Thesis Defense

by Skaetlett

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #corruption #D/s #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #straight_to_gay #dom:female

Mira is lost, in need of a new thesis topic, and her advisor opens her mind to the possibilities.

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of hypnosis or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and hypnosis of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18. By Skaetlett © 2022, do not repost without explicit permission.

This is a prequel to A New Kind of Therapy, but it can also be read as a standalone story.

"Aah, gosh darn it!"  Mira exclaimed after she read out her roommate's thesis. "I can't believe that girl stole my research! Unbelievable! I spent two years working on that, and she has the nerve of plagiarize me?!"

Mira had entered a PhD program two years ago at one of the top universities for Psychology. She was ecstatic to get in, and already had the foundations for her research. Mira had been examining the effects of puzzle solving on the human brain, and she had made some breakthrough discoveries. Had her roommate not hacked her computer, she would have been golden. Hell, she probably would have won awards for her research.

But now she was back to square one. She had no idea what to do. Her graduation date was supposedly in a couple months, but she'd definitely have to push it back. Mira couldn't stand the thought. Not knowing what to research next was one thing, but she just couldn't *not* feel defeated.

What had she done to deserve this? She was a religious girl who did no harm or fowl. Mira's roommate had come out as a lesbian long before, and even though Mira was straight as a ruler, she showed nothing but support. Mira obeyed the Bible perfectly, crossing all her T's and dotting all her I's. She did not gossip. She did not cheat. She never even uttered a swear word. She broke no rules, ever, by any system.

Mira was a good girl. Not only was she obedient - obviously in the non-sexual way, *ew* - she also was kind to a fault. The reason she was in this situation was because she gave her roommate her Netflix password, and she promptly was hacked. Mira donated to charity every day. She always helped old people cross icy paths or highly trafficked roads. Mira did her darndest to be a good, generous person. And this is what she got in return.

So there she was, screaming and ranting to her advisor - ironically named Faith. All of Mira's pent up anger and frustration poured out of her words. Even then, she didn't insult her roommate as much as she wanted to.

Faith sat back in her chair and listened to Mira's rant. That, Mira loved about Faith - she was such a good listener, and always knew the right thing to say. Surely, Faith would have some way to help Mira pull herself back up. She was a "good egg" as Mira described her

"Let's take some deep breaths, Mira," Faith said calmly. Mira obeyed, inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, exhaling slowly. The adrenaline in her blood slowed to a halt after a few breaths. Mira's eyelids were closed. "That's it. Deep breaths. In and out. Just let all that fury sink away. Clear your head, Mira. Just let it clear."

Mira murmured something incomprehensible. Faith's words were always so... entrancing, in a way. Mira never knew quite how to describe it. Even talking to Faith normally would soothe Mira. Some people were just talented like that, Mira supposed.

It always felt nice to listen to Faith.

Heck, it always felt nice to listen.

"Open your eyes." Mira obeyed again. "And let's brainstorm. Where can we go from here, dear?"

"I..." Mira nearly teared up. "I don't know. I was so excited for this research, I prepared for this all through undergrad and my Master's. Where do I even go, Faith?"

Faith hummed something. "You go... where I think you should." That was right. Listening to Faith would help, surely? "You should go deeper, Mira." Deeper. "Deeper into what you can do for others. Relax, will you?"

Mira relaxed. Something felt off about this, but she couldn't quite tell what.

Faith pulled something from her suit. A pocket watch. That was Faith's specialty, what she did her thesis in a while back. Hypnosis. Mira had been offered to be hypnotized, and every time she said no. But maybe... maybe this would be the time she'd take Faith up on it.

"Would you like me to hypnotize you?" Faith asked.

Mira pursed her lips. "What... will you do while I'm hypnotized?"

A smirk crossed Faith's lips. "I'll help you open your mind to the possibilities. Once you're under my spell, your mind will be plentiful with ideas. Doesn't that sound nice?"

The pocket watch swayed. Mira watched it. Her body relaxed instinctively. "Yes," she said. "That sounds... nice."

Faith grinned.

"Then let's begin," she said.

Mira still had a bad feeling about this, but she listened. As always, she did as she was told.

"Get yourself into a comfortable position. Arms and legs uncrossed." She uncrossed her limbs. "Feel the tension drift away. Watch yourself as you enter your unconscious. Do you see it?"

Mira wasn't sure what she was supposed to see. But her mind visualized something. She couldn't see it clearly, but... it was a place. Somewhere physical in her brain. Could Faith have accessed it all this time? "In your head, there's a control room. One with dials, buttons, levers, you can see it all. We're going to explore this control room a little. We're going to see how to... open your mind."

Faith talked Mira through a variety of switches, dials, buttons, screens. Mira had never envisioned such a place, especially not in her own brain. But the more Faith spoke, the clearer the image became. Mira felt herself - an image of herself - walk through the room.

Her mind tried to fill in the blanks. But as if Faith were a mind reader, Faith quickly corrected what Mira imagined. A dial Mira saw for a love of nature became a dial meant to turn excitement higher or lower. A button Mira thought would work as a sort of danger alarm, Faith tamed down into an alarm for what she described as "devious ideas". Distantly, Mira could tell something wasn't right. Some of Faith's suggestions were not exactly in line with Mira's personality. With her values. Her strengths or weaknesses. Mira physically couldn't hurt a fly - but with the twist of a switch, suddenly, the urge to control people became that much more pronounced.

Something was wrong. Mira knew it. Faith wasn't doing what she had described. The possibilities... Faith couldn't have meant changing Mira's kindness, her naive nature.

Instinctively, Mira shut her eyes. She didn't feel pain, but her head felt heavy. Uncomfortable. Her body worked by itself, pumping adrenaline into her blood. Suddenly, a flight sensation took over. Mira had to leave. She had to run.

And yet, her body wouldn't move. It was completely under Faith's spell. Mira could  feel her hands tremble uncomfortably, as Faith spoke.

Eventually, her advisor noticed. She stopped. "How are you feeling, Mira?"

Mira answered the question, as ordered. "N-not good, Faith..."

"Not good... I wonder, what exactly doesn't feel good about this?" Mira could hear Faith's smirk. She was smart enough to notice something sinister in Faith's speech.

Mira turned her head. "Not... a bad... person..."

"Oh," Faith pursed her lips. "That's right. You're a good religious girl. Even for the sake of science, for your grades, to graduate, you wouldn't hurt anyone... right?"

Her head shook on its own. At least she still had that.

For now.

Somehow, Mira knew Faith was about to change that. "Mira," she spoke softly. Despite that, Mira's heart pounded with fear. "I want you to imagine a red dial. A big, red dial, right in the center of everything." Mira could see it. She didn't exactly want to, but she could see it. "This is... your moral compass. Put your hand on it."

Mira's head screamed. In her vision, her hand drifted onto it. "Right now, this dial is at a perfect 100. It's a 1 to 100 scale, you see. And you're such a good girl. So obedient. You see, I like that about you." Faith paused. "It makes this easy."

Mira's hand was glued onto the dial. She wanted to look around, to find some solace in her control room vision, but everything had been perfectly tailored to Faith's tastes. Everything except one thing.

"Turn the dial down."

As much as she protested, she obeyed. Even her subconscious was under Faith's control. As she tilted the dial from 100, 99, 98, 97... Slowly, gradually, Mira could feel the shift. As the dial went down, down, down, Faith not giving her a stopping point. Mira adjusted to this. Maybe... Maybe being a good, obedient, religious girl wasn't so great. Mira couldn't lie and say she didn't want to give her thief a piece of her mind. She wouldn't physically hurt her, no. But maybe... there were other ways to make her pay.

The dial lowered. 50. 40. 30. Mira expected a stopping point soon, but at one point, she stopped protesting. Why did she have to obey a book? Or a person? Or some basic rules in psychology, in intimacy? The dial went down. 20. 10. 9. 8.

Faith told her to slow. 7... 6... 5... Slower. 4... 3...  2...



The dial sat at the opposite end now. All hope of retaining her compassion left. Mira thought Faith would tell her to stop. But she couldn't stop twisting, even at its lowest point. Why?

Faith spoke.

"Break off the dial."

That sounded fun. Unrealistic, but fun. Mira obeyed.

With one hard twist, the dial broke.

As did Mira's mind.

Mira's body must have fell slack, because Faith had noticed the change. Her hypnotic words had become less forceful. Mira sat with a cruel grin on her face, imagining the possibilities. Faith opened her mind. Mira could do so much more than what was right.

"I want to make one last change," Faith said. "You're straight. You only like men. Is that right?"

"Yeah," Mira responded sleepily.

"Wrong answer," Faith cracked her knuckles, "let's change that."


When Mira next came to consciousness, she was back in her room. It took her a minute to reorient herself. What had happened? For some reason, she couldn't remember a shred of her conversation with Faith. Her eyes glanced towards the clock, and widened.

Nearly five hours had passed since she had left for Faith's office. Something was wrong. The possibilities ran through Mira's head. But for some reason, she felt... calm. Like nothing was wrong. Nothing Faith would have done was wrong.

Mira, though...

Mira looked through the papers on her desk. Ideas for new theses. "Personality disorders", "connection to nature", "fear of heights". Mira scoffed. Why were her ideas so boring?

She took out a fresh sheet of paper, and began writing. Mira could do better. She could research something more... interesting.

Hypnosis. Control. Change. Sexuality. Those words kept popping up in Mira's head. They appeared on the page repeatedly. An idea began to form. Not exactly an ethical idea, but that didn't matter.

Mira could do whatever the hell she wanted.


"And now, my only problem, is finding subjects."

When Mira came in the next day, a fresh idea laid out in a myriad of papers, Faith looked at her with a cruel smirk. Mira loved her thesis. Her advisor shared the same thoughts as her. She didn't have to worry about a lecture over ethics and consent. It sure took some convincing on Faith's part, but Mira now saw things Faith's way.

Mira had to admit - she was a touch worried. What if Faith didn't intend for Mira's morality to actually break? What if Faith looked at her sadistic ideas and immediately dismissed her from the college? Those fears were extinguished quickly enough. Within a couple sentences, Faith was sold.

"You know, I always thought I was straight," Mira explained. "But last night - while I was taking breaks - it was hard not to look at lesbian porn." A pause. "I...probably should not be saying this to my advisor. Right?"

Faith chuckled. "To any other advisor, no. But to me? No, this just makes things better." Faith went back to Mira's papers, paging through them expertly. "I love your concept. I'm of the belief that the science of psychology won't advance without breaking a few minds. But..."

Mira knew what she was going to say. "It'll be hard to convince straight people to participate."

"Ethically, yes," Faith explained, "and if word got out you were recruiting for such an experiment, well, I don't think I could protect either of us." Faith reclined in her couch. Mira must have had a discontented look on her face, because she continued with, "but there are ways we can loop people in."

Mira narrowed her eyes. "Like how?"

"Oh, you know..." Faith grinned. "Deception. Telling them half of the facts. Or, if you really want to go this route... lying."

Mira paused. It wasn't that she was opposed to those things. She would be yesterday, but now, she'd do any of those things. It was a good idea, though less than ethical. "I can try," she said, "but what will happen when they come in and see what the experiment actually is?"

Faith chuckled. Did Mira ask a stupid question, or something?

"They won't be able to leave," Faith said, "they'll be locked in the moment you put them under."

Mira's eyes widened. Hypnosis. If hypnosis could warp her moral compass *and* change her sexuality, then it could probably freeze people, too. Or silence them. Or even... make them invite their friends.

"Wow," she whistled, "that is quite an idea."

"You're welcome," Faith responded sarcastically. "But we'll need a front. Something to tell people what they're getting into."

Mira leaned forward, head tilted to the ground, deep in thought. A front. She needed a broad topic that would entice anyone. Surely there was a universal topic she could use as a mask.

Something like -

Mira's back straightened in a millisecond. "Phobias," she exclaimed. "That's our front."

"Good girl." Mira wasn't quite expecting those words, and for some reason, they sent a jolt of electricity through her. "Don't sit around. Get to advertising."


Candidates poured in. Lots of them. Mira - and Faith - had a host to choose from. But of course, they needed the perfect initial subject, to do an alpha test. Mira was prepared. Or rather, Faith had prepared Mira.

"Welcome, please come in!" Mira greeted the first subject in a bright, inviting tone. Luckily, she was still able to fake that. The subject bought it entirely, returning Mira's grin with a nervous smile.

The first subject had emailed minutes after they threw the posters around campus. Julie Smith. She had written at length about her phobia of drowning. She fit all the criteria, and more importantly, she was pretty. Her blond hair, tied into a ponytail, fell down her back. Julie's face was easy on the eyes, as was the rest of her body. Ms. Smith was blessed with the body Mira wished she had. Well, that didn't matter, Mira thought, because I'll get to have her body to myself.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you," she replied as she sat down. Aww, she was shy. A pang rang in Mira's heart, something telling her to show mercy on poor innocent Julie. Mira crushed that thought. Mira sat down across from her, eyeing her body up and down. God, Mira wanted to just pin her down right then and there, skip all the slow boring part and take what was hers.

That impulse was harder to hold back.

Mira coughed, hiding her arousal. Her eyes turned to her advisor. Come to think of it, Faith's body wasn't exactly too bad either. She was a bit older, but Faith had aged like fine wine. She clearly took care of her incredible body - her breasts were still perky, from the bit of cleavage Mira could see, and she had the best legs any lesbian could ask for.

Faith was there to advise her. Make sure she was doing everything right. Mira smiled. She couldn't have asked for a better advisor.

"Well, let's get started," Mira pulled out a pen and paper. "You said you had a fear of drowning. So much so that you avoid pools, beaches, even baths. Is that correct?"

Julie tensed up as Mira spoke, recalling her fears. "Yeah," she whimpered. "My boyfriend-" Oh good, she *was* straight, "wants to take baths in his new jacuzzi more. So I want to do that but, every time I look at the pool, I just panic." Her hands clenched against her skirt. God, Mira couldn't wait to see her put those hands to good use. "I really want to spend time with him! He was so proud of it too! But I can't, because of this silly fear of mine."

A pause in the room hit. Mira faked a sympathetic look. Faith turned to her side and wrote something down. "I'm so sorry," Mira said. "That all sounds really difficult, both on you and your boyfriend."

Julie lowered her head, "thank you," she spoke, "it's hard to talk about this with anyone. All my friends laugh at me. But... you all can help me, right?"

Mira smirked. For the first time, she couldn't hide the wickedness across her face. Julie didn't seem to notice. "Yes," Mira said, almost robotically. "We can help you overcome that fear. I'm still... a practicing hypnotist, but I've grown pretty confident in my skills." After all, Faith had guided her through the basics of hypnosis. "Do you trust me?"

Julie smiled lightly. "Yeah, you seem pretty trustworthy." Oh, this poor girl. She didn't know anything. "So, um, how does it work?"

Mira reached into her pocket. Her heart raced. She pulled out a silver pocket watch - a gift from her advisor - and held it just enough above Julie's eyes. "It's quite simple," Mira explained. "All you have to do is watch. Stare. Follow the watch, left and right. Watch it rotate. Watch the light reflect off it. Watch the watch, if you will." Mira's first go at this was going smoothly. Julie's eyelids flickered. It was almost too easy.

"As your eyes follow the movements, the light, the color, you can feel them getting heavy. Can't you? Isn't it so hard on your eyes? You're doing so well, but you don't have to try so hard." Julie's eyelids were sliding shut, following both the silver watch and Mira's soothing voice. "Just relax. Sink into it. Fall deep. Close your eyes."

Julie's eyes closed. It didn't look like she'd be opening them soon.

"Hear my counting... five, four, three... two..." Julie's breath slowed more with every number.

The second Mira said, "one," Julie's body slumped. Mira lowered the pocket watch. Her hands played with the chain, creating an oddly calming sound.

Her subject was in trance. Her straight, oblivious subject was down all the way. And now, Mira could start the real work.

"In your head, I want you to see... a control room." Mira pulled the imagery only from the best hypnotist she knew. "A control room, various dials, switches, levers, all controlling various parts of your psyche. You can envision this room however you want. However makes you comfortable. You'll be given the nitty gritty details. But once you can see this room, I want you to give me a nod."

Mira waited with anticipation. Her blood raced with adrenaline. She couldn't help fantasizing about what she was about to do - breaking and remaking this girl into a horny lesbian. Justas she thought it didn't work, Julie slowly nodded her head. Mira silently exhaled in relief.

"Good girl. You're going to stay in this control room until I let you out. Your mind won't be able to escape, and you won't be able to wake up. You don't feel worried, not in the slightest. After all, you said you trust me, right?" Julie nodded sluggishly again. "Good, good girl.”

Once she had a moment to think, Mira realized - she wasn’t quite sure where to start. What would she have to change, in a control room, to make a good straight girl a dumb horny lesbian? Mira knew she was letting too many seconds pass. Just before Faith interjected, Mira began speaking again. “In… your control room, you’re going to turn to your left and… see the first dial we’re going to change. This is… your desire.” God, Mira thought, hypnosis used more improv than she knew how to use. “Your dial is low. Say, at two. That’s because you have better things to worry about than sensuality, lust, need… don’t you?”

Julie nodded once more. Mira sighed in relief, thankful this was working, thankful Julie wasn’t forcing herself awake. “Let’s turn that dial up, shall we? Place your hand on it - you don’t need to move your body, just in your mind. Put your hand on the dial, and grab it.” Julie’s left hand clenched tight. Mira couldn’t lie. This was super fucking hot. The fact she had this much control over Julie, and the fact Julie was powerless beneath Mira… she could do so many things like this, she could do so much to Julie. “Turn the dial up. Rotate it. To three. Four. Five. Six. Seven…”

How far should she go? Mira felt tempted to stop there. But when she saw Julie’s legs rub together, trying to hide something, Mira knew she had to go further. “Eight… Nine… Ten. The highest setting.” Mira paused. “But… push it a little further. Just pushing you over the edge, filling your mind with ravenous lust.”

Mira let a few beats pass, making sure Julie accepted the suggestion. Given her heavy breathing, her light moans, Mira knew she had done that first part justice. But there was more to change. “Next, I want you to look up. You’re going to see a set of screens, screens playing fantasies you want to fulfill. Screens of your ideal partner, pleasuring you the way you want. Now that the desire dial is leveled up, all you’re going to see is smut. Hard, horny porn, just on every screen. You can see it, can’t you? Filling up your whole vision?”

Julie groaned. Her eyes squinted, as if she realized something was wrong, that she wanted to break free of. “No, stay with me, Julie. You can see it, can’t you? You don’t want to look away.” Julie let out a soft groan, before she seemed to give up. Mira smiled. The cruel student couldn’t help but tap her foot impatiently. She wanted to cut to the good stuff, but she reminded herself – Patience, Mira. You’ll get your fill.

“So,” Mira continued. “You’re going to see some buttons, below the screen. And you’re going to start tapping them.” Julie, after a pause, tapped her finger on her thigh rhythmically. “Yes, just like that.

"It doesn't matter where you're tapping, or which ones, or in what order. All you know is that the screens are changing. Slowly, one by one, those images of you getting screwed by muscular, sportsy guys... oh, you're still going to get that jock vibe fucking you relentlessly, but now, those movies, they show you getting destroyed by a hot jock lesbian. But you're straight, aren't you?"

Mira's tone turned a tad mocking. "Yes, such a perfect straight girl. You know, I was like you - convinced to my core that I was heterosexual, and then, well..." Mira's eyes glanced momentarily at Faith. "You know. Something clicked in me. And I'm going to force that click in you too.

"But you probably don't want that. That's okay. No one's perfect. We'll just have to crinkle you up, get you all messy and hot and bothered, make it so the only people who can satiate you - temporarily - are hot girls." Fuck, speaking of, Mira was getting hot and bothered, too.

"So you can now see yourself getting fucked by hot ladies. Perfect. Another step complete. Now, we have to make you enjoy it, don't we? We have to make it so that you'll never, ever, ever want to look away from those screens." Pause. "We'll make you want to live out those fantasies, over, and over, and over again, with little to no breaks in between.

"So, now, you turn to your left." Julie's head cocked slightly. Mira couldn't tell if it was in resistance or in understanding. "Like that, sweetie. You'll see a couple dials - one pink, one orange. The orange one is on top, of course," Mira chuckled. "The pink one, we're gonna focus on first. This is your sexuality, see? You may not particularly want to be a slutty lesbian, true, but once that dial is turned... you won't want to be anything else.

"But oh no - you don't want to do it, don't you? You want to stay straight, because change is scary?" Now Mira was getting into it. Her words, her images, her induction, slowly growing more cruel, more exciting. "Feel my hand, grabbing yours. We're going to turn it together.

"From two... to three... you can feel it, can't you? Things shifting. Like a wave. Don't worry, you're not going to drown here. I won't let you. Not yet. When you drown into a sapphic sea, it's going to be on my watch."

Mira kept counting. She loved sounding cruel. She loved watching Julie squirm in her seat - from fear? from anger? from arousal? Mira didn't know, all three possibilities were hot.

"Eight. Nine. Ten. Keep going, Julie. I know it's at the end, but just keep pushing, pushing, until-" Mira faked a cracking noise with her teeth, "oops, we broke it. Guess there's no going back now."

Julie let out a soft moan. Even Mira's legs twitched. She needed to go slow, make Julie feel every second of it, but she couldn't help herself. Mira felt impatient. She felt ready to-

Suddenly, a bunch of her hair was scooped, jolting Mira out of her thoughts. She stammered quietly, in shock, looking over to Faith. Before Mira could ask any questions - or say any mean words - Faith pulled her head back. And took over.

"Please pardon my student, Julie," Faith spoke. What? A moment of rage piled up in Mira's heart. Was Faith about to betray her, right after turning her into a cruel, toppy lesbian? "She's still new to this. We haven't been going about this the right way."

Mira wanted to ask questions, but Faith bulldozed over her. "You see, I'm a practicing hypnotist. Licensed. Published in a few journals. Mira here has worked wonders with imagery, but why stop there?"

Mira shook her head, but Faith stilled it violently. "Stay entranced, Julie. But open your eyes."

Julie obeyed. Her eyes were glossy, her eyelids half shut, as if she were struggling to keep them open. But sure enough, now Julie was watching them, unaware of her intent.

"Mira, I want you to go back into that control room," Faith spoke softly. Mira's first instinct was to resist. What was her advisor doing? She wasn't the one in control - Mira was. She conditioned Mira as such. To be cruel, relentless, almost evil. When did Mira agree to Faith controlling her?

And yet, Mira sat there, her eyes fluttering, her mind following Faith's words.

"I want you to imagine one more thing in your control room," Faith purred. Mira nodded, tied to Faith's wishes - almost. "A set of strings, tied to the ceiling. Strings with small poles at the ends, so they won't leave your pretty little head. You won't be able to grab them..."

Mira shut her eyes.

"But I will."

Mira's hands raised to try and cover her ears, but Faith grabbed her wrists, and held them right in place. Mira wanted to run, but she felt heavy. Her mind couldn't process the idea.

"And these strings, see, when they're pulled, you'll follow my directions. You'll do as I say. Not only in your mind, but your body. For you see, if I pull one string, you'll get on the floor-"

Mira's body stood up.

"Drop to your knees."

Mira kneeled down, glossily looking up at her advisor. Her advisor shifted. She pulled her panties down, revealing her dripping sex, and she pulled her skirt up for easy access.

"And you will..."

Mira twitched, finally getting the idea to fight back. But her advisor wouldn't have that.

"Begin eating me out."

Her body worked on its own, leaning over, and pressing her face into Faith's thighs. In her head, Mira protested, trying to grab the strings, trying to relinquish herself from Faith's control. But it was a useless effort. Her tongue, her lips worked as Faith commanded. She was powerless.

Mira briefly wondered if Faith was under the same influence.

As Mira ate Faith out, her advisor turned to the other subject - who was still blankly staring at the scene. "And you," she started, "are going to envision those same strings. And you're going to begin pleasuring yourself as you feel me pull those strings."

Faith didn't need to say much. Mira had to wonder why. Was she that powerful of a hypnotist? Was there some magic behind Faith's words? Mira's thoughts were crushed when Faith grabbed Mira's hair and forced her further into her cunt. Mira couldn't think. Hell, she couldn't see anything else. Her body and mind were joined as one, focusing on this incredibly degrading task.

Mira hated it.

But slowly, that began to change too.

"Mira, use your hands to pull your clothes down and reveal yourself." Mira knew what that meant. Her hands, once again, worked against her wishes, and she pulled down her garments. Her own cunt was revealed. A part of Mira's brain noticed how wet she was. How aroused she was, from gaining the thrill of control, only to have it stripped from her.

"Julie, dear," Faith smiled, "come down here. Start pleasuring Mira. You know you want to."

Julie stammered, trying to bring herself back up. But just like Mira, her body obeyed. She slowly walked over to Mira, and even more slowly got onto her knees. Her body stopped.

"The control room," Faith continued, "both of you will see it filling with water."

Mira saw it. Julie murmured, frightened, as she most likely saw the same thing.

"Filling to the brim. Everything short-circuiting, exploding, completely destroyed in your brains." As Faith spoke, her body moved faster, getting in front of Mira to start pleasuring her, too. "All gone. All you two know is being a dumb, slutty lesbian. All you know is being controlled, even if-" Faith focused on Mira, "you thought you had any control at all."

By this point, Julie was pleasuring Mira, licking her clit quickly. Mira moaned into Faith's crotch. The stimulation brought her to do the same thing. She was long gone. Her brain was broken, filled to the brim with water. Mira knew being a slutty lesbian. And she also knew to turn others the same way.

She loved it. Mira had no control, and all the control at the same time. She could do whatever she wanted to people. And Faith could do whatever she wanted to her. Julie continued pleasuring herself as she pleasured Mira as Mira pleasured her sadistic hypnotist. Pleasure built in her as the water flooded her brain. The sapphic sea destroyed her brain. She knew obedience and pleasure. She knew lesbianism and control.

"And," Faith inhaled as she felt pleasure consume her, "climax, the second your control room explodes."

Mira obeyed. Her orgasm destroyed her. Julie's, as well, presumably. Both of them broke, falling victim to Faith, doomed to be hypersexual lesbians forever.

"Good subject," Faith smiled as she gently played with  Mira's hair. "Such a good girl." Mira felt an additional rush of pleasure at those words.

As Mira began to fall asleep from exhaustion, she heard Faith's last words.

"We're going to have such a good time."


"Michelle?" Mira greeted the woman standing in front of her office. She plastered on a fake smile, as usual. Michelle was yet another person there for the phobia hypnosis study - at least, that was the front - and more importantly, she was straight.

This time, she was alone - her first solo assignment without Faith's 'assistance'. Mira couldn't lie and say she wasn't at least a little nervous. But she went through the motions. "It's very nice to meet you." Not a complete lie.

"Yeah, y-you too," Michelle responded timidly. "I'm excited to see if this will help."

Mira closed her eyes for a brief moment. She mentally went through all the applications, all the surveys, every potential subject, and found Michelle's record. "You wrote that you have a public speaking phobia. Is that right?"

Michelle nodded. "Mhmm. It ruins my life. I can never give a presentation to save my life. Heck, even talking in front of my professor is hard!" Michelle continued venting as they both sat down. Mira took the notepad next to her and fake-jotted down notes. "I wish I could fully explain. It's so hard."

"Mm," Mira nodded. "Dating must be hard, too."

"Tell me about it," Michelle sighed.

Mira pursed her lips. "You're attracted to men, right?"

Michelle paused, and blinked slowly. "Uh... yeah," she said slowly, "I'm not sure why that matters, though. Is that important?"

Mira couldn't help the small smirk curling at the corner of her lips. "Oh, no, just out of curiosity. Shall we get started?"

Her subject, thankfully, accepted Mira's lie, and took a big inhale. Her eyes closed. "Yeah. Please go gentle on me."

Mira's smirk opened into a grin. "Oh, don't worry," she whispered. "I will."

Lying was fun, it turned out.


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