Super Play Party

by Skaetlett

Tags: #cw:noncon #bimbofication #comic_book #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #corruption #exhibitionism #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female

Natasha goes to a costume party on Halloween, and finds out her new friends are all hot hypnokinksters.

Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of hypnosis or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and hypnosis of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18. By Skaetlett © 2021, do not repost without explicit permission.

Natasha sighed and rolled her eyes as she leaned against the wall. She couldn't believe Kerry had just fucked off without her just to get blackout drunk -- especially after all she had been doing at the party so far.
    When the popular, admittedly kind of bitchy cheerleader had invited Natasha to a Halloween party, she had her suspicions. But Natasha went along with it -- she could almost never say no to free drinks and hot ladies in costumes. It only took a few minutes for Kerry to run off with her friends, pointing and laughing at Natasha. Of course she was dragged here to get laughed at by Kerry's cheerleading squad. Why did she expect anything different?
    Natasha had been bullied all her life -- mostly for being a tomboyish nerd -- so much so that she'd developed a thick skin for it and barely cared. That didn't stop Kerry from trying to get under her skin. Every time Kerry would torment her, Natasha would sigh and walk away. Usually that worked with her childhood and high school bullies, but she supposed the bitchy bullying somehow increased tenfold when she got to college. It didn't help that Natasha was so completely swamped with her honors classes that she didn't have much time to go out and make friends.
    She even brought a bottle of wine for the host. However, the host seemed way too busy keeping people entertained, so Natasha was stuck in the corner. She didn't know anyone here. She might as well have just left. It just sucked that she wasted her debut Wonder Woman costume on a terrible night like this. Oh well, she thought, there's always next Halloween.
    Soon enough though, Natasha found she had company. Natasha whipped her head around to the newcomer, and suddenly the host of the party was in front of her.
    "Hey girlfriend," the host spoke with an award-winning smile. "You doing okay there? Hard to watch people just hanging out in the corner here."
    Natasha tried to force a laugh. "Yeah, I'm fine. My friend brought me here and then fucked off to get drunk." Friend was being generous, so she added it in quotation marks with her fingers. "Now she's off laughing at me with her friends. She never grew out of her high school bullying phase, it seems."
    "You came with Kerry, didn't you?" the host asked, rolling her eyes as Natasha nodded. "Ugh. I hate her and her group. Don't even know how they got invited, I never would have brought them here. Want me to kick them out?"
    Natasha chuckled. "I mean, you don't have to just for me, but it's your party, miss host. You can do whatever you want."
    "No, I'll kick em out," the host chuckled. "Give me a moment. Name's Raye, by the way."
    "Natasha. Thanks."
    Raye walked off, leaving a triumphant Natasha in the corner again. Natasha didn't feel bad in the slightest. Kerry's group was terrible, and she came here to have a good time. Maybe this would teach them a damn good lesson. And maybe this Raye could introduce her to some actually halfway decent people.
    Eventually, Raye returned, and Natasha also heard the front door slam shut. Kerry's cheerleading group was gone.
    "There," Raye said with a smirk on her face. "All gone. Thanks for telling me those assholes were here."
    "And thanks for kicking them out." Natasha gave Raye a brief hug -- she seemed trustworthy enough for that. Then, she remembered something. "Oh, right, that reminds me," she reached into her bag and pulled out the fancy wine bottle, "this is a BYOB event, so I wanted to pitch in. My friend works at a wine store." She accentuated the offer with a wink.
    "Damn, top shelf stuff! This is so generous of you, babe." Raye hugged Natasha even tighter. "Glad Kerry brought someone good after all. Here, let's put this down and I can give you a personal tour of the house. Then maybe introduce you to some cool people, huh?"
     Natasha grinned. “Sounds better than standing in the corner all mopey.”
     Raye showed her around the sizable house, introducing her to folks in various costumes occasionally. The house was a double-decker that her roommates paid for with their lucrative job, and it had more rooms than even Natasha could keep track of. Everything was kept immaculately clean -- “I enjoy cleaning more than most people,” Raye explained, “so I’ve been keeping it clean while my roommate’s off at work and I’m home from classes.” -- and the rooms were decorated with many high-quality Halloween decorations. Raye had even gone out of her way to prepare goodie bags for everyone.
     “So what made you want to go as Wonder Woman?” Raye suddenly asked as they reached a quieter part of the house. “Haven’t seen anyone cosplay Wonder Woman in quite some time, y’know.”
     “I looked up to her as a kid,” Natasha explained, “while I was being bullied by these terrible kids. I never actually thought to go as her for Halloween up until this year. I wanted to go all out for the costume, so I got one of the more high quality ones.”
     “You and me both,” Raye said. “I actually went as her last year. I got a special lasso for it and everything.”
      “Oh, right,” Natasha blinked. “I guess I didn’t think to get a lasso, huh?”
              "Yeah, she has a special lasso that she uses on her enemies. It's shown mostly on the DC comic book covers," Raye explained, her body relaxing against the wall. "I'm a pretty big comic book geek. I'm more of a Marvel person than a DC gal, but I can appreciate both. Did you see the new Spiderman movie?"
              "Oh, yeah, I did. Was pretty good. I liked the direction they took with it," Natasha grinned. The tension in her body drained and she leaned next to Raye.
              Natasha couldn't immediately notice through the alcohol, but Raye's hands were creeping across Natasha's body, gently examining her bare legs and her curves. Natasha assumed it was just the placement of Raye's hands, and the room being a tad cramped. But if the case really was that Raye was feeling Natasha up and eyeing her body hungrily, well... she couldn't say she would really be opposed to that.
              Natasha and Raye talked at length about comic books, going into the various arcs in Wonder Woman's many comics, and about their secret fantasies involving various heroines and supervillains. Turns out they both really, really wanted to be tied up and fucked by Harley Quinn. Natasha felt a warmth building in her, both platonically and sexually -- it was nice knowing that even though her time was off to a crappy start, she at least found someone to click with.
              "Anyways, that's enough of the grand tour around the place," Raye chuckled. "Want me to introduce you to everyone?"
              "Oh, definitely, if they're all as cool as you." Natasha was only aware of how gay that sounded until after it came out of her mouth. It didn't matter. Natasha was being sincere, and so was Raye.
              Raye led Natasha away from the room, into the crowd of people. The partygoers formed two circles; not in a cliquey sense, more so in the way of conversation. "Hey, babes!" Raye called out, garnering everyone's attention slowly. "Those bitches brought over someone actually halfway decent. Natasha, introduce yourself."
              Natasha blushed vividly. She wasn't entirely used to all the attention being on her. "Uh, yeah, hi, I'm Natasha. I go to the college and study history. I'm a pretty big comic book fan too," she noted at the end as she looked around and saw that most of everyone were also clad in comic book costumes. Only, weirdly, Natasha seemed to be the only one in a superheroine costume. Everyone else was dressed as villains. Strange. She scratched the back of her head. "So, like, thanks for having me at the party. Sorry my 'friends' kind of soured the mood."
              "Hey, it's all good," a lady dressed as Poison Ivy smiled.
              "Ah, thanks," Natasha blinked, keeping the smile on her face. "Uh, how d'y'all know each other?"
              Raye laughed boisterously as she slammed a hand on Natasha's shoulder. "Oh, yeah, I guess you missed that part. We all met at the kink club on campus. We all have a hypnosis kink."
              Natasha raised an eyebrow. "Really? Huh, didn't even know there was a kink club on campus."
              Another woman dressed in a sexy suit -- presumably a hot woman version of Lex Luthor -- spoke up. "Yeah, we have to scare people away every semester. People keep joining as a joke or dare."
              "Ugh, right?" Someone else -- a lady in a Loki costume -- rolled her eyes. "They're the worst."
              "I can imagine," Natasha pouted. "That's so rude of them. Just like, live and let live, right?"
              The group lifted their drink glasses and cheered to that. Natasha felt good. She did the same and then downed the rest of her drink afterwards. The alcohol was already beginning to get her -- whatever was in the jungle juice must have been quite powerful. Thankfully, it tasted fruity enough to mask all the alcohol in it.
              "So, hypnosis kink, huh? What's that like?"
              The group all exchanged glances and smirks at each other, falling quiet. "Well," Raye spoke up. "How about we show you, dear?"
              "Wooooah," Natasha's eyes widened. "Right here and now? Uh... how would it work?"
              Raye pulled something from her pocket -- the lasso from her own Wonder Woman costume. When did she go ahead and grab that, Natasha had to wonder? "What I can do is hypnotize you to be more like Wonder Woman," she chuckled deviously. "You sure got the hots like her, but you should exude confidence and justice, too. You're Wonder Woman! How do you think she would act at a party of hypnokinksters?"
              Natasha raised an eyebrow. "So like, you're going to hypnotize me to be in character? I don't know much about hypnosis, but... won't that, like, not work?"
              More chuckles emerged from the crowd. "Sure it'll work. Just give it a chance, won't you, babe? And if you don't like it, we'll stop right then and there. If you want to spice it up just a little, I can also give you Wonder Woman's..." her smile turned into a wicked grin. "...weakness."
              Natasha gasped. "W-what weakness?"
              "You'll find out," Raye's grin widened even more, "if you go along with me, alright? I'm vice president of the kink club. I know what I'm doing, promise."
              Natasha, deep down, knew this was a terrible idea. Hypnosis was obviously frequently used in the comic books. Not only was it only used for nefarious purposes there, but it also didn't seem something real or something that'd actually work. But, if it wouldn't work anyways, it might be fun to give it a shot anyways. Besides, Raye was right. She most likely knew what she was doing.
              That, and she was tipsy as hell. Bad ideas seemed like great ideas, and terrible ideas seemed like okay ideas too. "Sure," Natasha grinned. "You've got me curious."
                "Alright," Raye grinned. "Pendulum, butterfly, or eye contact. Pick an induction."
                Natasha raised an eyebrow. "What do any of those words mean?"
                "What's the fun in not keeping it a surprise?" Raye asked. Natasha tilted her head for a moment, figuring that maybe Raye had a point. "Here, sit down. I'll decide for you." Raye prepared two seats as she took over the leading role. Natasha playfully smiled -- she was here for Raye taking a bit of dominance. The two sat down, and everyone crowded around them, eyes glued onto the scene. "Why don't we try a pendulum induction? Basic, easy, and you've probably seen them in a million bad hypnosis plots by now."
                "Sounds good to me."
                Raye reached for the back of her neck, taking off her necklace. Only when the triangular stone came out from Raye's cleavage did Natasha see it was actually a beautiful crystal. Already, Natasha couldn't help but stare. Not just at Raye's incredible rack, but also at the opal crystal she was now hanging in front of her chest.
                "Hypnosis is quite easy, you see," she began to explain. "It feels a lot like meditation. Very relaxing, centering, calming. All those things. I'm sure you've been through enough stress to know the benefits of meditation and calm."
                Natasha nodded, smirking at Raye. She sure felt relaxed, looking at the crystal, dragging her eyes away from Raye's pretty face. Her body began to slouch as she remembered all those times she sat on her couch, listening to the sounds of the ocean.
                "So you know how to meditate, and you know how to stare. Those are the two most important skills you'll need right now. You'll of course be..." Raye hesitated for a bit in a sinister manner. "...learning, new skills, new things as we go along, but don't worry your pretty little head about it right now. All you need to do is stare into the swinging pendulum and feel your mind slowing down."
                "Mmf..." Natasha wanted to respond, but already she felt... like she was disappearing. Like her mind was slowly being absorbed by the pendulum. "Yeah..."
                "Yeah, that's right," Raye echoed. "So the more your mind focuses on the pendulum, the more you'll feel yourself sinking into the chair, into the ground... letting your brain feel at peace. Knowing it's okay to stop thinking for a while. It's so hard to keep your brain on at all times. Well, here's your chance to just let go. To just follow my lead. To just... let me take over your mind for a bit. You don't have to worry about anything -- I'll take very, very good care of your mind."
                If Natasha felt more conscious and could rip her eyes away from the stone, she'd see that everyone looked quite worked up. Natasha's face looked so trancey, and to a bunch of hypnokinksters, that must have been so hot. She felt her head lull forward. From the corner of her eye she could see someone's hand reaching to their pants, aching to just jerk off then and there.
                "Feel yourself sinking on the count of five. Once I say the word drop, you're going to fall into a deep, dark place where I control your mind. Where you do as I say. Do you understand? Does that sound fun to you?"
                Natasha couldn't quite manage to answer Raye's question with words, but she nodded and murmured what sounded like a 'yes'. Raye chuckled, obviously getting off of the feeling of sheer power she had. "Good. Five... feel yourself following my words as I guide you into trance.
                "Four... feeling yourself relaxing, your mind really shutting down for now...
                "Three... giving your mind to me, letting your body relax into the seat, feeling your eyes grow heavier and heavier...
                "Two, dropping into darkness. Feeling safe, secure, warm. Knowing you're safe under my guidance. Knowing all I want is for you to be safe and to have a good time.
                "One... feeling yourself go."
                And Raye dropped her.
                "Zero, drop."
                There was no escaping the sweet embrace of trance now. Natasha's mind belonged to Raye.
                "That's it," Raye spoke nice and deeply. "I want you to get nice and comfortable, because you're going to learn trance like the back of your hand. I think you're becoming quite wet, too, as you realize how much of a hypnoslut you really are. It's no wonder you wound up here -- it's like the world intervened to make you realize how much of a whore for trance you are."
                The room around them giggled, but Natasha barely noticed. Sure enough, too, she realized just how wet she was -- her panties were drenched and she wasn't even a few minutes into trance. How much more turned on would she get? Would hypnotically turning into Wonder Woman really be her next sexual awakening?
                "So just think of Wonder Woman. Think of how graceful and confident she is. Think about how she strives to obey justice -- and how to treat people kindly. Don't you think you should be obeying us as well? And don't you think you should be treating us with kindness, no matter what we say or ask of you?"
                Deep down, Natasha knew what Raye was saying sounded wrong. But more importantly, it sounded hot, and made Natasha's panties feel even more wet. She tried to keep her ass still in the seat, but already she felt the urge to grind her pussy into the chair.
                "Just like that," Raye said with increasingly large hints of dominance in her voice. "You can see yourself. See yourself pleasuring everyone in the room, doing as they ask of you -- because that's what Wonder Woman would do. She would do anything to make good people happy. And we're all good people here, aren't we?"
                "Yes..." Natasha agreed.
                "Then, let's make this a little more interesting."
                Natasha felt... something wrap around her. Distantly she heard Raye's chair creaked as Raye presumably moved out of it. What was being wrapped around Natasha? She felt like it was... rope, or something, but she couldn't quite tell. Either way, it wasn't tight enough to hurt. It felt snug. Comforting, like another embrace around her already soothing trance. "Bound as you are, whenever someone holds the rope binding you, you're going to do whatever they say. They won't even have to hypnotize you. That's Wonder Woman's weakness. Her lasso. The second it gets bound around her, she obeys whoever's holding it. And so, you're going to do just that. You're going to obey me, or whoever is holding the lasso. You won't even have to think twice about it, your body will just follow our commands. Do you understand?"
Natasha weakly nodded. It felt right to do so. Raye was so kind and so trustworthy, putting her in this nice, cozy place. Natasha wouldn’t have ever thought of herself as a hypnoslut, but now – looking at herself from an emotional distance? She realized it was all she ever wanted.
“Good,” Raye grinned. “Then I’m going to count you back up. Five, coming back into the room, four, stepping gently out of trance back into the waking world, three… slowly opening your eyes—” Natasha obeyed every command as she hovered out of trance, “—feeling your muscles move, your body in the seat, one, and awake.”
Natasha blinked hard, rubbing her eyes with her achy muscles. The first thing she noticed was everyone’s eyes planted on her, especially Raye’s. The second thing Natasha did was look into Raye’s eyes. They were… beautiful. Her entire body was gorgeous, but her eyes were drop dead phenomenal. And they were intense. They stared at Natasha intensely, almost burning into her body. Natasha shivered in anticipation. She was so, so hot.
And the third thing she noticed was the rope wrapped tightly around her body.
“I – you – what?” she jumped to attention as she realized she couldn’t move. Her arms were bound to her body, and her legs had limited motion as well. “What did – what’s going on?” was all she could finally ask, after an agonizing pause.
“I told you I wanted to give you Wonder Woman’s weakness,” Raye smirked. “Now you’re going to obey whoever’s holding this lasso,” she held up the leash to accentuate the point. “How does it feel, to be totally bound helpless and obedient?”
Natasha returned the cocky smirk with a determined grin of her own. “You cheated,” she teased.
“I didn’t cheat!” Raye complained playfully. “I did exactly as we negotiated. I gave you Wonder Woman’s confidence—” she silently noticed how Natasha’s spine was straighter, her eyes more confident and her aura shining brighter. “And I also gave you her weakness – the lasso!”
Natasha rolled her eyes. “So now you’re gonna make me suck you all off and pleasure you? Please. You’re going to have to try harder than that.”
“Oh, I will,” Raye accepted the challenge. “I’m going to break the gorgeous superheroine I helped build up myself.”
        Before Natasha could brat any harder, Raye handed the lasso to the woman to her left -- the one dressed as Lex Luthor. Natasha’s heart fell into her stomach as butterflies filled her entire body. “Lexie, dear? Why don’t you show Wonder Woman how we really play with people’s minds around here.”
        “Certainly.” The woman had a deep, sultry voice that sent arrows into Natasha’s poor, gay heart.
Natasha couldn’t wipe the smirk off her confident face. She wasn’t going to have her mind broken that easily. She was Wonder Woman, after all! She was a beacon of confidence and hope for others. Surely, she wouldn’t fall victim to a single one of these treacherous villains. And certainly not all of them.
“You can just call me Lexie, dear,” the woman grinned deviously as she clutched the lasso even tighter. Natasha wanted to playfully spit in her face. “So. I can do whatever I want with her, right, Raye?”
“Within reason,” Raye said, and it came out just enough like a warning. The obvious stuff was off limits. Natasha had to briefly wonder what the obvious stuff was.
“Wonderful,” Lexie purred. “Natasha, I want you to think of… an orgasm. And I want you to feel it – not quite have one, but just imagine what it feels like. What kind of sensation washes over you?” At Natasha’s pause, Lexie added, “that question is meant to be answered, dear.”
“I-it feels…” Natasha blushed as she stammered. “Warm.”
                "It does, doesn't it?" Lexie grinned even wider, somehow. Her face looked downright manic, and Natasha could feel everyone's eyes directly on her. "And what kind of face would you make? Something quite unhinged, wouldn't it?"
                Natasha tried to restrain herself, but sure enough, the traces of an orgasmic face were lining her mouth. It hung open just a little, her eyes watering as she tried her hardest not to look like she was pleading. She shook her head lightly, trying to stop it, but Lexie caught on soon enough.
                "There you go. Let it all out. Go on and on and on." With every word, Natasha found it harder to resist as the power from the lasso took over her. Her face became more like an ahegao, the image and feeling of pleasure racking her body. She moaned through her mouth, her tongue hanging out as if it felt too heavy in her mouth.
                "Just like that! And every time I -- or anyone else -- says the words 'let it all out', you're going to put on just that face. Just like that. Doesn't matter where you are or who you're with."
                Lexie didn't let Natasha's face go back to normal quite yet, and Natasha found herself getting used to the expression. It was hot. She never knew being brainwashed could be so damn hot. Natasha kept moaning, even though she wasn't cumming right then and there.
                "We'll be using that trigger a lot from now on. But for now, put your face back to normal, dearie."
                Natasha's face fell back neutral. Confused and slightly worried, but neutral. As soon as she felt the blush from her cheeks begin to fade, and as soon as she wiped the drool from her chin, Raye spoke up.
                "No, not yet," she reached over and petted Natasha's hair demeaningly. "I like that trigger quite a lot, Lexie. Why don't we use it again?"
                Before Natasha could protest, Raye went along without waiting for her to readjust. "Let it all out."
                Natasha obeyed. Her face fell again into a state of sheer bliss. Tongue out, eyes slid half-open, and her cheeks completely flushed. She let out a loud, hefty, degrading moan through her mouth as her cunt began to tingle. She swore she felt herself cum just a little from the way she couldn't resist at all. Without even thinking, she stammered out, "p-please..."
                "Hmm?" Raye lifted an eyebrow. "Please, what?"
                Natasha wanted to say 'please, back to normal'. Instead, she blurted something completely different out of her mouth. "P-please let me cum!"
                "Oh-ho!" Raye cackled as the rest laughed along with her -- at Natasha. "I didn't expect you to break quite this easily, Wonder Woman. Well, don't worry. Your gift will come soon enough." Natasha's face slid more into an ahegao at the thought of finally cumming. Even though she knew deep down... she still had a long, long way to go before then.
                "Let it all out," Raye repeated. "Let it all out. Let it all out."
                "Let it all out! Let it all out!" Everyone chanted it with her, laughing at Natasha's futile effort to resist. Her face fell further and further into pleasure. Her speech became more pants and moans.
                The chanting slowed down as people's laughter died down, as well. Natasha felt like she couldn't take anymore. She felt like she was going to--
                "Stop," Raye finally released her from the agony and Natasha felt all the heat drain from her in seconds.
                Natasha fell herself fall back down from bliss. She crashed into the ground, her face retreating back to its normal state – though the humiliated blush on her face remained plastered on. She couldn’t believe she was doing any of this – and she was more than lucky her “friends” weren’t around to see it. Only a group of total strangers. Yep. That was fine.
                “I…” Natasha chuckled lightly, awkwardly looking around at her new captors. The group of villains holding her hostage and taking advantage of her and her poor, fragile mind. “I-I can’t believe this hypnosis stuff actually, like, works.”
                “Oh, you can’t?” Raye smirked. “But it feels so real, doesn’t it? You know it’s real. You know this is what you – your mind – have always wanted. To be controlled by a group of hot villainesses. Why would you try to deny yourself that pleasure, dear?”
                Natasha bit her lip, holding back another giggle. She shook her head. “N-no. This isn’t working! I’m not… that easy!” She protested, knowing full well she was completely lying.
                “Really?” Raye crossed her arms suspiciously. She silently urged Lexie to return the lasso to her, and Lexie complied. Natasha gulped – she knew what was coming next. “My, it’s getting quite cold in here, isn’t it? Don’t you want to put on a sweater?”
                Natasha was about to respond, noting how steaming it was in the room. But… was it? Only a few milliseconds ago, she was going to ask them to turn the AC on. After all, being in a room full of horny hypnokinksters probably didn’t do any favors for the heat cranked up to 69 degrees. But now, she was beginning to realize it wasn’t just chilly – it was almost freezing.
                The costumed Wonder Woman barely even noticed Raye handing the lasso to someone else – the lady dressed as a sexy Poison Ivy. The leafy mask was obscuring her face, so Natasha didn’t get a good read of her facial expression. But she could probably guess the dominance Ivy was beginning to feel. “I… lemme go grab my sweater. You’re – you’re right.” She hated saying that – ‘you’re right’ – but it was true.
She got up from the seat, or at least attempted to. Ivy swung the lasso just a little and forced Wonder Woman to sit back down. “Now now,” she grinned through the mask, her lipstick done in a deep magenta. “You don’t want to leave quite yet. We’ve only just gotten started.”
Natasha’s eyes widened. “W-what on earth do you—”
Someone walked back into the group – someone dressed as a sexy lava being (Natasha didn’t even know that was possible to make sexy). She threw Natasha’s sweater her way, and Natasha caught it clumsily. She didn’t even realize this person had walked away. God. She really was too caught up in being horny and mindless and hypnotized stupid.
“Go on,” Ivy smirked wider. “Put it on. I dare you.”
Natasha raised an eyebrow. She knew this sounded sleazy. “Okay…” she said hesitantly, slowly putting her sweater back on. As soon as she threw her hands into the sleeves and zipped it up to her chin, Ivy spoke again.
“You can feel it, can’t you?”
Natasha paused. “Feel what?” The fabric on her skin? Her sweater was always soft, but she got the feeling that wasn’t what Ivy meant.
“The hands, Natasha,” Ivy winked. “The hands and tongues on your body. You can feel them the second you put on your sweater.”
Natasha narrowed her eyes. “What in the hell are you talking about—”
Oh, fuck.
Ivy was right. The moment Ivy finished talking was the moment Natasha could feel it clear as day. Hands on her body, in every place under her baggy hoodie. Groping her stomach, her tits, her hips… and tongues flicking inches and inches of the skin. Natasha shivered even though she didn’t feel quite cold anymore. She let out a long, indecent moan as the hands became rougher on her body. Leaving her between choosing to keep her sweater on and feeling the phantom hands on her, or taking it off and feeling the cold air brush against her skin.
“W-what’s going on?” Natasha frantically looked around, desperately looking for the source of the hands and tongues. “W…what’s happening to – to my body?”
“See? I knew you’d respond to this one well,” Ivy said deviously. “The second you try to cover up your hot, sexy body, is the second the phantom beings will come back crawling onto you. Go on and try as you might – whatever garment you use to cover your tits, thighs, arms… you’ll feel them again.”
Natasha didn’t quite feel that this was right, but it didn’t matter. She couldn’t think. The hands were getting more grabby, possessively clutching onto her body as if it were some toy. Natasha had enough and unzipped her coat, throwing it against the floor. The hands and tongues disappeared, and she got her moment of reprieve to calm down. Luckily, the room seemed to return to its normal temperature, though that didn’t stop Natasha’s nervous shivering.
The crowd was mocking her. And staring at her body. That’s why they gave her that trigger… so she wouldn’t be able to hide from them. That was inconceivably hot, Natasha realized slowly as she came to terms with her newfound hypno kink.
“Let’s see,” Raye mused. “Who’s next?”
“Me, please,” the lady dressed as Loki eagerly spoke. The lasso was passed to her, and Natasha could only guess what she had planned. She eyed Natasha hungrily. “You can call me Keys, dear.”
Natasha didn’t have to think twice about obeying – it was obviously an order and not a suggestion. “Of course, Keys.”
“Have we given her the titty trigger?” she asked the crowd. Natasha’s eyes widened. What was… the titty trigger? Were they suggesting that because of Natasha’s giant rack, or the way her boobs dripped slightly out of her costume? The crowd shook their heads and Keys turned back to Natasha with a smirk on her lips.
“So the way it works is like this, dear. You’re going to think of your tits less like tits and more like g-spots. Surely you’ve met someone who can show you where your g-spot is?” Natasha blushed as she nodded. She remembered how a former friend with benefits showed her exactly where it was in her cunt – and Natasha couldn’t stop jerking off to the memory for months.
“Think of that spot, but twice, and now on both of your giant boobs,” Keys spoke as she knelt down and petted Natasha’s hair. Natasha wanted to pull away, but she could already feel her breasts growing more and more sensitive. With every single movement, her tits inched slightly, and she felt her entire body rack with pleasure. It was agonizing in the best possible way. “There you go. No more normal tits for you, dear, not ever. See?”
Natasha didn’t have time to protest as Keys grabbed one of Natasha’s g-spot tits.
Natasha swore she blanked out.
It was the most pleasure she ever felt in her life, and it was unrelenting as Keys toyed with her tits like they were a stress ball. Natasha’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t even let out anymore indecent moans. She felt her mind melt as Keys’ grip became more rough, and as she grabbed the other breast. Natasha felt her body convulse uncontrollably.
“There you go,” Keys teased. “Now let it all out.”
“Ah-aaaah!” Natasha couldn’t stop her face from falling – she didn’t even need the trigger to look orgasmic, either.
They didn’t release the trigger. Neither of them. “Hey, let me try!” Raye ordered, pushing Keys apart from one tit as Raye played with the other with not one but two hands.
“Ahhh, fuck, fuck fuck fuck!” Natasha pleaded, but she wasn’t quite sure what she was pleading for. Her entire body felt small and weak in their presences. She kept moaning and gasping and swearing out curses. Every time she felt her body adjust to the unbearable pleasure, it hit her even harder within milliseconds.
                They were laughing at her. The crowd – everyone was laughing at her. And Natasha liked it. She loved the humiliation, the degradation, the knowledge that her body was becoming nothing more than a brainless sex toy. She was no superheroine. The only “super” thing she was, was a super slut.
                “You’re beginning to understand now, aren’t you?” Raye took back the lasso without even asking. “You’re seeing it. You’re a hypnoslut – no, just a slut in general. And you thought you could be Wonder Woman?”
                Natasha purred. She shook her head. This was… no… it wasn’t right. It felt right. But these people were villains! She… this was beneath her! But as much as Natasha wanted to fight back, wanted to resist, wanted to do just about anything – she couldn’t. Her body shivered only in anticipation of what was coming next. Especially now that Raye held the leash – the lasso.
If Raye was sadistic enough to treat Natasha like a party favor, what wouldn’t she be sadistic enough to do?
“Tell me, Natasha,” she started. “Do you think this is what Wonder Woman acts like?”
“O-of course!” Natasha blurted out with way too much confidence. Only after did she realize how ridiculous that sounded.
Raye snorted. “Listen, folks. She thinks this is what Wonder Woman acts like.” The crowd laughed even louder. The humiliation made it feel like nails on a chalkboard.
“Yeah, maybe a brainwashed and bimbofied Wonder Woman,” Lexie burst out laughing. “Hey, y’know, maybe that’s what she is. She’s not Wonder Woman at all. She’s Wonder Bimbo.”
“Wonder Bimbo! I love it,” Raye clapped. “Let’s give it up for the Super Slut Wonder Bimbo, everybody!”
The crowd hollered and started clapping – but not in admiration or reverence. No, they were clapping for the sheer entertainment Natasha – Wonder Bimbo – was giving them. Natasha averted her eyes back down. Not only did she act like a super slut, but she looked like one, too. Her breasts jiggled with every slight movement – agonizingly filling her with an obscene amount of pleasure. Her skin was smooth and shiny, ready and willing to be touched and groped. The costume she was wearing left almost nothing to the imagination. And she sure couldn’t see her holes, but she could feel they were ready to get fucked. After all, she was drooling a storm, and her panties were so soaked they might as well have been nonexistent.
“Super Slut Wonder Bimbo,” Raye smirked, tugging the collar a little. “That’s what you are. Say it.”
“S…super Slut Wonder Bimbo,” Natasha hopelessly repeated.
“That’s right. And every time someone says ‘say it’, you’re going to do just that. You’re going to blurt that out. Want to try?”
“I… I…” Raye didn’t give Natasha a chance to reply. She never intended on doing so.
“Say it.”
“I am the Super Slut Wonder Bimbo!” Natasha moaned out. The crowd gasped and ‘ooh’ed, laughing once again. Her cunt ached for release. That’s all she was. A slut and a bimbo. How could she ever think Wonder Woman acted anything like how Natasha was acting now?
                Once wasn’t enough, though. “Say it!” The crowd began to chant. “Say it, say it, say it!”
                Natasha couldn’t stop her vocal chords from moving. With every incantation, she repeated the phrase. Super Slut Wonder Bimbo. Super Slut Wonder Bimbo. Super Slut Wonder Bimbo. She didn’t even feel like Wonder Woman anymore. Hell, she didn’t feel like smart, cocky, cool Natasha anymore. She was a slut and a bimbo. Natasha didn’t look or act like anything else. Between all the hypnosis and brainfucking, it felt like her mind was beginning to snap into pieces.
                “Come on, Raye, what are we holding back for?” Ivy demanded. “She’s a slutty bimbo, why can’t we just use her body like she oh so wants?”
                Raye tapped a finger to her chin in light contemplation.
                “You know what? You’ve got a point,” Raye smirked. “Super Slut Wonder Bimbo, do you have any objections to us using your holes and whole body?”
                Natasha shook her head like it was the only thing she was capable of. “N-no!” she gasped. Begging came naturally to her, like her mouth was made to beg and suck. “P-please use my body, villains!”
                Raye smirked as they all began undoing the lower halves of their costumes. “Then,” she snapped, “get to it, slut.”
                Within seconds, Natasha’s mouth was full of pussy and fingers while her cunt was stuffed with cock and strap-ons. The only thing she could do was moan and plead and beg for more. This was her life. She couldn’t imagine being a confident, strong, revered superhero. All she was good for was being a public fleshlight.
                Her pussy was pounded mercilessly as she clutched the hands of another supervillain. Raye stuffed her fingers into Natasha’s mouth and forced her to suck them. All the while, people played with her sensitive tits – Natasha could swear she’d black out every time someone got too rough with her g-spot boobs. They forced her to say the mantra, “I am the Super Slut Wonder Bimbo”, now sounding so sweet to her own ears. And whoever had the lasso, she had to obey. It was like obedience was burnt into her brain – along with the rest of the triggers and suggestions they’d given her. Every time Natasha thought they were done using her body, another supervillain had to have a third or fourth go with her holes. In a moment of cognition, Natasha had to wonder if they all took some sort of sexual steroid beforehand.
                The party went on for what felt like hours. Natasha’s holes leaked with cum, saliva and other sexual fluids. The next thing she knew, she was in the queen bedroom, curled up next to Raye’s warm, dominant body.
                The weather quickly turned cold, and Natasha eventually had no choice but to wear a jacket to class. These days she both hated and loved having to cover up. On one hand, the phantom hands would come back as soon as she did, playing with her tits and hips and thighs like a stress toy. On the other hand… was that really such a bad thing?
                Natasha grew to like it, even after she recovered from the party. Though, it didn’t make paying attention in class any easier. Not to mention, it was nearly impossible to speak without moaning at all. Her grades had began to plummet – but that was part of being a dumb, slutty bimbo. Not to mention, she was attracting a lot more attention these days. Classmates who had barely given her the time of day were now asking her on dates or trying to fuck her behind the bleachers on the football field.
                Natasha liked it.
                The teacher dismissed the class, and Natasha hastily made her way to the door. She was stopped by a tall, handsome lady in the hallway – someone who grabbed her arm and whispered a sultry ‘hey’ into Natasha’s ear.
                Natasha froze at the sensation. The grip… it felt… familiar. Did she know this lady from somewhere? “Uh, um, hi,” Natasha spoke as she tried to hide her pleasure. “S-sorry, do I know—”
                The lady laughed, cutting off Natasha. “Say it.”
                In front of what felt like the entire student body, Natasha blurted out, “I am the Super Slut Wonder Bimbo.” And then immediately, she covered her mouth with her hands. Her face flushed red.
                Lexie chuckled, beginning to whisk Natasha to a secluded study room. “And now, the real training begins.”


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