Customer Servant

by Spiral Turquoise

Tags: #bondage #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:male #m/m #robots #discreet_public_play #hypnosis #M/s #malfunction #Master/slave_language #miscommunication #nonverbal_hypnotic_trigger #oral_sex #rope_harness #strap_on #sub:male #transgender_characters #vibrating_egg

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“I just got off work at the grocery store! Why would I walk into another store now when I don’t have to?” Andrew wheedled. Levente smiled softly at him as they pulled into the parking lot. “Especially at the asscrack of midnight.”

After unbuckling his seatbelt, Levente pulled a small drawstring dice bag from his pocket and handed it to Andrew. He smiled expectantly as Andrew clicked on the overhead light and unstrung the bag.

It contained a small purple toy. Smooth, rounded over, dark purple (one of Levente’s favorite colors), with the grippy texture of a silicone surface. It had a loop of thread, presumably for pulling it out once...inserted.

“Because you’re going to be using this?” Levente said, giggling as his head and shoulders shrugged together.

“Remote control?” Andrew asked, knowing the answer from the lack of any wired control on the vibrating egg.

Levente, still grinning goofily, held up the matching purple remote - sort of like a screenless MP3 player. It looked perfectly inconspicuous despite the color. “I know how much you like interacting with fellow pieces of technology…”

Andrew found his breath getting shorter. Levente was right. A huge part of Andrew’s particular robot fetish was the idea of having other devices attached to him - like peripherals or upgrades. That this one came with a remote...Andrew felt himself getting wet at the thought.

“And, um, um, did you wear a thong today like I asked? Um,” Levente asked.

“Yeah, man,” Andrew said. “I also brought the condom like you said.” Andrew pulled the foil packet out from his jeans pocket. He ripped the foil, carefully keeping everything under the light as he slipped the egg inside and tied it off. He unbuttoned his jeans and moved to insert the egg, but found himself hesitating. Inserting toys was not always pleasant when he was a human with dysphoria, and seemed more attractive if he could be a robot with a slot for attachments. “Uh...could we get started for this part?”

Levente squinted in puzzlement, then seemed to guess at Andrew’s meaning. He reached across the armrest, gently placing two fingers on Andrew’s left shoulder blade. Pressing into Andrew’s binder, pressing down to the skin beneath, Levente trailed his fingers downward a few inches, as if sliding them down a dimmer.

The dimmer was for Andrew’s will and humanity.

“Hello, Master. How may I serve you today?” Andrew asked in a placid voice as the trigger took effect. He sat a little straighter, still holding the toy, while his face smoothed and relaxed.

“Insert..." Levente hesitated, then started over. "Insert, um, remote...pleasure control...peripheral.”

“Yes, Master.” Andrew pulled the thong forward enough to insert the egg into his front hole, pressing it far in toward his g-spot. After removing his fingers, the tight underwear did most of the work keeping the toy pressed inside. Andrew buttoned his jeans, completing the task by holding the add-on in place as well as possible.

“Good bot,” Levente cooed. He reached over and ran his fingers through Andrew's hair, then touched Andrew's back and gently slid his fingers upward to bring Andrew back out of the trance state.

"Powering down," Andrew said, his head drooping in time with the swipe of Levente’s fingers. Levente giggled as Andrew came back to his senses. Andrew took stock of how the device felt inside him - at the moment, it was very noticeable, but he could feel himself acclimating to it.

"OK...this should be pretty rad," Andrew said, trying not to show any embarrassment...or arousal. "And I can still look for the new waves I'm hunting, right?"

"Of course," Levente replied. "And, um, I'll, um, make sure I don't get in the way?"

Andrew was going to be looking for robot toys as a robot. The "as a robot" part was a bit more exciting than checking the toy aisle just in case there had been an early release. "Nothing urgent, dude," he said. "Get in the way as much as you want."

Levente smiled with a relieved sigh. "Should I go ahead and, um, run your emulator?"

"Run as you like, man."

Levente slid his fingers down Andrew's "dimmer" again.

"Hello, Master. How may I serve you today?"

"Activate human personality emulator."

"Emulator activated," Andrew said flatly before loosening in his seat. "Are we good to go in then, Master?"

"One more thing?" Levente said. "Which is, no matter how strong the feeling is," he continued, screwing up his face in concentration, "you will behave normally as a robot."


"Now we can go in," Levente grinned.

Andrew walked swiftly toward the toy aisles. He could feel the new attachment, even noticed it slightly affecting the movement of his hip joints. However, he adjusted and continued walking as fast as he could while allowing Levente to keep up.

Around when he passed the women's shoes and approached the movies, though, Andrew felt the buzzing. He gasped quietly before his facial features set in a cool, calm mask. The vibrations and Andrew's movement combined to slide the egg around; the sensation startled Andrew with its randomness, but never stayed in one place long enough to get particularly intense.

The vibration stopped as Andrew passed the electronics. Andrew breathed in, no longer hyperfocused on remaining calm, and glared over his shoulder at Levente. Levente smiled sheepishly.

Andrew walked into the action figure aisle, taking stock of what was on the shelves. The possibility of another buzz increased his awareness of the lack of employees working in this part of the store this moment. Levente ambled up behind him, looking at the video game based toys while Andrew scanned superheroes and mecha.

The pegs didn't have anything new, so Andrew genuflected to see if the bottom shelf had any surprises behind the toys sitting at the front. Just moments after his knee touched the ground, he felt another buzz. He looked back at Levente again, who was grinning mischievously. Andrew quickly returned to facing forward, touching a hand to the floor to hold himself steady.

The egg vibrated downward, and Andrew attempted to clench around it to keep it in place – however, he did not quite have the strength for the task. The thong and the taut angle of his jeans stopped the egg from moving any further downward, causing a sustained buzz around his opening. Andrew began breathing slowly, letting the sensation take his attention even as he kept a safe-for-work face for what little public might be around after midnight. The cool, hard linoleum against his hand helped him focus away, slightly, from the vibration that kept making him wetter and wetter.

Levente finally clicked off the egg, and Andrew relaxed. He cleared his throat for show, then began shifting boxes to see the full selection available.

"Nah, no new Leaders," he said, making a point to show no sign of arousal or distress to Levente now that the moment had passed. After all, he had been programmed to carry on as if everything were normal. Which did not make him any less wet, as it happened, but a robot follows its programming. “Did you have anything you wanted to look at?”

“I was going to check the gluten free section,” Levente replied, “and, I don’t really need anything here, so, if you want to look at music, I can let you do that.”

“Yeah. Music and movies,” Andrew said. “I’ll stick by here a bit first, so, you go ahead.”

“OK,” Levente breathed before turning and shuffling off.

Andrew took a final look through the pegs - poking through the boxes in case there was something rare hidden beneath them, or maybe evidence that the new wave had been put on the shelves before being cleaned out by collectors. After finishing, he headed down the aisle, glancing side to side in case he had missed anything interesting.

As he reached the end, about to turn past the endcap, Andrew felt the vibrating again. He stopped, shifted his hips into a more casual stance, and rode out the buzz against his insides. Andrew found himself torn between following his programming to remain casual and wishing to position himself better to intensify the sensation as the egg once again slipped and vibrated downward. He considered crossing his legs, worried that the thong would not quite hold the egg in place, but could not figure out how to do so without looking like he had to pee.

Andrew wondered just how long the range on this attachment was. The grocery section was a decent ways across the store, but Levente should have gotten there by now. He continued to keep his cool, posing casually while it buzzed away inside of him.

The egg finally stopped, and Andrew looked up to head back toward electronics - only to catch Levente standing in his path, giggling silently.

“Dude.” Andrew glared at Levente. “Dick move, dude. Dick move,” he said jokingly.

Levente suddenly stopped smiling, now looking nervous. He took a few steps toward Andrew, then said, quietly, “Are you OK? Was that too much? Um, is this working out?”

“It’s cool,” Andrew said. “It’s a little loose, even with the, y’know. It’s alright, just not really knocking my socks off. I’m good to do a little more if you are. I was just being a brat because, y’know. That was some choice trickery and deception. Doesn’t mean I want you to stop.”

“OK,” Levente breathed with apparent relief. “Um...hug?”

“Yeah, man,” Andrew said, opening his arms and allowing Levente to approach. Levente squeezed him firmly, a little tenderly, and Andrew relaxed some of his tough guy pose to return the warmth as best as he could. He was, after all, a skinny little thing compared to Levente’s stockier build, and as such was more recipient than hugger.

Levente nuzzled into Andrew’s shoulder, then whispered, “We good?” in his ear.

“We’re good,” Andrew said, giving Levente’s thick body a last squeeze. As they disengaged from the hug, they nuzzled nose-to-nose.

After a full disengage and pause, Levente asked, “You said it's loose?”

“Yeah. Moves around a lot. Not sure my clothing choices are up to the task.”

“OK.” Levente looked down and furrowed his brows, which Andrew knew to be a sign of planning. They walked together toward the gluten free section. “Want to, um, start over at my place?”

“Sure, man,” Andrew grinned. “We can finish your shopping trip, though.”

As they were driving back to Levente's, Levente asked, “Did you like any of the intensities more than any of the others?”

“...nnnope,” Andrew replied. “I didn't even notice there was more than one.”


The pause dragged for a few moments; not that Levente was ever super talkative, but Andrew felt that this was more than his usual. “I might notice it better when you set it more firmly.”

“OK,” Levente breathed, sounding relieved.

As a more comfortable silence descended, Andrew assessed where his head was. He had removed the egg when they got in the car, to be placed back in once they could fix it better with rope. Andrew also reflected that he had more or less faded out of the robot headspace well before Levente had used the dimmer trigger again following the egg's removal; the oddity of the whole thing had kept him from hyperfocusing as he would have otherwise.

It had been an interesting experience, at the least.

Levente's cat, Rampage, greeted them on entry, rubbing up against Andrew's leg for pets. He knelt down to play with her while Levente put his groceries away and fetched supplies. Levente's roommate was out for the night with one of her boyfriends, meaning that Andrew and Levente had the common area of the apartment to themselves.

Levente returned with a plastic box where he kept his rope and toys. Rampage streaked off to leap onto the couch while Andrew made himself comfortable sitting cross-legged on the floor.

“So, what's the new plan, then?” Andrew asked, looking at the box and recalling some of its contents.

“Um. Rope. Wartenberg wheel, maybe? I think we can make the egg work if I, um, set it better, with a harness.”

“Oh. Cool on both. Do you want me in position for the rope?”

“I was thinking we could start the scene with that?”

“Oh, sure.”

“Just, um, as soon as I have everything here...” Levente had laid out the box's lid as a surface for the toys to sit on; his favorite dildo (a smoky black translucent one of average-penis size and with a wide base), some condoms, the Wartenberg wheel, a few lengths of white nylon rope, and the egg with its remote.

“Should I start getting undressed?”

“If you want,” Levente sighed out, distracted by his preparations.

The cold November air had not sufficiently penetrated the apartment, so Andrew slipped off his sneakers, hoodie, jeans, socks, and t-shirt. He left the thong and his short chest binder on for now. The thong felt slightly off without pants over it. The thong and binder at least matched – both black. The color match and the sleekness of the ensemble appealed to his sensibility, at least.

“OK, I'm going to get ready, too,” Levente said. First, he walked over to ruffle Andrew's blonde hair, then knelt down to one knee to look Andrew in the eye. “You doing good?”

“Yeah, I'm good. You wanna start?” Andrew said.

“...yeah,” Levente said with a giddy smile. Maintaining eye contact, he slid his hand to Andrew's left shoulderblade. Andrew nodded, and Levente pressed his two fingers down for the dimmer motion.

“Hello, Master. How may I serve you today?” Andrew said calmly, back straightening, his head swinging forward.

Levente gave Andrew's hair another ruffle. “Stand and wait.”

“Yes, Master.” Andrew stood, arms at his sides, staring forward. He vaguely registered Levente picking up the dildo and heading to his bedroom. Andrew's mind drifted to his programming from previous scenes:

I am Master's custom-built fuckbot.

I am programmed to suck Master's cock.

I am Master's toy.

I am Master's mechanical slave.

I obey Master automatically.

I will do as Master commands.

I am programmed to serve Master.

I am Master's cocksucking robot slave.

The internal recitations continued as Levente returned. He had changed out of his pants, work shirt, and long-sleeved undershirt into a loose purple t-shirt with a chest pocket, a pair of charcoal briefs that had been modified to act as a strap-on harness, the translucent black dildo supported by said harness, and knee socks in asexual pride colors. The shirt's cling against his body indicated that he had also removed his binder while switching shirts.

Levente returned to his array of toys. He placed the egg's remote and a condom packet in his chest pocket, then opened another condom to place the egg inside. He approached Andrew, carrying the latex-wrapped egg and the three lengths of rope. Levente knelt in front of his robot, like a mechanic about to open up a machine for maintenance. “Spread your legs,” Levente said flatly.

“Yes, Master,” Andrew replied automatically, widening his stance. He felt Levente moving his thong and inserting the egg. Once the attachment was in place, as it was before, Levente went to work with the lengths of rope. Andrew's programming began repeating again while Levente reinforced the egg's position with a rope harness.

I am Master's mechanical slave.

I obey Master automatically.

I am Master's wet and well-lubricated fucktoy.

I am programmed to suck Master's cock.

I am Master's cocksucking robot slave.

The programming pleasantly looped on while the ropes formed into a braid that pressed against Andrew's front hole, connected to a tie that encircled Andrew's hips and another ring of rope around his waist; Levente tied the harness off just over Andrew's navel, keeping the highest knot and loop as far from the binder as possible. Rampage began nuzzling the back of Andrew's calf during the process, but she wandered off in response to Andrew's immobility.

Upon finishing his handiwork, Levente quietly ordered, “Stand up straight.” Andrew's body sprang to attention with a calm “Yes, Master.” Levente stood, picked up his Wartenberg wheel from the plastic box lid, then continued, “Follow me into my room.”

“Yes, Master.” Andrew tread stiffly behind Levente. Levente wove through the common area to the door of his room.

“Enter the room and stand in front of my bed,” Levente said, holding the door open. Andrew gave his “Yes, Master” and walked forward to stop with his back to Levente's bed, staring unfocused at the wall while Levente closed the door. “Hold your arms out to the sides,” Levente followed up.

“Yes, Master.” Andrew's arms pumped upward and locked at a full spread, palms facing downward.

The egg activated, holding firm against the rope and buzzing against Andrew's outer lips. The stimulation spurred him to assess: Lubrication at acceptable levels for Master's digital use. Levente moved into Andrew's field of vision; he stood with his hands behind his back, his head tilted backward slightly as he eyed Andrew impassively. Andrew noticed but did not meet Levente's eyes; he simply looked forward, through Levente, while continuing to evaluate the egg's effect on his Master's property. Arousal increasing to levels suitable for penetration. Lubrication meeting Master's standards for a well lubricated fucktoy. Stimulation by pleasure control peripheral increasing rate of breathing as well as internal temperature. Andrew's body shook slightly at the buzz as his breath became shallow.

Levente, seemingly done evaluating Andrew's reaction, tucked the Wartenberg wheel under his arm and removed the condom from his chest pocket. He began tearing at it, taking an extra few tries to get his leverage right while keeping the wheel's handle between his bicep and his ribs. He fiddled with the condom, ensuring that he would place it on his cock in the correct direction.

Arms under stress. Inform Master of potential damage soon, Andrew processed. Pleasure control peripheral continuing to increase arousal. Difficulty of internal analysis increasing. “Gravity stress on arms reaching damaging levels,” Andrew stated flatly between shallow breaths.

“Lower arms to your sides,” Levente said quickly while awkwardly fitting the condom over his strap-on. Andrew's arms abruptly fell as he withdrew energy from them. Once Levente had applied the condom, he grabbed his Wartenberg wheel properly again and reached for his chest pocket to click a button. The buzzing spiked in power, startling Andrew from his stiff posture for a second. Pleasure control...peripheral...stressing evaluative functions, Andrew thought faintly before his focus was entirely consumed with the sensation. He remained stationary, shaking slightly with the effort of standing.

Levente took a few steps toward Andrew, passing the wheel to his left hand while he did so. “Grab my cock,” Levente whispered firmly. Andrew's right arm automatically sprang forward, gripping the strap-on tightly. While he did so, Levente brought the wheel to bear, trailing it slowly up Andrew's gripping arm. Andrew felt the slow creep of spiny pokes moving up his arm, causing his muscles to tense while he remained still and awaited further orders; he began to quiver slightly from the combined sensation in his arm and his front hole.

The wheel's spines began their slow descent on Andrew's arm, causing his spine to straighten involuntarily. The vibrator, still on full blast, began overwhelming Andrew as he got more hot, wet, and hard in response; his knees buckled slightly. “Fuckbot malfunction,” Andrew gasped as he began shaking from the paired stimuli. “Fuckbot malfunc.” His breathing became ragged even as Levente removed the wheel. “Fuckbot malfunc. Fuckbot malfunc. Fuckbot.” His head suddenly whipped to the side and back frontward. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Levente reached up with his right hand and touched his fingers to the base of Andrew's skull, holding them there. “Fuckbot reset. Powering down,” Andrew breathed out as his eyes melted closed. His body jerked forward at the waist and his arms went limp; the buzzing at his lips continued for a short moment, ignored, until Levente clicked the remote to turn it off.

The malfunction suggestion kicked in whenever Andrew was unable to keep up his robotic posture and/or voice due to physical exertion or arousal. He remained still, like a wound down automaton, while his breathing gradually deepened and the shaking in his limbs lessened. At some point, he heard the faint clink of the Wartenberg wheel being placed on a hard wooden surface. Levente's fingers once again touched the “button” on the back of Andrew's neck.

“Fuckbot reset. Would you like to continue, Master?” Andrew said, stiffly but weakly, after his back straightened and his eyes snapped open.

“Yes,” Levente said, calm and assured. “Kneel.”

“Yes, Master,” Andrew said, complying.

“Activate oral service mode,” Levente said quietly, once again clicking the remote in his chest pocket.

The egg's buzz jolted Andrew as his mouth opened wide. “I am programmed to suck cock,” Andrew said, sing-song, holding his mouth open for a second on the word “cock.” “I am programmed to suck cock,” he repeated in nearly identical intonation while Levente stroked his hair, the silicone cock teasingly close to Andrew's mouth. “I am proh...grammed to suck cock,” he continued, tripping slightly as his body's arousal rose to match the egg's ministrations. Levente's fingers closed into a grip on the top of Andrew's head, holding his hair tight. “I am programmed to suck co-”

Levente pulled Andrew's head forward, touching the strap-on to Andrew's upper lip.

Andrew, following his programming, took Levente's cock into his mouth and began sucking; repetitively, unimaginatively, mechanically. The egg continued to vibrate against his front hole while he absorbed himself in the task.

“Switch to fancy,” Levente murmured.

Andrew slowed down as he slid Levente's cock out of his mouth. He kissed the head of the phallus, then glided his lips up each side before taking it back inside, running his tongue up and down the underside of the cock as he pulled it in and out of his throat. Suddenly, Levente's hand jerked Andrew's head backward, disengaging it from the cock. “I am programmed to suck cock,” Andrew said, much more quickly this time. “I am programmed to suck cock.” Desperation creeped into his monotone as the egg's vibrations made him quiver again. “I am programmed tosuckcock, Iamprogrammedt-” Levente yanked his head forward again, and Andrew's lips once more closed unthinkingly around the cock.

“Mmmn,” Levente groaned, barely audible. “Good boy,” he cooed while Andrew resumed his fancier fellatio method. “Good bot.”

Andrew closed his lips tight around the cock as he pulled it as far as he could down his throat, licking the underside with care. His own arousal continued to make him shake, but he could not think enough to care as he carried out the program.

“Hold still,” Levente said, his own breath short. Still holding Levente's cock in his mouth, Andrew felt his head suddenly pulled back and forth along the phallus; Levente held him by the hair, face-fucking him while he remained passive and still. “Continue sucking, back to default,” Levente gasped.

The wetness, heat, and tightness inside of him becoming unbearable, Andrew resumed sucking, not thinking, just acting as he felt the slide of the strap-on along his lips, taking pleasure in the sensation and his programming, losing himself in the motion of his mouth against Levente's cock...

“Cum, fuckbot,” Levente said as he tightened his grip again, holding Andrew at the deepest that Andrew could keep the cock down his throat.

Andrew's hips bucked involuntarily, his shaking turning into spasms as the orgasm exploded through his body. The egg continued to buzz against him as he came in a hot burst of pleasure. The orgasm began to subside, but the buzzing continued against the raw flesh of his front hole. Andrew began quivering again, shivering really, as Levente began sliding the cock out of his mouth. As soon as his mouth was clear, Andrew took a breath, then murmured, “Fuckbot malfunction.” His throat was almost too dry from the exertion and the latex powder to speak; his voice cracked as he repeated, “Fuckbot malfunction....malfunction...” Levente clicked off the buzzing, and Andrew felt its absence almost as strongly as he had felt its presence. “Malf....maa....” he trailed off as his throat dried.

Levente touched Andrew's neck again.

“Fuckbot. Reset,” Andrew rasped as he closed his eyes and slumped his shoulders.

Andrew rested in darkness. Even at rest he still twitched a few times in the aftershocks, or from his muscles relaxing; he did not distinguish between the two sensations. After a moment, he felt Levente's body close to his - two fingers on his shoulderblade swiping upward – and he woke, shaking fuzzies out of his head.

“Dude...” he said, still dry. “That was cool.”

Levente sheepishly tucked his head and nuzzled into Andrew's shoulder.

Andrew weakly returned the gesture by nosing into Levente's hair. He was too exhausted to speak or move; unfortunately, he had to. The shift out of his robot headspace alerted him to soreness in his knees from kneeling for a bit, and he wearily realized that he had been wearing his binder too long. The rope harness was starting to pinch, too. He nudged Levente out of the cuddle, and creaked into a standing position. Once he was vertical, he blinked and shook his head more before planting his feet. “Harness needs off,” he said perfunctorily, maneuvering in front of Levente for the untying. Levente got up to his knees and undid some of the knots, letting the rest of the harness slide down Andrew's legs. Andrew closed his eyes and held his breath while Levente opened his thong and removed the egg. Once it was out, Levente left to throw away its condom. Andrew sat down on the edge of the bed, feeling the dampness against his thong more strongly.

While Levente was out, Andrew sucked up his remaining energy and undid the velcro of his binder, letting it drop to the floor as he took a deep breath in. Levente's room was as safe a place as he could be in; it was OK.

Levente returned to hand Andrew a bottle of iced frappuccino. While Andrew began sipping, then gulping, to relieve the dryness in his mouth, Levente procured a spare blanket and draped it over Andrew's bare shoulders. Levente took a moment while Andrew was drinking to remove the dildo from his briefs. After Andrew had drained the bottle – a very quick process – Levente took it and placed it next to the Wartenberg wheel on his desk, then sat next to Andrew, cuddling up and nuzzling Andrew's cheek. Andrew stayed mostly immobile while Levente showered him with physical affection. Andrew slowly began returning the gesture, nuzzling into Levente's hair; they began silently maneuvering each others' noses to touch. Andrew slipped the blanket off, hugged Levente from the side, and tugged him gently to indicate a preference for lying down. They rearranged and lay back; Andrew rested his head against Levente's chest and spaced out, enjoying his partner's warmth.

After a short while, Andrew sleepily raised his head to look Levente in the eye. Levente seemed like he was simultaneously trying to bite down and force out an unspoken question.

“I totally felt the different settings this time,” Andrew said with a smile. Levente squinted and squeaked and crunched his head in response. Andrew resumed resting his head against Levente's chest, and Levente nuzzled his hair in response.

“'SOK if I go to sleep like this?” Andrew mumbled. “Coffee's not kicking in so much...”

“It's OK,” Levente murmured.

Andrew pulled the blanket up to cover them both, took a deep breath, and relaxed while Levente played with his hair. Andrew let his mind drift toward sleep. He was not sure if he said aloud or merely thought, “Let's play with toys after every toy hunt,” but he would make sure that Levente got that message when he could.


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