Tigress and Pup

by Spiral Turquoise

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Noyna just got back from vacation, and she picks up her puppy-boy Jeremy for a late morning session.

Noyna drove up to Jeremy's house, yawned, and rested in the car for a moment before calling. It had been a long week. She had spent all of yesterday sleeping away jetlag, which had not been entirely successful. Her vacation time ended tomorrow. Jeremy had an evening shift at the hardware store tonight, meaning that she had had to get out of bed earlyish in order to fit in this last play session before both of them would be too busy for a few weeks.

She selected Jeremy from her favorite contacts list and waited.

“Hello?” he squeaked.

“Hey. Right outside, ready to head on out if you are.”

“Yes! Totally! Um, just give me a second to get a few things ready? I'll be right out!”

“OK, sounds good,” Noyna replied. She watched the door with half-lidded eyes. Jeremy lived in a small house with several roommates – not all of whom were interested in hearing Jeremy's sex life as it happened. Plus, Noyna had her apartment to herself for the afternoon; it was a better choice all around.

Jeremy walked out the door with a smallish backpack. He was short, soft, chubby, and pale; his hair was dyed black with green streaks on the sides, and styled into an emo fringe. His dark cargo pants were torn up at the bottom and the pockets were lower than his knees – the result of wearing pants slightly too long for his legs. His cheap, store-bought collar peaked out from under his hoodie. He waved perkily, so enthusiastically that it brought Noyna up from her stupor. Jeremy entered the passenger side and awkwardly reached over the hand rest for a seated hug that Noyna returned. “Hey!” he said.

“Hey, hon.” She waited while Jeremy settled into the seat and buckled in, backpack at his feet. “Bring anything fun?”

“Uh, just my work stuff, but also some tea for you! I brought all kinds. And scones.”

Noyna grinned. Jeremy was quite a tea enthusiast, and she looked forward to selecting one. “I could really use that when we get in. Good to get going?”


Noyna relaxed on her couch while Jeremy fixed some jasmine pearl tea. This had become a slight ritual – Jeremy pampering Noyna with specially selected tea and whatever snacks he had baked for her (scones, today).

“How was Thailand?” Jeremy asked as he got the electric kettle working.

“It was good. I got to see my grandmother, and we were visiting for Songkran. Thai New Year. NATION WIDE WATER FIGHT!” she squeed, resisting the temptation to munch on the scones before Jeremy finished the tea. “It lasts for three days, and there were trucks carrying water and ice, and even the police joined in, and you could throw water into vehicles and…” Noyna flailed inarticulately for a moment, then took a breath and settled back into the couch. “But, it was mostly just seeing my cousins and aunts and uncles on the Thai side of the family. Looking forward to getting back to work, though.”

“Oh! Is there anything you can talk about?”

“Still not much. The PI office job is pretty much made of NDAs.” The assignments coming up were not really that exciting - just a few background checks. However, she never felt never entirely sure about what she could or could not say, so discretion was always safer. “It's the same sort of thing I'm usually doing, but it's always been fun work.”

“Cool.” Noyna heard Jeremy pour out the tea.

“Has work been good on your end?”

“Um. I stopped a thief recently?”

“What? I thought I was the one with the action hero job,” Noyna teased. “What happened?”

“I, um, I just noticed that the guy had redwood boards with pine board price tags and let management know after I caught it at the register? It wasn't exciting or anything...um...I'll shut up.”

“Get over here, puppy boy,” Noyna chuckled. Jeremy walked over, head bowed, blushing profusely. Noyna stood up and ruffled his hair before pulling him into a tight hug. “You're cute. Now get the tea for your Goddess and we'll cuddle while it steeps.”

Jeremy fetched the mugs, setting both on the crocheted coasters Noyna had laid out on the coffee table. He then puzzle-pieced himself against Noyna's body for a snug cuddle. Noyna nuzzled against his hair, feeling it caress her face. She squeezed him in more tightly, smooshing his face against her breasts while enjoying the feeling of holding someone so closely.

She disengaged and savored the sight of Jeremy’s blush fading. She picked up her mug and gave it a tentative sip, hoping to avoid any tongue-burning. The jasmine pearls were unfurling prettily as she began drinking.

“I can, uh, pour it out several times on the same pearls, so you know,” Jeremy said quietly while picking up his own cup. “And, they’re non-toxic, so you can go ahead and eat them.”

“That’s good. We can have some more either during the scene or after it, then. What are you up for today?”

“Um! Whatever you are? I’m good!”

“So, some of the usual, then?”

“Yes! That!”

Noyna smiled. They had been doing this for the better part of the last year, so there was indeed a bit of routine to the whole process. That did not make it less fun. In fact, it meant that “the usual” consisted of quite a long list of things she could choose from, knowing full well that Jeremy would enjoy what she chose as much as she did.

“Good. Would you like an outline, or just go with the flow?”

“Going with it!”

“Excellent.” Noyna had an outline brewing already, with enough blank spaces to allow for a fun, free-form session. She began draining the tea as it cooled, munching on one of the pearls. The taste was pleasantly bitter, a nice differentiation from the tea itself. She was also grateful that Jeremy’s choice of tea today had caffeine in it; she drank as quickly as possible to get as much of a boost as she could. “Um, depending on how much time we have after, what do you want to do?”

“A movie?”


They finished their tea and scones in pleasant quiet, continuing a little small talk as they went. They took turns with bathroom breaks – Noyna went first, then sat cross-legged on her bed, awaiting Jeremy’s arrival.

It was time to unleash the Tigress.

Jeremy came into Noyna’s room, and after he shut the door behind himself, she beckoned him toward her, shifting her seating position to legs crossed and hanging over the bed. He obediently approached the bed, head slightly tucked into his collar. Once he came close enough, Noyna reached up and hooked her finger under the ring of his collar, firmly pulling his head and torso downward. Jeremy kept his eyes downcast as she held him there, his head roughly level with hers.

“Now be a good boy and get on the bed,” she whispered into his ear. Jeremy whimpered and nodded before complying. He sat next to Noyna, his legs dangling off the bed. Noyna grabbed a fistful of hair, feeling Jeremy tense and gasp as she uncrossed her legs. She dragged Jeremy downward, placing her free arm across his chest as she did so and falling back with him. Noyna shifted her body over his so that she straddled his hips, releasing and re-gripping his hair in the process. “That’s a good puppy boy,” she said soothingly, “and you will keep being good for me, won’t you?”

“Y-yes, Tigress,” he said quickly.

“That’s right. And as you look into my eyes,” she breathed, holding his head so that he could hardly do otherwise, “you take a nice deep breath,” she felt his belly swelling with air beneath her, “and relax, my pup, my puppet, relax and let me take control, as you go,” she snapped her fingers, “BLANK for me, now, puppet.”

Jeremy’s eyes glazed over, staring emptily into Noyna’s. “Mmm, and whenever you look into my eyes for this session, puppet,” she said, “you’re just going to go blank again for me, you’re going to feel your mind and will drain away as you look into my eyes and listen to my voice. Isn’t that right?”

Jeremy weakly nodded, barely able to move his head within Noyna's hold.

“Good boy,” Noyna said, kissing his forehead gently. “And while your mind is blank, you just do whatever your Goddess commands, like a good little pup, don’t you?”

“Uh huh,” he whimpered.

“Good boy.” She stroked his hair, enjoying the softness. She caressed his cheeks with the back of her hand, then moved down to his chest - enjoying the slight squish and give of his body under her palm, listening to his breath catch in response to the teasing touch. “And sleep,” she added, watching his eyes roll up as they melted shut.

Noyna let go of his hair and repositioned herself to stand over him. He lay on the bed, prone and relaxed, limp and vulnerable. She leaned over him, pinning down his shoulders and enjoying the feeling of power.

Noyna slid her hands down to Jeremy's waist and undid his belt and pants. She pulled his pants down, then off, leaving him in just his shirt and boxers.

The sight of Jeremy limp, unresisting, and undressed at her hands lit a fire inside her - brought out the part of herself she saw as animal and strong and primal and divine. She gripped his hips and began thrusting, driving her sex against the enlarged but still flaccid cock beneath his underwear. She sensed the heat of his arousal, barely, through her jeans - if only by knowing it was there; by knowing from past play that Jeremy got so very hot at the idea of being used like a helpless cat toy, a puppet of his Tigress. The thrusting and grinding against Jeremy's arousal assuaged the heat and need stirring in Noyna's pussy...slightly. After a few furious seconds of driving herself into him, she slipped away and planned her next move.

Noyna had always loved tigers. To her, a tiger was at once strong, fierce, beautiful, graceful, cunning, and - in an abstract sort of way - sexy. She and Jeremy had gone through a lot of different titles: Mistress, Mon Chatelaine, Ma'am, Owner. Noyna had hesitated at Goddess and Tigress, the ones they used now; “Goddess” had been too often applied to her by creeps who didn't know her; “Tigress” seemed silly, like it wasn't something that people actually used, even though she wanted to.

But...Jeremy did know her. And he loved the idea of her as a Tigress as much as she did. She could be herself with him, right here. She could be the Tiger Goddess, capriciously playing with her helpless little cat toy.

Noyna gently climbed onto Jeremy again. She nuzzled into the right side of his neck and face, nosing against his collar, her hips continuing to grind into him as if by animal instinct. She brought her mouth to his ear, nipping at it, hearing Jeremy keen in pleasure in response to the heat on his ear and the motion at his groin. Noyna whispered in his ear, her voice and breath making him squirm beneath her:

"That’s a good little puppy boy, Jeremy, that's a good little puppet. And now you're just so blank and mindless, just your Tigress's empty vessel to control and use, aren't you, my little pup?"

She felt his head bob against her shoulder in an affirmative nod.

"Good boy," she whispered. "So you're going to open your eyes now," she added, "and you'll be an obedient little mindless toy for me, won’t you?"

Another nod.

"Very good boy," Noyna murmured. She pulled herself up and away from him, taking note of his foggy-eyed stare. "Then stand up now, puppet."

Noyna stood back a bit as Jeremy sleepily rose, his head still a little slumped forward atop his shoulders as he stood, waiting.

“And kneel,” Noyna growled, watching Jeremy's body gently crumple onto his knees. She stepped forward, grabbed his hair again, and began undoing the button on her jeans. “Good puppy boy,” she said. “And like a good puppy,” she cooed, shuffling her jeans far enough down to expose her panty-covered pussy, “you're very good at licking up.” She yanked his face toward her crotch, intoning, “Lick.”

Jeremy instantly began nuzzling and licking at her pussy through her underwear, and Noyna felt her body go tight in pleasure. Her knees went stiff, her hand began holding Jeremy's hair and head more out of tension than conscious effort, and her head snapped backward as she moaned. That was his nose rubbing gently and delightfully against her folds, and then his tongue pressing the cotton slightly and teasingly inside of her. “That's it, boy,” she cooed through a heavy sigh, “that's my good little puppy boy.” Noyna pulled his face away and began stroking his hair gently. “Take off your shirt,” she said, letting go of his hair and moving behind him to sit on the bed and finish pulling off her jeans, “then turn around and face me,” she concluded as he peeled off his t-shirt. Jeremy turned around, not quite leaving his knees, to kneel in front of her.

“Good boy. Now come closer,” Noyna commanded calmly. She gently tossed her jeans to the side, then pulled off her own shirt. She planted her hands to brace herself on the bed, then held out her right foot: “Worship.” Jeremy cradled her foot in his hands, kissing the top while rubbing her soles. Noyna moaned quietly, letting the muscles relax under Jeremy's fingers. “That's it,” she said. She hesitated; it felt too good to stop, but she also wanted symmetry. She raised her other foot. “Switch.” Jeremy dutifully moved hands and mouth over to Noyna's left foot, kissing, massaging; Noyna kept herself steady on the bed's soft surface while letting Jeremy work until her feet felt evenly pampered. “Now stop,” she said, and enjoyed watching Jeremy's head slump forward as he stayed on his knees.

Noyna leaned forward and began running her fingers through Jeremy's hair, fluffing it, then petting him in slow, gentle strokes. She switched tactics to pull him up by the chin, making eye contact; watching him go even more blank and deeply hypnotized in her gaze. “Now,” she said, “as I pet you, you're going to feel your silly human brain being petted away, you're going to feel your brain becoming a cute, playful puppy brain as I pet away your human brain, do you understand?” Jeremy nodded, rocking his chin against her fingers. “Good boy,” she said as she resumed petting his hair. Jeremy slid downward slightly under her fingers; as she ruffled, petted, fluffed, and stroked his hair, Jeremy melted downward until his hands touched the floor. With some more attention, his legs spread slightly until he was kneeling in an all-fours sitting position rather than in a human gesture of deference.

Giving his hair a last few pets and another ruffle, Noyna stood up as she saw Jeremy's tongue slip out in a pant.

“Beg!” Noyna commanded, then watched as Jeremy straightened his back and lifted his pawed hands up, bent against his shoulders, wrists hanging forward. He whined slightly while continuing to pant. “Speak!”

“Ruff!” Jeremy barked. Noyna giggled – Jeremy loved being a puppy, but he had never managed realistic dog sounds.

“Sit!” Jeremy returned to his all-fours sitting position. Noyna grabbed a stuffed animal from her bed – a small lion – and jiggled it in front of Jeremy, his eyes glued to it. “See the lion? See the lion?” she taunted. “Fetch!” She gently lobbed the toy toward the bedroom door, and Jeremy whirled his thick little body around as fast as he could to see where it landed. Noyna stood arms akimbo as she watched Jeremy scramble about for it, lift it with his teeth, and hurry back to her. “Good boy,” Noyna said, lowering herself to one knee and holding her hand out for Jeremy to drop the lion into.

“Rrrrf!” Jeremy growled pleasantly through a mouthful of fluff, shaking his head.

“Oh?” Noyna said, grabbing the lion by the feet as Jeremy held firmly to its back. Jeremy attempted to tug it away from her, but Noyna used her other hand to out-muscle him for it. After she untangled it from his teeth, she held it as high as she could while Jeremy unsuccessfully attempted to get to it. “Fetch!” Noyna shouted again, giving it another toss. Just as Jeremy turned around, though, Noyna added, “Stop!”

Jeremy sat and whined audibly.

“Heel!” Noyna stood up.

Jeremy turned back around toward her and sat at her foot, pouting at the ground.

“Aaannnd go back and fetch!”

Jeremy perked up, then turned around to head toward the lion's landing place by the door.

“Aannnd stop!” Noyna giggled.

Jeremy froze mid-stride, growling petulantly.


Jeremy took a few more steps, and bent down to pick up the lion -


Jeremy whined again while Noyna giggled, looking at his backside as he obediently held his mouth above the toy.


Jeremy retrieved the toy, spinning around to come back to Noyna.


This time holding fast with the toy in his mouth, Jeremy attempted his best puppy dog eyes while avoiding direct eye contact.

“Aannnd go!”

Jeremy meekly proceeded forward and dropped the toy at Noyna's feet.

“Such a good boy,” she said, dropping to a knee again to caress his head. Jeremy whimpered pleasantly as she petted and ruffled.

Then, Noyna gripped his hair at the back, pulling him upward into a proper kneeling position.

“Rrrr?” Jeremy whined, his hands snapping up into his begging position.

Noyna made eye contact.

Jeremy's eyes clouded over.

“That's a good boy,” Noyna soothed, “such a mindless, brainless little pup...” She yanked him back down to an all-fours sitting position, fluffing his hair again as she broke eye contact. “And now getting your silly little puppy brain back, that's a good boy,” she giggled as Jeremy panted again. “Now roll over!” Jeremy quickly scrambled on the ground until he was on his back, wrists at his shoulders, legs bent and slightly raised.

Noyna straddled his hips and pinned his shoulders, making eye contact again. As his eyes clouded, she felt the heat build in her pussy and ground it into Jeremy's body, just above his cock. Jeremy whimpered, and Noyna became acutely aware of pressure elsewhere – her breasts had not been emptied lately, and she knew her puppy would enjoy the “snack.”

Noyna hurriedly unclasped her bra, then tossed it backward over her shoulder to join her jeans and shirt on the floor. She leaned forward, dangling her breasts at the level of Jeremy's eager face. She planted her right hand above Jeremy's shoulder for balance, then presented her left breast with the other hand. “Suck.”

Jeremy stretched his neck to take as much of her breast in his mouth as he could.

Noyna bit her lip as the sensation started. By some quirk of her hormones, she naturally lactated – and she savored the sensation of her nipple being warmed up, wetted, and readied by Jeremy's lips and tongue until she felt a quick spurt of milk. Noyna's breast began dripping into his mouth, relieving a tiny bit of tension from her breast. Noyna could see his face – eyes closed, his entire head thrown into the motion of worshiping and suckling her breasts – and felt her pussy clench and her underwear dampen. She wanted to give the other nipple some attention, get it more ready for the eventual switch, but had to maintain her balance. She felt a rush of arousal as the trickle of milk left her breast, moaning as Jeremy drank up her supply.

“Stop,” Noyna panted before switching her hands around. She moved her right breast toward Jeremy's mouth. “And suck,” she said, and Jeremy's tongue and lips wetted and worked her teased nipple. Noyna felt the sensation start up again, warming up, then feeling the gentle drip and trickle that drained her breast. This time, though, her left nipple was tingling from the drain and wet with moisture; Noyna savored the cool touch of the room's air on her left while Jeremy brought heat to her right. She noticed the scent of her milk mixing with Jeremy's sweat and saliva, the combination driving her desire to desperate need. Noyna moaned in ecstasy until she felt satisfied at the right's drain.

“Stop,” she breathed. “Good boy,” she whispered, repositioning herself to kneel beside Jeremy's prone form.

She took notice of his cock, awkwardly redirected to the side by the confinement of his boxers. She slid the underwear over until his penis poked through the boxers' front opening, then grabbed Jeremy's erection. The heat under her palm spurred on a matching heat in her groin as she roughly pumped and pulled upward. Jeremy's back arched inward, crunching into an upward curl as he whimpered and whined.

“That's a good boy,” Noyna said. “Your Tigress's helpless little cat toy,” she growled on a particularly adamant upward jerk, “and of course you won't be coming,” she said, basking in Jeremy's canine whine, “because I just want to play. And play. And play. And you're just helpless to stop me, aren't you, pup?”

Jeremy squeaked in reply.

“Good boy. Good pup,” Noyna said, grinning ear to ear. She let go of Jeremy's cock, and smiled more at his continued whimper of arousal and need. Noyna got off her knees and rocked onto her back so that she could slide off her panties and toss them to the growing pile of her clothes.

Noyna maneuvered until she could kneel, split-legged, over Jeremy's face. She carefully descended until her pussy pressed against his mouth.

“Lick,” she said again, now with her pussy exposed and full to bursting with need.

Combining puppy-dog lapping with effective cunnilingus skill had been something of a project that Noyna and Jeremy had worked on for a few months the previous year. Jeremy had tried different ways of combining the two motions into something pleasurable, and Noyna had given feedback every step of the way, often struggling for words to describe exactly what was needed.

That effort had paid off.

“Nnngh,” Noyna groaned as she gripped the top of Jeremy's hair. “Good boy,” she gasped. “...a little....higher,” she added, and let out a high and squeaky sound of pleasure as Jeremy complied.

Noyna rode Jeremy's face, feeling herself get more and more worked up with every movement of Jeremy's rough, wet tongue against her clit.

“Lap it up like a good pup,” she panted. “And keep going. Good boy,” she said before giving up on words and moaning. Noyna heard Jeremy whimper in arousal through his ministrations, and soaked in the pleasure for as long as she could, not having the slightest clue how long that was; she just knew that every second of it was divine.

The pleasure plateaued. Jeremy was still going at it like an eager little puppy, but Noyna felt the returns diminishing. She pulled herself up and away from his mouth. “Good boy,” she sighed. “That's a very good boy,” she said, repositioning herself over his chest and petting his hair. As he opened his eyes, she made eye contact and held him, fixed in her gaze. “SLEEP, puppy boy,” she intoned, and savored the sight of him collapsing into trance.

Noyna got up, then sat cross-legged next to Jeremy. She absent-mindedly toyed with her clit while relaxing, letting her breathing match Jeremy's slow, calm breaths. Noyna reached over and rubbed his belly gently. “When you wake up,” she said after a long silence, “you'll feel good and energized and ready for work tonight, and you'll be able to look me in the eye normally again, and you're going to feel great, right, pup?”

Jeremy nodded sleepily.

“That's a good boy,” she said. Noyna looked over his face, saw that he seemed comfortable and attentive, ready for waking. “Then you're going to wake up when I say,” she snapped her fingers, “WAKE.”

Jeremy's eyes snapped open, and he blinked rapidly while dragging himself up to a proper sitting position. He curled up into a ball while Noyna found her panties and put them back on. She wrapped up next to him to cuddle, hugging him with one arm and fondling his hair with the other. Jeremy rocked his head against her hand, inviting her to hold out her palm in front of his nose for a nuzzle. She caressed each of his cheeks, watching the grin grow on his face as he giggled with his mouth closed.

“Feeling good, pup?” Noyna ventured.

“Yissss,” Jeremy replied.

Noyna ruffled his hair, giggling herself.

Jeremy responded with simply, “Mmmmm.” After a warm, quiet moment, he giggled, “You put your genitals in my mouth! So I am happy.”

Noyna hugged him with both arms and gently dragged him to the floor. She nuzzled his cheek and rubbed his chest. She casually draped her leg over his and began matching her breathing with his again.

After a few moments, Jeremy turned his head toward Noyna's, projecting mild anxiety. “You...didn't come? I think? Is that OK?”

“I didn't,” Noyna said. “And it's fine. Wasn't feeling it.”

“Was...was everything good?”

“It was great, pup,” Noyna giggled. “And my boobs are feeling GREAT. I just felt done.”

“Oh-OK!” Jeremy squeaked.

Noyna nuzzled Jeremy's cheek, and he threw his head back in squee. “Have you picked out a movie yet, pup?”

“Um...what time is it?”

“Shoot...let me see,” Noyna said, disengaging in order to rummage through her clothing pile and extract her phone from her jeans pocket. “It's...12:30. Did you want to get lunch?”


“How do you feel about microwave pizza?”

“That's good!”

“OK. That'll save you some time. You start at 3, right?” Noyna began putting her bra back on.


“OK. So. Movie? Something short?”


“No problem, pup,” Noyna said, smiling at him while putting her shirt back on. “Head over to the couch, I'll join you with the pizza. I have a movie from a film festival I went to a while back that'll fit the time.”

“OK!” Jeremy got up and found his own shirt and pants. “Um...” he started, “would you like another round of tea with lunch, Goddess?”

Noyna smiled. “Sounds great, puppet.”


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