her nipples were sensitive and that was enough for right now. As she began running her fingers along them a new pleasure source flooded over her. She could feel herself approaching climax.

You want to cum.”

I want to cum.

You deserve to cum.”

I deserve to cum.

You will cum when I tell you to.”

I will cum when you tell me to.

Good girl.”

Isobel continued to stroke relentlessly, she had never felt this good before. She panted heavily awaiting permission to release, every second felt like an hour.

“Cum. Isobel, Cum!”

Isobel obeyed, barely managing to stifle a moan that would have woken the whole convent as her pleasure peaked above anything she ever could have imagined. She rode the orgasm for what felt like forever, and no time at all, before finally settling down.

Isobel lay in bed, her entire body numb. What divine pleasure, She thought, before catching her breath. Of course, it made perfect sense. This was no curse, it was a blessing from The Goddess. The Goddess wanted all of her followers to feel this pleasure. A smile crossed Isobel’s face. And she would be the one to share it with them.


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