Tattooed for Obedience

by Skaetlett

Tags: #D/s #f/f #humiliation #obedience_training #tattoo #corruption #dom:female #exhibitionism #pov:bottom #sub:female

Crystal goes to her favorite kinky tattoo artist and gives her free reign on her next tattoo. What happens when Adira hypnotizes her during a session?

The characters in this story are over the age of 18 and if you're reading this, you should be too. Copyright Skaetlett (c) 2022, do not repost without explicit permission.

"This time, I want you to pick for me!"
It was an unusual request coming from Crystal. Both her and Adira knew that. When Crystal first stepped into Adira's sick tattoo parlor, she had an exact idea of what she wanted, the size, the colors, everything. Slowly, over time, she loosened up, allowing Adira and her 15 years of experience take some creative liberties.
Last time Crystal came in - her 4th tattoo, she remembered - she wanted a tattoo of a dolphin. Adira convinced her to get a shark. It ended up being the perfect decision.
But to give Adira complete freedom to pick a tattoo for Crystal? That was a big chance. After all, Adira's favorite animals were snakes, which just happened to be Crystal's biggest fear. Adira donned goth punk attire, and Crystal always came in with pink lolita style clothes. Stylistically, they couldn't be more different.
Well... it wasn't *entirely* out there. After all, since Crystal's first tattoo, the two had started up a bit of a flirtationship. It was all teasing, or so they thought. A good amount of it was fueled by the fact they were both kinky as shit. To get Crystal's mind off of the tattoo pain, Adira had Crystal recount her first experience with a strict Mommy Domme.
And then Adira called her a good girl. That carried Crystal through the rest of a session, albeit with a hot blush on her face.
"You want me to decide?" Adira smirked with a raised eyebrow. "Any limits?"
"Nope!" Crystal grinned enthusiastically. "Full range, Adira! I want to see what you think would look good on me."
Adira's smirk widened teasingly. "Honestly, I'm tempted to go all in and tattoo a cobra to your leg."
Crystal froze, the blood draining from her face. Adira laughed lightheartedly, slapping Crystal's back. "Just kidding, dear. Sure, if you want, I'll give you what I think you'd rock."
"Y-yay!" Crystal chuckled nervously, the anxiety of having a snake on her forever still passing. "I'll, um, wait in the waiting room then!"
Adira nodded and headed off to her computer. Crystal wanted to sneak around and look over her shoulder, but that would murder the surprise in cold blood. That was what Crystal wanted. A surprise. She just left the job of her dreams that ended up being terrible, so she needed something new and exciting. Crystal could barely keep her legs still as they swung back and forth.
Finally, after a good 15 minutes, Adira printed something out. She sauntered over to Crystal, and revealed the design to Crystal.
Crystal's eyes widened with shock. The design was more simple than she would have expected. First off, it was only an outline, although the outline was all in red and white as opposed to the traditional black. It was... a heart, with a trident through it - the spears poking through the other side. At least it wasn't the stereotypical arrow-in-heart tattoo Crystal would see everywhere.
And most notably was the all-black text in front, reading: "MINE".
It was perfect.
Crystal's mind raced at a hundred miles a minute trying to think of placement. But for now - "That is wonderful!" she exclaimed. "Adira, you are the absolute *best*!"
Adira chuckled. "I know, I know, that's why you keep giving me all your money. I'll do this one for free, though."
Crystal gaped. "R-really? What's the occasion?"
"It's National Crystal-Is-So-Adorable Day, obviously," Adira winked. Oh god Crystal was so gay. "As for placement, I have something a bit... scandalous, in mine."
The smaller girl's grin widened to a manic degree. "Just what I need. What?"
"Let's do it as a womb tattoo."
Crystal blinked. "Like... above my, y'know--"
"Yeah, above your pussy, dear. What do you say? I think you'd be real hot strutting that around. Trust me, girls would get you naked and then go haywire over that. And you want that, right? A cute girl pushing you around, making you her plaything?"
Crystal nodded vigorously. Yes. Yes she wanted that very very badly. "Well... if you're sure, I guess... I guess that'll be fun, right?" Suddenly, before Adira was able to go to set up her station, Crystal piped up again. "Wait! W-what about the pain? That's... a pretty rough area, right?"
"Oh, it is. But..." Adira leaned into Crystal's ear. "I think I know a fun way around that."
"R-really? What?"
"Well..." Adira tapped her fingers together contemplatively. "I am a hypnotherapist on the side. I could hypnotize you."
Crystal snorted, raising an eyebrow. "Wait. Hypnosis is a real thing? I thought it was just a thing in cartoons." A thing in cartoons that always made her feel weird, for some reason.
"Oh, no, it's real. And I can show you..."
Adira pulled something from her pocket, and flashed it open for Crystal. A pocket watch.
"Right here, right now."
Adira's voice was so, so fucking deep and hot. It made Crystal drool, even though she still wasn't entirely convinced. Adira could hypnotize the pain away for Crystal? That sounded... too good to be true. Why wouldn't all tattoo artists do that if that were the case?
But, she came in wanting one thing. And she was going to get it. "Yeah," Crystal smiled. "I'm down for something new."
Adira grinned. "Good." She closed the pocket watch and put it away. "Then let's get started on that stencil."


        Crystal’s legs swung again as Adira prepared the stencil. But instead of telling her to calm down in a teasing voice, Adira just touched her thighs and pushed on them. Placing… Crystal’s feet on the ground. Crystal froze, and only then realized she… maybe… was a little horny.
        Well, who wouldn’t be? She had stripped naked bottom down for her tattoo artist. Crystal’s fluids got the seat damp. Thankfully, Adira didn’t notice – or at least Crystal didn’t think she did. That would be cause for even more teasing.
        Adira’s hands felt so warm and soft on Crystal’s crotch, putting the stencil on. Crystal twitched with need, but she wasn’t quite sure for what.
        Crystal's fidgeting soon stopped, replaced with a sense of pride upon seeing the stencil on her. It sat just a couple inches above her lower lips, sitting nicely on her womb. It was perfect. So perfect that Crystal couldn't help but get the seat just a little wet... Luckily, Adira didn't really seem to mind.
In fact, when Adira looked towards Crystal's obvious arousal, she just smiled. Crystal all but melted.
"And now, for the next important part," Adira started. She kneeled in front of Crystal. Reaching into her vest, she pulled something out. Something lovely, simple, and pretty. A pendulum. The stone was jade, shaped into an upside-down cone, now floating a bit above Crystal's eyes. Crystal whimpered. It was so pretty... she just wanted to close her eyes.
"I'm going to put you under now," Adira said softly. "And when I wake you up, we're going to start the tattoo session. But you won't feel pain. You'll feel softness. Maybe some tickling. And most vitally..."
Adira leaned into Crystal's ear. "Arousal."
"Mmm..." Crystal gulped. Okay, Adira definitely knew Crystal had a thing for her. Maybe that wasn't such a bad thing, despite Crystal's nerves around the subject.
"So... you're just going to stare. Stare at the pendulum. And then I'm going to drop it, and you're going to fall asleep. Not asleep-asleep, just in... a fugue. A state of mindlessness. Just letting your subconscious out. And letting me play with it. Do you understand... pretty girl?" Adira's lips curled upwards. She looked excited too -- Adira was just a tad better about hiding it.
"Yes," Crystal said meekly, nodding.
"Good." Adira didn't speak for a long time. Instead, she kept holding up the pendulum higher and higher. Crystal's eyes strained. They hurt a bit, just trying to follow the pendulum. Trying to be so obedient for Adira and doing what she says... That's all Crystal wanted to do. She wanted to do whatever Adira told her to. Deep down, Crystal didn't want to think anymore.
Luckily, she didn't have to for much longer. Adira dropped the pendulum into her other hand. And just like that, Crystal dropped. Dropped into trance.
"There you go," Adira put her hands around Crystal's cheeks as she fell. "All the way down for me."
Crystal didn't have to wait long for the tattooing to start. She woke up from trance at Adira's command. Adira asked her if she was ready, her tattoo gun at the ready. Crystal sleepily said yes. And the tattoo gun reached the stencil, beginning the tattoo under her skin.
Oh. Fuck.
Crystal couldn't hold back a moan. Fuck, that felt so, so fucking good. Crystal held her next moan in as Adira continued tracing the stencil with red ink. Instead, she grasped the edges of the chair tightly, like she was clinging for her life. She gasped and panted.
Eventually, Crystal found it in her to look down. The sight of her skin being permanently altered to her artist's liking... without too much of Crystal's input... it set her off even more. She had it so hard for Adira. Crystal felt like she was going to confess right then and there -- after all, she didn't have much control left of her body. It convulsed with pleasure in the seat. It felt like a continuous series of orgasms, only without the actual climax.
The tattoo was obviously going to be quick. But every second felt like agonizing pleasure. Crystal's eyes teared up. Her body was being changed. Altered. And with every movement of the tattoo gun, that feeling grew even stronger.
She was so close. So close to the actual climax. To release. Her cunt and clit ached in the chair, and it took all of Crystal's willpower not to start humping the seat in an attempt to get off. And just as she was about to relent to the urge--
The tattoo was finished.
"All done," Adira said with a smile. "Want to go into the mirror and take a look?"
        Crystal nodded, standing up from the chair - still naked from the waist down, and the fluids sticking to her inner thighs. She sauntered over to the mirror, and took a good look.
        Crystal didn’t know what it was, but… the tattoo looked perfect. Somehow, it looked even better than Adira’s usual already impeccable lineart. Crystal tilted her body around, looking at it from a million different angles. Her eyes gazed down at it. It was everything she wanted – just like Adira had read her mind somehow. Had Adira been planning this? She did finish the design quickly. Whatever. It didn’t matter. Crystal was more than happy with it – she was enthralled.
        “It is wonderful!” Crystal exclaimed. “It’s, like… everything! I can’t even get out the words to describe it. You are the best, Adira!”
        Adira smiled at Crystal's enthusiasm – Crystal must have looked like a young puppy going outside for the first time. Crystal couldn’t rip her eyes away from the mirror. But, alas, she had to get Adira her payment. And she was planning to leave a very nice tip.
        So, she went back to the chair to get her clothes, and–
        Crystal froze.
        “Sit down,” Adira continued. Suddenly, Crystal’s body moved for her. Her body plopped back down in the chair at Adira’s stern command. The excitement and thrill in Crystal’s eyes turned into a look of shock and disbelief. What was going on? Why did her body just obey Adira’s command, just like that? Well, Crystal had to admit, she would have obliged either way, but…
        “W-what’s going on?” Crystal asked meekly.
        Adira smiled, placing her hands on Crystal’s thighs. Crystal winced, the touch feeling like static electricity. “I know you’ve had your eyes on me for a while, dear,” she explained. “As have I for you. So, I decided to give you a… special session.”
        “I-I… what do you mean, Adira?” Crystal’s body shook, and her heart pounded in her chest like a fire alarm. “I mean, you’re, um, right. You’re very pretty and kind and gentle and…”
        “I know, I know,” Adira chuckled as her thumbs rubbed Crystal’s legs. Crystal panted heavily, back to the brink of orgasm with just a few light touches. “I just decided to speed up the process. So, while you were under my trance, I gave you… a few more suggestions. Namely, an obedience one.”
        Crystal wanted to ask more questions, but Adira continued to explain. “You’ve always wanted that, Crystal. You’ve been in here moaning about how much you want a strict Domme. And I knew you’ve been telling me because you know I lean towards the D-type side. So… I just decided to speed up the process.
        “But… if you don’t like it, I can take it out right now. And you can leave here on your merry way.”
        Crystal’s jaw was on the ground. What could she even say? Adira wasn’t wrong, after all. This was what Crystal wanted. She wanted to be controlled, and she wanted to be controlled specifically by Adira. Adira just gave her everything she wanted, and she didn’t even… she didn’t even have to go through the trouble of asking. Adira was doing her a favor – and she even offered to take it out.
        “I… I’m okay with keeping it,” Crystal admitted, the smallest smile on her face. “Thank you.”
Crystal fidgeted nervously in the bask of Adira's domineering gaze. She tapped her fingers together, trying to find a lighthearted conversation topic. Trying to avoid thinking about all the cruel, sadistic things Adira could do to her... not because she was scared, but because they made her too hot and bothered. "Um, right, I need to pay, how much--"
"No charge," Adira interjected. "I know other ways you can pay me back, pretty girl."
Crystal's face felt like a tomato, ready to explode from ripeness. "Like... what?"
Adira moved behind Crystal's head, putting a hand through her thick hair and running through it gently. "Well, to start? What do you think about... some drinks, and maybe a bit of negotiation? I have plenty of ideas, and I'm sure you do too."
"Y-yes," Crystal gulped. "What bar? Where are we going, then--"
Before Crystal could finish her question, Adira whispered something into her head. Crystal's head dropped as she fell back into the sweet embrace of trance. That hypnotic bliss she was going to get to know so well.


Crystal could barely look into Adira's eyes. She woke up what felt like seconds later, in a completely different place. The first thing she saw was a bright blue cocktail -- definitely traces of coconut rum in it -- and across from her, a dark red bloody mary. And Adira, staring at Crystal. A smile on her face.
"Good morning, gorgeous," Adira greeted her. "So, now that you're under my control... what do you think we should do first?"
Crystal stammered for a while, worrying about who could hear them talk about such lewd things. Luckily, all the staff and patrons seemed to be too busy to notice... "W-well, you're into rope, right?"
"I am. Very much so. You haven't tried much of it yourself, though, have you?"
Crystal shook her head. "Um, no... I haven't had a Domme in a while... and I don't think my last Domme knew how to tie her shoes."
Adira and Crystal shared a lighthearted laugh. Adira didn't take her eyes off Crystal. She looked as if she were a cat, preparing herself to pounce on her prey. The hairs on Crystal's back stood straight up. Adrenaline pumped through her veins. She needed this. All along she needed this, to be under Adira's control, to be--
"Paying attention to me," Adira chuckled. Suddenly, as with every order Adira had given Crystal, she obeyed. All trains of thought other than the gorgeous lady in front of her came to a grinding halt. Crystal nodded. "So. We were thinking of me tying you up, making you physically bound to my commands too, right?"
"Ah, ah. Um. Well, if that's what you want, then I--"
Adira grew impatient. She reached across and grabbed Crystal's chin, holding it firmly. "Of course I want it," Adira hissed. A smile remained on her lips even through her seething frustration. "Isn't that the point of all this... dear?"
Crystal nodded. Whatever other words she was going to say died in her throat.
"Aww, don't look so scared." Crystal relaxed, once again doing as told of her. "Why don't you just relax your legs, too, spreading them a bit under the table..."
Crystal obeyed, but her next words sure didn't. "B-but Adira--"
"That'll be Miss, from now on."
"M-Miss, what if -- what if someone sees us? We could get--"
"Shhhhh," Adira quieted down Crystal's worrying words. "Let all those concerns flush down the drain. The only things that matter here are you, me, and following my orders. Doesn't that make sense to you, pretty girl?"
Every time Adira called her 'pretty girl', Crystal would feel herself melt even further into obedience. "Y-yes," Crystal nodded. Just herself, Adira, and obedience. Only those things mattered. So, Crystal spread her legs wider, allowing Adira's hands to reach onto her panties... no, into her panties, sliding her fingers across Crystal's bottom lips. Crystal panted, feeling the same way she felt in the tattoo chair. Helpless. Horny. And most importantly... bound.
"That's it," Adira cooed, "just let me do as I want. Now, tell me... what else do you want me to do to you?"
Crystal bit her lip, trying to hold back a moan. "W-well... I guess I'd like you to, um, well... toss me around," she answered meekly. "I want you... to just treat my body like a toy, Miss. I, um, I forget the term for it--"
"Rough handling," Adira smirked. "I can definitely do that. I do a lot of weightlifting for that reason, you know."
"So you can... toss cuties around?" Crystal whimpered through her giggle.
"But of course."
Crystal felt herself ready to implode from sheer anticipation.
"What else?" Adira asked, more of an order than a question.
"Um... I really, really like... praise. And degradation."
"Hmm. Both? Separately?"
"More..." Crystal's eyes quivered. "Both, at the same time."
"Like, say if I told you that you were being such a good slutty plaything for me right now, giving me free access to your body... you would like that?"
Crystal couldn't think to speak through her arousal. She managed out a nod.
"Answer me with your words," Adira ordered.
"Yes," Crystal obliged. "I would... I would love stuff like that..."
"Well, I would love it too," Adira agreed. "And what I'd love most... would be testing the effects of my conditioning on you. Ordering you around. Watching you helplessly doing my bidding without a single question. Whether it's making me coffee, or using your mouth to pleasure me... I want to test you, Crystal. I want to test how obedient you are to me."
Adira's fingering grew rougher, more possessive, more impatient. All Crystal could do was go with the flow, and try to be as discreet as possible.
And obviously fail.
"Let's pay our tab and go home, shall we?" Adira pulled her hand away, and got out her credit card. "I think we've had enough drinks for the evening."
Adira didn't waste any time getting her hands on Crystal. The door slammed behind them, jolting the already subby girl, and Adira immediately got to work.
"Undress for me," she said, sitting down in a luxurious chair. "Pretty girl."
"Y-yes, Miss," Crystal squeaked as she tore off her clothes. Eager to follow Adira's order. Eager for the sweet, loving taste of obedience. That was all her mind craved at that moment -- the repeated satisfaction of successfully carrying out an order. An order from her Miss, at that.
As she threw off her clothes, Crystal began to ponder -- did Adira always feel like this towards her? Why did Adira wait so long to take ownership of Crystal? It didn't particularly matter, per se. Crystal was more than happy to be where she was, right then. But... she couldn't lie and say she wasn't a little sad, a little mourning over all that lost time.
After all, she hadn't exactly been hiding her attraction for Adira. Or, she wasn't trying to, at least.
Crystal's back was turned to Adira, but as her panties came off, she bashfully turned around. Now facing her Miss, Crystal realized her face was entirely red. Her hands lifted to cover her burning cheeks, but she was interrupted. Adira stood up from the chair, grabbing Crystal's wrists, and forcing them back to her sides. Adira leaned into Crystal, making the smaller girl feel as though she were backed into a wall.
Adira trapped Crystal. She had her just where she wanted. "I'd like to confess something," she started. "Two things, actually."
"O-okay, Miss," Crystal nodded.
"One, I've wanted this for a long, long time. So have you, obviously, but unlike the plaything in front of me, I was patient. I wanted to wait for the perfect moment to make you truly mine... so, when you came in telling me you wanted me to do whatever I wanted for your tattoo, that's when I knew. That's when I knew you could be a devoted, obedient servant for me.
"Tell me, Crystal," Adira shifted into a question. "Do you think the you from a couple of months ago -- when you first came to me -- would have backed out of this arrangement as soon as I started it?"
"I-I, um, well..." Crystal tried to think back. All the times her friends tried to convince her to go for Adira, and all the times she failed to do so. "I guess so, Miss. I- I think I would have been too shy."
Adira leaned further in, whispering into Crystal's ear. "Then, I picked the perfect time. You've grown confident. Strong. Sure in what you want... I can tell you what would have happened if I tried earlier." As Adira spoke, her hands traveled across Crystal's body. Specifically her sides, around her curves, tracing her silhouette. Just like... an examination, in a way. "I would have hypnotized you into being mindlessly obedient, and then I'd ask you if you wanted to keep the changes, or go back to normal. And..."
"I would have said I wanted to go back," Crystal admitted.
"Correct. Even if that's not what you wanted. It wouldn't have been what you wanted. So, I'd turn you back to normal. And then I would have lost my chance, as would you have.
"You see," Adira's hands trailed down, moving inwards, and reaching the womb tattoo. The skin was still sore, making Crystal wince as Adira traced her fingers around the meticulous outline. "You would have felt bad, backing out. Denying yourself and me what we both really wanted. So, I waited, waited until I knew you wouldn't leave my sight even if you were scared, nervous, terrified."
One of Adira's hands remained on the womb tattoo, and the other reached Crystal's lower lips. She was now completely drenched from all the arousal she'd gotten in the past hour. "And clearly, I picked the perfect time."
Crystal chuckled nervously through her whimpering. "Y-yes, Miss, you did."
Adira's fingers effortlessly slipped in, making quick work of Crystal and dragging her closer to the edge. "And one more thing that I'd like to admit... is that my hypnosis isn't the only thing controlling you."
Crystal's eyes widened, making her pause. "W-what do you mean, Miss?"
"You see, the ink I used is a bit... special. It has an aphrodisiac effect, if you will. I got it from a talented hypnotist -- also a tattoo artist. The ink also has a brainwashing effect that multiplied my hypnosis tenfold.
"What I'm saying," Adira whispered, "is you are permanently bound to my orders, now."
Crystal's body froze. "S-so..."
"Yes. It's not just my hypnosis making you like this. It's the ink now under your skin for the rest of our lives. The womb is the most powerful place I could put it. You're like a succubus now, obeying my commands."
"And..." Crystal's face drained whatever blood rushed up to it initially. "Y-you knew this would be permanent?"
"Of course I did," Adira's hands moved quicked, and her other hand reached around to grope Crystal's firm, round ass. "But you can't resist it, anymore. You can't say no. My hypnosis just made that feeling more powerful."
Crystal wanted to. She wanted to back out. This was too dangerous, even for her. The anxiety she'd felt before crept back into her, knowing this cruel fact now -- no, she couldn't -- she couldn't do this.
And yet, Adira planned to make her. She pulled herself back, and looked deep into Crystal's eyes. "You don't want to resist," Adira said. "You're going to completely accept your situation -- and be happy about it."
Before Crystal could think about Adira's words, her mind warped around them. That command was just like any other -- one Crystal was completely bound to. Her brain twisted, rewiring whatever it was thinking mere seconds ago. She didn't want to resist. She wanted to obey. And obeying, right now, meant she didn't care about what Adira just admitted to her.
No, she didn't just not care. She found it hot. Possessive. It was exactly what Crystal wanted all this time. That fact became more and more true, until Crystal couldn't even remember her earlier worries.
"Okay, Miss," Crystal agreed. "You're completely right. It's like, so hot that you did that to me."
Adira chuckled. "Of course it is." She removed her hands from Crystal. "And now, I'm going to really show you how addictive obedience is. Follow me."
Crystal obeyed, trailing behind Adira across the sizable house. Distantly, she wondered how she'd afforded a place like this. Tattoo artists didn't make CEO level wages. Maybe Adira had some wealth Crystal never knew about. It didn't matter. All that mattered was the moment -- was obedience.
Crystal didn't even have to think about obeying. She loved it. It didn't need to make any sense anymore.
Adira led Crystal into the main bedroom. "Get on the bed, Crystal, spreading your arms and legs across the corners."
"Yes, Miss," Crystal obliged. Still naked, she got on the bed and spread her limbs to each corner.
Not that Adira had to keep Crystal still in that position, but she put in an extra measure as she added, "stay completely still. The only movement you're allowed is breathing."
The words 'Yes, Miss' came up to the edge of Crystal's throat, before dying behind her mouth. She couldn't even speak. All she could do was lay there motionlessly. Breathing. Waiting in anticipation, as Adira crawled on top of her.
"Just lay there," she said, "I'm going to take very good care of you." Adira moved to Crystal's crotch, putting her head to her cunt. As she ate Crystal out, Crystal found herself back to the edge of orgasm within milliseconds. She tried to hold back her moans and gasps, but she'd been getting edged the entire day. It was hard to keep her indecent sounds behind closed lips. Adira didn't seem to mind, though. In fact, with every cute noise Crystal let out, Adira was coaxed further into Crystal's pussy. Adira used her entire face -- her lips, her tongue, everything put into eating out her submissive.
And Crystal couldn't cum. She hadn't been told to, after all. Adira was clearly keen on keeping Crystal at the tip of orgasm, not letting her off until she'd given her order. Crystal breathed. All she could do was breathe through the edging. It wasn't even that she didn't want to cum -- oh she so desperately did -- it was that she physically couldn't. Crystal was completely bound to Adira's commands.
Adira, eventually, showed her kindness. She lifted her head briefly, only for a couple of seconds, to speak--
"You may cum." Those words sounded like harpsichords to Crystal's ears. "And you will cum as many times as I make you."
The second Adira put her face back into Crystal's cunt was the second the first orgasm slammed into her. She rode it out, the minutes it lasted feeling like decades. She gasped and panted and screamed, letting it take over her like a tidal wave.
Her first orgasm slowed down, but Adira hadn't had enough. She brought Crystal to a second orgasm. And a third. Slowly, the orgasms started feeling less like one after the other and more like one on top of another. Crystal couldn't think. Her brain melted out of her ears as the pleasure took over her. All she could think about was cumming and obedience. Cumming was obedience. It was what Adira told her to do, after all.
The minutes passed. Adira spent an hour -- maybe even more -- eating out Crystal until she felt pain from the pleasure. And then... she pulled back, allowing Crystal to finally relax.
Adira crawled her body back up to Crystal's. She embraced her submissive, cuddling her gently as Crystal came back down slowly. Adira lightly told her to cuddle her Domme back, and Crystal once again obeyed. Adira's body was so warm. Being close to it felt secure. It was the only thing Crystal truly understood.
"So, I have to be honest now," Adira started once Crystal felt calmed enough. "The special ink I mentioned? The one binding you to my command permanently?"
Crystal nodded.
"I made it up," Adira admitted with a laugh. "Of course you're not permanently bound to me. I just wanted to scare you a little."
"Oh," Crystal said matter-of-factly. "I see. Well, it would have been hot."
"It would have been? It was hot," Adira corrected. "You can opt out of this arrangement whenever you want, pretty girl. The only thing you'll keep is that tattoo."
Crystal pondered for a minute. She didn't need to think too much to give an answer. "Okay," she said. "I'd like to stay like this for a long time, if that's okay, Miss."
"Of course it is." Adira pulled Crystal in closer. "Then, would you have any complaints about being my... 'assistant' at my tattoo parlor? I know some folks who'd love an obedient slut."
Crystal smiled. "That sounds perfect to me, Miss." Those were her last real words, before she and Adira drifted away into sleep.


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