And They Were Roommates

by TravisNSpud

Tags: #consensual_kink #f/f #f/nb #it_came_to_me_in_a_dream #scifi #sub:female #dom:alien #gestalt #hive_mind #hivemind

Two friends, floating in a hot tub…

“Jess, I’m home,” Anne shouted as she stepped inside her apartment. “You get rid of the trash like I asked?”

“Hello to you too,” her roommate called out, their tone wryly amused. “And yes, of course!”

“Thanks, hun,” she replied distractedly, scrutinising the handful of letters she was sorting through, a frown of concentration creasing her delicate features. Not looking up, she wandered into the kitchen, navigating through her home with the kind of instinctive ease that comes from living somewhere for a long time.

“You OK?” Jess asked. “How was work?”

“Fuckin’ tedious,” she replied, dumping the mail on a counter and looking up at her friend with a weary smile. “But I’m good, I got through it. Just wanna relax now.”

“Alone, or with us? You know how good we are at... relaxing you, after all,” they teased, grinning mischievously down at her.

Anne blushed, her own smile spreading. “You’re incorrigible, you know that?”

“That wasn’t a no.”

“You’re right, it wasn’t.” She sighed, giving up her token resistance. “I’ll be in in a minute, just lemme get outta these clothes...”

“Well, don’t cover up on our account. Seen it all before, babe, remember?”

“Hardly likely to forget,” she chuckled. “And who said anything about covering up? I just wanna put my work clothes in my room so they don’t get messy.”

Lowering her gaze, Anne strolled away in the direction of her bedroom, already sliding her dark blue blazer off her shoulders. The large, black blob stuck to one corner of the ceiling seemed to watch her depart, even though it had no eyes. Its only feature was a grinning mouth, which seemed to fold in on itself and vanish from sight as the apartment’s sole human resident left the room, rendering the surface of the orb entirely featureless.

Anne emerged from her bedroom a couple of minutes later, now wearing only lacy dark green underwear, and strolled into the room that belonged to Jess. Instead of a bed, the space was occupied solely by a disused hot tub, filled not with water but with a black substance resembling an oil slick, much like the orb on the kitchen ceiling. Even as she approached, the surface of the fluid rippled, as if with anticipation. In fact, Anne knew, it was rippling with anticipation, aware of her approach.

Hopping up the steps on the side of the tub, she gave the substance a sultry smirk. “Ready when you are, Jess,” she declared.

The words had barely left her mouth when a plume of the ebony oil shot upwards, the liquid seeming to grow more solid as it rose, forming a thick tentacle that reached towards her. She let out a yelp as it wrapped round her torso, looping around three times before reaching up and deftly flicking her bra off her small tits, which jiggled like fried eggs as they were exposed. She wondered if the tendril was about to yank her down into the pool, as it often had in the past - but instead it remained wrapped around her like a boa constrictor, a restrictive but comfortable pressure on her belly and chest, its tip sitting between her boobs.

As she watched, more appendages emerged from the inky mass below, slithering through the air to coil around her arms and legs. They tickled her armpits, making her squirm and squeal in their grasp. They unclasped her bra, flinging it aside, and tore off her panties. They caressed her pussy and poked between her butt cheeks. The more she wriggled and fought back, the tighter they held her, and the more they teased her.

“C’mon, Jess,” she whimpered, as the thick tentacle around her torso inched further up her chest, neck and chin, towards her mouth. “Are you gonna keep torturing me, or are we gonnmmph. Mmmngh - gluk gluk! Gluk gluk gluk gluk!

Eventually Jess seemed satisfied with the foreplay and withdrew their many tendrils, the face-fucker trailing thick strings of drool from its tip and down Anne’s chin as it departed. The serpentine limbs vanished back into the viscous black pool, and in seconds the surface was calm and still once more. Anne on the other hand was left swaying on the top step, gasping and panting, her hair bedraggled, her skin flushed, her face adorned with a dazed smile.

With a slightly drunken-sounding titter, she lowered first one foot, then the other, into the goo. They sank in smoothly, the substance thicker than water but not difficult to push through. In fact, it shifted to support her, hardening beneath her to form a platform, a few feet above the floor of the hot tub. Slowly, though, she began to sink, her platform lowering her deeper into the dark sludge, enclosing her up to her ankles.

It felt like she was being inexorably pulled down by quicksand, but she knew the supposedly overpowering embrace was largely a charade for her benefit. If she tried to break free for whatever reason, Jess would allow her to escape. But she had no reason to. She was exactly where she wanted to be.

Jess, on the other hand, was growing impatient. As Anne sank lower, they extruded more of themself around her. First there was a swell up her legs, a peak forming around her, and then still more oozed higher, little black threads rapidly spreading over her skin. Not only did Anne not resist, she even crossed her wrists over her navel, bringing her arms close to her torso to make it easy for Jess to envelop them at the same time. Watching eagerly as the substance progressed towards her cunt, she threw back her head and moaned as it promptly protruded inside, while simultaneously doing the same to her asshole. Anne shuddered as the creature fucked her from both sides at once, rocking back and forth for as long as she could, her movement soon becoming more restricted as it passed her waist and continued upwards, swallowing her torso and arms.

As the swell engulfed her up to her neck, she felt herself being lowered forwards, the pitch-black pillar containing her body gradually toppling forwards. The slime had time to close around her head, coating her hair and inching across her face, invading her ears and nostrils just as it had her vagina and anus, as it blocked them along with her eyes. Only her goofy smile remained exposed in the second before she landed with a soft plop on the surface of the pool, face first, and sank inside, until she was finally, totally submerged.

The mouthful of black gunk that Anne got when she struck the surface quickly solidified into a girthy cock that plunged into her throat as she vainly wriggled in her roommate’s all-encompassing grasp. She was held fast, suspended by the slime, her every orifice filled. Trapped, immobilised, helpless. Just what she’d wanted.

She knew she could stay like this, held tight within the sentient gloop that was Jess, for as long as they both wanted. She could breathe indefinitely - the phallus in her throat doubled as a breathing tube, filling her lungs with oxygen absorbed by Jess from the air in their room, and filtering out the carbon dioxide she exhaled. The knowledge that she didn’t need to break the surface to breathe - that there needn’t be any interruption to Jess mercilessly spitroasting her - was as reassuring as it was hot.

The mire moved around her ceaselessly, warm and velvety against her skin, like a thousand hands and mouths exploring every inch of her. Her moans and whimpers were muffled, her writhing restrained, the substance somehow tight and unyielding just as it was soft and pleasurable. The closest comparison Anne could make was to latex - layer upon layer of black latex, holding her comfortably but inescapably, leaving her utterly powerless to defend herself against its caressing and kissing, stroking and sucking, probing and penetrating. All she could do was lie in the hot tub and let herself be violated from every direction, able to move just enough to feebly hump the black mass between her legs, the intrusive tendrils eliciting orgasm after orgasm from her. She felt like nothing more than a sex toy right now, a fleshlight (with real flesh) for Jess to enjoy.

That sense of being less than human, of being just an object to be used, was about to grow a thousand times more intense, and she knew it. Even as Jess was fucking her mouth, cunt and asshole, they were also creeping further into her nose and ears, deeper inside her head. She braced herself for what she knew was coming, the electrifying touch she’d felt before...

And then all of a sudden, there it was. That light, oh so delicate touch... right on her brain. The soft inky web spreading across her cerebrum, microscopic strands lying across its pinky-grey surface, tickling her frontal lobe - which proceeded to short-circuit, shutting down her higher brain functions (or what remained of them after the relentless fucking, anyway). She went completely slack, desisting in her tiny squirms, lying limply in the pool that persistently pounded her.

All the while, the surface had barely shown a sign of what Anne had been experiencing within, gently undulating from time to time. After Jess switched her brain off, though, it remained completely undisturbed for quite a while. Within their depths, Jess kept on playing with their unresisting fuckdoll, the passage of time irrelevant to either of them.

Eventually, a shape rose from the darkness, a humanoid figure climbing to its feet. Rather than falling away from her body, the ebony substance clung to her, solidifying around her into a form resembling a latex bodysuit, complete with gloves, a hood, and a featureless mask over her face. The figure stepped smoothly up the stairs out of the hot tub, revealing feet seemingly clad in jet-black latex stockings.

There was still plenty of the Jess substance left in the tub, although much less now that a significant part of them was wrapped around Anne. They were a few inches taller than her, and their figure more shapely, their boobs a couple of sizes bigger and their butt riper and rounder, making good use of the mass they had added to her body. And just like their blank face, they had no distinguishing features anywhere else on their Stygian surface - no nipples, no genitalia. They were smooth, sleek and unblemished, a drone with no defining physical characteristics at all.

Jess trotted away through the apartment, navigating it easily despite having no eyes. Thanks to the microscopic sensors in every molecule of their substance, they could register inputs of all kinds, perceiving their surroundings more clearly than any human. For her part, Anne could ‘see’ and ‘hear’ everything Jess picked up on, the filaments in her brain linking her mind to theirs. She didn’t need to perceive the outside world with Jess steering, though, and in her current state she wasn’t really processing any of the information she received. She was still essentially catatonic, a pound of mindless meat Jess was carrying around with them. Her eyes were rolling in their sockets, her jaw slack around the rubbery cock inside it, her ragdoll limbs being swung back and forth easily by Jess as they strode through to the kitchen.

It wasn’t even a case of her body being controlled and puppeteered, used as a vessel, because Jess didn’t need to do that - they could move around their shared home perfectly well without latching onto Anne. Her body had merely given Jess a template, a foundation, on which to build their human avatar, and now she was just their luggage... and their fidget toy to idly play with. They had stopped ploughing into her, giving her body a break, and had withdrawn their dicks so the tips were just pressed against her labia and the entrance of her anus. But they vibrated continually, alternating their intensity from low to high, making her shudder and gurgle with pleasure - not a sign of which was obvious outside the Jess bodysuit. The dildo in Anne’s mouth had also pulled back, but not as far, keeping her nicely gagged.

In the kitchen, Jess began preparing a meal for their roommate, calling upon the memories and skills of one of their previous hosts, who had owned a Michelin-starred restaurant. They were stirring some pasta on the hob when they paused suddenly, registering the sound of Anne’s phone buzzing continuously. They briskly made their way to her room and fetched the phone, seeing that her boss was calling her.

Anne’s gag melted away in moments, and a hole rapidly formed in the centre of the visor over her face. Jess tapped to answer the call and held up the phone to Anne’s mouth. “Hello?” she said, and then a moment later, “Hi, Luisa...! Oh no, really? Yeah, sure, I can cover Claire’s shift. No, it’s OK, I didn’t have any set plans on Friday. Hey, no problem! Hope everything’s alright...”

The voice on the phone would’ve been barely audible to her at the angle she held it, positioned close to her mouth but not her ear - but Jess could pick up the sound as clearly as if Luisa had been in the same room. Anne’s voice was as bright, warm and expressive as ever, perfectly pleasant and polite, even though her face remained lifeless and zombified, her eyes showing only their whites, drool coating her chin. It was her mouth, her voice, and her words - but Jess was in control, operating her like a ventriloquist’s dummy.

Luisa thanked Anne again, and then hung up. As soon as the call ended, Jess closed over Anne’s face again. Then they slapped her phone against their belly, and it remained stuck there, glued in place, so they could answer it faster if it rang again. Giving Anne a stronger buzz in her privates to reward her for the phone conversation (even though she didn’t actually have anything to do with it), they strolled back out to the kitchen and continued preparing her dinner.


A while later, Anne could be found lying on her side in her bed, still stark naked, drooling on her pillow. Her mind was gradually regaining some coherence, but she was still too exhausted to move or speak. She’d be fully recuperated before too long, though. And if she wasn’t ready by the time her dinner had finished cooking, Jess - whose avatar had returned to their pool of essence - was prepared to puppeteer her back to the kitchen and make her feed herself. She smiled faintly, half-burying her face in her damn pillow. She was lucky to have a roommate who took care of her so well!

For what might have been the thousandth time, Anne found herself wondering where Jess came from - how such a singular being could have come into existence. She’d speculated about their origins often. It wasn’t as if she could find out - they couldn’t tell her what they didn’t know. Their memories went back more than eight centuries, but no further than those of their very first human host, a hapless medieval villager who stumbled upon, and into, them while hunting in a forest. Back then, the substance that would become Jess was nothing but a mindless black puddle.

Now, hundreds of years later, they were a composite of the memories and personalities of all those that had joined with them, melded together into one collective consciousness. Their identity was made up of all the identities they had assimilated, whether those people had joined them temporarily or permanently. Even their name, rather than being that of one of their former hosts, was nothing more than a pun - short for ‘gestalt’.

It occurred to her that Jess could hear her thinking about them, but she felt no embarrassment. They were way past the shame threshold at this point in their relationship! Their substance had almost completely detached from her, but there was one tiny sliver left in her brain that could maintain a mental link between them, allowing them to converse telepathically - until she fell asleep that night, at which point it would trickle out of her ear and make its way back to the rest of them.

Anne had noticed that Jess’ unawareness of their own origins didn’t seem to trouble them. She supposed that if you had the memories of dozens of people, spanning close to a millennium, that probably made up for not knowing where you came from. They seemed pretty content with their existence. And they had more personality than most corporeal people Anne had known!

She had a sudden what the fuck moment, where the uncanny strangeness of her life hit her all over again, and she giggled weakly, hugging herself. Her roommate was a hive consciousness made of liquified latex! They gave her the best sex of her life, almost daily! They could shut down her brain and carry her around like she was nothing more than their doll!

Jess had given her experiences no-one else had had. She knew what her own brain looked like, because Jess had ‘seen’ it and had fed the image of it into her mind. She’d not only seen the memories of their past hosts - she’d been able to live them, as if she were the host, buried deep in their recollections of the day the 13th-century peasant, or the Franciscan monk, or the Earl’s runaway daughter, or the World War II spy, first joined with the sentient primordial ooze. The memories of those who had been fully absorbed were much more vivid than those of the temporary hosts.

Have you thought any more about it? Jess inquired all of a sudden, their words whispering gently inside her head. Joining us fully?

Anne exhaled, snuggling deeper into her bedclothes. She had been thinking about it. In fact, she’d thought about little else for a while now. Jess had the ability to fully absorb her consciousness, her identity, her personality, her memories, and make her a permanent part of their group mind. She was excited by that prospect - but the only way to do it was by discarding her physical form. Jess would consume her body as easily as they consumed the trash earlier that day, breaking down its structure and recycling its molecules to make more of their substance.

She wasn’t scared of that - of losing her body forever. If anything, she was intrigued by it, and kinda wanted to see it happen - and she knew she’d have a front row seat, as part of the ‘Jesstalt’. She found the thought of it pretty fucking hot, if she was honest, the thought of her body being dissolved away as she watched. It helped to know the process would be painless. And afterwards she’d be part of the collective forever, awash in the same tranquility they felt every moment of every day. She’d be woven together with the minds and memories of a dozen others, her individual identity gradually vanishing, until her mind became indistinguishable, inseparable, from the rest of Jess.

But it wasn’t so simple. She had a life - a job, friends, even the occasional date - and she wasn’t ready to give up on it. There was no rush, though. Jess wasn’t going anywhere. If she wanted, she could wait until she was old and frail before fully joining them. A few of their previous symbionts had made that choice. Besides, as blissful as being a disembodied facet of a hive consciousness would be, she loved the sensations her physical body could feel - especially when it was connected to Jess. She loved how thoroughly, how gorgeously, they fucked her. Her arousal simmered. Her holes ached. She knew she’d miss these feelings after Jess ate her body.

She was finding it harder and harder to separate from them, though. The first few times she’d bonded with them, she’d refused to do so for very long - and was dead against letting any part of them linger on or in her. Now, she was spending hours immersed in them every evening, letting them stay in her head right until bedtime. She was growing addicted to them. If she could spend more time connected with them, she would.

We have ideas about that, Jess told her. Ways we can stay with you throughout the day - even while you’re out of the apartment, at work, seeing your friends, living your life... Interested in hearing about them?

“OK,” she murmured.

As they explained their ideas to her, Anne smiled and shifted around on her bed, pawing clumsily between her legs, twitching as her hand made contact with her sensitive pussy. And in the adjoining room, in the hot tub they used as their bed, Jess’ surface rippled and quivered, as excited by the prospect of spending more time with their roommate as she was.

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