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A hypnotist overrides a woman’s resistance for potentially dubious purposes

From my archives, this was written in 2020.

“And wake.”

Her eyes fluttered open as she stretched a little on the bed. She sat up and fixed me with a slightly cautious grin.

“How are you feeling?”

“Good, turned on, wet…”

She ran her hands down her front, then paused at her crotch.

“Heh, not entirely sure when I took my panties off!”

She slid a finger down a bit further and explored her wetness.

“What do you remember?”

“Bits and pieces, I remember some of the suggestions, but the trances themselves are mostly blank. I remember coming when you snapped your fingers, that was weird … but hot. Not much else though.”

“So are you ready to go back into trance for me?”

“Umm … I … I’m not sure, you’re planning to turn me into a slave when you hypnotise me next … right?”

“Do you not want that?”

She fingered herself a little.

“Well … it’s damn hot … like I’m getting wetter just thinking about it, but … but I’m not sure I actually want it, you know, intellectually.”

I lift my hand up to dangle my crystal, carefully keeping it to the side so she could look away. She did, putting up a hand to block her view of it.

“We both know how much you want this, all you need to do is look at it and you can just float away. Think of how hot it feels.”

“No … I … I don’t want that, not yet.”

“It’s the next step, the next thing to do. Think of how much pleasure you’ll feel.”

She stalls again, so I spin the crystal a little, keeping it at the edge of her vision, not forcing her to see it, but keeping it near, tempting her with it’s power.

I tell her about the pleasure, the submission, the endless bliss of slavery, but she refuses every time, twisting herself away from the crystal, carefully not looking at it.

“What if I just told you to look at it?”

“I … I wouldn’t.”

“But you want to, don’t you, you want to do what you’re told, right?”

“I do, but I wouldn’t do that.”

“Are you sure?”

She pauses for a moment, thinking it over.

“Yes, I wouldn’t do that.”

“I don’t think you’re sure. What’s your mantra?”

She pouts at me, a look of worry in her eyes.

“Repeat your mantra.”

She mouths something inaudible, I smile.

“What was that?”

A flash of defiance crosses her face.

“Obedience makes my cunt wet.”

“And the rest of it?”

“My …”

She trails off.

“Say it.”

“My wet cunt makes me …”

“What does your wet cunt make you do?”

“Want sex?”

“No. What does your wet cunt make you do?”

“Want to touch myself?”

“You know what you need to say. Finish your mantra.”

“My …. my wet cunt … makes me …. obey.”

“Good girl. And is your cunt wet?”

“No …”

I smile.

“Is your cunt wet?”

“…. yes.”

“And what happens when your cunt is wet?”

She looks worried.

“I ….. I … I want sex?”

“What else happens?”

“I … masturbate?”

“And what else?”

She mumbles something.

“Say it properly, so I can hear it.”

“I obey … ?”

“You obey. So as your cunt is wet, if I told you to look at the crystal, what would you do?”

“… not look at it?”

“You know that’s not true. If I were to order you to look at it, what would you do?”

She mumbles again.

“Say it properly. If I were to order you to look at it, right now, with you sitting there with your wet cunt, what would you do?”

“… obey?”

“You’d obey. Exactly as you said, your wet cunt would make you obey. So if I were to tell you to look at the crystal, would you look at it?”

“… yes”

I let her squirm for a moment.

“Look at the crystal.”

She drops her hand and looks at it, letting all the tension out in a sigh. Her eyes fix on it.

“What happens when you look at the crystal?”

“I … I can’t look away … it captures my eyes … and when it spins….”

I spin it, she sighs in pleasure.

“I fall … deep down … down into trance … hypnotised … entranced …”

The woman in this story is inspired by a former friend-with-benefits. We were thinking about trying out hypnokink, but broke up before I could get my ideas and plans together. We might have done this for real if we'd stayed together longer.


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