A Visit from a Fertility Goddess

by Skaetlett

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #reverse_corruption #tentacles #dom:female #fantasy #pov:bottom #sub:female #transgender_characters
See spoiler tags : #impregnation

Veronica is a mean lady who breaks the hearts of girls crushing on her. A fertility Goddess visits her for some divine intervention.

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Author’s Note: This story contains adult content. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Additionally, this is not an accurate representation of hypnosis or non-consensual sex at all, as it exists in a fantasy setting. Non-consensual sex/sexual acts and hypnosis of other people in real life is highly immoral and illegal, and I do not condone such acts. All characters in this story are above the age of 18. By Skaetlett © 2022, do not repost without explicit permission.

> I had a good time, but ghosting is really shitty of you. Thanks for the good sex. Goodbye.

Veronica scoffed as she read her latest text from her now-former fuckbuddy. Why did it matter to these girls so much that Veronica would just disappear? Veronica didn’t owe them anything. She didn’t owe anyone anything. As far as she was concerned, the only thing she needed was a quick fuck with no expectations. She’d been called it all, and told she’d broken many ladies’ hearts.

It didn’t matter, really. She was fine on her own. And who cared about their poor feelings anyways? Veronica had better things to concern herself with, like the hot chick she met on a dating app that morning. They agreed to meet at Veronica’s house for what would be another fuck-and-go session. This girl had incredible tits, curves in fantastic spots, and a mouth that looked very fuckable. She felt her crotch tingle just thinking about how amazing it would feel.

And then after enough scenes, she’d drop her and move onto the next. That was just how Veronica operated. Domme a needy subby bitch in heat, one after the other. This girl would be no different, but at least she’d be a good time.

Veronica tidied up her house just enough to be presentable, and of course laid her favorite restraints across the bed. Seeing this plaything immobile and needy and whimpering would be quite the sight to behold. Fuck it, Veronica thought, might as well pretend to be romantic. She lit a few candles minutes before her toy – Molly, she vaguely remembered her name being – would get there.


The doorbell rang across the house, a smirk crossing Veronica’s lips. She ran to the door and swung it open.

If Molly looked good in pictures, she definitely looked excellent in person. Molly donned a nice outfit -- slutty, but not too slutty, and Veronica could already envision tearing it off of her body in a hot fury. Her tits were practically falling out of her outfit. Her lips were plump and fuckable. Veronica was definitely going to enjoy fucking those lips with her strap on. Her bottom surgery last year wouldn't stop her from making girls deepthroat her.

"Hey, Molly," Veronica said in her best seductive voice. She was more than ready. "How's your evening, babe?"

"Oh, well," Molly looked away bashfully. "It's quite nice. I'm happy I get to spend it with you, Veronica."

Veronica grinned. Aw, she was so cute and innocent. Definitely had a bit of bashfulness, definitely some anxiety -- Molly had nothing to worry about, though. Veronica only just planned to break her.

"Well, come on in. I set up the room for us. Don't keep me waiting," she ordered as she snapped her fingers. Molly meekly nodded and ran into the apartment, looking fervently for Veronica's bedroom. Veronica ushered her inside, slamming the doors shut behind her. Molly didn't need any snacks or water or anything -- and even if she did, Veronica would have told her she'd get it after.

Veronica looked down at her prey. "Let's get started, sweetheart," she said, tenderly running a hand down Molly's cheek. This would be over quickly. Breaking Molly would be a breeze.


The smile on Molly's face grew oddly twisted, her eyes contorting with deviance.


Veronica lifted an eyebrow, immediately noting the sudden shift in mood. Within seconds, Molly's body began to grow. "What the fuck?" Veronica demanded as her room became enshrined in blinding light. Veronica ripped her eyes away, her heart pounding. This girl wasn't serious, was she? Veronica didn't bring her over for a lights show. As far as Veronica was concerned, this was wasting her precious time.

"What are you doing?" she demanded, but before she could get an answer, she looked back and found one. Molly's body had completely transformed.

While Molly had nice curves before, the curves all over her body were on a completely different level now. Her body now towered over Veronica, making even the mean top shiver in fear. Her long brown hair swirled behind her, suddenly done into large curls. Her lips looked delicious, in the most terrifying way. Almost like she could devour Veronica like a snack.

"Who are you?" Veronica hissed.

"I am the Fertility Goddess, Xevena," her voice boomed and echoed through Veronica's entire apartment. "I have come here to punish you for your crimes."

"W-what crimes?" Veronica stammered. "Cut the bullshit and these special effects and just let me fuck you already!"

"What?" Xevena snorted. "So you can abandon me and get on with your life like all the rest? My dear, do you know how many poor, innocent girls you've broken only to leave stranded in the world? How many girls you've made promises to only to immediately break them. All the cruel, meaningless sex you've had where you've feigned caring and compassion. You have caused a world of hurt for so many people... don't you understand?"

Veronica scoffed. Xevena had a point -- that was essentially how Veronica operated. But she didn't owe anyone anything. Who cared if she told a few lies? Who cared if all she had were one night stands? "Yeah, and what does it matter?" Veronica demanded. "I owe no one anything."

"Really?" Xevena responded in a mocking tone. "You think you don't owe anyone anything? Well, I beg to differ. So many tears shed over you, a mean fuckgirl who only cares about herself..."

Xevena leaned into Veronica's ear, making the now smaller girl shiver in fright.

"A mean fuckgirl I'm going to force a purpose on."

"W-what the fuck do you mean?"

Veronica didn't want to wait for an answer to that. She grabbed Xevena's waist and began trying to force her onto the neatly made bed. All her horniness turned into angry lust. The best way to take her fury out was to show this fertility goddess who was boss.

And Xevena wasn't having a second of it.

Her body stayed still, like a statue. Before she grabbed Veronica's body, lifted it up like a cotton ball, and threw her onto the bed. Xevena got on top of her and pinned her down. Veronica struggled against her grip. "L-let me go, bitch!"

"No," Xevena smiled. "We've only just begun your punishment."

If Veronica wasn't bound to the bed before, she would be soon. Out of nowhere, glowing tendrils spiraled from under the bed. Veronica tried to tear her arms and legs away from them, but they were too quick. The tendrils got to quick work, restraining Veronica's wrists to the top corners of the bed. As much as the muscular, strong girl struggled, the tentacles only bound her tighter to the bed.

The ones on her ankles, on the other hand, lifted her legs in the air and spread them apart. Veronica panted heavily, shouting out an array of insults and protests, but Xevena didn't give her the time of day. Instead, she crawled up onto Veronica's waist, bending over and looking her dead in the eye. Veronica felt the girl's weight crushing her, though the feeling of her stomach sinking more came from fear.

"How does it feel, girl? To be bound helpless in front of someone far more powerful than you? How does it feel to be at my mercy?"

"Fuck you," Veronica spat.

"Hmm," Xevena smiled innocently. "I see we still have work to do. I was hoping this much would break you. Oh well, I s'pose we have a ways to go."

Veronica continued to struggle. Behind Xevena, Veronica could see a fifth tendril advancing on her cunt. From on the bed, she couldn't see just how big the tendril was -- and how lubed up it already seemed -- but she didn't need to see. Veronica could tell just how large it was, in length and girth, the moment it touched the lips of her pussy.

"F-f-f..." Veronica hissed, trying to snake her crotch away from the tendril. Between the lengths holding her legs still, and Xevena's body on Veronica's waist, it was a futile effort. The tendril paid special attention to her clit, stimulating it with its tip. Xevena was crazy if she thought something like this would break Veronica, or... if a length that big would even fit inside of her.

And yet, Veronica couldn't deny how good it felt. It was completely degrading and that only made it hotter. Soon, her struggles turned into hip bucking against the length, desperate to be brought closer to the edge. She still muttered out a series of moans and curses, but Xevena just giggled at her efforts.

"See? Doesn't this feel good? It wasn't that hard to adjust, was it?"

"N-no..." Veronica gasped as she felt her clit twitch. "I... don't..."

"Oh, come now, just admit you want it." Now impatience lined the edges of Xevena's voice. "You want this. You want to be owned. You want to be docile and fucked merciless."

Veronica wanted to protest again. But she couldn't. Her body shivered, and much to her chagrin, slowly her fighting words turned into begs. "P-please... I need..."

Xevena smiled. Just as Veronica's mind was about to break, the tendril stopped and pulled away -- leaving Veronica angrier than she was before.

"Not yet," Xevena teased. "We're saving your orgasm for something special."

Veronica wanted to beg her to get off. But what her body wanted was to beg Xevena to let her cum. She hated that. She hated that she was falling for such a dirty ploy. At the same time, she couldn't believe this was real -- both in between the magical aspects she'd witnessed, and the fact this is where she was. On the bottom of an admittedly hot fertility goddess, being bound and edged by a bunch of tentacles.

"What are you... saving..." Questions raced through Veronica's mind. She tried to ask one.

"Oh, don't worry your pretty head about that quite yet." As Xevena denied Veronica both an orgasm and any answers, another tendril placed itself on Veronica's clit. The first one moved towards her lips, pushing its tip in. Veronica moaned, her eyes rolling back -- she couldn't believe what was now inside her was *just* the tip. "And don't worry about the size, either. You'll adjust... I think."

Veronica's mind was breaking. But she still had some fight in her. And that fight could only be used for asking for it to stop. "Please, stop... I promise I won't..." Her sentence broke into a moan as the tendril pushed inside her deeper. "I won't... hurt people anymore..."

Xevena's grin widened even further. Suddenly, she blinked, and her eyes shifted -- into a colorful spiral. Her eyes were both filled with neon green and light blue spirals, pulling Veronica into them.

"No you won't," she said, her voice suddenly growing much more sinister. "Because I'm going to make you wince at the idea of ever hurting anyone ever again."

"So you'll..." A smile crossed Veronica's face. She was... free? She tried to rip her eyes away from the spirals, but it was a futile effort.

"No. We've a long way to go until we get there."

And then the lubed up tentacle slammed itself deep into Veronica, leaving her no time to adjust or react. She screamed as it tore her walls open, gasping and clutching the sheets beneath her. The now-vibrating tentacle's tip on top of her clit didn't help in the slightest. Tears welled up from the corners of her eyes as she felt her pussy, her body, and her mind all break at once. The sheer speed of the tendril now mercilessly fucking her slowed her brain down. She could physically feel it melting, almost like the blood just stopped flowing to her brain.

As her hole was fucked hard, deep, and  fast, Veronica found herself unable to speak or think or do anything other than stare into Xevena's spiraling eyes.

"You can feel it, can't you?" Xevena spoke. "Your willpower breaking in half. You're not so tough anymore, Veronica. You're not scary or powerful or cruel anymore. You can feel your soul changing with every thrust, with every twitch of your clit, and with every single word I say to you. You were never meant to be this mean, but you were meant to mean much to me."

Veronica's eyes grew slack as she continued staring into the spirals. The only comfort she could find was in Xevena's eyes. Wherever else she looked, wherever else she mentally placed herself, was much worse and more painful than Xevena's calming eyes. Veronica drearily mouthed the question, 'what are you talking about', but her breath overtook her words and not a single word came out. Luckily, Xevena understood what she was talking about.

"Don't worry, breeding stock," Xevena grabbed Veronica's hair. She ruffled it gently, teasingly, with such a contrast to the rough fucking that Veronica nearly came from that touch alone. "You can let all those fantasies about taking advantage of people and being all dominant and powerful fade away. You'll have a new purpose from now on, one I think will tame you quite a bit. From now on, you're just going to be delicate. Docile. Obedient. Delicate, docile, obedient." Xevena leaned closer to Veronica's face, clutching her hair tighter. "Delicate. Docile. Obedient. Repeat it," she snarled.

"D-d-d-delicate," Veronica gasped out as she physically forced her mouth to speak. "D-docile... o-o-obed-dient..."

"There you go," Xevena chuckled. "Delicate. Docile. Obedient." Slowly, the two began repeating the words in unison. The deeper Veronica stared, the more those words made sense. And with every repetition, the deeper she stared, the more she registered that this was where she was meant to be. Veronica's toughness was just a front, and secretly, she just wanted to be a meek, shy girl with a purpose.

But what purpose?

Veronica distantly thought of that question as she repeated the mantra. The tentacle thrusting in and out of her, the way she got edged over and over again, those things felt distant to her. All she could think about was Xevena's eyes, her new mantra, and her quiet question.

"W-w-wh..." Veronica stopped the mantra repetition.

That was a mistake. It earned her a harsh slap to the face from Xevena. The sting was harsher than anything she'd ever felt.

"I didn't tell you to stop repeating your mantra," Xevena growled as she grabbed Veronica's face and held it tightly. "Delicate. Docile. Obedient."

"D-delicate, docile-- what are..." Finally, Veronica found the strength to speak. A particularly deep thrust nearly broke the question away from her, but she held onto it. "What are... what purpose?"

Xevena loosened her grip on Veronica's face. Her possessive, indignant expression softened into an innocent smile. Somehow, that was more terrifying, and Veronica could barely breathe.

"Divine judgment is being dealt," Xevena said as if Veronica would have understood what that meant.

She leaned into Veronica's ear, holding her head by the hair, and said something that instilled nothing but fear into Veronica.

"I'm going to impregnate you with my child."

Veronica's eyes widened to the size of golfballs. No. No she couldn't do that. Not only because that would be -- awful, terrible, so many things Veronica couldn't even think about right then and there, but also because... that was physically impossible. Xevena must have known something like that, right?

"I know what you're thinking. You're trans and had bottom surgery, so obviously, you can't get pregnant. Well..." Xevena took a moment to chuckle and let Veronica writhe in pain and fear. "I'm a Goddess, idiot. I can make it happen if I deem it worthy."

Veronica felt herself about to shout more protests and curses, as she had in the beginning. But Xevena held her cheeks together, shutting them up. Somehow, Veronica found the ability to speak. "N-no, please, don't--"

"Oh, shut it, broodmare," Xevena said as she slapped Veronica again. "We've still got a long way to go. We need to make you as delicate, docile, and obedient as we can physically force you to be. After all, I wouldn't leave my offspring to be mothered by a monster like you've been."

Xevena clasped a hand over Veronica's mouth before she could say anything else. Whatever protests she had seemed to disappear completely into Xevena's firm hand. Not a single word came out of her. And more importantly, some kind of... fluid secreted into Veronica's mouth. Shutting down her mind even further, almost like some kind of sedation. Her brain slowed down to a halt. Soon, all she could think of was the mantra:

Delicate. Docile. Obedient.

Delicate. Docile. Obedient.

Delicate. Docile. Obedient.

Xevena spoke up again. Veronica couldn't quite register it, but it didn't matter. The only things that truly made sense to her were being delicate, docile, and obedient. Like she was meant to be. Her willpower was gone. Physically, she couldn't fight, and emotionally, she didn't want to anyways.

"We're so close to your final edge," Xevena cooed. "And once you have the climax of a lifetime, it'll give way for my seed to take you over. But first, I need you to do one more thing."

She took her hand off of Veronica, the fluids still sinking down her throat. "I need you to beg for it. Beg for me to impregnate you."

One small atom of Veronica felt the urge to fight back. But soon enough, that bit died as well. And all that was left was a vessel for the fertility goddess' child. She needed it. She needed to fulfill her life's true, dying purpose.

"Please," Veronica croaked. "Please, give me your seed, please breed me with your children," she sobbed in a pleading voice.

Xevena smirked.

"You'll do as I say? As I want of you?"

"Yes, yes, yes, and more." Veronica knew she was shattered by this. She didn't care anymore. She didn't even notice her own pain anymore. She would have barely noticed the tentacle pounding her were it not growing ever so faster and larger.

"You'll devote your entire life to taking care of this goddess' child? And you will never, ever, even think about hurting a single soul again?"

"My life is yours, Goddess Xevena," Veronica panted. "I'll... I accept this... this responsibility."

"And will you be delicate, docile, and obedient, fully?"

"Delicate," Veronica inhaled, "docile," and exhaled, "obedient."

Xevena grinned wider than ever. "Then cum," she commanded. "Make way for my seed."

If Veronica hung on by any strings up until now, she let them go as her body exploded. Pleasure and aching filled up every vein, every muscle, every bone of her body. Her body convulsed with agonizing bliss.

And moments after, she felt something sticky, warm, and excessive fill up her cunt. Cum. Lots, and lots of green, slimy, sticky cum. She could feel it filling her to the brim, whatever left sinking out of her body and slipping onto the floor. As she felt the Goddess' seed fill up her orifice, she felt her brain coated in it as well. Her brain, now with the mantra burnt into her. This was how she could fulfill her purpose. This was her purpose.

It felt like hours before the tentacle pulled out of her, disappearing into almost thin air. The rest of the tentacles released Veronica, but she could barely move as she felt the liquid move within her. Veronica panted. Even her breath was more fragile than usual, so weak and pathetic. Like she was meant to be broken.

Xevena blinked. And her eyes returned to normal. "How do you feel, Veronica?" she massaged the edge of Veronica's chin. "Do you feel ready to face your life anew?"

"You..." Veronica spoke up. "Were you... joking?" she asked in a hopeful question. "You can't... actually... make me pregnant... right?"

Xevena smiled, laughing at Veronica's stupid question. She adjusted her body, planting herself on Veronica's legs. Veronica lifted her body up to look at the Goddess putting her hand on Veronica's torso. Light shined on the area, and Veronica could feel it vividly.

The sperm forming a child.

She had no idea how this was physically possible, but that question was impossible to answer for the entire damn situation. Not that the word 'damn' was any longer in her vocabulary. With one hiccup, Veronica sobbed. "P-please, don't leave me like this, I'm... I can't be a..."

"A mother? Oh, yes you can be. It's where you're meant to be."

"This... this can't be happening..."

"Oh, Veronica. So, so silly for such a stupid plaything. Nothing can be done now." Xevena got off of Veronica's legs and wiped the tears from her eyes. "This is your burden to bear, sweetheart. And if you do anything to prevent it? Well, let's say I'll be back to amend that. Perhaps with a set of twins or triplets."

Veronica had nothing left to say. She just cried. She felt like a fragile piece of glass who'd cracked all over the floor.

"So?" Xevena crossed her arms. "Will you do anything about it?"

Veronica had to think. What could she do, even? She was weak, hopeless, with not a shred of power in her. She melted in the Goddess' presence. Whatever she wanted to do seemed like a distant dream. There was nothing else for her to do.

"No," Veronica whispered. "I... I accept my fate."

Xevena smiled, and suddenly shifted back into her pseudo-human form. Veronica couldn't believe any of this was happening. Especially when Xevena walked out the door while adding--

"I won't be a stranger," she said sinisterly. "I'll sure be back to visit. Promise."

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