A Day at the Gym

by Skaetlett

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #exhibitionism #f/f #sub:female

Weiss has the idea to take Val to the gym and show off her girlfriend’s strength.

This story is intended for adult audiences. Please do not read if you are under the age of 18. Story commissioned by Modren, based off her incredible story Whiteout. It's recommended you read that story before reading this!

            Val yawned loudly, clutching the gray and purple duffel bag in her hands. She tried to tell Weiss over and over again that 6am was way too early for a gym trip. Weiss was hard to reason with when she had her mind set on something – in this case, the discounted gym tickets she managed to grab for both of them. Val was able to negotiate going to the gym at 8am, and it was still too damn early in the morning.

Since leaving her superhero duties, Val wasn’t as inclined to stay in tip-top shape. She didn’t want to completely lose herself, though, so when she mentioned wanting to work out again, Weiss got this devious look in her eye. A week later, she came to her with gym passes. It was so generous and thoughtful, and it just made Val love her more (if not leaving her a little surprised). Except for the part where Weiss expressed excitement over the possibility of Val bench pressing her. “Come on, Weiss,” Val sighed. “It’ll take me some time to get ready to lift all six feet of you.”

Weiss, of course, joined Val on their morning journey to the gym. She brought along another duffel bag of her own, this one also gray with blue hues. The gym was luckily not too far from their apartment, only about a 15 minute walk. The two exchanged sleepy conversations and tired, loving glances as they approached the gym doors.

“After you, miss going to lift me,” Weiss chuckled.

Val rolled her eyes, wanting to punch Weiss in jest. “If you keep asking it’ll just take longer.” They walked in, checking in at the counter – notably staffed by a buff-looking butch woman – and headed down to the locker room. They stuffed their bags inside, and put on the workout clothes – the ones Weiss had chosen for both of them, of course.

Then they walked back up, gazing at the myriad of dumbbells, training machines, and workout centers. “Okay, so…” Val stretched her arms upwards. “What do you want to do first?”

“I know what I want you – I mean, us to do,” Weiss grinned, motioning over to the weights room. “You’re still pretty strong, Val, though, so it can wait. What would you like to do?”

“Well…” Val put a finger to her chin, looking around. “I could do with some running to warm up. What do you say we go for a treadmill jog together?”

Weiss’ grin faded just a little. “Well… sure! Why don’t we try it for…”

“Aw, really? You’re scared of a little running?” Val smirked playfully to her girlfriend, as her face contorted into a defensive frown. “C’mon, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it eventually! You may even be able to keep up with me, before you run out of breath.”

Weiss’ nervous grin turned into a confident smirk – there was no way she was going to be challenged by her girlfriend, her submissive. “Of course, dear. Let’s start with the treadmills, then!”

     It was about 5 minutes into the treadmill, and Weiss already looked like she regretted it. Val may have stopped running for a while, but she definitely remembered how to. Her form was amazing, compared to Weiss who'd look like she never ran for 10 minutes before. Not only was Val's form good -- which Weiss would constantly admire -- she was fast.

    Weiss wouldn't have minded taking a casual stroll while Val ran at the speed of light. It was Val's demeanor that was setting her off. After 5 minutes of light jogging, Val already began to tease. Without even losing her breath. "Aww, really, Weiss? You're tired from a little running?"

    Weiss grimaced, forcing a smirk. "Believe me, I can run much faster." She could barely speak through how breathless she was, a fact that embarrassed her even more than her poor running.

    "Oh, you can?" Val smirked deviously. "How about we set the speed to 8, incline to 5?"

    Weiss' face paled, the blood draining from her face. She was barely running on a speed of 3 miles per hour, with no incline -- Val, on the other hand, was running 5 miles per hour with an incline of 2.5. But Weiss was feeling competitive, even against her own good. After all, she was not going to be out-ran by her girlfriend and loyal sub!

    "Sure, if you really think you can out-run your Madame," she grinned as she hesitantly turned up the speed and incline. Val followed suit.

    Five seconds in, Weiss immediately regretted it. She could hardly keep up, using every few seconds to try to walk, only to start running again. Her eyes glanced to Val, who only looked a little out of breath.

    Val didn't say anything -- she was finally getting a little out of breath. But that smirk on her face told Weiss all she needed to know.

    It only took less than 60 seconds for Weiss to give up. She emergency stopped the treadmill, coming to a halt and jumping off. Weiss gasped and tried to catch her breath, all but collapsing on the floor. Val looked down at her as she lowered the speed on her own device.

    "Y'know, you should really slow down before you just stop," she advised.

    "No," Weiss panted. "No more running."

    "Not even a short jog?" Val asked as she slowed her machine down more. "Not even--"

    "No more running!" Weiss hissed, though it sounded more like a plea.

    "Alright, alright, I didn't know I was dating such a wimp." Val raised her hands defensively as she slowly lowered the machine to a walk. Eventually, she stopped and hopped off as well. "Maybe you'll be able to keep up with me on the weights."

    Weiss' frown turned into a grin once again. Surely she'd be able to be stronger than Val in that category. And even if she wasn't... Well, Weiss had one more trick down her sleeve. A trick that even Val couldn't fight against.

    They made their way over to the weights room, Weiss holding onto Val -- both lovingly and to readjust her weight. The weights room was relatively empty, which Weiss was grateful for. She didn't need everyone to see Weiss embarrass herself. Just... her girlfriend, to see Weiss embarrass herself.

    Weiss looked over at the racks on racks of dumbbells, kettlebells, and bars. "Alright, let's see," she grinned, going over to the section of dumbbells with weights reaching 100 pounds. "Why don't we try-- hhhhhng! Ah, fuck," Weiss cursed as she tried to lift up 95 pound weights. She struggled to lift one up with both hands. She poorly attempted to ignore Val's snickering as well.

    "D-don't you--" Weiss challenged.

    "Hey, don't worry, I couldn't lift those when I was first starting! Let's find one you can lift instead."

    Weiss sighed. That sounded nice... or at least did sound nice, up until Val showed her a set of one pound weights cockily. "Why don't you try these, Weiss?"

    Weiss snorted -- okay, that was good.

    "Just kidding, just kidding! What about... these?" She picked up a set of 6-pound dumbbells, handing them to Weiss. They were a lot heavier, but much less humiliating. "C'mon, let's do some bicep curls!"

    "Wha--" Before Weiss could ask any questions, Val began lifting the dumbbells to her chest. She had picked 20 pounds ones -- of course. Weiss tried to follow suit, once again getting overwhelmed after five or set reps.

    "You can do better than that, can't you, Weiss?"

    Weiss paused. "...No," she finally said, placing the dumbbells on the ground.

    "H-huh?" Val stopped, following suit. "I-I didn't mean to go so hard, Weiss--"

    "But you can," Weiss grinned deviously. Val clearly didn't understand, so she continued. "You are going to bench press me now. Since you're so strong, fit, and talented. You can do that, right, Val?"

    The way Weiss' voice dipped in octave made Val momentarily think she was going into her Madame persona. She knew she wasn't, but the dominating effect worked. Flustered, Val nodded lightly. "Y-yeah, I can do that. Um... right this way." Val motioned, with Weiss following her to a bench. As Val laid down, she began to explain.

    "So, this is a little on the more dangerous side, so you'll need to stay still if you don't want t-to get hurt." Val put her hands out, in the exact position she'd be lifting with them. "Um, so basically, you lie on my hands..."

    Weiss followed her girlfriend's requests. All the while, she grinned down at the stammering Val. Surely she wouldn't be able to do this right away, right?

    "Okay, so, I'm not sure if this will work," Val said as she prepped herself. "But here we... woah!"

    Val pushed up, bringing Weiss into the air. Weiss did her damndest to keep her body still, but the power rush was something else. Knowing her girlfriend was so muscular and strong... it felt so good. And then Weiss began to regret asking Val to do this, as she kept lifting her up and down.

    "Wow, I can't believe I actually did it!" Val giggled. Finally, after a set of twelve reps, she lowered Weiss to the ground. "Are you proud of me, Weiss?"

    Weiss tried her hardest not to make her voice drip with jealousy. "Yes, Val. I'm very proud. So proud that..." That was it. Weiss had to toy with Val just a little, after all Val had done to tease her. "...I made you a playlist! I was going to hand it to you at the door, but I thought you'd like it a bit more into our session."

    "You made a playlist for me?" Val echoed with a smile. "Well, I'd love to hear it! Lemme hear it!"

    "Of course you will," Weiss grinned. It worked. She pulled out her phone with earbuds and handed them to Val. She put them in her ears eagerly, as Weiss began to play the "workout playlist".

    "H-huh?" Val blinked as she realized. "This... is workout music? It sounds more like... hypnotic music..."

    "I don't know what you're talking about," Weiss chuckled. Suddenly, her demeanor went back into her Madame persona. "Just keep listening," she ordered.

    "Y-yes, of course," Val said obediently, continuing to listen. She could feel herself getting sleepier, her eyes closing in trance as she kept listening to the music. Soon enough, an induction started playing. Weiss knew it didn't take that much for her girlfriend to go into trance.

    And it didn't. Val fell into trance, breathing lightly. Weiss lifted her body up, beginning to talk to her. Now the real gym fun could start.


            Val came to what must have felt like an hour later. She woke up from a deep trance, wondering what in the world just happened. “Mm… Weiss, um…” she blinked her eyes, rubbing her face as she reoriented herself. “What… happened?”


            “Oh, you know,” Weiss began to answer with a devious grin. “You just worked out a little too hard. You needed a bit of rest and ended up falling asleep. Don’t worry, though, I kept you safe.”


            Val narrowed her eyes, still maintaining the same teasing grin as before. “You really think the girl with superpowers couldn’t keep herself safe? Please, Weiss.” She stood up along with Weiss, using her girlfriend to steady herself. Weiss was oddly quiet… which was weird considering how defensive and mouthy she was being about not being as strong as Val. ‘Ah well,’ Val thought to herself. ‘At least nothing happened.”


            “Soooo…” Val looked around as she began to survey the gym again. Oddly enough, after waking up – either from sleep or from trance – she still felt ready to get back to her workout. Mostly so she could lovingly tease her girlfriend more. “Which would you like to do?”


            “I was actually quite enjoying working with the weights,” Weiss murmured, having difficulty hiding her smirk. What in the world was she up to? “Why don’t we go back and try again? Maybe you can show me some better exercises, Valerie.”

               “Better exercises?” Val chuckled. “That’s pretty rich, coming from the lady who winced with eight pound weights.”


               Weiss grinned, a devilish, sly grin. She clearly knew what she was doing. “Why don’t you show them to me anyways, Valerie?”

               “Alright, if you insist,” she teased. Going over to grab the 20 pound dumbbells, she tried to examine Weiss’ face closer. Was she… planning something? Whatever it was, Val couldn’t figure it out for the life of her. Either way, she would find out sooner or later. She grabbed the weights, dragging them over to Weiss. “Okay, so, this one’s called a lateral arm raise,” Val explained as she pulled the weights up to her shoulders, her arms parallel and straight. “What you do is you keep your arms straight, and—”

               “And down – five,” Weiss cooed in Val’s ear as she lifted. Weiss touched a spot on Val’s back, about halfway down. Val’s eyes went wide as her body had a variety of reactions. The first most notable reaction was how quickly her well-toned strength faded away. The second thing she noticed was how horny she had become – luckily it wasn’t overpowering or humiliating, but she could still feel herself twitching. She still had a bit of strength left, but it wasn’t nearly enough to lift her 20 pound dumbbells. She all but dropped them with a stammer and a gasp.

               “W-what did you do, Weiss?” Val asked, deeply grateful that no one was around to see them.

               “I just took some of your strength, dear,” Weiss grinned wickedly. “I made it my strength, that’s just on your body.”

               Val pouted at her domineering girlfriend, then shrunk as the look in her eyes became more like Madame Blanc’s. She murmured out a “that’s not fair,” before trying to lift again. “Give me my strength back, Weiss…”

               “Hmmm… why don’t you ask nicely?” Weiss teased.

               Val muttered out a “please”, but she couldn’t help glaring at her girlfriend.

               “Alright, alright, I just wanted to toy with my very strong girlfriend a little,” Weiss chuckled defensively, poking another spot on her back. “Ten.” This spot was a little higher up, giving Val nearly all of her strength back.

               “Alright, let’s try this aga— gaaah!” Val was about to lift the dumbbells up, if not with a little more challenge, before Weiss poked another spot on her back – right above her tailbone, as she spoke the word ‘one’. The dumbbells dropped to the ground as Val couldn’t even begin to lift them up. As much as she tried, she couldn’t get them off of the ground. She was only grateful for the fact she didn’t hurt her arms or toes in the process.

               She also couldn’t deny how much horny she was, as if being physically weaker somehow made her more aroused and turned on now. As she writhed on the ground, trying to pick up the weights, she closed her legs together to grind them slightly. Val tried her damndest to hide her indecent panting and grunting, most likely to no avail.

“W-Weiss!” she pouted. “I’m trying to show you how to work out! You’re… you’re making me all weak and flustered…”

               “I love seeing you weak and flustered, though, Valerie,” she grinned. “And why would I need to work out, now?” Weiss’ grin only widened. “After all, I have your strength. Why do I need my own?”

               Val pouted as she continued feebly trying to pick up the weights. “Y-you’re cheating, Weiss! Why don’t you try to lift these weights, if you’re so tough?”

               “Why don’t I? My body can’t, Valerie, but yours sure can for me.” Weiss bent over and touched the top part of Val’s back. Suddenly, the arousal went away in an instant, and it was replaced with her usual strength. Val instantly stood up, glaring daggers at Weiss. Internally, she cursed to herself why Weiss had to do this here.

               Not that Val had any complaints – she loved it, after all. And it wasn’t like anyone was around to gawk at them. “F-fine, but I’m doing it for me! My strength is mine!” Val protested as she picked up the weights again, beginning to curl her biceps again.

               “Are you sure your strength is yours, Valerie?” Weiss asked. “After all, why would it be yours when I can do this?” Val braced herself as Weiss poked the lower part of Val’s back again. Having Weiss do that over and over again was almost like edging, the way it would drain Val’s strength and make her eager to be teased and be played with again. Val fell on the floor, squirming around as Weiss patted her shoulder gently.

               “So your strength is yours, right?” Weiss asked devilishly. “And it doesn’t, by any chance, belong to your Madame?”

               Val looked up at Weiss. Her eyes were pleading – pleading to get her strength back, and also for Weiss to toy with her like a plaything. Of course, Weiss wouldn’t grant her either of those things until Val relented. “N…no. My… my strength is yours… Weiss…” Val murmured as she continued to writhe on the floor.

               “That’s it,” Weiss purred. “Let’s get you back up on your feet, now. Ten.” Weiss touched the top part of Val’s back, and Val stood up to her feet. Her cheeks burned red as she fiddled with her hands.

               “Um… do you still want me to show you how to lift, Weiss?” Val asked meekly. “I… I don’t think I can lift those now…”

               “You don’t?” Weiss asked. “But I gave you all your strength back, Val.”

               “I-I know!” Val protested. “But I feel all wobbly after you did all that to me!”

               Weiss chuckled. “I’d still love to learn from my strong and talented girlfriend,” she pointed out. “But I think you’re feeling pretty worn out, dear. Why don’t we go home and you can… let’s say, release some tension?”

               Val blushed even harder. She knew exactly what Weiss was talking about – and she’d much prefer that than being humiliated more at the gym. “Y-yes, let’s go home so we can get to that.”

               “There you go.” Weiss held up her wobbling girlfriend as they stepped out of the gym. “We’ll be sure to have more fun with that trigger later, too.”

    “Huh?” Val cocked her head, looking at Weiss. “More… fun?”

    “Why, yes,” Weiss sang. “Imagine having you bench press me, only to have your strength suddenly disappear and have me on top of you. Or, flustering you as you try to show off your strength again…”

    “Mmmf,” Val whimpered. Especially with how much she’d been edged, that sounded particularly fun… “I… I’d like that…”’

    “You would, Valerie?” Weiss continued, smirking down at her girlfriend and plaything. “Would you also mind me draining all your strength so you can do nothing but be a mindless toy for your Madame? Would you enjoy that, Valerie?”

    Vale didn’t respond with words. She just caressed her face in her hands, blushing and stammering as she continued imagining the many ways Weiss could toy with her. After all, her strength was Weiss’. It belonged to her Madame -- it was just present on Val’s body.

    “I’ll take that as a yes.” Weiss patted Val’s shoulder and began walking her away, excited to truly try out her new power.

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