Dinner Party Shenanigans

by SkalTon

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #bondage #clothing #dom:male #gangbang #humiliation #multiple_partners #business_party

A dinner party where businessmen have fun to their heart’s content, being served by the sluts who willingly-or not-sign up to do so. A short about one of these parties, which may or may not become something more later on.

I read a few things on reddit and got inspired for a bit, but only a bit, lol. Might do more on this later.

A dinner party where businessmen have fun to their heart's content, being served by the sluts who willingly-or not-sign up to do so. A short about one of these parties, which may or may not become something more later on.

All characters portrayed are 18+ and fictional. Please enjoy!


The party is in full swing, all the businessmen loosening their ties to guzzle down beer from glasses and laugh drunkenly at jokes that weren’t funny. One of them, the CEO’s son who held a ‘position’ that was only in name, was guffawing his way through a joke when one of the servers passed by. “Hey, sweetheart! Get over here!”

She paused, her face grimacing a moment before sliding into a simpering smile. “Yes, Mister Thomas,” she squeaked out, heels clicking as she stepped over with ease as he waved her closer.

“See, guys, you get up to the top, and you get things like this,” he hiccuped through his speech, his hand reaching up to her naked breasts, groping one and pinching at an expanse of tanned skin.

She was dressed just like the rest of them: an itty bitty apron that began just under the swell of their breasts, and ended just above the tops of their hips, hiding nothing at all, breasts in various bondage with some having vibrators latched onto their nipples and others, clothespins, long heels that stretched up to their knees and forced them to walk slowly, while the serving tray was latched onto them with a complicated harness that would make them bend forward when it was heavy. Their arms were tied behind them or to their sides, depending on how lenient the men wanted to be.

Her name was Amber-tonight, at least-with wavy dark red hair and tanned skin that made people want to pinch her to see if she would darken even further. Her arms were tied in a binder behind her back, forcing her handfuls of breasts forward for anyone to play with. One of them had an alligator clamp on the nipple, painfully red and twinging with each step she took, while the other had a huge bite mark on the side from one adventurous soul. Her suit came with no underwear, but someone had helpfully shoved an anal plug inside her that doubled as a decanter, and she swore she could feel the sloshing of the wine with each step she took.

She was lucky in that she wasn’t chosen to have something in her cunt, looking on at one of the other servers in pity in the group.

They had been tugged down onto the couch, the tray tossed to the side, mouth held open with a gag and forced down over Thomas’ friend’s cock despite her kicking and screeching, another thrusting in four fingers over and over in her sopping cunt, laughing at the bad jokes even as his thumb kept trying to squeeze inside her.

Amber was sure she’d be aching for days after that fisting.

Another one was cradled on one of the much older men’s lap, lazily patting at her thigh as she was lodged down on his cock, tiny vibrators taped to her nipples and clit that made her keep squirming and begging for relief. He’d merely laugh and swat her thigh lightly to keep her still.

She knew him, a regular around here. He was one of those that was never in a hurry to cum, and definitely made sure you wouldn’t move until he was pleased.

She hissed as her attention was brought back to the group, Thomas twisting her free nipple. “Bend over, m’friends wanna see watcha got!”

Amber hesitated a bit, but she knew what’d happen if you tried too hard to get away. In response, she smiled pleasantly and nodded. “Yes sir,” she sighed, stepping closer to the table nearby and bending at the waist, the empty tray bumping underneath it as the ‘outfit’ lifted with ease behind her.

She could hear their wolf whistles and blushed brighter, whimpering when hands started caressing her ass and one of them gripped the bottom of the bottle. “Oh shit, she’s got a gift! Let’s have some!”

They cheered even as she squealed and grunted as they twisted and pulled on it, her body fighting to give up the bottle that had made its home inside her, but it was no use. Hard hands held her hips down as she bounced on her toes, groaning when the bottle popped free and slid out of her, covered in lube should someone want to use her stretched hole.

Someone’s fingers pushed into her pussy and she hid her face in the table, trembling as Thomas whistled, tapping his fingers against the bottle. “Daaamn, babe. Actually, fellas, I read about this super hot thing. Have you ever seen a chick get filled up with alcohol in their ass?”

Some of them murmured no, but she knew what he was about to do and started squirming, hips bucking with a gasp. “N-No, please, don’t-!”

“Shut up,” he laughed, uncorking the bottle with ease as hands came to hold her down, someone winding their hand into her hair and yanking on it, all of them laughing as she started to squeal in pain and whine. It was to no avail as the neck of the bottle touched the rim of her ass again, this time open and sloshing the drink forward. “Bottoms up, babe!”

She choked off a groan as he shoved it back inside her, the drink burbling as it started to empty inside her. Her stomach ached in pain as it started to slide deep inside her, fizzing against tender muscles as she gasped and begged. No one minded her, hands touching constantly over her and the bottle moving back and forth like a cock. She bit her lip tightly, not keen on letting them hear her noises unlike the rest of them, torn between crying in agony and relaxing into the sparks of pleasure erupting across her skin.

Thomas kept moving the bottle in and out of her, watching the drink drain further and further as he spoke, “Anyway, yeah, we have parties like this like, all the time. These bitches don’t know what they’re signing up for when they do, and they’re bound by NDAs and paid fucking well. Lot of ‘em are just sluts as it is, just gotta wring it out of ‘em is all.”

Amber let out a whine when he twisted the bottle, her thighs shaking as a thumb dug into her clit without a care. Her mind started to grow a little fuzzy as the alcohol seeped into her senses, letting out little huffs and whines as Thomas unzipped his cock, tugging the bottle out of her ass and replacing it just as fast to thrust into her, making her shiver, hands flexing as he burped, slapping her ass. “Yeah, my favorite’s Candy, bitch is always tight as hell ‘Oh Mister Thomas, your cock is sooooo big’,” he pitched his voice high and someone laughed, the one yanking on her hair.

“What a slut!”

“That’s what I’m saying!” he shouted, chugging a glass of beer from a passing server, who sighed in relief as the string attached to her nipples eased for the moment, passing Amber a pitying look as she scurried away.

Amber could hardly think of anything as she swam in the haze of drunkenness as Thomas fucked into her until he came, leaving her stretched hole weeping alcohol and cum down her thighs as they moved on to a new victim of the night.

A dark part of her enjoyed this.

The logical part of her told it to shut up, and she swallowed as someone shoved into her cunt eagerly, thrusting hard and fast.

At least they only had another hour of this…

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