First Date Nerves

by TravisNSpud

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #unaware #hypnotic_amnesia #it_came_to_me_in_a_dream

Coming up with things to talk about on a first date can be a real struggle. Particularly if you’re having memory problems.

Vicky sipped her cider nervously, glancing around the bar. Her date hadn’t arrived yet, and she was growing increasingly edgy. Man, she hated first dates. Particularly blind dates! She never would’ve agreed to it, but she didn’t have the resolve to say no to her friend who insisted on setting it up. She wasn’t very self-assured and rarely did anything bold - that was probably the reason she was single to begin with!

At least the bar was nice. It was well-lit and kept in good condition, unlike some other places Vicky had been in the past. Clearly the owners actually cared about it. Vicky had a feeling it was owned by a married couple, but she wasn’t completely sure of that. Now that she thought about it, she couldn’t even remember the name of the place, even though she chose it.

Did I choose it? she wondered, suddenly uncertain. She frowned, trying to remember. No, it must’ve been my friend - yeah, that’s right, she told us to meet here.

My friend... Which friend?

OK, this was weird. Vicky couldn’t remember who exactly had set up this date! She was sure it was someone close to her - a really good friend, someone she trusted to at least make an effort to find her a good match - but she was drawing a blank on the name or the face... She bit her lip. What was wrong with her?


She jumped, startled, and looked up. She had to stifle a gasp. Standing before her was one of the most beautiful women she’d ever seen. With her soft pale skin, her almost oval-shaped bright blue eyes, her brown hair falling in ringlets on her shoulders, she looked like a real-life Disney Princess - like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, made flesh. (In fact, there was a bit of a resemblance to Emma Watson too.) She wore a navy blue dress that accentuated her hourglass figure and allowed a fair glimpse of cleavage.

“Uh um - y-yeah, me, I’m Vicky,” she stuttered, getting halfway out of her bar stool before changing her mind and sitting back down again. She smiled awkwardly. “Hi!”

Vicky had always felt nervous around pretty girls. She was very insecure as a teenager - she had a muscular physique that allowed her to compete on her school’s basketball team, but drew cruel comments from her more popular, attractive classmates. Realising that she was bi, and that she was particularly drawn to gorgeous femme girls, didn’t help matters. The mean girls’ jibes and mockery would always make Vicky cringe, while at the same time causing her pussy to quiver, somewhat annoyingly. Of course, after high school she’d met plenty of beautiful young women who were perfectly pleasant and friendly, but that anxiety had never quite gone away. Mind you, these days she was more worried about whether such women would like her back, rather than whether they’d be rude about her man-arms.

‘Belle’ didn’t seem put off by Vicky’s flustered greeting. “Hi, I’m Samantha!” she said brightly. “It’s great to meet you.” She stepped forwards and hugged Vicky, who returned the embrace without thinking.

“Do - do you want a drink?” she asked as Samantha broke away and moved back.

“Ooh, yeah - white wine please!”

The bartender was near enough to hear them and sprang into action, soon delivering the drink. Vicky asked him to put it on her tab.

As Samantha sipped her drink, Vicky fidgeted anxiously, unsure of what to say. “You, uh... you get here OK? No traffic?” she said eventually, while inwardly cursing the lameness of her opening line.

“Yeah, easy journey,” her date answered. “Only took me, like, five minutes.”

“Oh, good.”

There was a prolonged silence. Finally, Samantha smiled sympathetically. “Having trouble thinking of things to talk about?”

Vicky sighed. “Yeah... Sorry. I’m not great at this.”

“Who is? God, I hate first dates. Especially blind dates.” (Huh. That was what Vicky had thought earlier - almost word for word. Strange...) “Nothing to do with the other person, it’s just - the whole getting to know each other stage... it’s a struggle!”

“Right?” Vicky nodded her fervent agreement. “I mean, I’m already pretty socially anxious, but that kinda doubles on a first date. And then triples again.”

Samantha giggled, which made Vicky’s heart swell with delight. She made a funny! And the pretty girl liked it!

“I never normally go on blind dates,” Samantha said. “Going in knowing almost nothing about the other person makes it so much harder. But I didn’t feel like I could say no to Mary...”

“Mary!” Vicky chuckled. “Yeah, she’s, uh, pretty hard to say no to...”

So it was Mary who’d set all this up! Of course it was. How could Vicky have forgotten? Strangely though, now she was struggling to picture Mary’s face...

“I mean, she went on and on about this great girl, and how we’d be really cute together...” Samantha smiled. “And I’ve gotta say, I know we’ve known each other for all of two minutes - but so far, I think Mary’s instincts are paying off...”

Vicky swallowed hard, her mouth suddenly dry. “I, uh... you think?”

Samantha’s smile grew broader. “So, what do you do for fun?”

Blinking in surprise at the abrupt conversational swerve, Vicky found herself stammering her answer again. “Uh, I - I like to exercise... I go for runs, I go to the gym...” She took a gulp of her cider.

“Ooh, I can tell. You look pretty strong! Those arm muscles - I bet you could bench-press me.”

Vicky half-choked on her drink.

Samantha kindly pretended not to notice, though she was clearly struggling to suppress a smile. “I work out a lot too,” she continued matter-of-factly. “In fact I used to be kind of an athlete. Not so much at high school - I wasn’t on any sports teams - but I did martial arts after school.”

“Oh wow,” Vicky said, having sufficiently recovered from the cider mishap. She raised an eyebrow. “So, you’re secretly a badass, huh?”

Samantha winked. “Nothin’ secret about it, babe!”

Vicky snorted with laughter. This girl may look like a princess, but it seemed like she had a pretty wicked side! Her eyes danced with mischief.

“So, where did you go to high school?” Samantha asked.

Vicky opened her mouth to answer - and then frowned. She actually couldn’t remember what school she went to. Not only the name - she was struggling to picture the building at all. What was going on?

“I, uh... I can’t remember,” she stammered. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me...”

Samantha didn’t seem bothered. “Hey, that’s OK. I’ll ask you another!” She chuckled. “What was your favourite class?”

“Uhm - gym. And maybe art.” She laughed weakly. “The ones you don’t need a brain for! I was never very good at the more academic classes...”

“Hey, I won’t have that,” Samantha said firmly, though she was still smiling. “Artists and athletes can be brainy too! Case in point...” She made a sweeping gesture towards herself. “Besides, I’m sure you’re very smart.”

Vicky blushed. “Easy for you to say. You don’t know me very well...”

“Well, let’s fix that,” her date grinned. “Um, let me see... Favourite movie?”

Once again, Vicky found she had no answer. It wasn’t that there were too many options - more like, every movie she’d ever seen had instantly vanished from her mind. She bit her lip. This was so frustrating!

“Having trouble choosing?” Samantha asked. “It’s hard, isn’t it - someone asked you your favourite movie, and it’s like you’ve forgotten all of them straight away!”

“Yes!” Vicky gasped. “That’s exactly it. What’s that about?!”

“OK, don’t worry, I’ll just say mine - Lord of the Rings.” She chuckled. “I know, I know, I’m a nerd!”

Vicky laughed. “That’s OK. I like nerds.”

There was a moment’s silence as they smiled at each other. Samantha was the first to speak. “OK, you’ve had time to think about it - what’s your favourite?”

Vicky struggled for another few seconds, and then hit upon an answer inspired by her first impressions of her date. “Um - Beauty and the Beast?” When Samantha raised her eyebrow, she babbled, “I mean - I know it’s kind of childish, but I like it. She kinda looks like you, y’know...”

She mentally kicked herself. Why the hell did you say that? So stupid...

“You think I look like a Disney Princess?” Samantha said. Far from being embarrassed, she seemed delighted. “Wow, I’ll take it. Especially that princess!”

Vicky smiled weakly, relieved by her reaction. “Yeah, that princess...” Wait, what was the name of that princess again?

“Brains and beauty - what a compliment, thanks!”

“You’re welcome...”

Samantha sat forwards, unknowingly (?) giving Vicky a better view of her cleavage. “OK, next question - where did you grow up? Were you born here in LA like me, or did you move here?”

Distracted as she was by her date’s heaving breasts, it took Vicky a moment to realise she didn’t know the answer to that either. What the fuck? This was starting to concern her.

She gave Samantha an alarmed look. “I, I can’t remember! What’s happening...”

“Hey,” Samantha said calmly, taking her hand. The physical contact sent a thrill through her - oh my God, she’s holding my hand - but she was too upset about her failing memory to properly enjoy it. Samantha gazed into her eyes, as she rubbed her thumb back and forth along the edge of Vicky’s hand.

Some strange combination of her date’s stare and the caress on her hand made Vicky’s brain just sort of stop for a moment. She sat and stared back blankly at Samantha.

You don’t need to get upset,” Samantha said softly, never breaking eye contact. “This is just your first date nerves affecting your memory. It’s nothing to worry about.

Vicky nodded slowly. “I don’t need to get upset,” she agreed. “This is just my first date nerves affecting my memory. It’s nothing to worry about.”

Smiling slyly, Samantha broke eye contact and stopped stroking Vicky’s hand, though she didn’t let go.

Vicky inhaled deeply. She smiled apologetically. “Sorry, I know I’m not being a great date! My dumb memory won’t co-operate...”

“That’s OK,” Samantha reassured her. “I totally get it. I’ve had some nervous amnesia before myself - it’ll pass!”

Vicky nodded. The memory loss was annoying, but temporary. There was no reason to get upset. Especially since this stunning girl was being so understanding about it. God, Samantha was gorgeous, funny, kind, smart, athletic... and she had a terrific rack, which Vicky was really struggling not to look at. And they were still holding hands. It was enough to make Vicky pant with desire.

To avoid doing anything so weird, she kept talking in as normal a tone as she could. “Maybe we should have gone to see a movie or something... Something where it’s OK if I don’t have anything to talk about!”

“I might have chosen crazy golf,” Samantha chuckled. “I love me some crazy golf!”

“Hey, me too!” Although she couldn’t really remember playing it...

“Or we could go back to my place,” Samantha suggested, arching an eyebrow slyly. “Or yours. Whichever’s closer...”

Vicky’s eyes widened. Her heart pounded a little faster. Her pussy fluttered eagerly. “Oh. Wow! Um... I mean, I’d like that, but... isn’t it kind of fast? We’ve only really been talking for, like, ten minuuh...”

Samantha was stroking her hand again. She was staring into her eyes again. Vicky’s mind stuttered and stalled, her mouth gaping open.

We’ve been talking for a long time,” Samantha said. “You want to take me home.

“We’ve been talking for a long time,” Vicky said with a nod. “I wanna take you home...”

Grinning mischievously, Samantha continued, “You find me irresistible. You can’t wait to be alone with me.

Despite the emptiness of her mind, Vicky caught her breath as she spoke, her body reacting where her thoughts could not. “I find you... irresistible. I can’t wait to be alone with you.”

Eye contact broken. Vicky’s mind restarted, now full of lustful thoughts about her date.

“So? Wanna get out of here?” Samantha persisted.

“Uh - um, yeah,” Vicky spluttered. “I’d love to...” Damn, she thought she’d never ask! They’d been talking for such a long time, and Vicky had been growing hornier by the moment - she wanted nothing more than to get out of there...

“Your place, then? Whereabouts is it?”

Vicky sighed. “I... don’t know.” This was infuriating!

The piercing eyes again, and the gentle hand rub...

It’s kinda funny how you can’t remember anything,” Samantha purred, unable to suppress a wide grin.

A little giggle bubbled up within Vicky as she responded, “It’s kinda funny how I can’t remember anything!”

“So, you can’t remember where you live?”

Blushing furiously, Vicky buried her face in her free hand, unable to suppress her giggling. “Nope!”

“Well, I guess it’ll have to be my place, then!” Samantha let go of Vicky’s hand and reached into her bag. “I’ll call an Uber for ten minutes or so - give us time to finish our drinks!”

She gave Vicky a sultry smile. Vicky barely contained a whimper in response.

Ten minutes... I’m not sure I can wait that long!


“Make yourself at home,” Samantha said with an indulgent smile, as Vicky followed her into her apartment. Looking around, Vicky tried to take in her surroundings - she was in a fairly normal-looking living room, with a couch, a couple of armchairs, and a TV - but it was hard to focus on them. Everything seemed to be swaying just a little bit. Maybe it was the alcohol. (How many drinks had she even had? She could only remember having one...) Or maybe it was the beautiful young woman relentlessly teasing her and flirting with her, making her mind feel so scrambled and her body feel so hot...

At least she didn’t feel anxious any more. She was growing more comfortable around her date by the moment, as if they’d known each other for years. Oddly, though, the nervous amnesia hadn’t gone away. If anything, she could remember even less about herself now than she did back at the bar. But she was sure that was nothing to worry about.

Samantha was still quizzing her, giving her a mocking grin or a malicious laugh every time Vicky failed to remember something - which was every time. “First pet?”

Vicky shrugged. “Nope. No idea!”

“Hmm...” Samantha stepped closer and ran her hands over Vicky’s shoulders, making her tremble excitedly. “Favourite vacation?”


“Favourite movie?” She stroked Vicky under the chin. That was very distracting.

“I, uh... I dunno!” Vicky giggled helplessly.

Samantha’s smile broadened. “Really? I asked you that earlier. You struggled to come up with an answer then, too. Do you remember? Really try...”

Vicky tried, she did. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to think back to the bar, to their initial conversation. But it was all a blur, and she couldn’t really remember anything they talked about. All she could remember was Samantha - her eyes, her flowing brown locks, her heaving bosom, her bright smile...


She opened her eyes and stared vacantly back at her date. “Uhm...”

“Do you remember what your answer was?”

Vicky blushed. “I don’t even remember the question,” she admitted.

Samantha’s laugh had a slightly cruel edge to it. She was laughing at Vicky. For some reason, that didn’t make her upset or annoyed. It made her feel weak, and squishy, and vulnerable - but also warm, and safe, and adored. And horny. So horny.

“Why don’t you kneel down, honey?” Samantha’s tone indicated that this was more of a command than a suggestion.

Vicky blinked, confused. Why would she...

Her confusion vanished as Samantha’s hands drifted up to her forehead, and her thumb rubbed gently on a point right in the middle, just over and between her eyebrows. As her brain ground to a halt, Vicky went a little cross-eyed, as if her eyes were being drawn to the point of contact above them, and her mouth dropped open.

Doing as you’re told turns you on,” Samantha hissed, her face centimetres away from Vicky’s.

“Doing as I’m told... turns me onnn,” Vicky moaned softly. The caress on her head went away, her mind unfroze, and she dropped to her knees, gazing up at a jubilant Samantha. Struggling to contain her arousal, she slowly rubbed her thighs together.

“You seem to be getting awfully excited,” Samantha mused. “How about you take that top off? It might help.”

Vicky didn’t need to be told twice - she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her pale pink sweater, yanking it up and over her head and dropping it to one side.

Samantha bowed down to get closer to her, taking hold of her chin with her left hand and reaching under it with the right. As her right hand raised again, Vicky noticed it was holding the end of a long strip of leather - a leash. “Aww,” Samantha cooed mockingly, “did you wear this just for me?”

“I...” Vicky’s eyes flickered down, seeing the other end of the leash led under her chin. Samantha shifted her left hand around, laying it gently on Vicky’s cheek, and allowed her to peer down at herself.

Under the sweater, Vicky had been wearing a lacy indigo bralette - and a chunky black collar, which had been hidden under the polo neck of her sweater. The leash, which had been attached to the collar the whole time, had been tucked into the bralette.

“Whuh... have I... was I wearing these the whole time?” she mumbled, nonplussed. “Wh... why?”

“Oh, I think I know why,” Samantha teased. “But I’m not sure you’ve got there yet. Come on, dear.”

She tugged the leash, walking away in the direction of the couch. Vicky found herself shifting onto all fours and crawling after her before she could even think about it. Samantha sat down in the middle of the seat and pulled on the leash, using it to manoeuvre Vicky between her legs and pull her back into a kneeling position. Unable to spread her legs particularly wide in her tight dress, Samantha instead let them close around Vicky, squeezing her between her thighs.

Vicky mewled pathetically. She felt so aroused, so dominated... She didn’t know why she was wearing a collar and leash - she had no recollection of putting them on, but then again she had no recollection of much else either. She didn’t know why she was letting this complete stranger treat her like a pet, either. But she knew she fucking loved it. She loved doing as she was told. That was one of the few things she was sure of, right now...

“Do you remember how you got here?” Samantha asked.

Vicky started to speak, but stuttered to a halt as she realised she had no idea. Everything before she got here was lost in a mist - except the radiant beauty of the woman before her. That, she remembered. But she couldn’t remember where they’d met, where they’d been before they got here... wherever here was...

“Do you know who I am?” the beautiful brunette asked.

Again, Vicky struggled to answer. She even knew that she’d known the girl’s name mere moments ago, but as soon as she’d been asked it, it was like the knowledge had been erased from her mind. Trying to hold onto it was like trying to hold a sunbeam. She couldn’t remember anything about this woman, really - how they knew each other, for how long, the context of their relationship... All she knew was that she really liked doing what she said.

The brunette reached down and cupped her chin, making her shiver. “I’m Mistress,” she purred.

“Mistress...” Something about that felt vaguely off, but she couldn’t figure out what. And it was hard to think about it - or about anything, really - with the piercing stare of those blue eyes, and the gentle but firm grasp around her chin... She decided to just accept what she was told. It was so much easier.

“Can you remember who you are?” Mistress asked.

No answer came to mind. There was nothing in the girl’s head. She felt vaguely concerned about that, but it was buried under so many layers of fog and daze... She felt small, and weak, and helpless. Totally lost, vacant and blank. But still seriously turned on. With her head so empty, and her body trapped between Mistress’ thighs and bound by a leash, she felt rather like prey.

Mistress gave her a patronising smile. “Come on, sweetie, you can get this... If I’m your Mistress, then what does that make you?”

The girl thought as hard as she possibly could. The seconds drifted by, and she realised she actually hadn’t been thinking at all, just staring mindlessly at a point directly in her eyeline - Mistress’ crotch. (From this angle, it was easy to look up her dress and see her scarlet panties.) Trying her best to bring herself back to her senses a little bit, she looked her Mistress in the face.

“I... I don’t know,” she finally answered.

“You’re my slave.”

Slave? She tried to take that in. She was a slave? Was that right?

“How does that make you feel?”

How did that make her feel? She was having trouble knowing how she felt about anything right now. It was so hard to form an opinion when her mind was so blank...

Mistress decided to help her out. With a piercing stare, and a gentle caress under her chin, she took the rest of the girl’s mind away for a moment, and told her, “You love being my slave.

“I love being your slave,” her slave agreed.

With a predatorial grin, Mistress reached between her legs and pushed her panties aside. “I want your tongue inside me, slave. I want you to bring me pleasure.”

Slave gazed up at her, awestruck. Mistress enjoyed her rapturous expression for a few seconds, and then yanked the leash, tugging slave’s face into her crotch. Obediently, slave went to work, her tongue probing Mistress’ warm, sticky slit. It tasted so sweet...

“Get right in there,” Mistress gasped. “Give me everything you’ve got...”

Mistress rolled up her dress, enabling slave to move her face closer, burying it in her pussy. She continued to lick, and lick, and lick. She lost herself in the repetitive movement, in the glorious taste, in the warmth and the pulsating wetness... She felt her Mistress grab hold of her hair, forcing her head even closer to her. All she could see was Mistress’ crotch. Her mouth had nowhere to go but onto her slit. Her whole world was made up of the divine pussy of her Mistress.

After what could have been minutes or hours - slave had lost all comprehension of time - Mistress cried out and came hard, filling slave’s mouth with her juices, which she swallowed eagerly. Finally, Mistress let go of her hair and let her sit back.

Disentangling her legs from around slave’s torso, Mistress stood up, kicking off her heels. She turned round, showing slave her back. “Unzip me.”

Slave stood up at once and delicately drew down the zip on the back of her navy dress. Mistress shrugged it off and turned around. She was wearing a red bra to match the dislodged panties.

“Take off your jeans,” she ordered.

Unable to take her eyes off Mistress as she unhooked her bra and revealed her shapely boobs, slave reached down and unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them off and dropping them to the floor. Mistress reached out and grabbed hold of her leash again, pulling her forwards as she began to walk backwards, leading slave out of the room.

Slave was vaguely aware that they were in a corridor, but she didn’t take in any details, fixated as she was upon her Mistress, who returned her attention in kind, eyes roaming over her body.

“Look at you,” Mistress sighed adoringly. “So tough on the outside... but so soft and malleable on the inside. Your body’s strong, but your mind is weak.” She grinned. “Say it. Say your body is strong but your mind is weak.”

“My body is strong, but my mind is weak,” slave replied. She felt proud of that, like having a weak mind was the absolute best. She was so far gone, she didn’t find anything strange about that.

Mistress giggled, the sound making slave’s heart swell with joy. “You’re my muscly, subby hypno-bitch. Say it.”

“I’m your muscly, subby hypno-bitch.” Slave didn’t know what a ‘hypno-bitch’ was, but she was so glad she was one.

“Stop there,” Mistress ordered, dropping the leash. As she moved out of slave’s field of vision, slave saw a king-size bed, and realised they were in Mistress’ bedroom.

“I have a couple of special treats for my good slave,” Mistress chuckled, approaching the chest of drawers next to her bed. Opening the bottom drawer, she took out two objects. Slave couldn’t see them properly, but she could tell that one, which Mistress set down on the bed, was much larger than the other.

Mistress approached slave, holding up the smaller object - a black, shiny ballgag. “Open wide, slave...”

Slave did as she was told.

Once the gag was in place, Mistress stepped back and admired her slave. “Take off your bra and panties,” she commanded.

Slave complied, of course.

“Mmm,” Mistress moaned, stroking slave’s breasts, pinching one of her nipples hard between thumb and forefinger. She ran a hand between slave’s legs, and it came away drenched. “You’re such a good slave,” Mistress purred, licking the moisture from her fingers. “Thank me for the compliment.”

“Haak oo, Ihtrehh,” slave burbled around the gag.

Mistress laughed and turned back towards the bed. Almost as an afterthought, she reached back and grabbed slave’s leash, pulling her along. They both clambered onto the bed.

“Get on all fours, facing that way,” Mistress ordered, pointing towards the foot of the bed, as she picked up the larger object half-hidden beneath the duvet.

Slave obligingly repositioned, and saw that there was a mirror across the room, which very clearly reflected everything happening on the bed. She could see Mistress moving behind her, fumbling with something around her waist.

It was a long, thick, jet-black strap-on.

“You can fold your arms down and lower your head onto the bed if you want,” Mistress said as she adjusted the strap-on, sliding it into position over her pussy. “But keep your legs straight. I want that ass to stay up in the air.”

Slave lowered the top half of her body, her breasts sinking into the duvet, her head close to the surface without quite reaching it. She draped her arms in front of her, letting them dangle over the edge of the bed. She kept her knees at a right-angle, sticking her butt high into the air behind her.

She felt Mistress run a hand over her butt cheeks, groping them eagerly. “Mmmm... Very good girl. Such a lovely slave. I’m going to have a lot of fun with you...”

The next thing slave knew was something absolutely huge pushing into her back passage, thrusting deeply.

She cried out in equal parts pain and pleasure, as Mistress slowly slid her big black cock back and forth inside her.

What was left of her mind seemed to blow apart, to explode like fireworks, leaving her as nothing but a body, full of animal instinct and arousal. Her eyes were squeezed shut, guttural moans emanating from within her, barely drowned out by the ballgag that both obstructed her mouth and held it open. Mistress’ hands were on her ass, gripping them tightly as she relentlessly ploughed into slave.

It hurt like heaven.

She was so close to the edge.

So nearly there...

“Cum for me, slave girl, and then drop!” Mistress cried, her voice high with ecstasy.

Slave came.

And then she dropped into a deep dark void, and knew no more.


With a groan, Victoria woke up. She was wrapped snugly in the duvet, nestled into a mane of brown hair. Sitting up slowly and rubbing her eyes, she gazed down at Samantha.

Her girlfriend. Whom she’d been dating for over a year. With whom she lived, in their apartment.

Smiling broadly, she gave her a poke.

Samantha jerked slightly, her eyes snapping open. She gazed up at Victoria, and beamed. “Morning, Vicky,” she chuckled.

Victoria couldn’t help laughing too. “Holy shit, that was bonkers,” she gasped. “That worked so well! I mean, I know we’ve done amnesia play before, but never that deep, or for that long... I can’t believe it!”

“Me neither. You were like a completely different person,” Samantha remarked, sitting up straight and edging closer to her. “So meek and timid and easily flustered... I wish you could’ve seen your face when I walked back into the bar. I’ve never seen you so lost for words!”

“Well, can you blame me?” Victoria put her arm around Samantha’s shoulders, holding her close. “After all, I had a beautiful girl standing in front of me!”

Samantha rolled her eyes, but her smile only grew larger.

“Of course, it didn’t help that you just wouldn’t stop teasing me,” Victoria noted, poking Samantha in the ribs, making her squeak and giggle. “Keeping me off-balance and all over the place - you were relentless. Really didn’t help me focus!”

“Stoppit!” Samantha playfully smacked her hand away, repelling her attack on her ribs. “I couldn’t help myself, it was too easy! Like taking candy from a baby, baby!” She winked, making Victoria laugh.

“God... I was so convinced of everything,” Victoria mused. “All the suggestions worked perfectly. I didn’t recognise you at all; I really thought we’d been set up by a mutual friend...”

“Mm - Mary,” Samantha recalled. “She sounds nice. Great matchmaking skills. Wish she was real!”

Victoria chuckled. “And I started forgetting stuff right away. Like, three minutes after you hypnotised me and left the bar, I couldn’t remember the name of the place. Not a big deal, just forgot the name of the bar we go to every night.”

“C’mon, you make us sound like such lushes,” Samantha giggled. “Every other night, max!”

“And I was so surprised when you said you did martial arts, like I’d never have even thought of that...” Victoria made a head-slapping motion. “I mean, that’s literally how we met!”

Samantha snorted. “Yeah, you were so cute. ‘Gee, martial arts, you say? That sounds really interesting! Bet you could kick my booty...’”

“I never said any of that,” Victoria protested through giggles. “I might’ve thought it... Actually I was mostly thinking ‘mmm, step on me’!”

“Haha! God, you were so thirsty! Such a needy little bottom bitch,” she teased.

Starting to feel flustered again, Victoria buried her face in Samantha’s shoulder. “Shut up,” she mumbled. “You really didn’t help much! I mean, how quickly did you whisk me out of that bar and back home? We were there for, like, twenty minutes!”

“Well, I simply couldn’t wait any longer!” Samantha said mock-defensively. “You were so adorable and pliable, I just had to get you home so I could ravish you! Besides, it didn’t seem like we could string out the scene too much longer - your memory loss happened a lot faster than I expected!”

“You and me both,” Victoria admitted. “One minute I’m having trouble remembering my favourite movie; the next I didn’t know where I lived!”

They snuggled back down under the covers, slouching in a half-upright position rather than sitting up properly. Victoria’s arms were still wrapped around her girlfriend (and occasional Mistress).

“OK, so, highlights,” Victoria said. “What were your favourite moments?”

Samantha contemplated. “Well, you comparing me to Belle from Beauty and the Beast is right up there...”

Victoria giggled. “I’ve thought of it before, I never intended to say it out loud though.”

“Good to know! I can’t remember ever being more flattered, honestly!” She considered for a little longer. “I mean, the amnesia was so damn hot, obviously. Seeing you not knowing what’s going on, or who either of us were, was just awesome.”

“Yeah, absolutely,” Victoria nodded. “That was so surreal, and so sexy...”

“What about you? What were your highlights?”

“Other than the memory loss?” Victoria grinned. “You, being a dominant meanie. That was great! It’s not often I see that side of you. And you certainly threw yourself into it!”

“Ha, yeah - I really liked that. Getting to be... commanding, and controlling, and a little bit cruel...” She was giving Victoria a sultry stare, her eyes smouldering, licking her lips. “Overpowering you, dominating you, degrading you... Not that you seemed to mind...”

“Mm,” Vicky mumbled, feeling transfixed by Samantha’s intense gaze. “Step on me.”

They both laughed, as amused as they were aroused.

“I also liked... just, being Vicky,” Victoria remarked. “Getting to be so vulnerable. You know even better than I do that I’ve always struggled to open up with people - I’ve always put up these barriers and kept people at a distance, tried to look strong and independent, be a lone wolf. It’s only lately I’ve started to learn to let people in.” She waggled an eyebrow in her girlfriend’s direction. “Namely, you!”

Samantha smiled.

“But last night,” Victoria continued, “it was like all those walls, all my defences, were just... gone. And all that was left was this weak, needy, flustered, whimpering mess. And I really enjoyed that! It was like a huge weight had been taken off, and I didn’t have to be tough any more. I could just be girly and vulnerable, and let you look after me...”

“Mmm, I really liked that too,” Samantha mused, giving Victoria that smouldering side-eye again. “Like I said, I found subby little Vicky so hot...”

Victoria raised a wry eyebrow. “I mean, I can tell.” She gestured lower down the bed, to a distinctive bulge in the duvet. “After all, you’ve got a boner.”

Samantha blinked, and then burst out laughing. “Oh, ho ho ho! I forgot to take it off! Ha ha ha!”

Victoria giggled too. “How could you forget?”

“I mean, I passed out like a minute after you did! After I took off your collar and the gag, and turned you the right way up and got you under the covers...”

“Oh, was that what wiped you out, huh?”

“Yes,” Samantha teased. “I was just so exhausted from hauling you around!”

Victoria gasped in mock outrage. “How very dare you, ma’am?”

They spent the next minute or so giggling uncontrollably. Finally, once they’d regained their composure, Victoria spoke again.

“Wanna know the other great thing about last night?”

Curious, Samantha nodded.

“Getting a fresh start with you.” Victoria gazed into her girlfriend’s eyes. “I mean, I wouldn’t change anything about our relationship now - I love where we are, but... well. You know as well as I do that things weren’t always like this. We didn’t get off to a good start.”

“Understatement of the century.”

“Right. It was a bad time - both of us are to blame for that - and I don’t like thinking about it. I’m so glad we’ve moved past all that. It took us so long to get here... And last night, I got a chance to see what it would’ve been like if we’d been together right away. If we’d started out on better terms.” She smiled wistfully. “I liked that.”

“Me too,” Samantha admitted. She stroked Victoria’s face. “I wish it had been that way. But all memory play aside, we can’t change the past. I love where we are now, too. And I love you.”

Victoria sighed, her heart swelling. “I love you too. So damn much.”

They kissed softly, making out slowly and lovingly for a good few minutes.

Eventually, Victoria broke off the embrace and began to clamber out of bed. “Right, I’d better get dressed. I was gonna go to the gym today.” She fumbled in the chest of drawers, getting out her sports bra.

“Oh, you were? Well, you should go. Do your exercise, get yourself all big and strong.”

Victoria chuckled. “Apparently I already am - in fact, I’m a ‘muscly, subby hypno-bitch’, I seem to recall...”

“Are you strong, Vicky?”

Her mind faltered, her thoughts evaporating. The sports bra dropped from numb fingers, and her arms hung slackly at her sides.

“My body is strong, but my mind is weak,” Vicky droned, gazing mindlessly at her Mistress. “My body is strong, but my mind is weak. My body is strong, but my mind is weak.”

Her mantras done, she continued to stare vacantly for a few more seconds, her mouth agape. Then awareness gradually returned to her eyes and face, and she shook her head to clear the fog. Fully awake now, she frowned, and then glared at Samantha, who wore a look of sheer delight and merriment.

“Oh, you asshole!” But she couldn’t hide a grin.

Samantha winked. “That’s ‘Mistress’ to you, sweetie!”


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