One Thought

by Spiral Turquoise

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:male #dry_humping #m/f #M/s #Master/slave_language #foot_kissing #objectification #posthypnotic_suggestion #pre-existing_relationship #undressing

Blake hypnotizes Padma to have a single thought keep overriding everything else in her head.

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“And when you wake up, I will be able to give you a single thought that will override any other thoughts you might have. Whenever I say the phrase, ‘overriding thought,’ followed by a statement, the statement will become your overriding thought. No matter what you try to think about or what you try to do, that one thought will keep coming up in your head, as if it were your own thought. You will not be consciously aware that the thought came from me, and you will act on it as if it were your own thought. The more you try to think about anything else, the more the overriding thought will come up, and each time you think it, the overriding thought stops you from thinking anything else. Your mind will keep coming back to the overriding thought, and you will continue to think it and act on it until I give you a new overriding thought. This suggestion will end the next time I hypnotize you. Do you understand?”

Padma nodded, then whispered, “Yes, Master.”

“And when you wake up, you will not remember this suggestion. You will remember having been hypnotized, but not what suggestions I gave you. Do you understand?”

She nodded again.

“Very good,” Blake continued. “Waking up on three, remembering that you have been hypnotized but not remembering what suggestions I gave you, still calling me ‘Master’ and thinking of yourself as my slave, as you wake on one...coming awake, forgetting what suggestions I gave you but acting on them when you wake up, and thoughts and will coming back to you, as you wake all the way up on...three, wide awake, feeling great, aren’t you?”

Padma stirred, stretching her back and arms before turning to Blake with narrowed eyes and a huge grin. “What did you do, Master?”

Blake grinned back. “I suppose you will have to find out, won’t you?”

“I’m watching you,” Padma said, pointing at Blake.

“I suppose you should be. Overriding thought: slaves should not wear clothes.”

Padma stopped in place for a moment, then giggled, then looked down. “Hmm. I think...I might be wearing too much, Master.” She seemed slightly confused by the statement even as she tugged gently at her blouse.

“Any reason you might be thinking that?” Blake asked.

“I think...slaves should not wear clothes.”

“And you are my slave, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Master,” Padma replied. She untucked the blouse from her skirt and pulled it off, placing it next to her on the bed. She looked down at her bra. “Slaves should not wear clothes,” she muttered absent-mindedly. Padma removed the bra, her movements perfunctory, her expression distracted.

“Is there something on your mind right now?” Blake asked.

“Um...just...slaves should not wear clothes. So...I shouldn’t wear clothes...I think,” Padma said, as if not completely sure of what she was saying. She stood up and slid her skirt down to the floor.

As she gently kicked the skirt off, Blake said: “Overriding thought: I want Master’s cock.”

Padma halted from considering her panties and looked toward Blake. Her eyes moved down to his crotch, then stayed there. She licked her lips.

“Something catch your attention, slave?” Blake said as she stared.

“I’m thinking of...grinding.”

Blake chuckled. “Is that all?”

Padma licked her lips again, then covered her mouth with a hand. “...yes. Grinding sounds...good right now.” She stepped back toward the bed.

“Should I be getting undressed as well?”

Padma paused and considered, blinking frequently as if trying hard to think that question through. “Yes...just...please let me touch your cock, Master?”

Blake smiled. “As soon as you take off my shirt and pants, slave.”

“Yes, Master,” Padma said quickly while moving to pull off Blake’s shirt. After tossing his shirt onto her blouse, she knelt and began undoing his belt and pants button. As she saw the fabric of Blake’s boxers, she licked her lips before pulling the pants to his ankles. Blake assisted her in removing the pants entirely, then removed his socks. Padma looked up from her knees. “Please let me touch, Master?”

“Any particular reason that I should let you, slave?”

“I...want your cock, Master,” Padma replied.

“How about you kiss my feet first?” Blake grinned.

Padma desperately bent down, cradled Blake’s right foot and pecked it. She gently put it back on the floor and repeated with his left foot before looking up, expectant and licking her lips again. “Please, Master?”

“You may touch, slave,” Blake replied.

Padma eagerly reached for the cock beneath the brightly colored fabric of his boxers, the heat rising to her hand. Her hips bucked gently as she touched, and she looked upward as she moved from gentle stroking to grabbing the erect cock and rubbing the fabric against it with a tug. Padma closed her eyes and parted her lips as she savored the heat and shape. After a moment or two, she blurted out, “Please may I grind into your cock, Master?”

Blake gently moved her hand away from his boxers. “Kneel with legs spread,” he said while shifting himself and lying down on the bed. Padma obeyed while he got into position. “You may get on top of me and grind, slave,” Blake continued.

Padma scrambled onto the bed, positioning her hips over Blake’s, then adjusting for a moment. The underside of his erection pressed into her hip; she lifted herself up, adjusted his cock, then lowered her sex onto it until she could feel the top of Blake’s warm, hard cock pressing through the layers of fabric into herself. She moaned softly at the contact, then pressed herself down and along the shaft to gain friction against her clit. Blake began breathing harder, closing his eyes and moaning as Padma slid herself against him.

“Overriding thought: I will obey Master,” he said. “And continue,” he added after Padma briefly looked unsure whether to move or not.

Taking the command without thought, Padma continued to press herself into Blake’s firm, hot cock. Blake’s boxers were beginning to get damp with the movement and arousal pressed so close.

“Stand at attention by the bed,” Blake gasped.

Padma quickly removed herself, and turned to face Blake as she stood straight and tall.

“And what are you thinking now?” Blake asked.

“I will obey Master,” Padma murmured.

“Good girl,” Blake replied. “In that case, take off your panties.”

Padma slid out of her last garment, then stood with her legs slightly more apart. Her eyes were unfocused, her breathing heavy, and her nipples noticeably hard.

“Place your right hand on your head and your left hand on your hip,” Blake said.

“I will obey Master,” Padma breathed as she complied.

“Good girl. Overriding thought: I am on display for Master,” Blake said. The tension and expectation left Padma’s expression. She stood quite still as Blake got up and walked around her. He caressed her right breast and pinched her nipple to elicit a gasp. Then, he trailed his fingertips up the underside of her right arm, deftly sliding them above Padma’s breasts and then down her left arm before brushing gently against each nipple. “Tell me what you are thinking right now,” he commanded.

“I am on display for Master,” Padma replied in a soft, faraway voice.

“Good girl. Raise your left arm toward the ceiling,” Blake ordered.

Padma’s left arm slowly but smoothly rose until it pointed straight up.

“Hold your right arm out in front of you,” Blake followed up. He sidestepped out of the way as Padma’s right arm pointed straight forward. “Now bend your right elbow 90 degrees, and position your right forearm parallel to the floor,” he continued. Blake sat back down on the bed as Padma held still in the stilted not-quite ballerina pose. “And, tell me what you are thinking, again.”

“I am on display for Master,” Padma repeated.

“Good girl,” Blake said. “Stand with legs spread.” He watched her comply, Padma’s arms remaining in position as she gently, unsteadily moved her feet apart. “Cross your wrists behind your back and look up,” Blake added. Padma arched her back slightly as she crossed her wrists above the small of her back.

“Overriding thought: I am in Master’s power. Now begin thinking aloud until I tell you to stop.”

“I am in Master’s power,” Padma said, voice shaking with heat. “I am in Master’s power. I am in Master’s power. I am in Master’s power...”


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