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Ripped away by her girlfriend’s wealthy parents, Katelyn is reformed

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Special thanks to Skaetlett for his endless encouragement and to the many other authors who have given me similar treatment. Also to a certain golfslut for accidentally reminding me how much I love the idea of reform schools for sluts. Finally, thanks to sleepingirl for starting the #hynononconjam, it was an excellent motivation to "just write something".

All characters are over 18, don't read if you're not also, and don't copy this to other websites.

The first thing that I notice when I wake up is the pain. Fuck, it feels like I’d burned my whole body out on adrenaline. Every single part of me is sore and my head is throbbing. The brightness of wherever I’ve ended up is not helping at all. I close my eyes and push the unpleasant idea that I’ve ended up in jail somehow out of my head as I try to remember what the hell happened last night.

Trying to focus on anything outside of the pain feels like running in a river of sludge, something that I unfortunately feel like I have experience with. I wince, the light from overhead is still bright enough to make my head sting. Slowly, I drag my screaming arms over my head to cover my eyelids. Now that I’m not being blinded I notice that there’s some sort of humming here. It might be some machine working but it sounds almost rhythmical, kinda like music that’s being played through a wall.

I don’t know how that will help me figure out where I am so I try searching my memories instead. I had been over at Amber’s place, the summer home. She had been keeping me, keeping us, a secret from her parents. It made sense, a rich girl like her who got it all from wealthy parents. They’d probably never be ok with her being together with me and whatever I was maybe even just cause I was another girl. 

“Whatever I was?”, I groan, wrapping my arms tighter around my head.

Who was I? Grimacing, that was not a question that normal people had to ask themselves. I remembered dark nights in clubs somewhere, getting tattoos, shitty shifts at some bar. It all felt so impersonal, like watching snippets of someone else’s life. At the club, I think that’s where I met Amber. She’d come in one night looking like a fucking model, so out of place in a place for grimy dykes but it made her so captivating. Like a fly who’d walked willingly into a spider’s web. Someone I can’t quite remember had dared me to ask her out and we’d fucked in the bathroom, the start of a beautiful relationship. Having someone like her around, someone I could rely on, it made me feel like I was finally able to get my life together. She had become my rock.

My head hurt again as I remembered someone telling me not to get involved with closeted girls. Considering the situation I am in now, maybe that was some advice I should have listened to. Still, I couldn’t help but believe that she was coming to get me out of here. 

Fuck, losing track again, where had I been? The summer home. We’d been sneaking around like we had been since May. Thinking back, it probably was not the best location and time for that but I had just been following Amber around. She was like a tidal wave and honestly, despite the way I’d tried to present, I loved it. Fuck, it was hard to focus, I try to engage my brain as best I can. We were sneaking around, we were fucking in the master bedroom when her parents had come in. Holy shit, her parents had come in. I lay there in pain, like my remembrance was some shocking realization. 

They had walked in on us, they’d walked in on us when I was tongue deep in their daughter’s cunt and were pissed. They had screamed at her and Amber had screamed back at them, something about Katelyn. Was that my name? Her parents had called some security. Holy shit, were they rich enough to have security? They showed up in the room and then it got fuzzy after that. No matter how long I rest and try to focus, nothing more will come to me.

Still, I think I have enough to know a bit more about what’s happened to me. I’m probably not in jail, but some sort of private drunk tank related by Amber’s family. I take a deep breath and brace myself for movement, this is gonna suck. Mustering all my feeble strength, I exhale and pull myself up in the bed. It hurts less that I expected it to. I open my eyes and regret thinking that as my head bursts with pain and I scream out.

I close my eyes and breathe in spasms, trying to divert my attention to something else. Some tears escape my squeezed shut eyes before I can catch my breath and compose myself again. I got a quick look and there’s not much here. It’s just white walls, white floors, and a white ceiling. The only thing in the room with me is the white bed I’m on. It’s very clinical, maybe some sort of hospital room? The only thing that clashes with that aesthetic is how I’m stripped down to my underwear and not wearing a Johnny.

Something clicks on the other end of the room. I crack my eyes open to receive a fresh wave of pain and see the outline of a woman holding a suitcase walking towards me. Her heels clack loudly against the floor and I can feel the hairs on my body raise up. My heart races and my chest feels tighter with each echoing step. The clacking stops close by and the light creeping through the skin of my eyelids is dimmed. She has to be right over me.

Everything happens so fast. I hear her fiddling with her suitcase. There’s a pinprick pain in my arm. I snap my eyes open and see her looming above me. I see the woman’s head blocking the ceiling light, it looks like there’s a halo around her. Awestruck, I don’t look down at my arm to see the needle until she’s finished injecting and pulling it out. My jaw drops open but I can’t make a sound.

“Don’t worry dear, it’s just a quick action painkiller. You’ve got an awful migraine right now, don’t you?”

I nod silently, unsure of her intentions but willing to play along. and her smile widens.

“Good applicant”

Is this woman coming onto me? Where did I end up? What does she mean by applicant? Am I still wasted and dreaming?

She hands me a bottle of water and I drink eagerly. She waits patiently in front of me as I quaff the whole thing down. I take a deep breath and look up in her eyes. If I’m going to make it out of this weird place, I’m going to need to assert myself early.

“Who the fuck are you?”, I grunt out.

Her eyes narrow as a look of contempt envelops her face. Suddenly there’s a loud sound. I’m on my back and her hand is moving away from my face.

I’ve been slapped, I’ve been slapped faster than my brain can realize it. I feel so strange too, like I’m falling backwards into a pool like I’ve uhhh… My thoughts trail off, I can’t conjure up another metaphor. Shit, or is that a simile. It’s so hard to think right now.

She gets up off the bed and stands over me again.

“I am Martha, your counselor here during admissions, someone who you will sorely need.”, she gazes at me with contempt, “You will learn to control your vulgar language.”

“Admissions?”, I ask, still a little out of it.

“Yes Katelyn, you are being considered for admission to the prestigious St. Lavinia’s Academy. It’s quite an honor and I intend to make sure you are properly prepared to attend.”

“Fuck that sh-”, before I can even get the word out her hand bounces off my head again, knocking me back onto the pillow, and I’m wincing in pain and gazing off into space. I hadn’t noticed until now but the white walls here are really interesting to look at.

“Now now dear, remember what I told you about your language. One more of those and you’re going to be as blank as that wall you’re staring at.”, she waves a hand in front of my face to try to recapture my attention, “For example: tell me your name, I just said it to you so it should be easy.”

I just lay there silently, I can’t think of it. My heart races while she smiles so sickly sweet at me.

“You’ve got enough…”, she trails off, “Well, we try to be more abstract here, it’s not like you’ll be remembering too well. Let’s just say that you’re on some pretty pills that are dissolving your ego. That’s why you need the painkillers dear, fixing the human brain is heavy work.” 

I simply stare at her, she may as well have been listing off the periodic table at me. She leans over the bed, staring into my eyes. The counselor lady, it takes me a bit, Martha. She was telling me something.

“Wait, what’s going on?”, I mumble.

“I told you, you’re being prepared to attend the most exclusive finishing schools in the world. We’re going to make you into the perfect proper young lady and the perfect slut.”

My head spins like she’s slapped me again. I’m going to be what? Is this how Amber’s parents are going to get rid of me?

“What the f-”, the words come out involuntarily and once again she stops me.

“Poor thing, so coarse she can’t even control herself.”, her words are cold but she’s definitely enjoying this.

I don’t know if she’s talking to me for me sake, for her own twisted enjoyment.

Martha continues as consciousness leaves my body and I fade away, “Don’t worry my dear, I know it’s so hard to be good but I’m going to make it easy for you. You don’t have to worry one bit. I’m going to build your empty brain back up so you can be everything you need to be.”

Before my eyelids get too heavy to hold open I see her pulling out another needle with something pink inside. Moving is useless and I can barely put thoughts together. I don’t think I can get out of this. My last thought is a silent plea, hope that even if I can’t escape, I can still be saved. Please Amber, find me, save me. I know you could do it.

Things are much better when I wake up this time. I don’t hurt anymore at all, it’s actually a lot easier when I don’t try to remember anything about myself. I don’t know if it’s another day but I don’t really care anymore, I just feel really happy now.

If anything, I'm a little bored. I took the pills left by my bedside. Was there a bedside when I went to sleep, talking to that counselor lady? I laugh to myself a bit, it’s not too important. I’ve read through the pamphlet that was left there a few times already, the one about that school that she wants me to go to. It looks really fun, just a bunch of girls learning to be the best sluts that we can be. The idea of that makes me feel warm and happy inside. 

But yeah, real bored, a little lonely too. Sometimes it feels like someone is saying something to me but I can never focus in on anything. My hand ventures down into my underwear, looking for entertainment and it finds it. Wow, that feels really good, I wonder if it was always like that for me. I don’t really have any memories to compare right now. Good applicants have no past, I think with a smile. I wonder where that is coming from. I choose not to think about it cause that might count as remembering and I want to be a good applicant.

Gosh, my pussy feels so good right now. Every little touch makes my body hum, it’s such a wonderful sensation. I wish that Amber was here to play with me. I freeze up, Amber… my girlfriend, I had forgotten about her somehow. Dread washes over my body, this is wrong. What am I doing here, acting like a horny school girl? This isn’t where I’m supposed to be, where is she? I feel like I’m going to be sick and my head is spinning.

The door clicks and Martha walks in, I smile at her but I feel a pit in my stomach. I like how nice she’s being to help me get into St. Lavinia’s but I can’t help feeling dread at the idea of that as much as I want it. I know I want to be a good applicant.

“What’s wrong dear, I can’t help but notice that you seem distracted by something.”, she asks, returning my smile.

 I know only one thing, I can’t let her know that I’m thinking of Amber and how she’s going to save me. As much as I want this, I know that I can’t let it happen to me.

“I don’t know Martha, I’m just so forgetful right now.”, the best thing to mask a lie is with the truth, “…But, I don’t really like you, I think you’re a…”, good applicants don’t swear runs through my head, “bad lady”. 

Martha stares into my eyes for a little bit but then backs off with a smile. “Poor little applicant, you’re just developing a little slower than normal. Let’s run through some tests together, OK?.”

I nod at her in agreement. My unease is no reason to slack on my studies.

“Excellent, repeat after me.”, she smiles encouragingly at me.

“Good applicants have no past”

“Good applicants have no past”, hey I know this already, this is easy.

“Good applicants don’t swear”

“Good applicants don’t swear”, I repeat with a smile, this one is easy too. I can’t imagine ever saying a mean word to anyone.

“Good applicants don’t say no”

“Good applicants don’t say no”, I repeat. And how could I say no to her?

“Good applicants don’t think”

“Good applicants don’t think”, I repeat. That one sounds kinda hard, maybe I should just try to only think about the things Martha is telling me. Oh, and Amber, her too.

“Good applicants are horny”

“Good applicants are horny”, I repeat. Yay, an easy one again.

“Good applicants are empty”

“Good applicants are emp-”, I can’t make it all the way through this one and Martha needs to wake me..

When I come to, Martha looks pleased with me. I feel so happy to see her laughing for some reason. I am such a good applicant. I don’t think we’ve ever done these before but it was really easy. She’s looking at me really intensely.

Martha leans down over the bed, real close. I don’t know what’s going on but then her lips meet mine and she gives me a kiss. I let out a deep moan and push my body into hers. Gosh, I need this so bad, her lips are so soft. Her tongue is invading my mouth, driving me wild. I don’t just let this happen, I am eagerly working with her, humping her body to try to relieve the burning need in my crotch. But all she does is kiss me and I have no relief. It’s just like when Amber would-

Amber… thinking about her right now hurts and not in the way memories normally do in my head. I feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach. I feel like a cold hand is grasping into my heart. I had been feeling so good but now all I feel is guilt. I’m a terrible girlfriend.

Martha notices my newfound lack of enthusiasm and pulls back.

“Is something wrong?”, she cocks her head at me.

“I don’t know”, I lie.

She looks at me expectantly.

“It’s… it’s like a pain in my heart. For some reason, when you touch me this way, when you kiss me this way, it feels so good but it hurts too.”

I feel tears falling down my face. I shut my eyes, trying to hold them in. Martha wipes the streams away and cradles my head in her breasts. It’s sweet but to be so close, so intimate with her only hurts me more as my mind fills up with fantasies of rubbing against them as they smother my face. My crotch is burning with need and my heart is buried in ice. I grind my crotch against her leg but keep sobbing. I’m an awful girlfriend, all but fucking a stranger who has me captive.

Eventually I am totally worn out and Martha pulls away from me, letting me collapse onto my bed. She pats my head and whispers gentle words of encouragement.

“Don’t worry my dear, some girls take more time and medicine before they’re ready.”, her hand lowers to squeeze my breast and I let out a gasp of pleasure, “you’re already making great progress”. It brings me shame to think about how I want even more.

“Mmmmm- thank you”, I moan out sleepily.

Martha takes out a pink syringe and injects it into my arm as I drift off. She whispers “Sweet dreams little applicant” as I fall asleep, hoping to dream of Amber coming here and seeing me. She’ll save me from this wonderful hell.

The next few days are about the same, it really blurs together. I’m laying around all day bored and playing with myself. Sometimes Martha will come in and tease me but a tease she is so I never get any real relief. I only can pass my time by masturbating and thinking about Amber coming. I giggle out loud at that, two meanings hehe. I can’t wait for her to come so she can fuck me.

Marta comes in looking stressed and I can’t really blame her. She wanders around wearing gross fancy clothes, covering up her whole body while I get to lay in bed all day playing with my pussy. I giggle to myself, my life sure is great. I shake my tits at her to try to cheer her up, I know that’d make me feel better.

“What a wonderful greeting”, she says with a half smile.

I wish I could help her relax. She has me go through my mantras and I’m such a good applicant that I don’t even need her to remind me anymore. I can do them allllll by myself. Or at least I can when she gets me to stop playing with myself. I can even make out with her for a whole three minutes now without crying. That doesn’t cheer her up though, she’s always mumbling about something holding me back by the end of her visits.

Once again, our little flirting session ends with injecting me with one of her pink syringes and her heading to the door looking kinda upset. Once again, she opens it and stares at me before turning around and leaving me alone. But this time, something new happens. Some really beautiful lady is behind her. I look her in the eyes and she puts a finger to her lips, asking me to be silent. I smile at her in agreement, good applicants aren’t supposed to say no after all. Then, she holds a cloth to Martha’s face and helps her lay down against the wall.

Walking fully into the room, I can see her fully. OMG, it’s Amber. I let out a squeal of happiness and leap out of bed, walking towards her. Poor girl is also wearing fancy clothes instead of nothing like I am.

Amber closes the door and grabs something that fell out of Martha’s hand before I can get to her. I leap at her and grab her in a big naked bear hug, squishing my face against her breasts. It’s so wonderful to finally have my girlfriend back with me. She hugs me back, holding me tight.

“I’ve missed you so much”, I mutter into her chest.

“Me or my tits?”, she chuckles.

“Uh”, I pause for a second, that’s a tough question, “both I think”

“Wow, they’re really got you messed up, don’t they?”

“Mmmmm, yeah”, I smile and pull myself away from her.

Amber is looking at me with a slightly concerned expression. I smile at her and then look at Martha slumped over on the floor.

“Is she ok? Why’s Martha sleeping in here with me?”

Amber turns around to look at Martha and turns back to me, “Yeah, she’s fine. Just had to take her out to sneak in here”.

I nod, I don’t really understand but good applicants don’t say no so I’ll just agree. Amber seems satisfied with my reaction but still seems a little unnerved by something. Luckily, I know just the thing to make her feel better.

Amber looks back toward the door hidden along the wall and Martha and then back to me.

“So, you ready?”, she asks me.

“Yup, I think I am”, I grab her by the hands and tug her backwards into bed with me. I know in the back of my empty head that she’s gonna take me away from here for some reason but that can wait til after we fuck. I've been waiting too long so I’m not gonna waste a second.

“Ugh, that’s not what I meant you dit-”, she’s cut off by my lips. I kiss her with a deep hunger and she returns it even stronger. This is what I’ve been longing for, my brain is lighting up with glee.

“Fuck, you taste like sex”, she mumbles into my mouth.

We make out for a while, just the two of us lips to lips on my bed. The rest of the sparsely furnished room may as well not exist anymore. Amber is even grabbing the back of my head, keeping me locked onto her. I love feeling like I’m being used, being handled. Something is so exciting to me about being used by her like that, of not being in charge. I bet Amber can see how wet I am. The idea of her noticing that drives me wild. 

Eventually she breaks off from me, breathing heavily.

“Do you enjoy that?”, I giggle to her.

“… Yeah, I did”, Amber says after a short pause.

“Would you uhhh”, I trail off and my cheeks burn a bit, it’s embarrassing to ask her for something so one sided towards my pleasure,  “Would you mind if I you off, you know, down there”

Amber turns back to look at Martha and then to me again. “You mean you want to lick me?”

She lifts her dress for me and I can’t control myself anymore. I know we should be leaving but I want this so much more. I dive right under with a fervor that I’ve never had before. I can’t see anything from under the dress but that doesn’t matter. I’m so happy that she wasn’t wearing underwear here so there’s nothing between me and her pussy.

“Fucccckkkk”, Amber moans, “you’ve never been so eager before.” Two hands come down on either side of my head. “I really could get used to this.”

Nothing feels as good as those words, not the burning wetness in my own pussy, not the way her tongue had forced itself into my mouth, not even the wonderful taste on my lips right now. I am in my own personal heaven.

Amber moans and pushes in with her hands on my head and out with her hips against my face. I can barely breathe but I don’t mind. The only thing that matters right now is worshiping her and I would give everything to do it. Nothing I can imagine could ruin this moment.

“What the fuck is going on?”, says a pained voice from far away. I guess we were too loud and now Martha has woken up.  Mmmm, maybe she’s gonna stop being such a tease and join us.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. Just keep going”, Amber whispers as her hands switch to rubbing the back of my head. I can feel her turn slightly to face Martha but I keep going like she asked, I’m a good applicant after all.

“Was that a swear I heard, counselor?”, Amber asks tauntingly, “You’re setting an awful example”.

“Ugh”, Martha sounds pained, “and what do you know of it, or even care?”

“I think I know a great deal, my parents are a major sponsor after all.”, Amber smugly answers.

“So, you must be Amber then.”, I can hear Martha’s clicking heels again, “Why are you here, come to break out your precious girlfriend?” She sure is, after we fuck for a little bit longer.

Amber starts shaking and grips my head tight with her legs and hands now. Something is happening Omg, she’s orgasming. I’m so lucky to be here while she cums. My heart is melting with joy. I can hear Martha getting closer, I wonder if she’s gonna give Amber some of that nice pink medicine so we can be together forever.

“Mmmm”, Amber starts to laugh, “Save her? I’m just here for the sex.”

Something inside me breaks. What’s going on? Wasn’t she… My vision of our future is completely shattered. I don’t get it so I simply stop thinking and lay there motionless, like a puppet with her strings cut off. I don’t care about anything anymore, I just want to be used. I need someone to tell me what to do.

Amber notices my pause and leans back down to me, “Keep going slut, I want as many orgasms as I can take.”

My heart is singing again, I’m so glad that she understands what I need. Martha makes a strange sound and my girlfriend, no, my owner just cackles at her.

“What did you think, that this was some sort of punishment for her? That my parents threw her in here and threatened me with losing my access to the family cause they didn’t like me dating a poor girl, or maybe even because she’s a girl?”, Amber cackles some more, “My parents are just sick of me getting with so many girls at once and breaking their hearts. They’ve got no understanding of the fun of disappearing one day and only leaving behind a picture of me with another bitch in my bed. They want me to settle down, just choose one. That’s why they picked St. Lavania’s, they want to bribe me with a perfect slutty little trophy wife.”

Amber clenched around my head and let out another big moan as she came again. I’m so good at this, I love making her cum.

“Mmmm, and it really is worth it”, Amber continued, “you’ve only had her for like a week and have produced some excellent results. I think her technique is even worse but I’ve never seen a girl with half as much enthusiasm, if you keep it up, I might have to wife her. I was a little worried when I snatched those progress reports that you were sending to my parents but this is way better.”

“Well”, Martha started, completely disarmed by my wonderful girlfriend,”we were having unique levels of difficulty with her”.

“I think I get it”, Amber laughed, “the poor thing was so consumed by puppy love that despite you erasing her sense of self, she held onto her feelings for me. That’s so sweet, I might die.”

Amber laughs really hard and starts cumming around me again. She’s so smart so I have no idea what she’s talking about. She lets out a big happy sigh and starts to get up. I try to follow her pussy with my mouth but I’m way too cumdrunk to keep up and get plunged into the light again. She pats my head as if to say “good try babe”.

“Well, I think I’ve had my fill for now”, Amber says as she straightens out her dress and turns toward the visibly uncomfortable Martha, “And don’t let slip anything about this to anyone above you. You will get way more shit for the security breach than I will be for breaking in.”

“Yes, ma’am”, sighs Martha.

“Oh, and get me a visitor pass when she starts up at the academy proper, I don’t want to have to sneak around so much. Hell, you own me for fully breaking her.”

“Of course ma’am”, thank you for your assistance”, Martha looks so put out right now.

“Alright, see ya again soon then”, Amber waves to me as she leaves, “be the best slut you can be.”

Martha leaves after her, rubbing her temples. Poor thing, it’s so sad that she can’t be as happy as I am from being in a room with girls fucking. She’s so silly, I hope she feels better.

Left alone, I slip my hand between my drenched thighs and I do something that I know I shouldn’t and start to think about my life. Everything is wonderful, I really am so happy. I’ve got a juicy pussy, I’ve got a supportive girlfriend who lets me service her, and I’m about to get into a wonderful school where I can learn to be the best slut I can be. My life sure is great.

This was a blast to pump out. I've never come up with an idea on a Monday night and had a nearly 5k story ready only 4 days later before. Feels very in spirit with the idea of a jam though.
I had a lot of fun writing it. I love it when lesbians are awful and Amber's twist was so fun to me. 
Thank you for reading!


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