The Final Task

by Skaetlett

Tags: #bondage #confidence_domming #consensual_kink #D/s #f/f #orgasm_delay/denial #collaring #dom:female #permanent_chastity #pov:bottom #sub:female

A Domme is willing to collar her eager sub… once her sub learns to care a bit more about herself

The characters in this story are over 18 and if you're reading this you should be too. Copyright Skaetlett 2022, do not repost or edit without explicit permission

Melly devoted herself to her Domme completely. So much so that she often neglected herself.
That wasn't necessarily surprising with the confidence issues Melly already faced day-to-day. Having Winona there with her at least gave her a boost. Serving Winona made her feel worthwhile - like she had use. Like she had a purpose.
They had been dating for 8 years, and upon finding out both of them enjoyed D/s - on opposite sides of the slash, luckily - they started a D/s relationship 3 years in. Their arrangement had relied a lot on obedience training and high protocol. Winona loved training Melly to be the perfect servant. Melly loved serving Winona the way she wanted, and also, she enjoyed the thrill of getting set back in place whenever she'd mess up.
For the first bit, Melly would go into over-apologizing mode when she made a mistake. And then Winona forced Melly to cut her apologizing habit. Winona didn't like it, and it always made Melly feel worse. Ceasing her habit of apologizing all the time boosted her self-esteem significantly, but her confidence was still mostly in the dumpster.
Melly wasn't quite sure how to fix that.
In that moment, she couldn't even think of it, not with the hike Winona had brought her on. Out of all of Winona's hobbies, Melly understood hiking the least. Winona was in far better shape -- she was able to scale mountains while Melly trailed far behind, out of breath. Melly had tried to work up her strength, her endurance, and it seemed like a futile effort.
But when Winona brought her out of the house, it seemed important. Not in a bad way. (She made sure to reassure Melly that no, she was not dumping her. At that point, Melly didn't really have to be convinced more than that.) Winona wanted to scale the tallest mountain in distance. Melly braced herself for the steep hills. Going through it was a herculean task.
At least she had the knowledge she was serving her Mistress to go with her. That got her through the most vertical ramps.
It took what felt like a century, but eventually, they made it up. Melly resented the fact Winona wanted to go before sunrise even hit. But now she understood.
Melly knew that the sight was going to be beautiful. She'd been here before, a while back. But watching it during the sunrise... it was a whole other experience entirely. Melly sighed, her grateful heart heavy in her chest. She reached around for Winona's hand. Winona grabbed it, and gave her palm a tight squeeze.
"Thank you, Mistress," Melly said with a smile. "You were right to bring me out here." She paused. "As always."
"Of course I am," Winona giggled. "Why do you think I'm the one in charge, here? You wouldn't have thought to do something like this, hmm?"
Melly giggled. "I guess not, Mistress."
Winona and Melly stood there in silence for a while. They watched the sun continue to rise over the horizon. The warm sunlight colored the trees and hills around them, and reflected off of Melly and Winona's skin. Melly looked to her Mistress - she looked so much more powerful coated in the sunbeams.
Winona began talking. "I had a reason for bringing you here, Melly," she started. Melly turned to her Mistress with an inquisitive look on her face. Winona pulled her backpack around to her front, and opened it. Melly couldn't quite put two and two together as Winona pulled out a cube package. "Go on, open it."
"Yes, Mistress." Melly tenderly pulled off the lid, and looked inside. Her eyes widened at what she saw.
A collar. Specifically, an eternity collar. The key was still inside of it, keeping it open - but only a little. Inside, there was text engraved - "Property of Winona". The collar was a lovely rose gold, and it looked even more gorgeous in the sunlight that hit it.
"Mistress, I... what's happening?"
"I love you," Winona started. Melly felt her heart race. "And I love owning you. I want to own you and be with you forever, Melly. I want to control every part of you, and have you as my property forever." Melly's eyes welled up with tears. "You are beautiful, and gorgeous, and my beloved submissive. I've spent years breaking you and molding you as mine... and I want it to be permanent."
Winona picked up the collar. "Melly, will you be mine, forever?"
"Yes!" Melly exclaimed without even thinking about it twice. She put the collar back into the box and stood up. Winona followed her, and embraced her submissive tightly. Melly sobbed into Winona's arms, her body shaking with happiness. She felt so fulfilled, so loved. So owned.
After a while, Winona pulled back. A serious look crossed her face. "Before I collar you, I need you to do one more task for me. A final task before I can truly claim you."
"Y-yes?" Melly stammered. "What is it?"
"I need you," Winona started with an inhale, "to build your confidence up to my standards."
Okay. Now Melly felt confused, and thrown back in a whiplash. "I... I'm sorry, Mistress, I don't understand."
"Of course you don't," Winona chuckled. "You see, I truly want to own you. You can get that. However, I need you to rebuild your confidence. I need you to stop your needless put downs to yourself, stop the way you hide your body - and yourself - in your room. I need you to stop turning away from how much you're truly worth. Right?"
Melly looked away - which fit the moment. Winona grabbed her chin and pulled her face back up. "I need you to stop disrespecting my property."
Melly gulped.
"Only then, will I truly claim you. Do you accept my terms... plaything?"
The submissive stammered in Winona's presence. She wasn't *quite* sure what to say. It was... a huge request of Winona to make... Melly spent her entire life disgracing herself and making herself smaller than she needed to be. But... it was an order from her Mistress. And Melly wanted this so bad - to be owned by Winona forever.
It was an order. The command was meant to be obeyed. Eventually, Melly nodded. "Yes, Mistress," she said. "I'll do as you say."

        "Come on out, plaything. I want to see what my prize looks like in that outfit."

        Melly flushed a deep red as she looked down at her attire, from behind the curtain. She understood the point of this training. She really did. And she wasn't in a place to question her Mistress' methods, even if she didn't quite get it. Melly knew this was part of her Mistress' training.
But did she really have to put Melly in these outfits? Melly's skin was barely covered. She donned a skimpy red bra that didn't leave much to the imagination. It barely covered her nipples. And her bra definitely covered more than her thong. She might as well have just been naked.
Melly didn't like mirrors. She didn't like being in the same room as one. And she certainly didn't like looking into them. Melly recalled coming out of a mirror house at an amusement park with her Mistress, crying, on the edge of a panic attack. The only mirrors she could accept were ones high enough to only show anything above her shoulders.
So when Winona brought out a full-body wall mirror, along with a bag full of lingerie, Melly feared what was going to happen. And Winona ordered exactly what Melly feared. At the very least, she allowed Melly to dress herself behind a curtain.
Standing in front of a mirror regularly clothed was hard enough. But like this - while Melly was all but naked?
"Plaything, I'm waiting," Winona repeated, an edge of impatience to her voice.
Melly didn't like mirrors, but she liked displeasing her Mistress even less. "I-I'm coming out, Mistress," Melly said quietly. She lifted the curtain and walked out. It took all her effort to maintain eye contact with her Mistress. Melly could feel her face on fire.
"You look amazing," Winona smiled. She walked closer to Melly and ran a hand through her hair. "You are so cute, showing off your body for me. Your body is so fun to toy with, to look at..." Winona curled Melly's hair with her index finger. "But this isn't about me, Melly. This is about you."
Winona grabbed Melly's body and manipulated her. In a couple of seconds, Melly was facing to the mirror. Already, the heavy thoughts started setting in. Melly's face twisted, trying to shove them down. She felt something grab her hand, and almost winced. Comfort wrapped her in a blanket as she looked over and saw her Mistress next to her, holding her hand tightly.
"My beautiful, beautiful submissive," Winona cooed. "You're so perfect for me. I made the right choice to make you mine."
Melly giggled. That made her feel just a bit better. "Thank you, Mistress."
Winona smirked. "And now, it's your turn."
"My turn...?" Melly blinked, fidgeting with her hands.
"To say kind things about yourself," Winona finished. "Into the mirror. Looking at your beautiful, beautiful body. You'll admire yourself until I'm satisfied. Understand?"
Melly wanted to protest instinctively. But she shoved down that urge as soon as it piped up -- Winona wouldn't be pleased with Melly questioning her orders, after all. But... maybe... "W-would you like me to say anything specific, Mistress?"
Winona gripped Melly's hand tight. "Your choice. I won't be giving you a script."
That was a tad disappointing - at the very least, when Winona gave Melly mantras, at least Melly knew what to say. Melly gulped, looking at herself, trying not to focus on her flaws. Where did she even start? "I'm..." Melly forced the gears in her head to turn. "I'm... kind of cute."
Winona rolled her eyes. "You're more than that. And you know it. Try again."
Melly fidgeted anxiously. "I'm... cute."
"Better. Keep going."
Melly inhaled sharply. "I... like the way I look."
Winona nodded. "You're in the right direction, plaything. More?"
"I'm... beautiful." The words felt fake to Melly, like she was talking about someone else. Almost as if she were lying. "I'm beautiful." She repeated, and it felt a little more real. She repeated those two words a few times, each time sounding more confident and sure of herself. Melly could even feel herself beginning to smile.
Winona interrupted at one point. "What specifically do you find beautiful, plaything?"
Melly paused. "I... um..."
"Be a little specific, would you?" Winona paused for a beat. "For your Mistress?"
"...Yes, Mistress," Melly responded. The warmth in her heart - her love for her Mistress - countered whatever self-doubt ate at her. "My hair is beautiful. My... my chest is beautiful." Melly flushed as she noted her barely-covered boobs.
Winona moved her hand, wrapping it around Melly's shoulder, and grasping onto one from the other hand. "Eep!" Melly yelped from the sudden touch, from the way Winona now used Melly's tits as stress balls. Melly's brain short circuited, making her forget what she was doing.
"Go on?" Winona asked, almost feigning innocence. "I didn't tell you to stop."
"Y-yes, Mistress," Melly murmured. Melly desperately grasped for the first thought she could find, and finally found something else to fixate on. "I... I look great in this outfit."
"You do!" Winona cheered. "That's why I picked it for you. I'm so glad you like it. I like it on you, too." She squeezed Melly's tit hard to emphasize her point -- once again, stealing the thoughts from Melly's hands. "Here, I'll help you. Say that again, a few times, for me."
"I look great in this outfit," Melly said as she nodded an affirmative. "I look great in this outfit. I look great in this outfit."
Winona put a finger to Melly's lips, pausing her repetitions. "Try this: I always look fantastic for my Mistress."
Melly chuckled lightly. That one felt easy to say, finally. "I always look fantastic for my Mistress. I always look fantastic for my Mistress. I always look fantastic for my Mistress."
"Yes, you do," Winona cooed. One of her hands trailed down from Melly's breast, down her midsection, eventually reaching her hips. Melly stammered on the mantra, but tried her damndest to keep it going - even with the tantalizing touches with which Winona was gracing her. Winona lightly scratched at Melly's inner thighs, creeping her hand higher and higher.
"I-I... l-look fantastic for my... my Mis--"
"Why are you stammering, plaything?" Winona asked firmly as she began moving her fingers to Melly's crotch. "Is something wrong?"
Melly gasped for air. "N-no, Mistress."
Winona smirked. "Good. Keep repeating that mantra. I'm going to bring you closer and closer, and then I'm going to take your pleasure from you again." Melly stammered and squirmed, her legs rubbing together as Winona reached the tips of her hole. It didn't take much effort for Winona to push the panties out to the side and slide her fingers in. Melly shivered at the sensation. The repetitions of the mantra turned into indecent gasps and moans. And still, Melly obeyed, repeating the mantra as best as she could.
Winona pushed her fingers in deeper, using her thumb to make circles around Melly's clit. Melly felt her legs about to give in, forcing her to fall back onto the bed. "Keep standing," Winona ordered. "Keep looking at yourself. Watch yourself obey, repeat, and be gorgeous for me. You're not allowed to turn your head away just yet."
"Yes, Mistress," Melly murmured in the middle of one of her repetitions. Winona put her other hand to Melly's back, holding her steady, in place. Melly's voice shook as Winona began finger fucking Melly harder. The smaller, subbier girl felt herself melting. Her needy cunt twitched, soaking Winona's fingers with its sweet juices. Melly could hear how turned on she was with every finger thrust. She was so close. So close to the edge. The repetitions stopped, and all she could do was gasp and beg.
Beg for release.
And just as she thought Winona might go back on her word, Winona stopped. She pulled her fingers out. Melly could almost feel herself break, ready to beg for Winona to give her more. But she knew that wasn't how it worked. Mistress was allowed to give her pleasure, and take away her pleasure.
Still, Melly couldn't lie. Denial was hot, but it always left her feeling a bit disappointed. She supposed that was the point. "Good girl," Winona petted Melly's hair with her other hand. "You've passed the first test."
Melly laid her head down in Winona's lap sometime later that afternoon. The neediness and want had left her body long ago, leaving only a tingling, wet sensation in her skimpy panties. Winona gently stroked Melly's hair, circling her cheek and forehead, smiling down at her submissive affectionately.
She would always start it this way. Hypnosis. Melly was such a slut, but especially a hypnoslut for kinesthetic inductions. It took a while for her to realize what she really liked and wanted, but Winona pulled it out of her eventually. Winona tested a few things, and found Melly responded particularly well to touch.
So the harder Melly's hair was pulled, the deeper the touches on her skin felt, the more and more sleepy she'd get. Melly whimpered as Winona whispered simple phrases to her. *Drop. Fall for me. That's right. Deeper and deeper.* It didn't take much for Melly to go into trance. Just some touches. A few words. And finally--
Two fingers sliding down the sides of Melly's cheeks. Finally, Melly's body flopped, her head dropping heavy into Winona's lap. "That's it," Winona cooed. "Such a good girl. Such a good trance slut."
Winona kept her there for a while, just letting her sit with the comforting embrace of trance. And then, Winona started talking. "I want you to listen to me very closely, plaything. I'm going to tell you some simple truths. Then, I'm going to bring them up, and wipe them from your memory... for the most part. You'll have an inkling of a memory of my words, but you won't remember them exactly. That, my plaything, is work you will have to do. Work you'll do on yourself, for me."
Melly giggled, excited for whatever Winona had planned. The collaring they had planned was mostly a formality. From whatever angle they looked at their relationship, it was 24/7 D/s. Thus, Melly would accept whatever Winona wanted to do to her in trance.
"You are good for your Mistress. Repeat."
"I am good for my Mistress."
"You do what your Mistress wants."
"I do what my Mistress wants."
"You believe what your Mistress says."
"I believe what my Mistress says."
"Your Mistress deems you worthy, beautiful, whole inside and out."
"My Mistress deems me worthy, beautiful, whole inside and out."
"Your Mistress deems you worthy, beautiful, whole inside and out."
"My Mistress deems me worthy, beautiful, whole inside and out."
"That's it," Winona smiled. Melly nearly repeated that, but stopped herself - eliciting a giggle from Winona. "You are worthy of being owned by me. Whatever doubts you have about yourself, they are insignificant to my words. My words - my thoughts - my beliefs - they're more powerful than whatever insecurities your mind makes you focus on. You have no reason to believe anything I do not make you believe. You only want to believe my words. My telling you how wonderful and spectacular you are, in so many ways. Do you understand?"
Melly paused for a minute, letting her words sink in. She nodded.
"Good. Such a good, devoted, lovely submissive. But you're not just my submissive. You are my delight, you are my priceless vase, you are my property. And you will not disrespect yourself - anytime, but especially not in my presence. Those thoughts have no place in your mind.
"So, on the count of five, I'm going to wake you up. You're not going to remember my words from this trance. But you're going to remember their meaning, how they made you feel. How obedient you are to not question my words and say anything else about yourself. And then, you're going to tell me how worthy you are. In your own words."
Melly nodded, a soft smile crossing her face. Winona twirled a lock of Melly's hair in her fingers. "Good. Now, on the count of five..."
The count up was slow at first, and picked up in pace. Melly nearly didn't notice when Winona said "one, up." She sat up slowly, the room still feeling distant. The only presence Melly immediately understood post-trance was Winona's.
"How are you feeling?" Winona asked.
"Good," Melly sighed.
"Then, once you've taken a moment, get started. You know what you have to do."
        Melly inhaled, and began talking. Surprisingly, even though she couldn’t remember a second of the trance she just had, the words to her came easily. She had some fumbling at first. But Melly was quick to find her way, pleasing her, pleasing her Mistress. And then, she earned another nice edge as a result…


Winona spent the next couple of weeks testing Melly continuously. Punishing her for every insecure statement she'd utter. Rewarding her when she instinctively praised herself. Beating any self-deprecating jokes out of her. Edging her when she willingly looked at herself in the mirror. Obviously, Melly didn't it get it perfect all the time -- especially in the first couple of days. After all, years of self-hatred were hard to beat out of anyone. But the two of them kept going, and refused to give up on each other.
Once Melly went an entire week without a single scolding or punishment, Winona decided it was time. Melly earned this. She earned her collaring.
Melly, unsure of what to expect when Winona asked her to come out in only lingerie, walked into her living room and saw it all done up. The lighting was dim, only lit up with candles and fairy lights. Roses, lilies, carnations hung from the walls, and the candles were surrounded in stones. Namely quartz, garnet, and jade. Of course, Melly picked her favorite bra - which ended up being the skimpy one she could barely get a sentence out in at first. And underneath, she wore a chastity belt - one she and her Domme had played around in quite a fair bit. The key still sat inside of the lock. This was at Winona's command, of course. Winona donned her bra and panties too; her attire was elegant, black, lacy. And dominant. She stood in front of a small table, with a box seated on top.
Most notably, though, was the floor mirror sitting against the wall. Melly eyed it briefly, walking up to Winona. "What's going on here?" she asked.
"Your collaring," Winona answered matter of factly. Melly took a second to realize what was happening, and then her eyes widened. "You passed your final test. You grew your confidence for me, and stopped admonishing yourself all the time. So now, it's my pleasure to take you for myself. Permanently."
Melly's eyes watered, filling up with tears and hope and love. "R-really? I passed? You... really think so?"
"Of course I do." Winona reached her arm across the table and scruffed Melly's neck as if she were a frightened kitten. "You went a week without one mean comment about yourself. Without disrespecting yourself - my property - one time. You've learned well. I've trained you well. And now, well..." Winona's hands went to the box, and pulled off the lid. The same collar Winona showed off on the mountain top sat there - this time surrounded by rose petals. "Now I feel confident in myself, completely owning you. You are perfect, plaything. You are perfect for me."
Melly couldn't help it - she let a single tear fall down from each eye. "Thank you, Mistress," she murmured. Winona picked up the collar and held it open. Just like Melly's chastity belt, the key hung inside.
"I want two more things from you before I lock this around you," Winona said. Melly blinked, trying to figure out what in the world Winona could mean. "I want to hear your devotion. And, more importantly..." the tips of Winona's lips curled into a mean smirk. "I want your permanent chastity. Which I'll take away while you're singing your praises for me. Telling me how you want me to own my perfect submissive."
Melly nodded. At the beginning of their relationship, she wasn't able to go a single day without climaxing. But, now, she couldn't even imagine climaxing without her Mistress' permission - something that was rarely granted to her. And something that Melly would never get permission for again.
And she was happy about that.
"So, every time I say the word 'edge', you're going to feel yourself do just that. Go all the way to the edge for me. You'll hang there for a couple of seconds, and then fall back down. Of course, all of this will happen while you're exclaiming how much you want to be owned by me." Melly wasn't quite hypnotized, but she didn't need to be. The sound of Winona's voice was entrancing enough. "And when I finally give you permission, you will finish, for the final time in your life. And then you will truly be mine."
Melly nodded softly. "Of course, Mistress. I'm so excited."
"Then, take your bra off. Face the mirror. And start talking."
Melly complied. She threw her bra off, placing it neatly on the couch. She and Winona faced the mirror - Melly could clearly see how happy she felt, and how hard she blushed.
And then Melly started talking.
        "I love you," she started, her back straight and her shoulders down. "I love you so much, and I love you more for helping me love myself. We are... such a beautiful couple together, and I want to spend the rest of my life following you and obeying your every command."
Winona pulled Melly closer to her. "And you will look beautiful doing so," she said. Whatever words that were coming next out of Melly's mouth disappeared when Winona whispered, "edge." Melly gasped, and the sensation hit her immediately. Her body tensed up as the adrenaline rush hit her, crashing through her body like a wave. Melly could feel herself right at the tip of the cliff, ready to be pushed off by Winona, ready to fall into an incredible climax--
And then slowly, her arousal walked back down. Melly gasped and panted. The first edge already left her in need, want, and ready for more. "T-thank you, Mistress," she murmured. She knew to thank her Mistress for edges.
"Admire me more," Winona commanded. "And admire yourself. Admire how beautiful and powerful the two of us are."
"Of course," Melly nodded, exhaling as the last of the pleasure left her body - for the most part. "You are... my Mistress. My powerful, strong, loving Mistress. You always know what's best for me, you always know how to guide me in the right direction. I can't even think of going against any of your orders. Especially-" Melly choked up. "When your orders make me... feel good. About myself. You... you helped me find my confidence. I want to be your beautiful, obedient, wonderful submissive. Forever."
Melly paused, as if waiting for an edge. Winona chuckled - she definitely knew what Melly was thinking. Unfortunately, instead of the trigger, she said - "go on. Tell me about what makes you worthy of being mine."
Melly obeyed - trying to shove down the fleeting feeling of disappointment. "I am... willing. Devoted. Good for my Mistress. I do everything I can to make Mistress happy, even when it is difficult for me. Even when I struggle at first, I- I always try. I always make an effort until I succeed. I am... strong. I am a sight for my Mistress' eyes. I... am beautiful, just like my Mistress. And, just like my Mistress made me."
"Good girl," Winona praised. Melly smiled briefly, and then -- "edge."
A sharp inhale came through Melly's mouth as her body froze once again. Her legs squirmed together. Her body was hot and her face was beet red. Her eyes quivered just a bit from the sudden rush of arousal. Melly gasped and panted for air. She could feel herself leaking in her chastity belt.
And then she came back down. She was so close... so ready to just let herself go. But she didn't have permission - so she wouldn't. Melly was determined not to ruin her collaring. Not to ruin her Mistress' collaring, either.
"And about us?" Winona asked. "What do you think makes the two of us so wonderful? How do we outshine any other hot lesbian D/s couple we know?"
That answer was easy to Melly. She just needed her mind and body to calm down from the edge a bit. Just as she was about to answer the question, Winona interjected-
"Edge, edge, edge." Melly all but collapsed onto the couch. She couldn't think or do anything other than wordlessly beg like an indecent slut. Melly felt hungry - there was a pit in her stomach, a void that could only be filled by orgasm. The lack of knowledge of knowing when Winona would grant that to her made it tenfold as difficult.
Each word brought Melly closer. Were she not as willing, she would have just given in and let herself finish then and there. But Winona guided her back down. "That's for keeping me waiting," she chuckled. "Answer the question."
"Y-yes, Mistress." Melly forced herself to gather her composure. And then she started talking again. "We work with each other. Of course, I follow you and obey you... but we help each other. I help you in any way you want, and you lend me a hand when I need it. We're like a bee and a flower. The two of us, we..." Melly smiled as she gripped onto Winona's hands tightly. "We complete each other."
Winona gripped Melly's hands tight back. "Yes we do," she answered. "And I love you so much."
They sat in silence. Melly wanted to say more, but she got the impression that answer was perfect as was. "I want to be yours forever."
"And you will," Winona smiled. She whispered in Melly's ear - and Melly prepared herself - "edge. Edge. Edge. Edge for me."
That's just what Melly did. She didn't think she could take anymore edging - Melly felt her brain melting out of her ears. "Scream for me," Winona urged. "Scream how much you love me, how devoted you are to me."
Melly screamed. She didn't necessarily need her words, but she repeated over and over how much she loved Winona. How much she loved herself, and the two of them as a couple. She screamed how she wanted to obey and follow Winona - her Mistress - for the rest of her life. Melly felt her throat go sore, wondering how many times Winona was going to edge her. Wondering when she would grant her the sweet release Melly sought after.
Just as Melly was about to give up, Winona whispered in her ear.
"Are you ready?" she asked. "For your final orgasm? To give me your chastity and pleasure forever?"
"Yes!" Melly gasped. She begged for it. She begged not only for release, but for her Mistress to permanently control that part of her. Control her pleasure. Forever.
"Then be mine," Winona allowed. "And climax."
Melly took the command with ease. Her body exploded with pleasure. She felt her cunt twitch and leak, soiling her chastity belt. Melly's throat grew tired from gasping; her lungs could barely take anymore moaning. Winona was determined to drag Melly's orgasm as long out as possible. She grabbed onto Melly's body and gripped her tightly - her chest, her shoulders, her face. She tilted Melly's face to look her directly in the eyes. Somehow, the sight made Melly's orgasm stronger. It made it feel as if it lasted an eternity.
Melly thought she would be orgasming for hours. And then, finally, it ended. And Melly felt satisfied. Complete.
Her legs gave in, and she collapsed on the couch. Winona allowed her to, and followed. She sat on the couch next to her submissive, her property. Winona embraced Melly, bringing her close as Melly floated back down to Earth. She lightly kissed Melly's face, then slowly started peppering it with kisses.
"I love you so much, plaything," Winona smiled, rubbing her thumb against Melly's back. "You're mine, forever."
"Yes," Melly sighed happily. She could barely move an inch. Luckily, she didn't have to.
Winona reached over to the table, and pulled out the collar. She held it open. "Are you ready?"
"Yes," Melly answered with zero hesitation.
The collar went around Melly's neck and snapped closed. Winona took out the key, and put it on the table. "And now, your other key." Winona reached down to the lock holding Melly's chastity belt closed. She removed the key, and Melly gasped slightly as she heard it come out.
"Let's take these to the dumpster later," she said with a smirk. "But for now, some aftercare is in order."
"Mhmm," Melly smiled, leaning and falling asleep on her Domme. Her owner. And the one who brought her confidence out to shine.


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