Gatekeep Gaslight Girlboss

by Skaetlett

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #corruption #dom:capitalism #f/f #gaslighting #humiliation #pov:bottom #D/s #dom:female #exhibitionism #sub:female #wine_kink

A meek college intern gets scooped up by a brightly dressed, go-getting businesswoman. She notices a few changes, but can’t put her finger on why it feels wrong.

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This story is intended for adults 18+. If you happen to be underage while accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. All characters in this story are of legal age. This story is a work of fantasy; in reality, nonconsensual sex and hypnosis are deeply immoral and illegal, and this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. Please do not repost without explicit permission.

              Audrie groaned as she aimlessly walked around the internship fair. She hated that her university required her to take an unpaid internship for credits. She was already tight on rent, and working an additional 20 hours – with no pay – was downright ridiculous. It didn’t even matter. Her school wasn’t requiring her internship be for anything in particular. Made sense, really – most of the companies at the fair weren’t for any specific major. They were just internships for doing menial office work, or grabbing the CEO his coffee. Why did her university care so much about ‘real-world experience’? Jobs never even would look at internships.

               Still, though, she needed it to graduate. She was already three years deep into her degree, and she was not going to let one silly requirement stop her from graduating. She needed a degree, any degree – which she supposed made the internship not mattering a good thing. She just had to grin and bear it for a semester, and then she could kiss the company goodbye.

               “Hey there! How’s it going?” The 50th voice called out. Audrie turned around, greeting it slowly. The woman who greeted Audrie was a tall woman clad in way too many bright colors. She donned a teal jumpsuit over a lilac button down, the fabric decorated with enamel pins. Her hair was dyed blonde with her brown roots peeking out. She looked… audacious, to say the least.

               “Oh, it’s good,” Audrie answered casually, glancing around at her booth. They seemed to be some kind of apparel store… or at least, she thought. They were handing out T-shirts to students like candy, along with keychains, water bottles, and lip gloss. “I’m Audrie, looking for, uh, y’know. An internship.”

               “Oh, perfect!” The woman beamed. “My name is Indigo, I’m the CEO of Queen Agility! We do fulfilment and shipping needs for small women-owned businesses.”

               Audrie raised an eyebrow, trying to feign interest. “Oh, that’s pretty cool.” She realized how flat her statement sounded and tried to perk it back up. “U-um, you’re the CEO? That’s really cool! And it’s cool, how, um, you’re taking time out of your day to chat with students.”

               Indigo grinned – now Audrie was speaking her language. “Of course! I love talking with confident, strong women like you and inspiring them! Tell me, do you have a business idea in mind?”

               “Um…” Come on, Audrie thought! Come up with a good lie! “Well, um, I’ve always thought about, um… developing an app that’s a mood tracker, but, um, better than the others.” She nervously giggled.

               “That sounds fun!” Indigo said enthusiastically. “I’m sure if you hop on my team, we can help refine your business idea and give you practical guidance. How about an application?” Without even waiting for Audrie’s response, she shoved the sign-up paper into her hands. Audrie took one haphazard look at it. It didn’t look sleazy or anything like that. It looked like a genuine business. And she didn’t think her college would send a pyramid scheme over.

               “Sure, yeah!” Audrie declared, forcing confidence. “It’d be good to work for such a… women-focused organization.”

               “Oh, yes!” Indigo said happily. “And there’s no need to worry about being an intern. After all, we’re all like a family here.”

               Audrie smiled, filling out the form and handing it back to Indigo. Unpaid internships sucked, but if it was as welcoming of an environment as Indigo said, then… well, she had nothing to worry about. At least, she thought so.


               Audrie shockingly got the internship, without any formal in-person interview. After a full, entire week, she was beginning to wish she didn’t. The “internship” involved running around, getting everyone’s Starbucks order, and maybe chatting with someone once or twice a day. Whenever she wasn’t making hourly trips to the coffee chain, she was doing menial filing and organization. No one even talked to her about her half-assed business idea, let alone the CEO.

               This was it – this was her life for the next few months. She just had to grin and bear it, and get those internship credits. Then she could kiss this thinly veiled megacorp good-fucking-bye.

               At the very least, she got her own cubicle and could decorate it how she wanted. She added a few pictures of her adorable cat, and some old pictures from freshman year on the walls. That was the sole redeeming factor – getting to sit down and look at the same picture of Milkshake every few minutes. All and all – the internship was a complete waste of time.

               Not that Audrie expected anything different.

               It was just a normal day. She hated the fact she had to spend Friday evenings there. She could have been out partying or drinking with friends. Instead, she was filing Indigo’s poorly organized tax reports by week. Her friends would invite her out anyways. It was a very kind gesture, and at the same time one that made Audrie furious. She didn’t say anything, though – she just plastered on a smile and kept saying “right away, ma’am!”

               As Audrie continued looking through the mammoth of a folder, she heard a familiar voice perk up behind her.

               “Hey, Audrie girl!” She felt herself temporarily seethe at Indigo’s new nickname for her, as Audrie whipped around to see the CEO. She plastered on a fake smile to meet Indigo’s. “How’s your first week been?”

               “Oh, y’know,” Audrie laughed off the question. “Just kind of nice! Seems like a fun culture here.” She wouldn’t necessarily use the word ‘fun’, though, to herself.

               “Doesn’t it? I need you to know, your work here has been so invaluable. You’re, like, a real lifesaver!”

               “Oh…” Audrie blushed. The praise felt nice. “Thank you.”

               “I do notice you haven’t really been ‘integrated’ into the corporate culture, though, if you know what I mean.” Indigo winked. Audrie’s face paled. Was she not dressed well enough? Was this some kind of hazing process? “I think you have real potential as both an intern and a businessowner, so I’d like to take some time to get to know you!”

               “Some… time?” Audrie tilted her head. Oh no, she wasn’t being asked out by her boss, right? Well, Indigo was pretty attractive, so in a different situation she might have said yes.

               “Oh, get that blush off your face!” Indigo teased. “Come on, let’s get some drinks at the bar after your shift today! My treat. Girl’s night out.”

               “You… have time for that?”

“Oh, trust me, I can always make time for powerful women.”

Audrie blinked, genuinely surprised now. Indigo was taking her out for… drinks? Was that appropriate? She must have had a modus operandi. But… Audrie wasn’t in a position to say no, and she could use the alcohol. “Uh… sure! That sounds nice. Just… after my shift?”

               “Yeah! Meet me at the bar next to our building at 6:15pm.”

               Without even waiting for Audrie to give a more direct answer, Indigo all but hopped away. She moved to her calendar, and typed in, ‘drinks with weird boss lady’ for that night at 6:15pm.


               While Audrie wished she was out with her friends, the bar Indigo took her to was much more fancy. Indigo even had a special booth, reserved just for her – “nice little perk of being rich,” she teased Audrie as she led her in. The booth was somehow even fancier than the rest of the bar, with gorgeous artwork and architecture. It was also fairly secluded. Audrie had to wonder if the walls were soundproofed at all, because she sure as hell couldn’t hear anything going outside. It was nice. It would have been more great if she wasn’t with this strange, eccentric woman. Indigo, as always, wore bright colors that almost hurt to look at.

               The two started out making light conversation, and Audrie felt okay to mention she didn’t actually have a business idea – though she’s like to come up with one. Indigo talked about how she started her business and how she had to fight her way up. It would have been inspiring if it wasn’t so damn preachy. Audrie leaned into the conversation, seeing as she wasn’t going anywhere soon.

               The waiter knocked on the door, and came in with a bottle of red wine to pour for them. Indigo graciously accepted the offer.

               “Oh, um…” Audrie hesitated. “Is this really okay?”

               “Well, it’s technically against company policy, but what the hell? Anything to help someone like you out.”

               Audrie smiled, and accepted the wine. The waiter quickly poured it for her and headed out. Indigo barely even acknowledged him as he closed the door.

               “So, I’d like to tell you a bit about how I run my business,” Indigo started. Audrie leaned in, taking a sip of the wine.

               And then she waited. Indigo began gently swirling the wine in her glass, moving in thick, gorgeous, rhythmic movements. The way the light shined on it almost made it glow and sparkle, and made it that much more difficult to take her eyes off of.

               What… was she doing? Whatever it was, it was working. Audrie just kept staring at the glass.

               “You feel safe with me, don’t you, Audrie girl?” Once again, Audrie hated that title, but she didn’t really notice or care. She just nodded. “You feel safe and secure with me. Just giving your time to me… it’s been so wonderful to watch you give more and more of yourself.”

               “More and… more…?” Audrie murmured. She wasn’t paying attention to anything but the wine and her words. Her words didn’t sound correct, but they sounded so… right…

               “Yes, dear. More and more of yourself – more of your time, more of your energy, more of your mind… maybe even a little more of your body. You’re just slowly giving it to me, giving it to the wine as you stare at it, as you fall deeper into it.”

               Audrie tried to shake her head, and could only make small motions. “What… are you…”

               “Nothing, dear. I’m not doing anything – I’m just stating the facts, aren’t I?” Audrie gently nodded. Those were the facts… Indigo wouldn’t lie to her, would she?

               “Everything is okay. We’re just having a good time. I’m not doing anything to you. You’re just listening to me, and staring at the wine. At all the colors, the light and the swirling and how it gets darker in the center. Doesn’t it feel so… relaxing?” Audrie couldn’t even notice the way Indigo’s grin tightened. She nodded again, her eyes drooping.

               “That’s it. Just keep staring, closer to the center, closer to the deep, dark bottom.”

               She raised her hands. She snapped. She lowered her hand, and Audrie fell into a deep, immobile trance. “And sleep.”


               Audrie had no idea what happened at the bar – she assumed she drank too much and Indigo drove her home. She was so trustworthy; Indigo just always wanted to help Audrie out. Even though she was a lowly intern, she felt truly included in the company – no, the family. Every day since her trip to the restaurant, Audrie came into her internship with a new kind of energy. She’d enthusiastically grab coffees, file papers… heck, she’d even go to Indigo and ask what she should do next. Audrie came to work on time, early, and sometimes even on her days off if they needed her – or if she just felt like it.

               It was funny, though. How was the change so dramatic? Just a few weeks ago, she hated coming to the internship. She thought it was worthless and a waste of time. What was even funnier was every time she’d bring up that fact to Indigo, or ask any questions… she’d hear a snap, and wouldn’t remember anything else. On one day, though, her interaction with Indigo was much different than usual.

               “How do you feel about doing order fulfilment for me?” the CEO asked with a cocky edge to her tone.

               “I’d love to, Indigo!” Audrie practically shouted excitedly. “How do I do it?”

               “Well…” Indigo licked her lips as she looked at Audrie up and down, like a hungry predator. “We have to get you some proper clothes for the occasion, don’t we?”

               Audrie nodded excitedly again. She had no idea what she was actually agreeing to, but it sounded fun! Her excitement faded just a little as Indigo pulled out a package she was holding, opening it hastily. The clothes she pulled out had the company’s logo on them, and they looked very soft… and also extremely revealing. Audrie looked the clothes up and down. She tried to keep the smile on her face and failed. The shirt – which was more like a glorified sports bra – was a crop top that would barely hold in her chest, and the pants were short-shorts. Even just looking at the clothes, she could feel her excitement slowly fade away. She wasn’t opposed to doing whatever Indigo wanted; after all, she definitely had a plan, right? But it seemed… unpractical.

               “Um, well, if wearing this will help, then gladly! But…” Audrie blushed furiously. “Isn’t this a little… scandalous? Like, won’t your company be… looked down at?”

               “Oh, not at all. We believe women are free to dress how they want! And how I want you to dress,” she added quietly.

               “Huh?” Audrie cocked her hair.

               “Oh, nothing,” Indigo smiled innocently. “This will really help our sales, Audrie girl. Sex sells, after all! Men are gonna look at you anyways, why not profit off of it?”

               Audrie bit her lip. Why was she accepting this? This felt wrong, but… if Indigo said it made sense, then that must have been true. “A-alright. And I just… drive to the post office like this?”

               “Drive? No, no, no dear,” Indigo smirked. “The post office is right there. You’ll just walk over there. Come on – it’s totally normal.”

               “W-what?!” Audrie exclaimed. “What if… what if people…”

               “See you? Audrie girl, that’s the whole point! C’mon, put this on and get moving!”

               “Yes… yes, Indigo.” Audrie’s face was burning red as she took the clothes. “Right away.”

               Indigo watched her stand up, still smiling. “And while you’re at it, put a smile on, right? It’ll really drive up our sales for people to see.”

               Audrie forced a smile, that slowly became more natural. As long as she was doing it for the hustle, all was swell.


               Audrie felt humiliated walking the first few steps. Not to mention, the packages she had to ship out were also enormous, making the walk that much more excruciating. She could physically feel the stares, the dirty looks and snickers.

               But after a few feet of walking? She felt fine. Good even! She was helping out a friend’s small – she thought? – business. Not to mention, she was working her way up, trying to be the best businesswoman she could ever become! She strolled confidently, then starting to bask in the glory of being gawked at. Being seen. Being noticed. Especially with the company’s logo plastered everywhere on her small outfit. All of Audrie’s life, she felt small, like she just existed to the sidelines of everything. But now she was beginning to thrive, and become more confident, more of a… a girlboss. Just like Indigo.

               That realization only stopped her for a minute. But she couldn’t stop! She had to keep moving, had to keep supporting her business. That feeling stayed with her for the walk there and back, and even at the post office. Luckily, the postwoman didn’t even seem phased. She’d probably seen it all. It was way past when Audrie was supposed to stay at the office, but she felt great. She could keep going for hours.

               Luckily, before it was about time Audrie absolutely needed to leave, Indigo showed up in front of her. “Hey superstar,” she smiled sweetly with a loving edge to her voice. “How’d things go at the post office?”

               “They went so well!” Audrie beamed. “And this outfit is soooo cozy. I can’t believe I’ve never, y’know, shown off my stuff before!”

               “Isn’t it so lovely?” Indigo cooed. “To be using your body to benefit my business – or yours, rather,” she chuckled. “You’re learning so much here! I’m glad you decided to stay with us and stop being such a grumpy grump.”

               Audrie smiled, nodding. This was certainly better than whatever she was doing before.

               “You know,” Indigo started, leaning closer into Audrie. “You’ve my favorite side hustle.”

               Audrie’s eyes widened in shock. Suddenly her body started convulsing with excitement – no, pleasure? She was suddenly so turned on, like she wanted to get fucked, fucked hard by – by Indigo. Audrie grunted, steadying herself on the desk even though she was already seated. She crossed her legs in a feeble attempt to hide how pleasured she was. Just by a few simple words. Why was her body reacting this way? She didn’t – she didn’t actually want to be fucked by her boss, right? But she liked being obedient… of use… of service… she liked being used by Indigo, as her loyal intern, her assistant, her—

               “Did you hear that?” she spoke, and Audrie braced herself for what happened next. “Isn’t that great? My favorite hustle!”

               It happened again, only stronger this time. Audrie couldn’t help but let out a soft moan, momentarily grateful no one else was in the office aside from the two of them. She narrowed her eyes at Indigo. Did she… know? What the living hell did Indigo do to her?

               Soon enough, both waves of pleasure passed, and Indigo was able to readjust herself. She stammered out a bunch of nonsense, looking at Indigo in shock. “You… did you…”

               “Hmm?” Indigo tilted her head innocently.

               “I… did you see anything?” Audrie asked, though she knew obviously she did.

               Indigo laughed. “Nope! Not at all. This is our little secret. I won’t tell a soul if you don’t.”

               Audrie sighed in relief – though a deep part of her knew that Indigo wasn’t telling the truth. “I… alright. Yeah, I’ll keep it a secret.”

               Indigo walked away after wishing her a safe trip home, and excitement at seeing her in the office the next day. Audrie washed off the humiliation she just felt. She looked around before looking down at her chair – luckily, she didn’t make much of a mess through her short shorts. There weren’t any cameras because of the family-like community of trust, so… she assumed it was okay.

               And yet. A part of her knew, that this was in no way normal. Indigo did something to her – and she didn’t want to believe it.


               Audrie threw herself into her Twitter, trying to distract herself from whatever just happened at work that day. She couldn’t wrap her mind around it. She had never gotten turned on at work, let alone overwhelmed with arousal. And it was just after Indigo said a few words. Audrie couldn’t even think of those words. As soon as she would even picture them in her mind, that wave would come back. Crashing on her like an entire ocean.

               She kept scrolling through Twitter. Anything that could take her mind off of it was good in her eyes. Over the past few weeks, she followed a host of “Ms. CEO” type blogs, talking about the best ways to make money in every second of your spare time. Her feed was filled with women in suits, breaking through the glass ceiling, yadda, yadda, yadda. She enjoyed it for quite some time, but ever since what happened that day, Audrie felt it was tainted.

               Regardless, she kept scrolling. As she did, she passed through the myriad of posts and tweets. And then she landed on a peculiar one.

               She didn’t read the tweet. All she needed to read was the word at the end – “#GIRLBOSS”. And then something even weirder and more humiliating happened. “Aaah – ah, fuck!” Suddenly, out of literally nowhere, Audrie finished. Without even needing to be touched, or thinking of it happening. It was one of the most intense climaxes she’d ever had in her life. It was completely unprompted, and it went on for at least a few minutes. Audrie shut her computer and began grinding herself on the bed, indecently trying to get as much out of the moment as she could.

               All she could think about was being used. Being useful. Running around and using every second to help – to please someone else. To please Indigo. She needed to be of use to her, of purpose… Her thoughts began to slowly shut down as she rode into the moment.

               Soon enough, she calmed down as she realized how loud she was moaning. She didn’t even want to open her computer again. She knew it would just happen again. Something clicked for Audrie – Indigo had somehow messed with her mind. Probably at the restaurant, before she passed out, when she… swirled the wine glass around. Indigo was messing with her!

               Well, she wasn’t going to fucking take it, anymore. There had to be a way to let herself off the internship and finish her internship some other time. Certainly her school would understand. Audrie was never a confrontational person, but first of all – she needed to confront Indigo. She needed answers.



               Indigo was just on the phone, talking with some mid-level manager, when Audrie stormed into her office unprompted. Indigo muttered a few hasty words about calling back later. Then, she hung up the phone and innocently looked at the absolutely furious Audrie.

               “Audrie! My favorite lady! How’re you doing?” She sounded so damn bubbly, and Audrie wanted to punch her. She knew. She absolutely fucking knew.

               “Oh, great, aside from the way you apparently messed with my head!” Audrie shouted, fuming out of her ears. “How could you do something like that?! I knew it was weird the way I suddenly liked your stupid company afterwards!”

               “It was nothing! Really! We just went out for drinks and I convinced you a little. You get me!” Indigo waved her hands up defensively. The same stupid smile was plastered on her face like a tattoo.

               Audrie gritted her teeth. “It wasn’t that,” she hissed. “You did something.”

               “I’m serious!” Indigo insisted. “I just used a little hypnosis. That’s all!”

               Audrie gaped – she couldn’t believe Indigo had just revealed something like that. “H-hypnosis?” Audrie stammered. “T-that shit doesn’t exist. Fix my head or I’m taking you to court!”

               Indigo tilted her head. “Court? For what, dear? Making a few small changes? Come on, tell me who would believe something as silly as that.”

               “S-shut up!” Audrie roared. “Fix me, you dumb—”

               “Hey, hey now,” Indigo stood up and walked over to Audrie, trying to calm her down. “Why is my favorite side hustle so angry?”

               Audrie blinked before the typhoon of pleasure hit her once again. She tried to keep her body still through the pressure, though the way her entire body ached. She moved over to Indigo’s desk, trying to steady herself on the counter. “L-like that! That’s what y-you did to me! You’re making my body like… this!”

               “I did no such thing,” Indigo tutted her tongue. “I just asked you to do a few things for me. Come on, Audrie girl—”

               “Stop calling me that!”

               “We’d never do anything to hurt you.” Suddenly, Indigo wrapped her arms around Audrie as she continued to thrash and shout.

               “After all, we’re like a family here, aren’t we?”

               Audrie suddenly stopped. Something in her mind clicked. Why was she so… angry? No, no! She tried to fight back. Audrie was angry because Indigo messed with her mind! At least… she thought. That’s what Indigo did, right? That’s why she’d cum when she saw the word – no! This was wrong! This was wrong. Audrie clutched her head, trying to make sense though the fog, through the headache. Wrong, wrong, right, no, wrong, right, right—

               “We’re like a family here.” Indigo reassured her, making Audrie’s mind even more of a mess. Audrie was… angry… but why? She was… angry because… Indigo did something, right? She did something to her head, and… no. Indigo wouldn’t do that! She was so nice, and so powerful, and Audrie just wanted to be of use to her. She was a girl—no, she was… her boss… she did something wrong – right, no, wrong – right, right… There was no reason for Audrie to be angry… Indigo just wanted to help her company. She wanted to help Audrie be a boss of her own. Why did she think anything differently?

               “There you go,” Indigo cooed as she saw the fight fading from Audrie’s eyes. Her eyelids slacked half-open, ready to obey. “See? Isn’t that better?”

               “Mmm… huh… yeah,” Audrie murmured. “Um… sorry about that, I don’t know what… what came over me.”

               “That’s alright, Audrie girl! We all have days like that.” Indigo patted her on the shoulder.

               “Um… yeah, yes. I’ve been having a… rough day,” Audrie confirmed. “Um… how can I make it up to you, Indigo?”

               “Well…” Indigo licked her lips, grinning. “You can start by undressing so I can play with you a little more closely. Your mind is quite a lovely toy, but I want to see how I can mold your body to my liking, too.”

               “Mmm…” Audrie nodded as she began to undress. “That sounds… nice.”


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