by TravisNSpud

Tags: #chastity #consensual_kink #f/f #humiliation #it_came_to_me_in_a_dream #oneshot #bet #consensual_but_indefinite #denial #dubious_consent #implied_hypnosis #silly #tennis

Violet and Willa play a tennis match with particularly high stakes.

Why did I do this, I know nothing about tennis xD Regardless, I hope you all enjoy this! It's something of a tribute to violentlycurly, whose hypnokinky Chaturbate streams I've been watching for 2 and a half years now, and faeriewillow, another hypnosis content creator and close friend of Curly.

Also, nbd, but it's my 50TH STORY :D <3

It all came down to this.

Violet rolled the ball in her hand, breathing heavily as she felt the fuzzy green felt against her palm. She’d narrowly won the last game, leaving her tied with Willa as they went into the final round. She was dripping with sweat, and knew that she’d have been dripping in another way had she not come properly attired.

Stepping up to take her position before the net, she bounced the ball between the turf and her racket, her eyes fixed on her friend and opponent on the other side of the pitch. Willa’s face was flushed with exertion - and, most likely, arousal. Vi knew her well enough to know that they were probably being affected by their little sporting contest in much the same way.

Moving her racket to let the ball fly upwards, Vi deftly snatched it from the air with her other hand. A second later, she tossed it into the path of her racket and sent it sailing over the net with a thwack. Another thwack answered her, as Willa’s racket returned the ball to sender.

Thwack. Vi fired the ball back, trying to aim it to Willa’s left.

Thwack. Willa responded, directing the ball to Vi’s right. Vi lunged, but missed - and the little green blur rebounded off the floor and flew off the edge of the pitch.


Fuck, she was horny. The pulsing adrenaline, the thrill of the competition, and the constant awareness of what awaited her if she lost, were all playing a part. She desperately wanted to stick a hand down the front of her invitingly loose shorts, but knew it wouldn’t do any good.

Thwack. The ball hurtled towards her...

Thwack - and ricocheted back at Willa.

Thwack. It bounced off the turf once again.

Vi leapt to the side and managed to knock it out of the air just before it could pass beyond the outer limits, and sent it back to Willa with another blow... only for her to fire it at the other side of the pitch, too far away for Vi to stop it.


Willa grinned at her, licking her lips. She had clearly run out of energy for verbal banter - she’d come out with plenty of trash talk earlier, but that had been several games ago. Now she seemed content to merely shoot these teasing glances at her.

Panting, Vi retrieved the ball and trotted back to a central position, slipping a hand down the side of her shorts to adjust her chastity belt a little. As if sensing the proximity of her fingers, her pussy throbbed needily. She did her best to ignore it as she served the ball once more.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. They got a good rally going, until Willa went for the kill.


Violet was starting to panic. She was on the brink of losing the game - and the prize. Her aching arousal would go without relief, for however long Willa chose. Hours, days, weeks, months - the choice would be lost to her. The thought of it was only making her more desperately horny...

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack - and out. Willa had sent the ball out of bounds.

Forty-fifteen. Vi felt a glimmer of hope. A minute later, she scored against Willa, bringing the total up to forty-thirty.

She had a chance again. She could still win. She could save herself, and doom Willa in the process. Her mischievous friend would be the one condemned to remain locked and denied, while she had her freedom...

As that thought crossed her mind, her panic subsided a little. So did her arousal.

Vi scored again. Deuce.

Maybe that was why she’d started to lose earlier. She knew she was the better player, but thoughts of defeat, of her cunt remaining caged, only to be unlocked at Willa’s discretion, distracted her so badly, turned her on so madly... She wasn’t just trying to beat Willa - she was trying to beat the part of her that didn’t want to win...

Advantage Willa.

Shit. Suddenly, the prospect of losing was looming once again.

Almost of its own accord, her hand plunged down her shorts, her fingers scrabbling uselessly against the metal shield barring access to her slit. She let out a pathetic whimper, her eyes meeting Willa’s across the pitch. Her friend gave her the smile of a shark that smelt blood in the water, and served the ball...

Thwack. One-handed, Vi sent it back - and was as surprised as Willa when she scored.

They were back to deuce. Dragging her hand out of her shorts, Vi served with a thunderous thwack - and Willa stumbled, missed, and lost the point.

The advantage was Violet’s now. Victory was within grasping distance. She needed one more successful shot to win her freedom.

Willa stared at her through hooded eyes, her back arched, practically bent in half as she prepared to serve the ball. Violet stood at the ready, her racket raised. Her pussy hummed, as if sensing impending release...

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack - and the ball sailed past Willa, bounced off the turf, and hit the back wall of the enclosed pitch. Both women gaped at the fuzzy lime-coloured sphere as it rolled to a stop.

Game, set and match to Violet.

She sank to her knees, panting with exhaustion and relief. She’d done it. She’d won. She couldn’t quite believe it. Neither could Willa, who stood staring from across the pitch, her cherubic features almost seeming to slouch in an expression of weary defeat.

At length, both players approached one end of the net, exchanging a sweaty handshake. “Good game,” Vi grinned.

“Well played,” Willa chuckled, gesturing downwards. “To the victor goes the spoils.”

Beaming broadly, Vi bent down and snatched up the little jar they’d left at the very edge of the court. The two sets of keys inside rattled against the glass as she grabbed it.

“That’s if you actually want them,” Willa said nonchalantly.

Vi shot her a glance, frowning. Why wouldn’t she...?

“Anyway, that’s that,” the British woman said breezily. “You won our little challenge. You get to unlock, and touch, and give yourself all the satisfaction you could possibly want. You could even cum, if you really want to.”

Vi smiled weakly. Wow, that sounded so... unappealing.

“While I stay all locked up.”

Willa tugged down the front of her shorts, exposing the layer of stainless steel beneath. Violet found her eyes fixating on it.

“I stay imprisoned in chastity, unable to free myself.”

She couldn’t pull her gaze away from it. It looked so secure, so unyielding.

“My needy cunt stays sealed away where I can’t get to it, unable to feel anything but cold metal...”

She couldn’t help picturing Willa’s sensitive slit, her pulsating pussy, drooling desperately, begging to be touched... protected by the belt’s embrace. Just like her own...

“I don’t get to decide when, or if, it ever gets unlocked. I don’t have a choice in the matter.”

Vi realised she was salivating, her eyes never wavering from Willa’s belt, her mind racing with images of her indefinite chastity, her body humming with arousal... feeling how inescapable, how torturous, how transcendently hot it was going to be for her...

“You have the choice. You make that decision for both of us. You can keep me locked and denied for as long as you want...”

Hours upon days upon weeks upon months, with nothing but the metal shield against those throbbing lips... How utterly heavenly...

“And you can free yourself whenever you like...”

To be caged, kept from release, kept from even the barest touch...

“But you don’t want to be free, do you?”

Overwhelming, mindblowing arousal without any relief at all, going on and on and on...

“You want to stay locked. You want to be kept in your belt, caged and contained, secure and denied.”

Yes. Fuck, yes, she wanted that more than anything.

“You don’t want to be free. You don’t want the power to free yourself.”

Vi frowned, her eyes still fixated. Of course not. Why would she want to be able to free herself? She wanted to stay locked, forever and ever...

“You don’t want the keys. If you have them, you might unlock yourself. You might touch yourself. The temptation might be too great to bear.”

Vi shuddered, her heart sinking. She couldn’t bear the thought of giving in, of freeing herself almost against her own volition, of giving herself the sensation she didn’t truly want.

“Maybe you ought to remove the temptation... Maybe it’s best if I hang onto those keys for you, make sure you don’t betray yourself -”

She barely realised she’d extended her arm, holding out the jar. Grinning, Willa held out her own hand, cupping the jar from beneath. Vi let it go, allowing her arm to drop back to her side.

She’d done it. She’d removed the temptation. She’d stay safely locked away...

“Thanks, babe,” Willa sniggered, her smooth, calm voice suddenly alive with mischief. “That was even easier than I expected!”

Violet blinked, finally tearing her eyes away from her friend, lover and opponent’s belt. She shook her head, suddenly aware of how slow and clouded her mind felt.

Wait, what - why did she just - oh...

Violet blushed furiously. “That... that’s cheating,” she mumbled. “I won fair and square.”

Willa giggled. “If you recall, our deal was that whoever wins gets to do whatever they want with our keys. No-one said the winner couldn’t decide to give both sets to the other player.”

“But... noo,” Vi whined. “I, I only did that because you -”

Persuaded you?” She winked. “Again, we never said I couldn’t try to change your mind. And I did it so easily. Because you wanted to be persuaded. Because this is what you want more than anything else. Isn’t that right...?”

Vi swallowed, her eyes wide. After a long moment, she nodded mutely.

“Good toy.”

She let out a whimper as, without even really thinking about it, she pulled down her shorts, letting them drop to her ankles, and frantically tried to rub herself through her belt. Her fingertips scrabbled uselessly over the polished metal surface. Her aching cunt felt not the slightest caress.

Willa held the jar up to her eyes, inspecting the keys inside. “Maybe I’ll even take them back to England with me,” she mused, turning to walk away without sparing her friend another glance.

With a cacophonous moan, Vi dropped to her knees once again, humping her hand manically, trying to feel something - anything - through the layer of steel. She knew it wouldn’t do any good. She was a locked, denied toy, powerless and desperate. Just as she should be. Just as she wanted to be.

She’d won the match, and yet she’d given up her prize with minimal cajoling. She’d condemned herself to chastity, at the mercy of Willa’s whims. She hated it. She loved it.

In the end, they were both winners.

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