Her Point of View

Chapter 3

by TheGayestSeason

Tags: #brainwashing #pov:bottom #transformation #transgender_characters #f/f #m/f #sub:female

The website did its now-familiar routine of a quick blue screen into unending flicker, but by this point I was used to it. I barely even saw the flicker anymore, so focused was I on the words that slowly scrolled into view.

“You’ve begun to change your appearance, but that simply won’t be enough! Lesbian women don’t want to fuck people who wear girl clothes, they want to fuck girls. If you want to capture Elena’s affection, you need to commit to a more serious change!”

That was odd. I didn’t remember telling the website Elena’s name. It must have been one of those endless personal questions I answered when I first started the program. It wasn’t inconceivable that I had forgotten a single question out of dozens that late at night, but it was still strange.

Before I could ponder any further, the music began to play in my earbuds. A new song this time, somehow even catchier than the ones from before. My train of thought interrupted, I bopped my head to the beat and turned my attention back to the screen.

“There are a number of procedures that Her Point of View can provide for you. It’s your choice which ones you opt for, although for best results we strongly advise you undergo all procedures. There is no need to worry about your future, as all procedures are completely reversible should you find yourself unsatisfied. The only stipulation is that you complete the 7-step program and see things from Her Point of View before you can request a reversal. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. When you are ready to see the list of procedures, please say ‘Change me.'”

It made a lot of sense. Despite the clothes and the surprisingly good makeup job I’d done, I was at best androgynous. If I wanted Elena to be attracted to me, I had to look more like a girl, that was just simple logic. And the website said everything was reversible, so since it wasn’t permanent I couldn’t see a reason to give it a shot. Worst case scenario is I skip classes for a week until I can go back to normal. Absolutely nothing to worry about. So why was I still worried?

“Change me,” I said, my voice trembling slightly and the music swelled to a happy crescendo. Despite my worry, it put a smile on my face. The screen went a bright pink for just a moment and then new words began to fade in.


1. Body/Facial Hair Removal - complete

2. Facial Restructuring - recommended

3. Body Remodeling - recommended

4. -Locked until Step 4-

5. -Locked until Step 4-

6. -Locked until Step 7-

Please say the number corresponding the procedure you would like to complete first. Order is unimportant, so please begin with the procedure with which you are most comfortable”

I guessed that “Body/Facial Hair Removal” was the flash of light I’d gotten hit by earlier. It certainly seemed to have worked. Every part of me, from my chin to my legs, even my cock and my asshole were completely hairless and smooth. I had to admit, having smooth legs felt pretty fucking good. And I did look amazing. Maybe the rest of these wouldn’t be so bad.

Almost as though it was in response to my thoughts, the music went mellow, happy, lethargic, the kind of thing you can’t help but smile when you hear. It got even better when I said “2, please”.

The woman’s voice from earlier came back and spoke to me, as her words appeared on screen underneath the list.

“You have chosen Facial Restructuring. This procedure remolds the bones and underlying structure of your face in order to give you a more feminine and beautiful appearance. As an additional benefit, it also rejuvenates your skin, greatly reduces acne and acne scars, and can help to prevent skin cancer. Side effects may include temporary increased sensitivity, especially around the lips and mouth. When you are ready to proceed, please say ‘Change me’”

That… sounded pretty great honestly. Even if I decided to reverse the procedure later, it was hard to say no to less acne and no skin cancer. “Change me,” I said, more confidently this time.

As soon as I spoke, the white light from before flashed again, filling the room and blinding me. The pain was focused on my face this time but it hurt so much more. I was sobbing by the time the light faded away, my face burning in agony. Finally it ended, and the woman’s voice came back.

“Congratulations! Procedure number 2 has been completed. Whenever you are ready to begin procedure number 3, please say ‘Change me more.’”

I couldn’t do it. It hurt too much. Whatever Body Remodeling was, I knew it would take longer and hurt more than what I’d just experienced. “No, thank you,” I said, the words coming through despite the pain and tears tightening my throat.

The music in my ears turned discordant, painful, hard to listen to. The voice spoke to me, “Are you sure? This procedure is vitally important to the success of the program. 98% of lesbians polled said they would not date someone without the features this procedure gives you. When you are ready to continue, please say ‘Change me more.'”

“I can’t,” I said, tears still rolling down my face, my head pounding as the music jangled, each off chord setting my teeth on edge. “Please, I can’t. I just can’t.”

“You’re not being a good girl, Ash. Are you giving up on the program? Are you abandoning your soulmate? Don’t you want to be beautiful?” she said, her voice sharp, unyielding, almost angry.

“Yes, I want it!” I half-screamed this time, guilt filling me. “It just hurts too much. I can’t do it. It hurts too much”

Suddenly, the music went back to its normal pleasant, soothing tune. I looked up and the screen was a comforting green. “Of course, Ash. We understand completely. The process can be quite difficult. You can continue the 7-step process without worry that this will affect your chances,” the voice said comfortingly, the harsh tone gone. Maybe I had imagined it. Why would a computer program be yelling at me? It didn’t make any sense.

“Please take as much time as you need in order to care for your face and return here once you are done. We think you will enjoy your results once you’ve had some time to recover.”

I tore my headphones off and ran to the kitchen. I spent the better part of an hour lying on my shabby old couch, my face covered in ice, thinking about what I should do.

* * *

An hour later, I came back. I put the headphones on without even thinking. If I was on the website, I had the headphones on. It just made sense.

“Welcome back Ash! We’re glad you came. You still have lots to do tonight!” the words appeared on-screen, accompanied by what almost seemed like a lullaby, quiet and soothing.

“I think I should stop this,” I said to the computer. It was what I had decided while lying on the couch. Something strange was going on with this, and whatever I was getting out of it wasn’t worth the risk. It didn’t strike me as at all strange that I was talking to a computer and expecting it to understand. That was just the way the website worked.

“You can’t stop now Ashley! You can still win Elena’s love! Just look at how far you’ve come!” and with that, my webcam turned on and I saw myself.

This time, I really was beautiful. My shoulder-length brown hair framed the face of an angel. Full red lips, high proud cheekbones and rounded cheeks. My skin was smooth and soft, completely clear from all acne and scars. My jawline and forehead had both been softened to fit in with the rest. And my eyes… they’d always been one of my best features, but now they were simply gorgeous, huge with slightly dilated pupils and framed by some of the longest most-delicate eyelashes I’d ever seen. The green in them seemed stronger, more vibrant than before. I was more than a little hard just from staring at myself.

“See Ashley? You make such a good girl. It would be a shame to abandon your quest. Why don’t you continue with the procedure? We promise, there will be no more pain.”

I was only half-listening, utterly mesmerized by my own gaze. I gave a slow nod, never breaking eye contact with myself. I have absolutely no idea how it recognized the nod, but it was obvious by this point that this website was something else. My face faded, to be replaced by more words.

“Now it’s time for more instruction on how to see things from Her Point of View. Tonight, your training is focused on appreciation of the feminine form.”

I almost snorted at that. That one I had pretty well in hand.

“One of the most important things women look for in a relationship is someone who appreciates them, who thinks they’re beautiful and more importantly, who shows that they think that. Your future partner needs to be able to see just from the way you look at her that you worship her body. It’s also important that you learn to appreciate those who appreciate you, as once the program has completed, your future partner will love the way you look. Whenever you’re ready, please say ‘Continue.'”

That all made sense. A bit confusing there at the end, but I figured it would get cleared up in the training. “Continue.”

Once again, the screen went blue and came back flickering, more frequently now than ever before. Behind all the flickers were a picture of one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. I leaned in for a closer look, but she was gone as fast as she came, to be replaced by another equally gorgeous woman. The music sped up, faster and faster until it beat in time with the flickers. Every few seconds, the picture changed, switching between these supermodels. Some were just staring at me, their eyes boring into mine. Others were showering, running, sleeping, fucking. That last one I may have imagined and it was gone before I could double check.

My eyes were glued to the screen. I stared mindlessly at every picture, absorbing it as completely as I could before it disappeared forever. The music was frantic, pulsing, and my mind moved with it, too fast to think. All I could do was watch, listen, and obey. I don’t know why I added obey to that, but it seemed natural. It seemed right. Before I could question it anymore, the picture changed, the beat moved on and my thoughts followed. It almost seemed like there were words being whispered into my ear, hidden lyrics to the song that never stopped. I couldn’t quite make them out and I didn’t have the focus to try any harder. If they were important, the voice would have told me.

Suddenly, the pictures changed. They were all one woman now, with shoulder length brown hair and a slender shapely body. I watched her boobs bounce as she jogged down a street, men staring at her from the sidewalks. I watched her bend over in a yoga pose and saw every woman in the class sneaking a glance at her perfect ass. I watched her fucking herself on a dildo the size of my forearm, moaning for the hundreds of strangers who watched through her webcam. Eventually, after what felt like hours of these scenes, I saw her face. It was mine. My new perfect feminine face, whose lips were now locked around a cock as I- as she gave the most enthusiastic blowjob I’d ever seen. My face smiling and winking as I pulled up my shirt to reveal two perfect tits to a pair of gawking teenage boys. My face, contorted in ecstasy as I orgasmed for my audience and let the tips roll in. My face.

The music began to build, growing yet faster, louder, more powerful. Different women now, although the one with my face was still there amongst the rest. The pictures changed faster than I could process them, my mind unable to keep up with the sensory stimulation.

Finally it all stopped, just as the music reached its peak. The last picture on the screen was a close up of two eyes the exact same sapphire blue of Elena’s eyes and as I stared, my gaze locked to hers, I heard one word as clear as day amidst the whispers of song. “Worship”

I came immediately. Without any stimulation, my hands still at my side, I orgasmed, my cock spraying cum all over my face, the sensations seemingly unending. I opened my mouth and caught as much of it as I could while my muscles kept contracting. I don’t know why. It felt like what I should do.

It took at least a full minute before I finally stopped cumming. Exhausted, I licked the rest of the sweet salty jizz from my face and swallowed the whole load. I was a good girl and that’s what good girls did. Completely drained, I fell asleep right there in the chair.

* * *

I woke up the next morning feeling amazing. There was a message on my phone from Jenna, asking me if I wanted to hang out later that day. I smiled and stretched lazily, like a cat. I wriggled out of my cum-encrusted shirt and was surprised by two small lumps on my chest, one underneath each nipple. I shrugged, and went to go take a shower. There was absolutely nothing to worry about.

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