The Best Day Of Her Life

by SiennaKross

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #dom:male #drugged #hypnosis #multiple_partners #sub:female #brainwashed #gagged #HypNonconJam #magic #slutification #threesome

Heather had fuzzy memories after drinking too much.

It was the worst day of her life.

Heather had the hangover of the century. If the army of demolition tools playing renovations in her skull wasn't a dead giveaway, the fact that her throat was drier than the desert was probably a good clue. Oh, and who put lead on her eyelids? Much to her dismay, it seemed her college years were long gone and she could no longer handle her alcohol. Bummer. So what if she wasn't ready to admit she was 29 now? Scientific law states that any woman over 25 stays 25 forever, thankyouverymuch. That was common knowledge.

Cool air caressed her body, causing goosebumps to spread across her skin. For one fleeting moment, she wondered where the hell the damn comforter had disappeared to, but the pounding made it difficult for her to think. Her temples throbbed under the dull pain and she wasn't quite ready to open her eyes yet.

Maybe she should start drinking sodas instead of cocktails. Yeah, no, who was she kidding? 'Frisky Fridays' were all about getting trashed. Well, it was about unwinding, dancing AND getting trashed. Heather came up with the concept one day after another week of working at Hell Inc. She had given the company she worked for that nickname, given the long stressful days and sheer stupidity of most of her co-workers.

So, every Friday, she would go out with her best friend Stacy to blow off some steam. Usually, that also meant finding a willing partner to end the night with and getting some good stress relief in the bedroom. Well, most of the time. Heather didn't mind a good fuck in the back of a club if the guy was hot. She enjoyed working out several times a week and considered being pressed against a wall with her legs around a man's waist a good training.

Blurry pictures of last night danced in her foggy brain like the many colors of a kaleidoscope. Heather had bought a killer red dress, and she'd been excited to show off her legs with her favorite pair of stilettos. Stacy had met her at their regular club, which wasn't unusual since they didn't live in the same neighborhood. She had a fuzzy memory of flirting with the new bouncer. The guy had been sex on a stick. She wouldn't have minded ripping his clothes to see more of the tattoos he was hiding under his shirt. There also was the cute bartender who'd winked at her when she ordered her second Sex on the beach, but despite the club being packed, nobody had caught her eye.

And that was all she could remember of the evening. Heather frowned, not sure why she felt like she was missing out. She had no idea how or when she had gotten back to her apartment. Was she even home? Or had she followed some guy back to his apartment? She usually knew to be more careful, since you never knew who you were going to run into after all. She wasn't sure what happened, and that uncertainty didn't suit well with her.

Heather was slowly becoming aware of her body as her thoughts focused. Not only was her throat feeling like sandpaper, but she couldn't swallow properly and her jaws were strangely cramped. A rhythmic noise surrounded her, like waves lapping against the shore. Her nose itched, but her arms wouldn't obey. Why couldn't she move? Then she felt the leather against her wrists and ankles. She opened her eyes in shock, wincing at the sudden light. Her heart jackhammered against her ribs and she struggled against the restraints, raw panic seeping through every bone in her body. The scream she let out died in her throat, the O-ring gag that forced her mouth wide open, keeping her effectively quiet.

"Ha, you're finally with us..."

The familiar voice cut through the terror clouding her brain and she froze. She gasped for air, only to choke on her saliva - or what little was left of it after being gagged for who knows how long.

Wait, wait... That's...

Heather tried to lift her head - not by much, considering the way she was restrained. Sure enough, her co-worker Jimmy stood at the foot of the bed. Her panic began to fade away, only to be replaced with fury.

Son of a...!

She wanted to scream a few obscenities at this asshole right now. She also had things to say to Stacy--that bitch!--currently on her knees, choking on Jimmy's cock. Well, at least that explained the sounds. Still... where was she and what the hell had happened to her?

No matter how hard she tried to stay calm, she couldn't think straight. How had Jimmy kidnapped her? Stacy must have helped him by putting something in her drinks. No way the few cocktails she'd had would have been enough to knock her down. But why?

Jimmy was holding Stacy's long, dark hair in a tight fist while he fucked her face like they were in some porn movie. His lips curled up into a feral grin and Heather had the grim feeling that she wouldn't like what he planned to do with her. Nausea made her stomach churn, but it wasn't because she was seeing her best friend being used as a fucktoy.

Oh, no.

The truth was, some hidden, depraved part of her was enjoying the spectacle unfolding before her. And the part of her that was thrilled when she could put men in their place (she was better than most of them, after all) didn't like to admit that it was so fucking hot to watch.

Jimmy's dark chuckle brought her back to reality. Heather hadn't realized she was so mesmerized by the scene that her gaze had left his face and was now locked on Stacy's pouty lips and the red lipstick stains on his cock. She glared at him, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of admitting that she liked what she was seeing.

"Looks like someone is enjoying the view." His eyes sparkled with amusement, obviously pleased to have caught her staring. "She's got one hot, dirty mouth, that's for sure. You like to suck me like the little slut you are, hmm? Such a dirty girl for me. Tell Heather how much you love being on your knees for me, pet."

A muffled moan came from the young woman at his feet as she tried to answer with her mouth full. One hand was buried between her legs, while the other played with her breasts as she gazed at him with absolute devotion.

"You know what? if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have met. Be a good girl and tell your friend thank you for bringing us together, pet." He pulled out his cock from Stacy's mouth with a loud pop and used his grip on her scalp to turn her head to face Heather's wide eyes.

"Thank you!"

Stacy's voice was sultry and slightly raspy, probably from the rough blowjob. A happy vacant smile danced across her face, but it was the glassy, empty eyes staring back at her that sent a chill down Heather's spine. She didn't recognize her friend at all and it scared her.

"Now pet," Jimmy stroked Stacy's head almost affectionately, "I think you can do better than that. Why don't you show Heather how grateful you are? Look at this beautiful view."

His hungry gaze devoured Heather's body as if she was his next meal. She felt violated by the lust she could see in his eyes, and yet, a tiny voice in her head told her that the thrill spreading across her body was not only due to fear.

"All this smooth, fair skin. I bet your ass will be the perfect shade of red with a good spanking." Stacy licked her lips, her dark, lustful eyes fixed on Heather. "Show Heather what a good friend you are. Go eat her pussy."

At Jimmy's command, Stacy began crawling toward Heather, who was shaking her head in denial like a madwoman. She squeezed her eyes shut as Stacy climbed onto the bed and licked her from bottom to top with the flat of her tongue before sucking her clit into her mouth.

"Now Heather, don't be so dramatic." Jimmy's voice sounded closer now and, sure enough, a calloused finger danced slowly over her right nipple. Part of her brain wondered how he could have such calloused hands when he was working 9 to 5 on a computer. Her nipples pebbled under his fingers, making her tremble with arousal. Her body's responses to Jimmy's caresses were driving her mad with frustration. Without warning, he twisted hard, and she bucked on the bed, pushing her pussy further into Stacy's face.

"Tell me you don't like it, hmm?" He slapped her breasts, and she gasped. "Oh, sure. You can't." Two fingers slid into her mouth, in and out, before returning to her nipple. He sighed as if disappointed in her. "You would have screamed and I don't want anyone to hear you."

The torture on her nipple continued, the twisting and pinching making it harder than a diamond. Heater's cheeks flushed as she realized she was getting wetter and wetter. She'd never had a girl go down on her, but either Stacy had some experience or she was a natural. And she could deny it all day, but it was better than any man she'd ever had down there. Her body yearned for more stimulation, so she tried to focus on her anger instead. She'll not like it, damnit!

The task proved impossible as the orgasm came out of nowhere. Her screams ended in gargling, but there was nothing she could do. Rather than stop, Stacy continued her efforts, licking her folds and drinking up her release like a starving woman. Heather wanted to beg her friend to stop, her clit so sensitive she could have shot out of bed if it wasn't for the leather restrains.

Jimmy began to play with her other nipple. "I have to thank you too, you know? If you hadn't turned me down when I asked you out, I never would have met your best friend at the club. It was fate. Did you realize I was her new boyfriend?"

This was new to her. Sure, she had heard about the mysterious boyfriend who was soooo handsome, according to Stacy. But she didn't know it was him. She must have waited too long to answer, as he pinched her nipple harder. "Open your eyes and answer, Heather. You won't like it if you don't answer me." His voice was a low growl in her ear. She hurried to obey and shook her head no. Shivers racked through her body, but she could no longer tell if it was from fear, pain, or pleasure.

Jimmy seemed satisfied as he continued. "Yeah, I'm her new boyfriend... I mean," he chuckled as he let go of her nipple and moved behind Stacy, "I should say her new... Master."

The loud slap on Stacy's ass echoed through the room, and Heather could feel her best friend moaning against her pussy, sending a fresh wave of pleasure through her core. Jimmy positioned himself behind Stacy and filled her with a powerful thrust.

"Oh fuuuuck..."

Another series of loud slaps landed on Stacy's behind, who could not contain her cries of pleasure as she pushed her ass back for more. What would it be like to be used like that? To be reduced to a needy, horny mess, eager to be filled?

"I did not allow you to speak, slut."

Jimmy's hard gaze never left Heather's face, and he smiled darkly at her. Terror fought in her brain with the pleasure coursing through her veins. He grabbed Stacy's hair close to her scalp and yanked her to him, forcing her to stop and arch her back. Slowly, he pumped his cock in and out her pussy, while his gaze never wavered, locked on Heather.

"All I asked was for a date. But you had to be such a bitch about it and make fun of me in front of everyone at work." Anger colored his tone. "I've seen the men you date. You always go for those stupids studs with more air in their brains than a hot-air balloon."

Her cheeks reddened, but his words held the truth. Jimmy, with his average looks and lean body... Let's just say she never fantasized about him at all. Give her any day a big, strong, tattooed man with bad boy written all over him. She firmly believed that size mattered, you know? Not just the size of their dicks. She absolutely craved to be dominated in the bedroom like she was a doll. The feminist in her had a hard time accepting that little tidbit.

"You're not getting my cum tonight, pet." Jimmy stood up, leaving Stacy on the bed with a little mewl of protest. "Oh, you've been a good girl, so I'll let you cum. Use your hand and fuck your pussy hard and fast. You're not allowed to come until I tell you." Stacy didn't waste a second obeying his command. Her round breasts bounced as she fucked herself like a woman possessed.

"I was sure it was a scam, you know." He stroked himself lazily, his eyes fixed on Stacy. "I mean, controlling someone with a cockring? Pretty stupid, huh? That's what I thought at first. But after you humiliated me at the office..." He shook his head. "I didn't care if it was a scam. I was so mad at you."

He stopped stroking and walked around the bed, showing her his throbbing cock. Then she saw the cockring. It seemed harmless enough at first, just a small black ring encircling the base of his cock, but she noticed the purple inscriptions around it, glowing softly in the dim light. Heather had never seen something so captivating.

"The manual said only that in order to take control of the person of your choice, you had to wear the cockring and cum inside them. The person would become an obedient, mindless slave to the owner of the ring. One ring to rule them all." He laughed, but the joke was lost on her. It was hard to think when he slowly played with her clit again, drawing tiny circles with his fingertips and applying the smallest amount of pressure possible.

"I never expected it to work." Heather didn't know what he was talking about anymore. The fog of pleasure was so intense that only Stacy's moans and the wet noises she made while fingering herself filtered through her mind. "When I ran into your best friend here, I took a chance. Although I did end up drugging her because she wasn't cooperating." He shrugged one shoulder as if he didn't care about this little inconvenience. "But it was worth it. See, not only does the person become a brainwashed slave without a mind of her own, but they become extremely horny and addicted to their owner's cock. But now Stacy has fulfilled her mission and I no longer need her."

He leaned down to whisper into her ear, his fingers never ceasing their dance.

"You were the ultimate prize, Heather."

She didn't care what he was talking about anymore. She was only frustrated that the pressure was too low to make her come.

"Not Stacy, even though she is a perfect little slut, and I enjoy using her. But no, it was all about you. You're going to pay for what you did to me. You're going to be my cute little cum-dumpster. You're going to beg for my cock. You're going to beg me to let me use your mouth, fuck your tight asshole, fill your cunt with my cum. Because you're just a whore, aren't you, Heather? That's why you like those big, burly guys. You like being used and dominated. You pretend to be a respectable woman in everyday life, but secretly, you want a man to break you down and make you his little plaything."

He stopped stroking her, and she wanted to scream for more. "You're going to be mine. I'm going to fuck all thoughts out of that pretty little head of yours. When I'm done with you, you'll be my little toy. Maybe I'll let you move in with me so I can fuck you whenever I want." He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at her friend. "Now, how about we let your friend come? She's been a good girl, after all. Drugging you for me. Obeying my commands. Soon you'll be the one being a good girl for me. You will obey. You will submit. You will come when and only when I tell you. Your body, mind, and soul, every inch of you will be mine."

Jimmy pulled back. "Why don't you show Heather how wet you are, pet?" Stacy merely nodded before crawling on top of Heather, putting her pussy on full display above her friend's head. Her juices dripped down her thighs, little drops splashing onto Heather's face as she continued to pleasure herself. She felt the tip of Jimmy's cock brush against her folds, and before Heather could even protest in her mind, he slid deep inside of her.

She closed her eyes in bliss. The purple glow intensified with each thrust of his cock deep inside her. The pleasure was building hot and fast, every nerve electrified like a wire. In the back of her mind, she was vaguely aware she should not like this. She didn't like Jimmy after all. She certainly didn't like his incredible, wonderful cock... Wait, no, no, no, that wasn't what she was supposed to say.


She wouldn't think about how good his cock was inside her.


She wouldn't think about how amazing it was to feel so full.


She wouldn't think about how wonderful it felt being stretched like that.


She wouldn't think.


So good.


No thinking.


Just pleasure.


Simply submit.




"Are you ready to come, pet?"

Yes, yes, yes!

Heather was so ready to cum. Her brain hadn't even realized Jimmy wasn't talking to her. Or was he? With each thrust, the cockring melted her thoughts until she could almost feel them dripping out of her pussy one by one. The more her thoughts dripped down her thighs, the emptier she became.

"Be a good slut and cum for me. CUM. NOW."

Sparks danced along her nerve endings. White-hot pleasure exploded in her brain and her climax barreled over her harder than the first. Her body tensed as the orgasm rolled through her like thunder, blindsiding her. The cockring was now bright purple. Not that she could see it. The magic in it made her spiraling down into an abyss of raw pleasure, consuming her until nothing of the old Heather remained. She couldn't think at all, her mind so blank she didn't realize Stacy had cum all over her face. With a loud groan and a last thrust, Jimmy emptied himself inside her, her pussy spasming and milking his cock, welcoming his thick wet cum.

"You're mine now, pet."

The ragged words he spoke were almost drawn out by the pleasure that overwhelmed her, but she heard them all the same, her body limp and her mind fried.

He was right.

Heather did have a Master now.

It was the best day of her life.


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