Things That Matter


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A retelling of Jukebox’s excellent Come as You Are. A woman drives to a house in the suburbs, but can’t remember why.

From my archives, this was written in 2020.

This is a darker retelling of Jukebox's excellent Come as You Are

It occurred to Kate that the difference between the Things that Mattered and the Things that Didn't Matter was a very interesting avenue to explore.

Take tonight for instance, normally if she were driving late at night, the things that would matter would be getting to her destination, staying on main roads and driving as fast as she could get away with. However tonight, as she snaked an almost arrow straight path through the sleepy suburbs those two sets of things had somehow gotten swapped. Tonight the things that mattered were driving safely, sensibly under the limit and staying off main roads while her actual destination mattered so little that she realised with surprise that she couldn't remember what it is.

It was weird, but unlike normally, where weird things mattered and needed to be thought about, tonight that weirdness simply didn't matter, so she kept driving, taking a sneaky left turn between some houses, looping around a park, taking the third exit from that mini round-a-bout, turning down a little side street to avoid some traffic lights, slowing down for the speed bumps.

That lack of destination bothered her, the thought sat in the back of her mind, making her worry. Normally she'd have her phone in the holder, navigation on, giving her clear turn by turn instructions, but tonight, before she left, she'd looked up the map for some random suburb, scrolled to the other side of the city and carefully memorised the complex route she was taking.

Normally she'd have trouble remembering the directions to the corner store, but somehow tonight the map was alive in her head. But it didn't matter, so she let her thoughts drift elsewhere. So she took the third right, the second exit of the fourth round-a-bout, the fourth left after the park, and then the left turn after the twist in the road.

It occurred to her that some other things were a bit back-to-front tonight. Normally if she were sitting in the car, practically dripping with arousal, she'd be driving on the highway so the cruise control could do the driving as she stuffed a hand down her jeans to tease herself through her panties. However tonight, she was wearing her shortest, sheerest dress and her hand stayed firmly on the wheel. She couldn't remember if she'd put panties on after she finished her shower, and her hands were too busy to check.

Down this cul-de-sac, third house on the right, park in the driveway.

The bell echoed through the house as she lifted her skirt, revealing her naked crotch. The door opened.

The door shut behind her and she walked back to the car feeling satisfied and used, but in a good way. Her tee-shirt and sweatpants were a little baggy, but she didn't look out of place amongst the early morning joggers as sunlight stretched across the city.

She drove home, feeling well rested. She had no idea how she would explain this to her house mates, but surely something would come to her.


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