Divine Respect

by Skaetlett

Tags: #affirmations #confidence_domming #D/s #deities #f/f #fantasy

This story is intended for adult audiences. Please do not read if you are under the age of 18.

Chantelle looked at herself in the mirror. She took a long stare at each and every part of her body. Every time she'd gaze into the mirror, she'd find some new part of her she'd hate. Her hips were curvy, but in the gross, uneven sense. Her hair, despite being desperately washed every day, had some strange greasiness to it that made her feel like one of those awful creepy nerds she'd see in movies. Her wide, circular glasses didn't help that of course. As she ran her hands down her waist, she could feel herself shrinking in her own touch.

"No woman would ever find me attractive," she spoke to herself in a shameful, hushed tone. She ripped her head away from the mirror, walking over to a book she left on her bed -- 'Goddess romantic witchcraft'. Chantelle picked it up, staring at the cover. The subheader promised finding true love through the spells in the book, though Chantelle had a hard time believing that. After all, she picked it up at a thrift store for 25 cents.

But it was worth a shot. If I can find true love, Chantelle thought, then maybe I'll also see that I'm worth more than a retail worker who covers all free shifts...

She gathered all the materials ahead of time, the red and black candles, dried roses and chamomile, a strange ruin-like symbol, and a bowl of water she'd left under the new moon. If she could perform the spell just right, the book promised she would be blessed with love by a Goddess.

Of course, Chantelle should have been convinced it was a load of horse shit. But it was worth a shot; after all, it wasn't like she had anywhere to be at 11:59pm on a full moon Friday. Chantelle took a deep inhale, trying to clear her thoughts. She pictured a wave, crashing onto the shore and receeding back into the ocean. One wave. Two waves. Wave after wave, until her mind felt clear. As she relaxed in her rare meditative state, she lit up a lighter, lighting all five candles. Of course, she had them all in candleholders, so as not to risk a deadly fire.

She picked up the bowl of water, speaking to it in a hushed tone: "Please grant me a girlfriend who loves me through and through." As she felt her words sinking into the paper, she grabbed the herbs and crushed them over the moon water. The last step was to rip apart the sigil, a symbol of unconditional love, and toss it into the water. As she tore apart the sigil, Chantelle couldn't help but think about what her new partner would be like. Would she be a tall, muscular lady who could boss Chantelle around? Or maybe she'd be a kind, wholesome, gentle lady who would treat Chantelle with nothing but grace? Chantelle wasn't sure what to expect, but whatever her partner would be -- she would arrive soon.

At least, Chantelle hoped. Chantelle picked up the water, intent on taking it to the nearby river to send it back into nature.

She didn't take even a step. As she stood up with the bowl of water, Chantelle jumped back as a burst of red smoke shot through the room. "W-what, what in the world?!" Chantelle dropped the bowl in shock as she stumbled back, smashing it into a million pieces. Shit, she thought to herself -- I needed that!

She couldn't think about that right now -- all she could look at was the billowing red smoke twisting and turning and forming into... a physical body. It was the body of a woman, and a gorgeous woman at that, one that looked divine. She had the celestial body of a goddess, with shimmering pink skin, and long red hair in thick curls. She donned a loose dress that showed off her chest very well. Chantelle looked away, feeling unworthy to even *look* at this gorgeous woman as she floated through the air.

“I am Vyneas, Goddess of Unconditional Love," the goddess spoke in a tone that commanded respect. "Why have you summoned me, mortal woman? What do you--"

"I'm sorry!" Chantelle squeaked out. The goddess looked like she would have been angry to be interrupted if she wasn't bewildered. Chantelle didn't think she would literally summon a goddess -- a goddess she was now heavily inconveniencing!

"You're sorry?" Vyneas asked in her booming voice, almost bewildered by the statement. "What in the universe could you be sorry for, mortal?"

"I-I mean..." Chantelle shook her head, feeling more and more small the more this gorgeous celestial being spoke. "I had no idea you would show up -- I should have asked before, um... inviting you, I didn't mean to!"

Vyneas's eyebrows furrowed -- if they were actually eyebrows, but Chantelle could see constellations twirled into the lashes. "I fear I may be misunderstanding... you used a spell to summon me. I am here because I took interest in your spell, in your presence. Why would you be sorry for something I decided to do?"

Chantelle's mouth hung slack, agape. This goddess -- for being pulled out of whatever nonearthly things she was doing -- was being strangely patient and forgiving. In fact, it seemed like she was more annoyed with Chantelle's apologizing than her sudden summoning. "I... I don't know. I just apologize a lot. I just didn't want to bother anyone."

Vyneas smiled, a chuckle emitting from behind her lips. Even the sound of her laughter was godlike. Chantelle could have sworn that her laughter sounded like birdsong. "You're quite amusing, for a human. Tell me your name, mortal."

“Chantelle… my name is Chantelle,” she responded meekly, feeling like an inch tall in this goddess’ presence.

“Chantelle,” Vyneas echoed. “What a lovely name. You’ve been spending so much time feeling sorry for yourself, but you haven’t told me your name is so pretty. Why?”

“I just… I didn’t think my name was that important. It’s like a mushroom. At least it fits me.” Chantelle shrunk even further, curling into a big ball of insecurity. “I don’t really think I’m worthy of being in your presence, um, Goddess…”

Vyneas reached out an arm, gently touching Chantelle’s cheek. Chantelle flinched as the celestial being’s hand approached her face, but as soon as she was touched skin to skin… A wave of happiness and pleasure washed over Chantelle. She could swear she never felt this warm and comfortable. Her hand felt like the softest silk, warm to the touch and allowing Chantelle to melt into her hand. Chantelle sighed in contentment, her earlier fears and insecurities slowly dissipating.

“Mortal,” Vyneas spoke softly. “I would not have visited you if I did not take interest in you.” Chantelle felt soothed just by hearing her voice. “Tell me, dear. What is it that you want?”

“I want…” Chantelle murmured, so comforted and cozy. “I want a soulmate… a girlfriend who loves me.” The earlier fear began returning to Chantelle’s heart, her voice speaking with a bit more pain. “I just thought that if I had a girlfriend, maybe I’ll feel happier… better about myself.”

Vyneas’ thumb gently stroked Chantelle’s cheek. Suddenly, her cheeks flushed a deep red as she realized just how horny she was – being in the presence of this gorgeous, loving, literal Goddess. Chantelle gulped down an indecent moan, but she didn’t do too well.

“Oh, mortal,” Vyneas chuckled again, stroking Chantelle’s face in circles. “I understand you may feel a little… overwhelmed, shall we say, in my presence. Don’t worry about offending me – once I had a man orgasm on the spot as soon as he saw me.”

Chantelle couldn’t help but chuckle a little – sounds like a pretty weak-willed guy, she thought. At least she was tougher than that. As soon as she allowed herself to moan and gasp lightly, silently begging for more – Vyneas pulled her hand away.

“But… before I allow you to learn too much into it, mortal…” Vyneas put her hand to her chin contemplatively. “Why would you think anyone would want to date you?” Chantelle felt icicles through her chest momentarily, before Vyneas continued speaking. “You are a gorgeous woman – women with curves are quite loved in my realm – but you lack confidence. You haven’t complimented yourself even once since my visit. It will be hard for me to help you if you can’t treat yourself with kindness.”

“So…” Chantelle bit her lip.

“So, for the purpose of your finding a soulmate, mortal… let’s start with some confidence lessons. And… why don’t we have some fun with it?” Vyneas laughed again, a bit heartier this time.

“F-fun?” Chantelle stammered. She wasn’t sure she could ever say something like that about herself – let alone in Vyneas’ presence.

“Yes… let’s play a game. How about I edge you to the brink of climax over and over again, until I am satisfied with the way you speak of yourself?”

“Ah!” Chantelle squeaked, her cheeks flushing even harder. “I… I’m not that good at edging, um…”

“Don’t worry, mortal—no, let’s call you plaything. I’ll take away your ability to finish without my permission.”

Before Chantelle was able to ask anymore questions, Vyneas snapped her fingers, the sound reverberating through the walls. Chantelle felt something in her change, like her consciousness had suddenly shifted. She was much, much more turned on than she was before – but she couldn’t remember quite how to finish. “Y-you can… do that?”

“Of course, plaything. I just did.” Vyneas placed her hand on Chantelle’s cheek again, making the subby girl tense and shaking. She gently rotated Chantelle’s body, making her face the mirror. Chantelle looked at Vyneas’ reflection, the way she gently floated above Chantelle’s body with her flowing hair – but then Chantelle saw herself. Her smile fell and her body slumped.

“Even just looking at yourself in the mirror causes you to deflate… looks like we have a fair amount of work to do,” Vyneas sighed, rubbing her hands past Chantelle’s cheek, down her neck and at her chest. Chantelle convulsed, her earlier insecurities fading away as Vyneas fondled her gently.

“Let’s start off simple. Plaything – say one nice thing about yourself.”

Chantelle could barely think through the pleasure, let alone think about something nice about herself. “Um… well…” Vyneas kept fondling her as she stood deep in her thoughts, making it even harder for Chantelle to think clearly.

“Remember, dear,” Vyneas teased. “You won’t get to finish until I’m satisfied.”

“I…” Chantelle furrowed her eyebrows. “I’m… a kind person. I’m nice to other people around me.”

“Good,” Vyneas cooed in Chantelle’s ear. Suddenly, after Chantelle’s sentence finished, a sudden typhoon of pleasure washed over her. Chantelle couldn’t stop gasping for air, and Vyneas let her ride out the wave… but Chantelle still couldn’t finish. The pleasure died down, back to its earlier levels.

“See? Treating yourself well means you’ll feel good,” Vyneas smiled. Her left hand ran down Chantelle’s waist, causing her breathing to heavy again. “So, you’re a kind, nice person. Of course you are! I wouldn’t waste my time with cruel people. You’re doing better than at least half of the world, my plaything.”

Chantelle blushed – she knew Vyneas was speaking, but she couldn’t quite make out her words.

“Next,” Vyneas’ hands stopped, as she grinned down at Chantelle. “What’s something about your body that you like?”

“About my… b-body?” Chantelle stammered. Her personality was really her best part of her. As she continued looking at her body, she remembered the years of cruelty she went through by people who had more power over her. The insults and jokes, and the time she was asked out as a prank… those memories washed over her. She couldn’t think of anything.

“Shhh,” Vyneas cooed. “I know what you’re thinking. Just one thing. One thing you like about your body.”

“One… t-thing…” Chantelle stammered, steadily staying at her current level of arousal. “I… I like how my hair looks. I like the style, and – the natural highlights are very nice…”

“Very, very good,” Vyneas purred. Chantelle felt like lightning had struck her, as her cunt twitched, begging for release. She could hardly breathe – she wanted more, more, more. “I love your hair, too… but there are other things I like, too.”

Chantelle blinked, gathering her breath. She desperately wanted to climax. “L-like what?”

“Like… the way your breasts lie on your chest.” Vyneas gently grabbed one of Chantelle’s breasts, causing her back to arch. “They’re the perfect size. Malleable, but firm. They’re the perfect toys – like you, plaything.”

Chantelle gulped. “Y-you think so?”

“Of course, plaything. And I also like your thighs… in my realm, women with thick thighs are revered. Big, powerful thighs are a sign of prosperity. So…” Vyneas’ hands ran up and down Chantelle’s thighs, groping and squeezing them in all the right places. “So if you were to, say, hypothetically come back with me to my world… you would be viewed as one of us. A goddess.”

Chantelle’s face flushed red. She loved… this. She loved being complimented by a goddess, treated like a deity. “I… don’t know if I deserve that.”

“It’s not your job to know things, plaything,” Vyneas chuckled. “It’s just your job to do as I say… and I’d like you to echo the things I said about you.”


“So, repeat after me: ‘I look like a goddess. I deserve to be treated like a goddess.”

“Um…” Chantelle couldn’t think straight through the pleasure. It sounded like a mantra, but as soon as Vyneas finished speaking, she couldn’t remember. “I look, um, I look like…”

Vyneas pulled one of her hands off of Chantelle’s chest, sighing. “That’s alright, dear. Let me help you.” Once again, Vyneas snapped her fingers. In an instant, Chantelle could almost see the mantra clear in her head – as if it was branded into her brain. “There you go… now you won’t be able to forget, no matter how horny, sad, or lost you are.” She continued touching and fondling Chantelle’s body gently, whispering in her ear. “Repeat it, plaything.”

“I…” Despite the way Chantelle remembered the mantra, it still didn’t feel right. But… this kind, generous goddess was telling her to – so it was right for her to do so. “I look like a goddess. I deserve to be treated like a goddess. I…”

“Yes, dear, keep going,” Vyneas snapped her fingers again, and the mantra became even clearer.

“I look like a goddess,” Chantelle continued with even more fervor. “I deserve to be treated like a goddess.” Every time she finished the sentences, she could feel herself getting closer and closer. “I look like a goddess. I deserve to be treated like a goddess. I look like a goddess. I deserve to be treated like a goddess.” She repeated it over and over, the pleasure overwhelming her, speaking louder and louder.

“Yes, good, and you are a goddess… and goddesses are powerful. Powerful deities don’t feel awful about themselves,” Vyneas spoke. “Very well. You’ve pleased me, and I’m pleased with my work.”


“So you can finish,” Vyneas gave her permission. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Chantelle took that offer almost immediately, pushing herself over the edge as she continued repeating her mantra. It felt so right, to speak it over and over again, to be in the presence of a loving goddess, but more so – feeling like a goddess. Because she was a goddess. Chantelle couldn’t even remember why she never liked her body – of course she should love her body. And of course other people, other deities, should love her body too. Her orgasm went on for what seemed like hours, but eventually – she calmed down, brought back to the earthly realm.

Chantelle purred, calming down into Vyneas’ arms. Vyneas embraced her plaything in a gentle, loving hug. “How do you feel, Chantelle?”

“Mm,” Chantelle purred, “Good… divine.”

“That’s right,” Vyneas cooed. “I believe my work here is done, then. But…”

Light poured out from the floor, back from where Chantelle originally performed her spell. Chantelle was so calm, she didn’t even notice. “I think I’d like to show you off to all my friends as my plaything – after all, they’d love to see you too.”

“Hehe,” Chantelle giggled. “That sounds lovely…”


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