Werewolf Butches

by Skaetlett

Tags: #butch/femme #consensual_kink #f/f #werewolves #D/s #dom:female #exhibitionism #fantasy #multiple_partners #sub:female #topification

Alison muttered a series of curse words to herself as she looked up at the sky. Dusk was soon approaching, and she was still stuck trying to find her way back. She thought she knew this hiking trail like the back of her hand – and she did! She just took one inconvenient left after seeing some round, thick blueberries. She got delicious blueberries out of it, sure – and it was enough to keep her full for about another hour or two. But she had to get back home. Her boyfriend was coming over that night, but more importantly, she was going to make a special mac and cheese pizza. It was going to be much harder to get home in time. Especially as her phone battery teetered so close to 5% left.

She knew it was against her better judgement to call out for help. And yet, her GPS stopped working at some point, and she neglected to bring a map. She was only going to get herself so far aimlessly walking in circles. Taking a deep inhale, she called out.

“Hello? Anyone here?” She kept walking as she called out. No response. She wasn’t completely alone, was she? Surely there were one or two other hikers in the area, scared, anxious, hoping to get out soon. Maybe someone more prepared than her. “Hello? Hello! I need some help!”

Alison’s breathing began to feel heavy. Panic engulfed her like a blanket of spikes. Oh, god, she was going to die out here, wasn’t she? No – no, she wasn’t! She’d gotten lost before, and made it out within the hour. She just had to find the blueberry bushes. Though… no… it was getting too hard, now that the sun wasn’t nearly as bright. There was no way she’d be able to find blueberry bushes in the dark. Worse yet, she’d have to deal with snakes, or bears, or… wolves.

There had to be a way out. Alison checked her flashlight again. Next to no light left, she thought – until it suddenly died out. Shit – where had she put her batteries?

Tears began to well in her eyes. She wasn’t usually the type to get scared. She didn’t care about her shitty boyfriend who asked her to cook dinner every night, or even the pizza – okay, she cared about the pizza a little. Most of all, she wanted to not die in the woods, or have to sleep under the stars. “Please!” Alison called out. “Someone, I need help, please!”

Alison hadn’t expected her final call to actually work. Already tense with anxiety, Alison whipped around faster than sound when she heard some fall leaves crack. “Woah!” she cried out, trying to gaze at the figure. “W-who’s there?”

Luckily, there was still enough sunlight to make out the figure. Alison’s heart lightened just a little, looking at the generally trustworthy figure. She was a tall woman – almost half a foot taller than Alison, and much more menacing-looking in terms of muscles. Her face was kind, if not a little smug, with her pose slack and casual. Her hair was done in a pixie cut, styled to one side with a fair amount of gel. She wore a short-sleeved gym top, which only showed off her toned muscles even more.

“Hey there, lady,” the voice cooed. It didn’t sound flirty, but Alison was on her guard anyways. “You doing okay? You look a little lost.”

“S-stay back!” Alison hissed, her fight instincts kicking in. It got even worse when Alison looked around her and saw a bunch of other woman – all tough, masculine-looking women with flannel, skinny jeans and gym shirts. They were hiding behind trees and bushes. She was clearly being threatened. Alison didn’t know how they were so scary-looking, but she was not going to go down to a gang of butches!

Alison’s hand shot to her waist, ripping out her pocket knife. It was the best self defense weapon she had, gifted as a family heirloom by her grandmother. It saved her life in any number of situations.

Understandably, the woman shot back in surprise at seeing the knife suddenly in front of her. The other women began whispering amongst themselves in shock, some backing out further. “Woah! Hold up, it’s okay! We don’t want to hurt you, promise.”

Alison didn’t lower her guard. It was dark, and she didn’t know this crowd of women. Not to mention, they could easily overpower the mousey femme with eternal baby face and three failed weeks of boxing experience.

“Hey, it’s okay,” her voice quieted down a little. She was trying to look unassuming to Alison… at least that’s what she thought. “You wanted some help, right? We can help you get out of here. We’re just here to help people.”

She raised her eyebrow, but didn’t lower the knife. “You… live here?”

“Oh, yeah,” the butch laughed. “We have a big cabin we all built together. It’s deep in the forest, so no rent to pay – just a crew of fun butches having at it.”

Alison gritted her teeth, clenching the knife harder. “Woah, no, I didn’t mean it like that! We just live here ‘cause people get lost here often. We don’t mean any harm – heck, if you want us to fuck off, just say the magic words.”

Alison snorted – at least they were funny. The way she put her arms up meant she was unarmed. Though, this woman could probably end Alison’s life with her hands alone. “…Okay,” Alison finally declared, storing her knife back in her pocket. “You… can get me out of here?”

“Oh, yeah. I know this forest quite well, lived here for ‘bout a decade.” The lady smiled, extending a hand to Alison. Pensively, Alison raised her hand to shake it. After a firm handshake, the woman let her go.

“That’s… good,” Alison exhaled. “I’m sorry to have reacted like that, I-I was just—”

“Oh, I don’t blame you, I would have done the same.”

Alison looked towards the other women, who were all looking at her. She couldn’t ignore the way they looked ravenously at her, but they didn’t seem aggressive. “T-thank you. I… I gotta get home to my boyfriend. I’m making him a mac and cheese pizza—”

“A mac and cheese pizza?!” One of the butches finally exclaimed, startling Alison out of her skin.


“You’re making that for him?” Another piped up.

“Y-yes…?” Was something the matter?

“Mmm,” the butch in front of Alison licked her lips. “Your boyfriend’s quite lucky. Name’s Jack, by the way. Technically Jackie, but y’know… Jack’s easier.”

Alison laughed. Jack was more butch than Jackie, too. It was a fitting name for her. She looked behind her, noting some of the other ladies. Some had multicolored and dyed hair, mostly reds and purples. The body types were varied, with some larger folks, some muscular, and some skinny. They looked like the most diverse, and friendly, people that Alison had met in a long time.

"So..." Alison looked behind her, staring inquisitively at all the butches following her and Jack. They weren't saying much. The pack of butches just stood there, staring at them -- at Alison -- with hungry eyes. It was unnerving... but they weren't attacking Alison, at least. "Who are all of these people?"

"Oh, these gays?" Jack chuckled, looking behind her. "These are my... and now your, I guess... let's say, bodyguards. And also my friends, I s'pose. We were gonna have a big campfire in the woods, s'mores, all that when we found you." The ladies just nodded lightly, still not saying anything but acknowledging the truth in Jack's words.

"I... see." Alison blinked. she shook her head to snap herself out of it. "I'm, um, I'm sorry for asking, but..." Her voice fell to a whisper as she got close to Jack. Not that she wasn't certain they could hear her. "Why are they looking at me like... that?"

"Oh?" Jack turned her head around, looking at the crew accusatorily. "Hey, lesbians! Get your own cute femme!" she growled.

Most of them were silent, except for one who spoke up. "We can't help it, Jack! We haven't seen fresh meat in months!"

"F-fresh meat?" Alison's face paled again. They weren't serious, were they? Was this all just a ruse?

"Idiot," Jack growled again. "She's scared, jackass! Learn to take a hint and cut the jokes." Jack turned her attention back to Alison, her face losing the aggressive facade. "They're just being dicks, dear. We don't want to do anything... uncouth."

"I... see." Alison chuckled, trying to laugh off the tension. Luckily, the other butches seemed to back off after one 'joke'. They seemed like genuine people, if not a bit crass. Jack at least seemed to be intent on protecting Alison and getting her out.

One of them was about to start up the conversation again, before Alison realized something. She was starving. And her gross stomach decided to audibly make that known. Her torso growled, begging for food -- and suddenly it was all Alison could think about too.

"Aw, what's wrong, dear?" Jack asked, turning to her. "You're hungry or something?"

"Uh... yeah, I guess." The gears began to turn, panicked. She brought food with her. They were mostly granola bars and trail mix, but it wasn't nothing.

And then something else came to her -- she actually brought a batch of blueberry muffins with her. They were supposed to be for her boyfriend, but... he wasn't going to see her anytime soon. And honestly, Alison was beginning to like that thought.

"We got food for you!" A different butch spoke up. "We got these berries in the forest! I dunno if they're edible."

Jack looked behind her once again, eyeing the berries. Alison briefly noted how good her eyesight was -- Alison herself was on the verge of needing glasses. "Do you guys have any braincells?!" she shouted. "Those are poisonous! Put those down!"

"Oh..." stammering, the berries were dropped.

"I-it's okay," Alison chuckled. "I have food with me. Don't worry."

"She's got food, y'all!"

"Holy crap! She can cook, too!"

"Quiet, y'all! Jesus, calm down!" Jack hissed in frustration. "Ya got food with you?"

Alison, startled once again, nodded. "Y-yeah. I've got blueberry muffins. They were supposed to be for my boyfriend, but--"

"Muffins!?" Jack exclaimed. "Holy shit, we haven't had muffins in so long!"

"R-really? Um..." This was a bad idea, Alison thought. Especially if she was going to be stranded in the forest with this group for the foreseeable future. But... they were helping her out, she should do the same. Alison pointed her finger gently, counting each one -- there were about half a dozen. She brought a little over 15, which means everyone could have at least two. Including her.

"Sure, I've got enough for everyone," Alison smiled.

Jack looked at her, drooling more than she already had. "You sure you're okay with sharing?"

"Of course," Alison smiled genuinely. She took her backpack off and began opening it, pulling out the still warm muffins. "Y'all are helping me out, so as long as I get out soon--"

"Hell fucking yeah!" They all exclaimed together, rushing over to grab some. Jack managed to get them to calm down, giving two to each at a time even as they groaned and begged to take someone else's. Alison gently laughed. These people were sure strange... but she wouldn't feel any safer with any other group.

"Holy shit!" A red-haired lady shouted as she bit into one. "These are fucking delicious!"

"T-thank you!" Alison giggled. "I made them for my boyfriend, but, eh, I don't think he'll care."

"If someone made these for me," Jack started, with a mouth full of one, "I'd marry 'em on the spot. Your boyfriend's sure a lucky fella."

Alison's smile remained, but her face dropped. She sure didn't feel like he felt lucky at all.

"Aw, what's wrong, dear?" Jack was about to place a hand on Alison's back reassuringly, before he stopped. "Wait. It okay if I touch you?"

"Y-yeah." Alison nodded, her voice cracking. "I just... my boyfriend and I are having some problems. He's just--"

"A cis straight dude?" Jack rolled her eyes, laughing.

Alison chuckled. That was essentially it. "He's so selfish. He'll work part time then doesn't help me with cooking or cleaning. I work full time -- I'm, um, a manager at some large retail store, and it's exhausting and I hate it. And he'll just get mad at me if he even remotely dislikes the food I make."

"Hey, how can your boyfriend hate muffins these good?!" Jack shouted.

Alison shrugged. "I dunno. He's just, selfish, I'm grateful if he even says thank you, and... well, maybe it's just not working out. I'm just too nice to dump him."

"Mind if I give you some advice?" Jack asked.

Alison nodded.

"Text him, it's over, fuck you, then block him."

Alison laughed. She could never do that.

"Come on! You hate him anyways. And he'll sure be sorry once he doesn't have someone as great as you. Just pull out your phone -- there, uh, should be reception in this area -- and break it off. Come on, we'll take care of you. Nothing like a good ol' fashion throwing stones in the lake post breakup!"

Alison bit her lip. That did sound nice, and she was having the most fun with these people she'd ever have in her life. "Alright." She pulled out her phone and wrote those exact words -- 'it's over, fuck you'. She hesitated only briefly, then hit send. She squealed as she did and blocked him.

"She did it, y'all! She broke it off!" Jack shouted, and the pack cheered and whooped behind her. "Hell yeah! Good going, girl. Now, let's go to that river and throw some stones, eh?"

Alison laughed, wiping away her tears. She was grateful for these people she didn't even know before. "A-aye, yeah."


Alison looked up towards the sky, trying to figure out what time it even was. The sun was falling quickly, and she still had no idea how to get out. She had spent far too long with Jack and the others, eating homemade food and telling boyfriend horror stories with her new family of butches. She knew she had to get out, get back to work, and have actual dinner, but...

Did she even want to?

She'd always felt like her life had come to a wall. Sometimes it felt like she was just trading her life to a job she hated and now to a lonely home. Maybe she'd be happier with Jack and the others -- after all, she'd get to know every one of them. They seemed to be healthy -- there was probably lots of food to cook and go off of here. More than ever, she hesitated to go home. She didn't... want to. Over just a few hours, her feelings towards her second family -- and especially Jack -- blossomed and grew. Maybe this was the right thing for her, to drop her old life like hot lava and start anew. Surely her landlord couldn't find her here with a late rent notice.

“Hey, uh..." Jack started, startling Alison out of her thoughts. "You think you wanna go home soon? It's getting pretty late. We don't wanna keep you."

Alison bit her lip, tensing up. Would Jack even welcome her formally? "I... I actually think... if it's okay, I'd like to stay with you guys."

"It's okay with me!" A purple haired butch shouted from the back. Jack ignored her.

"I..." Jack looked just about as awkward as Alison did. Oh no, this was a terrible idea, Alison began to think. "I dunno, Alison..." Suddenly, her face turned up towards the moon. It started showing up, and the further above them it hovered, the more worried Jack grew. "I... there's a lot you don't know, babe."

Alison's heart tingled with the pet name, before she reoriented yourself. "What do you mean? I can handle it. I... I'd rather just live with y'all than go back to my deadbeat job and my empty apartment. You all look like you live well, have fun, help each other..." She began to tear up. "I'd like that. More than anything."

Jack's frown deepened. "Alison, babe, you... you really don't know..."

"What don't I know?" Alison exclaimed, becoming more desperate to join them. "Please tell me!"

Jack hesitated once again. She couldn't believe she was hiding anything. Alison maintained eye contact, waiting for Jack to break. She inhaled, before speaking honestly. "We're... werewolves."

Huh? Alison blinked. She... didn't hear that right, right? "W...werewolves? C'mon, Jack, be serious--"

"I am serious, babe. We turn into feral beasts at night. Hunting and gathering food... I protected you because I didn't want anyone else to get their hands on you. Because I could tell you're a cute, loving person. So..." Jack began to tear up as well. "You should go back. So you don't become one of us."

Alison spoke before she even thought. "Well, then, turn me into one of you!"

Jack gaped. "Babe, I--"

"You can do it! I need a change, and fuck being a werewolf sounds hot as shit!" The others cackled behind her at that statement. "C'mon, what do you need to do? Bite me? Please, Jack, I'm giving you my permission!"

Jack's jaw dropped even further. "I... you really want this? You really want to be a butchy werewolf, Alison?"

She briefly blinked. She had to be butch as well? She couldn't see herself like that, but it didn't matter. "Yes! I'm serious! Bite me, Jack -- make me a butchy lesbian werewolf!"

Jack still hesitated. Why was she hesitating so much? Did she not want Alison to be a part of the pack or something? That thought stung Alison in the heart. How could Jack lead her on like this -- making her feel loved and welcomed, only to just turn her away to live on her own? And now without anyone by her side, too? Why was she doing this?

"You can say no," Alison spoke much softer, her body deflating. "It... was probably a big ask, anyways."

"N-no!" Jack exclaimed. "I- fuck, I'd love for you to be a part of us! I'd love to make you into a hot tough butch werewolf, babe." Alison's body livened up a little as Jack spoke. "But... I don't turn you by biting you. That's just a silly myth."

Alison cocked her head. It made sense that it was a myth, after all Alison didn't think werewolves existed until just a few minutes ago. "So... how do you do it?"

Jack chuckled, looking away awkwardly. She hesitated before speaking, "I turn you by... fucking you, Alison."

Alison choked on her own air. Jack wasn't serious, was she? She just kept being surprised by Jack's wild claims. "That's not... real, is it?"

"It sure is," Jack laughed, trying her hardest to diffuse the tension. "Heck, I turned half the people here like that. That one over there--" she pointed to one lady out of the oddly silent group, "--was real good. She got real into it!"

She couldn't stop her mind from completely reeling. "So... you really turn people into werewolves by sleeping with them... and you can do it to  me, too?"

She nodded, smiling apologetically. "If you'd like me to. Of course, it is a fairly crass request, so--"

"Yes!" Alison roared. She then realized how loud she was being and toned it down a notch. "I-I mean... yes. Please, I want... I want to sleep with-- I want you to fuck me."

Jack grinned. "I like that answer, babe. There's no going back afterwards. You sure?"

"How many times do I have to say it?" Alison grinned, as she began to toss off her backpack and shoes. She ripped off her hoodie and reveal a light tank top. As she undressed, Jack did the same -- though, much slower and more seductively. Jack looked at her with her bottom lip bit, eyeing Alison even more hungrily than she already was.

Alison was never into forest fucking -- hell, her now ex-boyfriend offered it once and she vehemently declined. But she couldn't say she wasn't into werewolves. The sun continued to set, and Jack's motions became much faster. Both of them rushed to get their clothes off, however Jack's muscles were becoming much stronger and more intimidating, with fur growing around them. Of course she wasn't going to turn full wolf... but she was going feral. Alison was excited, and so, so, so fucking horny.

Jack began advancing on Alison, her fur becoming more apparent. Her muscles were huge, nearly beyond recognition, and she grabbed onto Alison's meek body and took over undressing her body. Jack's pants and grins turned into soft growls, and she could hear the other werewolves beginning to advance as well.

"Back off, assholes!" Jack barked. "She's mine! You better not lay a finger on her until I'm done!"

They retreated, still watching them hungrily. Alison could almost feel the entire group's thirst for her tiny, femme body. And she liked it. She loved how possessive Jack was being, as she began to hold Alison's body down against a soft patch of grass. It was a fairly easy task for Jack, considering how giant her muscles were and how Alison was mostly skin and bones.

Jack began toying with her body, playing with Alison's equally small breasts and teasing the nipples. She grabbed onto various parts of Alison's body, groping and testing their limits. Alison grunted and groaned as Jack grabbed onto her biceps, her thighs, her neck...

"Y-y'know," Jack grinned through bared teeth as she continued undressing, "we're gonna have to train you up a little. Even as a werewolf with a cute pocketknife, you're not gonna get too far with how little muscle you have."

"Bring it on," Alison growled back. She was ready. She couldn't begin to imagine herself as a jacked butch werewolf, but she wasn't opposed to finding out what she'd look like.

Jack cackled. "Thought you'd say that." She whipped off her own pants, revealing her bright purple strap on. It was of a much larger size, and Alison gawked at it needily. "Show me how wet you are, babe -- no, show me, fucktoy. You don't mind being called that, right?"

"Not at all," Alison laughed in ecstacy as she pulled off her own pants, revealing her drenched cunt. "Do your worst."

Jack slid the strap on into Alison, and began fucking her. She thrusted in and out, rocking Alison's body back and forth. Alison moaned loudly as soon as the toy entered her, thrusting her pent up body back against it. Jack grabbed onto Alison's arms to hold her steady as she began mercilessly fucking her. Jack went as hard as she could, coaxed by Alison's angry begging and how hot she was too. Alison clutched the ground, also trying to steady herself. She wrapped her legs around Jack's torso, putting their bodies in a breeding press. Alison grinded against Jack's body as Jack thrust deeper, moaning incessantly as if the strap on was actually attached to him.

"B-babe," Jack gasped before Alison interrupted him.

"T-that's fucktoy," Alison growled again. Why did she feel so possessive over that title? It was almost like she felt possessive over being an object. A plaything. A fucktoy, for Jack, and ideally for all the others. Before even being officially turned, she wanted to be one of them. She wanted to be a butch werewolf -- why did she never figure out that's what she wanted sooner? She wanted to be strong. Tough. Intimidating. Muscular. She wanted to be everything that people thought she wasn't; and if being Jack's fucktoy to play with boundlessly was how to get there, then she would defend that position with her damn life.

Jack's thrusting continued. Alison already began to feel something shift inside of her. Her blood rushed with excitement and dopamine, her eyes went wide, and she felt an urge to fight -- no, to fuck -- surge in her. She grinded back harder against Jack, especially as she started to lose stamina. Alison wanted more. She needed more. She needed to get fucked harder and be turned. Or... she needed to fuck harder, herself?

A different feeling began to wash over her. Was this... regret? Or shame? No, Alison realized as her eyes went even wider.

She was bored.

"T-that's really the best you can do, huh, Jack?"

Jack blinked, stopping momentarily. Fury washed over her face. "T-the best? No fucking way, fucktoy. Let the big girls handle this."

"Then fuck me harder!" Alison shouted, bringing Jack in tighter with her feet. "You talk like a mean, bad wolf, so show me you're not all talk."

"Bad girl," Jack growled. She readjusted their bodies, turning Alison onto her stomach and beginning to pound her into the ground. "You talk a lot for someone who spent hours begging me to turn you. Don't you know how nice I'm being?"

Alison groaned, wanting to shout some more taunts at Jack. Jack slowly pounded her back into submission, and her growls turned back into indecent moans and gasps. She was so ready, so ready to go over and turn. Alison expected Jack to speed up even more. She didn't.

She was bored again. She was tired of this game.

"Fuck this," Alison growled. She readjusted her body, using her legs to push Jack off of her and crawl on top of her. Could she always do this? Alison wasn't sure, but the power surged through her. Overwhelming her. She needed more -- more blood, more power, more.

"Get back on bottom," Jack growled in humiliation.

"I will once you learn how to actually fuck me properly," Alison grinned dominantly as she repositioned her cunt over Jack's strap on. She lowered herself onto it quickly, staring down at the flustered Jack with bloodlust glee. "This is really the best you can do? I thought you butchy ass werewolves were supposed to be like, good, or something."

“Y-you—” Jack growled before being cut off as Alison began to fuck herself on the strap on. Finally, some good fucking fun. She kept going, her juices getting all over Jack, who went oddly silent.

Some semblance of reason returned to Alison. What was she doing?! This wasn’t in their agreement. She should have…

“J-Jack,” Alison gasped, gathering herself. She wanted to apologize immediately – but no, she wanted the power. “D-do you… like this?”

Jack blinked. “D-do I…” she grunted. “Like you topping me?”

Alison nodded. Her eyes showed a hint of remorse.

“Babe,” Jack grinned. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Good,” Alison grinned, relief filling her chest. “Then I’ll keep showing you how to actually fuck someone.”

Alison grunted, beginning to go faster against Jack's body. She held him down -- not that she was resisting much -- and began to thrust herself harder and harder against the strap-on. Jack continuously panted, her mind slowly turning into jelly. Alison's brain was slowly draining away as well, being replaced with need and lust and want. She wanted Jack -- not just her body, but her devotion, her praise, her worship. She wanted to own Jack's everything. Hell, she wanted to own all of these bitches.

Alison wasn't some meek frail girl anymore. She was strong, powerful, more so than the rest of them. She proved that wonderfully by dominating Jack after her sheer boredom and ennui, and she could do it to everyone else to. She would only grow stronger after getting as muscular as the rest of them were. Just to prove her point, she briefly looked behind her, and saw the rest of the group gawking in awe. Grinning, she snarled to them, "I know the rest of you want to be fucked next! Wait your damn turn, I-I'll get to all of y-you." She stammered through the pressure as she reoriented herself against Jack.

Her hand lashed out, pinning Jack's head to the ground. "You like a bit of breath play?" She hissed excitedly.

"Y-yes," Jack stammered, slowly being reduced to no words.

"Good." Alison's hands grabbed the sides of Jack's neck and held her neck down. She used the power thrill to go even faster against her strap on, with her other hand moving down to grope Jack's tits. Her breasts were soft and malleable, in the best possible way. "God, I gotta tell you how powerful I feel right now. It's l-like..." She realized what was going on. "Like I'm being turned right now. Isn't that right, Jackie girl?"

Jack moaned at hearing that pet name, her eyes rolling back as she instinctively shot her hips into Alison's cunt. "Y-yeah, you like that name, don't you?" Alison cackled, the toppiness and drive rushing through her bloodstream. This was it. She was being turned into a toppy, butchy werewolf. And she loved it. She loved every second of it, as did everyone else in the group. Jack especially seemed particularly thrilled with her find, and with being turned back into a subby bottom.

"Jackie girl. Good, good Jackie girl. Good girl," Alison kept repeating to overwhelm Jack's body and mind. Obviously she loved it, she loved that name -- she probably just changed it to sound tougher. Alison could barely notice, but her skin was morphing, with thick fur and hair growing underneath her arms, on her chest, in between her thighs to her cunt. She felt more and more hair grow as she became more coaxed, more feral. Her words and sentences turned into pants and growls and snarls. Eventually, she was just drooling down at Jackie girl, her saliva covering her chest.

"So you don't turn me by biting me, huh?" Alison laughed.

"N-no," Jackie whimpered. "I-I think y-you can tell... tell by now..."

"Oh, of c-course I can," Alison grinned. "But do you like biting, Jackie girl?"

"Yes!" Jackie gasped.

"Good." Alison's eyes narrowed. "Where do you like it?"

Jackie whimpered as she tried to think of an answer. "A-anywhere..."

"D-dangerous answer," Alison continued to thrust against the strap on as she bent her waist over to start biting. "But fucking gladly." Alison began biting various areas of Jackie's body, causing her to moan loudly with each contact. Alison bit down hard and rough, leaving dark red hickies like a marked map. Jackie couldn't control her body and began thrusting the strap harder into Alison -- who very happily took it.

"F-fuck," Alison growled as she suddenly realized. "I'm... getting close..."

"Go," Jackie grinned through her wild panting. "C-cum for me, dear."

"For you?" Alison mocked. "You've forgotten your -- your fucking place, Jackie girl -- I'm only cumming for me," she declared. "Not for you--" she turned to the others, "and not for any of you. Me, I'm cumming for me, with your body to please me, and... turning... ahh, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

Alison kept cursing as she finished, her juices soaking the top of Jackie's body and the strap on. The drool from her hickies slid off of Jackie as she convulsed and grinded even harder against the strap on. Her clit twitched and ached. She needed more. She readjusted herself, getting her little clit on the edge of the strap on and began rubbing it against it with each thrust. It only made her cum harder, as Alison began to white out with pleasure. Jackie was beginning to climax herself, as if Alison fucking herself on Jackie was the hottest thing she'd ever experienced.

Pleasure surged through her body, as did hunger and bloodlust. The hair on Alison's body continued to grow in multiple places. Her collarbones, her back, and her ankles were slowly becoming covered with werewolf hair. She needed to cum again, and she did. She rode out her orgasm and immediately started another. Somehow, her orgasms seemed tied with Jackie's. As soon as her second and third orgasms started, Jackie's did too. Alison could tell by how much more unhinged she was. They were no different from each other -- just two needy, horny werewolves who wanted to fuck and hunt. As their consecutive orgasms finished, Alison began to look behind her, grinning as she debated who to fuck next.

The other butches' skins were also being covered with fur, and they looked much more unhinged. They needed food -- and blood.

Alison slowly got off of Jack, the pleasure slowly curbing. She helped Jack up, proud of how tuckered out she looked. Alison pulled her clothes back on, and Jack slowly did the same.

"F...fuck," Jack panted. "That was good... um..." Her voice turned to a whisper. "Please, um, only call me Jackie in bed though..."

"Of course," Alison chuckled. "You clearly seemed to like it."

Jack looked down, blushing wildly. Even though she also looked hungry for the hunt, she was still coming out of her forced submissive state. "Of course," she grinned back. "I used to be just like you, after all."

Jack looked Alison up and down. "You look fucking phenomenal, babe. You ready to go hunting?"

Alison nodded. "Fuck yeah."

"Good." Jack's head tilted up to Alison's hair, first -- the long, blonde hair on top of her head. "I think there's one thing you need to do first, though."

Alison blinked... what was she forgetting? She wanted to get out and hunt already, not waste anymore damn time.

Then she realized what she needed to do. "Right."

Reaching for her pocket, she grabbed out the pocket knife from her belt -- still as sharp as ever. She raised it to her hair, trying to figure out a good length.

"Remember," Jack started up with a wicked grin. "Shorter is butcher, babe."

"Yeah," Alison bit her lip. Why was she hesitating? This was just... what she wanted. She didn't need her old life anymore -- or this damn inconvenient hair. With one swift motion, she chopped off most of her hair. She was length with a short messy bob, the knots and tangles in her hair from the action apparent.

"Perfect." Jack patted Alison's back as she began to lead them into the pitch black forest. "Now, let's teach you a few things about hunting, babe."

Alison chuckled. "Of course. We've gotta get muscles on me, somehow."


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