The Pendant

by Skaetlett

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #corruption #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #clothing #D/s #dom:female #exhibitionism

Stephanie is suspicious when her best friend comes back with a cocky girlfriend, and a gorgeous, hypnotic pendant around her neck.

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of ownership, hypnosis, or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and ownership of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18.

Commission from Chris!

Stephanie had just finished dusting off the last few kitchen counters. The house looked immaculate after three or four hours of deep cleaning, and it was exactly the way Stephanie liked it. Whenever she’d have the day to herself, she didn’t care too much about keeping the house ultra-tidy, but since her friend Phyllis suddenly invited herself over the other day, Stephanie dove straight into a cleaning frenzy.

It was unlike Phyllis to suddenly invite herself over. She was much more of a ‘say grace’ person than Stephanie, and she didn’t like suddenly imposing on others. But Stephanie had nothing to do that day, and it wasn’t like she *didn’t* want to have Phyllis over. Since Stephanie was laid off from her job, she desperately sought out new hobbies and get-togethers with friends. Phyllis worked 60 hours a week as a doctor, so Stephanie was relieved she had a day to herself. She desperately needed it.

Stephanie got a few bottles of wine. Phyllis would probably need it. Her friend was supposed to come at 3pm, but a little before 2:30pm, Stephanie heard the door ring loudly. Not taking a second to complain or question it, Stephanie ran to the door and swung it open. Phyllis wore a simple blue dress, and next to her was another unfamiliar woman. She looked quite imposing, with a neatly done pixie cut and a high quality suit. The woman bore a smug look, and Stephanie couldn’t help but feel like she was being eyed like prey. It was *awkward* to say the least.

“Hi, Steph!” Phyllis said with a slight grin, waving enthusiastically.

“…Hi,” Stephanie took a moment to compose herself, trying to smile politely. “It’s nice to see you. Um, who’s this? Do I know you?”

“Oh, duh, I forgot to introduce you,” Phyllis went slightly quiet, almost embarrassed. “Uh, this is my new girlfriend, Trixie! We just started dating last month.”

“A pleasure to meet you,” Trixie continued, tilting her head and smiling wider.

Stephanie blinked. That statement was more bewildering to Stephanie than seeing an unknown woman at her doorstep. *Girlfriend*? The last time Stephanie talked to Phyllis, she was talking about her last encounter with a male hookup, where she joked about how she could never be a lesbian. Stephanie was straight — at least she thought, now — but Phyllis was probably the straightest woman she’d ever met.

“Oh,” Stephanie blinked as the cogs of her mind turned. “I didn’t know you were…”

“Me neither,” Phyllis interrupted with a chuckle. Was she… uncomfortable? “I didn’t know um, until I met Trixie, and I was, um… blown away, right, honey?”

“Yeah, it just happened so randomly,” Trixie continued. “But as we say, spaghetti’s also straight until you heat it up!”

“…Right,” Stephanie answered politely. Something felt off about Trixie, and Stephanie felt herself go into fight or flight just from hearing her talk. “Okay, yeah, sure! Well, if Phyllis likes you, you’re welcome in my place as well.”

As they walked inside, Stephanie got a closer look at Phyllis to see if something was off. She looked way too stiff and unsure of herself, but what caught Stephanie’s eyes mostly was the gorgeous blue pendant she was wearing. It looked like a deeper shade of opal, sparkling and shimmering in gorgeous rainbows in the light. Stephanie had never seen a gemstone so pretty in her lifetime. Was it a gift from Trixie? Stephanie always knew that Phyllis, as kind as she was, was a very materialistic person. Expensive, fancy gifts were absolutely the quickest way into her heart, and Trixie looked like she was quite well off.

Stephanie couldn’t help but get a *weird* vibe from Trixie. How had she managed to get Phyllis to change so quickly? This might have been the thrill of being in a new relationship Phyllis sometimes got. After all, Phyllis was having trouble getting over her last breakup, and she had more than a few rebound dates (or quick one night stands to cope). Maybe Phyllis just wanted to try something new, and this was all a fleeting — if not visceral — phase. Even then, Phyllis was always a go-getter and the dominant one in their friendship, and her personality became even brighter when she was rebounding.

“W-Would you mind getting us something to drink? Or some food?” Phyllis asked. Stephanie turned to nod at her, noticing the deep red flush on her face. She must have been so nervous… Did Stephanie’s initial reaction make it worse?

“Sure!” Stephanie responded with fake enthusiasm. “What would you like? I’ve got water, juice, margaritas…”

“Ooh,” Trixie grinned, “can I have one of the margaritas?”

Who asked you?! Stephanie internally demanded from Trixie, trying to hide the scowl on her face. “S-sure! And you, Phyllis?”

“Um… just water is fine,” Phyllis stammered. “D-do you have anything to eat?”

“Ah! Well, I can make something,” Stephanie said. “But I have some fruit while I do.” She turned around to the kitchen counter, bringing over a bowl of various fresh fruits — apples, pears, plums, and most enticingly — slightly overripe sweet bananas.

“T-thank you!” Phyllis’ hands darted for the bananas, while Trixie calmly grabbed an apple as she watched Phyllis eagerly open the banana. Stephanie didn’t grab a fruit, her investigative eyes fixated on Phyllis.

The former confident knock-out opened the banana, and tenderly stuffed it into her mouth. What a strange way to eat. Phyllis enjoyed every inch of the banana a bit too much. The bewilderment was increasingly apparent on Stephanie’s face. She was almost sucking the banana off like it was a dick. Phyllis *drooled* around it. Some of her saliva dripped onto her leg and she recoiled in humiliation.

“Oh — oh, gosh, how—“

“Don’t worry about it!” Stephanie interjected. She hated how awkward her house felt. She hastily grabbed a few paper towels, handing them to Phyllis. Phyllis cleaned her pants up, and her face from the drool.

“You’re such a good friend,” Trixie admired. “Phyllis is sure lucky to have someone like you in her life. She spent our last date telling me how great you were to her!”

“…Thanks.” The toxicity dripped from Stephanie’s words. “We’ve been friends since we were school children.”

“I can see why!” Trixie smiled. Suddenly, she reached into the inner pocket of her suit jacket. Stephanie felt her muscles brace. From the corner of the jacket, Trixie pulled out an intricate little box, the floral design the same gorgeous color as Phyllis’ new trinket. “In fact, for being such a good friend to my girlfriend, I wanted to give you a gift too.”

“Thanks, but I’m—“ Before Stephanie could finish objecting, Trixie opened the box. Sure enough, there inside was the same necklace. Somehow, it seemed to shine even more brilliantly than Phyllis’. Stephanie nearly couldn’t take her eyes off of it — she felt *herself* drooling just looking at it.

Stephanie violently shook her head. No. “Thanks, that’s very generous of you, but I’m… good.” She felt like she was lying. The longer her eyes laid on the pendant, the more she felt like she had to wear it. Despite its bright blue color, Stephanie could see it going well with any one of her outfits. Besides, she’d be able to show it off to all of her mildly jealous friends. And if Trixie was a good person, well, it was quite generous of her to spend what must have been at least four figures on such a piece.

“Oh, come on, Stephanie,” Phyllis spoke up with a smile on her face. Her facial expression was comforting, but also sympathetic in a weird way. “It’ll look fantastic on you! Besides, we’ll be able to say we have matching sets, so we’ll both be able to show off at the next high school reunion.”

“I…” Stephanie frowned. This was Phyllis’ pushy attitude coming back; it was nice to see in a way, but for something so strange… “I dunno. I suppose I’ll accept.” She took the lovely box from Trixie, smiling politely. She didn’t feel the need to say thank you.

“You’re gonna put it on now, right?” Phyllis asked enthusiastically, an excited sparkle in her eyes. “Come on, I wanna see it on you!”

“Oh, I’ll -- I’ll wear it tomorrow, if that’s--”

“Stephanie,” Phyllis groaned out impatiently. “Please put it on! It’ll look so nice on you, and I want to take lots of pictures for our friends.”

Stephanie bit her lip. Something was very weird about this situation, and she knew that, and Stephanie all but readied to kick both of them out of her house right this instant. Why was Phyllis acting so strange?

Trixie was oddly quiet, though she took a sip of water calmly. The grin on her face was one of cruelty, and Stephanie was way too polite to say anything about it. The way Trixie continued looking at Stephanie… it was almost like she knew Stephanie was going to relent eventually.

And, she was right. Stephanie wasn’t good at fighting back or saying no. “Well, sure, I’ll give it a try. But just a few pictures, alright?

Phyllis eagerly nodded. Her body stiffened up in anticipation as Stephanie pulled the necklace from its holder, looked at the gem intensely… and then undid the clasp, and wrapped it around her neck.

Her world shifted.

Stephanie stumbled back against the kitchen counter, grasping her head. The first thing she noticed was *heat*. Her entire body felt hot, almost as if she was on fire. Not in a painful way — more in the way that she’d feel during passionate sessions with ex-lovers. Her mind began to spin as she felt a headache split across her forehead. She couldn’t help herself — she sat on one of the stools and, much to her own horror, began grinding against it. Every inch she’d grind was satisfying and humiliating at the same time. Why was she suddenly so turned on? How in the world did she turn from an apprehensive, cautious friend to a desperate slut who needed to get obliterated?

It was the pendant. Stephanie wasn’t sure how in the world it happened, but she knew it was the pendant. “H-how — what the fuck — what is…” Questions ran through her head, but she couldn’t even ask any. The arousal she felt overtook her brain as well.

If Stephanie wasn’t so pent up, the first thing she’d want to do is punch Trixie’s smug, awful grin off of her face. Stephanie wanted to lash out a bunch of curses and choice words her way, but she was more focused on Phyllis’ sad, apologetic face.

“I’m sorry, Stephanie,” she muttered, ashamed of herself as well.

Stephanie didn’t like thinking cruel things of her friend, but the first thing that came to mind was, “As well you should be! What the fuck did you… did you do to me?!”

Trixie took a step back, taking in what she must have considered the most beautiful view. Phyllis got up and walked on over to Stephanie, who was grinding even quicker on the soft, plush stool. It felt so good, but she needed more, more, more—

Stephanie froze as Phyllis put her hands over Stephanie’s shoulder blades. Stephanie hissed — at first in anger, but then she realized how good Phyllis’ hands felt. They were so warm. Even the slightest movement of her hands drove Stephanie’s sex drive up exponentially. She moaned out, leaning into Phyllis’ hands as they drifted to her midriff. Stephanie swore she whited out after every stroke of her hands — but the fury on her face remained.

“W-why did you do this to me?” Stephanie demanded, her voice cracking every other word. Despite her sheer anger, she kept grinding into the chair.

“She said she’d take mine off,” Phyllis explained, “if I put one on you as well.”

Stephanie was about to turn back to Trixie and scream, before Phyllis stopped her by moving one of her hands to Stephanie’s crotch under her dress, and the other on her left breast. Stephanie cried out, the words draining from her mind and only being replaced with sex, sex, sex, more, more, more.

“But…” Phyllis piped back up as she began fingering Stephanie. “Doesn’t this feel good? Doesn’t it feel good not to think, only to be a plaything?”


Phyllis could tell Stephanie was going to try to fight back. She just fingered Stephanie harder and began kissing her neck, giving her dark, giant marks. As she intended, Phyllis stopped whatever train of thought Stephanie might have had. “It feels so good. You don’t want to work at that lousy job and date around meaninglessly anymore, right? This is what you’ve wanted. This is what I’ve wanted… with you.”

“I… hhh… no!” Stephanie lashed back, miraculously breaking through the hypnotic fog. “This isn’t what… what I want! And… it’s n-not… it’s not what you w-want either! This isn’t l-like you…”

“It’s okay,” Phyllis said in an attempt to comfort Stephanie, despite the bizarre circumstances. “I fought back too. But now I see how great this is! Please, Stephanie, please give into it.”

Stephanie wanted everything but to do just that. And yet, she could feel her mind dissipating with every second, every movement, every thrust.

“I… I…” Stephanie couldn’t form words; every time she tried to say something, the movements of Phyllis’ hands would drive her back down. She felt entranced, both by the pendant itself and by how much she enjoyed being toyed with — as much as she hated to admit it. Her protests and cries devolved into moans of pleasure as her hips bucked back and forth. She could feel the heat building inside of her, the intensity, the way her crotch pounded harder and harder. “I’m — I’m com—“

“No you’re not.” Stephanie felt her orgasm stolen from her as Trixie walked up to them, putting Phyllis’ hand back down and denying Stephanie for just a bit longer.

‘No,’ Stephanie screamed in her mind. ‘No, please, let me — no, what am I thinking? I can’t do this!’

“P-please, let me—“ Stephanie gasped for air, looking in pain at Trixie’s smug grin. “Let me—“

“Finish? No, not yet, plaything,” Trixie teased.

“N-no, let me — let me go, please! I don’t want anything from you,” Stephanie groaned out through the agony of the massive edge she just had. She tried her hardest to reorient herself, adjusting back to sanity and grace. “I’ll leave you two alone, I have money I can give you, I just want to be left out of this!”

“Hmm…” Trixie looked contemplative. Stephanie silently prayed that she would decide to leave her alone, but that wouldn’t be the case. “After zero consideration, no.”

“Please,” Stephanie whimpered.

“I know there’s a bit of your willpower still there,” Trixie started, ruffling Stephanie’s hair possessively. “So why don’t we get to work on eliminating it? I’m sure that will make your transition… much easier.”

Stephanie wanted to fight back — but what words did she even have anymore? They wouldn’t listen, and Stephanie was too mousy and weak to physically fight back. She didn’t want to call the cops, either. She tried to hold onto that last shred of hope she had, hoping that maybe Phyllis would come to…

“How do you feel about repeating mantras, plaything?” Trixie asked, pulling on Stephanie’s hair to bring her up to attention.

Stephanie was about to respond, but of course Trixie didn’t give her a chance to. She just nodded Stephanie’s head by her hair, forcing her into a ‘yes’ answer. “Good! Let’s see… Phyllis, can you tell Stephanie what your mantra is?”

Phyllis gulped. “Obedience is pleasure. Pleasure gives me worth.”

“Good job,” Trixie cooed, coddling Phyllis’ neck. Phyllis almost purred like a pleased cat. “Stephanie, let’s see… let’s switch it up a little, hm?”

Stephanie was about to respond, to fight back again— to stop her, Trixie’s hand went down from her hair, to her neck, back to her chest. Stephanie was thrown back into the whirlwind of pleasure, unable to speak any intelligent thoughts. She was overtaken by the thrill, the pleasure.

Suddenly, Stephanie felt her body slam against the dining room table as Trixie grabbed a fistful of her hair and dropped her head down against the cold marble table. Trixie moved around, standing across from Stephanie and grinning at her wildly. Somehow, the sudden movement — being jolted up by her hair only to be shoved back down — put her in even more of an entranced, deep state. Stephanie could barely have her eyes past half-open, her jaw slack with a dazed expression.

“I think I’ve got one,” Trixie finally said decisively after way too much contemplation. “Repeat after me: ‘My mind, body, and thoughts don’t belong to me.’”

Stephanie grimaced, frowning. That wasn’t true in the slightest — her thoughts were her own, as much as she felt they were being controlled by this monstrous woman. “N…no…” she somehow managed to still resist.

Trixie sighed in slight disappointment and impatience. “You ditzy idiot, I wasn’t giving you a choice. Why would you ever think that?”

Stephanie felt her head being driven up again by the hair. Trixie dug her fingers into Stephanie’s scalp, bringing her back into her earlier state of hyperarousal. Just by having her hair pulled so violently, so possessively — Stephanie became a gasping, moaning mess as quickly as she did the first time.

“If you say it,” Trixie cooed, “I promise you that you’ll feel even better than you do now.”

“Say it,” Trixie repeated, this time with more irritation and venom in her voice.

“N-no, you can’t make— mmf!” Stephanie’s thoughts were cut short by Phyllis kneeling in front of her crotch again, beginning to finger her wildly. Stephanie couldn’t resist, her body felt so good, and to even begin to think of how much better it could feel…

It was bringing her over the edge. She was becoming a wanton, brainwashed plaything. And her repulsion towards that thought was seeping away, washing over with a need to obey, to be owned…

“Mmf… I… ahh…” Stephanie kept trying to resist, but every time she did, it was broken through with another rough pull of her hair or another few seconds of rough attention to her clit. “M… my…”

“There you go,” Trixie encouraged. “Say it. Once you do, you won’t have to worry about anything else. Say it. Say it. Your mantra.”

“My… my… mmf…” She took a sharp inhale as Trixie’s thumb grazed her cheek, pressing in just enough to drive her over. “My mind… body and… and thoughts… don’t… don’t belong to me.”

Stephanie could feel it — all of her previous thoughts of resistance washing away. It felt so right to say it — to willingly give her mind, body, and thoughts to Trixie. She didn’t need anything else — she just needed to mindlessly obey as long as it would make her feel *good*. Trixie kept stroking Stephanie’s face, every movement making her gasp wildly and wordlessly beg for more. Her stream of thoughts became filled with nothing but corruption.

“Good, good plaything,” Trixie grinned. “You’re all mine, now. You belong to me. Thoughts mind, body and thoughts-- all mine.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Stephanie begged for more, nodding her head in fervent agreement. “Please, please use me more!”

“Of course, sweetheart,” Trixie laughed. “I’ll be doing that plenty.” Trixie pulled on Stephanie’s hair again, eliciting a loud gasp from her. She used the opportunity to stuff her fingers down Stephanie’s throat again. She started with two, moving quickly and almost hitting her gag reflex. Soon she stuck three, four fingers down her throat and began roughly screwing Stephanie’s face with her hand. Stephanie swore she blacked out from pleasure with every rough movement, every tug of her hair.

Phyllis didn’t slack off, either, caressing her friend’s thighs with her hands and kissing them with increasing intensity. Stephanie’s mind went more and more blank. This was where she needed to be, right? She didn’t need anything else — no hopes, dreams, or ambitions. She just needed to *serve*. It felt so good, after all. How could something so fucking amazing be *wrong*?

Trixie suddenly stopped, withdrawing her fingers slowly from Stephanie’s mouth. Stephanie groaned out a ‘no’, somehow still begging for more. She looked up at Trixie’s face, and her smug, confident, victorious grin.

“Um,” Phyllis piped up, “Trixie, um… so I did what you asked, right? Getting Stephanie into… this.”

“Mhmm?” Trixie looked at Phyllis with fake inquisitiveness. Stephanie tried to process what was being said, but her brain was far too preoccupied with other things.

“So… can you please take my pendant off, now?”

Trixie scoffed, bemused at Phyllis’ question. Stephanie moaned as she tried to think. What was Phyllis talking about? Was the gorgeous pendant they were both wearing bad somehow? Trixie wouldn’t do something like that, would she?

“Oh, Phyllis, you thought I was telling the truth?” she asked.

Phyllis’ face paled, the blood draining from it. “H-huh?”

“Clearly I was lying. Of course I’m not going to let you go. Why would you ever think that I was telling you the truth?” The way she spoke with such callousness… Stephanie almost hated it, but she couldn’t take her mind off of how much she wanted Trixie to screw her again. But she did feel kind of bad for Phyllis…

Phyllis’ eyes began to well up with tears, and she began to shout. “How could you do something so— so cruel?!”

“Really, Phyllis?” Trixie grinned, her hand extending to Phyllis’ chin and caressing it lightly. Sure enough, Phyllis went through the same exact reaction that Stephanie had experienced over and over again. Her body went into shock, immediately convulsing with pleasure and moaning for more. “Lying is the most cruel thing I’ve done to you two? Not the manipulation and brainwashing? Please, you’re so soft.”

Phyllis attempted to choke up some more words, before Trixie’s hand clenched around Phyllis’ neck. “Mantra,” Trixie ordered with a growl, “now.”

“O-Obedience,” Phyllis stammered through the betrayed feelings and pleasure. “Obedience is pleasure. Pleasure gives— gives me worth. Obedience is pleasure. Pleasure gives me worth. Obedience is pleasure. Pleasure gives me worth.”

“There you go,” Trixie cooed. “Now you’ve remembered your place as my property. Your place as *mine*. Now, Stephanie,” her cold, cunning eyes turned to the other woman. Her other hand caressed Stephanie’s neck, threatening to choke her as well. “Join in as well. Go ahead — don’t hesitate.”

“My mind, body, and — ahh!” Stephanie started, before she was overwhelmed with pleasure as Trixie moved her hand downwards towards her drenched panties. She began torturing Stephanie’s clit once again through the fabric, easily stimulating the most sensitive parts of her. Stephanie could swear she blacked out.

“Don’t stop,” Trixie hissed.

“M…my…” Stephanie could barely think. She had to finish. There was no way she could hold back any longer — not after every movement felt like lightning and after what seemed like hours of edging. She needed it.

“I said don’t stop. Do I need to reinforce where I am over you?”

Stephanie squeaked. That sounded *much* worse. “My… my mind, body, and thoughts don’t belong to me… my mind, body, and thoughts don’t belong to me… My mind, body, and— ah, fuck — and thoughts don’t…” Stephanie gasped and moaned. She couldn’t even make out words anymore — she needed to be released.

And just as she thought that — Trixie’s hand pulled away as well. Stephanie whined and groaned, impatiently grinding against the seat again. Her legs remained wide open, more than ready for the taking. She all but wanted to throw herself at Trixie.

“Now, now, it wouldn’t be fair if you finished before your friend, would it?” Trixie teased. “She is the one who introduced me to you. Shouldn’t she be rewarded, as well? What have you even done to earn a climax?”

“I… I…” Stephanie groaned. Her mind couldn’t think of a reason she should have been allowed to cum. All she knew was that she *had* to! Her brain was giving out with every second she was edged and denied. “I don’t… I need to… I need to…”

“No, you don’t. No one needs to finish, but especially not you two.” Trixie’s other hand moved from Phyllis’ neck to her crotch as well, and Phyllis had the exact same grinding, visceral reaction. “But… I think I’ll give it to you two anyways. Isn’t that generous of me?”

“Yes, it is, it is Trixie, please…” Phyllis suddenly forgot about her earlier objections, grinding against her owner’s digits. Trixie fingered both Phyllis and Stephanie simultaneously, their heads rolling back and their eyes and jaws going slack. They were about to collapse on the floor. They just needed a little more. Just a little more.

“I’ll tell you what,” Trixie added, “you two will get to cum once you’re screaming your mantras. Get on it.”

“Obedience is pleasure,” Phyllis eagerly started, “Pleasure gives me worth.”

Stephanie followed suit, even faster and more excitably than her friend. “My mind, body, and thoughts don’t belong to my. My mind, body and thoughts don’t belong to me!”

“Obedience is pleasure. Pleasure gives me worth!”

“My mind, body and thoughts don’t belong to me! My mind, body, and thoughts don’t belong to me!”

“Obedience is pleasure! Pleasure gives me… gives me worth!”

Trixie grinned, cackling as she enjoyed the orchestra. They were just about shrieking their mantras, not caring if anyone could hear. All they cared about was finishing. “Good. You two earned it. Cum. Cum for me.”

And they did — Stephanie and Phyllis finished at the same time, losing control of their bodies. They stood up, grinding against Trixie, wordlessly begging for more, more, more as they thrusted harder against whatever surface they could. They didn’t finish just once — they must have finished a thousand times, all in the same few minutes.

“What a good decision I’ve made,” Trixie smiled, turning to Stephanie, “looping you in as well. You two will truly make beloved playthings.”

Neither of them could even process what she was saying. Their brains and bodies were broken. They were objects, playthings, sexdolls.

“In fact, why stop there?” Trixie suddenly asked. She turned to the fallen Stephanie. “That lady you’re standing with in that picture over there… why don’t you introduce me to her?”


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