Her Point of View

Chapter 8

by TheGayestSeason

Tags: #brainwashing #pov:bottom #transformation #transgender_characters #f/f #m/f #sub:female

Tonight was the night. I was finally going to show myself to the whole world, exposing my body to anyone who wanted to see me. I’d dreamed about this for as long as I could remember. Or at least, I thought I had. 

My training and the new procedures that I had undergone had left me a little woozy, and I was having trouble remembering much of anything that happened before I’d met Elena and found the website.

That’s because that part of your life isn’t important anymore, I thought to myself. Or maybe there was a whisper in the music that was now my constant companion. At this point, I didn’t see much of the difference. The whispers always told me what I should be thinking, if I wasn’t thinking it already. I could trust them completely.

Of course, they were right again this time. A smile spread across my face, and I let out a pleased giggle. That had been easy to work out! Like always, all I had to do was listen to the whispers! Duh! Another giggle burst out of me, and I didn’t try to fight it down.

I was in the midst of my preparations for the night ahead. Everything had to go exactly as planned, which meant I had to make sure everything was perfect in advance.

 I’d organized my extensive sex toy collection, vibrators near the front, dildos near the back, cuffs and rope off to one side. The way I’d always done it. My sexy lingerie was hung up on racks just outside the view of my webcam, which was perched on a chair in order to give my new audience a better angle. 

I knew that it was selfish and a good girl shouldn’t be thinking like this, but I wished I could remember buying all the lingerie and the toys. Shopping was fun. 

Finally, with no more preparations left to do, I clicked the glowing red button that said record, and put on my best smile for the audience. I saw myself on screen, and my smile grew wider. It was a good smile. It had better be, because I’d spent almost an hour practicing it in the mirror this afternoon.

I stayed like that, just smiled to myself for almost five minutes before my first viewer joined.

“Hi there!” I said in my new voice, my adorable, feminine voice that was always perky, always happy, always eager to serve. Just like me. “What can I do for you?”

I stretched while I waited for him to respond, my hard nipples poking visibly through the sheer fabric of my shirt. I’d chosen a plain white tank top and cutoff jean shorts to start out with, with nothing underneath. One of the whispers told me it’d be easier to attract viewers naked, and then once they were in my channel they could request the various outfits. I did what the whispers said. I wanted to be a good cam slut. 

Finally, he responded. “Take your top off”

I laughed and said, “Is that all? Of course!”, and I obeyed, pulling my tank top over my head in one smooth motion to reveal my perfect new tits, bouncing in a way that my three new viewers must have found quite entrancing.

I greeted them all warmly, and spent a few minutes stripping down at their instruction, dressing up in various lingerie, and stripping back down again. They seemed startled that I wasn’t asking for tips, or requiring a certain amount of tokens before I stripped, but I didn’t see why I would. It’s not like I was in this for the money.

As soon as my cute little girl-cock was revealed, my viewer count skyrocketed. I was in the Tgirls section of the website, but I don’t think they had really believed me. Once they learned though, they came in the hundreds, until I had well over a five thousand viewers all watching me expose myself.

It was absolutely the hottest thing I have ever done. Every new viewer, every ding that signified a tip just got me harder and harder. Just the knowledge that there were thousands of people out there, jacking off, touching themselves, cumming to me, filled me with ecstasy. 

As I grew more and more aroused, a slow ache began to build in my ass. It felt… empty, almost aching with that emptiness. I knew that I couldn’t just start fucking myself on camera though, however much I wanted to. I had to tease them, to get them to make me fuck myself for their amusement. That’s what I really wanted, deep down. I wanted someone, everyone, to tell me what to do, to make me a toy for their pleasure.

So I slowly panned the camera to the side, revealing my toy collection, and said in my coyest tones “Alright, now you all get to pick which one of these I’m going to use. Whoever sends in the biggest tip in the next five minutes gets to choose!”

Those next five minutes were sheer agony. The tips flowed in like a tidal wave, and with every one the ache in my ass grew more and more powerful. It took everything in me not to break and grab the nearest toy, but the whispers told me to hold strong.

Finally, just before the five minute timer I had set expired, a tip came in for almost five hundred dollars, and then it was done.

“We have a winner! Please, sir, tell me what toy I should fuck myself with!” I practically drooled with anticipation while I waited for his response.

Finally, it came. 

“Large black dildo, back right corner”

It was maybe twelve inches long, and about as thick as my wrist. It was the largest toy in the collection by a good margin, being a solid few inches longer than anything else. I’d been dreaming about having it inside me since I’d first laid eyes on it, this afternoon. No, wait, when I bought it. I felt my asshole lubing up when I saw it in the store and knew it had to be mine. 

It was lubing up now, growing so slick it began to leak, and so when I walked slowly over towards where the dildo sat, I could feel my ass cheeks sliding around, spreading the sticky wetness around my tight entrance. 

I held it my hand, and looked at entranced for a few seconds, before my eyes were drawn back to the screen. The person who’d sent that tip, the one who told me what toy I was going to use, the one who had bought me and now owned me for these next few minutes had sent another message.

“Get on with it, slut.”

So that’s what I did.

I placed the dildo on the floor, feeling it suction firmly into place. Once it was secure, I turned to face the camera, showed them my eager grin, and began to lower myself slowly onto the black silicone cock. 

It was like nothing I’d ever felt before, filling me up like I’d never experienced. It slid in smooth, my ass perfectly clean and lubed up from my new modifications, more sensitive than ever before. My body felt like it was on fire as the pleasure coming from my stuffed ass suffused me, heightening the sensation of the air rushing against my skin almost to the point of pain.

I moaned and begged incoherently, too overwhelmed to form complete sentences. The tips kept coming in, and every ding shocked me with sensation. It was like I was a dog, trained to salivate at the sound of a bell. I was Pavlov’s whore. The thought almost made me laugh, but another ding drove the notion out of my head instantly as my mind turned back to the cock I was riding.

It felt like I’d been lowering myself down onto the huge ebony dildo for hours, but I still hadn’t gotten it all in. What if I couldn’t? The thing was massive! But I just kept going, kept pushing, and it felt so good, god why did it feel so fucking good and then suddenly, I stopped. My ass cheeks brushed the cold floor and I shivered, which did all sorts of delightful things to the cock that was now lodged to the hilt in my dripping fuck hole. I looked at the screen and gave my audience a smile. First and foremost, I was here for their pleasure, not mine. 

“Keep going”

“Ur not done yet whore”

“I want to see u fuck yourself on it”

“Bounce those tits for us, slut”

I smiled again for my masters, those anonymous men and women who were giving me orders from behind my computer screen, and did as they asked. Slowly I raised myself up off the dildo, paused for just the briefest instant before the emptiness overwhelmed me, and plunged myself back down in one swift motion.

My vision went white, and I came in an instant, the ecstasy flooding my mind and my every sense. As soon as I could see again, I began to rise up, even slower than before. My audience wanted me to fuck myself, so that’s what I was going to do. 

“Pick up the pace”

“Lazy slut can’t even fuck herself right”

“I’d like to show her how to do a good job riding a cock”

Obedient as always, I moved faster, ignoring the bright white flashes that overcame my vision as I lifted up, plunged down, and fucked my aching ass on the huge cock. My tits and dick bounced together as I rode it, faster and faster, to the point where they should ache from the motion but I was incapable of feeling anything but the dildo stretching me out. I couldn’t keep track of how many times I came beyond the seventh. It was just too much. There was no more room for numbers in my head, just pleasure and obedience.

Finally, there was a new ding, a louder one that signified a new largest donation. I looked up at the screen and saw it. A new tip. Two thousand dollars. And one simple sentence.

“Cum in your own mouth”

It was so trivial a request to be accompanied by such a huge sum of money, but obviously someone wanted to see me swallow my jizz pretty badly. And I was not going to disappoint.

I continued my rhythmic fucking, orgasming maybe every other stroke. Those were dry orgasms though, orgasms straight from my ass bypassing my dick completely. This time, I began to stroke my cock, using the lube from my still dripping ass to jack off faster and faster, until finally I was on the verge of cumming. 

I angled my cock up towards my mouth, and leaned down just before I gave the final stroke and exploded. Huge ropes of jizz, built up from my lengthy fucking session, shot into my mouth and coated my face in hot sticky cum. I gobbled it down eagerly, both because I loved the taste, and because I knew that that was what the man who had bought me wanted to see. Right as I thought I had finished, I came from my ass again, which sent more cum shooting at me. The combined ecstasy of two orgasms happening simultaneously was like fireworks exploding in my brain, and it left me helpless and shaking, barely able to turn my face towards the camera and show the audience the jizz I was holding in my mouth. I managed it though, swallowed the juicy cum, and waved goodbye before shutting down the webcam.

A little while later, after I had regained the ability to move, I checked how much money I’d made. Over the course of a three hour cam show, I’d made almost eight thousand dollars. I grinned at that, face still covered in my own jizz. This was something I could get used to.

As I was taking in my success, contemplating what I should spend my newfound wealth on, I heard the woman’s voice speaking to me again, and immediately focused in on her words.

“You did a wonderful job Ashley! I’m so proud of you! In fact, we at Her Point of View think that you’re almost ready, and we’re going to have you skip Step 6 and move on to Step 7, the final step in the process.”

I smiled blissfully at that. I was such a good girl, I didn’t even need all the training. Maybe I was a natural at this.

“There is one final procedure that you can undertake before you begin your final training. Unlike some of the others, this one is optional, and it’s very important that you make this decision yourself.”

For the first time in days, the music stopped. The whispers went away, and all I could hear was her voice.

“Would you like to have a pussy, Ashley?”

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