Taming the Beast

by Skaetlett

Tags: #CGL #noncon #D/s #forced_fem #m/f #princess #revenge_hypnosis

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of kink, feminization, hypnosis, or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts in real life are highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18. Commission from a friend.

    “…and that’s a good girl. So obedient for your Daddy. Next time I’ll have to punish you harder so you’ll know your place, right baby girl?”

    Laura, the submissive and little in question, let out a hesitant and uncomfortable giggle. Brandon — her Daddy dom — was fun to play with. At least, at first. Their scenes had quickly became stale and boring, especially when it became evident that Brandon was only focused on his own desires and had next to no interest in pleasing Laura.

    The baby girl didn’t want to complain. After all, her Daddy told her that subs weren’t meant to complain, right? But it was annoying how Laura couldn’t quite get into subspace, and that she just had to go through the motions of D/s scenes until Brandon finished on and/or in her. There was also the issue that Brandon would always find some reason to “punish” her. It wouldn’t have annoyed Laura so much if it wasn’t every scene they did and if the reasons Laura was being punished were more substantial than “you didn’t greet me at the door when I came in.”

    “Yes, Daddy,” Laura responded, the feeling in her voice much more distant and gone now. At this point, she was almost glad that the scene was over. After all, she wasn’t getting much out of it anymore. Also, her ass hurt way too much from all the pelting — obviously, considering it was all black and blue. Why did Brandon have to go so hard every single time? There was pain play, and then there was just straight up pain.

    Brandon, of course, couldn’t really tell the difference, and he didn’t really care to learn.

    Brandon snapped his fingers — that was the way he would pull himself out of Domspace and Laura into her normal self. Laura breathed out a sigh of relief, though Brandon mistook it for a sigh of pleasure.

    “How are you feeling, dear?” He asked, caressing the kneeling Laura’s chin. Her skin was so soft and clean. That face mask she had tried the day before really did wonders for her acne.

    “Fine, I guess,” Laura replied. She was still mostly in a daze, her eyesight not seeing straight. She needed some aftercare, for sure; after all, what submissive didn’t after being treated so roughly? “So… can we go cuddle on the couch and watch anime now? I got our favorite flavors of ice cream, so—“

    Brandon interrupted Laura’s request, and Laura deflated as she realized he was getting ready to head out the door without so much of a caring thought towards Laura. “Sorry, babe. My band’s got a show tomorrow, and our practice is in thirty minutes. I gotta head there, stat.”

    Laura noticably had to suppress the urge to roll her eyes, but she wasn’t able to stop herself from groaning in frustration.

    Noticing this, Brandon added, “what’s wrong, babe?”

    Brandon worried that Laura could tell from his facial expression that he didn’t actually care about hearing Laura out, and if Brandon was being honest, he just wanted to clear his conscious. After all, Laura wasn’t a psychology major for nothing. “Listen, Brandon, you should know by now I need some aftercare. Like, even just five minutes. Is that really so much to ask? Can’t your band members wait like… for more than two seconds?”

    He bit the bottom of his lip. He did like Laura, obviously — what kind of Daddy wouldn’t like such an obedient and willing little girl? But sometimes, she could just be so damn needy and demanding of his time. She was important to him, sure. But his band was his future, for fuck’s sake.

    “Can I drop back in tomorrow? We can do some aftercare and cuddling then, alright?”

    Laura opened her mouth, as if to protest. Brandon was already preparing what kind of response he would give her if she were to lash back out at him. Would he opt for being cold and dismissive as if to teach her a lesson? Or would he set his foot down and lay the law down in this house?

    Fortunately for him, Laura didn’t retaliate. She clearly didn’t have the energy in her to fight back against his cold will. “Alright. Come by tomorrow,” Laura exhaled. If Brandon was paying more attention, he could see tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

    Brandon leaned in, kissing Laura’s forehead, and then bolted out the door as he grabbed his stickered guitar case. The way he slammed it behind him made him recoil a little as well — maybe Laura had made him more angry than he originally thought. After all, who was she to make such big demands on his time?

    He considered himself a feminist, for sure. But god, he wish Laura would know her place sometimes. Brandon had almost certainly missed the next train going to their college campus, and Ricky — the bassist — would definitely give him shit for it. What was Brandon supposed to tell him? “Oh my needy pet needed just a little bit more attention?”

    Brandon was really the kind of man who lacked the self-awareness to know he had no self-awareness. But he didn’t really care — there were more important things on his mind.


    Laura usually kept her issues with Brandon to herself. After all, it was her dream to be in such a hot Dominance/submission relationship. Her scenes were hot… at least, some of the times. She tried to rationalize Brandon’s behavior with saying to herself, “well, he did spank me hard a few weeks ago in a way I liked it. What’s wrong with… many more times he didn’t do it right? Right?”

    And yet, each and every time, it hardly worked in terms of swaying her in any direction. Laura was between a rock and a hard place. Did she really want to put up with his behavior for much longer? On the other hand, did she really want to end a relationship that at least somewhat met her desires in bed?

    Laura’s sorority sisters knew that something was up. They could tell that Laura was more withdrawn. She wasn’t participating in her psychology classes as much, let alone getting engaged in her sorority meetings. Laura would laugh at the jokes, congratulate her sisters when someone good happened, and offer condolences as needed. But she was distant.

    The more withdrawn girl knew that her sisters were eventually going to interrogate her problems out of her. One day, her predictions were right — she agreed to meet her big, Sandy, in her university’s park on one of the metal benches. It was a nice day, at the very least, nice enough to make Laura not feel awful about disclosing her problems.

    “We just want to help you,” Sandy said empathetically. Laura knew that Sandy wasn’t the kind of woman to fake sympathy or care, but Laura was still hesitant. Either way, she couldn’t keep it from her for much longer — they were sisters, but more so, best friends.

    “I’m having… relationship problems. Y’know. Just… men being… men,” Laura said, trying to mask her anguish behind a sarcastic smile.

    “Men being men can mean a whole lot of things,” Sandy responded with a laugh. Laura laughed as well, just to keep the mood light. “Care to elaborate a bit?”

    Laura didn’t want to say too much. Of course, it probably didn’t matter if she did, as Sandy was the kind of person to describe in vivid detail her sexcapades with people of all genders. “Just… not caring about my wants. More specifically… what I want, like… in bed.” She tilted her head towards Sandy in a suggestive way.

    “Oh god,” Sandy groaned. “Don’t tell me he’s one of those guys who just lubes it up and sticks his dick in you and calls it a day.”

    Laura snorted, and then laughed even harder. That was pretty much it, just mixing Daddy Dom kink in. “Honestly, yeah. You know, not that simple but… you know what, yeah. That’s exactly it.”

    “Have you considered just throwing the whole man away?”

    “Yep. I… don’t know if I want to do that.”


    “Well, because… he’s… nice. He listens?” Laura blinked. She tried to come up with more of an actual reason than that, but words failed her. She honestly didn’t know.


    “That’s it,” Laura said flatly, knowing how stupid she sounded.

    “Okay, so,” Sandy took a large inhale and started, relaxing her shoulders. “In my honest opinion, you should get the hell out. Any guy who’s selfish in bed is probably selfish in other ways, right?”

    “Well…” Laura couldn’t respond. She knew Sandy was right.

    “But, and this is a huge but — if you want to actually improve it, I may have something for you.”

    Sandy pulled out her book bag and began rummaging through. Laura braced herself for the worst, like Sandy doing something even more sarcastic like pulling out a party popper that spelled the words “dump him”. Instead, she pulled out something Laura wanted to see much less — a big book with the title ‘Self-Improvement Hypnosis for Beginners’.

    “Sandy, please—“ Laura sighed. She knew Sandy was about to go on one of her pseudoscience shpeels. Sandy was always into all that stuff — homeopathy was the big one, but she also tried to push acupuncture and crystals on Laura. Needless to say, Laura wasn’t entirely willing to hear about it.

    “I know, I know what you’re thinking. Come on, just try it,” Sandy begged, pleading for Laura to give it a shot. “I’ve only been doing this stuff for like, a month, but I have to tell you that it’s incredible. I went from being a C-student to an A-student.”

    “I… I don’t know,” Laura admitted.

    “Like, seriously, it changed my life,” she continued. “If you try it with Brandon, I think it can improve your relationship too.”

    Laura was about to respond — to be honest, it sounded tempting. She hated conflict, and she knew Brandon was the kind of person to throw a tantrum if he didn’t get his way. Maybe there was merit in giving it a shot?

    Before she was able to give a clear answer, she took the book from Sandy and examined it closely. The cover was a mesh up of gradients and rainbows and sunsets, kind of like a weird math textbook. She prepared to turn it down, until Laura looked up and saw something kind of peculiar.

    Brandon. With another girl. Standing way too close to each other.

    “Laura? What’s wrong?” Sandy blinked, turning in the way Laura was staring with horror and denial. “Hey, isn’t that… your boyfriend? What the hell?”

    Sandy seemed more angry than Laura. Laura just wanted answers. Without thinking, she put the hypnosis textbook in her bag and strutted on over to Brandon. How could he do something like this? She didn’t want to jump to any conclusions, but it certainly didn’t look good. Sandy tagged along, ready to speak up on behalf of her sorority sister.

    Laura stared intently — thankfully, Brandon didn’t notice her as she got into hearing range. Laura’s heart dropped into her stomach as she heard what was going on.

    “Y’know, most Daddy Doms just lay back and let their girls do all the work. Not me, though. I’ve been to a lot of kink events,” Brandon said to the girl in a bragging tone.

    “I… see,” the girl, who was a mousey skinny girl with freckles and bright red hair, responded with skepticism. “Well, that’s great, isn’t it? Your girlfriend must be happy with you.”

    “I dunno, she’s been a little ungrateful lately.”

    Oh, no. Laura’s blood began to boil. She looked towards Sandy, who looked like she was about to pop a vein.

    “You seem like you’d be fun,” Brandon winked. “How about it? Just one scene, as a treat… you look like you’d be more fun to eat up.”

    “I’m sorry, WHAT?” Laura exclaimed. She couldn’t hold her anger back anymore, as if a fight response took her over. Brandon whipped his head around, his face dripping with shame and horror at being caught. “You’re… flirting with another girl? Calling me ungrateful?! What the fuck, Brandon?!”

    “Babe, listen—“ Brandon tried to find a way to rationalize his actions. “I have an excuse!”

    “Oh yeah?” Sandy spoke up, coming to the defense of her sorority sister. “I’d love to hear it,” she growled as the other girl sort of stepped away awkwardly and ran from the bursting tension.

    “It better be good,” Laura snarled. “Go on. What’s your excuse?”

    “I get to do what I want,” Brandon said, apparently completely unable to hear himself.

    “Um. What?” Laura felt the anger drift away, oddly enough — or at least, it numbed itself to her bewilderment.

    “That was our agreement, right? You don’t have power in our relationship. Only I do!”

    The silence that hung above the two of them was deafening. Laura teared up, not so much because her feelings were hurt, but because it was all she could do to stop herself from murdering Brandon.

    “Fuck you,” Laura spat.

    “Excuse me?”

    “Fuck. You! Get the hell out of my sight, you piece of shit!”

    Brandon blinked, fury in his eyes at being disrespected by his submissive. Laura did not care in the slightest — her body went slightly limp as Brandon walked away, glaring daggers at Laura. Laura turned away, her eyes lifeless as she tried not to break into tears.

    Laura turned to Sandy, looking for any condolences she might have for her apparent breakup. Sandy held a party popper in between her lips, and as she blew it, confetti popped out along with the words “DUMP HIM.”


    Brandon had to admit: he felt at least slightly guilty for shouting at Laura in public. He usually was okay with aggressively asserting his dominance, but in a strange way, it felt like he went a bit too far. Laura wasn’t the type of person to typically question or speak up against him, so this was completely new for her.

    But he didn’t do anything wrong, right? That was their agreement. They did agree that Brandon would have more power over her. So why was she so upset?

    Either way, he wanted to keep the peace. He brought over a bouquet of grocery store roses, a card that said “I’m sorry”, and the best apology he could muster up. Walking up to the door of Laura’s apartment, he knocked. Before hearing a response, he unlocked the door and walked inside.

    Maybe if he was lucky, he’d get to have another scene tonight. Surely he could convince her to give him that, right?

    Laura was reading. At least, she was until she turned her attention up to Brandon. She closed the book and stuffed it away, as if trying to hide what she was reading. Brandon would have to interrogate her about it later, after she’d accept his apology.

    “What do you want?” Laura spat, her voice sounding dead inside.

    “I want to apologize, for what you saw,” Brandon said with a sympathetic frown.

    Laura pursed her lip, staring at Brandon for a brief moment and then looking away before he could catch her eyes tearing up. The look of betrayal in her eyes stung his pride, but he shoved down the needles in his chest.

    “Yes?” The one word that came from Laura’s lips was coaxing him on to give an actual apology.

    “It wasn’t my intention to hurt you…” Already, Brandon could see Laura’s body deflate in disappointment. “I didn’t mean for you to see it.”

    “So you intended to just cheat in privacy, then?” Her head whipped back around to Brandon. Electricity shot between their eyes, with Laura trying to instill some sense of fear into Brandon — perhaps fear of her leaving him.

    “Well, I didn’t…” Brandon almost came up with an excuse before Laura cut him off again.

    “You didn’t what? I thought you didn’t have enough time to provide me basic aftercare or… anything other than sex, because band practice was so important. But now you’re going after other girls? Please, for the love of god, just explain it to me,” Laura growled. She stood up, walking over to Brandon, and though she was much shorter it felt like she was towering over him.

    “I didn’t…” Silence hung above them, and Brandon had a weird feeling that Laura was plotting something. Perhaps an extremely painful way to leave him?

    “I didn’t think you would care so much.”

    The look on Laura’s face made Brandon feel — or, know — that she was absolutely judging him for his incompetence, or for his inability to come up with a good excuse.

    “So,” Laura started with a huff, “you know I’m most likely leaving you. Right?”

    “What? Why?” Brandon’s voice rose with shock.

    “Well, you don’t have enough time to care for me, but you do have enough time to flirt with other girls. Seems like a pretty good reason, no?”

    “Babe, I…”

    “That’s okay, Brandon,” Laura suddenly added, a warm, caring smile taking over her face. Brandon was taken back by even more surprise, especially as she looked deep into his eyes. It was like she was staring into his soul, learning all his secrets without having to talk to him.

    Laura’s hand reached over to the back of his neck, running up the top of his spine. Her hands felt surprisingly warm, filling Brandon with a sense of calm as she ran her fingers through her hair.

    “I won’t leave you,” Laura said kindly. Brandon was too enamoured with the determined yet soothing look in her eyes to formulate a response verbally. “In fact, I don’t even hate you. I still love you, Brandon.”

    Suddenly, Laura tugged his hair hard, and Brandon completely passed out. His world went white for a brief moment, and he lost consciousness. A brief strand of him remained long enough to hear Laura add something. “But things are going to change just a little around here.”


    Brandon wasn’t sure how much time has passed since he dropped into darkness, but it must have been hours. He came to Laura’s apartment in the evening prior, and when he woke up, he could see the sun seeping through the curtains. He jolted up, wondering just how much time he has lost. What even happened? Maybe he got drunk with Laura and had a bit too much? But then, he would have had to deal with a massive hangover. He felt fine, physically, if not a little tired…

    Laura was nowhere to be found. Brandon was sleeping in their bed. He got up and realized he was wearing the same clothes as he was yesterday. He groaned, thinking they were probably filthy. Might as well change…

    Oh, wait, he didn’t bring a change of clothes. Or toiletries or anything. He was going to go to band practice after apologizing to Laura… fuck, he thought, everyone was probably wondering where I was.

    He thought for a minute. Laura must have had a hoodie or something that could fit him in her closet. Surely, she wouldn’t mind too much… especially if he asked.

    Opening the door to Laura’s closet, Brandon wasn’t entirely surprised to see lots of casual outfits. Lots of grays and blacks, too. There were some hoodies as Brandon was looking for, but just as he was about to grab one of them, something else caught his eye.

    A dress. A giant pink, frilly, girly dress. He had no idea that Laura wore those kinds of things; in fact, he’d never seen her like that. For some reason, he couldn’t take his eyes off of it. The frills, the fullness of the dress over the petticoat, the silky, smooth, shimmering fabric… he didn’t necessarily want to see Laura in it, but he wanted to look at it. He wanted to…

    His hands pulled out towards the dress, pulling it off the rack. He eyed it over himself, trying to see if it would fit. Laura was more petite than him, but it looked like it would fit him anyways… it couldn’t hurt to…

    “Whatcha looking at, babe?” Brandon was startled out of his thoughts when he turned around to see Laura standing in the doorway. She was wearing a leather black dress with buckles and belts — a dress Brandon could only associate with pro-Dommes, but hey, it looked good on her.

    “Uh, nothing! Nothing at all,” Brandon threw the dress onto the messy bed, as if that would hide it. “How… are you feeling? Are you…”

    “I’m not mad, no,” Laura giggled. Brandon could tell she was up to something, but he didn’t know what. “Ooh, you found the dress I got in Harajuku when I went to Japan! What do you think of it?”

    “It’s… really cute,” Brandon said quietly with a blush on his face. “I didn’t… think you had this sort of thing in your closet. Um, it’s… it’s nice.”

    Brandon didn’t want to ask. He didn’t want to ask. He knew Laura would laugh at him, or worse, berate him or actually leave him this time. He was her Dom — there was no way he was going to…

    “It’s okay,” Laura reassured, as if knowing what he was thinking. “You can put it on, if you want.”

    Brandon’s face went pale for a brief moment, and then it flushed completely red. How in the world did she know? Why would she assume something like that, not that he wasn’t making it completely obvious? He felt… no anger rushing in him, no desire to punish Laura for blatant insubordination. Was it… really okay?

    “Really?” he asked meekly.

    “Yeah. Here, while you put it on, I need some help with the math homework for our class today. Just gotta grab the book. You have a moment, don’t you?”

    “Oh, oh… yes,” Brandon nodded daintily. Why was his voice so high, and why was he acting so bashful? “I can help… thank you.”

    Laura chuckled again, silently leaving the doorway as she went to grab her bookbag. Brandon looked over at the dress. It was like it was calling for him. He stripped from his clothes, groaning at how boring and colorless his underwear looked. He slipped the dress over himself, surprised at how stretchy it was, how easily he got into it… pulling the skirt down to halfway down his lower legs, he did a twirl to get used to it. The mirror greeted him when he finished twirling.


    Brandon’s jaw was agape as he stared at himself. He looked… so gorgeous. Brandon had never felt this beautiful, this confident in so long. After all, he never tried on a dress before… was it always this good? Was he always missing out?

    “Looks great on you, babe.”

    “It… it does?” Brandon blushed an even hotter shade of red. Why was he feeling this way? He could remember just last night where he would have retched at the idea of wearing a dress, let alone such a princess-like dress. But now, it felt so… right.

    He noticed some warmth rushing to his groin, his apparent arousal becoming quite apparent through the dress. Horrified, Brandon’s thoughts turned to a myriad of questions as to why he felt so aroused. Why did he love this so much? It wasn’t like him! He needed to be more manly, more dominating, and yet… he wanted more.

    Either Laura didn’t notice his boner, or she didn’t care, or she was downright amused by it. It didn’t matter; eventually Laura started asking him to get onto the bed so she could get help with her math homework. Brandon tenderly sat on the edge of the bed, crossing his ankles one over another. He seemed so dainty, like a porcelain tea cup.

    “So, these weird equations with a name I can’t pronounce. Mind reminding me how to do them?” Laura asked. Her voice sounded innocent enough, like she really wanted help. Of course, Brandon had helped her with calculus homework when he wanted to. He usually used the opportunity to tease and insult Laura for her intelligence or lack thereof. This didn’t feel like the right time for that.

    “Of course, dear. Let’s see, first you…”

    He looked at the book. There were numbers and letters, for sure. But they seemed… blurred. His eyesight was completely clear, and he wasn’t drunk, but they looked foggy. It was so hard to focus. Why? He used to be so good at this, why was it such an issue now?

    “First, you… you, um…”

    Brandon stammered. It became much harder to focus when he realized that the more he tried to focus, the hornier he became. He wasn’t horny for an obedient submissive, though. He was eager to get fucked, to have someone call him a good girl, a beautiful princess…

    He couldn’t help but let out a moan. It felt good to not be able to think. He wanted so badly for this to feel humiliating or shameful, but he couldn’t deny that it felt good.

    Laura chuckled, clearing catching onto what was going on. “Aw, what’s wrong, babe? You’re usually so good at this. And you never moan like that.”

    “I… I can’t think… it feels…”

    “It feels good, right? To be a dumb ditzy doll. To be so elegant and put together, so scared to break into pieces like a glass. Right?”

    Brandon turned to Laura, staring at her with terror in his eyes. She did this knowingly, he finally realized. She purposefully did this to him.

    “What… what did you do to me?” he asked with a breathy exhale.

    “I think you know what I did. After all, you are sitting here in a big frilly pink dress, unable to think. It’s pretty obvious now, isn’t it?”

    Brandon tried to wrap his head around it. Why would Laura do something like this? He tried to muster up any urges to beat her back into submission from her disobedience, but he couldn’t do it. His primal urges weren’t happening. And the more he tried, the more obvious his new desperate submissiveness became.

    “Is this… is this because I flirted with someone else? Is this… a punishment?”

    “A punishment? Oh, no,” Laura chuckled. Brandon whimpered way too loudly for his liking as Laura placed a hand on his thigh, beginning to slide her fingers upwards to his crotch. “I wouldn’t punish you with femininity. After all, it’s good to be a girl. Being a pretty, cute lady is fun and good. You do like it, don’t you?”

    “Y-yes,” Brandon responded, the words coming way too quickly before his brain could stop him. “B-but… why am I like this then?”

    “I did punish you,” Laura continued to explain. “But I didn’t punish you with feeling like a girl. I punished you by making you lose your control over me. I think it’s time we have a change of pace, so you can see who’s really in control. So maybe you’ll learn that you don’t actually own me. Isn’t that a fitting punishment, for someone who can’t even be assed to do aftercare… isn’t it?”

    Brandon moaned even louder, his eyes squinting in fear. All of a sudden, Laura pushed him down onto the bed and pulled the hem of his dress up. Fear in his eyes, Brandon stared through loud whines and groans of pleasure at his former submissive as she began to roughly pleasure him. She rubbed his dick, but not in a handjob fashion; rather, she moved her hands in circles on top of it, pressing it against his body. The former Dom knew that was how he would rub Laura’s clit, on the occasion he would.

    “Brandon. Brandon,” Laura scoffed with a growl, glaring down at him. “What a gross name for a gross man. Why don’t we give you a pretty name, fitting for a lovely lady like you?”

    “I… I…” Brandon tried to protest, but he wanted that. He really did.

    “Why not Brianna? Sounds reasonable enough… doesn’t it?”

    “Mmf… m-my name is… my name is…”

    “It’s Brianna, isn’t it?” Laura coaxed. “Go on. Say your nae is Brianna. You’re Brianna, a delicate, beautiful lady through and through.”

    “M… my name is… I’m Brianna, a… a delicate, b-beautiful lady…” Brianna relented to feeling like a woman, to being a woman. It felt good. Submission felt good. Femininity felt good. Why hadn’t she tried this before?

    “Say it again,” Laura ordered. Brianna began repeating the mantra over and over again, growing harder each and every time. She could see the string of pre clearly as Laura’s expertful hand began going faster and faster.

    Brianna’s eyes rolled back, as she clutched the hem of the dress by her hands. She felt so, so good. Barely being able to focus, she wasn’t able to stop herself from finishing. With some thrusts upwards, he bucked forward and came. His cum shot upwards, ruining the beautiful dress’ fabric — though, Laura didn’t seem to mind. As he finished his orgasm, his mind going blank from the new visceral kind of pleasure, he could see Laura laughing. She was laughing at him — or maybe she was just high off her new power.

    “Oh, Brianna, you’ll make such a beautiful princess,” she cooed. “We’ll for sure have to do something about all that chin hair, though.”

    “Mm… yes… Laura…”

    “I think it’ll be Miss from now on,” Laura corrected. As Brianna began to sink back into trance, the last thing she heard was, “and I’m sure you’ll have no complaints with me wearing the pants around here now…”


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