Slice of Plant Life

Chapter 1

by ElliePup

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #drugs #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #dom:internalized_imperialism #drug_play #Human_Domestication_Guide #plantfuckers #sub:hit_streamer

Hi! This is my first HDG Story, I hope everyone likes it! 

CW: Hateful Comments 

Today was like any other day and Theo had awoken to the smiling face of her owner, Magnolia. She cuddled into her loving vines, then she got up. While she could have spent longer cuddling her Mistress’ vines, she knew what today was. Stream Day. Feeling her adorable floret get up, the mess of vines coalesced into a more humanoid form. Today she seemed to be wearing a dress from her own colourful flowers. It was gaudy and spectacular and Theo loved seeing her reform before her very eyes.

“Good morning my adorable little flower, I see you’re up already. Excited to play games with me that much, hm?” Magnolia’s voice was soft, and sickly sweet. Theo could just melt every time she spoke.

“Yes Mistress! I uh, I really love doing this. It makes me happy that folks enjoy the content I make, and humans have been doing this for hundreds of years! It’s practically ancient!” Theo nodded confidently, she was excited to do her most favorite activity other than loving her Mistress. That was a 24/7 kind of activity. Her mind and body were her Mistresses now and forever! The thought of that sent a chill down Theo’s spine,but enough about that. She had to get ready for her day! Magnolia slinked off to go draw a bath for her adorable floret, making sure she was squeaky clean and presentable for all the cute little sophonts, florets and affini that watched them today.

“Theodora dear! Bath time!” Magnolia called and Theodora answered by scurrying off to the bathroom. The floret quickly got undressed and situated herself in the tub, making a happy noise as her Mistress gave her a quick pet before beginning the process of joyfully bathing her floret, who at the moment was a gay mess. She always blushed! As if this process was new, but it definitely was not. The bath process was easy and now came the act of dressing her floret. Theo always managed to pout whenever it came to being dressed, she knew she could do it herself but they both knew deep down she loved it. In the process she picked out a beautiful companion dress with a pair of boots and leggings. Though Theo asked if she could add the finishing touches.

“Mistress, hear me out. I could wear my synthleather Jacket with my dress! It’s suuuuuper comfy! And.. And..” Theo was positively bouncing off the walls at this point, she had been wanting to wear this jacket for a stream for ages! Mostly because she looked incredibly cute in the faded purple jacket with a few pins on her lapel, and embroidered on the back was “TheoFlowers' ' in a flowery font.

“Now dear, you look absolutely adorable! I’m going to set up the streaming area, and you please eat breakfast? We can go over a bit before we play later today!” Magnolia was the brains of the streaming operation. She loved seeing how much her floret lit up on camera, so she had to continue this fun. Magnolia was incredibly interested in many of her florets' hobbies, gaining a love for them in the time they spent together. Her darling floret’s habits have even rubbed off on her! And she has been described as, “a bit of a gremlin.” Those words must be some sort of cute terran words of affirmation!

Theo had her tablet out as she had gotten her breakfast, just some toast and eggs today. She wanted to keep it simple, then after the big stream her owner could shower her in a wonderful dinner at one of the restaurants near their hab. She had logged onto her tablet’s messenger writing her friend Lena, who she knew was up:

Theoflowers: Lennnnnnna

Lesbianwholovesherownerverymuchxoxoxoxoxo: Huh wha? Are you streaming already? It's only 9 am..

TheoFlowers: No! Mistress is setting up our streaming area, and I’m eating.

Lesbianwholovesherownerverymuchxoxoxoxoxo: Oh! O-O

TheoFlowers: ?

Lesbianwholovesherownerverymuchxoxoxoxoxo: Oh sorry, Sir came by for a moment. They are going to work, but will be ready for later!

TheoFlowers: Thanks again Lena, seriously. You’re a lifesaver. After this do you wanna grab dinner with Mistress and Me? I know QiJu would loooooove to.

Lesbianwholovesherownerverymuchxoxoxoxoxo: Okay I’ll ask them. I’m gonna just laze around, catch you laterzzzzz.

Theo smiled between bites of toast. She was glad to still have her friend Lena in her life, the two of them both knew each other before becoming florets. And they both bloomed into their better selves in the care of their affini owners. Most of the morning went by uneventfully. Magnolia set things up while Theo tried to help, but was shoo’d away. After a few hours and many cuddle breaks, the area was set up! One large affini sized computer for Magnolia, while Theo’s appeared to be of standard terran make, the insides were upgraded with affini tech. No more GPU shortages when you have a post-scarcity economy.

After another small cuddling session, Theo was ready for the stream. She put on her happiest face and adjusted her collar to show off her newly acquired heart shaped name tag. Then it was showtime! She booted up the game and heard the familiar melodic music of Solcraft, and Theo let out a long sigh. This wasn’t an escape anymore, not like it used to be pre-affini. But now it was something she could do to put a smile on other floret’s faces that wasn’t being drugged up by their loving affini owners. She did the necessary functions to get the stream ready before finally going live!

“Hi everyone, Theodora Ferne, First Floret here! But here you can call me TheoFlowers! Tonight I’m playing the always relaxing Solcraft with my Mistress!” In the background of the camera, the viewers could see the beautiful affini scrunched up at her keyboard already at it, though she looked over at the camera giving it a wave.

“Now, I think today we are going to just have a nice relaxing stream! But Hi chat! How is everyone?” Theo said happily, she couldn’t wait for all the nice compliments her viewers gave her. Mostly because she knew how pretty she looked

Pawbtacular: *barks happily*

Kokororow: Hiii Theo! You look super pretty!

Lesbianwholovesherownerverymuchxoxoxoxoxo: Yeeeeeah! Your Mistress made you look super pretty!

Whenhorsesfly:What an adorable flower, such a good girl too!

QiJu: You look magnificent, Theodora. Quite the catching flower, and Magnolia dear. Please stop scrunching up like that!

All the comments on how good she looked made her blush. She could hardly contain herself! Her stream just started and her mind drifted, though a vine squeezed her thigh to keep her from drifting into that space. Magnolia grumbled as she looked at chat, she had perfect posture! How could Qiran do this right now!

SonicBloom: Thank you for all the lovely compliments about my darling flower, and QiJu? I have perfect posture!

QiJu: Then how come I can see you still scrunching up like. What are those terran bottomfeeders called?

QiJu: Plankton?

Lesbianwholovesherownerverymuchxoxoxoxoxo: Sir, do you mean a shrimp?

Pawbtacular: *Barks as a puppy of Terran experience, Pawbs agrees with Lesbian. TheoFlower’s owner is definitely looking like a shrimp*

SonicBloom: I. Yes okay I will fix my posture, THANK YOU QiJu for calling me out.

QiJu: You are very welcome, dearest SonicBloom.

Theo was giggling the entire time her lovely Mistress was called out for sitting down like such, though during that entire tangent the floret had collected various things, Solcraft was even more relaxing now that she wasn’t using it as an escape from the horrors of capitalism. Being able to just relax in a simulated world with one of her favourite beings in the entire universe, and also entertain millions upon millions of florets and sophonts. Even though the numbers weren’t that high, she wishes they were. But with enough hard work she could entertain many! And while she did not have to work to survive, doing this filled the time between the cuddle breaks and dosing of fun xenodrugs. 

Magnolia kept herself looking in chat just in case something bad happened, she didn’t want all the cute little sophonts and florets worrying about some mean comments from some “free terran” who found the stream simply to harass. Magnolia simply did not understand why they fought back even if they could enjoy freedoms they never thought of under the loving vines of the Affini Compact. Though those were thoughts for later, now she was playing a game with her adorable Theodora, who was talking to chat while mining some blocks. She sighed happily, allowing one of her vines to squeeze Theodora’s thigh.

“You look so adorable, my darling petal.” She squeezed a bit more on Theo’s thigh, humming before realizing that Theo turned bright red for the camera. She forgot they were live!

Sophancy: Adorable, I love seeing florets and their owners flirt. It’s quite fascinating!

Lesbianwholovesherownerverymuchxoxoxoxoxo: oh my gosh, theooooooo. I forgot how cute you look, all blushy and stuff!

QiJu: How could you forget dear, you talk about it all the time.

Lesbianwholovesherownerverymuchxoxoxoxoxo: Sir! Whyyyyyyy… this is about Theoooooooo,

Pawbtacular: *excited barks*

Whenhorsesfly: Stars! This is so adorable, maybe the best entertainment! Though I must get back to my own florets, enjoy the rest of the stream!

Sam&ErelPinnates4lyfe: omg, We almost forgot to watch TheoFlowers. Is she playing Solcraft! We love playing Solcraft.

“Wow! Chat has so many new faces! Hellooooo! Welcome to my stream, for the new folks here again, I’m Theodora Ferne, First Floret. But again, call me TheoFlowers here!” she was absolutely beyond the moon as she saw the view count go up, and that meant new faces to enjoy the content and entertainment she was making! She could imagine folks with happy blissed out faces watching her stream with their affini, seeing a cute little floret and their owner play a relaxing game! What wasn’t there to love?

Unfortunately, Magnolia’s worst fears were about to come to pass. About an hour or two into the stream, while they were trying to build their lovely new home, the affini’s eyes turned red for a moment in disgust when chat began to get a bit “scary”.

XxweedkillerxX: Look at that blissed out bitch, and she calls herself a Terran. No Free Terran would give up themselves that easily!

FREETERRA12345: Yeah! I imagine her plant is puppeting her, see where the vines are? Ha, just more affini propaganda.


Lesbianwholovesherownerverymuchxoxoxoxoxo: oh no.

Somewhere far away, a few rebels were able to get the broadcast through an encrypted access point in the overnet, they were laughing. Those sad excuses for terrans becoming slaves to those fucking weeds. Losers. Just like the Accord, they lost their spine.

Meanwhile, Theo saw the harsh words the moderators were deleting. They were horrifying! How could anyone be so mean? She knew free terrans were a bit cranky, but mean? No! Magnolia’s vines were slowly petting her, making sure she’d calm down.

“Thank you Moderators! Sorry about that! I think we are getting things situated.” Theo put on her brave face as those ‘free terrans’ kept writing nasty things only to get deleted a few seconds later, they attacked every bit about her. But with her owner nearby she had to be a strong little floret. The amount of vines on Theo were growing, all them trying to comfort her.

Pawbtacular: *barks and explains that TheoFlowers is doing a good job. But Pawbs needs to take Pawbs’ afternoon nap before pawbs owner comes back*

Sophancy: Such a good pup! Bye!!

Lesbianwholovesherownerverymuchxoxoxoxoxo:  Goodbye Pawbs! :buzzchamp:

Sophancy: :buzzchamp:

Sam&ErelPinnates4lyfe: :buzzchamp:

Pawbtacular: :pawbchamp:

QiJu: What in Star's name is even happening…

TheoFlowers: :buzzchamp: :flowers:

SonicBloom: Oh dirt. Not you too Theodora!

QiJu: :buzzchamp:

The chat had now devolved into chaos, as these chats were one to do. The emote buzzchamp was being tossed around by everyone! Theo couldn’t help but giggle as she saw Magnolia’s expression, and how chat easily ignored those Free Terrans. Such brave folks! She absolutely wanted to cry. Though her moderating team of affini and florets were doing their job, she was going to give Lena and Qiran big hugs after this they deserved it.

QiJu: Though chaos aside, if you Free Terrans are still watching. We will find you and give you loving homes with affini who cannot wait to have such adorable florets.

The ‘rebels’ who were harassing the chat were going to be in for a rude awakening. Though they would be living a happy life once they were freed from such horrible conditions. Magnolia could only smile that they were going to help more sophonts find homes! 

Things were winding down and chat was starting to slow, so it was time to call it quits for today. Theo had lost track of time! She was having so much fun playing a game with her loving owner, and especially a game so comfy as this! They made it a bit easier now that now with hostile mobs you can save them rather than kill.

“So! That’s enough today, it was my pleasure to play this game and entertain everyone! Now remember as the affini always say; drink water, eat food, and please take your meds. This is TheoFlowers signing off!” She gave the camera peace signs as she stopped streaming. Without hesitation Magnolia was behind her adorable floret, wrapping her vines around them.

“Now my little buzzchamp, You did amazing! I got a message from Qiran. They would love to go to the floret cafe with us for dinner.” Theo absolutely lost it when Magnolia called them, “Her little buzzchamp.” Theo would have to make sure Magnolia never called her that again, but right now she was too lost in the idea of being pampered after such a stressful stream. Magnolia hit something on her tablet and Theodora began to drift a bit, she had been sober all day! Poor girl. She was going to fix that. Her implant did wonders to melt away the stress of the day. The hateful comments from those mean free terrans were simply given to her Mistress as she was held lovingly in her vines.

When she stepped out of her haze, she was already at the cafe, sitting in her Mistress’ lap and being pet. It didn’t help that she had the lingering effects of Class A’s. So touch felt absolutely amazing, but she did not want to be bad and embarrass herself in public. Then Qiran and Lena showed up. Lena was placed on her owner’s lap, as they possessively wrapped them in their vines.

“Theeeeeo. You did well!” Lena was incredibly peppy, as always. Even when she looked as blissed out as she was. It could be the boundless energy she had, or the fact that she got to go on a walk and have dinner with friends. Could be both.

“Thaaaaank yooooou! I’m so happy we got to do that today. Magnolia said we should do it again next week. And implement a fun little system of like.. Uh.. what was it that you said once, Mistress?” Theo tilted her head like a confused puppy up at Magnolia wanting her to explain.

“A system where if someone enjoys what you are doing by pressing a button, we could maybe inject you with some nice xenodrugs. A unique blend to keep you focused, but every touch would be increased tenfold.” Magnolia’s eyes lit up, she was excited to do this “experiment” with her loving floret. Who definitely was into it as much as she was.

“Magnolia. That sounds like a good idea, maybe that should be a solo stream? We could monitor her intake as per usual, but. We need to make sure she isn’t too blissed out. Even though she looks adorable like that.” Qiran scritched Theodora once before going back to giving their own pet as much attention as she deserved.

“But now let’s have a relaxing dinner amongst friends, and maybe soon we will find out what those pesky little horsies were doing..”

Days later, a raid on a rebel ship the Spirit of Freedom commenced, and hopefully those pesky horsies who harassed such a cute floret would be sent to loving homes where they too can bloom to be their best selves. 

There we have it! It's in the books folks! I'd like to thank @doeposting for letting me use one of her characters, @GlitchyRobo for creating the setting, and all the authors who've written amazing stories.

This won't be the last time y'all see Theodora and Company! 


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