Moving Day

by Star

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #microfiction #topification

Originally written for one of the 200 word short fic challenges on MCL, a short story about economic desperation.

The rent was cheap, that was good. The landlord however, was… odd. Beth had asked her some standard questions but after Carly replied, it would get weird. When Carly said that she had been laid off from gym when it shutdown, Beth didn’t say anything about needing a steady income but typed a bunch of h’s.

Sitting exhausted in her new single, Carly found more things strange. There were apparently quite a few roommates but all she had noticed all day was a faint sound of laughter behind closed doors and someone  yelling out “giiiirllls”. Shame they were all so reclusive Carly thought, drifting off, she had really wanted to be part of a new community.

There was a surprise weight on Carly when she woke up. Embarrassed women were holding each of her limbs and Beth was trying to slip headphones onto her head. Carly stared at one trying to slip a harness and dildo onto her leg and the girl just turned away moaning.

“Look we’ve all been waiting forever to make a top, please don’t ruin this”, said Beth.

There were worse things Carly thought, drifting back to sleep, at least the rent was cheap.


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